1908 Marriages from Otsego County Clerk's office

Transcribed by Sandy Goodspeed, April - August 2001.
Total of 210 Records.

Order of  data:   name; age; # marr.;  resided;  occ.;  born; parents  info;
license; marriage; place; official; witnesses
(unless otherwise stated race is white; 1st mar)

1  RYDER, Harvey, 24, Milford, farmer, Hartwick;
        Robert D. Ryder, USA & Abbie A. Pixley, USA
  THAYER, Ella V., 22, Milford, housework, Milford;
        Edward L. Thayer, USA & Nannie(?) E. Mann, USA
  lic. 1/1/1908; md 1/1/1908 in Milford by Webster M. Bouton, clergyman
  Wit: Chester D. Davis - Lena M. Davis

2  GILMORE,  Harry A., 25, Saratoga, cook, Saratoga;
        Thadus Gilmore, nk & Charlotte Sloan, uk
  CLEVELAND, Mildred L, 18, Unadilla, none, Unadilla;
        L. C. Cleveland, USA & Myrtle Olmsted, USA
  lic. 1/31/1908; md 1/31/1908 at Unadilla by S. Lee Whiteman, clergyman
  Wit: Mrs. S. Lee Whiteman - Rev. F. M. Blish

3  MILLER, Samuel, 36, Newville, Pa., painter, Pa.;
        Jacob Miller, nk & Jennie Bookwate , nk
  DOWNIN, Mary, 37, Newville, Pa., none, Pa.;
        Joseph Downin, nk & Lulu Kinsel, nk
  lic. 2/4/1908; md 2/4/1908 at Unadilla by S. Lee Whiteman, clergyman
  Wit.- John W. Downin - Nellie Downin

4  OTTAWAY, Harris Clyde, 27, Middlefield, farmer, Middlefield;
        Moses J. Ottaway, US & Marriette Bowers , US
  FLING, Bulea Lucinda, 19, Middlefield, housekeeper, Middlefield;
        Chas. H. Fling,US & Emma Hand,US
  lic. 1/25/1908; md 1/29/1908 at Lentsville by David I. Biggar, clergyman
  Wit: Lillie R. Ottaway - J. Stanley Ottaway

5  MILLER, Lorenzo, 26, Otego, laborer, Gilboa;
        Wm. W. Miller, USA & Lydia Aldrich, NYS
  BAKER, Minnie, 22, Otego, servant, Hamden;
        Chas. Baker, NYS & Eliza Birch, NYS
  Lic. 1/12/1908; md 1/12/1908 at Otego by Bryce Kerr Douglas, clergyman
  Wit: John Bell - Mrs. John Bell

6 COLEMAN, Forest D., 23, Oneonta, Engineer, Middlefield;
        Lucian Coleman , US & Jessie Ives,US
  CLARK, Mary L., 26, Cooperstown, dressmaker, Cooperstown;
        John Clark, Ireland & Mary McCabe, US
  lic. 1/11/1908; md 1/15/1908 at Cooperstown by Thomas A. Early, Catholic priest
  Wit: H. B. Coleman  - Rose A. Clark

7  HOVEY, Chas. Arthur, 23, Coooperstown, creamery business, Guilford;
        Chas. Hovey, US & Ella ---- , US
  DAVIDSON, Alice Dickson, 19, Cooperstown, bookkeeper, Fly Creek;
        Wm. Davidson, Scotland, Jennie ----, US
  lic. 1/28/1908; md 2/3/1908 at Sidney by S. Conger, clergyman
  Wit: Vernon Hovey - Elsie I. Davidson

8  Mc RORIE, Kenneth A., 20, Richfield Springs, farmer, Richfield Springs;
        Alfred McRorie. US & Mattie ----, US
  VANVALKENBURG, Lena, 19, Schuyler Lake, ---, Van Hornesville;
        Fred VanValkenburg, US & Minerva ---, US
  lic. 2/1/1908; md 2/12/1908 at Cooperstown by S. Conger, clergyman
  Wit: Augusta J. Conger - Earl Trainor

9  SHERWOOD, Lou W., 37, Cooperstown, sign writer, Unadilla;
        Herman W. Sherwood, US &  Mary ---- , US
  RAUBACHER, Dora, 22, Cooperstown, ---, NYC;
        Johnn Raubacher, Germany & Frederica ---,Germany
  lic. 1/21/10-8; md 1/23/1908 at Cooperstown by Ralph Birdsall, clergyman
  Wit: Henry H. Schneider - Chas. Raubacher

