Marriages performed
by David Cutler
Pastor of the Baptist Church of New Berlin,
Chenango County, New York 1830-1873

Transcribed & Contributed
by Sandy Goodspeed

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     The following is a record of marriages solemnized by me while living in 
the state of New York     Attest David Cutler, pastor of the Baptist Church 
of New Berlin, Chenango Co., N. Y.

#1  April 1830 
     Mr. Nathaniel FOOTE to Miss Elizabeth ANGEL, both of New Berlin, 
     Chenango Co., N.Y.
#2  March 24, 1831
     Mr. Harvey BAGG to Miss Harriet DAVIS, both of New Berlin
#3  May 8, 1831
     Mr. Benjamin MORGAN to Miss Hulda CLINTON, both of Butternuts
#4  Sep 7, 1831
     Mr. Milton WEST to Miss Mary BARRETT, both of New Berlin
#5 Oct 4, 1831
     Mr. Eli A. GAGE of (Decatur?) to Miss Mary JUDSON, of New Berlin
#6 Oct 24, 1831
     Mr. Eli PHELPS of New Berlin, to Miss Zilphpa GATES, of Otego
#7 Dec 5, 1831
     Mr. Nathan COLE of Edmeston, Otsego Co., to Miss Lemira HENDERSON 
     of Columbus, Chenango Co.
#8  Jan 1, 1832
     Mr. John MILLS to Miss ----- WILCOX, both of New Berlin
#9  Feb 15, 1832
     Mr. Lewis F. TOBY to Miss Emilin L. JACOBS, of New Berlin
#10  June 3, 1832
     Mr. James THOMAS to Miss Hilda CHAPIN, of Pittsfield
#11 June 7, 1832
     Mr. Leman GARLIC of Masonville, to Miss Mary DAVIS, of Butternuts
#12  June 24, 1832
     Mr. NICHOLS to Widow Sally HIMES of New Berlin.
     NOTE Sally was widow of Rev. Paul Himes
#13  June 29, 1832
     Mr. Mager MILLARD to Miss Mary CHOLLAN of Butternuts
#14  Oct 18, 1832
     Mr. Amasa AVERY of Edmeston to Miss Betsey DYE of New Berlin
#15  Jan 2, 1833
     Mr. Lewis LINZY of New Berlin to Miss ----- TOBY of Butternuts.
#16  Sept 1, 1833
     Dr. Daniel KNOWLS of Butternuts to Miss Eliza CRANDALL of New -----
#17  Dec 29, 1833
     Daniel O. CHURCH of New Berlin, to Miss Sally -----
#18 Feb 1834
     Mr. William BAKEN (Baker?) to Miss Em CHURCH, both of Pittsfield
#19  Apr 20, 1834
     Mr. Benjamin TOBY, of New Berlin, to Miss E. WOOD, of Butternuts
#20  June 5, 1834
     Mr. Orrin CARLTON of Pittsfield to Miss Orvilla BENNETT also of Plainfield
#21  June 8, 1834
     Mr. Jeremiah PAGE, Columbus, to Miss Polly CARPENTER, of Pitts-----
#22  July 1, 1834
     Mr. Sam. B. BEACH, esqr. To Miss Martha BATES, of Butternuts
#23  Oct 16, 1834
     Mr. L. HARPER, New Berlin, to Miss E. BABCOCK
#24  Nov 12, 1834
     Mr. Job D. POPE, Butternuts, to Miss Ererline KNOWLS
#25  Dec 2, 1835
     Mr. Nathan MILLARD, Butternuts, to Miss Sarah Jane CUTLER, of New 
#26  Mar 3, 1836
