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Researcher: Patty Hollen Moreland Email:moreland@texcowboy.com Date Posted: 26 November 2003 I am looking for information on JAMES FARQUARHARSON and his family. They were living in Cherry Valley in 1806. My ancestor was born there Nov. 1806. Her name was NAOMI and she had at least three sisters, who joined the Presbyteriam Church in 1821 with her. Their names are listed as ELIZA, ESTHER, & MIRA. The mother's name was HANNAH CROSS and since there are quite a few Cross's living in Cherry Valley, I am assuming that they are kin.

Thank you

Query:FENTON/GOOSELL/FISH/COOK Researcher: Kay Brownell Email:gazelle@pennswoods.net Date Posted: 13 March 2006 According to our records James Austin COOK was b 14 Nov 1833 in Otsego Co.,
NY, to Nathan COOK and Almira ??? He had a brother, William, b 10 Nov 1838.
James Austin COOK m. 13 Nov 1864 in Schuyler Lake (Otsego) NY Harriet Arinda
(Almira?) FENTON b 4 Apr 1842 in Chenango Co., NY. Her father was Philo FENTON,
mother Mary GOODSELL(whose parents were Levi Goodsell and Arinda DuPuy(ee).
Their children were: Charles William COOK b 20 Apr 1866 Oneida Co., NY. m 1)
Cora M. BRONG 2) Mary Frances SMITH; Edgar Philo COOK b 4 Aug 1867 Canisteo
(Steuben) NY m 1) Emma Estella COLE 2) Carrie L. CHILSON; Clara Maria COOK
b 14 Jan 1870 Canisteo (Steuben) NY m Charles E. FENTON; Harriet Almira COOK
5 Jun 1871 Canisteo (Steuben) NY d 23 Mar 1886; Lura Lovina COOK b 7 Jan 1873
Canisteo (Steuben) NY m. William SMEDLEY; Alice LUcina COOK b 22 Jul 1874
Canisteo (Steuben) NY m. Frank Lee KNAPP; Willis Austin COOK b 27 Nov 1875
Canisteo (Steuben) NY d unmarried; James MIlton COOK b 1 Oct 1878 Canisteo
(Steuben) NY m 1) Emily V. JOHNSON 2) Charlotte MARBLE; Albert MOrris COOK
b 14 Aug 1880 d 25 Jan 1902; Infant COOK b 31 Aug 1881 Canisteo (Steuben) NY.
There is a HIRAM FISH buried with James and Harriett - it is said they raised
him or he was a brother??

Anything at all on the COOK/FENTON/FISH line would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Query: FERGUSON Researcher: David Ferguson
Email:dafergus@aol.com Date Posted: 11 October 2003 Searching for information on the family of John (Sr.) FERGUSON.
Born 3-25-1755 in Pelham, MA. Migrated to East Springfield in
1770's and married Anne Strickland of Cherry Valley (1762-1832).
John died in 1825 and is supposedly buried at the Presbyterian
Church west of East Springfield. They supposedly had 11 children
and other than my GGGGgrandfather John Jr. (1782-1872) who migrated
to Rutland (Watertown), NY, I have no information other than names and a few dates.

Nancy 1803-1821
Ann 1800-1852
John Jr. 1782-1872
Silas 1752-
Mercy 1783-1825

I would like to find information on the above children.
I have extensive information on this FERGUSON line and
I have added a lot of information to the book "History
of a Ferguson Family" I would be happy to share information that I have.

Query: FERGUSON Researcher: Dee Email:annmegg@msn.com Date Posted: 13 May 2006 I am searching for my Great Uncle, Luther Ferguson. He was born June 9, 1889
in Becham, Virginia to Samuel and Adelia Ferguson. Luther left Virginia and
I located him in West Virginia with his brother Savan Ferguson in 1910 Census.
His last known location was in Otsego, Mew York when he signed up for the World
War 1 Draft in 1917. On the registration he is listed as a carpenter and working
in Richfield, New York. If there is any one that has any information on this person, it would be greatly
appreciated, because as you can see I have hit the brick wall.

