Professional Researchers
Located In Otsego County

The following people have offered their services as
professional researchers for historical and genealogical
data from public records and other sources found in Otsego
county. Any fees charged are to be negotiated between the
client and the researcher. This site assumes no responsibility
for the credibility or professional standing of anyone listed
here. This space is made available as a courtesy to the users
of this site.

Susan Friedlander
Send Susan email Susan specializes in rural 19th century research,
work has included projects/genealogies that extend from
pre-European settlement to current day. In addition has assisted
clients with house, farm and business histories
Kimberly R Milillo
PO Box 291
Oneonta, NY
Cyndie Price
P.O. Box 108,
Gilbertsville, NY
Sherlee Rathbone
or Alternate Address
Co-Town Historian of the Town of Otsego
Contact for information
Karen Mauer Green
Member Assoc. of Professional Genealogists
113 Pioneer St.
Cooperstown, NY.
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