Westville - A Hamlet in New York State 
 by Sandra Martin Bullard

       Some of the families discussed are Angell, Aspinwall, Baldwin, Bates, Burrell, Cady, Campbell, Coats, Cornish, Denton, Dixon, Dresser, Dutton, Eckler, Eggleston, Ellett, Ferris, Francis, Gano, Garlock, Green, Gridley, Grover, Gurney, Hanson, Haskins, Hooker, Horth, Hubbell, Jacobs, Jewell, Jones, Lake, McCollister, Mallory, Michaels, Munkenbeck, Murray, Nellis, Newton, Norton, Ottaway, Palmer, Parslow, Pearse, Pixley, Post, Pratt, Reynolds, Rich, Ripley, Robinson, Roseboom, Saxton, Shaul, Sherman, Sibley, Snyder, Strong, Teachout Thayer, Vennen, Waters, Whiteman, Wilber, Wilson, Wood, Woodrow and many more.

       There are also longer sections on the schools, the members of the Quaker Church, and the Westville Airport.  Sandy included lots of pictures that people loaned to her, and repeated the stories she was told. This new book is about 270 pages and  is available at Willis Monie Books, l39 Main St. Cooperstown, NY  l3326. Cost there is 20.00 plus 7 % tax (Otsego County) for a total of 21.40.   Through the mail it's more as postage is 2.50 bookrate, and if sold in NYS there's a 7% tax added to the total amount. for a total of 24.08. For more information contact:  Sandra M. Bullard, 265 Eddie Martin Road, Milford, NY 13807. Questions or inquiries may reach us at our e-mail address abullard@wpe.com."

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