These are names, with an Otsego County tie, that  were found in “New York Education” booklets.  The booklets were found in home that is being renovated. The dates, following the names, are that of the booklets.  There is not information pertaining to family members, place of residence, etc, only of what that person had to do with NYS Education.  If you would like more information on any of the persons listed, please contact Heidi Phillips, , and please be sure to put “Otsego look-up” in the subject line.


Abel, Lewis H (Feb 1946)

Alexander, Ralph A. (Jan 1946)

Andree, Dr. Robert G. (Mar 1946)

Bilderbeck, Mrs. Naomi B. (Jan 1946)

Covell, Woodrow W. (Dec 1945/Jan 1946)

Dann, George J. (June 1945) *this person has a photo with the article

Doig, Arthur B. (Jan 1946)

Edinger, Ward (Jan 1946)

Griffith, William F. (Mar 1945)

Hager, Harold V. (June 1945)

Johnson, Newman (Jan 1946)

Jones, William (May 1945)

Lane, Everett M. (Jan 1946)

Millen, Mrs. Mabel (Mar 1946)

Preston, George G. (Jan 1946)

Purple, George H. (Jan 1946)

St. John, Ruth T. (Jan 1946)

Secor, Lynn (Jan 1946)

Sherman, Stanley B. (Jan 1946)

Sherwood, Roland, S. (Mar 1945)

Smith, Addison (Jan 1946)

Smith, Addison J. (Mar 1945)

Southworth, N.C. (Jan 1946)

Tyson, Harold C. (Feb 1946)

Wilcox, John E. (Jan 1946)