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Query:Wain/Wayne Researcher: Marilyn Good May Email:dicknmarylyn@hotmail.com Date Posted: 16 Nov 2003 My 3X great grandfather, ANTHONY WAINE/WAYNE served 27 years in the 7th
Regiment of the New York Home Guard as Private, Captain, Major and then
Colonel. ANTHONY was born 30 Oct 1798 at Maryland, Otsego, NY, although
his birth is registered in the Vital Records of the town of Schodack,
Rensselaer Co., NY. He was the son of JOHN WAINE and ISABELLA BURNSIDE.
ANTHONY died in June 1859 at Franklinville, Elgin, Illinois. In 1821
he married THANKFUL PLATT, the daughter of DANIEL PLATT and JERUSHA DIBBLE.
They were still in Otsego Co, Maryland Township, in the 1830 census, but
patented land in Illinois in 1846. I have been able to find very little information on this Anthony
WAINE/WAYNE...and nothing on his father, JOHN WAINE, other than his
marriage to ISABELLA BURNSIDE. From what I have gathered, the families
of WAYNE, BURNSIDE, PLATT AND DIBBLE were all fairly common to Otsego
County. I would like to find some information on the New York Home
Guard on the chance that there would be additional information there. Also any information that would tie his father, JOHN WAINE, to
ANTHONY WAYNE, one of the first settlers of New Scotland, New York
would be greatly appreciated. Family history tells me that there
is a connection, but there is a generation gap between JOHN and ANTHONY
that I can't seem to fill. Thank you.

Query:Walter Researcher:Kathy Minder Email:Kathy Minder,Geneseo, IL- gkmin@geneseo.net Date Posted:January 11 1998 I'm looking for information on Adam and Elizabeth (nee HURTICK) WALTER, married in Herkimer Co, NY. Their children Peter, Conrad, Jacob, Betsey, LuCindy, and Abraham were born in Otsego Co., Peter in Aug 1790. His wife, Nancy JORDAN of Saratoga Co. died abt 1836 and is buried somewhere in the county. I cannot find where. Any ideas?

Query: WALWORTH/WEBSTER/WORDEN Researcher: Marie Email:marwebweis@lasercom.net Date Posted: 23 February 2004 I would very much like to correspond with any descendants of the Walworth,
Webster and Worden families who lived in Otsego County late 1700s, on
through the 1800s and into the 20th. century.

Thank you so much,

Query: WARREN Researcher: Josh Payne Email:docjcp@patmedia.net Date Posted: 12 Feb 05 I am seeking any information, and certainly descendants, of the Warren
family of New Lisbon, Otsego County. They first appeared in New Lisbon
in the 1820 Federal Census. I suspect they migrated to Otsego County
from Pownal, Vermont, between 1810 and 1820. There is a Warren Family
Cemetery listed on this website in New Lisbon. Thanks for your assistance.

Query: WARREN Researcher: Wilola Follett Email:wilola@qwest.net Date Posted: 10 December 2003 Seeking the parents of Ann WARREN, born ca 1769 in MA or NY. She married Thomas Tanner in Columbia Co, NY ca 1786. They had 8 children first born in Columbia Co, NY; rest born in Cooperstown, Otsego Co. Ann moved to/lived/died in Wyoming Co, NY. The parents of Ann might be a Nathaniel and Jermima Fuller Warren of Sharon, CT and New Lebanon, NY. I have no proof. Any help will be most appreciated.

Query:Warren/Calkins/Huntley Researcher:Dawn Curtis Email:Dawn Curtis - dcurtis1@isd.net Date Posted:January 14 1998 Sheldon Huntley WARREN, b 1818 NY m 1841 Sarah (Sally) CALKINS, b 1831 NY. Their children: Ira DeForest (1842), Charles Homer (1847), William Berthier (1850), Martha Viola (1852). In the 1850 census, they are living in Plainfield, Otsego Co. NY, very near Charles and Caliste (CALKINS)WARREN. [Charles and Caliste were married in Chenango Co in 1840. Their children were: Seth (1842), Mary (1844), Francis (1848).] They were also living near several HUNTLEY families, and with Sheldon's middle name Huntley, there may be a connection. Were Sheldon and Charles brothers? Were Sally and Caliste sisters? Who were the parents of these people? Is there a HUNTLEY connection? Sheldon, Sally, and their families moved to Minnesota in the 1860s. Ira DeForest WARREN was a prisoner in Andersonville Prison during the Civil War.

Query:WATERMAN/RUSSELL Researcher: XXXX Email:wacky@iowatelecom.net Date Posted: 12 April 05 I am looking for information on Lucy M. Russell. She was born in Otsego
in 1811, married Hiram Waterman in 1831, had one child (Melanthus), and
died in April 1832. After her death, Hiram is said to have married her
sister, Mary A. I am trying to locate the names of Lucy and Mary's parents.

