Hartwick Marriages
Contributed by Lori Driver

3 Feb 1886 -- Horace Winsor , age 29, born in Hart, son of Hosea Winsor and Almira Steere
              Mary J. Tiffany, age 26, born in Burlington, daughter of Stephen Tiffany & 
Mary Gardner 2 March 1886 - Merlin J. Morse, age unknown, birthplace unknown, parents unknown, his 2nd wife Cora Salisbury, age unknown. birthplace unknown, parents unknown 10 November 1886 - Fred Hall, age 32, born in Burl, son of Thomas Hall and Carrie Curry Jennie Eldred, age 22, born Hart, daughter of Russell Eldred and Jennett
Telfer/Telford 27 April 1888 - Channing Naylor, age 25, born New Lisbon, son of John Naylor and Lucy Sherman Julia S. Pickens, age 25, daughter of Anson Pickens and Minerva Ward 5 September 1888 - Harvey E. Parker, age 38, born in Illinois, occupation undertaker, son of
W.R. Parker and Rebecca Clark Adelia Robinson, age 38, born NY State, widow of George Robinson, daughter
of Robert Gardner and Elizabeth Weeks 11 May 1890 - Delos C. Eldred, age 61, birthplace unknown, parents unknown Lydia M. Bishop, age unknown, birthplace unknown, parents unknown 21 October 1891 - William C. Davis, age 50, born in Glen, NY, son of John D. Davis and
____ Smith, 2nd marriage Ama Harrington, age 49, born in New Lisbon, daughter of George Gardner
and Eleanor Weeks, widow of Haskell Harrington 23 December 1891- Clarence Gardner, age unknown, birthplace unknown, son of Thomas Gardner
and Lovonia Hill Susie Tuller, age unknown, birthplace unknown, daughter of Lyman Tuller
and Susan Pashley 20 September 1892 - Byron L. Platt, age 31, born Milford, son of Garrett M. Platt and Welthy
C. Moore Mary Jeanette Fuller, age unknown, born Mt.Vision, daughter of Charles
Fuller and Emeline Robinson 15 November 1892 - Rufus C. Richards, age 33, born Otsego, son of Daniel Richards and Marie
Gardner Margaret A. Dillenbeck, age 21, born Alexander, NY, daughter of Jacob
Dillenbeck and Hannah Runyun 3 February 1893 - Charles N. Rider, age unknown, born Otsego, son of John Rider and Diana
Hollister Clara V. Eldred, age unknown, birthplace unknown, daughter of Truman
Eldred and Edah V. Westcott 26 February 1893 - Legrand Briggs, age 25, born Laurens ( lives in Cooperstown), son of
Charles I. Briggs and Emeline Filer Lucy Becker, age 21, born Cooperstown, daughter of George Becker and
Mary J. Coleman ** Note included Charles I. Briggs is the son of Isaac G. Briggs and Mary Meyers.
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