The following were extracted from clippings in a scrapbook kept by Mrs. E. A. Strong, Morris, NY now in the possession of Laurens Town Historian - Richard Rose.
Clippings are likely to have been from the following papers: Morris Chronicle, Otsego (Oneonta) Herald or Otsego Farmer.

Deaths Town of Laurens - Otsego County for the year 1891
Jan 4-Delia A. Gifford, aged 67 years
Jan 21-James A. Cockett, aged 79 years
Feb 25-Lois Peet Benedict, aged 70 years
Feb 28-Deborah H. Richmond, aged 55 years
Mar 14-Elizabeth B. Eldredge, aged 71 years
Mar 19-Waity Hathaway Fitch. aged 64 years
Mar 28-Martha Johnson Smith, aged 84 years
Apr 3-Perlina Graves Books, aged 61 years
Apr 11-John Ezra Tucker, aged 27 years
Apr 14-George H. Knapp, aged 61 years
Apr 21-Wm. Henry Humphrey, aged 42 years
May 1-Ellen Hinman Harrington, aged 48 years
May 23-Rosa Barton, aged 34 years
May 30-Albert Benedict, aged 81 years
Jun 12-James Redfern, aged 89 years
Jun 25-Maggie Burns Herring, aged 35 years
Jul 10-Erie Tucker, aged 75 years
Aug 14-Wm. T. Maynard, aged 67 years
Aug 15-Dora H. Adams, aged 20 years
Aug 18-Alfred Carr, aged 78 years
Aug 23-Esther Rathbun Grant, aged 69 years
Aug 23-Delos Pettengill, aged 68 years
Sep 6-Willie Widger, aged 4 mos
Sep 14-Alvenna Tilley Richardson, aged 28 years
Sep 24-Joseph C. Adams, aged 67 years
Sep 27-Grace S. Flynt, aged 40 years
Sep 29-Elvin P. Cooley, aged 39 years
Oct 3-Milton B. Strain, aged 62 years
Oct 8-Julia Bissel Winsor, aged 63 years
Oct 12-Geo. Wm. Gibson, aged 21 years
Oct 17-Wm. A. Strong, aged 67 years
Oct 18-Mary H. Drew, aged 51 years
Oct 26-Mary E. Peet, aged 18 years
Nov 5-Thomas Elliot, aged 78 years
Nov 17-Lewis S. Elwell, aged 60 years
Nov 19-Orcelia Baker Peet, aged 53 years
Dec 17-Josiah Robinson, aged 66 years

Dathes for the various towns, Otsego County, NY for the year 1892 (partial - not complete)
At Welcome, Jan 11, 1892 at the residence of her brother Elon, Miss Maria Bundy, age 77
Near Welcome, June 27, John Benjamin aged 91 years
At Mt. Vision, July 15, Mrs. Samuel Miller late of Butts Corners aged 74
At his home 1 1/2 miles from Garrattsville, Orange Gardner aged 60
At Laurens, July 14 Rev George Youngs of dropsy, aged 58 years
At Noblesville, July 19 David H. Bennett, aged abt 75

Deaths for the town of Laurens, Otsego County, NY for the year 1893 - (no dates)
Esther J. Hall, aged 69
Almira Butts, 79
Lorenzo Griffith, 75
Hannah F. Pierce, 82
Marietta Eldred, 81
Wm. Henry Harrison, 80
Jane Strait, 64
Marian L. Brink, infant
Seth H. Bissell, 75
Julia E. Ackley, 82
Vernon P. Magonas, infant
Hetty Figger, 73
Emery N. Persons, 12
Susannah Cornell, 92
Albert Woolhouse, infant
Midred M. Woolhouse, infant
Albert Hyer, 56
John A. Van Woert, 29
Delos W. Dean, 81
Helen J. Widger, infant
Thomas Rowe, 48
Betsey Hathaway, 77
Andrew J. Pixley, 86
Hannah Hopkins, 72
David S. Matteson, 87
Susannah Maynard, 67
Almira C. Siver, 71
William Howland, 30
Nathan G. Hall, 65

Deaths for the town of Laurens, Otsego County, NY for the year 1894 (courtesy of P.K. Strong, M.D.)
Jan 8-Wm. S. Eldred, age 73
Jan 15-John S. Weeks, age 72
Jan 17-Miranda L. Srydenwise, age 83
Feb 22-Mary E. Tinney, age 52
Feb 22-Hannah Harrington, age 78
Mar 15-Samuel Weatherly, age 79
Apr 5-Lena G. Mann, age 15
May 1-Theresa C. Robinson, age 38
May 5-May U. Chandler, age 82
May 10-Cornelia Hubbard, age 67
May 13-Albert Peck, age 49
May 22-Leroy B. Perkins, age 51
Jun 2-Rachel H. Marlette, age 84
Jun 3-Lydia Washburn, age 5
Jun 8 -Jennie A. Pierce, age 2
Jun 10-Buckingham Fitch, age 76
Jun 15-John Tilley, age 52
Jun 30-Eva E. Hoag, age 6
Jul 5-Henry Trowbridge Harris M.D.,age 68 (b. town of New Lisbon)
Jul 10-Clarissa Stanton, age 78
Jul 27-Benj. R. Webb, age 89
Aug 2-Alvira Filer, age 53
Sep 25-W.W. Cutler, age 79
Sep 29-Clyde R. Smith, 3 months
Oct 14-Peleg Brown, 72 years
Oct 21-Allie E. Beckley, age 36
Oct 24-Climena W. Marlette, age 70
Nov 11-Cynthia Perkins, age 90
Dec 2 - Mary Wakefield, age 78

END - Text of Town of Laurens, Otsego County - Deaths (1891-1894)