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Query: PADGETT Researcher: XXXX Email:PRESSKA@BuffaloState.edu Date Posted: 10 May 2004 Looking for any information on a Frank M. Padgett who was born in New York State
in 1853. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. I believe the family was
from the Otsego area. He married Julia Patrick Strain. Thanking you in advance….

Query: PAGE Researcher: XXXX Email:busiak@webtv.net Date Posted: 15 March 2004 I am looking for relative of Marion Riesdorph Olendorf Page. She was born is Middlefield N.Y. Her fathe's name was Myron. She had many sisters and brothers. Peter Olendorf, her first husband died in l912 and she married Harvey R. Page in l9l5. He also was from that area. I cannot find any of her relatives or his.

Query:Pag'e ( Paggie) (Pagee) Researcher:James G. Jimenez Email:JMIMENE1@NYCAP.RR.COM Date Posted: April 16, 2007 Iam searching for David Pag'e ( Paggie) (Pagee) . David lived with his wife Ella Mahar in 1930 in the city of Oneonta on Main St.. I have info on David before he lived in Oneonta and was married to Sarah Norris who had died in 1917 in Amsterdam , Montgomery Co NY. I would like to talk to any one who has info on these two people , especially i would like to know there burial and death dates. Thank You James G. Jimenez

Query: PAINE/PHILLIPS Researcher: Sylvia Higgins Email:spaine@cableone.net Date Posted: Nov 28 2006 Abraham Paine, b 28 Sep 1781 NY, m Prudence Phillips, dau of Isaac and Ann (??)
Phillips, b 17 Aug 1785. Ch: Lucy; Chauncy; Ransom b 1813 Worcester, Ostego Co;
Malina b 1815; Archibald b 1816; Abbie Ann b 1818; Hariett b 1820; Hester Ann b
1822; Silas Washburn b 1825, Worcester. Abraham was found in 1820 census for
Town of Worcester; also, deeds for sale of land in 1817 & for purchase of more
land in 1820, sold in 1826, they removed to Bradford Co, PA abt 1840. Does anyone
know where Abraham & Prudence were before 1817 or have any other info on this family. Thank you, Sylvia Higgins

Query: PARKER/DAVIS Researcher: Do-lores Stafford Email:scarlett77@hotmail.com Date Posted: 2 Apr 2006 " Am searching for information on the parents of Obediah Parker, born 1827
in Otsego County, N.Y. One site lists them as Benjamin F. Parker and Mary Davis.
The LDS site has his parents listed as George and Lena Parker.

Would very much appreciate any help with this matter.


Query:PARKER/BREWSTER Researcher: John S. Hoff Email: Snail Mail addy at bottom of query Date Posted: 24 Jan 05 My 3xG Grandfather, NATHAN BREWSTER (B: 12 Mar 1758 New Windsor, Orange Co., NY -
12 Mar 1842 Athens {later Morgan Co., OH) OH was a Patroit and served in the 4th
N.Y. Militia between 1778-1783 in New Windsor, and it appears that he might have
received "Bounty land" there in Otsego Co. in the mid-1790s for his military service,
which may have prompted his move there. He appears to have moved there as a
batchelor sometime in the mid-1790s, and there, at age 39, in 1797 in Butternuts
Twp., Otsego Co., NY, he (for the first time) married, a HANNAH PARKER (my 3x
G Grandmother)(B: 1768 in somewhere "CT", per later Census) the 29 year old
daughter of a neighbor, REUBEN PARKER and HANNAH CHAPMAN PARKER, who are my
4xG Grandparents. REUBEN may also have been a Patroit and recipient of "Bounty
land" there for his Rev. War service, where I assume he would have served in the
Wallingford, CT Militia, if at all. Both men appear as neighbors on the same page
of the 1800 Otsego Co., Census (on Page: 21a.gif).

