Death & Marriage Notices
Oneonta Herald & Democrat
Starting January 1874
Compiled and Contributed by
Sandy Goodspeed

Paper Date - YEAR 1874

Suicide - On Saturday morning last, Mr. George R. WHITNEY died previous night 
from effects of poison; about 50 years old. [not complete]

In Oneonta, Dec. 24, by Rev. G. R. Burnside, Mr. Orrin J.
WHITE to Miss Bettie STANTON, all of Oneonta.
Also in Oneonta, Jan. 1, 1874, Mr. James H. WEIDMAN
to Miss Maria A. HANE, both of Oneonta.
In Milford, at the house of the bride, Dec. 24, 1873, by
Rev. H. N. Van Dusen, Mr. George O. Lattin of Hartwick
to Miss Alice M. WHEELER.
At Oneonta, Dec. 24th, 1873, by Eld. H. Brown, Edgar
PHILLIPS to Miss Ella F. LUTHER, all of Hartwick, Otsego
Co., N. Y.
At Oneonta, Dec. 25th, 1873, by Eld. H. Brown, Henry
EDSON of Oneonta, to Helen WARD of Otego, N. Y.
At Butternuts, Dec. 23, by Rev. Wm. H. Hiller, John H.
BUMP, of Sidney Plains, to Miss Ida May MATTESON of
At Butternuts, Dec. 25th, by Rev. H. Hiller, James J.
BELDEN, of Adams, to Miss Grace A. Green of
In Stamford, Dec. 22d, by J. H. Champlin, Esq., Mr.
On Wednesday morning, Dec. 24th, 1873, at the
residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. J. D. Gibson,
Forest Forsythe GIBSON to Helen Thomas SACRIDER,
only daughter of Mr. James Sacrider, all of South
Kortright, N. Y.
At the residence of the bride's parents, Dec. 17th, 1873,
by Elder J. Hewitt, Mr. James RUTHERFORD to Miss
Addie STRANTTON, both of Roxbury.
At South Kortright, Dec. 24th, at the residence of Jas.
McDonald, Esq., by Rev. A. F. Brown, Mr. Wm. H.
FORMAN, of Stamford, to Miss Jennie McDONALD, of

In Jefferson, Dec. 25th, Abel PARSONS, aged about 67
In Jefferson, Dec. 21st, 1873, Nathan PICKETT, aged
94 years and 8 months.
In Delhi, Dec. 29th, Miss Betsey M. GRISWOLD, aged
57 years.
In Delhi, Dec. 16th, Mrs. Elisabeth MICHELL, widow
of the late Ebenezer Michell, aged 79 years.
In Schenevus, Dec. 21st, Polly, relict of A. P.
In Otsego, Dec. 17, Sarah, wife of Nehemiah HINDS, in
the 83d year of her age.
In North Franklin, Del. Co., December 28, Mrs. H. -?
C. MILLER, aged 31 years.

 Death of Mr. BATES.- Dr. Bates, formerly of Morris, in
 this county, died at his residence in Owego, January 6th,
 after a brief illness.  He was 75 years of age.  Miss Lizzie
 Bates, M. D., his only surviving child, is a resident of
 Owego, and has a reputation in her profession for which her
 father entertained a commendable pride. [not complete].

 At the residence of Briggs Lyon, Esq., in Bainbridge,
 Jan. 1st, by Rev. T. P. Halstead, Mr. Frank DAVIS, of
 Oxford, to Miss Libbie Lyon, of Bainbridge.
 At the house of the bride's parents, Hamden Hill, Dec.
 31st, Mr. Robert MABEN, of Delhi, to Miss Alice C. CARMAN.
 At the residence of the bride's parents, Jan. 1st, by Rev.
 W. S. Winans, Mr. Charles E. BENNETT, of Franklin, to
 Miss Belzora BRUNDAGE, of Masonville.
 In Malded, at the M. E. Parsonage, Dec. 24th, 1873,
 Mr. Jacob BAILEY, to Miss Belle C. LAUGHRAN(?), both
 of Brushland.
 At Rensalaerville, Albany Co., N. Y., on the 22d ult.,
 Fred. KALTENBACH to Nett FRISBIE, both of Roxbury.
 At the M. E. Parsonage, in Prattsville, Dec. 25th, Mr.
 Wm. S. BECKER and Miss Sarah C. DECKER(?), all of
 In Richmondville, Jan. 3d(?), 1874, Mr. Jeremiah HILTS
 of Mineral Springs, to Miss Carrie RULAND, of East
 In Fultonville, Dec. 21, 1873, George BORDEN and Letitia
 ROSE, both of Glen.
 In South Worcester, Dec. 21, 1873, Mr. Henry WICKHAM,
 of Maryland, to Miss Ella FULLER.
 In Cobleskill, Dec. 31, 1873, Mr. VANDERWERKER, of
 Cobleskill, to Miss Emma FILKINS, of Louisville.
 In Hyndsville, Dec. 31st, Mr. Lorenzo HYNDS to Miss
 Rose SCHERMERHORN, all of Hyndsville.
 In Cooperstown, on the 10th inst., by Rev. Mr. Wadsworth,
 James W. B. BACON to Mary WALRADT, both of
 In Westford, Jan. 8, 1874, Mr. Collins S. MARKS to
 Miss Ellen M. ROBERTS, both of Westford.
 In Otsego, Jan. 7, 1874, Mr. Frank WART, of Oswego,
 N. Y., and Miss Hattie L. WILEY, of the former place.
 In Morris, Jan. 6, Mr. Edward A. STEVENSON, of
 Morris, to Marie E., daughter of Wm. JOHNSON, of
 Washington, D. C.
 In Harpersfield, Jan. 4th, the youngest child of Samuel
 and Parmelia TATE, aged 2 years, 9 months.
 In Andes, on Tuesday morning, Jan. 6th, of inflammation
 of the bowels, Dr. Marshall SHAW, aged 29.
 At the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. H. V. Hinman, in
 Atchison, Kansas, on Friday, Dec. 6th, 1873, Mrs. Mary
 BRAKEY, aged 73 years.
 In North Hamden, Dec. 2d, 1873, of congestion of the
 heart, Ada, wife of Ransom STOODLEY, aged 52.
 In Jefferson, Dec. 25th, Abel PARSONS, aged 67 years.
 In Jefferson, Dec. 21, Nathan PICKETT, aged 94 years
 and 8 months.
 In Jefferson, Dec. 10th, 1873, Sarah, daughter of Charles
 MAHAM, aged 15 years and 8(?) months.
 In Cooperstown, on the 6th inst., Miss Emma FULLER,
 aged 79 years and 3 months.
 In Maryland, Jan. 7, Mr. George FOX, aged 67 years.
 In New Lisbon, Dec. 31, Mrs. Lucy BUTTS, aged 69 years.
 In Butternuts, Jan. 3d, Jane, wife of Riley MILLER, aged
 about 58 years.
 In Otsego, Jan. 5, 1874, Mrs. Sybil, wife of the late James
 WHIPPLE, aged 86 years.
 At his residence in Maryland, Jan. 7th, 1874, George FOX,
 aged 67 years.

 1/23/1874             DIED.
 In Oneonta, on Monday, Jan. 19, 1874, Mrs. Veda
 Merrilla, wife of the late Nelson BALLARD, and mother of
 S. M. Ballard, of this place.
 At Kortright, Jan. 15th, Mrs. Roxey REYNOLDS, widow
 of the late Henry Reynolds, aged about 90 years.
 In Morris, on the 19th inst., Mr. Francis ROTCH, aged
 86 years and 3 days.
 In Unadilla, Jan. 4th, Mr. Luther POND, aged 81 years.
 At Hinkley, DeKalb Co., Ill., on New Years day, after a
 brief illness, Mrs. Sophronia REDFIELD, daughter of the
 late James G. Redfield, Esq.., of Delhi, aged 54 years.
 In Cherry Valley, Jan. 12, 1874, Samuel D. BURTON,
 aged 62(?) years and one month.
 In Cherry Valley, Jan. 10th, 1874, Mrs. Jane BELKNAP,
 aged 76 years and 25 days.
 On the morning of the 13th of January, Nicholas BECKMAN,
 Esq., of Middleburgh, N. Y., aged 83 years, 9 months and
 19 days.
 In Denver, Col., Dec. 21, 1873, of Consumption, Judge
 Jay MAYHAM, recently of Fon du Lac, Wis., and formerly
 of Schoharie Co., N. Y.

 In Oneonta, Jan. 21, by Rev. O. T. Mouton, George
 HOUGHTAILING to Miss Eunice A. ENOS, all of Oneonta.
 In Oneonta, Jan. 21st, by Rev. O. T. Mouton, Mr. Geo.
 HOUGHTALING, to Miss Adell ENOS, all of Oneonta.
 [these two notices are as written in newspaper]
 In Walton, Jan. 8, by Rev. L. M. Purington, John HINKLEY,
 to Miss Eliza MILLER, both of Hamden.
 In Delhi, Jan. 9, by Rev. E. B. Russell, Charles A. TERRY,
 of Whitehall, to Miss Harriet A. CHASE, of Walton.
 In Stamford, Jan. 12th, 1874, by the Rev. J. B. Van
 Husen, Mr. Francis M. BEARD, and Miss Rose CRAPSER,
 both of Summit, N. Y.
 Also by the same, at the same time and place, Mr.
 Lewis BRUCKWAY, and Miss Mary PAYNE, both of
 Jefferson, Schoharie Co.
 At the bride's home, in Kortright, Jan. 13th, 1874, by A.
 M. Smealie, Dr. D. C. BOUTON, and Miss Martha E. SCOTT.
 In Stamford, Jan. 19th, by Rev. T. W. Rildy, Thomas
 McCABE, of South Gilboa, and Miss Maggie MURPHY,
 of Stamford.
 In Delhi, Wednesday, Jan. 7th, by Rev. F. A. M. Brown,
 Charles WALROUS and Lucy BENEDICT, both of Walton.
 In Delhi, Jan. 11, by A. D. Knapp, Esq.., Horace W.
 BUTLER, (aged 16), son of Rebecca A. Butler, formerly
 of Sherburne, to Phebe JACKSON, of Walton, (aged 19?)
 By the same at the same time and place, Mr. Robert
 BENNETT, of Delhi, and Miss Hannah SCHANKS, of Deposit.
 At Hyde Park, Jan. 15, by Rev. Henry Daier(?), Mr. James
 Stanley BROWNE, of Albany, N. Y., and Miss Eva, daughter
 of John M. TALLMADGE, Esq.., of Schenevus, N. Y.
 At Mohawk, on Saturday, Jan. 3d, by Rev. F. M.
 Borgardus, Daniel VAN HORNE, of Richfield Springs, to
 Ella G. VAN HORNE, of Cooperstown.
 At Herkimer, Dec. 24, by Rev. W. R. Cobb, Delos
 GUIWITTS, of Richfield Springs, to Miss \Armenia SCHELL
 of Mohawk.
 In Gallupville, at Waggoner's Hotel, by Rev. E. E. Taylor,
 Lorin H. THOMAS, of Gloversville, N. Y., to Miss Nettie
 ROCKEFELLOW, of Middleburgh.
 Jan. 6, at the M. E. Church, Ananoes(?), Iowa, by Rev.
 J. B. Carbeer(?), Richard McDANIEL, of that City, to Miss
 Ettie(?) M. SPENCER, of Colliers, Otsego Co., N. Y.
 In Morris, on Tuesday, Jan. (30?), at the home of the
 bride, by Rev. W. G. Queal, Mr. Aaron STANTON(?), of
 Laurens, to Miss Alice K. KEITH of Morris.
 In Milford, Jan. 15, by Rev. H. S. Van Dusen, Mr. Elbert
 GANO, of Westville, to Mrs. Mary E. SAXTON, of Milford.

 1/30/1874             MARRIED.
 In Milford, Jan. 15, by Rev. H. N. Van Deusen, Mr. J. M.
 PRINDLE, of Elk Creek, to Miss Martha BOARDMAN, of
 In Milford, Jan. 21, by Rev. H. M. Van Deusen, Mr. T. A.
 HOOSE, of Mt. Vision, to Miss Mary PRATT of Westville.
 In Lincklaen, Jan. 14th, by Rev. Lewis Lawton, Mr. Owing
 ANGELL, of Cuyler, to Miss Julia Geer(?), of Pitcher.
 In Lincklaen, Jan. 6th, by J. W. Barr, Mr. LaFayette
 JOHNSON, of Lincklaen, to Miss Aanna (sic) M. HEALEY,
 of the same place.
 In Sherburne, Jan. 19th, by Rev. W. Caswell, Darius E.
 LYON, to Frank E. BALCOM, both of Sherburne.
 In Oxford, Jan. 14, by Rev. Fred L. Hiller, Mr. Wm. S.
 MANNING, of Coventry, to Miss Maggie P. HAVENS, of
 In Unadilla, Dec. 24, by Rev. J. W. LaMoine, Mr. H. F.
 PARSONS, of Guilford, to Mary SHELDON, of Unadilla.
 In Unadilla, Dec. 31, by Rev. J. W. LaMoine, Henry L.
 STEBBINS, of Unadilla, to Mrs. Laura BENTLY, of Guilford.
 In Norwich, Jan. 20, by Rev. S. F. Brown, Oscar S.
 BARROWS, to Emily C. BECKWITH, both of McDonough.
 In Cherry Valley, Jan. 2d, by Rev. H. U. Swinnerton,
 Austin GORDON, to Minerva MILLER, both of Arms.
 In Cobleskill, Jan. 20, by Rev. H. Keller, Emmet MARSHALL,
 of Sharon Springs, to Mrs. Sebra A. GUERNSEY, of
 In Harpersfield, Jan. 13, by Rev. J. P. Burger, Dr. J. E.
 NORWOOD, of East Davenport, to Emma L. SMITH, of
 In Delhi, Jan. 14, by Rev. J. W. Maccomber, George W.
 RUSSELL, to Fannie MORE of Delhi.
 In Delhi, Jan. 14, by Rev. J. H. Robinson, Alfred M.
 COVERT, of Hamden, to Alice YOUNG, of Delhi.
 In Schoharie, by Rev. J. H. Heck, Alonzo ZIMMER, to
 Arcelia SPIKERMAN, both of Middleburgh.  [no date}
 In Schoharie, by Rev. J. H. Heck, Arthur HAYS, to
 Aurelia RICKART, all of Schoharie. [no date]
 In Gallupville, Dec. 12, by E. E. Taylor, Giles MATTICE,
 of West Berne, to Mary Jane FANCHER, of Wright.
 In Breakabeen, Dec. 21, by Rev. I. S. Potter, George
 CUMMIN, to Lucy J. PIGRAM, both of Fulton, N. Y.
 In Cooperstown, Jan. 26, by Rev. W. A. Wadsworth,
 Alfred A. SHORT, of Cooperstown, to Delia L. SQUIRE, of
 In Cooperstown, Jan. 21, by Rev. C. L. Wait, G. A.
 RUSSELL, of Lyons, Iowa, to Emeline KELLOGG, of
 In Norwich, Jan. 21, by Rev. S. Scoville, Chauncey C.
 EDSON, of New York City, to Addie WHEELER, of
 In Plymouth, Jan. 21, by Rev. J. Benedict, Daniel
 STEARNS, of Otselic, to Pattie NORTHRUP, of Lenox,
 N. Y.
 In Smyrna, Jan. 29, by Rev. Edson Rogers, Julius
 JOHNSON, of North Pitcher, to Elen H. MORTLEY, of
 In Hancock, Jan. 15, by Rev. L. W. Wadsworth, F. H.
 LINCOLN, to Martha THOMAS, both of Hancock.
 On Cabin Hill, Jan. 17, by Rev. A. F. Ashton, Clark H.
 McDONALD, of New York City, to Amelia SHAW, of
 Cabin Hill.
 In Andes, Jan. 15th, by Rev. A. Gaylord, Mason C.
 WASHBURN, to Isabel COUSE, all of Andes.
 In Union Grove, Jan. 3rd, by Rev. Jas. Norris, Abram
 DRUMOND, to Martha BARNHART, both of Union Grove.
 In Lumberville, Jan. 15, by Rev. I. R. Vanderwater,
 Bishop A. MINER of Union Grove, to Mary TOTTEN, of

 In Wellsburg, Chenango Co., Jan. 12, Charles DEWEY,
 aged 72 years.
 In Norwich, Jan. 21, George E RANDALL aged 20 yrs.
 In Elmira, Jan. 9, William JOHNSON, formerly of Franklin.
 In Norwich, Jan. 25, Harriet COOK, aged 80 years.
 In Sherburne, Jan. 25, Lillian GOODWIN, aged 2 years
 In Sherburne, Jan. 9, Mary HOLLIS, aged 64 years.
 In Delhi, Jan. 26, Mrs. Betsey LYON, relict of the late Mr.
 Bradley Lyon, of the town of Stamford.
 In Oneonta, on the 25th inst., Alson, son of Emory
 QUACKENBUSH, aged 6 months.
 In McDonough, Jan. 10, Mrs. Abigail BRIGHAM, aged
 78 years.
 In Coventryville, Dec. 20, Mrs. Nancy WADE, aged 75
 In Greene, Jan. 14, James LANSING, aged 52 years.
 In the County House, Preston, Jan. 14, Joseph CROSBY,
 aged about 80 years.
 In Norwich, Jan. 11, Amanda A. LATHROP, aged 72 years
 and 7 months.
 Near Randolph, Ill., Dec. 2, George KENYON, aged 48(?)
 years, 3 months and 10 days; formerly of Pitcher, New York.
 In Delhi, Jan. 14, Wm. HUTSON, aged 76 years
 In Cooperstown, Jan. 22, Ellery CORY, aged 80 years.
 In Cooperstown, Jan. 25, Maggie HUNTER, aged 8 yrs.
 In Maryland, Jan. 19, A. H. MANSER, aged 38 years.
 In Morris, Jan. 19, Francis ROTCH, aged 86 years.
 On Oneonta Plains, Jan. 11, 1873 (sic?), Cora May,
 youngest child of James W. and Emeline COUSE, aged 1
 year, 10 months, and 17 days.