Surnames: FINK/PAULK Researcher: XXXX Email:GHStevens3@aol.com Date Posted: 13 April 2003 My wife is a 2xGreat Grand-daughter of David Fink and Polly M. Paulk who
were married in Otsego, NY, ca 1854 and lived there until at least 1875.
I strongly suspect that they both lived in Otsego for about twenty years
prior to their 1854 marriage, and have not yet identified their parents,
but there are several Fink and Paulk family candidates in the earlier 1830
and 1840 US Censuses. David and Polly Fink are listed in the 1860 and 1870
US Census as famers in Portlandville Post Office, Milford Township, Otsego
County, NY. They also and later are enumerated in the 1900 US Census in
Gibson, Cameron County, PA. I have not yet found them in PA in 1880 and
1890, but I suspect they were then and there.

A. "David Fink" (b. July 1836 NY, prob in Otsego Co.; d. ca. 1905, Gibson,
Cameron Co., PA)

B. "Polly M. Paulk" (b. March 1834 NY, prob in Otsego Co.; d. ca 1905, Gibson,
Cameron Co., PA)

Prior to the 1850 Census David and Polly do not appear as named individuals in
the 1840 Census, but apparently are living with their parents. They also do
not appear (I have not been able to find them in 1880 in Milford, Otsego, NY)
in the 1880 Census, and I suspect that them moved to PA ca 1875.

The 1900 Census said Polly (then in McKean Co, PA) had 12 children, of whom 10
still were living. The 1860 & 1870 US Censuses list nine of these twelve children (then
living in Otsego Co NY) as:

1. William Fink b. ca 1854
2. Marvin Fink b. ca 1858
3. Jesse Fink b. ca 1861
4. Nathan Fink b. Aug 1862
5. Eugene Fink b. 1 March 1865
6. John Fink b. ca 1866
7. Asa Charles Fink b. Sep 1867
8. Sarah Fink b. Nov 1869
9. Annie Fink b. ca 1870-74
10. Unknown 10th child
11-12. Two other children reportedly died

When (#5. above) Eugene Fink died just short of his 100th birthday in December
1964 in Driftwood, Cameron County, PA, his local obituary stated that he came
as a boy of ten years to Driftwood in 1875 and had been born in Cooperstown, NY
on 1 March 1865. This single clue led me back to the County in which Cooperstown
is located, and there, in the 1860 and 1870 Census I found the above named children
whom I believe to be his siblings. I think it would be wonderful if you could steer me towards repositories of vital
records of this family which might still survive in Otsego and might help me to
enlarge the footprint uncovered thus far.

My wife and I drive up to Wyoming County each summer and we easily could swing
by Otsego County to do a little research on this family of David Fink and Polly Paulk/Polk. In looking for PAULK/POLK/PALKs in Otsego County, the task is made easier by
the fact that there are so few of them in the following Censuses:

31 Mar 1822: Abigail "PALK" age not given, Christened at Congregational Church,
Exeter, Otsego, NY

1830: Nathan "POLK"/30-40, 2xfemales/30-40, 1xfem/70-80, 1xfem/5-10, Exeter, Otsego, NY

1840: Nathan "PAULK"/30-40, 2xfemales/30-40, 1xMale/10-15, in Exeter, Otsego, NY

1850: Nathan PAULK 47; Martha PAULK 47; Mercy Wms 35; Abigail PAULK 56; Exeter,
Otsego, NY (Nathan was born in MA; Martha was born in CT; Mercy was b. in NY;
Abigail was b. in CT).

1860: (Nathan PAULK reportedly in listed on page 30 but I haven't seen the

1870: Nathan PAULK, 74 in Exeter, Otsego, NY, with 2 females, 64 & 65, one poss
surnamed Paulk

1880-1920: I cannot find any PAULKs in Otsego County, NY. But in the 1930
Census. in Plainfield, Otsego, NY, there suddenly appear John P. POLK & Eliza
POLK, both aged 60, possibly related. I think it would be wonderful if the names of any children of Nathan and Martha
PAULK have survived or if there are additional data about this family, which
migrated into Exeter Township, Otsego Co., NY, from a fairly well documented
extended family of PAULKs that lived on both sides of the CT-MA line in Hampden
County MA and in the adjoining county of Tolland, CT. Early Abigails abound in
this family and there are two Nathans, Nathan Lord PAULK and Nathan Moody PAULK
who just possibly might be related to the Nathan POLK or PAULK who shows up in
Exeter, Otsego, NY ca 1830 and who may be related to the Abigail PALK/PAULK who
was baptized in 1822. Nathan Lord PAULK was born 12 Feb 1813 in Tolland,
Tolland County, CT, and on 19 Aug 1832 in Stafford, Tolland, CT, married Mary A.
Squires. The fact that he was born in CT and married a Mary would seem to
disqualify him, though he might be related. Nathan Moody PAULK was born on 19
Nov 1788 in Somers, Tolland Co., CT, and may not have married. Another Nathan
(O.?) PAULK was killed in the Civil War and is buried somewhere down in TN.
Another branch of the CT/MA PAULK family moved in 1754 down into VA, NC, GA
following a charismatic Baptist minister; their descendants took root throughout
the south.

