Town of Otsego Deaths during the Year ending 1st June 1860
Name *Description Birthplace Month Profession Disease, etc.
Hezekiah Chase 23 M S New York Nov. Carpenter Fever
Julia Brockway 8/12 F New York March Inflamation
Marsha Whipple 21 F S New York Oct. Consumption
Laura Doubleday 59 F W New York March Brain Congestion
Helen Taylor 25 F S New York March Consumption
John W. Clark 52 M M New York Aug. Farmer Fits
Orpha Brainard 74 F M New York May Paraletic
Sophia Elderkin 42 F M New York Feby. Brain Softening
Gideon Russell 70 M M Mass. Nov. Farmer Dispepsia
Herbert Pickens 10/12 M New York Jany. Inflamation
Susannah Kelley 69 F M New York March Consumption
Ella McDaniels 3 F New York Sept. Sudden
Mandana Eddy 61 F W New York May Dropsy
Polly Sincen 65 F M New York Feby. Consumption
Eva House 53 F M New York May Rheumatism
Arthur Holt 7 M New York May Croup
Polly Taylor 14 F New York Nov. Typhoid Fever
Jenny Sanning 31 F S New York Feb. Consumption
Peggy Atherton 85 F W New York July Consumption
James Northrup 64 M M R.I. Sept. Dropsy
Starr B. Clark 7/12 M New York March Fits
Warren E. Thomas 14 M New York May Sudden
Cory Adams 3/12 F New York Nov. Brain Congestion
Lucy Higby 82 F W New York June Consumption
Hannah Wood 74 F W New York July Consumption
Ca----- Graves 1 F New York Sept. Brain Inflamation
William Wheeler 74 M W New York Jany. Numb Palsey
Nathaniel Hecox 59 M M New York Sept. Farmer Lungs Inflamation
Rozella Richards 4/12 F New York Dec. Fits
Eleazer Joslyn 63 M M New York Jan. Farmer Dropsy
Willis Ball 24 M S New York Sept. Typhoid Fever
Philip Brimmer 30 M S New York May Stage Driver Consumption
Effa Daly 65 F W New York May Fits
George Jackson 6/12 M New York Aug. Cholera Morbus
Alfred Carr 56 M M New York Jan. Hotel Keeper Appoplexy
Catherine Leary 35 F M Ireland May Child Birth
Oliver H. Lee 17 M New York Nov. Law Student Typhoid Fever
George Van Wort 38 M New York March Drowned
* M - Male; F - Female; M - Married; S - Single; W - Widow/Widower

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