2/6/1874             DIED.
 In Norwich, Jan. 25th, Mrs. Harriet COOK, widow of the
 late Abial Cook, Esq., aged 80 years.
 In Norwich, Jan 21st, of inflammatory sore throat, Mr.
 George E. RANDALL (known as William), colored, aged
 20 years and 31 days.
 In Preston, Jan. 21st, Willis C., son of George and Mary
 Jane HALL, of Norwich, aged 15 years.
 In Pharsalia, Jan. 24, Mr. Alvah CRANDALL, aged 75 years.
 At the County House in Preston, Jan. 14, Mr. Joseph
 CROSBY, aged 80 years.
 In New Berlin, Jan 10, Mrs. Caroline BROWN, aged 90 years.
 In Sherburne, Jan. 22, Lillian GOODWIN, youngest
 daughter of E. G. & J. W. Baker, aged 5 years and 2 months.
 In Sherburne, Jan. 9, Mary, wife of Calvin HOLLINS, aged
 In Clinton, Jan. 11, Amanda A., wife of Marcus LATHROP,
 aged 72 years and 6 months, formerly of Sherburne.
 In Pompey, Dec. 29, Mrs. L. Louisa JOHNSON, wife of
 Hudson B. BOWEN, formerly of Ostelic, aged 56 years, 1
 month and 24 days.
 In Richfield Springs, Jan. 28, Charles F., son of Monroe
 and Arthusia DERTHICK, aged 17 years, 9 months, and
 21 days.

 In Norwich, Jan. 21, by Rev. S. Scoville, Mr. Chauncey
 E. EDSON, of Port Jervis to Miss Addie WHEELER, of
 In Williamstown, N. Y.(?), Jan. 21, by Rev. H. L. Clarke,
 of Rome, Mr. Wm. H. VAN WAGENEN, of Oxford, to
 Miss Annie L. SELDEN.
 In Greene, Jan. 17, by Rev. I. M. Ely, Mr. Franklin P.
 ELLIOTT to Miss Emma J. BARRETT, both of Greene.
 In Smithville, Jan. 13, by Rev. J. C. Nightengale, Mr.
 Eugene WILLIAMS to Miss Augusta BROOKS, both of
 East Pharsalia.
 In Triangle, Jan. 15th, by Rev. J. H. Sage, Mr. Orange J.
 COLE, of Smithville, to Miss Clara A. BALLARD, of
 In Oxford, Jan. 21, by Rev. F. L. Hiller, Mr. Charles I.
 RACE to Miss Alice A. PANGBORN, both of Smithville.
 In Lincklaen, Jan. 14, by Rev. Lewis Lawton, Mr.
 LaFayette JOHNSON to Miss Annie M. HEALEY, both
 of Lincklaen.
 In Pitcher, Jan. 20, by Rev. A. G .Smith, Mr. A. R.
 SMITH, of Taylor, to Miss Mary DYE, of Pitcher.
 In Smyrna, Jan. 20, by Rev. Edson Rogers, Mr. Julius
 JOHNSON, of North Pitcher, to Miss Elon H. MORLEY,
 of Smyrna.
 In Plymouth, Jan. 23, by Rev. John Benedict, Mr. Daniel
 STEARNS, of Otselic, to Miss Prattie NORTHRUP, of
 Lenox, N. Y.
 In Whitesboro, Jan. 29, by Rev. Dr. Cone, Mr. H. Saml.
 DYER to Miss Theresa B. WILCOX, formerly of Oxford.
 In McLean, Jan. 7, by Rev. R. R. Wade, Mr. Edward
 PerLEE to Miss Hattie McKEE, both of McLean.
 Jan. 16, Alfred A. SHORT, of Cooperstown, to Miss Delia
 L. SQUIRE, of Milford.

  (Death)  Laurens Feb. 9 Mrs. Eliza POTTER, 75, widow
  of late Job Potter, of Laurens, fatal accident on Thursday
  5th inst.
  In Decatur, at M. E. Parsonage, Feb. 4, 1874, by Rev.
  W. R. Cockrane, George CURTIS, of Exeter, to Eliza
  HOGABOOM, of Richmondville.
  In Roxbury, Jan. 21st., by Rev. H. W. Ackerley, Mr.
  Worth VROOMAN to Miss Nancy J. HENDRICKS, both of
  In Roxbury, Jan. 27, by Rev. J. W. Hammond, Mr. Benj.
  STILES, formerly of Kingston, to Miss Mary E. DAVID of
  In Lumberville, Jan. 3rd, by Rev. I. R. Vandewater, Charles
  Chesterfield BLANCHE to Libbie SLEAD, of Lumberville.
  In West Delhi, Jan. 30th, by Rev. R. Decker, Adelbert J.
  HILL to Ella P. KEELER, both of Bloomville.

  In Cooperstown, Feb. 9, Wm. H. RUGGLES, aged 53 years.
  In Davenport, Feb. 8th, Elmore JENNINGS, aged about
  73 years.
  In Croton, Jan. 28th, Mrs. Angeline, wife of J. M. JACOBS,
  aged about 55 years.
  In Roxbury, Feb. -, Carline, wife of William W. MORE,
  aged about 40 years.
  In Bovina, Jan. 27, Wm. SCUTT, aged about 50 years.
  In West Hurley, Feb. 4th, Miss Mary WALKER, of
  Roxbury, 18 years.
  In Ithaca, Feb. 1st, Ezekiel P. PRESTON, formerly of
  Roxbury, about 55 years.
  In Washington, Jan. 28th, Mrs. SPEAR, wife of Gen.
  Ellis Spear, formerly Miss Susie M. WILDE, of Stamford
  In Salimas(?), California, Jan. 18, Nellie, wife of Daniel
  SMITH and son (sic) of J. M. GORDON, of Delhi, about
  30 years.

 2/20/1874             MARRIED.
  At the residence of the bride's uncle, Dr. Augustus F.
  Lawyer, in the village of Cobleskill, on the evening of the
  16th inst., by the Rev. T. Dwight Walker, Miss Cordelia
  LAWYER, to R. H. LANE, Esq., A. & S. R. R., Master.
  Mr. Lane & his wife took the evening train west for
  Milwaukee and Chicago.  The Cobleskill Cornet Band, in
  compliment to the newly wedded couple, came out in
  full force, and as the train moved slowly out of the station,
  favored them with music suitable to the occasion.
  In Stamford, Feb. 15, b Rev. W. Reilly, Mr. Owen MORGAN,
  of Prattsville, to Miss Margaret BARRETT, of Conesville.
  In Stamford, Feb. 15, by Rev. T. W. Reilly, William FLYNN,
  of Prattsville, to Mary BARRETT, of Conesville.
  In Stamford, Feb. 14, by Rev. J. R. Van Hoesen, Mr.
  John P. CLAGUE, to Miss Maud B. or E. WHITBECK,
  both of Harpersville.
  In Norwich, Jan 14, by Rev. L. M. S. Haynes, James A.
  PHILLIPS, of Plymouth, to Sarah L. HOLMES, of Norwich.
  In Otselic, Feb. 1st, by Rev. Charles Steers, Wallace W.
  STEARNS, of Lincklaen, to Clara Huttleston, of Ontario.
  In Otselic, Jan. 28, by Rev. J. W. Barr, Clark C. BARTLETT,
  of Smyrna, to Ella A. LANCKTON, of Otselic.
  In Bridgewater, Jan. 26, by J. W. Chase, De Elbert
  BABCOCK, of Utah Territory, to Jessie E. BROWNELL,
  formerly of Sherburne.
  In New Brlin (sic), Feb. 3, by Rev. H. Pattengill, Warren
  S. WIGHTMAN, to Mecella LORD, all of New Berlin.

  In Newark Valley, Jan. 29, Arubie, wife of Clark
  WALWORTH, and daughter of the late Thomas SNOW,
  of Norwich, aged 56 years.
  In Litchfield, Minn., Jan. 19, Mrs. Martha HATCH, widow
  of the late Luther BOWEN, formerly of South Otselic,
  aged 92 years.
  In Plymouth, Jan. 28, Mrs. Arlette V. SCOTT, aged 32
  In Oakland, Iowa, Jan. 18, Ella S., daughter of J. H.
  BROWN, formerly of Norwich, aged 21 years.
  In Sherburne, Feb. 3d, Grace DIETZ, aged 2 years.
  In Smithville, Feb. 1st, Andrew HARRISON, aged 60 years.
  In New Berlin, Feb. 3d, Mrs. Triphosa ANGELL, aged
  78 years.
  In Earlville, Feb. 3d, Alfred WILCOX, formerly of Smyrna.

 2/27/1874             MARRIED.
  In Windsor, Feb. 11, by Rev. Wm. Roberts, Ward
  MILLER to Jennie JAMIESON, both of Afton.
  In Bainbridge, Feb. 19th, by Rev. S.S. Lewis, Aaron
  BARR, to Elizabeth MURPHY, both of Wellsbridge.
  In Decatur, Feb. 3, by Rev. W. R. Cochrane, George
  CURTIS, of Exeter, to Eliza HOGABOOM, of Richmondville.
  [Previous notice on 2/13 said Feb. 4th]
  In Schenevus, Feb. 18, by Rev. A. M. Colegrove, W. A.
  CASTLE, of Otego, to Alfaretta M. KELLEY, of Maryland.
  In Roxbury, Feb. 11, by Rev. H. W. Ackerly, Oliver
  BURCHAN, to Adaline L. TUPPER, both of Moresville.
  In Shavertown, Feb. 11, by Rev. J. F. McLaury, J. W.
  REYNOLDS, to Mary E. TEICH, both of Andes.
  In Richfield Springs, Feb. 18, by Rev. G. Markham, W. S.
  BRUNKHURST, of Jordanville, to Amelia A. LATON.
  In Burlington, Feb. 12, by Rev. L. Casler, Solomon L.
  KELSEY, of Libertyville, Ill., to Lucy A. THAYER, of
  In Cooperstown, Feb. 12, by Rev. F. B. Savage, C. C.
  SHORT, of Oneonta, to Mary E. KING, of Cooperstown.
  In Afton, Feb. 1, by Rev. T. P. Halstead, John B.
  GARDNER, to Maggie L. HUTCHINSON, both of Afton.
  In Harpersville, Feb. 4, by Rev. T. F. Halstead, Asa C.
  LANDERS, of Afton, to Ida M. PRATT, of Harpersville.
  In Morris, Feb. 25th, by Rev. L. B. Ford, Ransom C.
  GIFFORD, of Oneonta, and Mary J. HOUGHTALING, of
  In Oneonta, Feb. 25th, by Rev. J. Smith, Mr. Anson A.
  HURLBURT, of Laurens, to Miss Emily SHEPHERD, of
  In Unadilla, Feb. 17, by Rev. W. L. Thorp, John J.
  CHAPIN, to N. Delphine MOODY, both of Unadilla.
  In South New Berlin, Feb. 3, by Rev. Wm. B. Stone,
  Frank DEAN, of Greenville, to Nellie O. DARROCK , of
  South New Berlin
  In Eaton, Feb. 11, by Rev. Judson Davis, A. A. BOOTH,
  of Eaton, to Mrs. Sarah B. SLATER, formerly of Smyrna.
  In Schoharie, Feb. 4, by Rev. Mr. Heck, Alonzo KROMER,
  of Mineral Springs, to Ella GUERNSEY, of East Cobleskill.
  In Norwich, Feb. 17, by Rev. Father O'Connell, Martin
  ROACH, to Nora GRIFFIN, both of that village.
  At the home of the bride, in Hartwick, N. Y., Feb. 25th,
  1874, by Rev. D. L. Pendell, Mr. Conrad SPENCER, of
  Oneonta, and Miss Anna O. BABBITT, of the former place.
  In Milford, Feb. 18th, by Rev. B. F. Williams, Mr. Burkton
  In Deposit, Feb. 14, Wm. McCLURE, aged 82 years.
  In Middlefiele (Middlefield), John HUTCHINGS, aged
  78 years.
  In Norwich, Feb. 12, Albert B. WELLS, aged 21 years.
  In Oxford, Feb. 10, Laura Anastasia CARHART, aged
  62?/82? Years.
  In Sherburne, Feb. 6, Wm. HALL, aged 75 years.
  In Cobleskill, Feb. 13, Edmund B. FULLER, aged 6 years.
  In Cobleskill, Feb. 16, Frank BITTNER, aged 14 years.
  In Smyrna, Jan. 24, Norman SEXTON, aged 76/78 years.
  At Mount Prospect, Friday morning, Feb. 20, 1874, Mrs.
  Elizabeth, relict of Evert VanVALKENBURG, aged 80 years.

3/6/1874             MARRIED.
  In Otselic, by Rev. H. C. Wilber, John J. COCHRAN of
  Rockland, to Hattie A. THOMSON, of Otselic.
  In Hamilton, Feb. 15, by Rev. Father Luddan, Henry
  WICKHAM to Kate O'BRIEN, both of Sherburne.
  In Hamilton, Feb. 15, by Rev. Father Luddan, Andrew
  McDANIELS, to Maggie CONLEY, both of Sherburne.
  In Norwich, Feb. 19, by Rev. J. C. Ward, Delos WHEELER,
  to Flora BARBER, both of Norwich.
  In Roxbury, Feb. 21, by Rev. John W. Hammond, Warren
  KEATOR, to Emma ORR, both of Roxbury.
  In Margaretville, Feb. 11, by Rev. -(?) S. Scott, Frederick
  BELLOWS, to Hattie HENDERSON, both of Middletown.
  In Greene, Feb. 5, by Rev. J. H. Sage, E. C. POLLARD,
  of Afton, to Lydia B. HARRINGTON.
  In Plymouth, Feb. 24, by Rev. E. W. Caswell, Cornelius
  M. PRESCOTT, to Clara SKINNER, both of Plymouth.
  In East Pharsalia, by Rev. L. S. Moore, George D. BROWN,
  to Lucy O. BERRY.  [no date given]
  In Cobleskill, Feb. 25, by Rev. E. M. Pecke, Andrew J.
  BEEBE, Esq., of Norwich, to Lucy E. MINER, of Richfield
  In Fly Creek, Feb. 19, William HUTCHINGS, of Otsego,
  to Mary J. ALGER.
  In Cherry Valley, Feb. 19, by Rev. Gordon Moore,
  Gershom SMITH, to Ella M. SHAUL, both of Van Hornesville.
  In Andes, Feb. 23, by Rev. James Bruce, Henry N.
  BENNETT, of Brooklyn, to Lillias DOWIE, of Andes.
  In Schoharie, Feb. 16, by Rev. J. H. Heck, Sanford BICE,
  of East Cobleskill, to Ella WEIDMAN, of Middleburgh.
  In Sherburne, Feb. 19, by Rev. S. Wood, Wm. TUTTLE,
  to Ella K. WHITE, both of Sherburne.
  In Norwich, Feb. 25, by Rev. S. F. Brown, Geo. H. MORSE,
  of Geneva, O., to Josie L. PETERS, of Sherburne.
  In Meredith, Feb. 17, by G. H. Munson, Esq., James
  MARSHALL, to Mary OLIVER, both of Meredith.
  In South Oxford, Feb. 18, by Rev. G. W. Porter, C. B.
  WILLOUGHBY, of Wood----(?), to Emma(?) STRATTON,
  of South Oxford.
  In Guildford, Feb. 18, by Rev. S. W. 'Weiss, Edward M.
  PECKHAM, of Bainbridge, to Mary E. BOWEN, of Guilford.
  In Oxford, Feb. 15, Mrs. Sally FRASER, aged 85 years.
  In Greene, Feb. 4, James W. SMITH, aged 59(?) 89(?) years.
  In Greene, Feb. 12, Reuben CRANDALL, aged 55 years.
  In Coventry, Feb. 12, Thomas TURK, aged 59 years.
  In Smithville, Feb. 26, Jas. MULLIGAN aged 64 years.
  In Norwich, at the County House, Feb. 14, Edward J.
  DREW, aged 89 years.
  In Andes, Feb. 20, Mrs. Isabella DAVIDSON, aged 50 years.
  In Roxbury, Eason W. TRAVIS, aged 38 years.  [no date]
  In Andes, Feb. 19, George MARK.
  In Roseboom, Feb. 22, Michael SNYDER, aged 84(?) y'rs.
  In Davenport, Emmerson MULTER, aged 23 years.
  In Davenport Centre, Feb. 24, Caty UTTER, aged 80 years.
  In Schenevus, Feb. 25, Henry BROWN, aged 69 years.
  In Franklin, Feb. 28, John LATHAN, aged 28 years.
  In Laurens, Feb. 28, Amy C. FOWLSTON, wife of Geo.
  M. Fowlston, in the 48th year of her age.
  In Davenport Centre, March 2d, Thomas King McLAURY,
  formerly of Kortright, aged 73 years.
   In Binghamton, David J. SMITH, died on Tuesday.  
   instantly in Holly Water Works boiler explosion. [incomplete]
   Obit-Died in New Lisbon, March 2d, 1874, Mrs. Susie A.
   BUNDY, 23 years, 3 months, 3 days, wife of Elias G.
   Bundy and daughter of John R. and Asenath FOWLSTON.
   In Morris, March 9, by Rev. L. B. Ford, L. J. DAVIS to
   Miss Arlina BRIGGS.
   In Franklin, March 9, by Rev. William A. Dunning, Geo.
   SILVERNAIL to Mary BRINKMAN, all of Franklin.
   In Oneonta Plains, March 4th, at the residence of Irving
   Steere, Clovis STEERE, in the 75 year of his age.
   In East Afton, Feb. 26, Joseph LITTLE, aged 75 years.
   In Bainbridge, March 2d, Cora E., wife of A. D. SMITH,
   aged 23 years.
   In Unadilla, Feb. 27, Albert D. AYLESWORTH, 31.
   In Morris, on the Factory Ground, Edwin WILSON, 19 years.
   [no date given]
    In Cooperstown, Feb. 28, Ellen MANDERVILLE, 33 years.
    In Cooperstown, Feb. 25, Mrs. Mary CUPPERMILL, 74.
    In New Lisbon, Feb. 14, John Young, 64 years.
    In Otsego, Feb. 25, Ira TANNER, 17 years.
    In Westford, Jan. 11, Freddie J., son of Rinaldo and
    Martha GREEN, 4 years.
    In Springfield, Dec. 27, 1873, William DRYDEN, 62 years.
    In Unadilla, Jan. 14, Miss Mary L. HYER, 17 years.