That's about all I have on PAULKs in Exeter, Otsego, NY, out of the PAULK family
of MA and CT. As for the parents of the David FINK who ca 1854 married Polly PAULK, probably
in Otsego Co., NY, there are several candidate families. In the 1850 Census,
in Milford, Otsego, NY, there are Jacob FINK, 40, born in NY and a farmer, his
wife Lana, 35; their children Margaret 21, John 18, David 17, Hannah 16, Lana
14, Lydia 12, Harriet 9, and Ira age 1. I suspect that this David may have
married Polly M. PAULK, but there may be other candidates. For example, in
the 1840 Census there is a John FINK in nearby Maryland Township, Otsego County,
NY. John is 20-30, with a young wife 15-30, and a son 0-5 years old. On 18 June
1838 John Fink of Maryland, Otsego, NY, was married to Jane REED. Also in the
1840 Census, and also in Maryland, Otsego, NY, there is another, older John
FINK and presumably his wife. Both are aged 70-80 and no others are listed
in the household. Also of interest is the family of Jeremiah FINK of Westford,
Otsego County, NY. Jeremiah is listed in the US Census of 1820 and 1830.
Jeremiah has a large family and seems to have died after 1840. He may be the
same Jeremiah FINK who married Patience RICHMOND. Jeremiah & Patience had
children to include Marilla, Betsey, Jacob, Lovice, and Peter. After Jeremiah
died, Patience remarried and lived in another NY County. In the 1850 Census
Patience has remarried James PATTEN and is living in Wayne County, NY. There
are several other FINKS who appear in 19th Century Otsego County, NY, but these
appear to be the main families. I hope to link them all together and then trace
them back to earlier FINKs, probably out of Germany to NY, perhaps in 1710.
There were some fairly well known German Finks in Stone Arabia, Montgomery
County, NY, who fought in the French & Indian War, the Revolution, and War of
1812 (Andreas Finck, Christian Finck, Andrew Finck Sr., Christian Fink, Andrew
Christian Fink) before moving on to the midwest ca 1840. I suspect these Otsego
County Finks may be distantly related to the Stone Arabia, Montgomery County,
FINKs, but this will require proof and much additional research. Incidentally, the David A. Fink listed on page 318 of the 1878 History of Otsego
County, NY, by Evarts & Fariss is not our David Fink. His name was mistyped and
should read David A. Finch, who is elsewhere well documented as having served
in the Civil War. I do hope that this letter does not overwhelm you by asking for too much or
enclosing too much data. I have tried to do my homework in preparation of
our visit to Otsego County, this coming summer, but I am hoping that you can
steer us in the right direction to knowledgeable county historians, local
genealogists, and to repositories where we may find records, footprints,
graves, traces, land and tax records, deeds and wills, shadows of these
FINKs and PAULKs who lived in Milford and Westford and Exeter and Maryland
Townships, in Otsego County, some 150-180 years ago.

Query:Firman/Furman;Nicklen;Tunnicliff Researcher: Jim Rutherford Email:genny1838@aol.com Date Posted:October 7 2006 Seeking parents of Willliam Furman/Firman b. ca 1830, married Sarah Nicklen
ca 1853 otsego ny. One known child: Chauncey b. ca 1854, married Stella
Tunnicliff, dau of oscar and Elizabeth Lent Tunnicliff (Stella was born
1860 schuyler lake ny. Chancey (sp) and stella were in Richfield Springs,
Otsego NY 1880 census with mother-in-law EL. Tunnicliff. Hoping to connect the above to Chauncey Furman, b. 1811 in Otsego and
migrated to Mi in ca 1825 and named one of his children William. Thanks for any help.

Query:Fisk Researcher:Ruth Fisk Thomas Email:Ruth E. (Fisk) Thomas - Union City, PA - Ru7bfis23@aol.com Date Posted:January 7 1998 Near Unadilla and Otego ELISHA FISK Sr. lived. He married JANE VERMILYEA. They were born 1785 and 1787. Living near was a SAMUEL FISK, who is he?. Elisha had a brother JUDSON FISK. Elisha and Jane went to the Baptist Church. I am searching for Elisha's parents.