REUBEN PARKER was born in on 12 Mar 1738 in Wallingford, New Haven Co., CT,
the son of JOHN PARKER, III (B: 1803 Wallingford, New Haven Co., NY) and a long
line of well-documented PARKERs residing in Wallingford for 5 generations. REUBEN's
wife, HANNAH CHAPMAN PARKER, was presumably born in Waterbury, New Haven Co., CT,
about 1735-50. It is known (from LDS www.FamilySearch.com data) that she married
REUBEN PARKER there in Waterbury, CT, on 10 Dec 1764. However, her other family
connections, parentage and origins, date of birth and death, and exact burial
location data are unknown to me: only her name and the date of her marriage seem
available anywhere on-line. HANNAH PARKER, the daughter who flowed from that
PARKER-CHAPMAN marriage might have been an 'only child', in that no other children
are shown to the Parker parents in the 1800 Butternuts Twp. Census. However, she
was age 29 at the time of the marriage in 1797, and other younger children could
have already have flown the nest by that time. Although by 1810, only NATHAN
BREWSTER and wife, HANNAH PARKER BREWSTER, family appear on the Otsego 1810 Census
(Pg 155.gif). The REUBEN PARKER Family disappears. So, either both PARKERS
had either died by 1810, or simply sold or abandoned their property and moved-on
West, as did so many. In that REUBEN PARKER may have been a CT Militia Patroit
and Rev. War Veteran, his thus-unknown grave site presumably there somewhere in
Otsego Co., and date of death are of great interest to me. If so, I would very
much like to learn of his exact burial site and grave markings. I have scrolled
through every Otsego Co. Cemetery cite listed on your wonderful on-line Web site
in an effort to find him, but I found no reference to either a REUBEN PARKER or
HANNAH CHAPMAN PARKER (who presumably would also have died sometime between 1800
-1810). By 1800, given his birth in 1738, he would have by then have been at
least age 62, so by 1810, he would have been a very elderly age 72. So, it is
possible (and likely probable) that by 1810, he may have died and is buried there
somewhere in Otsego Co. There is no elderly female member of the BREWSTER household
shown on the 1810 census, so the widowed mother of wife HANNAH PARKER BREWSTER does
not appear to have "moved-in" with, or have been taken-in by the daughter's family
after the presumed death of the husband, REUBEN PARKER, before 1810: There are,
in fact, no Parkers shown residing in Butternuts Twp. by 1810 (according to the Census
data). So, either they BOTH moved, or they BOTH died by 1810. I have lost track
of them completely after the 1800 Census there.

The pioneering BREWSTER Family appear to have had a happpy and fruitful time
together there in Butternuts Twp., and by the time of the 1800 Census - following
their 1797 marriage, they had two children: with one son and one daughter showing.
By the 1810 Census, they had 2 sons and 4 daughters under the age of 13. One of
these was my 2x great frandmother, MARTHA BREWSTER, born there on 28 Jul 1802.
Her family moved on in 1817 to Marietta, Washington Co., OH, and in 1824 in the
home of her parents, she married my 2xGreatgrandfather, POWELL HOFF (13 Aug 1801
Pr. William Co., VA -6 May 1870 Dallas Co., IA). She lived to age 90, dying on
27 Jan 1892 in Dallas Co., IA, after having produced 12 childern.

I would like to know the exact location of the farms/residences of NATHAN
BREWSTER and REUBEN PARKER there in Butternuts Twp. Is there a "Plat Book" or
some land issuing document or a legal description conveving the land to them that
might help pin-point the exact location of their property/farms by a legal
description or on a map? Also, might there be some central record of the burial
of a Rev. War Vets in the County that might show the grave site of REUBEN PARKER,
if in fact he was a REv. War Vet & did die and was buried there in Otsego Co.
before 1810?

By the 1817, the BREWSTER Family had had 8 children, and had relocated from
Butternuts Twp., Otsego Co., NY to Marietta, Washington Co., OH, thus ending my
family's early pioneering nexus with Butternuts Twp., and Otsego Co., NY

In Athens Co., OH in 1832, aging and infirm, Rev. War Vet. and early former
Otsego Co. pioneer, NATHAN BREWSTER, applied for and received a paltry Federal
pension ($20/year) for his Rev. War service. Two months ago I obtained complete
copies of these papers from the U. S. Archives documenting his fascinating military
service. It included his service under Generals Washington and Benedict Arnold at
West Point, placing the fameous "blocking chain" across the Hudson blocking the
British fleet, and digging Fortificatin No. 3 at West Point. He died somewhere in
Athens (later subdivided into Morgan Co.), OH on 21 Mar 1842. His wife, HANNAH
PARKER BREWSTER, also died there in Athens Co., OH in 1855.