    Obit-Hon. Nathan BRISTOL, formerly of Delaware County,
    died recently at Port Jervis, 69 years; born Harpersfield.

    In Schenevus, at the home of the bride, March 11th, by A.
    M. Colegrove, Joseph GIBSON, of Davenport, to Emma A.
    WHITE, of Schenevus.
    In Oneonta, March 15, by Rev. G. R. Burnside, Mr.
    Elbert PRATT, of Westville, to Miss Ophelia HOOSE, of

    In Oneonta Plains, March 11th, at the residence of Irving
    Steere, Colvis STEERE, in the 75 year of his age.
    In Columbia, Iowa, March 5th, David SAGE in the 80
    year of his age, formerly of this town.

    Obit-Linus PORTER, of Franklin, died the 17th last;
    born Meredith 1808. [incomplete]

    In Halcottville, March 18, by Rev. J. D. Hubbell, Robert
    In West Kortright, March 4, by Rev. R. D. Doig, D. B.
    CLARK, of Kearney Junction, Nebraska, to Mary J.
    ROWLAND, of Kortright.
    In Cannonsville, March 15, by Rev. E. S. Gallup, James
    C. LAFT, of Little Falls, to Julia A. HAVENS, of Hancock.
    In Deposit, March 18, by Rev. J. N. Clarence L.  
    ROSECRANS, of Deposit, to Eva S. SQUIRES, of New
    Milford.  [apparently Rev.'s name was omitted]
    In Lincklaen, Feb. 24(?), by Rev. J. W. Barr, Isaac A.
    BURSUS(?), of DeRuyter, to Mary Anah(?) BARNARD, of
    In Delhi, March 11, by Rev. J. W. Macomber, Geo. H.
    RACE, to Belma BISSELL, both of Franklin.
    In Oxford, March 3, by Rev. L. D. TURNER, Delos
    In Bainbridge, March 8, by Rev. W. B. Thomas, John
    In Bainbridge, March 8, by Rev. W. B. Thomas, John H.
    TRAVIS, of North Hamden, to Sarah SLOAT, of Bainbridge.
    In Greene, March 4, by Rev. J. H. Sage, Wm. A.
    SMITH, of Greene, to Alice E. EDDY, of Smithville.
    In Franklin, March 11, by Rev. J. Smith, Mr. Charles
    BLANCHARD, of Croton, to Miss Clara A. GAY, of
    In Otego, March 4(?), by Rev. J. W. Mevis, Albert C.
    BOURNE, of Masonville, to Frankie E. HYATT, of Otego.
    In Morris, March 12, by Rev. L. B. Ford, Frederick H.
    ELLIS, to Eliza A. BURDICK.
    In Hartwick, March 17, by Rev. David L. Pendell, Daniel
    GREEN, of Hartwick, to Lucy A. CHAPMAN, of Otsego county.
    In Colchester, March 16, by Rev. J. Kennedy, Robert
    BROWN, to Jane V. RUSSELL, both of Colchester;
    Peter LINDESAY, to Jane McBETH, both of Colchester;
    Gustaf Edward HELLSTROM, to Ellen A. SMITH, both of
    In Thompson, March 11, by Rev. J. M. Burgar, Dunning G.
    HALL, to Mary A. WELDEN.
    In Walton, March 16th, by Rev. L. M. Purington, John
    DAVIS, to Mrs. Philadelphia FLEMMING, both of Walton.
    In Downsville, March 8, by Rev. Geo. Strasenburgh; John
    H. HOUCK, to Mary C. FRANK, both of Walton.
    In Sherburne, March 10, by Rev. Samuel Miller, Andrew
    B. KNAPP, of Washington, Mich., to Henrissa D. WILCOX,
    of Sherburne.
    In Cobleskill, March 11, by Rev. H. Keller, Peter
    HALLENBECK, of East Worcester, to Mrs. Cathrine A.
    BOYCE, of Cobleskill.
    In Norwich, Feb. 26, by Rev. S. Scoville, Walter B.
    NORTON, to Emoyene(?) PATRICK, both of Norwich.
    In Norwich, by Rev. S. Scoville, Isaiah BALDWIN, of
    Lincklaen, to Clara HUTTLESTON, of Otselic.  [no date given]
    In the town of Oneonta, March 18, by Rev. H. Brown,
    Lorenzo D. COOK, of Oneonta, to Mary A. DAY, of Laurens.
    At the house of Hon. David Wilbur, in Milford, March 24(?),
    by Rev. H. N. Van Dusen, Henry H. WHEELER, to Anna

    In Franklin, March 17, Linus PORTER, aged 65 years.
    In Otego, March 9, Solomon BALDWIN, aged 72 years.
    In Otego, March 13, Agnes WILLIAMS, aged 24 years.
    In Sand Hill, march 13(?), Willis POST, aged 65 years.
    In Delhi, March 13, Matthias FISHER, aged 87 years.
    In East Delhi, March 19, Mrs. Charlotte BRIGGS, aged
    75(?) years.
    In Walton, March 12, Mrs. Clarissa EELLS, aged 72 years.
    In Smyrna, March 7, Mrs. Hattie SHELDON, aged 28 years.
    In Smithville, March 8, Mr. Cornelius WESTFALL, aged
    70 years.
    In Norwich, March 12, Mrs. Elizabeth A. ECCLESTON,
    aged 49 years.
    In Cooperstown, march 6, Jesse, son of David RICE,
    aged 3 years.
    In Cooperstown, March 8, Mary DUNN, aged 72 years.
    In Cooperstown, March 12, James D., son of Thomas
    CORWIN, aged 2(?) years.
    In Cooperstown, March 7, Mrs. Harvey MERIHEW, aged
    64 years.
    In Richfield Springs, March 14, Mrs. Jane SMITH, aged
    38 years.
    In Oxford, March 13, Mrs. Almira DOTY, aged 74 years.
    In Oxford, March 5, Miss Ammarilla BUSH, aged 40(?) years.
    In Oxford, March 9, Mrs. Naomi WHEELER, aged 90 years.
    In Oxford, March 6, Mr. Thomas M. BACON, aged 79 years.
    In Oxford, March 8, Mrs. Sarah D. SMITH, aged 35/85(?) years.
    In Greene, March 4, Mr. Robert M. SHEPEARD, aged
    74(?) years.
    In Norwich, March 6, Daniel BLANCHARD, aged 85 years.
    In Norwich, March 4, Mr. Daniel W. ARNOLD, aged 80 years.
    In Cobleskill, March 11, Mrs. Jane FLEMING, aged 78 years.
    In Cherry Valley, March 3, Miss Elizabeth FLINT, aged
    36/38(?) years.
    In Norwich, March 14, Hamilton MARSH, aged 70 years.
    In Norwich, March 14, Jacob STICKLER, aged 22 years.
    In Norwich, March 12, Mrs. Mary THOMPSON, aged 63 years.
    In Franklin, March 8, Wm. HALE, aged 69 years.
    In Margaretville, March 19, Mrs. Priscilla DUMOND, aged
    48 years.

4/3/1874             MARRIED.
    In West Meredith, March 31, at the house of the bride's
    mother, David G. CARRINGTON, of Franklin, to Libbie
    MEIN, of West Meredith.
    In Morris, March 17, by Rev. W. G. Queal, M. W. D.
    FENTON to Tressa McGARITY, both of Morris.
    In Richfield Springs, March 16, by Rev. F. H. Seeley,
    George M. SWEET, of Warren, to Alice L. SMITH, of
    In Exeter, march 18, by Rev. F. H. Seeley, Otis A.
    HOUSE, of Columbia, to Mary F. UNDERWOOD.
    In Burlington Flats, March 22, by Rev. L. Casler, T. I.
    FISH, of West Burlington, to Artilla DAY.
    In Plymouth, March 17, by Rev. E. W. Caswell, Ira S.
    BROWN, to Lydia A. BROOKS, both of Plymouth.
    In Oxford, March 11, by Rev. J. C. Ward, Cornelius A.
    WHITCOMB, of Guilford, to Sarah M. HAVENS, of Oxford.
    In Oxford, March 12, by Rev. J. C. Ward, Benjamin W.
    HOLLENBECK to Mary A. BRAINARD, both of Brisbin.
    In Masonville, March 19, by Rev. L. Manderville, Edward
    NIFF, of Bennettsville, to Fannie E. RANDALL, of Masonville.
    In Walton, March 4, by M. H. Maynard, Esq., Benjamin
    LAYMON to Mary BROWN.
    In West Burlington, March 5, by Isaac Chapin, Esq.,
    Albert W. SIMMONS to Lilla A. WELSH, both of West
    In Decatur, March 19, by Rev. W. R. Cochrane, Elisha
    SHELLAND, to Sarah Ann PARKER, both of Decatur.
    In Cobleskill, March 19, by Rev. Dwight Walker, Guilford
    In Cherry Valley, March 12, by Rev. H. U. Swinnerton,
    Silas G. TOUSLY, of Campville, to Charlotte A. BELKNAP,
    of Owego.
    In Sidney Center, March 9, by Rev. Mr. Thompson, Wm.
    T. NILES, of Trout Creek, to Jennie CUNNINGHAM, of
    Sidney Center.

    In Winfield, March 22, Peter MORGAN, aged 81 years.
    In Danielsonville,
    Conn., Feb. 11/14(?), Daniel P. BACKUS, formerly of this
    village, aged 43 years.
    In Norwich, March 23, Mrs. Sophronia DIMMICK, aged
    58 years.
    In Norwich, March 22, Joseph GREEN, aged 21 years.
    In McDonough, March 22, Mrs. Eliza EMERSON, aged
    65 years.
    In Pharsalia, March 21, Oliver C. BROWN, aged 84(?) years.
    In Mt. Upton, March 13, Nicholas J. SLITER, aged 89 years.
    In Oxford, Mar. 17, Mrs. Eliza SEELEY, aged 74 years.
    In Pharsalia, March 13, Mrs. Sally COY, aged 81 yrs.
    In Sherburne, March 16, Mrs. Emily ADAMS, aged 65 years.
    In Sherburne, March 10, Mrs. Elsie TERWILLIGER, aged
    61 years.
    In Afton, March 22, Mrs. Ruth BURDICK, aged 36 years.
    In Bainbridge, March 1, Sabra L. DAVIS. [no age given]
    In Walton, March 23, Mrs. Sally CABLE, aged 70 years.
    In Middlefield, March 21, James C. KELLEY aged 78 years.
    In Middlefield, March 9, Jessie, daughter of Wm. H. and
    Jane JONES, aged 14 months.
    In Cherry Valley, March 13, Mrs. Sarah Allen FEAKINS,
    aged 56 years.
    In Sharon, March 15, Isaac B. MALLETT, aged 59 years.
    In Sharon, March 21, Mrs. Joseph R. MORAN, aged 72 years.
    In Sherburne, March 17, John Reynolds, aged 75 years.
    In Afton, March 14, Mrs. Florinda VINTON, aged 83 years.
    In Afton, Feb. 27, Thomas SEXSMITH, aged 80 years.
    In Coventry, March 18, Bradford JEWEL.
    In Bainbridge, March 16, Mrs. Mary E. ACKERLY. [no age]
    In Andes, March 31, Wm. T. DAVIS, aged 57 years.
    In Laurens, March 31st, Genevieve WHIPPLE, second
    daughter of David and Abigail S. Whipple, in the 17th year
    of her age.

    Surrounding Counties -  Mrs. Maria L. NEWTON, an
    esteemed resident of Bainbridge, died in that village, on
    the 27th ult., aged 35 years.
    A man by the name of HERRING was run over and
    instantly killed on the D. L. & W. R. R.
    John POWERS, of Smithville, Flats, was kicked in the
    face by a horse on the 28th ult, and has since died from
    the injury.
    George PLUMB, of Greene, Chenango county, who fell
    at Limberger's wagon shope a short time since and injured
    his spine, has been taken to the County Poor House.  He
    was in bad condition and probably death will soon relieve
    him of his sufferings.

    Mr. Justice Murray, at a Special Term, held at Delhi,
    on the 13th ult, granted a decree of absolute divorce in the
    case of Cornelia D. WHITE, agt. Charles J. White, on the
    ground of adultery on the part of the defendant, with leave
    to the plaintiff but not to the defendant, to remarry.  The
    custody of the minor children of the parties, was awarded
    to the plaintiff.

    In Cooperstown, March 18, by Rev. C. L. Walt, Robert
    DAVIDSON, of Hartwick, to Mrs. Sabrina J. BARNUM, of
    In Middletown, March 18, by Rev. H. Brotherson, George
    E. MANCHESTER to Helen M. KEMP.
    In Edmeston, by Rev. J. H. Chamberlin, Edgar E. STEVENS,
    of New Lisbon, to Cornelia M. ARNOLD, of Edmeston.
    [no date given]
    In Norwich, Feb. 28, by Rev. D. E. Loveridge, A. E. KOHN,
    of Davenport, Iowa, to Jennie HOPKINS, of Norwich.
    In Watertown, March 26, by Rev. L. M. Thaynes, Rev.
    LINDSAY, pastor of the baptist church in South New
    Berlin, to Mary E. SMITH, of Watertown.
    In Lincklaen, March 11, by Rev. J. H. Robinson, John T.
    FORREST, to Jennie YOUNG, both of Delhi.

    In Walton, March 29, Stephen BERRY, Sr., aged 83 yrs.
    In Margaretville, March 19, Mrs. Priscilla DUMOND,
    aged 48 years.
    In East Branch, March 27, Wm. EARLY, aged 65 years.
    In Richfield Springs, March 27, Willie, only son of Peter
    C. and Mary BUSH, aged 3 years.
    In Springfield, March 22, Nancy GRISWOLD, aged 81 years.
    In East Springfield, March 23, William MARQUISEE, aged
    62 years.
    In East Springfield, March 24, Thornton FERGUSON,
    aged 72 years.
    In Otsego, March 29, Mrs. Elizabeth LEWIS, aged 90 years.
    In Cooperstown, March 27, Seth J. WINSLOW, aged 63 years.
    In Morris, March 10, Mahala MUDGE, aged 82 years.
    In Afton, March 22, Mrs. Ruth A. BURDITT, aged 36 years.
    In Norwich, March 27, Mrs. Sarah A. WOODS, aged 36 years.
    In Guilford, April 1, Mrs. Pamelia SMITH, aged 41 years.
    In Guilford, April 1, Mrs. Hannah SWEET, aged 61 years.
    In Bainbridge, March 29, Mrs. Maria L. NEWTOWN,
    aged 35 years.
    In Norwich, March 26, Prudence McNITT, aged 63 years.
    In Lincklaen, March 23, John A., son of Daniel W. LANE,
    aged 10 years.
    In East Smithville, March 26, Mrs. Ruth ADAMS, aged 45
    In Oxford, March 28, Mrs. Phebe ROOME, aged 63 years.
    In Greene, March 20, Hugh SKILLER, aged 78 years.
    In Smithville, March 17, Harmon BROOKS, aged 72 years.
    In Davenport, March 26, Henry G., infant son of Manuel
    and Harriet SIDES, aged 7 months.
    In Delhi, March 28, John WILLIAMSON, aged 46 years.
    In Davenport, March 6, Peter BREWER, aged 73 years.
    In Kortright, March 27, David ORR, aged 83 years.
    In Bloomville, March 28, John M. SQUIRES, aged 52 years.
    In Stamford, March 28, Burr ROLLINS, aged 77 years.
    In Andes, April 1, Phillip FORD, aged 62 years.
    In Milford, April 4, Mr. Isaac WILBER, father of Hon.
    David Wilber of this village, aged 73 years.

    Richard CASTLE 12 years old, son of John Castle, 
    on Dry Brook, Delaware county, was killed at that place
    on the 2d inst by a rolling log while assisting his father
    in drawing logs.

    Harvey MYERS, a prominent lawyer of Covington,
    Kentucky, who was brutally murdered by Col. W. G.
    TERRILL, of that city, on account of questions asked by
    the former in a divorce suit in which he was employed
    against Terrill, was a former resident of Chenango county. 
    The Union gives the following brief sketch of his career: "Mr.
    Myers was born in Bainbridge, in this county, in 1828. 
    His parents were poor, and he had but few advantages in
    early life, his education being such as the common schools
    of his native town afforded.  He moved to Kentucky in 1851,
    and taught school for a short time, meanwhile pursuing
    the study of law.  In 1858 he entered a law office in Covington,
    and was admitted to practice in 1854.  As a lawyer he was
    one of the most prominent in the State of Kentucky, having
    a large practice in the Court of Appeals and in the U. S.
    Courts.  He frequently acted as Judge pro tem in the Circuit
    Court, when cases were before that tribunal in which the
    Judge of the Court was interested.  He was elected to the
    State Legislature in 1865, but declined to serve, on the
    ground that the election was not a free one but that the
    voters were under the coercion of Federal bayonets.  In
    1872 he ran for Congress on the Republican ticket, and
    was defeated by Judge Arthur.  In business he was
    successful, having amassed a considerable estate from a
    large and remunerative practice, estimated at $65,000.  He
    leaves a wife and six young children.

