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Query: SAGRO Researcher: XXXX Email:JoanBird@dm.com.net Date Posted: 8 July 2004 I am looking for information regarding my grandfather-last name
Sagro, first name not available-disappeared from Decator,East
Worcester,Worcester area about 1909-1919, He was supposedly
married to a Hazel Woodbeck of same area. Relatives were Iving
and Lois Woodbeck-Please E-mail if you have any information
regarding any of these people.

Surnames: SANDERS Researcher: Ernest Email:hatton@cfl.rr.com Date Posted: 16 May 2003 I'm looking for the maiden name of Mrs.Martha Sanders born about 1769 probably CT.
She married, a second time to, Daniel Potter of Hartwick. Any information on the
Sanders family would be greatly appreciated.

Query:Henry F. Schrier Researcher:Carolyn A. Schrier Email:saltydog33@earthlink.net Date Posted 23 June 2006 Seek obit for grandfather who died Unadilla, 24 Jan 1945. Born Callicoon, Sullivan County, NY, 30 November 1875. Was blacksmith, wheelright etc., I remember visiting his forge when very small.Not buried in Unadilla. Wife Carrie took him to her family plot on Long Island. He was later removed to Gould family plot in Goulds, Town of Hancock, Delaware County, NY.

Query:SEWARD/MCINTYRE Researcher: Diane Marshall Email:tmarshall1@cfl.rr.com Date Posted: 25 Jan 05 Noadiah Seward Jr married Diadema McIntyre in Chester, Hampden Co., MA.
Does anyone have any information on this Seward family? Did they live in Otsego Co.?

Query: SHAW Researcher: XXXX Email:bbpittillo@sbcglobal.net Date Posted: 25 August 2004 I've found a branch of my family living in Ostego County, New York early 1800s.
They are listed in the "Early Settlers of New York, Volume 2, October 1939,
Records of First Presbyterian Church, Worcester, page 218 and 249. On page
218 I find "1804 Shaw, Thirza: 1807 William." Page 249 lists " Shaw, Thirza
- Adoniram, Thirza, Louisa, 1804: Mariah, 1805. William - William, 1808: Stephen
Stimpson, 1810." This is the only record I have of this family living in Ostego County.
By 1823 they were living in St. Genevieve Co. Missouri and around 1830 were
living in Lawrence County, Arkansas. I'm interested in contact from any Shaw
family researchers having a connection to Ostego County. Thank you

Query:SHELDON/COLBURN/BASS/PALMER/MCFARLAND/LOOMIS/HULBERT Researcher: Edward Colburn Email:mredmzjane@yahoo.com Date Posted: 27 Nov 2004 All pioneer families of Plainfield , Burlington & Edmeston. Will exchange
family information with anyone sharing these family named.

Query: SHELLMAN Researcher: Norma Clark Email:norma33@dmcom.net Date Posted: 07 Feb 05 I am doing the genealogy on the above and have come to a standstill.
I have information from the Huntington Library with an article about
Cornelius Shellman, who was my gggrandfather and an incident at the
Presbyterian Church, Oneonta and we found him buried in back of that
church. The article goes on about him coming to the church and offered
to help dispose of a bell which was to be sold to the Clarksville Church
society and he was going to remove it from the Presb. church. The bell
fell and he was instantly killed. Would like to know where I could
obtain anymore information on this as the article just lists him as Mr.
Shellman . The minister there at the time was Rev. Joseph Paddock. Time
frame is Nov. 10, 1848. , that is what is on his stone in the cemetery.
The only date in the article was toward the bottom, it states that several
years later (1850) upon the payment to him the society paid him $150.
If you have any suggestions would appreciate hearing from you. Cornleius
had a daughter Eudora Beams who is buried in the Glenwood Cemetery, also
was related to Aris M Shellman who lived on 42 Ford Ave. and Thomas Shellman
who died in Franklin.

Query:SHORT/Quakenbush Researcher: Roger Quackenbush Email:rogquacken@yahoo.com Date Posted: 29 January 2006 I am looking for information on James Henry Quackenbush and his wife Sophia
Caroline Short. They lived in or around Hartwick Seminary, Toddsville, and/or
Milford around 1837 - 1844. Their children include Granville James (born 1837 in
Hartwick Seminary), Adaline Marie (born 1844 in Milford), Jane Ann (born about
1848). I am interested in James' mother and father and where and when he was born
and died and buried. And the same for Sophia, her mother and father, where she was
born and when, and when and where she died and buried.

Query: SIGNOR/SIGNER/PARIS/PARISH Researcher: Mary Email:mdobard@msn.com Date Posted: 26 January 2004 I am searching for the family of Carrie Paris who married Charles Signor
of Cortland County in 1860 in Oneonta. I have not been able to find a
Paris or Parish family in the 1860 census that Carrie could be placed in.
(They married after the census was taken) In 1870, Carrie SIGNOR was
residing in Otsego with a Farrington family. I would like to learn if
she remarried, who is her family, and where were they from originally.
Appreciate any information.