     Mr. Isaac Willard CUTLER, New Berlin, to Miss Lydia GATES, Ote----
#27  Apr 24, 1836
    Mr. Smith HAWKINS, Burlington, to Miss Lydia GARDNER, also of Burlington
#28  Sep 17, 1836
     Mr. Almer HARRINGTON, Burlington, to Miss E. HOPKINS, Edmeston
#29  Feb 9, 1837
     Mr. Charles BURLINGHAM, Edmeston, to Miss Abigail ROBINSON, all 
     of Edmeston
#30  Mar 26, 1837
     Mr. Curtis O. PRESTON to Miss Artemetia CHASE, both of Edmeston
#31  Aug 31, 1837
     Mr. Joseph TOLBERT, Edmeston, to Miss Lucretia REMIS, of Edmes---
#32  Oct 4, 1837
     Mr. Nathaniel BOLTON, Burlington, to Miss Tabithy CUSHMAN,    "
#33  Dec 3, 1837
     Mr. Elisha DAY, Burlington, to Miss Sindrilla HUNTINGTON
#34  Dec 16, 1837
     Mr. Samuel BUTLER, Burlington, to Miss Levina HUNLING, also of 
#35  Mar 13, 1838
     Mr. Matthew BURDIC, Edmeston, to Miss Mary LATHROP, of Edmeston
#36  Aug 16, 1838
     Mr. Demis ROBINSON, Edmeston, to Miss Cornelia WALKER, Plainfi---
#37  Sep 23, 1838
     Mr. Walter BATES, Edmeston, to Miss Marilla PRESTON, of Burlington
#38  Oct 11, 1838
     Mr. John LATHROP, Edmeston, to Miss Susan TRIP, also of Edme---
#39  Nov 1, 1838
     Rev. Timothy DARLING, of New Hampshire, to Miss Jane CUSHMAN, of 
#40  Sep 14, 1839
     Mr. Alvery BOLTON, Burlington, to Miss Nancy CHURCH, also of -----
#41  Feb 23, 1839
     Mr. Dan GRAY to Miss Ann BRANCH, both of Edmeston
#42  Mar 17, 1839
     Mr. JACKSON, New Berlin, to Miss Elmira PECK, Edmeston
#43  Mar 29, 1839
     Mr. FULTS, Butternuts, to Miss Mary BROWN, also of Butternuts
#44  Apr 3, 1839
     Mr. Jiles SUTERLAN, Burlington, to Miss Ruth SHELDON, of Bur-----
#45  no date
     Mr. Aaron NOBLE to Miss Almira DAWLY, both of Plainfield
#46  Sep 20, 1839
     Mr. Sam BRANCH, Edmeston, to Miss Sarah WILLIAMS, also of Ed----
#47  Dec 31, 1839
     Mr. Orrin MEEKER, to Miss Susan PARKER, both of Burlington
#48  Jan 1, 1840
     Mr. Orland O. GALLOP, to Miss Sally MONSON, both of Plainfield
#49  Feb 20, 1840
     Mr. John PRENTIS to Miss Lydia An MONROE, both of Burlington
#50  Feb 27, 1840
     Mr. Benjamin SUTHERLAND to Miss Orvilla BENNETT, both of Edm---
#51  Oct 16, 1840
     Mr. Alford H. WARREN, Uliser ? Tompkins Co., to Miss Lisa Li--- of 
#52  Nov 17, 1840
    Mr. Julious LINS, to Miss Sarah KELSEY, both of Burlington
#53  Dec 5, 1840
     Mr. James GAMET to Miss Harriet MOORE, both of Burlington
#54  Aug 17, 1841
     Mr. Alonzo SMITH to Miss Semantha CUTLER, both of Burlington
#55  Sept 19, 1841
     Mr. Henry MARSHALL, Oneida, Oneida Co., to Miss MELVYA, of Lenox, 
     Madison Co.