    In Oneonta, April 15/16(?), by Rev. O. T. Moulton, Mr.
    George E. FERREL to Miss Amanda E., daughter of
    Erastus COUSE, all of Oneonta.
    In Mt. Vision, April 5, by Dennis Barnard, Esq., Henry
    C. BUNN, of Mt. Vision, to Fannie COOPERWALL, of
    South Hartwick.
    In Laurens, March 30, by Rev. M. Lee, Jonathan BATES
    to Betsey BRIGHTMAN, all of Laurens.
    In Smyrna, April 2, by W. R. Calkins, Esq., Stephen
    W. ROBBINS to Cornelia RICHARDS, both of Plymouth.
    In Oxford, March 25, by Rev. J. C. Ward, Joseph W.
    MOSHER, of Aurora, to Emma B. BUNNELL, of Greene.
    In Butternuts, March 24, by Rev. S. H. Moon, Chas.
    LENNOX to Jennie ATWELL, both of Morris.
    In Shavertown, April 2, by Rev. James Morris, John L.
    FERDON to Cordelia BARNHART, both of Rockland.

    In Unadilla, April 3, William D. SPENCER, aged 80 years.
    In Triangle, Mar. 24, John S. MORSE, aged 76 years.
    In Bainbridge, April 7, Mrs. Electa M. IRELAND, aged
    71 years.
    In Smyrna, April 6, Joseph TEFFT, aged 62 years.
    In Norwich, April 1, John W. WINSOR, aged 57 years.
    In Norwich, March 3, Edna May, daughter of Kinyon
    TERRY, aged 4 years.
    In Smyra, April 5, Mrs. Ellen C. DIXON, aged 30 years.
    In Norwich, April 5, Thomas K. TERRY, aged 74 years.
    In Plymouth, April 5, Mrs. Nancy HARRIS, aged 76 years.
    In Guilford, April 1, Mrs. Parmelia SMITH, aged 41 years.
    In Guilford, April 1, Mrs. Hannah SWEET, aged 61 years.
    In Bloomville, April 2, James CLOUTE, aged 80 years.
    In Hartwick, April 1, Horace CHASE, aged 55 years.
    In Cooperstown, April 2, Mrs. Emma S. THAYER, aged
    43 years.
    In Middlefield, April 5, Mrs. Elizabeth BANISTER, aged
    76 years.
    In Exter, April 1, Daniel VAN COURT, aged 84 years.
    In Otego, March 29, Mrs. Lavisa FOLLETT.  [no age given]
    In New Lisbon, March 24, Amos BARTON, aged 75 years.
    In New Lisbon, March 31, Amasa ALDRICH, aged 77 years.
    In Laurens, March 15, Mrs. Esther WINSOR, aged 69 years.
    In Delhi, April 7, James DAVIE, aged 37 years.
    In Morris, April 3, Miss Louisa FOOTE, aged 29 years.
    In Laurens, March 31, Mrs. Sally ELDRED, aged 92 years.
    In New Lisbon, April 3, George W. GARDNER, aged 30 years.
    In Pittsfield, March 29, Mr. Eber HARRINGTON, aged 73 years.
    In Andes, April 6, Mrs. Eliza DREYFUS, aged 29(?) years.
    In Franklin, March 31, John A. BOWERS, aged 40 years.
    In Richfield, April 4, Mrs. Lucy COLWELL, aged 85(?) years.
    In Springfield, April 7, Mrs. Christina OSTRANDER, aged
    71 years.

 4/24/1874             DIED.
 In Oneonta, on 16th inst. Mrs. Cornelia E., wife of Charles
 G. PAYNE, in the 28th year of her age.
 In New York City, on 16th inst., Mrs. Sarah, wife of
 Herman MENDEL, in the 23d year of her age.
 In Delhi, April 23, Miss Chrrity (Charity?) VAN HOSEN,
 aged 59 years.

 In Croton, April 9, Ralph SKINNER to Mrs. Kate
 HILBURN, all of Franklin.
 In Hamden, April 4, by Rev. F. Shepard, John J. VAN
 VALKENBRG (sic), of Walton, to Sophia BENEDICT, of

 Judge Dwight H. CLARK died at the St. James Hotel in
 Oxford on the 17th ult., aged 55 years.  The citizens of
 Chenango County recognized Judge Clark's legal ability in
 1850 by making him District Attorney, which office he
 held for three years, and in 1855 he was elected County
 Judge.  After a trial of four years in this highly responsible
 office, he was re-elected in 1859 and continued to discharge
 its duties until the close of December, 1863, a period of
 eight years.  In these responsible positions, all bore
 witness to his entire capacity, and every one conceded
 his eminent ability and integrity. [do not know if there's more]

 In West Oneonta, April 22, by Rev. P. C. Bentley, Stephen
 R. BENTLEY to Daphnea V. COOK.
 In Franklin, April 21, by Rev. John Smith, John RATHBUN,
 of Otego, to Mrs. Harriet SMITH, of the former place.
 In Sidney Plains, April 19, by Rev. J. B. Morse, Jacob L.
 BRIGGS to Hattie C. GALE.
 In Deposit, April 19, by Rev. J. N. Adams, Fletcher
 PALMER, Esq., to Miss Sophia M., daughter of Harvey
 BRYANT, Esq., all of Deposit.
 In Preston, April 7, by Edwin Kelsey, Esq., Frank ROE
 to Lillie WHEAT both of Plymouth.
 In East Pharsalia, April 13, by Rev. E. N. Ruddock,
 Berthier J. MATTHEWSON to Jerusha L. WELLS, both
 of Pharsalia.
 In Otselic, April 14, by Rev. J. M. Allen, Samuel POTTER
 to Mary K. BROWN, both of Otselic.
 In Bloomville, April 22, by Rev. F. A. M. Brown, James
 B. CAVIN to Delila MAXON(?).
 In Milford, April 15, by Rev. H. N. VanDuesen, E. N.
 GRISWOLD, of Cooperstown, to Jennie E. BAIED(?), of
 In Westford, April 8, by Rev. George Parsons, John BELL
 to Julia F.(?) TYLER.
 In Milford Centre, April by, by Rev. G. E. Flint, Almon K.
 PATTERSON to Anna L. BAKER, both of Milford.
 In Minonk, Woodford, Co., Ill, by Rev. L. Springer,
 Daniel H. PERRY, of Cooperstown, to Laura A. HAZEL-BAKER(?),
 of Minonk.

 In Cass, Jones Co., Iowa, April 6, Holden J. COOK,
 formerly of this county, aged 52(?) years.
 In Tung Chow, China, Feb. 3, 1874, Rose McMASTER,
 wife of Rev. Charles  Charles R. MILLS, formerly of Guillford.
 [typed as written in paper - possibly daughter of Chas. Mills?]
 In Maryland, April 19, William RAY, aged 69 years.
 In No. Harpersfield, April 15, David E., son of John E.
 and Sarah BEDFORD, aged 8 years.
 In Plymouth, April 20, Selden ALDRICH, aged 68(?) years.
 In South Plymouth, April 21, Mrs. Miriam SACKETT,
 aged 91 years.
 In Plymouth, April 3, Mrs. Nancy HARRIS, aged 77 years.
 In East Norwich, April 17, Mrs. Hannah JOHNSON, aged
 94 years.
 In Guilford Centre, April 9, Thomas G. HUYCK, aged 66
 In Sherburne, April 16, Mrs. Amy HOPSON, aged 39(?)
 In Smyrna, April 13, Susan FINCH, aged 22 years.
 At Phoenix Mills, April 19, Allie, son of Henry L. and
 Harriet R. MURDOCK, Aged 7 years and 7 months.
 In Toddsville, April 14, Sophia W., wife of the late Jesse
 GATES, aged 85(?) years.
 In Maryland, April 19, William RAY, aged 68 years.
 [previous entry above said 69 years]
 In Milford, April 7, Mrs. Hannah ALLEN, aged 67 years.
 In Middlefield, April 13, Myrtle, child of George A. and
 Caroline SMITH, aged 5 months.
 In Oneonta, April 12, Mrs. Mary Ann GRAVES, aged 67 years.
 In Norwich, April 18, Annah, wife of Nicholas HUGHSON,
 aged 60 years.

 5/8/1874             MARRIED.
 In Brooklyn, April 23, by Rev. John A. Paddock, D. D.,
 W. H. C. CONOVER, formerly of Norwich, to Cornelia, daughter
 of R. L. DELISIER(?), of Brooklyn.
 In Delhi, April 19, b Rev. Wm. M. Hallock, A. W. DRAKE
 to Irene KNISKEN, both of Delhi.
 In South New Berlin, April 23, by Rev. A. Lindsay, Wm. D.
 BOYNE to Sarah K. TYLER, both of South New Berlin.
 In Smyrna, April 28, by Rev. C. S. Crain, Marsena SOULE
 to Mary PUDNEY, all of Smyrna
 In Hartwick, April 22, by Rev. David L. Pendell, John H.
 HOPKINS, of Davenport, to Eliza M. BISHOP, of Hartwick.
 In Bainbridge, April 26, by A. B. Richardson, Eldridge
 DAVIS to Agnes MURRAY, both of Bainbridge.
 In Bainbridge, April 28, by A. B. Richardson, Geo. N.
 TAYLOR to Mary N. HALL, both of Tompkins.
 In Croton, March 25, by Rev. H. R. Dakin, Albert BARNES,
 of Davenport, to Julia P. ADAMS, of Croton.
 In Andes, April 28, by Rev. A. Gaylord, Wm. M. GAVETT,
 of Middletown, to Mary A. Hall, of Lumberville.
 In Bloomville, April 22, by Rev. F. A. M. Brown, James B.
 CAVIN to Delilah MAXON.
 In East Pharsalia, April 13, by Rev. E. N. Ruddock,
 Berthier J. MATTHEWSON to Jerusha L. Wells, all of
 In Ostelic, April 14, by Rev. J. M. Allen, Samuel POTTER
 to Mary E. BROWN, both of Otselic.
 In Davenport Centre, April 29, at the residence of the
 bride's father, by Rev. W. W. Taylor, Silas QUACKENBUSH
 to Agnes SMITH.

 In Laurens, March 24, Mary, wife of Wellington BROWN,
 and daughter of Abram VAN BUREN, in the 33d year of her age.
 In Fly Creek, April 27, Mrs. Catharine GARDNER, aged
 75 years.
 In Greene, April 17, Nathan MYERS, aged 54 years.
 In Pharsalia, April 17, Mrs. Lossa/Loasa(?) NEWTON,
 aged 75 years.
 In Smyrna, April 23, Mrs. Z. RICE, aged 63(?) years.
 In Delhi, April 29(?), Angeline BRISCO, aged 73 years.
 In Delhi, April 28, Malcom FISHER, aged 85(?) years.
 In Roxbury, April 26(?), Minerva SANFORD, daughter of
 Mrs. Christine Sanford, aged 9 years.
 In Preston, April 15, Jacob THOMPSON, aged 75 years.
 In Coventry, April 19(?), Mrs. Lydia M. PHILLIPS, aged
 48 years.
 In Walton, April 18, Malcolm WRIGHT, aged 75 years.
 In Oneida, April 25, Mrs. Mary NILES, wife of Dr. A.
 H. Niles, formerly of Butternuts.
 In Worcester, April 24(?), Mrs.. Sarah A. BOUGHTON,
 aged 53 years.
 In Morris, May 1, Mrs. Emma J. HURLBUTT, aged 25 years.
 In Otsego, April 24, Patrick HAGGERTY, aged 72 years.
 In Cooperstown, April 27, Mrs. Sally DOUBLEDAY, aged
 82 years.
 In Springfield Centre, April 27, Mrs. Minerva E. WOOD,
 aged 34(?) years.
 In Springfield Centre, April 28(?), Dr. Alfred VAN HORNE,
 aged 47 years.
 In Cherry Valley, April 20(?), Mrs. Margaret HARDENDORF(?),
 aged 62 years.
 In Meredith, April 16, Charles E. THOMPSON, aged 20 years.
 In Norwich, April 29, Wm. H. CHURCH, aged 63 years.
 In Norwich, April 22, Nicholas HUGHSON, aged 72 years.
 In Norwich, April 22, Mrs. Ruth HICKS, aged 66/68(?) years.

 Hon. John R. FLAGG, a prominent democratic politician,
 and ex-mayor of Troy, died suddenly in that city on Monday,
 of the disease of the heart.

 Adolph WOLF was found in New York on Friday morning
 hanging to a derrick. A letter in his pocket said that he
 came from Germany Feb. 14, 1873, and not finding work,
 and having been jilted by a young woman whom he loved,
 he had determined to hang himself.  He was 22 years of age.

 Joseph KOHN of New York, ended his financial difficulties
 by cutting his throat in presence of his wife and children,
 and thereby ending "the ills his flesh is heir to."

 In Oneonta, April 25, by Rev. H. Brown, Daniel HOPKINS,
 of Laurens, to Delphine PERRY, of Otego.
 In Stamford, April 29, Richard E. DAVIS, of Harpersfield,
 to Emma HOWARD, of Stamford.
 In Richmondville, May 2, by Elder A. J. Welton, Ozias
 BRAZIE, of Summit, to Kate GARDNER, of West Fulton.
 In Roxbury, April 9, by Rev. J. W. Hammond, Addison
 P. MORE to Alice CLAYTON, all of Roxbury.
 In East Pharsalia, April 30, by Horace L. Barnes, Esq.,
 F. D. DEXTER, of West Winfield, to Miss S. A. SMITH, of
 East Hamilton.
 In Norwich, April 25, by Rev. D. O'Connell, Thomas
 In Norwich, April 26, by the same, Hugh H. TUCKER to
 Arabella A. ROSA(?)
 In Norwich, April 27, by the same, Thomas DOYLE to
 Sarah Ann NAUGHTON.
 In Coventry, April 21, by Rev. G. D. Horton, James H.
 BROOKS, of Oxford, to Martha A. FOOT, of Coventry.
 In Rockdale, April 19, by Rev. S. SMITH, Joseph D.
 In Cooperstown, April 29, by Rev. S. Casler, Chas. H.
 BASS, of Edmeston, to Mary S. CRUMB, of Springfield.
 On the evening of May 11th, 1874, at the residence of the
 bride's father, by the Rev. J. O. Bayles, of Kortright, Mr. M. J.
 McCLELLAN, of Albany, and Miss Fannie J. REYNOLDS,
 of East Davenport.

 In West Laurens, March 8, Mrs. Comfort MOSIER, in the
 79th year of her age.
 In Smithville, April 23, Frank McCABE, aged 55 years.
 In Greene, April 24, Alice E., daughter of Dwight and
 Harriet L. MERRIAM, aged 1 year.
 In Oxford, April 28, Helen L. MOORE, aged 38(?) years.
 In Guilford, May 7, May, daughter of Dr. M. D. SPENCER,.
 aged 9 years.
 In Sidney, May 5, Bertha S.(?), daughter of Arthur M. and
 Emeline PRATT, aged 1 year.
 In Meredith, May 6, Thomas CRAIG, aged 82 years.
 In Milford, Seward county, Nebraska, Wm. D. BORDEN,
 formerly of Norwich, aged 42 years.  [no date give]
 In Norwich, May 3, Mary HESLIN, aged 28 years.
 In Plymouth, May 2, Nicholas STERNBERG, aged 73 years.
 In Smyrna, May 3, John WEAVER, aged 94 years.
 In Norwich, April 18, Esther SKINNER, aged 70 years.
 In Greene, April 26, Electa Ann, wife of C. A. ROOD,
 of Norwich, aged 55 years.
 In Pharsalia, April 22, Eddie, son of Ledyard COOK, of
 Lincklaen, aged 20 years.
 In South Ostelic, April 25, Ira WADKINS, aged 65 years.
 In Greene, April 26, Edward MULLEN, aged 46 years.
 In Jimsbury(?), Conn., April 40 (sic), Jane, wife of Hon. J.
 O. PHELPS, Jr., daughter of Col. A. N. HUMPHREY, of
 Bainbridge, aged 48 years.
 In St. Joseph, Mo., April 26, Elizabeth, wife of Geo.
 WALKER and daughter of John and Mary VINEY, of
 Harpersville, aged 32 years.
 In Unadilla, April 29, Betsy INGRAHAM, aged 72 years.
 In Gloversville, April 30, Mrs. Addie M. DARROW,
 daughter of the late Henry PECK, of Norwich, aged 17 years.
 In Smyrna, April 25, Thomas SISSON, aged 71 years.
 In Pharsalia, April 28, Chas. W., son of Wesson and
 Aurella M. NEWTON, aged 6 years.
 In Toddsville, April 28, Jane SNYDER, aged 15 years.
 In Cooperstown, May 5, Cora B., daughter of D. E. and
 M. E. SIVER, aged (?) years.
 In Milford, May 4, Lyman BROOKS, aged 79 years.
 In Walton, April 29, Jennie M., infant daughter of C. S.
 In Hancock, April 27, Martin W., son of Riley READ, aged
 27 years.
 In Tompkins, May 1, Mrs. Mary HUSTED, aged 82 years.
 In Williamsport, Pa., May 2, Mrs. Betsey HUMPHREY,
 formerly of Walton, aged 69(?) years.
 In Sidney, April 29, John WILLIAMS, aged 76 years.

5/22/1874 MARRIED.
 In Westford, May 5, by Rev. G. Moore, Norman J. FLINT
 to Mary R. HART, all of Westford.
 In Kortright, May 4, Walter H. GIBBS, of Kortright, to
 Anna T. SIXSMITH, of Davenport. [no clergy listed]
 In Kortright, April --, b Rev. J. D. Gibson, Mathew T.
 SIXSMITH, of Greenfield, Adair Co., Iowa, to Libbie
 DONNELLY, of Kortright.
 In Norwich, May 12, by Rev. D. O'Connell, John CARROL
 to Bridge REDDY.
 In Norwich, May 10, by Rev. W. H. Waldron, Albertus
 ALDRICH to Josephine BLACKMAN, both of Plymouth.
 In Norwich, April 14, by Rev. S. Scoville, Joseph WINSOR
 to Julia MARSH, both of Norwich.
 In Hobart, April 28, by Rev. L. E. Richards, Edward W.
 In Cannonsville, May 12, by Rev. E. B. Gallup, Andrew D.
 TERWILLIGER, of Kattleville, Broome county, to Sarah E.
 GOODRICH, of Cannonsville.
 In Afton, May 5, by Rev. J. E. Jones, Alson IRELAND to
 Carrie L. CLARK, both of Bainbridge.
 > In Walton, May 8(?), by Rev. G. Huntington, Johan
 ANDERSON, of Rock Rill, to Johanna Sofia JOHANSDOTH,
 of the same place.