10  NEWLAND, John B, 27, 2d mar; widow, Oneonta, barber, Binghamton;
        Walter L Newland, US & Harriett Blakeslee , US
  De LANEY, Mary E, 24, Oneonta, musician, Otego;
        John De Laney, Ireland & Elizabeth Callahan, Ireland
  lic. 1/17/1908; md 1/19/1908 at Oneonta by John S. McCarty, Catholic priest
  Wit: De Witt J. Walling - Pearl I. Walling
11  NICKLES, Gus J., 27, Olean, Confectionary, Zorpana, Greece; 
        John G. Nickles, Sparta, Greece & Anna P. Chelekis, Sparta, Greece 
  LASKARIS, Anna G., 20, Oneonta, none, Zorpana, Greece; 
        Geo. P. Laskaris, Sparta, Greece & Anna G. Chelekis, Sparta, Greece 
  lic. 1/15/1908; md 1/15/1908 at Oneonta by Theo Prussianos, Pastor (Greek) 
  Wit: Geo Nickles, Stamata Nickles, Constantine Lyra, Geo. Penek 
12  PEET, Harry D., 21, Oneonta, trainman on R.R., Laurens; 
        Geo. D. Peet, US & Orcelia L. Gile, US 
  SPRINGSTEEN, Grace Neta, 18, Oneonta, ---, Sanford; 
        Chas. Springsteen, US & Georgia A. Brezee, US 
  lic. 1/18/1908; md 1/19/1908 at Oneonta by Edson J. Farley, clergyman 
  Wit: Mrs. E. J. Farley 
13  FLINT, LeRoy, 22, E. Springfield,farmer, E. Springfield; 
        Deniss Flint, NY & Carline Barringer, NY 
  SEWARD, Carolyn Louise, 21,-,E. Springfield,  Clerk, E. Springfield; 
        S. A. Seward, NY & Alice P. Herington, -- 
  lic. 1/20/1908; md 1/29/1908 at Springfield by Eugene Balles, clergyman 
  Wit: Mrs. W. W. Harbison - Mrs. B. D. Branch 
14  TILLSON, Wm. A., 25, Garrattsville, farmer, Morris; 
        Sidney Tillson, Morris & Sarah Card, Morris 
  WINSOR, Susan A.,25, Portlandville; dressmaker; Portlandville; 
        Daniel G. Winsor, Hartwick & Catherine L. Saxtor, Seward 
  lic. 1/21/1908; md 1/22/1908 at Oneonta by Austin Griffin, clergyman 
  Wit: Mrs. Austin Griffin ------- 
15  BEAMES, Chauncey L., 24, Milford, plumber, Roscoe, Sullivan Co.; 
        Homer Beams, Otsego Co. & Augusta Cramer, Del. Co. 
  SEXTON, Alta M., 23, Milford, stenographer, Alexandria; 
        Judge Sexton, Redfield, NY & Millie Alden, Redfield, NY 
  lic. 1/28/1908; md 1/29/1908 at Oneonta by Austin Griffin, clergyman 
  Wit: Geo. H. Westcott - Mrs. G. H. Westcott 
16  McMULLEN, David H., 21, Worcester, farmer, Oneonta; 
        John L. McMullen, NYS & Alice Rowland, NYS 
  ROE, Cora, 18, Worcester, none, Worcester; 
        Geo. Roe, NYS & Ellen Strain, NYS 
  lic. 1/4/1908; md 1/4/1908 at Worcester by J. A. Cubberley, clergyman 
  Wit: Viola G. Cubberly (Mrs. J. A.) ---------- 
17  WAGAR, Arthur D., 22, Albany, telegrapher, Worcester; 
        Jason Wager, NYS & Adddie R. Thomas, NYS 
  SWIFT, Sarah J., 20, Worcester, none, Maryland; 
        Geo. W. Swift, NY & Edith E. Chase, NY 
  lic. 1/13/1908; md 1/15/1908 at E. Worcester by C. W. Heisler, clergyman 
  Wit: Perlea B. Swift - W. Louis Dante 
18  REYNOLDS, Oscar S., 30, N. Lisbon, farmer, Del. Co.; 
        James K. Reynolds, Otsego Co. & Angie Nichols, Del. Co. 
  AINSLIE, Nellie R., 25, Hartwick, school teacher, Hartwick; 
        Robt. L. Reynolds, Burlington & Jane Curry, Schulyer's Lake 
  lic. 2/11/1908; md 2/11/1908 at Hartwick by Chas. W. Booth, clergyman 
  Wit: Jester G. Morehouse - Pearl A. Morehouse 
19  THOMPSON, Clarence, 25, Hartwick, farming, town of Otsego; 
        Brazila Thompson,- & Reena Rowland, -- 
  WELLS, FLorence J., 20, Hartwick, domestic, Mt. Vision; 
        Philip Wells, Otsego Co. & Mary J. Kenyon, town Laurens 
  lic. 1/30/1908; md 1/30/1908 at Hartwick  by F. E. Gaege, clergyman 
  Wit: Mrs Belle G. Gaege ----------- 
20  ARMSTRONG, George, 49, 2d, wid., Richfield Springs day laborer, 
        Warren, NY; Chester Armstrong, America & Jane Smith, America 
  WATTS, Irene, 22, Richfield Springs, housekeeper, Warren, NY; 
        Menzo Watts & Grace Ashley 
  lic. 1/16/1908; md 1/19/1908 at Richfield Springs by scott M. Cooke, priest 
  Wit: Mrs. Cooke - Maude Patterson 
21  CRUMLEY, E. Ferris, 24, Cherry Valley, pharmacist, Monticello, NY; 
        John W. Crumley, USA & Martha Dromany/Domany?), USA 
  McFEE, Edith Catherine, 18, Cherry Valley, none, Cherry Valley; 
        Henry McFee, USA & Josephine Ullman, USA 
  lic. 2/18/1908; md 2/19/1908 at Cherry Valley by Wm. Williams, clergyman 
  Wit: Romaine McFee - Mrs. Lyman Johnson 
22  MATHEWS, Sherman, 23, Rockland, Sull. Co., farmer, Rockland, Sull. 
        Lorenzo Mathews, NYS & Elizabeth Mathews, NYS 
  VROOMAN, Mabel, 19, Butternuts, -, Decatur; 
        Geo. D. Vrooman, Otsego Co. & Elsie Belle Bennett, Springfield 
  lic. 2/3/1908; md 2/3/1908 at Butternuts by F. B. Johnson, clergyman 
  Wit: Mr. S. H. Dixson - Mrs. S. H. Dixson 
23  McKEE, Theo. John, 30, NYC, attorney-at-law, Philadelphia; 
        Douglass McKee, USA & Abbie Prosser, USA 
  DIXON, Anna Lois, 28, Gilbertsville, -, Gilbertsville; 
        Andrew J. Dixon , Gilbertsville & Eliza Myrick, Gilbertsville 
  lic. 2/8/1908; md 2/8/1908 at Gilbertsville by Wm. R. Woodbridge, clergyman 
  Wit: Andrew J. Dixon - Eliza Dixon 
24  COOKE, Truman A., 26, Otego, farming, Otego; 
        John J. Cooke, Otego & Lena Decker, NYS 
  CARR, Katheryn F., 21, Butternuts, teacher, Otego; 
        John M. Carr, Butternuts & Julia Stodard, Butternuts 
  lic. 2/26/1908; md 2/27/1908 at Gilbertsville, Fred H. Watkins, minister 
  Wit: Nina Sargent - Lee Sargent 
25  MERRILL, Geo. G., 25, Oneonta, fireman on R. R., Little Falls, Minn.; 
        Sanford B. Merrill, US & Sarah Morran, US 
  GARDNER, Estella M., 25, Oneonta, -, New Lisbon; 
        Daniel L. Gardner,US & Miranda Richards, US 
  lic. 1/31/1908; md 2/3/1908 at Oneonta by Edson J. Farley, clergyman 
  Wit: A. G. Howard - Mrs A. G. Howard 
26  SHELDON, Arthur T., 25, Otego, farmer, Otego; 
        John T. Sheldon, NYS & Flora Harris, NYS 
  SLOAN, Alice E., 21, Otego, dressmaker, Kortright, Del. Co.; 
        James A Sloan, NYS & Jennie M. Somerville, NYS 
  lic. 2/13/1908; md 2/19/1908 at Otego by E. Kilpatrick, clergyman 
  Wit: Bruce Sloan - Grace M. Sheldon 
27  WILLIAMS, Wm., 24, Cooperstown, printer, Utica; 
        Hugh Williams, Wales & Ellen Roberts, Wales 
  SEEGER, Goldie A., 22, Cooperstown, -, Cooperstown; 
        Orville Seeger, USA & Alice Beardsley. US 
  lic. 2/24/1908; md 2/26/1908 at Cooperstown by Ralph Birdsall, clergyman 
  Wit: Florence V. Seeger - Elizabeth M. Williams 
28  VAN HORNE, Chas. Wm., 28, Cooperstown, farmer, Cooperstown; 
        Albert Van Horne, US & Anna Wedderspoon,US 
  McRORIE, Bertha Anita, 34, Cooperstown, -, Van Hornesville; 
        Alfred McRorie, US & Anna Small,US 
  lic. 2/25/1908; md 2/26/1908 at Albany by Chellis E. Nichols, clergyman 
  Wit: Mrs. C. E. Nichols - Lillian M. McRorie 
29  BARSTOW, Merton G., 20, Oneonta, fireing stationery engineer, 
        Chen. Co.; Ethan C. Barstow, US & Elnar Padgett, US 
  HARRIS, Mae A., 18, Oneonta, housework, Madison Co.; 
        Frank N. Harris, US & Esther Wilcox, US 
  lic. 2/25/1908; md 2/26/1908 at Oneonta by Thos. Gilford Dickinson, clergyman 
  Wit: Wallace L. Harris - Bulah M. Harris 
  Consent: Ethan C. Barstow & Elenor E. Barstow, parents 
30  FERN, Edmund H., 24, Worcester, farmer, Decatur; 
        John Fern, US & Charlotte Waterman, US 
  FINK, Letha, 22, Schenevus, housekeeper, town Maryland; 
        Jesse Fink, US & Roseltha Martin, US 
  lic. 2/25/1908; md 2/25/1908 at Schenvus by C. J. Schulltz, clergyman 
  Wit: Mrs. C. J. Schultz - Miss Jesse Fink 
31  EMERSON, Chas. Ernest, 35, Chaseville, laborer, Little Falls, NY; 
        Wm. Emerson, US & Elsie (Horase, hoose?), US 
  VAN DEUSEN, Kate, 40, 2d, wid., Chaseville, housekeeper, Chaseville; 
        John B. Seward, US & Eliza J. Moore, US 
  lic. 2/25/1908; md 2/26/1908 at Chaseville by I. J. Delo, clergyman 
  Wit: John B. Seward - Eliza J. Seward 
32  BAILEY, Elizur B., 42, 3d, wid., Morris, farmer, Morris; 
        LeRoy Bailey, US & Francis Ostrander, US 
  PADGETT, Gertrude B., 37, Morris, housewife, Morris; 
        Richard Padgett, US & Maria Wilbur, US 
  lic. 2/26/1908; md 2/26/1908 at Morris by M. Hunter Reid, minister 
  Wit: Addie H. Reid - Mary Matterson 
33  HASTINGS, Arthur E., 25, N. Kortright, farmer, Albany; 
        Chas. Hastings, US & Nancy McNaughton, US 
  WEIDMAN, Anna, 20 Schenevus, housekeeper, Portlandville; 
        Allen Weidman, US & Sarah Smith, US 
  lic. 2/26/1908; md 2/27/1908 at Schenvus by C. J. Schultz, minister 
  Wit: Lizzie Goodard - Orcelia Tillapaugh 
34  BUTLER, Scott W., 28, S. New Berlin, farmer, S. New Berlin; 
        Will Butler, US & MAry Skinner, US 
  CHURCH, Mattie N., 28, Morris, teaching, Morris; 
        Irving Church, US & Julia Greene, US 
  lic. 3/11/1908; md 3/11/1908 at Bainbridge by Henry T. Hill, clergyman 
  Wit: Mrs. Jennie T. Hill - Addie B. Hill 
35  LeROY, Lester J., 19, Otego, farmer, Trout Creek, Del. Co.; 
        Halsey E. LeRoy, US & Jennie Chase, US 
  HAYNES, Myrtle A., 17, Maple Grove housewife, Otego; 
        Chas. Haynes, US & Adella Houghton, US 
  lic 3/11/1908; md 3/11/1908 at Otego by Adelbert H. Bliss, minister 
  Wit: Chas. LeRoy and Elma Hamilton 
  Consent: Jennie LeRoy, mother - Adella J. & Chas. Haynes, mother & father 
36  CARD, Wm. Ray, 19, Garrattsville, miller, Garrattsville; 
        Peter Card, US & Anna E. Briggs, US 
  BARTON, Pearl Maranda,  22, Garrattsville, school teacher, Hartwick; 
        Adelbert Barton, US & Amelia R. Foote, US 
  lic. 2/10/1908; md Feb 12, 1908 at Garrattsville by W. J. Golden, clergyman 
  Wit: Luella Barton - Perry Barton 
37  WALTERS, Geo. Earl, 24, N. Lisbon, farmer, N. Lisbon; 
        Chas. Walters, -- & Lazia F. Turner, -- 
  THURSTON, Nellie C., 18, N. Lisbon, school teacher, N. Lisbon; 
        Pliny Thurston, US & Fannie Cole, US 
  lic. 3/2/1908; md 3/4/1908 at Burlington by Thomas S. Kilty, clergyman 
  Wit: Mrs. M. L. Walworth and Mrs. T. S. Kelly 
38  BAKER, Warren D., 45, 2d, wid.,  Unadilla, carpenter, Del. Co.; 
        Lewis Baker, US & Sarah Dury, US 
  CHAMBERLAIN, Lucy A., 40, 2d, wid., Unadilla, housekeeper, 
            Maryland, NY; 
        Amos B. Tubbs, US & -- Van Volcanburg, US 
  lic. 3/11/1908; md 3/11/1908 at Unadilla by S. Lee Whitman, clergyman 
  Wit: Hattie Mae Benjamin - Mary E. Oles 
39  HALBERT, Truair S., 21, Gilbertsville, farming, Butternuts; 
        Julius Halbert, US & Laura Conover, US 
  EARL, Hazel M., 20, Unadilla, none, Unadilla; 
        Fred Earl, US & -- Palmer, US 
  lic. 3/11/1908; md 3/11/1908 at Unadilla by S. Lee Whiteman, clergyman 
  Wit: Fred G. Birdsall - Mrs. Fred G. Birdsall 
40  YOUNG, Oscar, 23, E. Springfield, cheese maker, E. Springfield; 
        Wm Young, US & Laura Dutcher, US 
  FASSETT, Lena M., 23, E. Springfield, housewife, Middlefield; 
        Warren Fassett, US & Sarah Johnson, US 
  lic. 3/12/1908; md 3/181908 at Springfield by C. H. Carter, minister 
  Wit: Mrs. W. L. Fassett - Warren L. Fassett 
41  ROOT, Chas. Porter, 38, Gilbertsville, manf. Butter & cheese, Butternuts; 
        Chas. Porter Root, Butternuts & Elizabehth Ann Scotten, Lestershire, Eng. 
  WALLIN, Daisy Florence, 32, Gilbertsville, -, Butternuts; 
        A. T. Walling, Butternuts & Ida Cole, Butternuts 
  lic. 3/2/1908; md 3/4/1908 at Gilbertsville by Fred H. Watkins, clergyman 
  Wit: H. H. Cole - S. E. Tobey 
42  WRIGHT, Wm., 53, 2d, wid., Unadilla, farmer, Franklin; 
        Wm. Wright, Otsego Co. & Lorinda Beach, Del. Co. 
  DANIELS, Kate, 28, Butternuts, teacher, New Lisbon; 
        Albert W. Daniels, Otsego Co. & Alice Gregory, Otsego Co. 
  lic. 3/7/1908; md 3/10/1908 at Butternuts by F. B. Johnson, clergyman 
  Wit: Fred Munson - Lucy Daniels 
43 EDSON, Carl W., 19, Laurens, Clerk, Laurens; 
        Henry Edson, NYS & Helen Ward, NYS 
  TOBEY, Florence M., 32, 2d, Div 6/21/1901 Pa.; Laurens, housewife, Morris; 
        Albert B. Tobey, NYS & Helen Osburn, NYS 
  lic. 3/30/1908; md 3/31/1908 at Laurens by John Jay Crane, clergyman 
  Wit: Jennie M. Knapp - Louisa M. Brink 
  Consent: Helen & Henry Edson, parent 
44  WINNIE, J. Wesley, 29, 2d, wid., Mont. Co., farmer, Otsego Co.; 
        Edgar Winnie, US & Jennie Mahan, US 
  RUSSELL, Martha J., 33, Cooperstown, Dressmaker, Harpersfield; 
        Chas. Russell, US & Elizabeth Cleveland, US 
  lic. 3/20/1908; md 3/21/1908 at Cooperstown by I. J. Harris, clergyman 
  Wit: Samuel A. Brown - Maud A. Palmer 
45  CRIDER, Hiram T., 24, Mansfield, Mo., soldier, Mansfield, Mo.; 
        H. C. Crider, US & B. J. Crider, US 
  EARL, Wilda 21, Cooperstown, Milliner, Boonville; 
