Town of Otsego Deaths During the Year Ending June 1, 1875
Name Age Sex * Death Date Birthplace Profession Disease
Margaret Cary 1/12 F Aug. 6 New York Colera Infantum
Isaac Walradt 38 M M Sept. 30 New York Carpenter Typhoid Fever
Maud Russell 1 9/12 F Sept.18 New York Consumption
Mary Graves 68 F M May.30 New York Lung Congestion
Jasper Scrom Scrom M Oct. 27 New York Dead at Birth
Mary P. Scrom 5/12 F April New York Consumption
Ellen Conolly 66 F W Feb. 25 Ireland Cook Pluresy
Caroline Jordan Clark 59 F M June New York Housekeeping Apoplexy
Julia Wilson 78 F M Aug. 17 New York Housekeeping Old Age
John Leonard 1 6/12 M July New York Scarlet Fever
Rebecca Millthrop 84 F W April.22 England House Work Cancer
Lydia Carey 88 F W Oct. 26 Mass. Infirmaties
Betsy Rockwell 80 F S March.12 Conn. Kidney Disease Kidney Disease
Addie F. Smith 2 2/12 F Dec.2 Otsego Co. Scalded
Mrs. Loomis 87 F W Jany. 4 Infirmaties
Russell Potter 75 M Feb. 7 Otsego Infirmaties
Chad Cheesboro 70 M Jan.25 New York Dropsy/Consumption
Infant Byard 3/12 F Aug. 7 ` Whooping Cough
Amelia Patten 89 F W Jan. 27 Mass. Infirmaties
Parden H. Russell 60 M M Jan.31 New York Farmer Suicide
Mary Jackson 55 F M Nov.8 New York Stomach Cancer
Edgar Sherman 53 M M May.4 New York Farm Labor Lock Jaw Fits
Susan Bowman 72 F S March.4 New York Lungs Inflamation
Abram Sitts 67 M M Nov.18 New York Farmer Stomach Cancer
Ellen Gallagher 32 F M Feb.3 New York Child Birth
Mary Gallagher 1 5/12 F March.15 New York Dropsy.
* - M - Married, S - Single, W - Widow/Widower M - Married, S - Single, W - Widow/Widower

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