 In Walton, May 6, Mrs. Elizabeth H., widow of the late
 Deacon Amasa HOYT, aged 75 years.
 In Walton, May 14, Nathan HANFORD, aged 75 years.
 In Roxbury, May 7, Zebulon ASHBY, aged 70 years.
 In Bainbridge, May 11, Abigail H. CHAPIN, aged 72 years.
 In Coventry, May 10, Alice A., wife of Orville J. LYON,
 aged 24 years.
 In Oxford, May 9, Mrs. Emma FINCH, aged 93 years.
 In Smyrna, May 3, Mrs. John WEAVER, aged 94 years.
 In Greene, May 5, Betsey, wife of Joshua HARRINGTON,
 aged 60(?) years.
 In Cooperstown, May 9, at the residence of his son-in-law,
 Mr. E. A. Olendorf, Truman DEWEY, aged 72 years.
 In New Lisbon, May 10, Dr. John F. MATHER, aged 70 years.
 In North Kortright, April 30, Dea. Joseph P. DOUGLASS,
 aged 57 years.
 In Manhatten, Kansas, April 25, Nancy, wife of James
 MEAD, formerly of Laurens, aged 68 years.
 In Margaretville, May 4, Henry DUMOND, aged 69(?) years.
 In Bainbridge, May 10, Smith PEARSALL, aged 80 years.
 In Morris, May 9, Daniel WICKHAM, aged 80 years.
 In Franklin, May 6, infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel
 ALLEN, aged about 3 months.
 In Coventry, May 2, Silas R. GOULD, aged 65 years.
 In Deposit, May 12, Jemima Ann, wife of Uriah MARVIN,
 aged 59 years.
 In Deposit, May 5, Mrs. Catherine EMPY, aged 74 years.
 In Binghamton, May 17, Charles B., son of A. J. and
 Cynthia KETCHUM, aged 15 yeas, 7 months and 11 days.
 In New Lisbon, May 11, Rev. H. FITCH, aged 67 years.
 In Pittsfield, April 30(?), William WILSON, aged 76(?) years.

 Surrogate Court … week ending May 16, 1874
 May 11 - Estate of
 Lyman Brooks, late of Milford, deceased.
 Richard L. COTTON, late of Edmeston, deceased.
 Eber HERRINGTON, late of Edmeston, deceased.
 May 13 - Estate of
 William RAY, late of Maryland, deceased
 Gen. BRIGHMAN, late of Laurens, deceased.
 John F. MATHER, late of New Lisbon, deceased

 At Chenango Circuit and Special Term of the Supreme
 Court, commenced at Norwich on the 18th inst., the
 following cases were put over: The People vs. Albert HOLMES,
 indicted for the murder of John YOUNG at the Orr bagnio,
 in Norwich, in February. The People vs. George H. ROGERS,
 indicted for killing Isaac E. SABIN, in Preston, on the 26th
 of February last. He is under indictment for murder in the
 first degree, but was admitted to bail in the sum of $15,0000.
 99 cases on the calendar.

 In Bloomville, May 17, by Rev. Geo. W. Martin, Wellington
 NEARS to Jane BLOSMER(?), both of Davenport.
 In East Worcester, May 14, by Rev. S. Moore, John E.
 ROCKAFELLOW to Alice ECKERSON, both of East
 In Pitcher, May 6, by Rev. S. B. Way, W. T. NEWTON,
 of Taylor, to Miss C. G. BENDLEY, of Pitcher.
 In Sharon Springs, May 20, by Rev. J. M. Joslyn, of
 Leesville, Warren L. BOORN, of Decatur, to Alice BEST,
 of Sharon Springs.
 In East Davenport, May 11, by Rev. J. O. Bayles, of
 Kortright, M. J. McClellan, M. D., of Albany, to Fannie J.
 REYNOLDS, of East Davenport.
 In Hartwick, May 15, by Rev. S. W. Wales, Howard C.
 ROCKWELL, of Rockwell's Mills, to Helen C. SHEPARD,
 of Hartwick.
 In Franklin, May 13, L. E. MURRAY, of Franklin, to Julia
 Ette HARDER, of Delhi. [no clergy listed]
 In Shavertown, May 7, by Rev. James Norris, Bemetrius D.
 In Greene, May 7, by Rev. J. S. Sage, William A. SMITH
 to Mary J. ROSE, all of Greene.
 > In Sidney, May 20, by Rev. L. Sperry, George AVERY to
 Rosa POMEROY, all of Sidney.

 In Smithville, April 17, Augusta READ, aged 34 years.
 In Delhi, May 21, William AMOS, aged 52 years.
 In Norwich, May 17, Mrs. Mary CARR, aged 75 years.
 In Columbus, May 11, Riley DUTTON, aged 62(?) years.
 In Otselic, May 2, Eli DALRYMPLE, aged 71 years.
 In Otselic, May 12, Henry GRAY, aged 30(?) years.
 In Greene, May 8, DeWitt STORMS, aged 66 years.
 In Walton, May 17, James MORRIS, aged 48 years.
 In Delhi, May 13, Wm. H. COTTRELL, aged 60 years.
 In Smithville, April 7, Eliza PRESTON, aged 47 years.
 In Smithville, April 14, Fanny, wife of John PARSONS,
 aged 44 years.
 In Smithville, April 16, Mrs. Sarah FERGUSON, aged
 78 years.
 In Sherburne, May 15, Mrs. Anna GORHAM, aged 78 years.
 In Plymouth, May 16, Sherma, infant son of John G. and
 Esther L. LEVEE.
 In Greene, May 18, Nancy, wife of Dr. Daniel BELLOWS,
 aged 82 years.
 In Smithville, May 10, James, infant son of James and
 Hannah YARNES.
 In North Harpersfield, May 15, Mary, daughter of Mrs.
 Eliza ROWE, aged 37 years.
 In Davenport, May 24, John WICKHAM, aged 69 years.

 6/5/1874 > Death of Superintendent Clark - Julian CLARK, Esq.,
 acting General Superintendent of the Delaware & Hudson
 canal company Rail Roads. Word received he died Sunday
 morning last. Buried Broome [Incomplete}
 [Another article in June 19 issue-not copied]

 Death of Judge DOOLITTLE. Another of our Supreme Court
 Judges has been lost at sea. On Saturday morning last,
 the following brief cable dispatch was received at Utica.
 Queenstown, May 29. To Dr. J. P. Fray, Utica. The
 Judge lost overboard 21st. Letter immediately. Inform
 family. Return by Abyssinia. Kitchen.
 And up to this time, that is all that known (sic) about the
 melancholy disaster. Dr. Kitchen and Judge Doolittle sailed
 from New York on the morning of May 20th, and was only
 one day out when the accident occurred, the nature of which
 we shall know in a few days. He was chosen a Justice of
 the Supreme Court of the State in 1869.

 Death of Professor Evan. Evan W. EVANS, formerly
 professor of mathematics in Cornell University, died in
 Ithaca, on Friday last. He was a native of Wales, and was
 graduated at Yale college in 1851…. Previous to being
 called to Cornell, he had been principal of Franklin Academy
 in Delaware county, and professor of mathematics in
 Marietta college, Ohio. [incomplete]

 [The names in entries below were almost illegible]
 In Oneonta, June 2, by Rev. O. T. Moulton, James A.
 JONES, of Oneonta, to Maria MOORE, of Milford.
 In Candor, May 31, 1874, at the M. E. church by Rev. N.
 S. Reynolds, Mr. B. L. SHERWOOD to Miss E.(?) Augusta
 COGSWELL, all of Candor.
 In Masonville, May 2-(?), by Rev. S. Manderville, D.
 Brais.- A. ms, of South Deerfield, Mass., to Julia C.
 VAIL. At the same time and place, Wm. H. WILSON,
 of Masonville, to D.(?) Ella(?) VAIL./VALL, both daughters of
 Reuben A. Vail/Vall(?). [names almost obliterated]
 In Norwich, April 27, by Rev. W. J. Judd, William A.
 PERRY(?) to Mary E. COOK.
 In Norwich, May 26, by Rev. D. O'Connell, Thomas J.
 BEADLE to Anne(?) McGINNESS(?)
 In Chenango Forks, May 21, by Rev. J. D. Woodruff,
 William S. THOMPSON, of East McDonough, to Eliza J.
 OGDEN, of E----(?), N.Y.
 In Smyrna, May 21, by Rev. A. F. Brown, Charles A.
 DOIT(?) to Ella(?) LENNOX, all of Greene.
 In Norwich, May 23(?), by Rev. W. J. Judd, George W.
 WOOD, of Butternuts, to Fannie E. PENDELL, of Norwich.
 In Downsville, May 21, by Rev. Geo Soutenburgh(?),
 Thomas McBEADY(?) to Cornelia C. HI__(?).
 In Cobleskill, May 10(?), by Rev. Howard T. Widemar,
 Simon W. PUTNAM, of Fonda, to Alice HADLEY, of
 In Schoharie, May 3(?), by Rev. Wm. C. Handy, Jackson
 BABCOCK to Emma L. SMITH, both of Cobleskill.
 In Cherry Valley, May 2-(?), at the residence of Mr.
 Thomas A---on(?), by Rev. W. F. Tooke, Richard SHELLNER
 to Lillian E. MACKEY, both of Springfield Centre.
 In Cherry Valley, May 24, by Rev. W. R. Rooke, David P.
 VANDERWERKER, of Roseboom, to Mary E. THOMPSON,
 of Cherry Valley.
 In Davenport Centre, May 26, by Rev. W. W. Taylor, Arthur
 L. ROSE to Emily H.(?) ENGLISH, all of Harpersfield.

 In Norwich, May 24(?), John GRADY, aged 25(?) years.
 In Owego, May 13, Thomas McEWEN, aged 80(?) years.
 In New Berlin, May 18, Harry ARNOLD, aged 71 years.
 In Sherburne, May 15, Mrs. Amos GORHAM, aged 78(?) years.
 In New Berlin, May 13, Mrs. Lucreta ARNOLD, aged 63(?) years.
 In Preston, May 23, Cynthia, wife of the late Almon
 BLACKMAN, aged 65(?) years.
 In Guilford, April 28, Miss Lucinda HAMILTON, aged
 53(?) years.
 In Schenevus, May 24, Nellie, wife of George BALDWIN,
 aged 34(?) years.
 In Cooperstown, May 25, Maria, daughter of Joseph H. and
 Helen L. COOPER, aged 1 year and 8(?) months.
 In South Hartwick, May 16, George, son of Delos and
 Lydia ELDRED, aged 19 years.
 In Norwich, May 25, Nellie E., daughter of Emma SHERMAN,
 aged 1 years and 3 months.
 In South Oxford, May 9, Myron POWERS, aged 74(?) years.
 In Harpersfield, May 27, Francis ODELL, wife of John
 HAGER, aged 89(?) years.
 In Franklin, May 28, Ora SPRING, aged 24 years and 10
 In Portlandville, May 30, of Typhoid Pneumonia, Mrs.
 Cynthia BECKLEY, wife of Charles Beckley, aged 50 years.
 In Laurens, May 39(?), Amos JOHNSON, aged 73(?)
 years and 7 months.
 In Stamford, May 27, Frances E., wife of John HAGER,
 aged 39/59(?) years.
 In Stamford, June 1, George McCALL, aged 63 years.

 6/12/1874 > Surrogate Court …week ending May 30, 1874.
 May 25 - Estate of
 Amos BURTON, late of New Lisbon, deceased.
 Mary Ann GRAVES, late of Otsego, deceased.
 Petition of Hattie FENTON for appointment of guardian,
 Letters of guardianship issued to Hezekiah METTERSON/
 MATTERSON, of Pittsfield.

 A Man Drowned. The people of West Oneonta were
 startled on Sunday morning last, by the announcement that
 Daniel BEMUS, a young man twenty three years of age,
 employed in the railroad shops of this place, had been
 drowned while bathing in a small branch of the Otego
 creek, near Culver's pond. Two or three companions were
 with him at the time, and from their statements we learn
 the following facts. Before going into the water, which was
 about 14 feet deep, Bemus informed them that he was going
 to touch bottom. He then dove into the deepest part of the
 hole, and never came up. Help was at once summoned,
 but the water was muddy, and it was between two and three
 hours before the body would be found. He was a married
 man, and leaves a wife and one child.

 In Jerusalem, Albany county, June 2, by Rev. E. VEDDER,
 W. L. MORRISON, of Schoharie, to Lillie, daughter of the
 officiating clergyman.
 In Cannonsville, June 3, by Rev. J. Johns, assisted by
 Rev. Wm. Coss, F. M. CLOSE(?), of Walton, to Emma
 MILES, of Cannonsville.
 In Brookfield, May 23, by Rev. W. H. Batson, Lyman H.
 BISHOP, of Norwich, to Minnie E. BABCOCK, of Brookfield.
 In DeRuyter, May 23(?), by Rev. J. Storrs, Deforest
 BLANCHARD, of Delaware county, to Miss H. Adell STORRS,
 of DeRuyter.
 In Chenango Forks, May 21, by Rev. Mr. Foster, Frank N.
 HARRINGTON, of Cortland, to Hattie SQUIRES, of
 Chenango Forks.
 In Margaretville, May 26, James E. FAIRBEN, of
 Hardenburgh, to Mary ALTON, of Middletown.
 In Bainbridge, June 2, by Rev. C. W. Abrams, David Y.
 DREW, of Shodack, to Mary L. SIMMONS, of Bainbridge.
 In Bainbridge, May 23, by Rev. A. H. Richardson, Nelson
 LEWIS to Celia GAGE, both of Morris.
 In Masonville, June 3, by Rev. N. Ripley, H. J. TRAVIS,
 M. D., of Woodstock, N. Y., to Mary E. WILLIS, of Masonville.
 In Sharon Springs, May 20, by Rev. J. M. Joslyn, of
 Leesville, Warren L. BOORN, of Decatur, to Alice BEST, of
 Sharon Springs.
 In Walton, June 1, by Rev. L. M. Purington, Chas. E. COLE,
 of Tompkins, to Mary E. JENKINS, of Walton.

 In Sharon, June 1, Alonzo B. COONS, aged 55 years.
 In Bainbridge, June 3, Mrs. Levi SCOTT, aged 72 years.
 In Unadilla, May 28, Christina, wife of James D. REYNOLDS,
 aged 39 years.
 In Shavertown, May 29, Libbie, wife of Bradley B. McCABE,
 aged 27 years.
 In Smithville Flats, May 20, Mrs. Frances FERGUSON,
 aged 48 years.
 In Plymouth, May 31, Channing ALDRICH, aged 75 years.
 In Greene, May 21(?), Andrew UPHAM, aged 36(?) years.
 In Greene, May 23, Chas. A. WHEELER, aged 51 years.
 In McDonough, May 12, Samuel MARTIN, aged 76 years.
 In McDonough, May 22, Martha, widow of Samuel MARTIN,
 aged 73 years.
 In McDonough, May 30, Maria, wife of Wm. SMITH,
 aged 55 years.
 In Delhi, May 31, Michael HARDER, aged 84(?) years.
 In Portlandville, May 12, Charley A., only son of Egbert M.
 and Zildah QUACKENBUSH, aged 7 years, 9 months and
 15 days. [poem attached]

 6/19/1874 > Fannie McDONALD, youngest daughter of Jay McDonald,
 Esq., died at her father's residence in this village on Sunday
 morning last. She has been suffering for some time from a
 dropsical affliction, but was apparently in a fair way to
 recover, until a little more than a week before her death,
 when she grew rapidly worse.

 At the residence of the bride's father, in Oneonta, June
 16th, by Rev. W. W. Taylor, Mr. Ezra GRAVES and Miss
 Martha SCHERMERHORN, all of Oneonta.
 In Oneonta, at the Grand Central Hotel, June 18, by Rev.
 H. H. Allen, Jacob Y. WINNE to Miss Elvena GRANNIA(?),
 both of this place.
 In Roxbury, June 3, by Rev. W. H. Carr, Avery C. VAN DYKE
 to Elizabeth CRON--(?).
 In Cobleskill, June 3, by Rev. H. Keller, Briggs W. HOAG,
 of Middleburgh, to Cattie/Carrie(?) A. BORST, of Cobleskill.

 In this village, on Sunday, the 14th inst., Fannie J.,
 daughter of Jay and L. A. MacDONALD, aged 16 years
 and 8(?) months.
 In Sherburne, June 6, Mrs. Susannah COLE, aged 50 years.
 In Moresville, June 7, Mrs. Maria MORE, widow of the
 late Joseph More, aged 68(?) years.
 In Maryland, June 9, Maggie E., daughter of Warren and
 Mary BENNETT, aged 4 yeas and 1 month.
 In Richmondville, June 10, Eliza J. Gordon aged 27 years.
 In Sidney, May 27, Lyman EGGLESTON, aged 56 years.
 In Sherburne, June 8(?), Benjamin SKINNER, aged 56 years.
 In Garratsville, June 5(?), Richard EMERSON, aged 75 years.
 In Stamford, May 27, Mrs. Frances E., wife of John HAGER,
 aged 89(?) years.
 In Stamford, June 1, Deacon George McCall, aged
 63 years.
 In Ithaca, May 31, Mrs. M. Louise, wife of A. L. JASKIN,
 formerly of this village.

 6/26/1874 > Surrogate Court … week ending June 16, 1874
 June 8 - Estate of
 William DRYDEN, late of Springfield, deceased.
 Daniel D. JACKSON for appointment of guardian of
 Lillie A. and Clyde Jackson.
 John C. JONES, late of Hartwick, deceased.
 Lodawick S. HARRINGTON, late of Burlington, deceased.
 Ansel TULLER, late of New Lisbon, deceased
 June 9 -
 Mary DUNN, late of Cooperstown, deceased.
 Lydia PALMER, late of Burlington, deceased.
 June 10 -
 Richard EMMERSON(?), late of New Lisbon, deceased.
 June 11 -
 Thomas McEWEN, late of Otsego, deceased.
 June 13 -
 Susan RIPPLE, late of Springfield, deceased.
 June 15 -
 William G. ALGER, late of Hartwick, deceased.
 June 16 -
 James HUNT, late of Milford, deceased.
 Abel DeFOREST, late of Laurens, deceased.
 Eri DEMLING(?), late of Edmeston, deceased.
 Edwin PERKINS, late of Hartwick, deceased.
 William D. BROWN, late of Plainfield, deceased.