        Frank R. Earl, US & Lila D. ----, US 
   lic. 3/30/1908; md 3/31/1908 at Oneonta by Chas. S. Pendleton, minister 
  Wit: Wm. H. Austin - Grace L. Older 
46 MEAGLEY, Norman H., 23, Oneonta, drug clerk, Binghamton; 
        Rosell H. Meagley, Smyrna & Julie L. Blanchard, Hamilton, N.Y. 
  CHANDLER, Mae E., 21, Oneonta, - , Laurens; 
        Geo. H. Chandler, Greene, NY & Nellie Brooks, Fly Creek 
  lic. 2/23/1908; md 3/4/1908 at Oneonta by Edson J. Farley, minister 
  Wit: W. Arthur Holley - Florence Cooley 
47  DUNN, Jackeus K., 79, 2d, wid., Morris, none, Herrick, Pa.; 
        Bollus Dunn, US & Sophie Traux, US 
  GIFFORD, Mary, 68, 2d, wid., Morris, housewife, Peguomic(?), Ct.; 
        John Travis, Eng. & Elizabeth Ware, US 
  lic. 3/3/1908; md 3/4/1908 at Morris by M. Hunter Reed, minister 
  Wit: Warren J. Wood - Alphen C. Wood 
48  TARBOX, Wm. G., 38, Oneonta, laborer, Milford; 
        Stephen Tarbox, Richville,Tioga Co. & Julia Strain, Westford 
  LATTIN, Flora A., 31, 2d, wid., Oneonta, housekeeper, Milford; 
         Edgar Phillips, Hartwick & Ella Luther, Milford 
  lic. 3/4/1908; md 3/7/1908 at Bloomville, Del. Co., by H. J. Hoag, minister 
  Wit: Mrs. H. Hoag 
49  PIERCE, Brazilla T., 21, Oneonta, machinist, Susquehanna, Pa.; 
        Fred M. Pierce,Susquehanna, Pa. & Ada Pierce, near Worcester, NY 
  MARTIN, Ethel L., 19, Jackson, Pa., -, Jackson, Pa.; 
        John N. Martin, Jackson, Pa. & Grace E. Hoag, Cannonsville, NY 
  lic. 3/4/1908; md 3/4/1908 at Oneonta by T. G. Dickinson, clergyman 
  Wit: Mr. R. L. Brown - Mrs. R. L. Brown 
50  GIBLIN, John J., 24, Oneonta, laborer, Carbondale, Pa.; 
        Patrick Giblin, Ireland & Mary Kennedy, Carbondale, Pa. 
   McDONOUGH, Elizabeth A., 24, Carbondale, Pa., bookkeeper, Carbondale, 
        Mark McDonough, Carbondale, Pa. & Katherine Connelly, Ireland 
  lic. 3/16/1908; md 3/16/1908 at Oneonta by John S. McCarthy, R. C. priest 
  Wit: P. J. McDonough - Frances McCarthy 
51  HULL, Frank C., 37, 2d, wid., Oneonta; car man; Morris; 
        Clark B. Hull, Otsego Co. & Frances M. Washburn, Otsego Co. 
  STARR, Jennie S., 30; Oneonta, Milliner, Otsego; 
        Edgar A. Starr, Otsego Co. & Frances A. Van Wort(?), Otsego Co. 
  lic. 3/16/1908; md 3/18/1908 at Oneonta by Edson J. Farley, Minister 
  Wit: L. H. Starr - Claud Fish 
52  CARR, John C., 55, 2d, wid.; Oneonta; trainman; Troy; 
        Jacob A. Carr, Renssselaer Co. & Minerva Livington, Rensselaer Co. 
  JOHNSON, Lena L., 45, 2d, div. 8/1/1907 Oneonta; Oneonta; dressmaker; 
            Earlville, Mad. Co.; 
        Ambrose C. Smith, Otsego Co. & Julia Austick, Otsego Co. 
  lic. 3/17/1908; md 3/29/1908 at Oneonta by Austin Griffin, clergyman 
  Wit: J. S. Smith - Mrs. J. S. Smith 
53  JACKSON, Norman E., 21; Binghamton; ball player; Binghamton; 
        Aaron T. Jackson, Albany & Alice M. Westbrook, Albany 
  SPENCER, Ella B., 21; Oneonta; housekeeper; Oneonta; 
        Conrad Spencer, Oneonta & Anna Babbitt, Schuyler Lake 
  lic. 3/28/1908; md 3/31/1908 at Oneonta by J. C. Russell, clergyman 
  Wit: H. D. Alden - E. W. Spencer 
54  COOLEY, Wallington A., 20; Oneonta; printer; Oneonta; 
        Andrew Cooley, Oneonta & Henrietta Terry, Oneonta 
  FARLEY, Mary Eleanor, 27; Oneonta; -; Hamilton, NY; 
        Edson J. Farley, Ft. Ann, NY & Mary J. Vaughn, Ft. Ann 
  lic. 3/27/1908; md 3/28/1908 at Oneonta by E. J. Farley, minister 
  Wit: E. Scott Farley - Emma Betsie Farley 
55  BISHOP, Lewis G., 49, 2d, wid.; Edmeston; laborer; Morris; 
        John Bishop, Eng. & Anna Smith, Eng. 
  EDDY, Etta J., 43, 2d, wid.; Edmeston; cook; Pittsfield; 
        Wm. Shipman, US & Mary J. Hallenbeck, US 
  lic. 3/31/1908; md 3/31/1908 at Garrattsville by W. J. Golden, clergyman 
  Wit: Flora A. Golden 
56  BUSH, Charles, 32; Pleasant Brook; laborer; Otsego Co.; 
        Geo. Bush, NY & Julia Wright, NY 
  BOLTON, Eva, 21; Pleasant Brook; housekeeper; Otsego Co.; 
        Daniel Bolton, NY & Minerva Conrad, NY 
  lic. 3/20/1908; 3/22/1908 at Pleasant Brook by Joseph Sisiem(?), minister 
  Wit: Mrs. Elida J. Sisiem(?) - Mrs. Julia Bush 
57  ARNOLD, Malan, 26; Milford Centre; farmer; town of Milford; 
        Lansing S. Arnold, Del. Co. & Mary E. Edson, Otsego 
  LAMB, Lettie E., 21; Milford Centre; house asst.; Oneonta; 
        Isaac E. Lamb, Otsego & Addeline A. Stevenson, Sch. Co. 
  lic. 3/4/1908; md 3/12/1908 at Milford Centre by J. W. Bump, pastor 
  Wit: Fayette Brightman - Martha Barnes 
58  BEAMS, Irving T., 26; Collliers; farmer; town of Milford; 
        Chas. Beams, Otsego Co. & Martha Woodcock, Otsego Co. 
  UTTER, Nellie C., 25; Colliers; housework; town of Worcester; 
        Benj. Utter, Del. Co. & Jennett T. ----, Sch. Co. 
 register lic. 3/17/1908; md 3/18/1908 at Oneonta by Chas. S. Pendleton, minister 
  Wit: William Utter - Emeline Brown 
59  BURNSIDE, Edgar, 33; Worcester; farmer; Decatur; 
        Samuel Burnside, Otsego & Sarah Brezee, Otsego 
  VANDYKE, Rose, 21; Milford; housework; Milford; 
        Geo. Van Dyke, Otsego Co. & Mary McDownell, Otsego 
  lic. 3/17/1908; md 3/17/1908 at Portlandville by J. P. Winans, clergyman 
  Wit: Emma Winans - Geo. Van Dyke 
60  BAKER, Robert, 28; Burlington Flats; farmer; Schenevus; 
        Van Baker, US & Rosina Hathaway, US 
  ULLMAN, Linda, 28; Maple Valley; housekeeper;Roseboom; 
        Andrew Ullman, US & Minnie Angle, US 
  lic. 2/18/1908; 2/22/1908 at Schuyler Lake by S. G. Bundy, clergyman 
  Wit: Mrs. Alice E. Bundy - Abram W. Bowman 
61  HALL, William B., 27; Middlefield Ctr.; farmer; Middlefield Ctr.; 
        Geo. Hall, Scotland & Martha Bigelow, America 
  FLING, Blanche Cora, 21; Lentsville; -; Lentsville; 
        Chas. Fling & Eunice Hand 
  lic. 3/28/1908; md 4/8/1908 at Lentsville by David S. Biggar, clergyman 
  Wit: Harris Clyde Ottoway - Bulia Lucinda Attoway (Ottoway?) 
62  CUYLE, William, 22, 2d, wid.; Unadilla; farming; Colesville, Pa.; 
        Augustus Cuyle & Elizabeth Fleming 
  STRAIGHT, Bessie, 15; Unadilla; -; Saratoga, NY; 
        Alonzo Straight & Amia (Arnia?) Grant 
  lic. 4/9/1908; md 4/9/1908 at Unadilla by A. E. Holmes, clergyman 
  Wit: Mrs. Annie Goodspeed - Minnie Holmes 
63  EASTWOOD, Wilbur A., 35; Jordanville, Herk Co.; farmer; Columbia, Herk. 
        Wm. Eastwood, nys & Ellen Hawks, nys 
  BALDOCK, Flora Iora, 23; Richfield Springs; mill machine worker; Waterville, 
            Oneida Co.; 
        Thomas Baldock, nys & Eva Elmer, nys 
  lic. 3/21/1908; md 3/25/1908 at Richfield Springs by Wm. Caldwell, clergyman 
  Wit: Clarence Mason - Thomas Buldock 
64  WINANS, Earle H., 21; Oneonta; bookkeeper; Worcester; 
        Geo. L. Winans, Otsego Co. & Leona L. Hallenbeck, Otsego Co. 
  WADE, Abbie L., 20; Worcester; school teacher; Maryland; 
        A. W. Wade, Del. Co. & Adie L. Simmons, Sch. Co. 
  lic. 3/7/1908; md 3/14/1908 at Johnstown, NY by E. L. Wade, minister 
  Wit: Mrs. E. L. Wade - Mrs. D. C. Best 
65  DeLONG, Arthur S., 21; Worcester; laborer; Worcester; 
        Oscar DeLong, NYS & Emma Golden, NYS 
  ALBERT, Harriett D., 20; Worcester; none; Summit; 
        Luther H. Albert, NYS & Elva Sauley, NYS 
  lic. 4/8/1908; md 4/8/1908 at Worcester by J. A. Cubberley, clergyman 
  Wit: D. C. Best - Mrs. D. C. Best 
66  MOREHOUSE, George B., 28; New Lisbon; farming; New Lisbon; 
        Benj. Morehouse, New Lisbon & Mary Bassett, New Lisbon 
  MURDOCK, Flora B., 29; town of Hartwick; none; Hartwick; 
        Geo. Murdock, Hartwick & Hannah Robinson, Westford 
  lic. 4/6/1908; 4/7/1908 at Cobleskill, NY by H. Denningston Hayes, clergyman 
  Wit: W. W. Simmons - Mrs. W. D. Hayes 
67  NORTON, Fred, 21; Schenevus; farmer; Schenevus; 
        Joel Norton & Laney Peaslee 
  ANEY, Grace Bell, 24; Middlefield; housekeeper; Middlefield; 
        Geo. Aney & Isabelle Scott, Scott, Scotland 
  lic. 4/4/1908; md 4/8/1908 at Middlefield by Wayne Brewster, clergyman 
  Wit: Isabelle Aney - John W. Aney 
68  SKILLEN, Squire, 49; Middlefield; farmer; Middlefield; 
        Wm. Skillen & Maria Dillenback 
  CIPPERLY, Nettie, 33, 2d, wid.; Middlefield; housekeeper; Seward, NY; 
        Austin Hilton &  Mary Cass 
  lic. 4/11/1908; md 4/11/1908 at Cooperstown by I. J. Harris, Preacher 
  Wit: Mrs. I. J. Harris - M. F. Harris 
69  BROWN, Charles Arenel, 21; W. Eaton, NY; painter & paper hanger; 
        W. Eaton; Noble Brown & Emma J. Rich 
  EDWARDS, Edith May, 16; Morris; Housewife; Morris; 
        Albert Edwards & Addie Coon 
  lic. 4/24/1908; md 4/29/1908 at Morris by S. C. Simpkins, minister 
  Wit: Mrs. S. C. Simpkins 
70  HOKE, Arthur L., 19; Springfield; farmer; Springfield; 
        Theodore Hoke, NY & M. Ayres, NY 
  SHERBURNE, Ruth J., 22; Springfield; teacher; Reeds Corners, NY; 
        James Sherburne, NY & M. WatkinsNYny 
  lic. 4/14/1908; md 4/22/1908 at Shortsville, Ontario Co. by Stephen S. Pratt, minister 
  Wit: J. C. Casten - Edward Johnson 
  Consent: Theodore & Melissa A. Hoke, parents 
71  FRIERY, Matthew J., 25; Middlefield; farmer; U.S.; 
    John Friery, Ireland & ? Moore, Ireland 
  McNELLAN, Anni, 30; Cooperstown; -; U. S.; 
        Peter McNellan, Ireland & Anna McMahon, Ireland 
  lic. 2/28/1908; md 3/2/1908 at Cooperstown by Thomas A. Early, Catholic priest 
  Wit: Francis Fiery - Katharine A. Finley 
72  CHARLES, Cap, 23; Mohawk; salesman; Mohawk; 
        F.R. Charles & Helen Unknown 
  WHITLOCK, Mildred, 22; Cooperstown; -; Rochester; 
        Frank ----, US & Harriett ----, US 
  lic. 4/13/1908; md 4/13/1908 at Cooperstown by Ralph Birdsall, clergyman 
  Wit: James J. Byard, Jr. - Wood D. VanDewerker 
73  POTTS, Howard, 32, 2d, div. 7/3/1905 Philadelphia; Washington; machinist; 
                Oaksville; Chas. W. Potts & ? Williams 
  LIPPITT, Clara, 28; Cooperstown; -; Cooperstown; 
        Moses H. Lippitt & ? Hinds or Hinda 
  lic. 4/20/1908; md 4/20/1908 at Cooperstown by Cyrus W. Negus, minster 
  Wit: Sarah E. Lippitt - C. K. Lippitt 
74  KELSY, Eugene, 46, 2d, wid.; Norwich; farming; Otego; 
        Eben Kelsy & Emajen Dola(rw?) 
  MILLER, Clara, 21, 2d, wid.; Unadilla; housekeeper; Jefferson; 
        W. H. Effner & Hannah Coahe 
  lic. 3/30/1908; md 5/10/1908 at Sidney by J. H. Littell, clergyman 
  Wit: Anna E. Effner - Mrs. J. H. Lilttell 
75  PEGG, Maurice J., 21; Otego; farmer; Cherry Valley; 
        John Pegg, NYS & R. L. Carr, NYS 
  McCUMBER, Mary Julia, 17; Otego; farmer daughter; Unadilla; 
        James McCumber, NYS & Emma Kisler, NYS 
  lic. 5/4/1908; md 5/6/1908 at Otego by Adelbert H. Bliss, minister 
  Wit: Lester LeRoy - Nyrtle LeRoy 
76  HOOLIHAN, Michael S., 43; Pittston, Pa.; clerk; Pittston, Pa.; 
        Michael Hoolihan, Ireland & Jane McGee, Ireland 
  RUSSELL, Marcella B., 42; Oneonta; cigar maker; Pittston, Pa.; 
        Michael Russell, Ireland & Mary Callahan, Ireland 
  lic. 4/27/1908; md 4/28/1908 at Oneonta by John S. McCarthy, Catholic priest 
  Wit: Thos. F. Lahey - Ellen M. Mooney 
77  JOHNSON, Walter H., 51; Oneonta; -; Kortright; 
        Henry E. Johnson, Eng. & Elizabeth S. Sanderson (Sauderson?), Eng. 
  VICTORIN, Maria Theresia, 35; Oneonta; trained nurse; Austria; 
        Anthony Victoria, Austria & Marguerite Raoli, Hungaria 
  lic. 4/21/1908; md 4/26/1908 at Oneonta by Edward S. Barkdull, priest 
  Wit: Marguerite Victorin - D. B. Manchester 
78  PRICE, Clinton D., 25; Scranton, Pa.; civil engineer; Scranton, Pa.; 
        James B. Price, Canadenss, Pa. & Mary L. Distall, Sterling, Pa. 
  MAKLEY, Mae, 22; Oneonta; -; Oneonta; 
        Geo. R. Makley, Berkshire, Mass. & Julia Schofield, Unadilla 
  lic. 4/22/1908; md 4/22/1908 at Oneonta by Edward S. Barkdull, priest 
  Wit: J. Lee Roney - Tenita Roosevelt Barkdull 
79  SPRAGUE, Frank, 19; E. Meredith; section foreman RR; Pine Hill, NY; 
        Theodore Sprague, Pine Hill & Rachel Allen, Denning, NY 
  PEACE, Edythe M., 18; Oneonta; housework; Colchester, Sull. Co.; 
        Clarence E. Peace, Middletown, NY & Irene Finch, Colchester, NY 
  lic. 4/18/1908; md 4/19/1908 at Oneonta by J. W. Smith, minister 
  Wit: Hazel Gardner - Kendall Dunn 
  Consent: T. & Rachel E. Sprague, parents 
80  BLACK, Frank L., 26; N. Rochelle, NY; civil engineer; Bridgeport,
    Joseph A. Black, NYC & Gertrude Bronson, Roxbury, Conn.
  COLBURN, Mabel V., 24; Oneonta; -; Rushford, NY;
    Chas. C. Colburn, Hume, NY & S. May White, Rushford, NY
  lic. 4/11/1908; md 4/14/1908 at Oneonta by J. C. Russell, clergyman
  Wit: C. C. Colburn - Bruce Colburn