#56  Nov 25, 1841
     Mr. Eben HARRINGTON, Pittsfield, to Miss Lydia WILBER, of Burlington
#57  Nov 29,1841
     Mr. Robert GRAY to Miss Mandy LONSBURY, both of Burlington
#58  Dec 9, 1841
     Mr. Elehue WALKER, Plainfield, to Miss Harriet WOOD, Burlington
#59  Jan 30, 1842
     Mr. Charles N. BLANCHARD, Hamilton, to Miss Julia Ann HALE, of 
#60  Apr 21, 1842
     Mr. L. WHERLO, Butternuts, to Miss E. MATHERS, Edmeston
#61  not listed
#62  Nov 18 or 17, 1843
     Mr. George HOPKINS, Burlington, to Miss Anna VEBER, Edmeston
#63  Oct 9, 1844
     Mr. Hamilton BROWN, Burlington, to Miss Mary TRACY, Burlington
#64  Oct 13, 1844
     Mr. O. BENJAMIN, Flycreek, to Miss Axa Ailsworth, Edmeston
#65  Dec 30, 1844
     Mr. Samuel BROWN, to Miss Betsey PECK, both of Edmeston
#66  Dec 30, 1844
     Mr. Charles THOMPSON, to Miss Amanda BUTTON, both of Burlington
#67  Dec 17, 1845
    Mr. Calop SLAWSON, Green, Chen. Co. to Miss Hulda SPAFFORD, ----
#68  Feb 23, 1846
     Mr. J. E. HULSE, Oxford, to Miss Sarah Stanton, Green
#69  Mar 12, 1846
     Mr. Oliver HOTEN, to Miss Caroten WALKER, both of Green
#70  Apr 30, 1846
     Mr. J. DURFY to Miss Thede ENOS, both of Green
#71  Jan 8, 1847
     Mr. J. DUN, to Miss Mianda SPAFFORD, both of Green
#72  Jan 31, 1847
     Mr. Sheldon ALLIN, Delphi, Madison Co., to Miss Nancy DAVIS, of Green
#73  Feb 16, 1847
     Mr. J. MOORE, Utica, Oneida Co., to Miss Rachel BECKWITH, Gre---
#74  Feb 28, 1847
     Mr. Abraham BUDINE to Miss Polly ECKLEY, both of Green
#75  May 5, 1847
     David TEWILLS Jr., to Miss Elizabeth BEACH, both of Green
#76  Sep 8, 1847
     Mr. John A. KING and Miss Sophie BILLINGS, both of Green
#77  Nov 6, 1847
     Mr. John SIMPSON and Miss Angeline PROWTY (Prouty?), both of Green
#78  Nov 13, 1847
     Mr. Charles H. BAXTER, Smithville, Chen. Co., to Miss Sarah J. MANION, 
#79  Apr 20, 1848
     Mr. Daniel TEWILEGER to Miss Fidelles WELLS, both of Gre--
#80  June 11, 1848
     Mr. Stephen FOSGATE and Miss B. M. WEBB both from McDon----
#81  Sep 7, 1848
     Mr. Levi DUN and Miss L. C. FOSTER, both of Green
#82  Sep 21, 1848
     Mr. John W. KENYON and Miss Fanny INGLISH, both of Barker, Broome 
     Co., N.Y.
#83  Jan 1, 1849
     Mr. Oliver ROOGE and Miss Soprona CLARK, both of Smithville
#84  Feb 8, 1849
     Mr. Samuel K. CARPENTER and Miss Elizabeth L. A. HORKES, both of 
#85  Feb 10, 1849
     Mr. L. D. PHILLEY, McDonough, to Miss Clarisa EATON, of Willett, 
     Chen. Co.
#86  Mar 31, 1849
     Mr. Seamore MARTIN, McDonough, to Miss Mary F. TOWSLEY, of 
#87  Aug 12, 1849
     Mr. Sqr. M. SCOOT and Miss Mary E. NEFF, both of New Be---
#88  Nov 5, 1849
     Mr. Henry R. THOMAS and Miss Mary WALKER, both of Plain----
#89  Apr 21, 1850
     Mr. Randel E. ATWELL and Miss Mary E. CUTLER, both of ----
#90  June 5, 1850
     Mr. Alexander DEVENDOF and Miss Lucy An MINOR, both of Brookfield
