Hop Time!

Milford, Middlefield and Hartwick, Otsego County, NY

The above image is a bill head from one of the larger hops dealers in the county.
(Image from the Jerry Reed Collection)

Hop Time! by Sandra Martin Bullard
and Albert C. Bullard consultant

We've been waiting for this one. Hops were such an important part of Otsego County history that hardly a family living there from the mid 1800's to the 1920's can say that hops didn't have some impact on their life. Sandra Bullard is the historian for the town of Milford. She and Albert have labored many hours to put this one together.  Here's what they say about their book:

"It has 84 pages with 57 photos. Most of these have never been in publication before, and most are of Otsego County subjects. In addition to the photos such items as hop tickets, hop advertisements and letterheads related to hops are illustrated in the book. The text is mostly primary information on hop growing from planting to picking; from baling to socializing. Much is in the words of the people that picked the hops. Much of the material is from the townships of Milford, Middlefield, and Hartwick. Many old county names will be found in the book such as Baltz, Barney, Green, Saxton, Record, Haskins, and Martin. Questions or inquiries may reach us at our e-mail address abullard@wpe.com.


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