 No Married or Died Notices.

 A coroner's inquest was held on the body of Mrs. 
 HILL, who died at Burdick settlement, in the town of
 Lincklaen, on the 3d ult.  Deceased was a lady 69 years
 of age, and died under circumstances that led to the
 suspicion that she had been poisoned by her step-daughter. 
 No traces of poison were to be found.

 Mrs. Clara SANFORD, living with her son-in-law near
 Dean's Corners, Del. Co., committed suicide on the night
 of the 23d ult.  She retired with the family, evidently in
 good spirits.  Not appearing at breakfast in the morning
 search was made, and she was found hanging in the
 kitchen chamber.  Deceased was sixty-five years old, and
 highly respected in that community.  No cause can be
 assigned for the suicide.

 On Wednesday, (24th ult.), about eleven o'clock, report
 came that Christopher KELTENBACK, of Roxbury, had
 committed suicide by hanging.  He had been a cripple for
 over ten years, and had been cared for by his brother
 Frederick.  This was the day appointed for the wedding of
 one of Frederick's daughters, who had taken all the care of
 him during his sickness.  He had often said to her, "When
 you go, I am going too."  One of the girls was sent to tell
 their uncle to come in and see the wedding; she soon
 returned with the news that he was hanging by a rope in
 the barn.  After his body had been taken to the house,
 and the wedding ceremonies performed, Coroner Street
 was at once notified, who held an inquest in the evening,
 and the jury decided that "Deceased came to his death by
 hanging."  Deceased was about seventy years of age. -
 Andes Recorder.

 In Oneonta, June 27th, by Rev. G. R. Burnside, Herbert
 SPENCER, of Maryland, to Jennie ROBINSON, of Schenevus.
 In Pittsfield, June 14, by James Simmons, Esq., William
 SOUTHERN to Jennie FURBUSH, both of Morris.
 In Cooperstown, June 13, by Rev. James Vincent, Paul
 A. LIDELL, of Exeter, to Geraldine F. BAKER, of the same town.
 In Cooperstown, June 16(?), by Rev. A. S. Clark, Chas.
 RUSSELL, of Otsego, to Elizabeth CLEAVELAND, of
 Kortight, Del. Co.
 In Waterville, June 10, by Rev. N. R. Everts, H. D.
 FAIRCHILD, of Pitcher, to Allie E. POST, of Waterville.
 In Unadilla, June 15, by Rev. M. Scofield, S. LeGrand
 ABBEY, of Rondout, to Ida H., daughter of the late Rev.
 In Hobart, June 22, by Rev. C. B. Landon, E. H. WAKEMAN,
 of Walton, to Miss M. E. BARLOW.
 In Hamden, June 4, Thomas MALLIS(?), of Colchester,
 to Nancy B. DAVIDSON, of Hamden.
 In North Walton, June 10, by Rev. W. W. Curtis, Cyrus
 W. WINANS, of Franklin, to Eliza A. HASKINS, of Walton.
 In Colchester, June 6, by Rev. Geo Strasenburgh, Lonzo A.
 FRISBY to Phebe MILLER, all of Colchester.
 In Walton, June 6, by Rev. T. M. Williams, Caleb B. SMITH
 to Esther PURDY.
 In West Bainbridge, June 17, by Rev. T. P. Halsted,
 Charles G. NORTON to Ellen LOOMIS, both of West Bainbridge.
 In Sherburne Four Corners, June 24, by Rev. B. B.(?) Gibbs,
 of Spencer, N. Y., E. F. SMITH, of Smyrna, to Marie Louise,
 eldest daughter of Chas. HARTWELL, Esq.
 In Stamford, June 14, by Rev. l. S. Brown, Smith A. REID
 to Ella REDMOND, all of Delhi.
 In Deposit, June 17, by Rev. J. N. Adams, Franklin C.
 HAMBLET to Rose E. VANDERWORKER, all of Deposit.
 In Burlington Flats, June 21, by Rev. L. Casler, D. S.
 ALLEN to Ellen HOLMES both of New Berlin, N. Y.
 At the same time and place, L. H. WILLIAMS to Lutie
 (-?) ARNOLD, both of New Berlin.
 In Roxbury, June 17, by Rev. J. W. Hammond, George
 ELMER, of Margaretville, to Helen KELTENBACH.
 In Meredith, June 20, by Rev. G. F. Post, Alfred
 GANOUNG to Rillah C. TODD, both of Roxbury.

 In Garrattsville, June 5, Richard EMERSON, aged 75 years.
 In Unadilla, June 19, geo. H. ELLIOTT, aged 88(?) years.
 In Norwich, June 21, Jerusha M., wife of Isaac FOOTE,
 aged 55 years.
 In Norwich, June 19, Asel WARNER, aged 64(?) years.
 In Sherburne, June 4, Rollie C., infant son of Jason M.
 and Amelia R. BENTON.
 In Sherburne, June 7, Amelia R., wife of Jason M.
 BENTON, aged 24 years.
 In Preston, June 20, Bertha R., daughter of L. S. and
 Esther LAW, aged 1 year and 11 months.
 In Greene, June 13, David BENNETT, aged 66 years.
 In Pharsalia, April 23 and 27, twin daughters of D. S.
 and Mary E. LORD, aged about 1 year.
 In Coventry, June 14, Cora MELIUS, aged 11 years.
 In Greene, June 13, Minnie, daughter of Samuel WHEELER,
 aged 6 years.
 In Nineveh, June 22, George W. DENNISON, aged 19 years.
 In Guilford, June 15, Caroline, widow of Job WILCOX,
 aged 46 years.
 In Delhi, June 19, Prudence, widow of John FISHER,
 aged 79 years.
 In Bainbridge, June 19, Sarah F. HIGLEY, aged 73 years.
 In Schoharie, June 21, Nicholas RICKART, aged 63 years.
 In Butternuts, June 18, Mrs. John BANGS(?), aged 86 years.
 In Milford, June 5(?), James HUNT, aged 84 years.
 In South Colchester(?), June 24, Wright LANE, aged 78 years.
 In Harpersfield, June 27, Nellie L., daughter of Newton G.
 PECK, aged 4 years.
 In Lumberville, June 21, Mrs. John WICKHAM, aged 24 years.
 In Cooperstown, June 18, Susan CUMMINGS, aged 15 years.
 In Afton, June 23, Mary, wife of James CHASE, aged 39 years.
 In Unadilla, June 18, Ralph CUTLER, aged 58 years.

 Mr. Pine BOGART, of Downsville, was killed on Fuller's
 Hill on the 29th ult.  He was a work pealing bark from a tree
 that lay across another.  After he had taken the bark off, the
 trees slipped together crushing him between them.  He died
 in a short time.

  In Norwich, June 24, by Rev. D. E. Loveredge, Wm. C.
  WILSON, of New York, to Kate M. BABCOCK, of Norwich.
  In Norwich, June 17, by Rev. Samuel Scoville, Elbert J.
  BURLINGAME to Lucy A. MAIN, both of Norwich.
  In Plymouth, June 18, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, H. Clinton
  CRANDALL to Helen M. JOHNSON, all of Plymouth.
  In Masonville, June 25, by Rev. Mandeville, Chas. HUNT,
  of Osborn Hollow, to Libbie VAIL, of Masonville.
  In Bainbridge, July 1, by Rev. A. B. Richardson, D. J.
  ROBINSON to Miss D. A. HARRIS, both of Oxford.
  In Andes, June 28, by Rev. A. Gaylord, Zetus F. SEARLES
  to Nettie SMITH, both of Middletown.
  In Margaretville, June 23, by Rev. L. R. Vandewater, Edward
  D. COLLINS, of Carlisle, Scho. Co., to Emma GILBERTS,
  of Margaretville.

  In Plymouth, June 17, John W. ALLEN, aged 34 years.
  In North Norwich, June 27, Alanson W. BARR, aged
  47 years.
  In South Oxford, June 23, Harriet M., wife of Derrick
  RACE, aged 42 years.
  In Greene, June 26, Lillie A., only daughter of Geo. A.
  and Josephine A. CHAMBERLAIN aged about 10 years.
  In Greene, June 27, Daniel P., youngest son of John
  W. DAVIDSON, aged 8(?) years.
  In Guilford Centre, July 1, John W. PECKHAM, aged
  24 years.
  In Guilford Centre, July 1, John H. PECKHAM, aged
  24 years.
  In Walton, June 28, Eber GOULD, aged 79 years.
  In Harpersfield, June 13, William, son of Wm.
  GILLANDER, aged 11 years.
  In Harpersville, June 20, Nellie L., daughter of Newton G.
  PECK, aged about 4 years.
  In Cooperstown, June 27, Caroline JORDAN CLARK,
  daughter of Ambrose L. Jordan, and wife of Edward Clark,
  Esq., in the 59th(?) year of her age.
  In Cooperstown, June 18, Susan CUMMINGS, aged 15 years.
  In Lumberville, June 19, Peter YAPLES, aged 77 years.
  In Worcester, June 29, Maria L. CHILDES, aged 56 years.
  In Schenevus, June 29, Martha L., wife of Halsey FOLLETT,
  aged 19 years.
  In Richmondville, June 29, James H., son of Wm. SMITH,
  aged 19 years.
  In Cannonsville, June 24, Mrs. Phebe C. OGDEN, aged
  74 years.
  In North Kortright, June 24, Martha J. daughter of William
  and Lucinda ROWLAND, aged 19 years and 6 months.
  In Hammondsport, Steuben Co., June 21, Mrs. Lucy
  CHAMPLIN, late of Stamford, Delaware Co., aged 22 years.

  Mrs. Maggie SMITH, of Charlestown, was shot and
  instantly killed by her son nine years old Monday evening.
  They were in an auction room in Roxbury where the boy
  found an old pistol which he discharged accidently while
  playing with it.

  In Westford, July 2, by Rev. F. C. Bentley, John D.
  TERRY, of North Adams, Mass., to Emma LOOMIS, of
  Westford, N. Y.
  In Sherburne, July 8, by Rev. H. Fox, Frank L. BENNETT
  to Alice J. CARPENTER, both of Sherburne.
  In Deposit, July 4, by Rev. J. N. Adams, James A.
  BREACKERY, of Jeffersonville, Sullivan Co., to Rhoda
  PRICE, of Equinunk.
  In Stamford, July 1, by Rev. L. E. Ricards, Orlando CLARK,
  of Windham, to Almira CRONK, of Lexington.
  In Delhi, June 23, by Rev. F. A. M. Browne, John FLETCHER
  to Mrs. Eliza A. SMITH, both of Cannonsville.
  In Norwich, July 4 by Rev. W. H. Waldron, Franklin D.
  CADOGAN to Emma M. KEYES, all of Norwich.
  In Oxford, July 2, by Rev. J. W. La Moine, Giles SKINNER
  to Eunice PICKENS, both of New Berlin.
  In New Berlin, July 1, by Rev. A. H. .Smith, Charles L.
  REED to Eunice P. JACQUITH.
  In Philadelphia, Pa., June 19, 1874, by Rev. R. H. Allen,
  Prof. M. BEECHING, of Saratoga, to Ollie WOOD, of
  In Jefferson, June 19, by Rev. P. J. Abbott, Geo. W.
  BAIRD, of Jefferson, to Hattie PROPER, of North Harpersfield.
  In Margaretville, July 2, by Rev. I. R. Vanderwater, David
  TODD, of Meredith, to Urminda SLAUSON, of Roxbury.
  In Andes, July 2, by Rev. A. Gaylord, H. P. REYNOLDS,
  of New Kingston, to Catharine MONROE, of Andes.
  In Andes, July 2, by Rev. James Bruce, George L. GILBERT
  to Anna E. EDWARDS, both of Delhi.
  In Shavertown, July 2, by Rev. J. F. McLaury, Hiram H.
  HITT to Emma P. ANDRUS, both of Shin Creek, Sullivan
  Co., N. Y.
  In Walton, July 1, by Rev. S. J. White, Phillip NOLSH(?) to
  Mary A. FANCHER, all of Walton.

  In Williamsport, Pa., July 14, Mrs. B. A. PARSONS, aged
  about 65 years.  (She as the mother of Mrs. H. S. MORSE,
  of Oneonta.)
  In Richfield Springs, July 8, N. Harry, only son of N. D.
  and Carrie B. JEWELL, aged 9 years, 6 months, and 8 days.
  In Plymouth, June 25, Ellen L., wife of James ALDRICH,
  aged 28 years.
  In Guilford, June 29, Chauncey M. BUNNELL, aged 58 years.
  In McDonough, June 22, Harvey D., son of Harvey D. and
  Sarah LAMPHERE, aged 19 years.
  In New Berlin, June 27, Lewis ANGELL, aged 70 years.
  In Preston, June 6, Emma A., wife of Henry D. SPERRY,
  aged 23 years.
  In Delhi, July 8, Sophronia, wife of Phineas C. WILBER,
  aged 21 years.
  In Downsville, June 29, Rebecca M., wife of Smith FULLER,
  aged about 40 years.
  In Beach Clove, July 4, Adam FINKLE, aged about 66 years.
  In Smyrna, July 7, Mr. Hoxie KNOWLES, Aged 64 years.
  In Smyrna, July 7, Mrs. T. D. CRANDALL, aged 35 years.
  In Norwich, July 5, Theresa H., wife of J. R. WHEELER,
  aged 48 years.
  In Cooperstown, July 6, Sarah G., wife of Major Chas. S.
  DAVIS, U. S. A., and adopted daughter of the late Judge
  E. B. MOREHOUSE, of Cooperstown.
  In Cooperstown, July 6, infant child of Chas. S. and
  Sarah G. DAVIS.
  In Toddsville, July 3, Mrs. Rebecca ALLISON, aged 64 years.
  In Cooperstown, July 5(?), infant son of John LEONARD,
  aged 1 year and 7 months.
  In Walton, July 1, John WAKEMAN, aged 80 years.
  In Walton, July 8, Mrs. Polly TIFFANY, aged 74 years.
  In North Norwich, July 6, Wm. F. MAIN, aged 66 years.
  In Meredith, July 6, Robert McMURRAY, aged 86 years.
  In Delhi, July 6(?), Elspeth(?) Jackson, aged 48 years.

  7/24/1874             MARRIED.
  In Oxford, July 1, by Rev. H. V. Talbot, W. C. TITUS to
  Phebe L. PIKE(?), both of North Norwich.
  In Oxford, July 2, by Rev. H. V. Talbot, W. N. BOWERS to
  Lizzie WACKFORD, all of Oxford.
  In Bainbridge, July 4, by Rev. A. B. Richardson, Adrial
  COSS(?) to Mary LITTLE, both of Afton.
  In Greene, June 30, by Rev. J. H. Sage, James B.
  SMITH, of Utica, to Mary E. PECK, of Greene.
  In Greene, July 1, by Rev. W. H. Gavitt, James C.
  CUMMINGS, Jr., of Greene, to Euphrasia D. TAFT, of
  In North Pitcher, July 4, by Rev. A. Harroun, Nathan C.
  HUNTLEY to Adelia BROWN, all of North Pitcher.
  In North Pitcher, July 1, by Rev. A. Harroun, Ellis D.
  PERKINS to Sarah L. CROZIER, all of North Pitcher.
  In Butternuts, July 8, by Rev. Mr. Hughes, R. W.
  AKERLEY to Emily SCHRIBER, both of Bainbridge.
  In Bainbridge, July 10, by Esq. Beverly, Charles BILBY
  to Dell SHERMAN, both of Sanford.
  In Hartwick, July 2, by Rev. D. L. Pendell, Daniel P.
  SMALLIN, of Maryland, to Ellen P. COOKE, of Hartwick.
  In Andes, July 4, by Rev. James NORRIS, Leroy DECKER
  to Meta E. REED, both of Andes.
  In Andes, July 8, by Rev. James Morris, Jacob TERWILLIGER
  to Fannie HALSTEAD, both of Margaretville.
  In Norwich, July 4, by Rev. L. M. S. Haynes, Theron
  NICHOLSON to Emily ALDRICH, both of Plymouth.
  In Edmeston, June 17, at the home of the bride's parents,
  by Rev. H. Wheeler, Rev. A. S. CLARK, of Cooperstown,
  to Alice P. DENISON.
  In New Berlin, July 5, by Rev. L. A. Wild, Charles FOOTE
  to Cynthia PORTER all of New Berlin.
  In New Berlin, July 6, by Rev. L. A. Wild, A. Jay DIXON
  to Eliza MYRICK, both of Butternuts.
  In South Kortright, June 24, by J. D. Gibson, John
  MITCHELL, of Kortright, to Fannie RICH, of Stamford.
  In Walton, July 3, by Rev. T. M. Williams, John L.
  WAKEMAN to Emma J. EARL, both of Tompkins.
  In -------, July 3, by Rev. J. B. Grant, Frank BROWN, of
  Pharsalia, to Minerva BABCOCK, of South Otselic.
  In Otselic, July 3, by Rev. J. W. Barr, Charles E. BROWN,
  of Pharsalia, to Ellen K. HUTCHINS, of Otselic.