Query:SIKES/SYKES Researcher:Cynthia Schwab Email:cschwab14@yahoo.com Date Posted:August 1 2006 I am seeking information on Levi Sikes listed on the Worcester, Otsego,
1800 census. According to that census, he had 4 daughters under ten and
his wife. Name can also be shown as Sykes. Any information on names of
daughters and his wife appreciated.

Query: SIMMONS Researcher: Christopher D. Simmons Email:Csim7603@wmconnect.com Date Posted: 13 June 2004 I'm seeking any Simmons' or relatives of Simmons' who were from Oneonta NY.
My father Norman Ivan Simmons was born there in 1932 along with his twin
sister Norma Ione Simmons. His father John Simmons married my Grandmother
Rosina Agnes Simmons (Simmons is her maiden name) and in the 1930 census,
it shows him, her and some of my aunts and uncles. I'm especially looking
for John's sisters Florence, Eunice, Mary and Ann(e,a) or if anyone has the
copy of the 1900, 1905, 1910 census in Otsego County.

Florence married a John Haynes
Ann(e,a) married Harris Grant
Eunice married a Barney Meade

Mary married a man with the last name Kyle. Also, if anyone has anything on a Jacob Simmons who lived either in
Otsego County or Delaware County, please email me. Thank you!

Query:Slade Researcher:Sean Rafferty Email:Sean Rafferty - be83338@binghamton.edu Date Posted:January 13 1998 I am interested in any information on a Slade family in the Emmons or East Oneonta area, near Charlotte Creek in the Late 19th/early 20th century- this is in regards to multiple references to "Slade Village" in the catalogs to the Yager collection from Hartwick Collge- I need to pin down where this Slade Village was located but cannot find any such referenc on any historic maps.
Also, I have seen references to a Walling's Island in the Oneonta area but have also not been able to find this no any map. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Researcher: T.GunterSmith Email:tguntersmith@aol.com Date Posted: 11 December 2003 I am looking for information on Harriet Slayton, who build a home on Otsego
Lake in 1880. The Farmer's Journal of 1880 states that in September "Harriet
Slayton finished her home, Cary Mede, at the north end of the lake." My family has owned the home for the last 75 years but have no information
on the lady who built it. Can you help me ?? Thanks

Query: SMITH Researcher: XXXX Email:cbortell@midtel.net Date Posted: 03 August 05 I am trying to find any info I can on my Grandparents, Watson and Agnes Smith.
My grandmother came from Ireland and married Watson Smith . They lived Martin
Brook to Rogers Hollow Road . I believe that was North of Unadilla,NY They had
11 children including my Mother Catherine. I believe my grandfather was born
about 1869. He was killed in an accident near Unadilla about 1920. They lived
in dwelling 187-family 200 on a 1910 Census that was given me. I think a
greatgrandfather Silas lived next door.

Help me connect some dots.

Thank you

Query: SNYDER/VANDERCOOK Researcher: Nina Email:ninaalcan@yahoo.com Date Posted: 27 November 2005 George Snyder and his wife Elizabeth (Vandercook) Snyder died in Springfield
and I am trying to find their graves. She died 5 Jan.1848 in Springfield.
We don't know when George died. Any info much appreciated.

Query: SOUTHARD/SUTHERLAND Researcher: Dana DeZiel Email:danad@visi.com Date Posted: 05 November 2003 I am writing a history paper about a Otsego county resident who moved to MN
and became a prominent doctor and a pioneer of Anoka County society. Her father was Soloman Wesley Southard and mother Amanda Sutherland. Amanda,
I believe, was buried at Elk Creek Cemetary according to what I can piece
together from the information on the cemetary. Amanda's father was Isaac
Sutherland. There is a Celitte Sutherland buried at Elk Creek also, could
this be Amanda's mother? I am having a really hard time researching this family.

Wesley is on the census records for 1850 with the Smith Southerland family.
Wesley, Amanda and Flora are all on the 1860 Census records. Any additional information that anyone could find would be extremely helpful.

Surnames: SPICER/WALKER Researcher: Barbara Sherman Email:sherman13@military.com Date Posted: 6 June 2003 I am looking for information on a Lucy Spicer (my gg grandmother), born abt
1827. I believe the Lucy I am looking for was the daughter of Erastus and
Dolly Hawkes Spicer of Richfield, Otsego Co, NY. My grandfather was Joseph Benson Lyon. His father was Frank P. Lyon and
Frank's mother was Laura Lucena Walker. Laura Walker was the daughter of
Galutia and Lucy (Spicer?) Walker who appear on the 1860 Census for Exeter,
Otsego, NY. I have been told that my gg grandmother was Lucy Spicer; but I have not
been able to prove it. The reason I believe that this Lucy is the person
I am looking for is because she had a brother named Joseph Benson Spicer,
born 16 Jul 1832 in Plainfield, Otsego, NY. I have to think there is a
connection because of the name Joseph Benson, which was passed on to Lucy's
grandson, my grandfather. Anyone having any information on Lucy's marriage to Galutia Walker that would prove this information, please let me know. If this proves to be my missing link, I have
tons of information to share.

