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Query: Bela KAPLE and Mason'sCelebration 2004 Researcher: Marlene Andes Email:Krenshawa@aol.com Date Posted: 9 May 2004 A few years ago I was contacted by Al DeCostaFaro regarding my connection to
Bela Kaple as he was a Master in the Masons. He said that they were going to
have a celebration in July of 2004 in honor of Bela Kaple. I have been trying
to contact Mr. DeCostaFaro at the email address I had but have not gotten any
response. I have other Kaple family members who would like more information
on this celebration so we can attend in honor of him. It anybody knows anything
on this or if Mr. DeCostaFaro is out there can somebody please email me at
Krenshawa@aol.com with the details so I can pass the information on to the other
members who are interested. Thank you. Marlene Andes (descendant of Bela's
brother Orlando Kaple)

Query: KARCHER Researcher: Annabelle O'Neill Email:Podmates@aol.com Date Posted: 11 June 2004 An ancestor of mine, Johannes David Karcher, who lived in Brooklyn, Kings,
New York (downstate) all his life, is listed by his cemetery as having died
in Plainfield, NY in 1874. I am at my wits end trying to determine why he
would go upstate & die there. Wondering if there are Karcher relatives in
Plainfield? There is no death certificate, since the state, county & town
do not keep records back that far. Help!

Query: KELLOGG Researcher: Sharon Smith
Email:ccmc5j@mchsi.com Date Posted: 16 April 2004 My great grandmother was Abigail (Abby) KELLOGG, b. 18 Aug 1834 in Otsego County,
NY. She later married a Joseph Sheely b.2 Apr 1835, Millersburg, Holmes Co. OH.
Both are buried in Shellsburg, Benton Co., OH. The information I have is from
her daughter's (my grandmother), Vinta Sheely's 1935 journal. According to the
1880 census Abby's parents were both born in NY. Would anyone have more information
on Abby's birth and names of her parents?

Query: KELSEY Researcher: Darlene Email:Darlene1220@aol.com Date Posted: 04 October 2003 I am looking for anyone with the last name of Kelsey. My grandfather was
adopted to a Daniel Kelsey. He is buried in Union Cemetary. He died of
TB in the home of Glen Peet in Edmeston.

Does anyone have any information about the Kelsey family?

Exactly where is the Union Cemetary in Edmeston. What road is it on, is it right in town?

Query: KNAPP/BEAGLE Researcher: Gloria Lott
Email:glory@midtel.net Date Posted: 27 February 2004 I am trying to find any information on my great grand parents Charles
Knapp, he married Margaret Beagle,, they had several children. Here
are their names, Gladys, Emma, Clarence,, George,, Margaret,, Vera.
I think thats all. They once lived in Portlandville NY,,,, and maybe
in Maryland NY,,,,,,,,,,,, Gladys Knapp was my grandmother she married
a Hollenbeck. I have been looking for always! Came up empty, please
help me. Thank you.

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