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Query: BAKER Researcher: Susan Ross Email:FS123621@aol.com Date Posted: 11 Apr 2006
I am looking for any information on Gena Wilson Stanton Baker. She was married to my
great grandfather, Herman Henry Baker of Richfield Springs on June 1, 1898. I was
interested especially in when she died & what was the cause of death.Would appreciate
any information. Thank you!

Query: BAKER Researcher: Barbara Email:ccrider8131@sbcglobal.net Date Posted: 08 July 05
I am looking for Leonard Baker and his wife Deborah Burnside Baker. They are to have
died in Milford but can't find them in any of the cemetaries listed on line. I can
find Deborah's family in the Colliersville Cemetary and found Leonard's sisters in the
Wilcox Farm Burial Plot. Would be very appreciative if anyone knows where I might find them.


Query:BARNES/KIRBY Researcher: Arthur Louis Finnell Email:arthurlouis@mn.rr.com Date Posted: 26 January 2004 I am looking for a Ephriam Barnes possible married to Sarah Kirby. They moved to Bureau
Co Il in the 1840's.

Query: BARSTOW/SNODGRASS Researchers: Judy DeLozier and Leila Bloomer Email: Date Posted: 7 June 2006 Looking for information on Dorothy (Anna or Annette) Barstow, believed to have lived
in Oneonta, believed to have been born there around 1913-1915 Married John Patrick Snodgrass...left New York and settled in Arkansas. Mother of Dorothy Barstow not known...but Father believed to be George Barstow. Dorothy may have been cared for by family members...also possible that Mother was
"Anna"? Rockwell John Patrick Snodgrass born in Little Rock, AK in 1904. Any information would be appreciated: Judy DeLozier (trying to help friend Leila Bloomer)

Query:BASS/COLBURN/PALMER/McFARLAND/LOOMIS/HULBERT/SHELDON Researcher: Edward Colburn Email:mredmzjane@yahoo.com Date Posted: 27 Nov 2004

All pioneer families of Plainfield , Burlington & Edmeston. Will exchange family
information with anyone sharing these family named.

Query:Beach/Potter Researcher:Jenny Bommarito Email:bommarito_jenny@hotmail.com Date Posted:September 19 2006 I am searching for Phineas Potter and the Ambrose Beach families. Phineas Potter died in 1799 came from Litchfield Co., CT Ambrose Beach was born in Litchfield Co. Ct. The daughter of Phineas Potter was Ann
or Anna who may have been the wife of Lemuel Munroe. Anna's and Lemuel's daughter,
Elizabeth married Ambrose Beach about 1805/06. Thank You Jenny

Surnames: BENTLEY Researcher: Ann
Email:ABen749910@aol.com Date Posted: 20 April 2003 I am looking for a William R. Bentley listed in 1860 census of Otsego Co, believed to have died 1872 at age 20, born in Orleans Co

Surnames: BISHOP Researcher: Marvin Housworth Email:mahous@mindspring.com Date Posted: 29 May 2003

I have a copy of a transcontinental RR travel guide with the flyleaf stamped:
"Library of M. M Bishop, Portlandville, NY, No. 108" Also, "Marvin M Bishop,
Portlandville, Otsego Co.; NY". A look at the LDS site shows a Marvin Bishop
of Milford, Otsego Co, NY in the 1880 census. He is 17 and the son of Catharin
Bishop. If he was the owner of this guide, he would have been in his early 20's
when he purchased the guide and traveled west. Can provide more info to anyone
researching or interested in this individual.
Marvin Housworth Atlanta

Surnames: BLACKMAN/DONALDSON/DANIELSON Researcher: Debra Adleman Email:dadleman@stny.rr.com Date Posted: 29 May 2003 Am searching for descendant information on Josiah Blackman (b. Newtown, CT, 24
May 1794), moved to Gilbertsville in Apr 1816, married Emily Danielson/Donaldson
8 Feb 1820. She was born in Butternut 28 Aug 1794, dau of Calvin Danielson and
Catherine McMaster. Thanks.