So, that is the story of two early pioneering Otsego Families who joined the
migration from the East Coast in the 1600-1700s, where they were huddled closely
in sea coast colonial villages and rivers, and moved west after the Revolution
to the rough and dangerous frontier, and on ever-further westward into the heart
of the Continent as cheap and abundant farming land became available.

I am eager to try to establish a better nexus with Otsego Co. during the time
my family and direct forebears resided there. If anyone is able to further help
identify the BREWSTER/PARKER Family connection with Butternuts Twp., and Otsego
Co., I am most interested in making contact. Please feel free to republish some or
all of this in your Message Board link. Anyone is free to contact me directly
@ Colonel John S. Hoff, USAF (Ret), 20 S. Clark St., #2210, Chicago, IL 60603-1816
Tele (312) 346-8111.

Surnames: PARKER Researcher: Robert Gardner Email:bgardner@rconnect.com Date Posted: 26 April 2003 I am searching for records of Elisha Parker Gardner, my great, great grandfather,
who was born in Otego, Otsego County, New York, on December 7, 1808. I have
that information from my father, Edward Burton Gardner, who was born, lived and
died in LaValle, Wisconsin, my hometown. What I am looking for is the names of
E.P. Gardner's father and mother and where they came from. I have searched
periodically for the last number of years and come up empty. I am guessing
that a John Gardner or a Stanley (?) Gardner might be his father, for I have
seen their names in that county's records. Where do I go from here? I would like to know for sure if the GARDNER side
immigrated from England or another country and from what area in that country. If you can give me direction, I would sincerely appreciate it.

Query: PEET Researcher: Rick Duran Email:frduran@archinomics.com Date Posted: 15 January 2004 Looking for any biographical information on Benjamin Peet, listed as an early pioneer settler of Ostego County, NY from (originally) Stratford, CT.


Query: PENNY Researcher: William Oren Adams, Jr. Email:wadams@kricket.net Date Posted: 02 July 2003 I'm researching my gg grandfather, A. N. Penny. All I know of him is that he, according to my great grandfather's death certificate, was born in Unadilla Forks, NY, and that he married Orphia Mayhew (spelling may not be exact--death certificate is unclear), who was born in Watertown, NY. My great grandfather, Oren S. Penny, was born in Newark, OH on October 7, 1837. I believe that Oren's parents moved to Ohio between 1830-1837.
Oren has a half-sister named Mary T. Farley that was born in about 1830 in New York. Thanks in advance for your time and efforts.

Query: PERIGO Researcher: Jo C. Hunt Email:jochunt@comcast.net Date Posted: 07 October 2003 As of May 6, 1828, Lorin Perigo was living in Otsego County - posted an ad
in the Cherry Valley Newspaper about a runaway indentured boy. I am seeking
any and all information on Lorin Perigo and his ancestors. Know he was born
about 1796 in Connecticutt and married to Betsey Ann Tracy, born 1794 in Preston
CT, married Dec. 7, 1819, location unknown. Also know that they had three
children, all born in state of New York: Louisa b. 1822, Charles Edward b. abt.
1823 and Ann born 1832. Lorin remarried after Betsey's death. Married Ruth Colby
bef. 1850 and they has son Will born abt. 1852 and dtr Geraldine born abot 1843.
I would like to know who Lorin's parents are, if he had any siblings, about his
chairmaking business and any information anyone might have.