Query:WATSON/HILL Researcher: Jack Dempsey Email:JD5fla@aol.com Date Posted: 27 Nov 2004 Florence Hill, Born 1868 in Plainfield, NY. She married a Charles Watson
from Vermont and had two children Lillian and Elizabeth. Date of mariage
unknown. She may have been married before Charles. She was part Blackfeet indian and traveled for a while with the Bill Cody
Wild west show. Any lead, no matter how slight will be appreicated.

Surnames: WEBSTER Researcher: Charlie Cabiac Email:conchshellman1@juno.com Date Posted: 28 April 2003 Would someone kindly look-up for me the abstract of the 1824 Will of
Thomas D. WEBSTER (Book G, Page 10) in Gertrude A. Barber's "Abstracts
of Otsego County Wills, 1794-1850"? I am particularly interested in
learning the name of his wife & the identities of his childtren. Thank you very much.

Query: WEIDEMANN/FUNKE Researcher: D. Werner Email:seaotter4@earthlink.net Date Posted: 29 June 05 I'm looking for information on my husband's maternal relatives -last names
Weidemann and Funke-, who lived and owned property in Otsego County for an
extended period of time during the 20th century. I'd also appreciate
information from anyone who may have known them.

The names I'm researching are:

1.- Paul Weidemann, born in Germany in 1890, lived in E. Springfield,
Otsego, ZIP 13333, and died May 1971, same place.

2.- Paul's wife Elfriede Weidemann, also born in Germany in 1889, died
in Cherry Valley, ZIP 13320, on Nov. 1976. Their children were Martin
and Charlotte). Martin went back to Germany, were he died, and Charlotte
married Walter Funke.

3.- Walter Funke, born in Germany, moved to Cherry Valley, ZIP 13320, and
died there on May 1968.

4.- Wife Charlotte Gerda (Weidemann) Funke, born in Germany in 1910, lived
in Otsego county with parents. Married Walter on Jan. 1933. Children Harold
and Anita. After Walter's death, Charlotte married Werner Beismann and lived
in Cherry Valley for many years. Both died recently in Dayton, Ohio.

Thank you for your time and any information,

Query:WELCH/TUBBS/HILL Researcher: Rod Clark Email:rklc@cox.net Date Posted: 27 May 2006 I am researching the Tubbs, Hill, Welch families that moved to Otsego Co
NY from either Southern VT or earlier from Norwich CT. This set of families
them moved to Eden NY where they became the part of the first settlers. Any information on Deacon Samuel Tubbs, William or John Hill or John Welch
would be appreciated. The time period is late 1700s early 1800s.

Query:Wentworth Researcher:Robert Carr Email:Robert Carr - bobc@ms.ndcorp.com or bcarr001@aol.com Date Posted:January 8 1998 I am trying to find information about an ancestor of mine, James Wentworth, b. April 13, 1727 in Stoughton, MA. d. 1800 in Hartwick, Otsego, New York. His son was Elijah Wentworth, b. April 17, 1758, in Norwich, New London, CT. d. August 13th, 1825 in Sudbury, Rutland, VT.

Query:Wheeler Researcher:Doris Rambikur Email:Doris Rambikur - Oneonta NY - SLT167@aol.com Date Posted:January 8 1998 Seek information on the follwoing two families -
Edson Wheeler - his father was Nicolas-his grandfather was Samuel. they came from Fairfield Ct. around 1805
The other is Orlando Gardner whose father was Potter Gardner married to a Mary. I have no dates when this family came into the Butternut Valley, Otsego County.

Query: ISAAC WHITE FAMILY Researcher: XXXX Email:pinkdawn@npgcable.com Date Posted: 18 May 2006 I am researching the Isaac White Jr. family of Otsego. It is indicated in
a very old document that he served in the Revolutionary War as a Private in
Capt. Enos Parker's Co., Col. Benjamin Symond's Regiment. It is indicated
that he was wounded at Bennington "History of Otsego County" page 322.
Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of that book and if anyone does, I would
appreciate a copy of that page and the cover of the book. Some papers I have
show he and his wife Priscilla to have died in Springfield, Otsego County but
I have no clue as to which cemetery they are buried in. Any help will be so appreciated. and Thank you ever so much.