81  BLACKMON, Abel C., 39; Davenport Ctr.; farmer; Kortright;
    Andrew J. Blackmon, Fremont Center, NY & Francis S. Cavin (Carin),
        Kortright, NY
  ROWNER, Ida M., 29; Oneonta; housekeeper; Milford;
     Phillip Rowner, Germany & Lana Mickle, Middleburgh
  lic. 4/11/1908; md 4/11/1908 at Oneonta by Chas. S. Firman, Justice of Peace
  Wit: W. I. Bolton & Lottie L. Addis

82  BANKS, Marvin, 23; Worcester; farmer; Bleinheim, Sch. Co.;
    Chas. Banks, Schoharie, NY & ? Fancher, Schoharie, NY
  SCOTT, Anna, 19; Worcester; laborer; Worcester;
    John Scott, nk & ---- Millias, NYS
  lic. 4/20/1908; md 4/20/1908 at Worcester by S. E. Hunt, minister
  Wit: Mrs. S. E. Hunt

83  RICH, Ralph H., 18y5m17d; W. Winfield; laborer;W. Winfield;
    Edward F. Rich, NYS & Cora E. Fulford, NYS
  PLUMB, Vera Thayer,19, Richfield; housekeeper; NYS;
    Albert Plumb, NYS & Laura Thayer, NYS
  lic. 4/14/1908; 4/22/1908 at Barstows Corners, Otsego Co. by F. G.Reynolds, clergyman
  Wit: Daniel M. Maxson - Ethel L. Ceperley

84  WHITE, Charles H., 47, 2, wid.; Cherry Valley; farmer; Hadley, Sar.
      Co.; Thomas White & Ruth White
  MATHEWS, Emma B., 46, 2d, wid.; Cherry Valley; housekeeper; Cherry Valley;
    Stephen Lillis & Evaline Keller
  lic. 3/26/1908; md 4/29/1908 at Cherry Valley by A. E. Clapper,----
  Wit: Homer T. White - Stephen Mathews

85  MARTIN, J. H. (Dr.), 54, 2d, not div.; Binghamton; physician; Otego;
    Geo. L. Martin, USA & Harriet St. John, USA
  SWEET, Jennie M., 53, 2d, div. 1895 Cooperstown; Unadilla; none;Unadilla;
    Dr. Joseph Sweet & Melissa McMullen
  lic. 6/1/1908; md 6/1/1908 at Unadilla by U. S. Ripley, clergyman
  Wit: Robert Homan - Minnie P. Homan

86  RIFENBARK, Hiram, 69, 2d, not div.; Charlotteville; lumber dealer;Summit;
    Aaron Rifenbark, Sch. Co. & Mary Banks, Sch. Co.
  MANCHESTER, Dora R., 48; Middlefield; housekeeper; Middlefield;
    Theodore G. Manchester & Elizabeth Bates
  lic. 5/21/1908; md 5/30/1908 at Middlefield by Wayne Brewster, clergyman
  Wit: Nancy M. S. Manchester - J. E. Reynolds

87  ATWELL, Floyd, 23; Oaksville, doctor; Cooperstown;
    Frank W. Atwell & Carrie Shawl
  MURDOCK, Helen W., 21; Fly Creek; -; Hyde Park;
    Wm. N. Murdock & --- Williams
  lic. 4/27/1908; md 5/27/1908 at Fly Creek by H. N. Van Deusen, minister
  Wit: W. H. Murdock & Mrs. W. H. Murdock

88  BANNER, Henry N., 67, 2d, wid.; Maryland; farmer; Davenport;
    Hiram Banner & Adelia Foote
  STRANAGON, Margaret E., 22; Maryland; housekeeper; Kortright;
    James Stranagon & Jennie Swan
  lic. 5/16/1908; md 5/16/1908 at Westville by Wayne Brewster, clergyman
  Wit: Cora R. Brewster

89  BRADLEY, Jesse L., 20; Westford; creamery employee; Westford;
       Wm. T. Bradley & Nellie Emerson
  VAN WIE, Florence M., 20; Schenevus; teacher; Elk Creek;
    Jackson Van Wie & Elizabeth Stilwell
  lic. 5/22/1908; md 5/27/1908 at Schenvus by E. Kilpatrick, clergyman
  Wit: Mrs. E. Kilpatrick - Jackson Van Wie

90  HOUGHTALING, Willliam Lee, 24; Laurens; farmer; Oneonta;
    Chas. Houghtaling & Sarah Platt
  SALISBURY, Carrie Ada, 19; Laurens; -; Milford;
    Duane Salisbury & Cora Van Buren
  lic. 5/26/1908; 6/3/1908 at Mt. Vision by Melville C. Miner, clergyman
  Wit: Earl D. Strait - Clella M. Sherman

91  BALCOM, Dorr, 58; New Berlin; teamster; NYS;
    Lyman Balcom & Jane Kelly, Isleman
  GRAVES, Frances, 59, 2d, wid.; Pittsfield, housework; NYS;
    Henry Borst & Sally Bice
  lic. 5/23/1908; md 5/23/1908 at Pittsfield by Floyd M. Darling, minister
  Wit: Geo. W. Cristman - Mrs. Geo. W. Cristman

92  GOODRICH, Maurice E., 28; Worcester; farmer; Worcester;
    Silas T. Goodrich & Estella Goodenough
  MABIE, Madge A., 17; Worcester; none; Decatur;
    James H. Mabie & Augusta Warner
  lic. 5/16/1908; md 5/17/1908 at Worcester by J. A. Cubberley, minister
  Wit: F. E. Bolles - Luella Bolles

93  HALLOCK, Milton, 22; Harpersfield; farmer; Worcester;
    Sherman Hallock & Fanny Morrell
  REED, Emma J., 23; Worcester; none; Sch. Co.;
    Daniel Reed & Carrie Hotaling
  lic. 5/25/1908; md 5/27/1908 at So. Worcester by Rev. John A. Finch
  Wit: Garfield Ploss - Izora Place

94  GREEN, Samuel, 77, 2d, 2d.; Binghamton; minister; Penn.;
    Samuel V. B. Green & Sarah Hart
  HOUCK, Melissa, 64, 2d, wid.; Worcester; housekeeper; Harpersfield;
    Peter Becker & Selina Wiltsie
  lic. 6/2/1908; md 6/3/1908 at Worcester by S. E. Hunt, minister
  Wit: C. D. Wiltsie - Anna H. Wiltsie

95  HARRISON, Ira William, 28; Laurens; farmer; Morris;
    Harvey Harrison, Laurens & Anna Mickle, Morris
  DANIELS, Rosa Belle, 24; Butternuts; teacher; N. Lisbon;
    Albert Daniels, Morris & Alice Gregory, N. Lisbon
  lic. 5/12/1908; md 5/12/1908 at Butternuts by F. B. Johnson, clergyman
  Wit: Lucy Daniels - Kate Wright

96  BUTTS, Clarence H., 40; Toddsville; carpenter; Toddsville;
    Ira Butts, Morris & Frances Silliman, Portlandville
  FINCH, Jennie, 40; Hartwick; finisher in mill; Toddsville;
    Hiram Finch, nk & Diette Gallop, Toddsville
  lic. 5/30/1908; md 5/30/1908 at Hartwick by A. J. Cook, minister of the gospel
  Wit: Margaret Mead - Leon S. Darling

97  PEELOR, Edgar Charles, 24; NYC; postal clerk; Madeline, NY;
    Chas. B. Peelor & Gertrude Greenway
  CARPENTER, Goldie Mary, 21; Edmeston; milliner; Norwich;
    Fayette Carpenter & Sarah Burdick
  lic. 6/9/1908; md 6/10/1908 at Edmeston by Wilson Edward Tanner,
priest  Wit: Fayette Carpenter - Chas. Peeler

98  DILDINE, Frank C., 22; Oneonta; fireman on RR; Rohesburg, Pa.;
    Chas. H. Dildine, Orangeville, Col. Co. & Almeda Bogart, Rohesburg,Pa
  BARNES, Hazel L., 19; Oneonta; -; Albany;
    Levi H. Barnes, Harpersville & Rose Campbell, Middlefield
  lic. 5/15/1908; md 5/16/1908 at Oneonta by J. C. Russell, clergyman
  Wit: Miss Maybelle Whittaker - Raymond Barnes

99  BENNETT, Fred A., 31; Scranton, Pa.; carpenter; Ogdensburg, NY;
    Milan C. Bennett, Calif. & Lavina Orr, Canada
  KLAUSEN, Florence L., 24; Scranton, Pa.; dressmaker; Scranton, Pa.;
    Peter Klausen, Syracuse & Mary (P---m?), Syracuse
  lic. 5/13/1908; md 5/13/1908 at Oneonta by Clarence D. Sewell, Justice of
        the Peace
  Wit: Henry D. McLaury - M. H. Stapleton

100  OLMSTEAD, Herbert B., 21; Oneonta; printer; Oneonta;
    Levi H. Olmstead, Davenport & Hattie Davis, Davenport
  LIDDLE, Margaret B., 22; Oneonta; none; Bovina;
    James A. Liddle, Bovina & Margaret, E. Thompson, Middletown
  lic. 5/30/1908; md 5/31/1908 at Oneonta by Chas. S. Pendleton, minister
  Wit: Edith A. Smith - Marian E. Pendleton

101  MUHLING, William, 27; Oneonta; trainman RR; Liberty, NY;
    Bartly(?) Muhlig, Germany & Katherine Thersler, Germany
  TYLER, Edith, 30; Damascus, Pa.; houskeeper; Coheton, NY;
    Eugene Tyler, Damacus, Pa. & Amanda Skinner, Pa
  lic. 5/4/1908; md 5/6/1908 at Norwich, NY by Herbert L. Ellsworth, clergyman
  Wit: Mary F. Ellsworth

102  VOORHEES, Benjamin W., 32; 2d, wid., Oneonta; cigarmaker; Oneonta;
    Jay O. Voorhees, NY & Amanda M. Mereness, NY
  LATHROP, Laura A., 21; Oneonta; in cigar factory; Oneonta;
    Howard E. Lathrop, Unadilla, NY & Carrie M. Elliott, Davenport, NY
 lic. 5/29/1908; md 5/30/1908 at Oneonta by Chas. S. Pendleton, minister
  Wit: Dora Elliott - Edward Buerger

103  MASON, Earl H., 23; Oneonta; fireman on RR; Richmond, Va.;
    Fred Mason, Va. & Franes Robertson, Va.
  MILLER, Anna M., 18; Oneonta; none; Maryland, Otsego Co., NY;
    Gilbert R. Miller, Scho. Co. & Arnetie Rexford, NYS
 lic. 5/30/1908; md 5/30 1908 at Oneonta by Chas. S. Pendleton, minister
  Wit: Edith A. Smith - Mirian E. Pendleton

104  DUMOND, Frank E., 21; Oneonta; baker; Oneonta;
       James A. Dumond, Unadilla, NY & Nora T. Delany, Pierpoint Manor,NY
  FRITTS, Hazel B., 18; Oneonta; none; Franklin, NY;
    Wm. H. Fritts, Franklin, NY & Florence Burrill, Davenport, Ctr., NY
 lic. 5/26/1908; md 5/31/1908 at Oneonta by Chas. S. Pendleton, minister
  Wit: Clifford Teed - Leta B. Teed

105  WETHERWAX, Andrew B., 26; Oneonta; machinist; Albany, NY;
    Joh Wetherwax, NYS & Catherine Shaffer, NYS
  PIXLEY, Lillian G, 25; Laurens; none; Laurens;
    Joseph A. Pixley, NYS & Ida M. Lindsley, NYS
  lic. 6/15/1908; md 6/17/1908 at Laurens by John Jay Crane, clergyman
  Wit: Chas. Filer - John McLaren

106  MONK, Clinton D., 22; not div.; -----; farmer, Stark(?);
    J. H. Monk & Matilda Eckler
  MARKS, Florence M., 21; E. Springfield; lady; E. Springfield;
    H. M. Marks & Ella Hardy
  lic. 6/17/1908; md 6/24/1908 at Springfield by Chas. S. Dopp,clergyman
  Wit: Addie L. Marks - Edwin H. Marks