#91  June 10, 1851
     Mr. John RANDALL and Miss Lory KAPEN, both of Bridgewat---
#92  Dec 8, 1851
     Mr. Alva PENNEJA and Miss Helen STANBRO, both of Plainf----
#93  Oct 2, 1852
     Mr. Wiatt H. CLARK, Brookfield, to Miss Janett STANBRO, of Plainfield
#94  Oct 26, 1852
     Mr. Benjamin F. STETSON and Miss Unice L. WATSON
#95  Sep 15, 1853
     Mr. Lelean MANNING, Utica, to Miss Eliza Jane PIERCE, Plainfi---
#96  Nov 20, 1853
     Mr. William H. WILLCOX and Miss Sarah Jane SPICER, both of Plainfield
#97  Jan 1, 1854
     Mr. Plina BREWER and Miss Elmira OTELY, both of Plainfield
#98  Mar 9, 1854
     Mr. Andrew DAVIS, of Plymouth, Chen. Co., to Miss Elizabeth WALES, 
#99  June 1, 1854
     Mr. Calvin CLARK, Brookfield, to Miss A. Delia TRIP, Plainf----
#100  June 12, 1854
     Mr. Jacob WIMPLE and Miss Sharlotte FISK, both of Plainfield
#101  June 29, 1854
     Mr. Stephen E. AVORY, Norwich, to Miss Mary E. PRATT, of Pittsfield
#102  July 20, 1854
     Mr. Edgar F. HOTSKIS, Winsor, Broom Co., to Miss Caroline ------ of 
#103  Aug 4, 1854
     Mr. Charles B. BROWN, Morris, to Wid. Mary JACKSON, Morris
#104  Aug 22, 1854
     Mr. Jonathan HILLARD and Wif. Julia SMITH, both of Plainfi----
#105  Nov 5, 1854
     Mr. COWEN and Miss Julia HOLDRIDGE, both of Plainfield
#106  Mar 11, 1855
     Mr. Hiram DRAIN and Miss Mary Jane GARLOCK, both of Starkw-----
     Herkimer Co., NY
#107  June 26, 1855
     Mr. Hiram R. COATS and Miss Mary Jane BREWER, both of Plainfield
#108  Aug 30, 1855
     Mr. John DeLANEY and Miss Mary H. DeLANCY, both of Brookfi----
#109  Jan 22, 1856
     Mr. Cromwell J. MOTT, Edmeston, to Miss Sarah C. CLARK, of Plainfield
#110  Apr 23, 1856
    Mr. G.(?) M. COLE and Miss M. E. DENISON, both of Bridgewater
#111  Oct 27, 1856
     Mr. John BABCOCK and Miss Mary Jane BAKER, both of Burlington
#112  May 26, 1857
     Mr. Davis C. JEWIT and Miss Jane M. PENDLETON, both of Brookfield
#113  Juen 11, 1857
     Mr. Sam C. BECKWITH and Miss Elvira F. BROWN, both of Brookfield
#114  June 25, 1867
     Mr. Aeziel H. WHEELER and Miss Tamason E. STILLMAN, both of 
#115  July 4, 1857
     Mr. William W. KETH and Miss Elmira D. PECK, both of Brookfield
#116  Aug 30, 1857
     Mr. John WHITE and Miss Lucy DORCHY, both of Burlington
  #117  Oct 17, 1857
     Mr. Eathan A. ALLIN, Edmeston, to Miss Eliza WEBSTER, Burli----
#118  Oct 4, 1858
     Mr. Justus WHITE, (Kamoise?) Wisconsin, to Miss Mary D. JACKSON, 
     Afton, Chen. Co., NY
#119  Oct 28, 1858
     Mr. Charles WHEELER, Winfield, Herk. Co., to Miss Carrie M. PENNY, 
#120  Nov 11, 1858
     Mr. Seth S. COLE, Exeter, Herkimer Co., to Miss Niviny BLISS, Richfield
#121  Dec 24, 1858
     Mr. Amasa S. K. WELCH and Miss Sarah Deet MOTT, both of Brookfield
#122  Dec 29, 1858
     Mr. E. O. HOVEY, Amsterdam, Mont. Co., to Miss Julia B. HUNTLY, 
     Winfield, Herk. Co.
