Town of Otsego Deaths During the Year ending June 1, 1865
Name               * Description Birthplace Month Profession Disease, etc.
Harriet Merchant 22  F  M New York Jan. Heart Disease
Anna Blunk 52  F  M Germany July Cancer
Jane L. Coats 23  F  S New York Oct. Consumption
Samuel Ingals 84  M  W Mass. Sept. Consumption
Charles Merrihew 21  M  S New York July Farmer Consumption
Retina Green 8 days F New York May Spasms
Clarinda Reed 51  F  S Mass. Feb. Consumption
Elizabeth Marcellus 82  F  W New York Dec. General Debility
Joel Stone 35  M  M New York July Farmer Consumption
June Derrick    1  F New York Aug. Cholera Infantum
Benjamin Bragg 5/12 M New York Aug. [no cause listed]
W. N. Ryder 31  M  S Maine Nov. Chiropodist Consumption
Betsy Neal 62  F  W New York June Palsy
Betsy E. Sitts 68  F  S New York Dec. Consumption
Cordelia VanBenscotan 51 F S 51  F  S New York Dec. Consumption
Hannah Cummings 99  F  W Conn. Nov. Fall
Allen Mc Kune 10  M New York Feb. Heart Disease
Delos Brooks    8  M New York April Heart Disease
Lydia Allen 78  F  W Mass. May [no cause listed]
Asahel Davidson 80  M  W Conn. April Paralitic Shock
Joseph Eddy    7  M Otsego Jan. Diptheria
Russell Bourne 66  M  W Otsego Feb. Consumption
Austin Scott 26  M  M Otsego Dec. Died of wounds given by Jabez Weeks
Lucinda Townsend 39  F  M Albany Co. Dec. Lung Inflamation
Fanny Northrup 66  F  M Otsego Jan. Consumption
Robert Williams 11/12 M Otsego Nov. Dropsy of Brain
Rebecca Irons 47  F  M Conn. April Liver Complaint
James Thompson 23  M  M Otsego Jan. Consumption
Sarah Bunn 35  F  M Otsego May Consumption
Louise Savage 64  F  S Otsego March Dress Maker Consumption
Minnie May Pearsall 2 1/2  F Otsego April Drowned
John R. Richards 71  M  M      R.I. April Liver Complaint
     * M - Male, F - Female, M - Married, S - Single, W - Widow/Widower

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