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Query: QUACKENBUSH/SHORT Researcher: Roger Quackenbush Email:rogquacken@yahoo.com Date Posted: 29 January 2006 I am looking for information on James Henry Quackenbush and his wife Sophia
Caroline Short. They lived in or around Hartwick Seminary, Toddsville, and/or
Milford around 1837 - 1844. Their children include Granville James (born 1837
in Hartwick Seminary), Adaline Marie (born 1844 in Milford), Jane Ann (born
about 1848). I am interested in James' mother and father and where and when
he was born and died and buried. And the same for Sophia, her mother and
father, where she was born and when, and when and where she died and buried.

Query: QUACKENBUSH/OLDEN Researcher: Richard Morgan Email:rmorgan7@twcny.rr.com Date Posted: 24 July 2003 Help with Elizabeth Quackenbush, born about 1836 to Jno Quackenbush and
? Olden. 1840 Census has a Jno Quackenbush in the Town of Milford. I
don't know if this is the family. If so, I would like Olden first name,
Cemetery locale for Quackenbush and Olden, and any additional ancestry
for Quckenbush/Olden. I know this is a lot to ask but its probably
documented somewhere.

Thank You

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