Query:PHILLIPS/MCINTYRE Researcher: Diane Marshall Email:tmarshall1@cfl.rr.com Date Posted: 11 Jan 05 LOOKING FOR ANY INFORMATION ON POLLY O. MCINTYRE, DAUGHTER OF OLIVER AND


Query: PHILLIPS Researcher: Michelle Rickards Email:saintsagency@hotmail.com Date Posted: 30 April 2004 I am looking for descendants of Isaac Simmonds Phillips. By our English Census
records Isaac Simmonds Phillips was born in Duxbury Massachsets in 1827. We think
he was married to Caroline Cecilia Phillips nee Crocker of Kintbury Berkshire
England born 1825. The first of their 3 children were, Charlotte Phillips born
Columbia County New York approx 1854, Sarah Ann Phillips born Richfield Otsego
County New York approx 1856, Robert Phillips born Richfield Otsego County New York
approx 1857. In 1859 they were all in England as their 4th child George Burgess Phillips was
born in Cholsey Berkshire in 1859. We have come to a dead end as we cannot locate any birth or baptismal records
in Otsego or any marriage details for Caroline and Isaac. Also on the British census next to birth place for both Isaac Simmonds Phillips
and Charlotte Phillips are the letter (F), would anybody know what this may mean??? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Query: PITTSLEY Researcher: Jo Anne Email:HCHAMBERS6@aol.com Date Posted: 17 Feb 05 Looking for my ggrandfather--James Pittsley, born in Mass.-1811, his wife
was Lucia(possibly Lucretia) and they had 7 children of which my ggrandmother--
Mary was one. I have located Lucia(at last), she is not listed in Hillington
Cemetery as being buried there, but there is a stone there for her--she is
buried by daug./son in law, Marshall and Mary Platt in the Platt/Ericson plot.
I cannot find James--have hunted long and hard and am looking for help in locating him.


Query: PLATNER Researcher: Kathryn Flores Email:bkflores@cox-internet.comDate Posted: 1 October 2004 I am looking for information about George W. PLATNER, born 1828 in NY.
He married Lois L ?, also born in NY. They lived in De Witt, Onondaga
CO, NY in 1850; Ancram, Columbia Co, NY in 1860; and Owl Creek, Woodson
Co, KS in 1870. Their children Stephen(1847), Eveline(1849), Florence
A(1853), Lois Elizabeth(1859), Mary M(1861), Elisha(1863) were all born
in NY. Lois Elizabeth, my grandmother was born in Decatur as stated
on her death records at St. Joseph Church in Humboldt, KS on Mar. 14, 1930.
She died in Kansas City, MO, Jul 11, 1930 and is buried at St. Joesph
Cemetery in Humbodlt, KS. Her husband was Thomas Francis Meath,born in
Mendota, IL in 1853 who died in 1933 and is buried next to her in the Meath Family Plot.
I am interested in finding my gandparents' brithplaces,dates, and any pedigrees.
I also need to find my grandmother's maiden name which on a marriage
record of one of her daughters is stated Lois L. Lavare Schellend but I have not
found anything about a Schellend and think probably it is Schelland or Shelland.
I have a lot of information I could give you about both my paternal and maternal

Query: PLATT/FLEMING Researcher: Jo Anne Email:HCHAMBERS6@aol.com Date Posted: 25 October 2004 I am a member of the Charles Platt and Sarah Ann Fleming family and am
looking to complete a list of their children. My ggrandfather was Marshall
Platt and his brothers and sisters i have listed are as follows: Jennie
(i have found her), C. Lacelle(I know where he is), Charlotte O., Mary Jane,
Charles M. (I know where he is) and Lura.Dont know if these names are all ok
and i also wonder if there are more children in this Morris,N.Y. family. I
would appreciate any help i can get.

Query: PLATT Researcher: Jo Anne Email:HCHAMBERS6@aol.com Date Posted: 09 February 2004 Looking for info. on Charlotte O. Platt and Mary Jane Platt listed in
census of Butternuts. Charlotte listed as 11 in 1860 census and not
listed in 1870 census and Mary Jane listed as 6 in 1860 census and is
also listed in 1870 and 1880 census. They were the daughters of Charles
G. Platt and Sarah Fleming of the Morris,N.Y. area. I am also looking
for a list of people buried in the "Quaker Burying Grounds" near Morris,
N.Y.--is there one?