107  SHORT, Fred C., 27; Oneonta; trainman; Hartwick;
    Wm. J. Short, Hartwick, NY & Alvina N. Williams, Laurens, NY
  RIDER, Bertha M., 22; Laurens, NY; none; Otsego Co., NY;
    Robt. D. Rider, NY & Abbie A. Pixley, NYS
  lic. 6/22/1908; md 6/24/1908 at Laurens, NY by W. M. Bouton, clergyman
  Wit: Harry M. Ryder - Ella T. Ryder

108  SLATER, William, 32; Middlefield; carpenter; Middlefield;
    Frank Slater, America & Henryette Bernhardt, America
   DODGE, Ethel May, 20; Middlefield; mill hand; Middlefield;
    Clement Dodge, America & Flora Wright, America
  lic. 6/5/1908; md 6/6/1908 at Phoenix Mills, NY by Chas. H. Davis,Justice of the
  Wit: Vertie L. Davis - Nellie A. Dodge

109  BRADLEY, Frank, 42; Hartwick, NY; farmer; Hartwick, NY;
    Isaac C. Bradley, America & Mary C. Fuller, America
  BLISS, Jenella May, 18; Middlefield, housekeeper; Oneonta;
    Geo. W. Bliss, America & Amanda Murphy, America
  lic. 6/1/1908; md 6/1/1908 at Mt. Vision, NY by W. M. Bouton, minister
  Wit: W. L. BROWN - Mrs. W. M. Bouton

110  McLAUGHLIN, Delancy, 23; Daeoma(?); farmer; Rockroyle;
    Delancy McLaughlin & Anna Briggs
  CHAPMAN, Carrie Belle, 20; Unadilla, NY; teacher; Unadilla, NY;
    Watson Chapman, USA & Carrie M. Carr, USA
  lic. 6/24/1908; md 6/24/1908 at Unaidlla, NY by LS. Lee Whitman,clergyman
  Wit: Fred G. Birdsall - Frances E. Birdsall

111  MADISON, William SEARL, 19; Cherry Valley; farmer; Middlefield;
    James Henry Madison, America & Effie Scott, America
  HOFFMAN, Alma Caroline, 18; Cherry Valley; domestic; Fort Plain;
    Fred J. Hoffman, America & Christiana Goodrich, Germany
  lic.l 6/16/1908; md 6/24/1908 at Cherry, NY by --------, clergyman
  Wit: Ruth Engell - Scott Madison
  Consent: Henry Madison, father

112  MONSELL, William Clark, 31; Cherry Valley; farmer; Staffordshire,Eng.;
    Joseph Monsell, Eng. & Rebecca Harris, Eng.
  EUTERMARKS, Leah, 17; Cherry Valley; domestic; Cherry Valley;
    Ellsworth Eutermarks, America & Alice J. Woloben, America
  lic. 6/8/19080; md 6/8/1908 at Cherry Valley by Thomas E. Cahert,clergyman
  Wit: E. A. Sutliff - June Sutliff
  Consent: Ellsworth Eutermarks, father

113  LEWIS, Charles H., Jr., 23; Cherry Valley; butter maker; Cherry Valley;
    Chas. H. Lewis, America & Margaret McEwan, America
  HARTON, Ethel, 22; Cherry Valley; domestic; Cherry Valley;
    Amos J. Harton, America & Elizabeth Yerdon, America
  lic. 6/9/1908; md 6/10/1908 at Cherry Valley, NY by H. P. MacAdams,minister
  Wit: Chas. H. Lewis - Amos J. Harton

114  JOHNSON, Harry Lee, 26; Butternuts; printer; Hartwick, NY;
    Henry Johnson, Norwich, NY & Louisa Wheaton, New Berlin, NY
  THOMPSON, Helen Mae, 21; Butternuts; teacher; Butternuts;
    Frank Thompson, Butternuts, NY & Ssuan Silvey, Butternuts
  lic.l 6/29/1908; md 6/30/1908 at Gilbertsville, NY by Chas. D. Kellum,minister
  Wit: Claud Thompson - Myrtle Thompson

115  HERRING, John W., 31, 2d, wid.; Otego, NY; farmer; Otego, NY;
    Chancellor Herring, NYS & Nancy Burns, NYS
  HADDON, Cora M., Mrs., 40, 3d, wid., 1 living; 1 died 8/22/06 Towanda,
        Bradford Co., Pa; Otego, NY; none; Stamford, NY;
    Henry Bouton, NYS & Hannah Haynes, NYS
  lic. 6/22/1908; md 6/24/1908 at Mt. Vision, NY by Webster M. Bouton, clergyman
  Wit: Leon E. Dixson - Bernice R. Bouton

116  BROWN, Robert V., 39; Syracuse, NY; policeman; Syracuse, NY;
    John Brown, Ireland & Sarah Gooley, Ireland
  GALLAGHER, Anna A, 29; Otego, NY; none; Sidney, NY;
    Peter Gallagher, Ireland & Margaret McKay, Troy, NY
  lic. 5/15/1908; md 6/17/1908 at Oneonta by J. S. McCarthy, Catholic priest
  Wit: Wm. M. Brown - Jane Stapleton

117  RYAN, Anthony P., 43; Syracuse; carriage maker; Fabius, NY;
    Laurence Ryan, Ireland & Ann Ryan, Ireland
  GALLAGHER, Margaret F., 27; Otego; none; Troy, NY;
    Peter Gallagher, Ireland & Margaret McKay, Troy, NY
  lic. 6/8/1908; md 6/9/1908 at Oneonta by John S. McCarthy, Roman
Catholic priest
  Wit: Phil. Ryan - Anna Gallagher

118  BASINGER, Harold T., 29; Cooperstown; insurance; Cooperstown;
    Wm. S. Basinger, US & Charlotte May, Eng.
  DAVIS, Lillian E., 20; Cooperstown; ---; Eden, Vt.;
    Benj. Davis, Eng. & Alice Bailey, US
  lic. 6/6/1908; md 6/8/1908 at Cooperstown by Ralph Birdsall, clergyman 
  Wit: Katherine E. Kuehn - Harris L. Cooke

119  McMANUS, John B., 32; Fly Creek; farmer; Middlefield;
    Patrick McManus, Ireland & --- Callahan, Ireland
  SCHULTZ, Jennie E., 23: Cooperstown, ---, Cooperstown;
    Wm. -----, US & ---- Wood, US
  lic.l 6/23/1908; md 6/30/1908 at Cooperstown by Francis X. King, clergyman
  Wit: Stella H. VanHorne - Peter J. McManus

120  MILLIKEN, Joseph, 22; Morris, NY; baker; Unadilla, NY;
    John H. Milliken, US & Eliza Couse, US
  SWEET, Alta S., 22; Morris; school teacher; Morris, NY;
    Herbert C. Sweet, US & Mary Davis, US
  lic. 6/20/1908; md 6/20/1908 at Morris, NY by W. J. Tower, minster
  Wit: Mrs. Emma C. Sweet - Miss Antoinette Davis

121  LEONARD, Fred G, 46; Morris; clergyman; Knox, Maine;
    Daniel W. Leonard, US & Lizzie Huntington, US
  COLVIN, Jennie A., 55, 2d,wid.; Morris; housekeeper; Butternuts, NY;
    Solomon S. Marsh, US & Marcia M. Porter, US
  lic. 6/20/1908; md 6/20/1908 at Morris, NY by S. C. Simpkins, minister
  Wit: Mrs. Frank Harris - Mrs. Geo. Davis

122  THIEL, Paul B., 25; Springfield; laborer; Germany;
    Paul Thiel, Germany & Anna Lindner, Germany
  SMITH, S. May, 23; Springfield; wife; Springfield, NY;
    G. T. Smith, NY & Ida Avery, NY
  lic. 6/29/1908; md 7/1/1908 at Oneonta by Thomas G. Dickinson
  Wit: Mrs. Ida L. Smith - K. B. Dickinson

123  WILTSE, Frank, 18; Fly Creek; farmer; Fly Creek;
    Garrett Wiltse, US & Nettie Weldon, US
  ENGLISH, Beatrice, 18; Fly Creek; ---; Fly Creek;
    Chas. English, US & Bertha Shaw, US
  lic. 6/1/1908; md 6/10/1908 at Cooperstown, NY by I. J. Harris,Preacher
  Wit: Howard Wiltse - Margaret Wiltse
  Consent: Garrett Wiltse, father

124   PUGH, David, 35; Utica, NY; clerk; Cassville, NY;
    Hugh Pugh, Wales & Anna Hughes, --
  REYNOLDS, Catherine Agnes, 33; Richfield Springs, NY; dressmaker; Cooperstown;
    Richard Reynolds, NYS & Elizabeth Callaghan, NYS
  lic. 6/15/1908; md 6/16/1908 at Richfield Springs, NY by A. J. Kelly, priest
  Wit: Cornelia Reynolds - Anna E. Reynolds

125  ALBRECHT, Joseph Anton, 24y6m; Washington, DC; govt. clerk;
    Akron, Erie Co., NY; John Henry Albrecht, US & Julia E. Mason, US
  ALLEN, Sarah Adelia, 29y4m; Richfield Springs, NY; music teacher; Snow Hill, Md.;
    Daniel Nash Allen, US & Louise Ferguson, US
  lic. 6/15/1908; md 6/17/1908 at Richfield Springs, NY by Scott Melville Cooke, clergyman
  Wit: Harriet F. Drake - Elmer J. Wendell, MD

126  AUSTIN, Frank H., 34; Deposit, NY; stone cutter; Deposit, NY;
    Geo. M. Austin, Deposit, NY & Elvira Daniels, Masonville, NY
  SMITH, Belle L., 25; Oneonta; silk weaver; McClure, Broome Co., NY;
    Orthozo E. Smith, Jefferson, NY & Emma Frances Simmons, Broome Co.
 lic. 6/22/1908; md 6/24/1908 at Oneonta by Chas. S. Pendleton, minister
  Wit: John Stuart - Alma Smith

127  CALKINS, Samuel Y., 25; Oneonta; fireman D&H RR; Carlisle, NY;
    Anson Calkins, Scho. Co., NY & Fannie M. Grosvenor, Scho. Co., NY
  GARDNER, Mamie A., 29, 2d, wid.; Oneonta; silk weaver; Brooklyn, NY;
    John B. Smith, Brooklyn, NY & Margaret Valk (Volk), Brooklyn, NY
 lic. 6/17/1908; md 6/18/1908 at Onoenta by Chas. S. Pendleton, minister
  Wit: Willis Calkins - Temple White

128  BELFIELD, William H., 21; Oneonta; bookkeeper; Starucca, Pa.;
    Duane S. Belfield, NYS & Silvey Nash, Staracca, Pa.
  WRIGHT, Pearl E., 18; Oneonta; none; Oneonta;
    Frank E. Wright, Bainbridge & Ida E. Olmstead, Sidney, NY
  lic. 6/12/1908; md 6/18/1908 by J. C.Russell, clergyman
  Wit: Geo. Belfield - Orrilla E. Wright

129  MARSH, Charles R., 28; Oneonta; physician; Coxsackie, NY;
    Thomas E. Marsh, Troy & Mary (Kepttenham?), Canada
  TRABER, Jessie M., 27; Oneonta; teacher; So. Valley, NY;
    Peter M. Traber, Seward, NY & Harriet M. Merrill, Otsego Co., NY
  lic. 6/8/1908; md 6/22/1908 at So. Valley, NY by Stanton W. Potter,clergyman
  Wit: Mrs. Thomas E. Marsh - Thomas E. Marsh

130  SOUDERS, Russell, 25; Oneonta; trainman RR; Easton, Pa.;
    Newton Sounders, st. of Md. & Annie Halsizer, st. of NJ
  TANNER, Hazel Sclona, 19; Oneonta; none; Greenwood, Pa.;
    Geo. H. Tanner, Carbondale, Pa. & Mina English, Clifford, Pa
 lic. 6/2/1908; md 6/4/1908 at Oneonta, NY by Cas. S. Pendleton,minister
  Wit: Patrick J. Compton (Campton?) - Mrs. P.J. Compton

131  CLARKE, Ralph D., 21; Oneonta; D&H employee; Schenevus, NY;
    Jarvis W. Clarke, Schenevus, NY & Luella Burnside, Maryland, NY
  VAN ZANDT, Ethel S.or I., 21; Oneonta; none; Sharon Springs, NY;
    (Welsus?) Van Zandt, Carlisle, NY & Oceanna Shank, Mineral Springs,NY
  lic. 6/1/1908; md 6/3/1908 at Oneonta by Henry Manken, clergyman
  Wit: Rudolph Ficker - Cecil Ficker