Thank you.

Query: STAFFORD/LAKE Researcher: XXXX Email:sevansons@hotmail.com Date Posted: 15 August 2003 I am looking for any information pertaining to the family of James
Stafford & Ella Lake ...Their children include Edwin, Hubert, Viola,
and Nellie Stafford... I am also looking for information on Richard
L. Clark (1855-1945) & his wife Nellie (?), and their children: Viola,
Earl, Richard (Dick), and Helen Mary (1883-1974). My Great Uncle (whose
in his late 90's) tells me that they are buried in the Old Union Cemetery,
which is either in the Edmeston or New Berlin area. Is there anyone out
there who knows where the "Union Cemetery" is located, and how I can obtain
information about it. It may have been renamed???

Query:Stone Researcher:H. Andrew BROWN Email:H. Andrew BROWN - habraun@pacbell.net Date Posted:January 10 1998 Seek contact with descendants of RI STONES who settled in Otsego Co. NY in early 1800's. Especially those who descend from Carder & Oliver STONE.

Query: STRATTON/FULLER Researcher: Karen Haines Email:karenhaines@direcway.com Date Posted: 13 October 2004 I am looking for information on William Warner STRATTON and Amy Permelia FULLER.
They were married June 1844 at Unadilla Forks, however their three children,
William Henry, Mary Elizabeth and Amy Marietta were all born in Corthalnd county.
William Warner STRATTON seems to have died October 1849 at Unadilla Forks. Any information on the marriage, the family of Amy FULLER or the death of
William Warner would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,

Query: SWARTOUT Researcher: Melissa Rinker Email:LilBaitLady77@aol.com> Date Posted 12 October 2006 I am looking for information on Andrew Swarthout's Parents. Andrew was born
May 28, (1798, 1799, 1800)??? He is buried in Morris, NY. with his wife Polly.
Please contact me if you have any information. Thank You!! Melissa Rinker

Query:SWARTOUT/SWARTOUT Researcher: Ruth Jordan Thoden Email:RThoden@aol.com Date Posted: 3 Nov 2004 Seeking parents of JOHN JORDAN born 6 Mar 1764 where I know not. He died
26 Jan 1850 Pike, Wyoming Co, NY, but buried in family lot in Friendship,
Allegany Co., NY.

He married 15 Sep 1785 probably in or near Goshen, Orange Co., NY Julia
SWARTOUT born 18 Nov 1769 daughter of Jacobus SWARTOUT who before and during
the Revolution lived in Sugar Loaf which is now in town of Chester, Orange Co.,
NY but then in town of Warwick, Orange Co., NY.

Following children born to John and Julia:
Michael 1786 in Orange Co;
William 1788;
Jesse 1790;
James 1791;
hn 1792;
Andrew; 1795;
Betsey 1797;
Isaiah 1799;
Sally (Patty) 1801;
JACOB 1803;
Julia Margaret 1805;

Unnamed son 1807 at which time Julia probably died because she does not
appear in 1810 census.

John/Julia do not appear in the 1790 census of NYS in their own home with two
sons nor have I found them in PA, NJ or any N.E. state.

By 1800, JORDAN family residing in Cherry Valley, Otsego Co., NY. From there, Michael, William and Jesse settled in and died in Steuben Co.
James and John settled town of Cuba, Allegany Co., NY; Isaiah, after living
with his brother, Michael in Steuben Co., migrated on to Allegany Co and he
and brothers Andrew and JACOB settled in town of Wirt of Allegany Co., NY.

Betsey (Elizabeth) Jordan married Sebastion WELLER and lived in Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., NY. Sally married John DYGERT and lived in Montgomery Co, NY. Julia Margaret married Charles PHELPS, migrated to Pike, Wyoming Co. and it was at her home that JOHN died in 1850.

In 1840, JOHN JORDAN is still residing at Cherry Valley but by 1848 has migrated to town of Wirt and because he died before 1850 census was taken, it has been family tradition that he lived with his son, JACOB, but his will probate states he died at home of his daughter in Wyoming Co.

ANY help would be appreciate on these above mentioned families....

Query: SWARTS/BLANCHARD Researcher: Peggy Bollenbaugh Email:ptbollen@mindspring.com Date Posted: 04 September 2004 I recently came across some info regarding Simon Swarts b. 1804 in Delaware
Co., NY. It looks like his father might be a Lawrence Swart from Oneonta,
Ostego Co., NY. This information came from excerpts in a book by the name
of "A History of Oneonta, from its earliest settlement to the present time",
by Dudley M. Campbell of Oneonta, NY. Would anyone have any information
about this? Does the book mention a relationship between Lawrence & Simon?
Simon married Polly Blanchard, d/o James Blanchard & Mary Wolfe, abt 1825 in Delaware Co. This people are a major road block, so I would appreciate any help. Thank you and Good Hunting,

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