Query: Family of William Jerram and JuliaAnn Fawcett Porter and Wiliam
Jerram and Annie Emily Beach Porter Researcher: Tony Porter Email:gporter1@stny.rr.com Date Posted: 4 March 2006 We are looking for any information that anyone might have about these people.
William was born in the town of Butternuts, Gilbertsville, Otsego County 1850
son of William and Ann Dean Porter. William and Ann came to this country from
England around 1849-1850 He later moved to Kemptville, Ontario Canada and married
JuliaAnn Fawcett. Cencus records show Julia living with the Thomas Freer family,
as a servant, who were neighbors of William and Ann. Date of marriage and Julia's
death are unknown. William passed away in April 1915 and is buried in Kemptville
Public Cemetery. He remarried Annie Emily Beach on September 21, 1896 in Kemptville
Canada. We have no information after 1915. We know that William and Julia had
the following children, all born in Kemptville Canada and that they did not stay
there through adulthood

1. Mary Charlotte (Rosena) Porter was born October 15, 1873 and married John
Edward Hasserd on January 19, 1898
2. Carrie Belle Porter (Caroline) born April 23, 1875. According to William's
obit she was in Burwick IL in 1915
3. William Thomas James Francis (Frank) Porter born September 8, 1879, married
Mary Mrytle Porter and after her death married Lena Foster. Frank was my grandfather
4. Blanche Porter born February 12, 1885 married Edward Doolittle. The 1910
Census shows them living in the Utica/Rome area with sons Cecil and Harold.
Cecil later lived with Thomas and census shows Harold being adopted, so we
believe that both Blanche and Edward passed away between 1910 and 1920.

If anyone has any information on our family we would love to hear from you.

Thanks for your help

Query:Potter/Beach Researcher:Jenny Bommarito Email:bommarito_jenny@hotmail.com Date Posted:September 19 2006 I am searching for Phineas Potter and the Ambrose Beach families. Phineas Potter died in 1799 came from Litchfield Co., CT Ambrose Beach was born in Litchfield Co. Ct. The daughter of Phineas Potter was
Ann or Anna who may have been the wife of Lemuel Munroe. Anna's and Lemuel's
daughter, Elizabeth married Ambrose Beach about 1805/06. Thank You Jenny

Researcher: Michael J.Putnam Email:mputnam1@neo.rr.com Date Posted: 17 January 2004 I am searching for information on a George Putnam, I believe was born in
Otsego in 1757, and also believe him to be an illegitimate son of Israel Putnam,
the General. Do you have any information. He died in Sardinia in 1829. Thank you

Query: Researcher: Email: Date Posted

I am trying to locate the church records of what may have been the Methodist/Episcopal Church of Richfield Springs. The building was bought by St. John's Presbyterian Church located on West Main Street. My ancestors, Deacon Benjamin E. PALMER and his wife Polly, as well as some of their children are buried in the church cemetery. The church records should contain info about the PALMER and related families, since Benjamin was a Deacon in that church. I have been to the rectory, but that pastor did not know where the previous church records went to. Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
Tue Apr 15 16:36:40 1997

9/17/1824, ENOS WOOD of Onondaga, Onondaga Co. bought land in Onondaga Co.from HANNAH PARDEE of Otsego Co. Was Hannah and Enos related? If so, how??? Is Enos the father of ISAAC PARDY WOOD?? Any information regarding any Pardee/Wood connection would be appreciated. Thank You. Sat Mar 8 13:02:43 1997

PARKER, Mary b .18 Jul 1800 possibly in Edmeston Who were her parents? She married 1818 Nathaniel Tucker, They had 3 children Judiah, Lydia & Jeruska in Otsego Co; ca 1828 to Howard, Steuben Co 4 children Stacy, Mary Emeline, Eli & Truman: ca 1836 to Genecso, Livingston Co 3 children William Edgar, Henry C. and Orin D.
Mon Mar 3 14:45:41 1997