132  STEVER, Edward F., 24; Oneonta; on railroad; Wellsboro, Pa.;
    (Nuel?) W.Stever, NY & Mary E Densen, NY
  PACKER, Ninon I., 23; Oneonta; weaver in silk mill; Pportlandville,NY:
    Cyrus S. Packer, Portlandville, NY & Eleanor Riley Delanson, NY
  lic. 5/30/1908; md 6/14/1908 at Oneonta by Henry Manken, clergyman
  Wit: Pearley A. Wood - Nellie K. Packer

133  MILLER, Henry, 21; Worcester, NY; clerk; Worcester, NY;
    John Miller , US & Alice Kinney, US
  HEAD, Addie D., 18; Worcester, NY; lives at home; Worcester, NY;
    Albert Head, US & Emma Quiel, US
  lic. 7/6/1908; md 7/8/1908 at Richmondville, NY by W. P. Rulison, clergyman
  Wit: Asa W. Lape - Leta Miller

134  BECKER, Stephen, 42; Worcester, NY; farmer; Summit, NY;
    Henry H. Becker, US & Nellie Borst, US
  ALVORD, Henrietta, 42, 2d, wid.; Worcester, lives on farm; Worcester,NY;
    John Dauley, US & Harriet Ostrom, US
  lic. 6/25/1908; md 6/25/1908 at Worcester, NY by Sidney E. Hunt,minister
  Wit: Mrs. Lettie Benedict - Mrs. S. E. Hunt

135  LAMPHERE, Edward Grant, 23; Columbus; farming; Hartford, Conn.;
    Chas. Lamphere, US & Em. Hopkins, US
  VAN DUSEN, Cora, 22; Pittsfield; housework; Edmeston, NY;
    Wm. VanDusen, US & Hattie Green, US
  lic. 6/15/1908; md 6/17/1908 at New Berlin, Chenango Co., by W. H.Niles, clergyman
  Wit: Frances E. Niles - Mary West Niles

136  MATTESON, Alonzo, 41, 2d, wid.; Pittsfield; day laborer; New Berlin;
    Geo. Matteson, US & Jane Alesworth, US
  WILSON, Nellie, 27; Pittsfield, housework; Pittsfield;
    Chas. Wilson, US & Martha Smith, US
  lic. 7/7/1908; md 7/7/1908 at New Berlin, Chenango Co., by M. Hunter Reid
  Wit: Mrs. L. D. Smith - Mrs. Addie Reid

137  ACKLEY, Warren I., 23; Unadilla; farming; Colliersville;
    Geo. Ackley, USA & Mary Williams, USA
  DART, Anna A., 16; Unadilla; none; Wellsbridge;
    Marshall Dart, USA & Jane Ferguson, USA
  lic. 4/8/1908; 4/13/1908 at Wellsbridge by W. I. Randle, clergyman
  Wit: Geo. Steenrod - Fannie Steenrod

138  LAMPHERE, Ernest, 20; Unadilla; farmer; Unadilla, NY;
    Egbert Lamphere, USA & Sarah Casey, USA
  COLONEY, Flossie, 17; Unadilla, NY; housework; Unadilla, NY;
    Horace Coloney, USA & Olive Buckley, USA
  lic. 7/23/1908; md 7/25/1908 at Unadilla, NY by Arthur Holmes,minister
  Wit: Minnie A. Holmes - Evelyn L. Holmes
  Consent: arah Lamphere, mother; Olive O. & Horace P. Coloney, parents

139  ELWOOD, Everett S., 27; Starkville, NY; teacher; Starkville, NY;
    Philip H.Elwood, America & Alise V. Dolan, America
  WHITE, Olive Louise, 25; Sprout Brook; teacher; Sprout Brook;
    Chas. L. White, America & Margaret Allen, America
  lic. 6/24/1908; md 7/1/1908 at Sprout Brook by A. Clapper, minister
  Wit: Lewis J. Elwood - Ruth M. White

140  WASHBURN, Frank, 36; Otego; famer; Morris, NY;
    Isaac Washburn, NYS & Ida Bishop, NYS
  ADAMS, Allie, 19; Otego; none; Lordville, NY;
    Wallie Adams, NYS & Almeada Griffin, NYS
  lic. 7/9/1908; md 7/9/1908 at Otego by J. Rutson Thorpe, Justice of the peace
  Wit: Levertt Spencer - C. C. (Cosmer?)

141  KIBBY, Warren J., 31; Utica, Ny; teacher; Dover, NY;
    F. Fredericks*, US & Clara Myers, US
  KINNE, Marion Lucy, 34; Richfield Springs, NY; none; Richfield Springs, NY;
    Guy C. M. Kinne, US & Maria J. St. John, US
  lic. 7/27/1908; md 7/29/1908 at Richfield Springs by Edmond G. Ransom, clergyman
  Wit: Geo. D. Caney & Laura F. Canery (one seemed to have r & other didn't)
 * Father's name name written as F. Fredericks; unclear if his last name
was Kibby or if he was a step-father.

142  SLOAN, Clyde A., 24; Morris, NY; merchant; Hartwick, NY;
    Edward M. Sloan, US & Lucinda Wilsey US
  WOODARD, Grace R., 22; Morris, NY; ----; Ketchum, NY;
    Schuyler L Woodard, US & Minnie Willimas, US
  lic. 7/14/1908; md 7/15/1908 at Morriis by Geo. H. Sterling, priest
  Wit: Mrs. S. L. Woodard - E. M. Sloan

143  LOWN, Andrew, 28; Oneonta, NY; railroad fireman, Downsville, NY;
    Herman Lown, US & Bertha Price, US
  HOUGHTALING, Anna L. H., 17; Morris; housekeeper; Unadilla, NY;
    John Houghtaling, US & Carrie McMullen, --
  lic. 7/9/1908; md 7/9/1908 at Morris by W.J. Tower, minister
  Wit: E. E. Carpenter

144  ARMSTRONG, Jay, 22; Mt. Vision, butcher; Mt.Vision;
    Edward Armstrong, Mt. Vision, NY & Alice Hunt, Mt. Vision, NY
  FIERNEY, Catherine, 17; Mt.l Vision, none, NYC;
    John Fierney, Canada & Alace Horan, Gilboye
  lic. 7/25/1908; md 7/25/1908 at Hartwick by F. E. Gaige, clergyman
  Wit: A. D. Nichols - Mrs. A. D. Nichols
  Consent: Mrs. Alice Harrington, mother of Catherine

145  LAKE, Deuel, 24; Oneonta, NY; bookeeper; Mt. Vision, NY;
    Wm. A. Lake, Otsego Co. & De Etta Deuel, Otsego Co.
  REYNOLDS, Blanche B., 22; Oneonta, piano instructor; Luthernville, NY;
    Milton D. Reynolds, Davenport, NY & Elizabeth A. Baldwin, Worcester,NY  
lic. 7/17/1908; md 7/28/1908 at Oneonta by T. G. Dickinson, clergyman
  Wit: Bruce L. Hall - Maude G. Lake
146  THORNBURN, William, Jr., 28, Washington, D.C., machinist, Carlile,
        Wm. Thornburn, Eng. & Margarett Towvien, Eng.
  EVANS, Nellie C., 24; Oneonta, NY; clerk; Oneonta, NY;
        Tanner Evans, Davenport & Mary Spear, Sch. Co.
  lic. 7/13/1908; md 7/14/1908 at Oneonta by Chas. R. Pendleton,
  Wit: --------------

147  WHEELER, Homer G., 40; Bloomville, NY; carpenter; Bloomville, NY;
        Martin H. Wheeler, Sch. Co. & Luthera R. McCarthur, Sch. Co.
  FIGGER, Elizabeth A., 34, 2d, wid.; Oneonta, NY; housekeeper; Ireland;

        Thomas McNeilly, Ireland & Agnes Craig, Ireland
  lic. 7/3/1908; md 7/4/1908 at Oneonta by T. G. Dickinson, clergyman
  Wit: David McNeilly - Lillian McKee

148  GRIFFIN, Charles Stanley, 53, 2d, wid.; Brookfield, NY; farmer; New Haven, Conn.;
        Kirtland Griffin, US & Charlotte Nichols, US
  TOWNE, Florence V., 40, West Edmeston, -, Mobile, Alabama;
        Paul A Towne, US & Mary S. Campbell, US
  lic. 8/3/1908; md 8/5/1908 at West Edmeston by M. H. Blackman, clergyman
  Wit: Paul R. Towne - Carrie C. Towne

149  COSGROVE, Edward J., 38; Oneonta, NY; traveling salesman; The
                Corner, NY;
        John Cosgrove, Ireland & Katherine Fagan, --
  RITZER, Frances E., 28; Oneonta, NY; clerk; Utica, NY;
        John Ritzer, Lewis Co., NY & Margaret Fleshmans, Germany
  lic. 6/27/1908; md 6/29/1908 at Oneonta, NY by John S. McCathy, R. Catholic priest
  Wit: Fred S. Howe - Mary E Reeder

150  GRAHAM, Frank S., 21; Worcester, NY; laborer; Worcester, NY;
            Chas. Graham, U. States & Malvina Henry, U. States
  BORST, Delia L., 16; Worcester, NY; lives at home; Schoharie Co., NY;
        Hiram Borst, U. States & Alice B.Coons, U. States
  lic. 7/18/1908; md 7/18/1908 at Worcester, NY by J. A. Cubberly, minister
  Wit: Viola G. Cubberly - Mabelle Cubberly
  Consent: Hiram Borst & Alice B.Borst, parents

151  LECHEVET, Claude R., 21; Oaksville; jeweler; Oaksville;
            Frank Lechevet, Otsego Co., NY & Esther Ellsworth, US
  NEWELL, Genevive J., 20; Mt. Visoin; none; Mt. Vision;
           Frank Newell, Otsego Co., NY & Lavantie Marlett, US
  lic. 8/24/1908; md 8/24/1908 at Mt. Vision, NY by R. F. Lesh, minister

  Wit: F. E. Lechevet - Marlotta S. Newell

152  MUSSON, D. Frederick, 22; Butternuts; farmer; Butternuts;
        Enos J. Musson, Butternuts, NY & Louise Soles, Butternuts
  DANIELS, Lucy, 26; Butternuts; -; New Lisbon, NY;
        Albert Daniels, Otsego Co., NY & Alice Gregory, Otsego Co., NY
  lic. 8/4/1908; md 8/5/1908 at Butternuts, NY by F. B. Johnson, clergyman
  Wit: Mabel Hendrix - Florence M. Hendrix

153  WEBSTER, Elmer J.33; Grand Gorge, NY; laborer; Trout Creek, NY;
        Joseph Webster, USA & Priscilla Rill, USA
  COX, Flora B., 22; Butternuts, NY -, Butternuts, NY;
        Louis C. Cox, Butternuts, NY & Emma P.Briggs, White Store, NY
  lic. 8/3/1908; md 8/3/1908 at Butternuts, NY - F. B. Johnson, clergyman
  Wit: John R. Miller & Mary E. Miller

154  BRIGHAM, Russell Elmer, 30; Oneonta; jeweler; Bradford, Pa.;
        Clarence E. Brigham, Pa. State & Ophelia Bourne, Pa. State
  BLAKELY, Sarah Elizabeth, 22; Otego; none; Otego;
        Edwin Blakely, nys & Mary Stuart, nys
  lic. 8/25/1908; md 8/25/1908 at Otego, NY by J. C. Russell, clergyman
  Wit: Edwin Blakely & Mary Blakely

155  CONNER, Christopher C, 30; Otego; merhcant; Lakesville;
        Peter Conner, Ireland & Phoebe Jane Smith, nys
  FULLER, Georgia May, 23; Otego; none; Blairstown, NJ;
        V. S. Fuller, Susquehanna, Pa. & Ruzilla Johnson, New Jersa
  lic. 8/19/1908; md 8/19/1908 at Otego, NY by Willard H. Alger, clergyman
  Wit: Mabelle Fuller - F. A. Squire

156  HALL, Charles, 53, 3d, wid.; Otego; farmer; Windsor, NY;
        Erastus Hall, nys & Fanny Farnum, unknown
  REYNOLDS, Alzima E., 55; Otego; none; Tompkins, Del. Co.;
        Jacob Reynolds, nys & Betsey Faraway, nys
  lic. 5/24/1908; md 8/25/1908 at West Oneonta, NY by Melville C.Miner, clergyman
  Wit: Carrie B. Gardner - Cornelia H. Miller

157  BUNDY, Raymond L., 21; Otego; carpenter; Otego, NY;
        Geo. D. Bunday (sic), nys & Eva Loomis, nys
  BROWN, Daisy S., 19; Otego; none; Otego, NY;
        S. A. Brown, nys & Rose Sheldon, nys
  lic. 8/21/1908; md 8/26/1908 at Otego, NY by A. H.C824 Bliss, minister