Query: BLAKELEY Researcher: Gary Blakeley Email:garyblkly@adelphia.net Date Posted: 22 October 2003 My great-great grandfather, Benjamin Blakeley, was born in Otsego County, New York in 1813. I have a copy of his Disability Discharge from the Army (Civil War). I am looking for birth records -- hoping to go back another generation. Can you possibly point me in the right direction? Anything that you can do to assist me will be greatly appreciated.

Query:Boden Researcher:Bill Baze Email:Bill Baze,Phoenix, AZ - cactusBL@netzone. com Date Posted:January 7 1998 BODEN, Omar or any BODEN, BLOOMFIELD Omar Boden came to Otsego County and settled
on the Foot of the Lake about 1800 he died 13 May 1844 and is buried in the churchyard
with his wife Sarah Bloomfield Boden. Daniel Baker Boden and some of his children are
buried in the cemetery overlooking the Lake. Any contact with those having knowledge
of these or their descendants is appreciated.

Query: BOWDISH Researcher:JUDY QUAINTANCE Email:jbquaintance@prodigy.net Date Posted: 12 October 2006 I am a Mace, maiden name, researching my family tree. After my father
passed away,he willed me all these deeds,mortages, wills from a Joseph
and Emma Bowdish.No clue if they are related to the Maces or where they
fit in.Thank you for any information you can provide.

Query:BRACE/HAWLEY Researcher: S. Wrede Email:smwrede@hotmail.com
Date Posted: 27 April 05 I am trying to find the parents of a Mary BRACE, born April 1787 in Bethlehem CT.
Her parents are allegedly Joseph BRACE, a Rev. War Patriot, and Lucy HAWLEY, whose
father is also a Rev. War Patriot. I have come across these two names in Otsego
county in the early 1800's. If anyone has any information on birth, death records
of these families I would be very grateful. Joseph Brace(widow Lois Gardner) listed
Richfield, Otsego Co on his application for pension in 1833. Joseph Hawley (widow
Lucinda) pension records dated 183x he was "of Otsego County, NY" and in other records
refers to Butternuts (Otsego County - now Cooperstown - it states).

Surnames: BREED FAMILY GENEALOGY Researcher: Bill Ham Email:hamitup@citlink.net Date Posted: 24 May 2003 I am looking for information on the ancestors of Obadiah Breed, b. 9/15/1815
in Butternut, Otsego County, NY, d. 12/6/1901 Long Hollow, IL., m. Mary Ann Cook,
7/23/1844 Jo Daviess County, IL, she was b. 2/26/1826 Sheffield, Eng., d. 4/26/1904. Thanks,

Query:BREWSTER/PARKER Researcher: John S. Hoff Email: Snail Mail addy at bottom of query Date Posted: 24 Jan 05 My 3xG Grandfather, NATHAN BREWSTER (B: 12 Mar 1758 New Windsor, Orange Co., NY -
12 Mar 1842 Athens {later Morgan Co., OH) OH was a Patroit and served in the 4th
N.Y. Militia between 1778-1783 in New Windsor, and it appears that he might have
received "Bounty land" there in Otsego Co. in the mid-1790s for his military service,
which may have prompted his move there. He appears to have moved there as a batchelor
sometime in the mid-1790s, and there, at age 39, in 1797 in Butternuts Twp., Otsego
Co., NY, he (for the first time) married, a HANNAH PARKER (my 3x G Grandmother)(B:
1768 in somewhere "CT", per later Census) the 29 year old daughter of a neighbor,
REUBEN PARKER and HANNAH CHAPMAN PARKER, who are my 4xG Grandparents. REUBEN may
also have been a Patroit and recipient of "Bounty land" there for his Rev. War
service, where I assume he would have served in the Wallingford, CT Militia, if at
all. Both men appear as neighbors on the same page of the 1800 Otsego Co., Census
(on Page: 21a.gif).

