Town of Otsego Deaths during the Year ending 1st June 1850
Name Description Birthplace Month Profession Disease, etc.
* \
Benjamin F. Cole 4 M New York Sept. Scarlet Fever
Mary Russell 90 F W England June Brain Congestion
Sarah Bissell 59 F M New York May Consumption
Orville B. Barton 9 M New York June Kick of a Horse
Lucy Pier 90 F W New York June Old Age
Lucy Kinne 17 F New York June Bilious Fever
Edwin Heckox 7 M New York Feb. Bowel Inflamation
Frances Cutter 5 F New York Aug. Scarlet Fever
Sarah Williams 34 F M New York May Lungs Inflamation
Albert North 60 M M Conn. Dec. Gravel
George Alger 2 M New York Dec. Lungs Inflamation
Maria Bourne 48 F M New York Nov. Consumption
Luther Eddy 77 M M R.I. July Dysentary
Esther Sprague 71 F W R.I. Aug. Dropsey
Mary L. Hinds 7 F New York Oct. Brain Dropsey
John G. Crosby 75 M M Mass. March Liver complaint
Emma Stillman 3/12 F New York Feb. Inflamation
Thomas King 40 M M New York June Stage Driver Insane
William F. Smith 19 M New York Nov. Printer Fever
Isaac P. Dutcher 17 M New York Dec. Laborer Fever
Mary Ann Peck 24 F M New York March Consumption
Charles E. Peck 2/12 M New York Feb. Scrofula
Thomas Ames 45 M M England Sept. Gold Smith Hernia
Nancy W. Phinney 57 F M Conn. Feb. Intestmn
Richard Cooley 51 M M New York April Tailor Liver complaint
Whitman Chapman 38 M M New York July Stage Driver Cholera
William Palmer, Jr. 8 M New York July Cholera
Nelson E. Crippen 3 M New York Dec. Hipale
Constans Sherman 64 M M New York Sept. Farmer Bowels Inflamation
Elizar Hale 79 M M Conn. Nov. Farmer Old Age
Edwin Doubleday 24 M M New York Dec. Farmer Consumption
Sarah Delong 12 F New York Aug. St. Vitus Dance
Irving Whipple 2 M New York July Scarlet Fever
* F - Female; M - Male; M - Married; W - Widow/Widower

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