  Wit: Lee Bundy - Sara L. Emmons

158 HODGE, Albertg, 55, 2d, wid.; Arena, NY; laborer; Reedburn, NY;
        Edward A. Hodge, US & Jaen Foote, US
  UTTER, Sarah J., 27; 2d, wid.; Elk Creek, NY; housekeeper; Delhi, NY;
        Oliver Shaul, US & Mary Shelby, US
  lic. 8/21/1908; md 8/22/1908 at Elk Creek, NY by Egbert Kilpatrick, clergyman
  Wit: Mrs. Fred Palmatier

159  McDANIEL, Lanson, 61, 2d, wid.; Connelsville, Pa.; poultryman;
        Daniel McDaniel, US & Eliza Green, US
  RIDER, Joanna, 53, 2d, wid.; Maryland, NY; housekeeper; Otego, NY;
        Freeman W. Edson, US & Sally Sheldon, US
  lic. 8/2/1908; md 8/21/1908 at Maryland, NY by J. T. McKown, Justice of the
  Wit: Mrs. J. T. McKown

160  KING, Edward Ignatius, 29; Hartwick; hop buyer; Hartwick;
        Patrick King, Ireland &  Kiley, Ireland
  MURPHY, Anna E., 29; Cooperstown; -; Cooperstown;
        Daniel Murphy, Ireland &  Lynch, Ireland
  lic. 7/31/08; md 8/5/1908 at Cooperstown, NY by Francis X. King,
  Wit: Margaret A. Murphy & Wm. P. King

161  BRADLEY, Wallace M., 20; Charleston Cor.; farmer; Caryle;
        Marsahll Bradley, US & Carrie, US
  WINNIE, Ann, 17; Cooperstown; -; Cooperstown;
        Edwin Winnie, US &  Mahan, US
  lic8/20/1908; md 8/20/1908 at Cooperstown, NY by Burton L. Hess,
  Wit: Pearl Mahan - James Winnie
  Consent: Marshall J. Bradley, father - Edgar Winnie, father

162  FRANCIS, Guy, 22; Cooperstown, chauffeur; East Springfield;
        Chas. Francis, US & McLean, US
  ELLSWORTH, Reva, 21; Cooperstown; -; Burlington;
        Sandford, US & Donaldson, --
  lic. 6/15/1908; md 8/26/1908 at Cooperstown, NY by J. H. Littell, clergyman
  Wit: Lee A. Francis - Cha. A. Francis

163  McCOOK, Philip James, 35; NY City; lawyer; US;
        John J. McCook, US & Butler, US
  BROWN, Jeane Russell A., 27; Cooperstown; -; US;
        Philip A. H. Brown, US & Carter, US
  lic. 8/8/1908; md 9/2/1908 at Cooperstown, NY by Ralph Birdsall,clergyman
  Wit: Grace E. Brown - John B. McCook

164  ELDRED, Everett, 29; Laurens; farmer; Laurens;
        Samuel Eldred, US & Brownell, US
  WELCH, Ida M, 18; Town of New Lisbon, Mt. Vision PO; housekeeper;
        Wm. C. Welch, US & Emma Platt, US
  lic.  8/4/1908; md 8/26/1908 at Oneonta by T. G. Dickinson, clergyman
  Wit: Jesse C.Welch - Mary E. Welch

165  FAHS, Ellis Ivan, 21; York, Pa.; painter; York, Pa.;
        W. M. Fahs, USA & Ida Nemg-h*, USA
  BROOMHOWER, Nellie May, 20; Unadilla, NY; teacher; East Sidney, NY;
        G. H. Broomhower, USA & Eva Herkimer, USA
  lic. 8/28/1908; md 8/30/1908 at Unadilla by Arthur E. Holmes, minister

  Wit: Geo. B. Broomhower - Ada Broomhower
   * spelled exactly like on record

166  IRONS, Emmet M., 67, 1st, wid.; Hartwick, NY; merchant; Hartwick,
        Asie Irons, Hartwick & Abigail M. Roberts, Otsego
  TOWVELL, Addie Louise, 59, 3d, wid.; Hartwick, NY; housewook; Auburn;
        John Henry Swift, Auburn & Rachell Emeline Baldwin, Venice
  lic. 9/2/1908; md 9/2/1908 at Hartwick by A. J. Cook, minister of the
  Wit: Lavinia C. Cook - Ellen A. Murdock

167  WOODCOCK, John I, 47; Milford, farmer, Westford, NY;
        Isaac Woodcock, Otsego & Lydia Tubbs, Otsego
  DOWNING, Della S., 37; Milford; Stenographer; Morris Town;
        Delmar Saxton, Otsego & Mary Hawver, Otsego*
  lic. 8/18/1908; md 8/20/1908 at Otego by Willard H. Alger, minister
  Wit: Mrs. Willard H. Alger - Carrie B. Alger
   *record says 1 time married.  Father's surname is Saxton; unclear if
        or if she was previously married.

168  FOLAND, Homer, 21; Dorloo; Schoharie Co., NY; farmer; Dorloo, NY;
        Henry Foland; U. States & Hattie Fredenburg, U. States
  BENNETT, Lola J., 21; Worcester, NY; none; Worcester, NY;
        Warren Bennett, U. States & Mary Borwn, U. States
  lic. 8/17/1908; md 8/19/08 at Worcester by Rev. C. J. Schultz, minister
  Wit: Mary Bennett - Mrs. G. W. Gage

169  DIEFENDORF, Parmer, 65, ed, wid., Worcester, NY; mechanic;
                Middlefield, NY;
            Daniel G Diefendorf, U. States & A. Hackney, U. States
  FERRIS, Hattie A., 58, 2d, wid.; Worcester; dressmaker; Conn.;
        Hiram Canfield-U. States & Caroine Fitch, U. States
  lic. 9/2/1908; md 9/3/1908 at East Worcester by W. S. Adams, Pastor
  Wit: Grace L. G. Shillman - Georgia A. Adams
170  BURRITT, John W., 70, 1st, wid.; Burlington; farmer; NY;
            Wm. Burritt, ny & Sarah Burritt, Eng.
  COLE, Lucy L., 60, 1st, wid.; Burlington Flats; housekeeper;
        Noah C. Loomis, ny & Maria Weach, Conn.
  lic. 8/18/1908; md 8/19/1908 at Burlington Flats by Rev. G. E.
Winegard, minister
  Wit: Mrs. M. K. Hume - Mrs. G. E. Winegard

171  FOWLER, Clark G., 25; East Springfield; cheesemaker; East
        Geo. E. Fowler, America & Augusta Grey, America
  SNYDER, Ida L., 24; Middlefield Ctr.; none; Middlefield, Ctr.;
        Alfred P. Snyder, America & Regina Van Patten, America
  lic. 8/6/1908; md 8/12/1908 at Richfield Spa by Raymond W. Ferguson, minister
  Wit: Alfred P. Snyder - Mrs. A. P. Snyder

172  SAXTON, Theron C., 21; Middlefield; farmer; Middlefield;
            Geo. Saxton, America & Cora Thayer, America
  RACE, Effie, 24; Middelfield; linotype operator; Middlefield;
        Frank Race, America & Jennie Smith, America
  lic. 8/13/1908; md 8/19/1908 at Cooperstown by Ralph Birdsall,
  Wit: Walter Race - Emma Race

173  ELLIOTT, Lynn, 20; Morris; farmer; Morris, NY;
            Geo. Elliott, Jr, US & May Keith, US
  LIGHT, Sarah A., 23; Morris, NY; school teacher; Morris, NY;
        Chas. C. Light; US & Sarah Morse, US
  lic. 8/14/1908; md 8/15/1908 at Mt. Upton, Chenango Co. by M. Hunter
      Reid, minister
  Wit: Addie H. Reid - Lawson Reid
  Consent: Geo. Elliott, Mrs. Geo. Elliott, parents

174  BUDLONG, Thomas C., 24; Oneonta, NY; mail carrier; Utica, NY;
        Willis A. Budlong, ny & Addy Thomas, Holland Patent, NY
  CLINTON, Edith J., 24; Oneonta, NY; none; Portlandville, NY;
        Sidney A. Clinton, Index, NY & Auna Dinigman, Oneonta, NY
  lic. 8/21/1908; md 8/29/1908 at Oneonta by T. G. Dickinson, clergyman
  Wit: Fred S. Gunther - Mary H. Burpee

175  WHIPPLE, Clyde R., 19; Oneonta; farmer; Davenport, NY;
            Fred Whipple, Greene Co., NY & Nettie Rowland, Davenport, NY

  COE, Lena M., 17; Oneonta, NY; clerk; Davenport, NY;
        Wilson E. Coe, Meredith, NY & Minnie A. Fraver, Afton, NY
  lic. 8/11/1908; md 8/26/1908 at Oneonta by Chas. S. Pendleton,
  Wit: Blanche E. Salisbury - Hazel D. Burrows
  Consent: Fred Whipple, Nettie Whipple parents; Wm. Coe, Minnie Coe,

176  CARSTENSEN, George W., 28; Oneonta, NY; machinist; Herk. Co., NY;
            Jonas Carstensen, Herk. Co., NY & Jennie Walrath, nys
  GARDNER, Hattie E., 24; Oneonta, NY; none; Oneonta, NY;
        James Gardner, Eng. & Alice Nelson, Burlington, NY
  lic. 8/7/1908; md 8/12/1908 at Oneonta by Edw. S. Barkdull, Priest, Rector St. James
  Wit: Logan J. Marcley - Alice M. Gardner

177  MURRAY, Warren A., 27; Oneonta, NY; engineeer R.R.; Philadelphia,
            James Murray, Pa & "do not know"
  MATTHEWS, Cecelia, 22; Friendsville, Pa.; none; Friendsville, Pa.;
        Burnard Matthews, Pa. & Bridget Madden, Warren, Pa.
  lic. 8/4/1908; md 8/12/1908 at Oneonta by Rev. John S. McCarthy, Roman
  Catholic Priest
  Wit: Leo J. Simth - Miss Irene Cecila Lally Smith

178  HILSINGER, Leon, 30; Oneonta, NY; fireman; Laurens, NY;
            Harmon D. Hilsinger, nys & Ella S. Thomas, nys
  MURRIAN, Josie, 21; Patterson, NJ; none; Austin, Pa;
        James Murrian, Sull. Co., NY & Jospehine Smith, Eng.
  lic. 8/7/1908; md 8/7/1908 at Oneonta by Chas. S. Pendleton, minister
  Wit: Mrs. E. L. Dunbar - Marian E. Pendleton

179  McLAURY, G. Gillespie, 49; Hot Springs, No. Carolina; carpenter;
                Meredith, Del. Co.;
         Robt. McLaury, US & Mary Jackson, US
  HOBBIE, Lillian, 41; Hot Springs, No. Carolina; teaching; Delhi,
Del.Co., NY;
        J. Knapp Hobbie, US & Jane Gilchrist, Scotland
  lic. 8/1/1908; md 8/5/1908 at Oneonta by W. G. Robb, clergyman
  Wit: Margaret H. McLaury - Julia E. Phillips

180  STREETER, Richard L., 21; Elmira, NY; bridgeman; Athens, Pa.;
            Edward Streeter, Bradford, Pa. & Lillie Burney, Ulster, Pa.
  LOYST, Janet G., 21; Ardendale, Canada; dressmaker; Ardendale, Canada;

        Simeon Loyst, Canada & Unis Boomhouse, Canada
  lic. 8/2/1908; md 8/2/1908 at Oneonta by T. Gifford Dickinson,
  Wit: Helen P. Dickinson - Elizabeth Dickinson

181  AIKENS, Fred H., 21; Oneonta, NY; clerk; Oneonta, NY;
            Fred H. Aikens, nys & Anna R. Beach, Otsego Co., NY
  SMITH, Elizabeth M., 21; Oneonta, NY; silk weaver; Davenport Ctr., NY;

        Willard W. Smith, US & Fanny M. Croft, Davenport, NY
  lic. 8/22/1908; md 8/25/1908 at Oneonta by T. G. Dickinson, clergyman
  Wit: Lena Dickinson - Elizabeth Dickinson

182  GARDNER, Leon, 23; Otswada; fireman, Otswada;
            Darius Gardner, New Lisbon, NY & Jennie Cornell, West
  BOYD, Lena E., 18; West Laurens, NY; none; West Laurens;
        Dell Boyd, nys & Jennie Webster, nys
  lic. 8/12/1908; md 9/1/1908 at West Laurens by M. Hunter Reid,
  Wit: Fred Webster - Levi W. Hay - Walter Gardner

183  GARDNER, Walter C., 21; Otswada, NY; farmer; Otswada;
            Darius Gardner, New Lisbon, NY & Jennie Cornell, West
  McKNIGHT, Martha J., 21; Otsdawa; none; Oneonta, NY;
        Isaac McKnight, Ireland & Jennie Copeman, Ireland
  lic. 9/7/1908; md 9/23/1908 at Laurens, NY by Melville C. Miner,
  Wit: Leon Gardner - Lena Gardner