Query: WHITING Researcher: Cathy Email:cquinn@crosslink.net Date Posted: 5 July 2004 Any suggestions on how I can find information on the Whiting family? Edwin Charles Whiting (1797) and his wife Laurenda Eveleth Whiting (12 Feb 1799) moved to the Ostega County, NY area from Massachusetts about 1815. Their son, Edwin Charles Whiting, (1821) and son Baxter Whiting (1819) were born there. One account says Sodus, NY. They later moved to Kirtland, Ohio. Charles Sr.'s mother, Becca Baxter Whiting, is buried in the Sodus Village Old Cemetery, Town of Sodus, Wayne County, NY. She died 15 June 1840.

I would appredciate any suggestions on locating any record, particularly on the Edwin Charles Whitings. I have tried the state of NY records and was told there are no records this early.

Query: WIDGER Researcher: Joe Mosher Email:jmosher24@woh.rr.com Date Posted: 27 November 2005 Looking for information on family of Josiah Widger.

Josiah Widger is shown on 1820 Otsego Co. Census.
His son James Widger b.abt.1818 in Otsego Co. NY
and the wife of James was Christiana (last name
unknown) b. abt 1817 in Otsego Co. NY. I assume
they may have been married in Otsego Co. Josiah
Widger is thought to be son of Samuel and Sarah
(Smith) Widger of Groton, CT. Josiah and his
family moved to Parish Township, Oswego Co. NY
and were living there as early as 1850. Other
known children of Josiah Widger (wife unknown)
were Sarah b. abt 1811 who married Gilbert Bliss
and Alvira b. abt. 1813 who married James Cross.
No other information is known about this family.

Query:WILCOX/EDDY Researcher: Gail & Judy Email:gspears@tampabay.rr.com Date Posted: 22 Apr 2006 We are looking for information on Olive Eddy and Daniel Wilcox.
They were supposedly married between 1815 and 1820 in Otsego County.
Daniel was born c1795 in R.I. and Olive was born c1797 in Vermont.
They are our great-great grandparents, they settled and died in
Columbus, Warren County, PA. He died in 1850 and she died in 1858.
Three or four of their children were born in Exeter, NY. Any
information you care to share will be appreciated. Thank you

Query:Williams Researcher:H. Andrew Brown Email:H. Andrew BROWN, Los Angeles - habraun@pacbell.net Date Posted:January 13 1998 WILLLIAMS / STONE
Seek contact with descendants of brothers: Silas WILLIAMS & Luther WILLIAMS living in Otsego Co. NY in 1809. Seek to expand information on their families and descendants. Probably from Johnston\Providence\RI and grandsons of Jonathan STONE d.1770 Johnston RI.

Query:WILTSE/WILTSIE and HOSNER/HASNER Researcher: XXXX Email:jmeyer3@twcny.rr.com Date Posted: 17 May 2006 Looking for any information on a John Hosner or Hasner who lived in
Otsego county around 1800. Unknown to whom he was married. He did
have 2 children named Nicholas and Henry. It is believed he left
Otsego county area around 1820 to go to Town of Alexandria, Jefferson
county. Also looking for Nicholas Hosner, possibly Hasner who may have been
born about 1800 or 1801 in Otsego county. He married an Abigail Wilste,
possibly Wiltsie. Abigail is believed to have been born in Otsego county
around 1801. Although there is some conflicting info which places her
birth as Mar. 4, 1802 in Montgomery county.

Any information regarding these persons would be greatly appreciated.

Query:Woolhart, Willard Researcher:Jean Email:pjdutch@gwtc.net Date Posted:September 25 2006 Looking for any info on this family. Jacob Woolhart emigrated from
Holland. Possible wives are Dorrie Berry, Nancy Fisher, Margaret Davis.
There are several spellings for the name, is also Willard for some family members.

Query: WINNEY Researcher: Kathleen Email:LPurch6636@aol.com Date Posted: 26 June 2004 How do I find William James Winney's baptismal records? He was born in January,
1817 in Cherry Valley, Otsego County, New York. I am trying to find out who his
parents and siblings were.

Many thanks.

Query: WINNEY Researcher: Kathleen Email:LPurch6636@aol.com Date Posted: 23 February 2004 I seek parents, family of William James (W.J.) Winney, b. 1820, Cherry Valley,
Otsego County, NY. He left New York for Wisconsin by the 1840's. I am especially interested in W.J. Winney because I believe one of is parents
might be the Native American. My GGrandmother Anna Elizabeth (Winney) Spencer,
b. 1870 in WI was known to be "part-Indian" in my family, and the earlier I
receive photos of the Winney family, especially the men, the more I see strong
Native American likenesses. In Wisconsin, W.J. Winney married Anna Eliza Blessing in 1845; became a
constable and highly respected member of Temperance societies; he also was a
staunch Methodist and he died in WI in 1881. Thank you for any information regarding W.J. Winney's New York family, including
as it regards his Native American heritage.

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