Death & Marriage Notices
Oneonta Herald & Democrat
Starting January 1875
Compiled and Contributed by
Sandy Goodspeed

Paper Date - YEAR 1875

Obit - Garrett SMITH died Dec. 28 in New York City; born
Utica Mar 6, 1797; son of Peter Smith, one of the pioneers
of what now constitutes Oneida & Madison counties and one
of the largest land owners in the State. [incomplete]

Murder at Guilford-About half past ten o'clock Sunday
morning last, the little village of Guilford, Chenango county ….
by one of the most horrible and unaccountable murders
that was ever perpetrated. The victim was Mrs. E. H.
FITCH, a well known and highly respectable old lady of
75 years of age. The murderer is John P. HALL. … Mrs.
Fitch at the time of the murder was committed, was on a
holiday visit to her niece, Mrs. Hall and her family.
(Binghamton Times, Dec. 29) [Incomplete]

Surrounding Counties- Hon. Silas SWEET died at his
residence in Blenheim, on Monday, December 21, at the
age of nearly 42 years.

In Oneonta, December 30, by Rev. H. H. Allen, at the
home of the bride, Mr. W. L. SLOAT, of Delhi, and Miss
Anna VAN ALSTINE, of Oneonta.

In Otego, on the 25th of December, of scarlet fever, Maud
Estella, infant daughter of Albert H. and Addie M. HUNT,
aged 11 months and 19 days.

1/18/1875 MARRIED.
At the parsonage, Davenport Center, by Rev. W. W.
Taylor, Mr. Milo DEAN, of Oneonta, to Miss Elizabeth A.
LIVINGSTON, of Davenport Center.
In Otego, Dec. 21st(?), by Rev. A. Thomas, Alonzo M.
MILLER, of Unadilla, to Sarah M. HOWARD, of Otego.
At West Laurens, Dec. 24th, 1874 John A. HUGHES, of
Bloomington, ILL. To Miss Lillie BEETS of West Laurens.
Dec. 21st(?), 1874, at the bride's father, Oneonta Plains,
by Rev. H. Brown, George H. JENKS, of Otego, to Flora
K. BEACH, of Oneonta.
Jan. 5, 1875, at the bride's father in Milford, James L.
PEET, of Oneonta, to Mary S. DRIVER(?), of Milford.

In North Franklin, Delaware county, January 3, 1875,
Noah M. PHILLIPS, aged 10(?) years.
In Oneonta, Jan. 2d, 1875, Alanson(?) BENEDICT,
aged 72 years.

1/15/1875 > Surrogate Court…week ending January 4, 1875
Dec. 29 - Estate of
Rebecca GARRATT, of Unadilla, deceased.
Warren, ACKLEY, of Milford, deceased.
Dec. 31- Estate of
John C. BROWN, of Richfield, deceased.
Aaron BRIMMER, of Otego, deceased.
Jan. 4 - Estate of
Maria COFFIN, of Exeter, deceased.
Margaret BENNET, of Laurens, deceased.
Cornelius TEACHOUT, of Hartwick, deceased.
George W. BENTLEY, of Westford, deceased.
Norman K. RANSOM, of Richfield, deceased.
Seth HUBBARD, of Exeter, deceased.

At Franklin, Dec. 24th, by Rev. E. F. Barlow, Isaac
MILLSPAUGH and Miss Delia A. WARD, all of Franklin.
At the residence of the bride's father, in Masonville, Dec.
24th, 1874, Duane HAND and Henrietta FINCH, both of
that place.
In Franklin, Dec. 24th, 1874, Samuel BURRHUS, of Walton,
and Miss Marietta PIERSON
In West Delhi, Dec. 31st(?), 1874, David CHAMBERS
and Miss Mary A. MIDDLEMIST.
In Sharon, Jan. 5th, Henry BELLINGER to Libby PARSONS.
In Sharon, Jan. 6th, 1875, John VAN SHAICK to
Magdalene RACE.
Jan. 6th, at the residence of Mrs. Willis Holmes, by Rev.
A. Wing, Mr. Morris C. SMITH, of Otego, to Miss Ada
HOUGHTALING, of Oneonta.