Query: FLANAGAN/SMITH Researcher: Joyce Email:ginschu@yahoo.com Date Posted: 19 July 2003 My mother was born in Cooperstown,N.Y. and her mother died in 1918 and her
and her brother and sister where send off.Found two brothers at Susan Fenimore
Cooper in 1920 and can't find her and the rest of the family.Maybe someone
could help me. Her mother's name was Mary Estella Flanagan and father was
Jerome S. Smith.I found Henry D Smith in Susan Fenimore Cooper in 1920 and
brother Gilbert A.Smith there too .But the other I cann't find. I did find
her in Ca. in 1930 in a home for young women,somewhere in Los Angeles,Ca.
My mother had me at Thanksgiving hospital in 1932 she is Mary Elizabeth Smith

Query: FLANSBURG Researcher: Jessica Flansburg Kennedy Email:Kennedy_4403@msn.com Date Posted: 19 July 2003 I am looking for any information for Flansburg, sometimes spelled Flansburgh,
Flensburg, and Flensburgh. I am looking for the parents of John Flensburg who
married Alice __________.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!!!

Query:FLEMING/PLATT Researcher: Jo Anne Email:HCHAMBERS6@aol.com Date Posted: 25 October 2004 I am a member of the Charles Platt and Sarah Ann Fleming family and am
looking to complete a list of their children. My ggrandfather was Marshall
Platt and his brothers and sisters i have listed are as follows: Jennie
(i have found her), C. Lacelle(I know where he is), Charlotte O., Mary Jane,
Charles M. (I know where he is) and Lura.Dont know if these names are all ok
and i also wonder if there are more children in this Morris,N.Y. family. I
would appreciate any help i can get.

Query: FLINT Researcher: Pat Watts Email:pwatts@metrocast.net Date Posted: 18 March 05 I am researching my Flint family from neighboring Delaware County.
Edward Flint was born in the late 1700's and moved to Delhi in Delaware
County about 1800. I cannot find out where he was born or who his parents
or siblings were. I have seen Flint names in Otsego county and wondered
if anyone had any information on Flint's from Otsego County that might be
helpful. He came from somewhere, and it could very well be a neighboring town!

Query: FORMAN/FURMAN/FOREMAN Researcher: Pat Watts Email:pwatts@metrocast.net Date Posted: 18 March 05 I am researching my Forman family from neighboring Delaware County.
I go back to William M. Forman who was born 1817. I wondered if
there are any Forman's from Otsego County since they are so close
together. Does anyone have ANY information on Forman's?

Query:FULLER/STRATTON Researcher: Karen Haines Email:karenhaines@direcway.com Date Posted: 13 October 2004 I am looking for information on William Warner STRATTON and Amy Permelia FULLER.
They were married June 1844 at Unadilla Forks, however their three children,
William Henry, Mary Elizabeth and Amy Marietta were all born in Corthalnd county.
William Warner STRATTON seems to have died October 1849 at Unadilla Forks.

Any information on the marriage, the family of Amy FULLER or the death of
William Warner would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,

Query:FUNKE/WEIDEMANN Researcher: D. Werner Email:seaotter4@earthlink.net Date Posted: 29 June 05 I'm looking for information on my husband's maternal relatives -last names
Weidemann and Funke-, who lived and owned property in Otsego County for an
extended period of time during the 20th century. I'd also appreciate information
from anyone who may have known them.

The names I'm researching are:

1.- Paul Weidemann, born in Germany in 1890, lived in E. Springfield, Otsego,
ZIP 13333, and died May 1971, same place.

2.- Paul's wife Elfriede Weidemann, also born in Germany in 1889, died in Cherry
Valley, ZIP 13320, on Nov. 1976. Their children were Martin and Charlotte).
Martin went back to Germany, were he died, and Charlotte married Walter Funke.

3.- Walter Funke, born in Germany, moved to Cherry Valley, ZIP 13320, and died
there on May 1968.

4.- Wife Charlotte Gerda (Weidemann) Funke, born in Germany in 1910, lived in
Otsego county with parents. Married Walter on Jan. 1933. Children Harold and
Anita. After Walter's death, Charlotte married Werner Beismann and lived in
Cherry Valley for many years. Both died recently in Dayton, Ohio.