My ancestor's surname PARKHILL/PARKILL, came from Vermont to Otsego Co., NY. It is believed they settled in the town of Springfield. Later the Parkhill's went on to Madison Co., and points west. I would like to have any information available on the Parkhill's in Otsego Co. Nathaniel Parkhill (1745 - 1791), is said to buried in (East?) Springfield, is there any record of where? His wife was Mary HOLDEN, when did she die? Nathaniel's son Reuben, born in MA 1783, m. Margaret CUPPERNOLL 11/5/1806. Margaret was said to be from Cherry Valley, NY and was born 4/24/1786. Who were her parents? Any record of a John Thompson Parkhill, son of Nathaniel and Anne THOMPSON Parkkhill?
Mon Feb 24 07:37:42 1997

Looking for ancestors of my GGGrandmother Nancy Maria Patrick b.1801, d. 1850 New Lisbon, Otsego Co. NY. Parents probably were John Patrick b. Abt 1773, d. 1854 and wife Anna b. Abt 1779, d. 1855. Any information would be appreciated.
Thu Apr 10 01:30:51 1997

Seeking info on Andrew PETTIE. died 31 July 1840 at Cherry Valley, Otsego Co. Children: Aaron, m Betsey BENTLEY 1825 at Westford. Anna, m. GILLET, Eleanor, m. HANEY, Liah, m. BYAM , and Pheobe, m. FOSTER.
Thu Feb 20 21:58:29 1997

I am looking for any information regarding the following family members who were all born in Butternuts Township, Otsego County, New York. Looking for information pertaining to names of parents, siblings, other children, etc. ANY information would be greatly appreciated. Gile(s) BUMP Born: October 29, 1792 in Butternuts, Otsego County, New York and Fannie PETTINGELL Born: 1795 in Butternuts, Otsego County, New York were married: About March 20, 1815 in Butternuts Township, Otsego County, New York Their children:
Nancy BUMP Born: About February 18, 1815 in Butternuts, Otsego County, New York
William Harrison BUMP Born: October 09, 1817 in Otsego County, New York
Wed Oct 9 18:40:03 1996

Looking for info on Vulkert PHILLIPS born Nov 7, 1794 in Otsego Co, NY. He mrd Ruth HUNGERFORD born Jul 6, 1802 in prob East Haddam, CT. A Volkert Phillips listed in 1910 NYS Census Index in Montgomery Co. Same in 1820 Census Index in Chautauqua Co. Both prob him. Vulkert and Ruth had 9 children: Jonas, Daniel, Rachel, John, William, James, Lyman, Mariah and Almira. All born Steuben Co, NY. Need info on ancestors of Vulkert. Will share with those searching same lines.
Mon Nov 18 18:38:25 1996

I am seeking the burial site of Stephen Delevan Potter, a civil war soldier who died in Elmira while stationed there , probably as a guard. He is not buried there. He enlisted in Warren, Herkimer Co. and was married to Diadama Dunham of Richfield, Otsego Co. She married again to an Unknown Barnes. What was his first name? Diadama was sister of my g- g-grandmother, Amelia Dunham Round.
Fri Feb 21 16:37:18 1997

PRICE DANIEL PRICE married Sara Parcus.their children and grandchildren lived in Rensselaer, Otsego, Cortland, and Herkimer Counties and in Warren and Erie Co. PA. I'm looking for living descendants of their children: Sara Price m. Solomon YAGER; Christina Price m. Johannes COONRADT; Jacob PRICE m. Catharine BARRINGER; Abraham PRICE m. Sarah MILLER. Let me hear from you. Thanks, Barbara Jeffries Sat Mar 8 08:41:46 1997

My mother Helen PURPLE, was born 20 Dec 1904 in Columbia Center, Otsego County, NY. Her father, Wesley PURPLE, was born in 1852 and died in 1936. At least those are the dates on his grave marker in the Schuyler Lake Cemetery in Schuyler Lake, Otsego County, NY. I know he lived in Schuyler Lake as I lived with them for a while and took a picture of the old house on a recent trip there. My mother was the second of four children of a second marriage. Gramps first wife, Cora L. ???, died in 1900 and is buried with Wesley. Nellie HAGGERTY (no dates) is my grandmother. Her father was LaMott HAGGERTY (no dates) and her mother was Maria KEELER (no dates). I do not know where I came up with the date of 1840 for Lavel PURPLE. I have been told he was a sailor and died at sea leaving Evalina a widow.

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