In Franklin, Dec. 25th, 1874, Lillie, Neva UNDERWOOD,
aged 3 years.
In Stamford, Dec. 30th, 1794, at the residence of J. B.
Van Mousen, Mrs. BRAZEE, aged 83 years.
In Guilford, Jan. 1st, 1875, Jonas HAYNES, aged 83 years.
In Harpersfield, N. Y., Jan. 2, 1875, Miss Hannah L.
HOAGLAND, aged 33 years.
She was born in Harpersfield, and in early life consecrated
her all to her Redeemer. Through life she was distinguished
for her fidelity to every trust committed to her. For seventeen
years she had been an exemplary member of the Presbyterian
Church in Harpersfield, a living epistle against all those
vanities which like a flood threatened to overwhelm the
church. Lovely in her life, she was beloved by all, and
her cheerful face and pleasant voice are missed not only
at home but by all who knew her.-She lived trusting in
Jesus, and when the time of departure came, went calmly
down in to the valley, preparing to cross the river of death.
Thus leaning on the beloved, she passed out of sight to
enter the Paradise of God. [poem attached to notice]

Edward S. STOKES, the gentleman who murdered
James FISK, Jr., has come to the conclusion that he has
been confined long enough, and is making frantic appeals
to Governor Tilden for a pardon. [incomplete]

The obituary notice of Alanson BENNETT is delayed for
another week for data.

The remains of Mrs. Louise GASKIN, of Ithaca, reached
Oneonta on Saturday last for re-interment.
She was a former resident of this place and will be
remembered by the older inhabitants as a person of
singularly agreeable and sprightly manners.
Her death occurred some months since and in accordance
with her expressed wish, her final resting place will be
in "Riverside Cemetery". [died May 31, 1874 in Ithaca]

Morris - W. H. HARRINGTON, a former pastor of the
Universalist Church, was married on Monday last to Miss
Ella V. ADAMS, of this village.

Andes - O. A. SWART was married on the 12th, to Miss
Gussie, daughter of Hon. G. G. DECKER, Member of

At Portlandville, Jan. 10th, by Rev. H. Brown, Geo.
BUSH and Julia KING, all of Milford.
In Morris, Jan. 18th, by Rev. Orrin Perkins, Rev. William
H. HARRINGTON, pastor of the Universalist Church in
Belvedere, ILL., to Miss Ella V. ADAMS, of Morris.
At the Susquehanna House, Jan. 20, by the Rev. H.
H. Allen, Hiram REYNOLDS to Elmira SNYDER, all of
Mount Upton.

In Otego, Dec. 4th, 1874, Mary F., wife of Hiram BALDWIN,
and daughter of Daniel and Lynda EDWARDS, aged 32 years.
In Oneonta, Jan. 15, Betsey, relict of Isaac GREENE,
aged 72 years and 4 months.
Rev. Milton H. STEWART, aged 81 years, died at the
residence of C.C. Stewart, last Sunday night.
He was born in Kortright, Del. County, N. Y., 1794. At the
age of 20(?) years he was converted and joined the M. E.
church. Soon after he felt called upon to enter the ministry.
His natural diffidence(?) prevented this until he became
impressed that God's displeasure would rest upon him if
he did not obey the call made by the Church, and his own
convictions. Accordingly in 1830(?) he joined the Troy
Conference of which he was a member at the time of his
decease. He served the Church with great acceptability for
eleven years, when his health became broken because of
excessive labor in a revival which brought to his church 200
converts, and at his request his Conference granted him
a rest of two years, after which he re-entered the effective
work, and was appointed to the Charlotte Circuit. After
serving in various appointments for ten years, he was granted
a super-annuated relation and moved to Illinois where he
served different charges as a supply until he came to
Oneonta with broken health as he often said, to die.
It would be impossible to estimate his trial and hardship
experience in the early itinerant ministry. But he did his
work well, and faithfully, and left a bright evidence of a
blissful future to his friends, and although to them there is a
sense of loneliness, they do not mourn, but rejoice in the
fact that their loss is his eternal gain.

Fatal Accident At Colliersville - Death of Floyd EVERY …
died Sunday… about 25 years of age...leaves wife and
two children. [incomplete]

Mrs. Olive PATTENGILL DRAPER, of Morris, died in that
town on the 5th inst., at the great age of 94 years and 11
months. She was one of the oldest residents of the county;
came to Butternuts when 14 years of age. She left six
grandchildren, 47 great grandchildren and one great
grandchild. She retained all her faculties to the day of
her decease.