REUBEN PARKER was born in on 12 Mar 1738 in Wallingford, New Haven Co., CT, the
son of JOHN PARKER, III (B: 1803 Wallingford, New Haven Co., NY) and a long line of
well-documented PARKERs residing in Wallingford for 5 generations. REUBEN's wife,
HANNAH CHAPMAN PARKER, was presumably born in Waterbury, New Haven Co., CT, about
1735-50. It is known (from LDS www.FamilySearch.com data) that she married REUBEN
PARKER there in Waterbury, CT, on 10 Dec 1764. However, her other family connections,
parentage and origins, date of birth and death, and exact burial location data are
unknown to me: only her name and the date of her marriage seem available anywhere
on-line. HANNAH PARKER, the daughter who flowed from that PARKER-CHAPMAN marriage
might have been an 'only child', in that no other children are shown to the Parker
parents in the 1800 Butternuts Twp. Census. However, she was age 29 at the time
of the marriage in 1797, and other younger children could have already have flown
the nest by that time. Although by 1810, only NATHAN BREWSTER and wife, HANNAH
PARKER BREWSTER, family appear on the Otsego 1810 Census (Pg 155.gif). The REUBEN
PARKER Family disappears. So, either both PARKERS had either died by 1810, or
simply sold or abandoned their property and moved-on West, as did so many. In that
REUBEN PARKER may have been a CT Militia Patroit and Rev. War Veteran, his
thus-unknown grave site presumably there somewhere in Otsego Co., and date of death
are of great interest to me. If so, I would very mugh like to learn of his exact
burial site and grave markings. I have scrolled through every Otsego Co. Cemetery
cite listed on your wonderful on-line Web site in an effort to find him, but I found
no reference to either a REUBEN PARKER or HANNAH CHAPMAN PARKER (who presumably would
also have died sometime between 1800-1810). By 1800, given his birth in 1738, he
would have by then have been at least age 62, so by 1810, he would have been a very
elderly age 72. So, it is possible (and likely probable) that by 1810, he may have
died and is buried there somewhere in Otsego Co. There is no elderly female member
of the BREWSTER household shown on the 1810 census, so the widowed mother of wife
HANNAH PARKER BREWSTER does not appear to have "moved-in" with, or have been
taken-in by the daughter's family after the presumed death of the husband, REUBEN
PARKER, before 1810: There are, in fact, no Parkers shown residing in Butternuts
Twp. by 1810 (according to the Census data). So, either they BOTH moved, or they
BOTH died by 1810. I have lost track of them completely after the 1800 Census there.

The pioneering BREWSTER Family appear to have had a happpy and fruitful time
together there in Butternuts Twp., and by the time of the 1800 Census - following
their 1797 marriage, they had two children: with one son and one daughter showing.
By the 1810 Census, they had 2 sons and 4 daughters under the age of 13. One of
these was my 2x great frandmother, MARTHA BREWSTER, born there on 28 Jul 1802.
Her family moved on in 1817 to Marietta, Washington Co., OH, and in 1824 in the
home of her parents, she married my 2xGreatgrandfather, POWELL HOFF (13 Aug 1801
Pr. William Co., VA -6 May 1870 Dallas Co., IA). She lived to age 90, dying on
27 Jan 1892 in Dallas Co., IA, after having produced 12 childern.

I would like to know the exact location of the farms/residences of NATHAN
BREWSTER and REUBEN PARKER there in Butternuts Twp. Is there a "Plat Book" or
some land issuing document or a legal description conveving the land to them that
might help pin-point the exact location of their property/farms by a legal description
or on a map? Also, might there be some central record of the burial of a Rev. War
Vets in the County that might show the grave site of REUBEN PARKER, if in fact he
was a REv. War Vet & did die and was buried there in Otsego Co. before 1810?

By the 1817, the BREWSTER Family had had 8 children, and had relocated from
Butternuts Twp., Otsego Co., NY to Marietta, Washington Co., OH, thus ending my
family's early pioneering nexus with Butternuts Twp., and Otsego Co., NY

In Athens Co., OH in 1832, aging and infirm, Rev. War Vet. and early former
Otsego Co. pioneer, NATHAN BREWSTER, applied for and received a paltry Federal pension
($20/year) for his Rev. War service. Two months ago I obtained complete copies of
these papers from the U. S. Archives documenting his fascinating military service.
It included his service under Generals Washington and Benedict Arnold at West Point,
placing the fameous "blocking chain" across the Hudson blocking the British fleet,
and digging Fortificatin No. 3 at West Point. He died somewhere in Athens (later
subdivided into Morgan Co.), OH on 21 Mar 1842. His wife, HANNAH PARKER BREWSTER,
also died there in Ahens Co., OH in 1855.