#123  Dec 30, 1858
     Mr. David M. ARNOLD, Burlington, to Miss Unis M. BURLINGHA- of 
#124  Jan 13, 1859
     Mr. John CROWELL, Winfield, to Miss Mary MINER, Plainfield
#125  Jan 10, 1859
     Mr. Deloss CRUM, Plainfield, to Miss Hannah L. CRUMB, of Brookfield
#126  July 24, 1859
     Mr. Wm. C. JILES, Clayville, Oneida Co., to Miss Della An MAXON, 
#127  Sep 28,1859
     Mr. George S. MACK, Waterville, to Miss Helen J. FULLER, of Sauquoit
#128  Oct 17, 1859
     Mr. E. AKINS, Scipio (Cayuga ? Co.), NY to Miss E. M. BROWN, Plainfield
#129  Jan 5, 1860
     Mr. J. P. MANNING, Westford, Otsego Co., to Miss Harriet E. JACKSON, 
#130  Feb 16, 1860
     Mr. Edward E. COLLINS, Clayville, to Miss Deett ARMSTRONG, of 
#131  Mar 26, 1860
     Mr. Edgar R. JILLSON, Plainfield, to Miss Delphine A. BROOKS, Plainfield
#132  Oct 9, 1860
     Mr. Sylvester F. SMITH and Miss Esther E. HOLMES, both of Plainlfield
#133  Nov 22, 1860
     Mr. E. P. SHAOON and Miss Jane M. BOWEN, both of Hamilton
#134  Dec 2, 1860
     Mr. C. W. WHITE and Miss Juliet GREEN, both of Edmeston
#135  Dec 31, 1860
     Mr. Damon MOTT and Miss Lucy M. DYE, both of Edmeston
#136  Jan 1, 1861
     Mr. Charles K. DAVIS and Miss Emila A. COOMEN, both of Brookfield
#137  Jan 14, 1861
     Mr. John HUEY, Brookfield, to Miss Lo(u?)ya COMAN, Edmeston
#138  Jan 14, 1861
     Mr. Ruben H. WHITE and Miss Mariah COMAN, both of Brookfield
#139  Feb 25, 1861
     Mr. Byron A. FISK, Plainfield, to Miss Matilda L. STERNS, of Brookfield
#140  June 16, 1861
     Mr. Daniel O. WELCH, Edmeston, to Miss Amanda WHITE, Plainfield
#141  July 15, 1861
     Mr. Abraham W. WILLBER, New Berlin, to Miss Mary Mariah KENNY(?), 
     of New Berlin
#142  Aug 13, 1861
     Mr. Chester PALMERTON, Brookfield, to Miss Deett BARDENE, of 
#143  Jan 9, 1862
     Mr. Alivn BLISS and Miss Sarah A. WILLCOX, both of Plainfield
#144 Feb 1, 1863
     Mr. Dennis DALEY and Miss Sisannah LANEWORTH, both of Brookfield
#145  Dec 24, 1864
     Mr. Nelson BATTEY and Miss Susanna (LEUBY?) both of Bridgewater
#146  Aug 9, 1864
     Mr. C. A. MORGAN, Brookfield, to Miss Sarah A. JACKSON, of Plainfield
#147  Aug 16, 1864
     Mr. Ansel B. McLAUGHLIN, Camden, Oneida Co., to Miss Nettie B. 
     HARRINGTON, Brookfield
#148  Sep 1, 1864
     Mr. Joseph M. CHILDS, Paris, Oneida Co., to Miss Cora H. BROWN, 
#149  Dec 22, 1864
     Mr. A. M. WILLIAMS, Plainfield, to Miss Nellie E. SKINNER, Hartford, 
     Cortland Co.
#150  Dec 28, 1864
     Mr. William H. BROWN and Miss Hannah PENNY, both of Plainfield
#151  July 24, 1865
     Mr. Leander RAY and Miss Emily E. (CASSITT?), both of Clayville, 
     Oneida Co.
#152  Dec 5, 1865
     Mr. Robert EVENS and Miss Elizabeth GRIFFITHS, both of Plainfield
#153  Jan 1, 1866
     Mr. Adelbert WHITE and Miss Sarah WITTEN, bofth of Brookfield
#154  Feb 15, 1866
     Dr. D. W. WAY, Watsburg, Erie Co., Penn., and Miss Maria STANBRO, 
#155  Apr 2, 1866
     Mr. John WELCH and Miss Almira PERKINS, both of Brookfield
#156  Mar 14, 1867
     Mr. Henry LIGHT and Miss Jane E. CUTLER, both of Burlington
#157  Aug 1, 1867
     Mr. Walker RUTHFORD and Miss Julia M. CAMPBELL, both of Columbus
#158  Jan 2(?), 1868
     Mr. George A. SMITH and Miss Lucinda HOLMS, both of Plainfield
#159  Nov 2, 1868
     Mr. Mathias RODNET and Miss Frances A. BROOKS, both of Edmeston
#160  Nov 25, 1868
     Mr. John L. DYE, Edmeston, to Miss Caroline P. ROGERS, of Plainfield
#161  Aug 24, 1869
     Mr. Jonathan OATLEY and Miss Lorry A. PALMER, both of Plainfield
#162  June 29, 1870
     Mr. Henry G. OGDEN, Richmond, Orleans Co., N.Y., to Miss Helen M. 