  In Plymouth, July 10, Elisha J., son of James ALDRICH,
  aged 5 years.
  In Columbus, July 6, Samantha, wife of James T. MYERS,
  aged 49 years.
  In New Lisbon, July 9, Faithful SMITH, aged 73 years.
  In New Lisbon, June 28, John NEARING, aged 77 years.
  In Morris, July 12, Horace M. PERRY, aged 65 years.
  In South Pitcher, July 4, Ezra BURDICK, aged 67 years.
  In Pitcher, July 5, Currington HARVEY, aged 70 years.
  In Greene, July 3, Elizabeth, wife of J. G. DIMBERGER(?),
  aged 45 years.
  In North Pharsalia, July 11, Beula B., wife of Isaac SMITH,
  aged 49 years.
  In Triangle, June 20, Nancy, wife of Eli BOARDMAN,
  aged 58 years.
  In Cannonsville, July 11, Jacob GARDENIER, aged 54 years.
  In Cherry Valley, July 8, Mrs. John DIELL, aged 70 years.
  In Masonville, July 6, Justin E. W., youngest son of
  Sylvester SMITH, aged 18 years.
  In Unadilla, July 14, Thomas HARBY, aged 39 years.
  In Meredith, July 10, Catharine, wife of the late Burnet
  MYERS, aged 88 years.
  In West Burlington, June 30, David SUMMERS, aged 20 years.
  In Phoenix, July 7, William E. JONES, aged 23 years.

  7/31/1874        No notices

  REMEMBER-the mircrofilm newspaper is very hard to read sometimes 
  even when printed & read wiht magnifying glass,
  so take these notices with a "grain of salt". 

  8/7/1874        No notices

  8/14/1874            DIED.
  In Otego, April 19, Zillah H., wife of Aaron BRIMMER,
  aged 72 years.
  In Franklin, July 21, William WALES, aged 66.
  In Otsego, (Pierstown,) July 24th Johnnie D., aged 19
  months, only child of George and Mary KELLOGG.
  In Bridgewater, Aug. 1st, Mary PLATNER, aged 96.
  In Delhi, July 29, Cyrus CARRINGTON, aged 52 years.
  In Hobart, July 22(?), Georgie TELFORD, aged 2 years.
  In Charlotteville, July 24th, Peter BRAZIE, aged 97 years
  and 6 months.
  In Smyrna, July 7, Amy E. CRANDALL, aged 40(?) years,
  2 months and 3 days.
  In Norwich, July 23, Bezer(?) RAMSDELL, aged 89(?) years.
  In New Oregon, Iowa, July 29, John RENWICK, aged 59
  years, formerly of Bovina, Delaware county.
  In Andes, July 30, Alexander GRANT, aged 98 years.
  In Plymouth, July 30, Mary ALDRICH, aged 59 years..
  In Holmesville, July 16, Mrs. H. BANCROFT.

  In Morris, July 28, by Rev. W. Burnside, Vinton L. CURTIS,
  of Butternuts, to Fannie J. HARRIS, of Morris.
  In Cooperstown, July 24, by Rev. A. S. Clark, Albert
  TYLER and Mary ESTES, both of Garrattsville, N. Y.
  In Roxbury, August 2, by Rev. O. P. Dales, Grant RUSSELL,
  of Hobart, to Emma McGARRY.
  In Stamford, August 5th, by Rev. L. S. Brown, G. W.
  HITCHCOCK, to Mary CHILSON, both of Delhi.

  Stolen Child Recovered.-Some time since we published
  an account of a boy being stolen from Beman FOLLETT,
  of Saratoga-a brother of I. S. Follett, of this village-twelve
  years since.  A few days since the father received a
  dispatch stating that the thief or abductor recently died in
  Bellevue Hospital, New York, but before dying made a
  confession, and the child, now a young man, is to be
  restored to his father, who has gone to New York to receive
  him.-Chenango Union.

  At Milford, Aug. 12, 1874, by Rev. H. N. VanDusen,
  Walter R. PLACE, of Maine, Broome Co., to Mrs. Emogene
  WILCOX, of Milford.  No cards.
  At Syracuse, July 30, Henry HUBER, formerly of Delhi, to
  Miss Josephine EARAD, of Syracuse.
  In Delhi, Aug. 12, Edward KNAPP, to Jennie GRAHAM,
  all of Delhi.
  In Oxford, Aug. 8, C. R. SLAWSON, of Guilford, to Estella
  J. LAMPHEAR of Oxford.
  In Richmondville, Aug. 5, W. L. ELMORE and Adell
  SALISBURY, both of Richmondville.
  In Delhi, Aug. 12, Edward KNAPP, to Miss Jennie GRAHAM.
  In Delhi, Aug. 12, John HOLMES to Carrie V. STANTON.
  In Stamford, Aug. 5, George W. Hitchcock, to Miss Mary
  In New Berlin, Aug. 4, E. THAYER, of Pittsfield, to Nellie
  BANCROFT, of New Berlin.

  In Norwich, Aug. 8, Catharine, widow of Nicholas
  STERNBURG, aged 71 years, 11 months and 14 days.
  In Norwich, Aug. 9, Mrs. Maria MOWER, aged 86 years.
  In Norwich, Aug. 9, Ann Eliza MURPHY, aged 20 years
  and 6 months.
  In Smyrna, Aug. 9, Laura TAYLOR, aged 71 years, 4
  months and 9 days.
  In Hartwick, Aug. 10, C. E. ISMOND, aged 33 years.
  In Butternuts, Aug. 14, Mrs. Jerome JENKS, aged 22 years.
  In Delhi, on the 10th inst., Hugh CLARK, aged 68 yrs.
  In Binghamton, July 27, James CARVER, formerly of
  Prattsville, aged 55 years and 7 months.
  In Jefferson, Aug. 6, John BEGGS, aged 46 years.
  In Unadilla, Aug. 9, Nellie E. BACON, aged 24 years, 6
  months and 27 days.
  In Grand Rapids, Mich., July 30, Mrs. Lester WARD,
  formerly of Franklin, aged 68 years.
  At Charlotteville, July 24, Peter BRAZIE, aged 92 years
  and 6 months.
  In Canajoharie, July 31, Eunice PHILLIPS, aged 43.
  In Canajoharie, July 31, Stafford CAMPBELL, aged 14
  years, 6 months and 10 days.
  In Middleburgh, Aug. 2, Mrs. Catharine BORST, aged 76 years.
  In Breakabeen, July 22d, Mrs. Phillip BERK, aged 77 years.
  In Gallupville, Aug. 1, W. I. BECKER, aged 75 years.
  In Cobleskill, Aug. 10, Nora DRUM, aged 4 weeks.

  8/28/1874             MARRIED.
  In Norwich, August 12, Mr. John ABELL to Miss Kate
  RANDALL, daughter of John A. Randall, Esq., of Norwich.
  In Oxford, August 8, Mr. Charles R. SLAWSON, of
  Gilford (sic) to Miss Estella J. LAMPHERE, of Oxford.
  In Stamford, August 5, Mr. G. W. HITCHCOCK to Miss
  Mary E. CHILSON, both of Delhi.
  In Delhi, August 12, Mr. Edward KNAPP to Miss Jennie,
  daughter of Samuel GRAHAM, all of Delhi.
  In Delhi, August 12, Mr. John HOLMES to Miss Carrie V.
  STANTON, both of Hamden.
  At Margaretville, August 16, Mr. John D. OSTERHOUDT to
  Miss Mary G. JOHNSON, both of Griffin's Corners.
  In Delhi, August 16(?), Mr. Elijah CURRY to Miss
  Rhoda OLIVER, all of Delhi.
  In Hamden, August 11, Mr. Marian MUNSION and Miss
  Anna WORDEN.
  In Hamden, August 12, Mr. Wesley WILLIAMS to Miss
  Alice DOANE, all of Hamden.

  In this village, August 21st, Henry Willard, son of Rev. H.
  H. and Fanny ALLEN, aged 5 weeks and 2 days.
  In Cooperstown, Aug. 20, Sylvia EATON, wife of Elijah
  EATON, aged 68 years.
  In Cooperstown, August 6, Margaret CARY, daughter of
  John Cary, aged 8(?) weeks.
  In Cooperstown, August 13, Nelson L. HOOSE, aged
  8 months.
  In Butternuts, August 14, the wife of Jerome JENKS,
  aged 22 years.
  In North Walton, August 15, William S. HOYT, aged
  62 years.
  In Laurens, August 12, Miss Frances CHENEY, aged 30 years.
  In New Lisbon, August 9, Mrs. Polly PERKINS, aged
  35/85(?) years.
  In Worcester, August 5, Lewis UTTER, aged 59(?) years.
  In South Worcester, August 10, Mrs. Lucy OLMSTED,
  aged 74 years and 7 months.
  In Cortland, August 13, Mr. Frank W. WARREN, aged
  21 years.
  In Union City, Mich., August 5, Mr. James K. LEONARD,
  aged 55(?) years and 26 days, formerly of Smyrna, Chenango

9/4/1874             MARRIED.
  At the house of the bride's father in Meredith, on the 1st
  inst., by Rev. Mr. Hazard, Mr. Amasa F. BARNES, of
  Davenport, and Miss Julia A. HAWLEY, of Meredith.
  In Norwich, August 20th, Frank H. SMITH to Jennie M.
  In Norwich, August 19th, Nicholas PORTENIER to
  Frederike WELLMAN.
  At Milford, August 12th, Walter R. PLACE to Mrs.
  Emogene WILCOX.
  In Sherburne, August 12th, Charles L. SPICER to Emma
  In Sherburne, August 12th, Mr. Warren R. DAVIS to
  Miss Martha A. PETTET.
  In Sherburne, August 12th, Robert PICKETTE to Mary
  In Norwich, Nicholas PORTENIER to Frederike WELLMAN.
  [no date]
  At Franklin, August 22, Albert G. LOUDON, of Walton,
  to Fidelia A. BOWKER, of Hancock.
  In Walton, August 20, James LAW, of Hamden, to Adeline
  TOMPKINS, of Walton.

  In Cooperstown on the 17th of August, Mrs. Julia WILSON,
  aged 78 yrs.
  In Delhi, August 30, Margaret OLIVER, aged 57.
  In Bovina, August 30, Jennett SCOTT, aged 34.
  In Norwich, August 21, William J. MURPHY, aged 11years
  and 10 months.
  In Norwich, August 21, Miranda E. LEMLEY, aged 41.

  9/11/1874             MARRIED.
  In Oneonta, Thursday, September 3d, 1874, at the
  residence of the bride's parents, by Rev. H. H. Allen,
  Mr. E. R. FORD and Miss Hannah G. MEARS, all of Oneonta.
  In Oneonta, on September 4, 1874, by Rev. H. Brown,
  Obie(?) CAULKINS, of Hartwick and Augusta BROWNELL
  of New Lisbon.
  In Laurens, August 18, 1874, by Rev. H. Brown, Geo.
  BATES, of Oneonta, and Jennie FULLER, of Laurens.
  In Laurens, September 9, by Rev. H. Brown, E. W.
  THAYER, of Oneonta, and Mary J. BAKER, of Laurens.
  At Otego, September 8, by Rev. L. W. Jackson, Levi
  COLBURN and Mrs. Mary A. LEWIS, all of Otego.
  In Oneonta, September 8(?), by Rev. O. F. Moulton,
  Frank GEORGIA, of Portlandville, and Mary A. THAYER,
  of Milford.

  In Richfield Springs, September 8(?), 1874, Mr. Issac
  FORD, father of N. I. Ford of this village, aged 74.
  In Davenport, September 7, 1874, Clarisa, widow of the
  late Casper Schermerhorn, aged 80.

  9/18/1874            MARRIED.
  At the residence of R. Gemmel, Delhi, Sept. 10th, by
  Rev. J. Macomber, Nelson L. SEELEY, of Harpursfield, to
  Miss Ella A. ODEL.
  Sept. 6th, by Elder J. D. Hubbell, at his residence, Mr.
  William W. DIMMICK and Miss Carrie E. ELMENDORF,
  all of Middletown, Delaware Co., N. Y.
  Sept. 2d, at Shavertnow (sic), by Rev. James Norris, Mr.
  James ANTHONY and Miss Hattie FIERO, all of Middletown,
  Delaware Co.
  Sept. 8, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. E.
  L. Troy, Isaac J. BIRDSALL, to Miss Agnes EDGERTON,
  all of Franklin.
  Sept. 11, in Franklin, at the M. E. parsonage, by Rev. F.
  F. Barlow, Mr. E.(?) M. COLE, editor of the Windham
  Journal, Windham, Greene Co., to Miss Josephine M.
  KEELER, of Bloomville, Delaware Co., daughter of Hon.
  Stephen H. Keeler, of the same place.
  In Delhi, Sept. 3, by Rev. J. H. Robinson, Geo. SHAUFLER,
  to Miss Mary G. SHACKLETON, both of Delhi.
  At Meredith Hollow, Sept. 8, by Rev. R. B. Hazzarce, Mr.
  Stephen SCOTT, and Mrs. Dela A. CAMPBELL, all of

  At the residence of Geo. PARRISH, in Oneonta, Aug. 30th,
  Mrs. William B. WEED, of North Franklin, aged 74 years.
  In Burlington, Friday, September 11th, 1874, Arthur C.,
  son of Russell and Catharine FAY, in the 21st year of his age.
  At Hyde Park, Hartwick, September 10th, 1874, Alvah P.
  CONVERSE, aged 68 years.
  In Hartwick, September 11th, 1874, Cornelius TEACHOUT,
  aged 75 years.
  At Portlandville, Sept. 8, Mr. Thomas L. WAKEFIELD,
  aged 82 years.
  In Bloomville, Sept. 11th, of dropsy, Mr. Reuben H.
  McCOLLUM, father-in-law of the editor of the Stamford
  Mirror, in the 54(?)th year of his age.
  In Ansonia, Connecticut, Aug. 29, Mr. William BOOTH,
  aged 27 years.
  At Hillsdale, Columbia county, N. Y., Aug. 28th, Libbie,
  daughter of Ella E. and J. W. QUICK, aged 8 months and
  28 days.
  In West Oneonta, on the 15th inst., Miss Nancy NORRISON,
  aged 19(?), of typhoid fever.  There are other cases reported.

  9/25/1874            DIED.
  In West Oneonta, Sept. 15, 1874, of Typhoid Fever, Miss
  Narcissa HODGE, daughter of A. E. & S. L. Hodge, aged
  19 years, 4 months and 12 days.
  At Earlville, Sept. 20, Blanche, youngest daughter of Rev.
  G. R. BURNSIDE, aged 2 years and 6 months.
  In Oneonta Plains, Sept. 9, Mrs. Sarah M. BURRELL,
  aged 32 years, 2 months and 7 days.

   In Elmira, on the 16th inst., at the residence of the bride's
   father, Geo. B. STOTHOFF, of Burdette and Georgiana
   Sumner, daughter of Prof. M. S. CONVERSE, formerly
   of Franklin.
   At the residence of the bride's mother, in Oneonta, on the
   23rd inst., by Rev. H. Brotherton, Mr. E. T. LAMBERT, of
   Tunkhannock, Pa., to Miss Ida OSTERHOUDT, of Oneonta.

10/2/1874 > A Remarkable Gathering-An old Otsego County Family
(From the Buffalo Commercial).
There is a gathering at the residence of Mr. Cyrus DeFOREST
in this city, a family reunion such as, we believe, has few
parallels. It consists of the 5 sons and 3 daughters of
Gideon DeFOREST and wife, all born in Edmeston, Otsego
county, the youngest of which is now sixty-one years old,
the eldest being seventy-nine. Their family circle has
never been broken, except by the accidental death of a son
two years ago, and this meeting of all its members, whose
homes are in various parts of the country, some living in
Wisconsin, some on Staten Island, and the others widely
scattered, seems quite remarkable.
The names of this family, given in the order of the ages,
are as follows, Abel Birdsey DeForest, born December 30,
1795; Lee DeForest, born August 7, 1798, Sally DeForest
CAMPBELL, Cyrus Hawley DeForest, Maria DeForest SNYDER,
Charles Augustus DeForest, Tracy Rob DeForest and Harriet
DeForest FULLER, the youngest born July 28, 1813. The
father and mother of the family moved from Connecticut
and settled in Otsego county when it was a perfectly
uninhabited wilderness and there the family was reared, the
primitive mode of their living doing much to give them their
robust constitutions and thus prolong their lives. The father
died in 1840 and the mother in 1844.
Fourteen years ago a reunion of this same family took
place at the residence of Lee DeForest, who then lived on
part of the old farm in Edmeston. [Incomplete]

 In Bainbridge, on the 27th ult., by Rev. A. B. Richardson,
G. L. WINSOR, and Miss Gertie WETMORE, all of Bainbridge.
In Oneonta, September 30, at the residence of the bride,
Dr. E. J. MORGAN and Miss Roxie E. MARVIN, all of Oneonta.
n Oneonta, September 29, at the residence of the bride's
father, by Rev. H. Brotherton, Mr. J. R. CLEVELAND, of
Washington, D. C., and Miss Mary FARRINGTON, of Oneonta.

No Died.

10/9/1874 MARRIED.
At Laurens, Sept. 1, 1874, by Rev. H. W. Lee, John J.
JOHNSON, of Carbondale, Pa., to Mrs. Eliza M. DERBY,
of Laurens.
At Middleburgh, Sept. 29th, by Rev. John A. Savage,
James R. SLADE to Lizzie WHITE, all of Oneonta.

In Morris, Sept. 29th, Mrs. Marcia A. HOLIDAY, wife of
Charles Holiday, and daughter of Asa TILLSON, aged 37
years and 6 months.
In Morris, Mr. M. D. GOODRICH, aged 30 years and 3
months. [no date given]

10/16/1874 No notices.