So, that is the story of two early pioneering Otsego Families who joined the
migration from the East Coast in the 1600-1700s, where they were huddled closely in
sea coast colonial villages and rivers, and moved west after the Revolution to the
rough and dangerous frontier, and on ever-further westward into the heart of the
Continent as cheap and abundant farming land became available.

I am eager to try to establish a better nexus with Otsego Co. during the time
my family and direct forebears resided there. If anyone is able to further help
identify the BREWSTER/PARKER Family connection with Butternuts Twp., and Otsego Co.,
I am most interested in making contact. Please feel free to republish some or all
of this in your Message Board link. Anyone is free to contact me directly @
Colonel John S. Hoff, USAF (Ret), 20 S. Clark St., #2210, Chicago, IL 60603-1816
Tele (312) 346-8111.

Query: BRUCE/HAMILTON Researcher: XXXX Email:rbruce01@carolina.rr.com Date Posted: 14 January 2006 I am looking for any information that someone might have regarding Alvin Bruce
and Velma Hamilton. Both are buried in the Fairview Cemetery in New Berlin. He
was born in Oct. 1869, possibly around Worcester and his parents were Samuel
and Mary Bruce. Velma was born in Sept. 1871 in New Berlin and her parents
were Thomas and Pheba Hamilton. I do know that they lived in Lebanon around
1891 and Pittsfield in 1904. I do have quite a bit of information regarding the
Bruce line prior to Alvin appearing in the New Berlin area but very little on
the Hamiltons.

Query: BUELL/GLENN Researcher: Annette Campbell Email:anncamp@linkny.com Date Posted: 05 October 2003 I still need to find the name of Mary Buell's husband who was a ----GLENN.
Any children they had and on down the line as far as known. Mary Buell was born
1859 in Delhi, Delaware Co, NY, but on her mother's obit she is named as Mrs.
Mary Glenn of Oneonta in 1911. Any and all help appreciated and it would be great
if there are living descendants to correspond with.

Query:Burdick Researcher:Susan McMackin Reynolds Email:Susan McMackin Reynolds - SPrimeMD@aol.com Date Posted:January 5 1998 Am interested in tracing family of Desire BURDICK c. 1790 d 3 April 1869 m Sylvanus GIFFORD c. 1780, They were thought to be parents of William Sylvanus GIFFORD b. 14 Dec, 1816 in Wooster? Otsego Co NY OR Brighton, Wayne Co NJ. & d. 26 Oct, 1902 William S GIFFORD married Sara COLE b 1818 (unknown location) & were parents of my great grandfather George Washington GIFFORD b 7 June 1838 Madison, Lake Co OH. All information, sugestions, leads, etc. appreciated!

Query: BURLINGTON FLATS Researcher: Rick Graham Email:Motoman5752000@yahoo.com
Date Posted: 26 April 2004 I was hoping to find any old pictures of the town of Burlington Flats, especially the old bridge and the mills in the town, any information would be very valuable, thank you for your time.

Query: BUTMAN Researcher: Connie Beck Email:cbeck@ll.net Date Posted: 12 March 2004 Looking for a gravestone inscription in Otsego Co. for Alexander Butman. His real name may have been Benjamin Alexander Butman. He was born about l790-1800 in Connecticut and had a family in Otsego Co. in the l820s and l830s.

I have no other proof other than census information that early that Alexander lived in that county. If he fought in a war, where would be have fought? I don't know why I can't find Alexander in a census anywhere. Why isn't he showing up anywhere?

Query: BUTMAN Researcher: Connie Beck Email:cbeck@ll.net Date Posted: 28 December 2003 Could you tell me if Benjamin Butman or Joseph butman is buried in Otsego Co?
I think he is the father of my John Turner Butman who was b thre in l825.
I saw his name on the l830 Otsego census and have lost Benjamin! Could you
tell em if the Butman lady (deborah or rebecca) who m. Benjamin Jackson had
any children? What were their names? I can't find them on the ancestry census
records, but they aren't totally complete yet. Please help if you can.

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