Thank you for your time and any information,

Query: Furman/Firman;Nicklen;Tunnicliff Researcher: Jim Rutherford Email:genny1838@aol.com Date Posted:October 7 2006 Seeking parents of Willliam Furman/Firman b. ca 1830, married Sarah Nicklen
ca 1853 otsego ny. One known child: Chauncey b. ca 1854, married Stella
Tunnicliff, dau of oscar and Elizabeth Lent Tunnicliff (Stella was born
1860 schuyler lake ny. Chancey (sp) and stella were in Richfield Springs,
Otsego NY 1880 census with mother-in-law EL. Tunnicliff. Hoping to connect the above to Chauncey Furman, b. 1811 in Otsego and
migrated to Mi in ca 1825 and named one of his children William. Thanks for any help.

Query: Researcher: Email: Date Posted

Anna FAIRCHILD Born 1800 New York Died December 23,1879-1880 in Blackberry Twp.KANE CO.,ILLINOIS. Married Joseph BOWDISH born July 7,1795 OTSEGO CO.,NY Died June 10,1876 Kane Co., Illinois. They were married April 16, 1820 possibly in Milford, Otsego, Co., NY. Who is Anna Fairchild Bowdish's father?
Sat Mar 1 12:24:07 1997

FAULKNER Anna born in Otsego County NY 1798. Married James Knox. Any information would be appreciated.
Sun Apr 20 10:29:52 1997

Margaret FINLEY, wife of Samuel YOUNG, came to Otsego County from Castlederg, County Tyrone, Ireland, ca 1849. Other members of the FINLEY family may have come with this couple and their child(ren). Their daughter, Elizabeth, married Thomas Joseph Brien in Springfield, 30 Dec 1856. Searching for ancestors and descendants of Margaret in US or in Ireland.
Fri Dec 27 06:59:38 1996

Samuel FINLEY came to Otsego County, Springfield or Cherry Valley, from Castlederg, County Tyrone, Ireland, ca 1849. His wife was Margaret FINLEY and one daughter, Elizabeth, married Thomas Joseph BRIEN in Springfield. Searching for ancestors, descendants, of this family.
Fri Dec 27 06:53:27 1996

Am seeking any information on the Timothy Fisher who appears on the 1820 Census as in Butternuts, Otsego, and on the 1830 Census as in New Berlin, Chenango. Believe he is my great-great-great-great grandfather who disappears from Vermont records in around 1800. This Timothy applied for a pension from Otsego Co. in 1818 giving age as 72, which fits my Timothy (born Stoughton, Mass in 1746). My Timothy also had a daughter Betsey born in Hartland, Vermont who appears to have married a Reuben Nichols of Woodstock, Vermont. I note that a Betsey Nichols is listed as one of the pioneer settlers in Butternuts. Do these folks appear in anyone else's research? I'm trying to find out what happened to Timothy and his wife Martha/Patty Bruce after 1800.
Wed Mar 26 13:16:52 1997
FISK. Elizabeth Caroline Fisk, b.18 Mar 1824, probably had brother Asa S, b. 16 Dec 1813, Otsego Township. Married Timothy Austin Densmore abt 1841. Need parents or anything. Asa Fisk married Betsy Densmore. All went to Steuben Co.,lived next door to each other.
Sun Feb 9 20:34:22 1997

Seeking information about the parents and family of Orin FOSTER, apparently born in Dutchess Co, and his wife Emaline KNAPP, apparently born in Otsego Co. My father remembers visiting their gravesite on a trip from Cobleskil to Cooperstown. The children of Orin and Emaline were Elizabeth M, b. 11 Jul 1826; Caroline C, b. Oct 1828, d. 10 Jul 1883 Elmira, NY, m. Henry BALDWIN; Theodore, b. 28 Sep 1830, d. Feb 1907 Lewis Co, NY, m. Ellen HOLLENBECK; John Knapp, b. 15 Aug 1832 Middlefield, Otsego Co, 8 Apr 1924 Fall River, Columbia Co, WI, m. Catherine M DECKER and Elizabeth BAXANDALL; and Smith, b. 4 Jul 1835, d. 1913. Family legend connects the family somehow to Enoch CROSBY, Revolutionary War spy.
Mon Apr 21 01:24:18 1997

William FULLER appeared in the 1800 - 1830 Otsego Co., NY Census. Would appreciate any information on him and his children. One possible son is Samuel Fuller, b. ca 1807
Sun Oct 13 23:05:08 1996

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