     PHILLIPS, West Winfield
#163  Aug 16, 1870
     Mr. William L. HART, Clinton, to Miss Alice J. OGDEN, of Bridgewater
#164  Sep 18, 1870
     Mr. Walter G. DAUCHY, Plainfield, to Miss Dell SWEET, of Burlington
#165  Sep 28, 1870
     Mr. Merritt BENEDICT, Waterville, to Miss Ella CARPENTER, Sangerfield
#166  Dec 2, 1870
     Mr. Mortimer CHEESEBRO, Brookfield, to Miss Susan A. REYNOLDS, 
#167  Jan 16, 1871
     Mr. Wilber PRICE, Burlington, to Miss Kate George Anna RODR--- of 
     Exeter, Otsego Co., N.Y.
#168  Sep 30, 1871
     Mr. Charles M. KIRST and Miss Susan J. WILLIAMS, both of Bridgewater
#169  Dec 31, 1873
    Mr. Parley D. CUTLER and Miss Ellen JOHNSON, both of Burlington.
                        "Miss Clara L. MATTESON, New Berlin, NY February 1953"
     "This record copied from a note book of the Rev David Cutler found among 
the papers of Parley D. Cutler (the last marriage as above) deceased, by his 
niece, Mrs. Lewis S. Matteson, (Nettie Baulf) at his demise."
     Copied by Gertrude H. Smith  Nov 19, 1954

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Sidney Mills Skinner's Acc't Book
    Besides containing detailed accounts for the work turned out by the 
Skinner blacksmitih shop, settling of accounts, etc., on one page the 
following appeared:
                           Marriages (prob. In New Berlin)
     Norman COX married Lucy DILLEY on Jan 30, 1840 at New Berlin
No dates with any of the following:
     Joseph SHEFFIELD to Mariah JACKSON, both of New Berlin on 
          on Mar. 9, 1842 (there was a date here)
     Willis AYLESWORTH to Minerva WILKINSON
     Orville WILKINSON to Cyrena GUILE
     Artemas BROCKWAY to Angeline EDMONDS
     Henry BURREL to Sally LEACH
     Norman ALSWORTH to Eliza DILLEY
     Charles POPE to --
                 Marriages by Rev. Cuter 1830-1873

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  "A Register of baptisms of New York, Couty of Montgomery, 1778"
#50  Catharine, of Daniel HODGE and Elizth BARNHART, Little Nose, 
     16th Aug., 1802
#135  Jane, of Garrit DINGMAN and ---- Warrensh 19th May 1776
#191  Joseph, of Jno. VROOMAN and ---- SHUFFLER, 21 Octr. 1798
#215  Margaret, of Jacob MOON and Eliz. ROOLSSON, Warrensh 17th
     June 1781
#287  Robert, of John CAMPBELL and Mary McKOWN, Chirry Valley, 
     20th Oct., 1788
#294  Sibba, of Peter DINGMAN, Warh., 10th Sept. 1780

#8  Abraham CRANKITE and Mary CARRALL, Warrensborough, 28th Nov 17--
#20  Amaziah PALMER and Rebecca HOBBLE, Balltown, Co. of Albany 
     9th April 1782
#25  Stephen VAN RANSELER to Margart SCHUYLER, Daugr. to  Gen. 
     Schuyler of Saratoga, Frid. 6th June 1783
#26  Nicholas BOGERT and Eljie SCHUYLER, Daugr. of Harmanus Schuyler,
     Stillwater marrd. 15th June 1783
#48  Enoch PLACE and Elizabeth MILLIGAN both of Sarratoga District 31st 
     March 1785
#94  James CAMBELL and Eliz. CAMBELL both of Ransomsbush, 8th 
     Feb. ---
#95  James HONES and Sarah ROWLAND both of Warrensh. 6th Mar. 179-
#97  John REESE and Margaret PETIANGALL both of Warrensh. 16th Jun ---
#115 Jacob MOON and Thankful MESSENGER both of Warrensh. 2 Aug. 1---
#125  Jeremiah SCHUYLER and Cathn HEYLER, Warrensh. 16th Feb. 1793

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