10/12/1874 > OBIT-Professor George W. BRIGGS, D. D., Principal of
Delaware Literary Institution, died at Franklin, Delaware
county, on Friday 16th ult., aged 52 years and 6 months….
Born in Hampden, Penobscot county, Maine; son of Rev.
Otis Briggs; buried Schoharie. [Incomplete]

In Schoharie, Oct. 5th, by S. W. Roe, D. D., of Middleburgh,
B. R. WOOD, to Anna W. VAN TUYL, of Schoharie.
In Halcottville, Oct. 7th, by Elder I. Hewitt, Martin H. HAIT,
of Hobart, to Miss Almira J. BALLARD, of Roxbury.
At the same time and place, Mr. Warren W. SCUDDER, of
Halcottville, to Miss Mary M. HEWITT, of Clovesville.
In Pharsalia, Oct. 8, by Rev. J. W. LaMoine, Augustus
ROSS, Jr., of Preston, to Helen M. SLATER, oaf Pharsalia.
In Guilford, Oct. 8th, by Rev. W Caswell, Willard D.
BRADLEY, to Eliza A. TWIGG, both of Guilford.
In New Berlin, Oct. 12th, by Rev. D. M. S. Haynes,
Robert B. GRISWOLD, to Helen E. BAGG, both of New Berlin.
In Norwich, Oct. 9th, by Wm. H. Gunn, Esq., Delos H.
R. BURLISON, to Adaline STILES, all of Norwich.
In Norwich, Oct. 10th, by Rev. Samuel Scoville, Mr. Wm.
SUTTON, Jr., to Miss Mary CLINE, all of Norwich.
In Oxford, Oct. 9th, by Rev. J. C. Ransom, George O.
WEAVER, of Pitcher, to Hannah M. BOWERS, of Oxford.
In Pitcher, by Rev. D. W. Bigelow, John P. SMITH, of
In Richfield Springs, Oct. 15th, by Rev. A. G. Markham,
Viner FILLINNHAM, of Waterloo, to Ellen CASS, of West
In Clayville, by Rev. C. H. Beebe, Oct. 13th, Perry A.
MILLER, of West Winfield, to Mary J. FROST, of Chadwick's
Mills. [no date]
In Middlefield, Oct. 7th, by Rev. H. A. Blanchard, H. Delos
BLANCHARD, of Fly Creek, to Ardelle EGGLESTON, of
In Clintonville, Oct. 8th, by Rev. H. N. Van Deusen, Ward
H. BUELL, toy Carrie L. FLINT, of Oaksville.
In Worcester, Oct. 7th, by Rev. A. G. Beebe, Rev. S. C.
VanCAMP, of Tully, to Clara S. CRIPPEN, of Worcester.
In Milford, Oct. 7th, by Rev. H. N. VanDeusen, J. E.
SMITH, to Bertha S. HAWYER, all of Milford.

In Kortright, Oct. 15, Mrs. Elizabeth SHILAND, aged 82 years.
In Roxbury, Oct. 6, Emma, daughter of Hiram MEEKER,
aged 19 years.
In Ballston Springs, Oct. 11th, of Typhoid Fever, Mrs.
Eleanor ADAMS, daughter of Elijah EGESTON, of
Fultonville, aged 44 years.
In Cooperstown, Oct. 8th, Mrs. Catherine DOYLE, aged
78 years.
In Hartwick, Oct. 9th, Michael McCABE, aged 74 years.
In Cooperstown, Oct. 12th, Clara L. JACKSON, aged
34 years and 7 months.
In Norwich, Oct. 11, Mrs. Maria, widow of the late Horace
HADLOCK, aged 75 years.
In Plymouth, Oct. 9, Annie, infant daughter of Robert and
Dolly BOWDEN, aged 1 year and 4 days.
In New Berlin, Oct. 7th, Roxana, wife of Lewis GRAVES,
aged 91 years, 3 months and 16 days.
In Oxford, Oct. 5th, Stephen WEEKS, aged 61 years.
In Greene, Oct. 1st, Nellie, daughter of Mason FITCH,
aged 19 years and 7 months.
In Mt. Upton, Oct. 11th, George NORTH, aged 50 years.
In North Pitcher, Oct. 3d, Thomas BARRATT, aged 65 years.

10/30/1874 > Obituary.-Jared GOODYEAR.-
This community was startled, on Saturday morning last,
at the announcement of the very sudden death of Mr. Jared
Goodyear, of Colliers. He was to all appearances as well
as usual in the morning, and had gone to his mill as was his
custom. About 11 o'clock he was seized with an attack of
heart disease, to which he had been subject for many years.
He was in the act of giving some direction to one of the
workmen and spoke but once after the attack, saying,
"catch me," and expired at once.
Mr. Goodyear was born in New Haven, Connecticut, July
20th, 1792, and was consequently over 82 years old. His
father emigrated to the town of Locke, Cayuga county, and
became a neighbor of the father of Milliard FILLMORE.
Here young Goodyear and young Fillmore commenced their
education in one of the few log school houses then found
in that pioneer neighborhood. Both these families lost
their farm through failure of the title. The senior Goodyear,
with an ox team, moved his family and settled on what was
then to be the great thoroughfare between Albany and
Buffalo, about 14 miles west of Albany. He was the oldest
of a family of six children and early learned that he was to
aid in the business of getting a living. When only thirteen
or fourteen years of age he carried on a small store, the
goods being furnished by a merchant at Albany, and he
selling them on commission. Subsequently his father
purchased a farm at or near Lawyersville, where he carried
on the business of farming and merchandising. Here they
were again injured financially, by a fire which destroyed their
saw mill. In 1822 Jared married Ann Eliza, the only child
of Peter COLLIER, and he was the first Postmaster at
Colliersville, an office which he continued to hold for thirty-five
years. Within a year, he received information that he had
overpaid his account, and there was a balance due him from
the department, and in due time he received a check for $25,
he having given one half for collecting-the whole amount
being $50-showing that Mr. Goodyear was one of the old
time officials who did not rob the government. He was
Supervisor of his town for several years, and was at one
time Vice President of the A. & S. Railroad. He in fact saved
the road by his vote at one time , and was the back bone
of the project; so that the people of Susquehanna Valley are
under lasting obligations to Mr. Goodyear for some of the
greatest improvements they have ever had. It is said that he
was never known to oppose the poor; but had greatly aided
many young men in the commencement of their career.
The funeral took place on Monday, from the residence of
the deceased and was attended by a very large number of
people. Among those present were many of the old and
present directors of the A. & S. Railroad company.
Superintendent Morse provided a special train free from
Oneonta to Colliers and a large number of our citizens availed
themselves of the opportunity of paying their last respects
to the memory of the deceased.
The funeral services were conducted by Rev. H. H. Allen,
of the Presbyterian church. The singing was performed [by]
Misses Gates and Beach and Messers. Emmons and
Brownson of this village.
The text of the sermon was one chosen by the deceased
sometime previous to his death. It was from Ecclesiastes
XII-13. "Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter;
Fear God and keep his commandments; for this is the
whole duty of man."
 From this text Mr. Allen preached an extemporaneous
sermon, which is spoken of as one of his very best efforts,
appropriate to the occasion and to his subject. At the
close of the regular services, Hon. J. H. Ramsey, of Albany,
and Col. W. W. Snow, of Oneonta, made appropriate remarks,
as friends, and for many years intimate associates of the
deceased. We are informed that Mr. Goodyear has
particularly requested that any obituary of him should state
that he was a lifelong Democrat of the school of Jefferson
and Jackson and we comply with that request.

Sidney Herald:
Over two hundred guests were present at the tin wedding
of Mr. and Mrs. George A. STEVENS, at Stamford, on the
evening of Oct. 12th. Annie Judson contributed a poem
for the occasion. The presents were 215 in number.

James BURT, a colored man, about fifty years of age,
employed as a porter at the Sullivan House, in Afton, was
found dead in his bed on Thursday morning. An inquest
was held and a verdict rendered that he came to his death
from the excessive use of intoxicating liquors. Talley another
for whiskey.

The mail train going east on the Midland road, on
Thursday of last week, struck an ox team crossing the
tracks near Liberty, and the driver was instantly killed, the
cattle converted into jerked beef, and the load of lumber
made kindling wood The driver-an old man-had but a
moment before been cautioned against attempting to
cross the track as the train was due, but persisted in
his determination, and death was the result.

At Laurens, in the Presbyterian church, Oct. 27th, by
Rev. H. W. Lee, Mr. William H. WIDGER to Miss Rosepha
A. CARR, all of Laurens.
At the residence of the bride's father, Oct. 15th, by the
Rev. H. Brown, Hobart HERRING to Miss Hannah M.
JENKS, all of Laurens.
In Milford, N. Y., Oct. 14th(?), B Rev. E. R. Keith, Mr.
Ira ROWLAND, of Davenport, N. Y., to Miss Fanny
KENYON, of Laurens, N. Y.
At the M. E. parsonage in Otego, Oct. 27th, by the Rev.
Wm. M. Hiller, Mr. Theodore CORBIN to Mary HOPKINS,
both of Otego.
At the home of the bride, Oct. 26th, by Rev. H. N. Van
Deusen, Irving VAN SLYKE, of Toddsville, and Anna M.
SHORT, of Hartwick Seminary.

11/6/1874 MARRIED.
At the residence of the bride's father, G. H. Doty, Esq.,
in Windham, Green county, N. Y., Oct. 29th, by the Rev.
Wm. D'Orville Doty, J. Harvey, McKEE, Esq., of Stamford,
to Miss Rosalie DOTY, of Windham.
In North Norwich, on the 28th inst., at the residence of
the bride's father, by Rev. H. Fox. Mr. Edward T. HARVEY,
of Sherburne, and Miss Frankie C. BRYANT, daughter of
Mr. Lewis Bryant.
At the residence of the bride's parents, in Norwich, Oct.
22d, by Rev. Lyman Wright, D. D., of Binghamton, Mr.
Isaac DAVIS, of Binghamton, to Miss Jennie L. STEVENS,
daughter of Capt. S. S. Stevens.
At the Spaulding House, in Norwich, Oct. 21st, by Rev.
W. J. Judd, Mr. Stephen BENEDICT, to Miss Carrie E.
BUCHANAN, both of Sherburne.
At Otsego, Oct. 25, by the Rev. David L. Pendell, Mr.
Orren ELDRED, of Hartwick, to Miss Hannah Minerva
HOWE, of Cherry Valley.
By the Rev. L. B. Ford, Oct. 26, Mr. Gilbert H. ODGETT(?),
to Miss Ella M. PARCELL, both of Morris.
At the home of the bride, Oct. 26, by Rev. H. N. VanDeusen,
Irving VanSLYKE, of Toddsville, to Anna M. SHORT, of
Hartwick Seminary.
At Morris, Oct. 27, by the Rev. W. B. Thomas, Mr. Isaac
S. BLORE(?) of Butternuts, to Miss Carrie E. WOOLHART
of Morris.
At Cooperstown, Oct 27, by the Rev. G. B. Vosburgh,
Dewitt A. DeLONG of Oneonta, to Carrie E, daughter of
Mr. William C. BAILEY, of Cooperstown.

In Ouleout, October 10th(?), Mrs. Nancy YOUNG
HUMPHREY, formerly of Kortright, in the 90th year of her age.
On Tuesday, October 27th, Fannlow(?), daughter of
John G. and Betsey BARTON, aged 10 years.
In Catskill, on the 23d last, Sally NEWBURY, in the 54th
year of her age. Deceased was mother of Alonza(?) and
Boliver Newbury, of Coxsackie.

11/13/1874 > The grave of Thomas PAINE, near New Rochelle, which
remained so long undisturbed, has been recently obliterated
by Mr. Simeon Lester, upon whose farm it was, an act of
barbarism disgraceful to the age and the man.

At the home of the bride, Nov. 4th, by the Rev. W. Fry,
Chester L. WENTWORTH to Alcia M. KENYON, all of
Mount Vision.
At the residence of the bride's father, Nov. 5th, by Rev. W.
Fry, Phillip WELLS to Mary J. KENYON, all of Mount Vision.
At the Baptist parsonage, Mount Vision, Nov. 8th, by Rev.
W. Fry, Oliver C. MEAD to Tressa(?) CORNELL, both of
At the bride's mother's, Nov. 4th, by Rev. H. Brown, Mr.
Nelson E. COWLES, of Franklin, to Miss Mary E. HOWE,
of Oneonta.
At the residence of the bride's father, Nov. 4th, by Rev. H.
Brown, Adelmer E. BOYD, of Cannonsville, to Jennie
WEBSTER of West Laurens.
At Portlandville, Nov. 8th(?), b Rev. H. Brown, Nelson
CURRY to Medina GAGE, all of Portlandville.
At Oneonta, Sept. 23d, by Rev. H. Brown, Chauncy A.
JUDD to Minerva C. PRESTON, all of Otsego.
In this village, on the 11th inst., at the residence of
Anthony White, Esq., Mr. James WELLS to Miss Elizabeth
CULVER, all of Oneonta.
At West Laurens, Nov. 4th, 1874, Mr. W. W. BLAKE of
this village, and Miss Mina ROBINSON, of West Laurens.
At the R. P. Parsonage, Kortright, by Rev. J. O. Bayles,
Henry P. FISHER and Miss Jennie DOUGLASS, all of
Kortright, N. Y.

11/20/1874 > Surrogate Court
Oct. 27- Estate of
Mary WILES, of Springfield, deceased.
Christopher BELL, of Morris, deceased.
Jared GOODYEAR, of Milford, deceased.
Rebecca S. ACKERMAN, of Edmeston, deceased.
John BROWN, of Laurens, deceased.
Oct. 28-Estate of
Hiram GATES, of Exeter, deceased.
Oct. 31 - Estate of
Cha's. HOUGHTAILING, of Oneonta, deceased.
Nov. 2 - Estate of
Uriah MALLERY, of Unadilla, deceased.
John HUTCHINGS, of Otsego, deceased.
Calvin HUNTLY, of Oneonta, deceased.
Nov. 3 - Estate of
Henry Smith, of Worcester, deceased.
Nov. 4 - Estate of
Mary Ann NORTHRUP, of Otsego, deceased.
Seth HOOPER, of Pittsfield, deceased.
Lpdia (sic?) BABCOCK, of Laurens, deceased.
Elijah BENNETT, of Richfield, deceased.
Nov. 7 - Estate of
William CHAPMAN, of Burlington, deceased.
Jared GOODYEAR, of Milford, deceased.
Nov. 9 - Estate of
John POST, of Otsego, deceased.
David Quackenbush, of Milford, deceased.
Seth T. WINSLOW, of Otsego, deceased.
Samuel BURTON, of Middlefield, deceased.
Rebecca GARRETT, of Unadilla, deceased.
Rufus P. GREEN, of Unadilla, deceased.
Joel BRAGG, of Unadilla, deceased.
Willis F. EDSON, of Unadilla, deceased.
Phoebe K. and Soden P. HUBBELL, of Unadilla, deceased.

In Laurens, Nov. 12th, 1874, by Rev. H. Brown, Luman E.
BROWNSON, of Oneonta, to Angeline SCOFIELD, of Laurens.

11/27/1874 MARRIED.
At the M. E. parsonage, Davenport Centre, November 18,
by Rev. W. W. Taylor, Mr. Elbert BRESEE and Miss
Eugenia M. UTTER, all of Davenport.

At Franklin, Nov. 21st, Mrs. Lydia HOTCHKISS, aged
83 years.
In Otego, Oct. 26th, Alice O., only daughter of Rutson
(Thorpe?), aged 10 years, three months and sixteen days.
(poem accompanied notice)

12/4/1874 > Obit - Mrs. Lydia HOTCHKISS, widow of the late Joseph
Hotchkiss, Esq., died Nov. 28th, at the residence of her
son-in-law, David PENFIELD, at Franklin, aged 83 years…
daughter of Noah DAVENPORT, Esq. [incomplete]

In Oneonta, Nov. 26, at the residence of Charles A. Jones,
by Rev. H. H. Allen, Mr. Richard H. DOWNS, and Miss
Frances E. JONES, all of Oneonta.
In Gilbertsville, Nov. 29, by Rev. S. H. Moon, Mr. Charles
JOHNSON, of New Bellin (Berlin?) to Miss Juliette BURDICK,
of Pittsfield.
In Milford, December 2, by Rev. H. N. Van Deusen, Mr.
Lucius HILTS, of Milford, and Miss Deettie PRATT, of Westville.
In Hartwick, December 2, Mr. Lafayette HARRINGTON, of
Laurens, and Miss Ellen HALL of Burlington.

In Oneonta, November 30th, of Consumption, Ezra WHITE,
aged 76 years, 7 months and 19 days.

12/11/1874 MARRIED.
Oct. 27, in Parkersburg, W. Va., J. M. HOGOBOOM to
At the same time and place J. L. PETERS, of Baltimore,
Md., to Ida FRANCIS.
At the residence of the bride's father by Rev. H. Brotherton,
Mr. Chas. J. GULIEK, of Schenectady, to Miss Laura F.
WARD, of Oneonta.

In Oneonta, Nov. 22d, Amanda M. FERRALL, wife of
George Ferrall, aged 24(?) years.

12/18/1874 MARRIED.
At the residence of the bride's father, December 8th, by
Rev. S. H. Moon, Squire B. GARDNER, of Sidney Plains,
to Fannie M. PARKS, of Butternuts.

12/25/1874 MARRIED.
December 23, at the M. E. Church, Ouleout, by the Rev.
R. D. Hazzard, Mr. Jay GOODRICH, and Miss Al---
MACKEY, all of Davenport.
At the residence of George W. Shufelt, Otego, Dec. 21,
by J. R. Thorp, Esq., Artemas L. HAIT to Lucy J. DOLIVER,
of both Otego.
December 10, at the residence of the bride's parents, by
Rev. E. G. Flint, Mr. J. W. BURNSIDE to Miss Mary C.
CHAUNCEY, both of Colliersville.
At the residence of the bride's father on the 16th(?) inst.,
by Rev. E. Jones, Mr. Leroy WEATHERBY, of Laurens,
and Miss Jenett C. HATHAWAY, of Morris.
At Coxsackie, N. Y., Dec. 17th, 1874, by Rev. H. Brown,
Mr. A. A. MORRIS and Miss Susie L. HAINES.
At Oneonta, Dec. 22d, by the same, Josiah H. RICHARDS,
of Laurens, and Miss Kittie (Ettie?) M. PHILLIPS, of Oneonta.
At Portlandville, December 22d, by the same, Mr. Henry
SHEPHERD, of Bound/Round(?) Brook, and Miss Annette
G. SOULE, of Portlandville.

December 11th, 1874, Cora E. FULLER, daughter of Sarah
E. and William D. Fuller, aged 1 year, 10 mo's and 15 days.
[poem included with notice]

This completes the year 1874.