184  NELSON, Leonard Bishop, 20; Cherry Valley; stone cutter; Herkimer;
            Henry E. Nelson, America & Mary Amelia Bishop, America
  AUSTIN, Agnes Elizabeth, 26; Cherry Valley; housekeeper; Cherry
        John C. Austin, America & Elizabeth Agnes Hoese, America
  lic. 8/22/1908; md 9/23/1908 at Little Falls, Herk. Co. by Chas. E. S.
  Wit: Mary E. Dolan - Lottie G. Haskins
  Consent: Henry E. Nelson - Mary A. Nelson

185  VAN PATTEN, Howard D., 21; Middlefield; farmer; Middlefield;
            Leon Van Patten, America & Amelia Wicks, America
  BOWEN, Josephine D., 26; Middlefield; none; Kansas;
        Edwin Bowen, America & Minna Berks, America
  lic. 9/26/1908; md 9/30/1908 at Cooperstown by Cyrus W. Negus,
  Wit: Gertrude W. Bowen - Samuel A. Bowen

186  ROBERTS, Richmond, 26; Schenectady; E. Engineer; New Haven;
        Robt. Roberts, Wales & Pool, England
  MILLS, Caroline, 28; Cooperstown; Schenevus; -; John, US & Chase, US
  lic. 9/6/1908; md 9/12/1908 at Cooperstown by G. A. Rathbun, clergyman

  Wit: Sarah A. Poole - Rufus C. Mills

187  TENNANT, Clermonte Getman, 28; Cooperstown, lawyer; Richfield Spa.;

            Albert C., US & Getman, US
  BUNDY, Florence, 23; Cooperstown; -; Cooperstown;
        Edwin S., US & Dennison, --
  lic. 8/19/1908; md 9/5/1908 at Cooperstown by Ralph Birdsall,
  Wit: Adelia Bundy - Edwin S. Bundy

188  NORTHRUP, Lawrence Leslie, 23; Morris, NY; saw mill hand;
            Clark R. Northrup, US & Flavilla E. Reynolds, US
  GOLDSMITH, Ella Naomi, 20; Morris, NY; housekeeper; Unadilla, NY;
        Joseph Dunshee, US & Mary Louise Goldsmith, US
  lic. 9/26/1908; md 9/29/1908 at Morris by Fred H. Watkins, clergyman
  Wit: G. W. Barnes - Jessie E. Barnes

189  CLANCY, Daniel, 24; Geneso; valet; Geneso;
            Daniel, US & Fitzpatrick, US
  CHAMPLION, Louise, 20; Cooperstown; -; Pelham;
        Lester, US & Galligan, Ireland
  lic. 8/15/1908; md 8/15/1908 at Cooperstown by Thomas A. Early, R. C.
  Wit: James Burton - Mary Early

190  MORDELL, Carl Hilder, 24; New York City; civil engineer; Stamford,
            Carl Mordell, Sweden & Amanday Hermanson, Sweden
  BIRDSALL, Maud Lorena, 24; Otego; teacher; Otego, NY;
        Daniel Birdsall, nys & Lucy Barney, nys
  lic. 9/15/1908; md 9/17/1908 at Otego by Bryice K. Douglas, minister
  Wit: Wm. Barney - Helen Barney

191  FENNS, Ceylon C., 42; Fly Creek; farmer, nys;
            James Ferns, US & Cheney, US
  LELAND, Irene S., 26, 2d, wid.; Fly Creek; -; Jersey City;
        Jas. Sheperd*, US & Krewolf, US
  lic. 9/4/19008; md 9/14/1908 at Fly Creek by H. N. VanDeusen, minister

  Wit: Julia Van Deusen Genger - Addie B. Shepherd*
  * one spelled without "h" and one with "h"

192  KRASHAM, Francis J., 40; Cooperstown; laborer; Cooperstown;
            Malachi Kraham, Ireland & Mallory, Ireland
  GOULD, Annie, 35; Cooperstown; -; Charleston;
        James Gould, Maine & Miller, Charleston, Mass
  lic. 9/4/1908; md 9/5/1908 at Cooperstown by Herbert E.Kellington,
  Wit: Mrs. Wm. Kellington - Mrs. H. E. Kellington

193  OVIATT, Phillipp, 60, 4th, div long time ago, Rockville, Canada;
Richfield Springs; laborer; nys;
            Benj. Oviatt, Germany & Lucy A. Forkner, German
  KELLEY, Katherine J., 43, 2d, wid.; Richfield Springs; houskeeper;
Troy, Pa.;
        John Murray, Ireland & Eliza Keif, Irland
  lic. 8/12/1908; md 8/12/1908 at Richfield Springs by Wm. T. Welden,
Justice of the Peace
  Wit: Hudson G. Wilke - James Leonard

194  EDICK, John, 19; Richfield Springs; clerk; Mohawk, NY;
            Henry W. Edick, nys & Alice Gammel, nys
  RAYMOND, Pearl B., 22, 2d, div marr anualled 2/26/1908 Cooperstown;
                Richfield Springs; finisher in mill; Worcester, NY;
        Geo. W. Raymond, Penna. & Alice W. Cole, Richmondville, NY
  lic. 8/19/1908; 8/25/1908 at Richfield Springs byi Raymond H.
Ferguson, minister
  Wit: Ross Barringer - Gelzna E. Edick
  Consent: Henry W. Edick - Alice Edick

195  BECKER, Conrad L., 39, 2d, wid.; Syracuse, NY; musician; Newark,
            Conrad L Becker, Germany & Mary Lopp, Germany
  AMES, Sara A., 28 1/2; Richfield, NY; musician; nys;
        Chas. Ames, nys & Rhoda Catlin, nys
  lic. 8/11/1908; md 8/11/1908 at Brighton by Raymond H. Ferguson,
  Wit: E. M. Ames - Katharine M. Ames

196  VOIGHT, August Lewis, 23; Richfied Springs; clerk; Hobenken, NJ;
            John A. Voight, Germany & Emily Brookhoff, US
  MULLIGAN, Lucy Beatrice, 18; Richfield Springs; dressmaker; Richfield
        Thos. Mulligan, Ireland & Catherine Derkin, US
  lic. 10/2/1908; 10/5/1908 at Richfield Springs by A. J. Kelly, priest
  Wit: Harry Dibble - Margaret Sitts

197  DOUGLASS, James H., 34; Davenport, NY; farmer; Kortright, NY;
            Joseph Douglass, US & Mary Campbell, US
  CASS, Georgia A., 31; Schenvus, NY; housekeeper; Wilkes Barre, Pa.;
        Anson B. Cass, US & Frances Tuttle, US
  lic. 9/23/1908; md 9/23/1908 at Schenvus by Egbert Kilpatrick,
  Wit: A. B. Cass - Mrs. A. B. Cass

198  JUDD, Herman, 28; Worcester, NY; farmer; Stamford, NY;
            Eben Judd, US & Mattie Dibble, US
  WILCOX, Ethel, 22; Schenevus, NY; teacher; Summit, NY;
        Frank Wilcox, US & Emma Wagner, US
  lic. 9/5/1908; md 9/6/1908 at Westford by Joel Martin, Phd., Methodist
  Wit: Norman Baldwin - Mrs. Norman Baldwin

199  PITTSLEY, Clayton, 19; Maple Grove; farmer; Rockdale, NY;
            Frank Pittsley, nys & Ella Rodgers, nys
  SUTTON, Ruby, 21; Otego; none; Otego;
        James Sutton, nys & Susan Card, nys
  lic. 9/25/1908; md 9/28/1908 at West Oneonta by Rev. Wm. Case,
  Wit: Arthur Hovey
  Consent: Mrs. F. E. Pittsley - Mrs. F. E. Pittsley

200  LOUGH, George W., 28; Bayonne, NJ; chemist; nys;
            Geo. Lough, nys & Charloot (Charlotte?) Whitwell, nys
  SMITH, Jessie Lucinda, 26; Otego; none; nys;
        Pierre Smith, nys & Velma Sherman, nys
  lic. 9/3/1908; md 9/3/1908 at Otego by Rev. Willard H. Alger, minister
of the gospel
  Wit: Velma M. Smith - J. Lynn Barnard
201 BURDICK, Frederick, 39, 2, wid.; Portlandville; station agent; town
                 Luther Burdick, ny & Lydia ---, ny
  RICHARDS, Carrie, 30; Decatur; lady;
                 Geo. Richards, ny & Rebecca ---, ny
  lic. 9/5/1908; md 9/6/1908 at Decatur by Robert S. Austin, clergyman
  Wit: Geo. Richards - Mrs. Robert E. Austin

202 HICKLING, Murray John, 26; Edmeston; farmer; Edmeston, NY;
                 Fred Hickling, us & Adie Colegrove, ny
  CARD, Elizabeth J., 28; Edmeston; --; Troupsburg, NY;
                 Rufus J. Card, US & Agnes M. Colegrove, US
  lic. 10/3/1908; md 10/3/1908 at Edmeston by Enoch Powell, clergyman
  Wit: Dorr Hickling - Rosamond Hickling

203 PAGE, Earl E., black, 28; Unadilla; laborer; Unadilla;
                Joseph Page, USA & Sarah Eaton, USA
  WHITE, Katherine MORE, white, 21; Unadilla; housework; Scranton, Pa.;
                Robert MOORE, USA & Mary Rogers, USA
  lic 9/12/1908; md 9/20/1908 at Unadilla by S. Lee Whitman, clergyman
  Wit: Nellie Connor - Belle Chapman

204 SCOTT, Thomas, 43, 1st marr, widow; Burlington, farmer, England;
                Thomas Scott, Eng. & Brevery (only one name), Eng.
  REA, Sarah, 42; Burlington,; housekeeper; Burlington;
                Wm. Rea, Eng. & --- Porter, America
  lic. 9/19/1908; md 9/24/1908 at Burlington by Rev. T. S. Kiltz
  Wit: Mrs. R. W. Stanhouse - R. W. Stanhouse

205 FINK, Hiram K., 23; Oneonta; farmer; Blenheim, NY;
                Ansker (Ausker?) H. Fink, Blenheim, NY & Alice V.
Winnie, Blenheim
  CHURCHILL, Edith L., 35, 2d, wid.; Oneonta, NY; housewook;
                    Buhanan Co., Mich;
                Jerome B. Francisco, Blenheim, NY & Eliza Ana Wililams,
Oxford, NY
  lic. 9/11/1908; md 9/11/1908 at Oneonta by Chas. S. Pendleton,
  Wit: Minnie R. Pendleton

206 BASTOW, Elwood T., 27; Hoosick Falls, NY; traffic manager;
                    Philadlephia, Pa;
         Chas. Bastow, East Troy, Wis. & Eve Smith, Williamstown, Minn
  BEDFORD, Emma G., 30; Oneonta, NY; none; Oneonta, NY;
        Hagerman C. Bedford, Franklin, NY & Marietta Fletcher, East
Guilford, NY
  lic. 8/15/1908; md 9/12/1908 at Oneonta by T. G. Dickinson, clergyman
  Wit: O. W. Fletcher - Ella U. Bard

207 SHAVER, John W., 35; Oneonta; hotelkeeper; Coles Grove, NY;
                James R. Shaver, Coles Grove, NY & Helen M. Hitt, Coles
Grove, NY
  YOUNG, Frances, 23; Oneonta, NY; none; Rileyville, Pa;
                Steven, D. Young, Pa & Emily S.Coddington, Pa
  lic. 9/29/1908; md 9/29/1908 at Oneonta by R. C. Russell, clergyman
  Wit: Eda Sears Russell

208 MAROLO, Cuisepo, 21; Oneonta, NY; laborer; Italy;
                Macho Marolo, Italy & Auvuo(?) Tisiata, Italy
  CIRILLO, Amuziato, 20; Oneonta, NY; dressmaker; Italy;
                Savattoro Cirillo, Italy & Rafasellai Vitolo, Italy
  lic. 9/26/1908; md 9/27/1908 at Oneonta, NY by Rev. John S. McCarthy,
                    Catholic priest
  Wit: Angelo Masse - Consiglia Paolino

209 BUGBEE, Ralph E., 25; Oneonta, NY; clerk; Milford, NY;
                Edward W. Buggee, Otego,  NY & Mary E. Wykes,
  JENKS,Ella G., 25; Oneonta, NY; --; Cooperstown, NY;
                Lee Jenks, Burlington, NY & Carrie L. Patton, Fly Creek,
  lic. 9/28/1908; md 9/20/1908 at Oneonta by U. S. Melburn, clergyman
  Wit: Alice J. Dinsmore - Frank H. Evans

210 MALADY, John J., 26; Oneonta, NY; RR Fireman; Newburgh, NY;
                Daniel Malady, US & Katherine Kalaher, Kingston, NY
  CASSIDY, Vivian, 22; Oneonta, NY; none; Oneonta, NY;
                James E Casidy, NYC & Caroline Makley, Mass
  lic. 9/29/1908; md 9/29/1908 at St. James Church by Edw. S. Barkdull,
  Wit: Catherine Cassidy - Myron Scott Morse, Jr.

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