Surrogate Court
Jan. 13 - Estate of
Abram SITTS, late of Burlington, deceased.
Jan. 14 - Estate of
Hiram FUNK, late of Springfield, deceased.
Jan. 15 - Estate of
Rose McGARITY, late of Cherry Valley, deceased.
Jan. 16 - Estate of
Francis MANCHESTER, late of Hartwick, deceased.
Jan. 18 - Estate of
Ira PALMER, late of Exeter, deceased.
Ezra WHITE, late of Oneonta, deceased.
Clark HUESTIS, late of Burlington, deceased.

Surrounding Counties. Franklin-The remains of Miss
Lulie PORTER were brought here and her funeral sermon
preached on Saturday last.

At the Baptist Church, Mount Vision, January 12th, by
Rev. Walter Fry, Lewis WOODCOCK to Adan FENTION(?),
all of Laurens.
At the bride's father's, January 20th, by Rev. Walter Fry,
Allison HALL to Ellen GREGORY, eldest daughter of Mr.
Isaac Gregory.
In Schoharie, at the residence of the bride's father, on
the 14th inst., by Rev. W. C. Handy, Mr. Abram DIETZ to
Miss Sarah WARNER.
In Richfield Springs, at the residence of the bride's mother,
January 20th, 1875, by Rev. J. H. McGahen, Mr. Edwin H.
WEBSTER, to Miss Elsie HERKIMER, both of Schuylers Lake.
At Afton, Jan. 17, 1875 by W. S. Landers, Esq., Nathan
BARBER to Mrs. Mary M. GARDNER, both of Sandford.
At Bainbridge, January 13, 1875, by Rev. G. W. Abrams,
Alden E. TEED, of Sidney Centre, to Delia M. BEACH,
of Masonville.
At the residence of the bride, Jan. 19th, 1875, by Rev. H.
Halstead, Mr. Lester HAYNES to Miss Cynthia COVEY,
both of Unadilla.
At the home of the bride, Jan. 19th, 1875, by Rev. M.
Scofield, Henry C. RAYMOND, of Charles City, Iowa, to
Mrs. Julia A. SIVER, of Unadilla.
At the residence of the bride's mother, Jan. 19th, 1875,
by Rev. Stephen Wood, Mr. Henry H. HAM(?), of Pine
Plains, N. Y., and Miss Hannah H. HARRIS, of Sherburne, N. Y.
At Sherburne, at the M. E. parsonage, on the 20th inst.,
by Rev. H. Fox, Mr. Joseph BENNETT of West Edmeston,
and Mrs. C. J. LOOMIS, of Brookfield.
At Schuyler's Lake, Jan. 11th, 1875, at the home of
Mortimer Watson, by J. F. Gray, Esq., Mr. William COFFIN,
of Exeter, to Miss Anna BROWN, of Cooperstown.
At Cooperstown, Dec. 24th, 1874, at the residence of
Erastus Ray(?), by the Rev. B. E. Backus, Sardus W.
GRASFIELD, of Schenevus, to Jennie SECOR, of the
same place.
At Mount Vision, at the residence of the bride's grandfather,
Dr. E.(?) P. Byram, on the 16th ult., by Rev. H. W. Lee,
of Laurens, Mr. Herman E. GREEN to Miss Agnes F.
HILLMAN, both of Mount Vision.
At the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. H.
Brotherton, on the 26th inst., Mr. W. S. BROWN and Miss
Alice BOYLE.

At Utica, Jan. 14th, 1875, of typhoid fever, Giles C. SMITH,
formerly of Cooperstown, where his remains were brought
for interment, aged 37 years.
At St. Paul, Minnesota, suddenly of paralysis, Jan. 15th,
1875, Mr. James GOODING, aged 52 years. Mr. G. was
a native of Groton, 'Tompkins county, N. Y., and was for
several years a resident of Cooperstown. For the last 17
years he has been a resident of St. Paul.
At Otego, of consumption, Jan. 13th, 1875, James BROWN,
aged 71. Services held at his late residence by Rev. A. G.
At Schoharie, on the 17th inst., Mrs. Rebecca STERNBERGH,
wife of Adam DRIESBECK, aged 72 years, 5 months and 23 days.
At the residence of his son-in-law, Charles Hitchman, in
Schoharie, N. Y., on January 16th(?), 1875, William GETTER,
Sen., aged 98(?) years and 23 days.
On the 22d inst., at the Quarter, in the town of Scoharie (sic),
Nelson THRASHER, son of John Thrasher, aged 4 years.
At Binghamton, of billious pneumonia, on the 18th inst.,
Mr. Oriandon IRONS, formerly of Schoharie, aged 65 years.
At Colesville, Jan.16th, 1875, very suddenly of apoplexy
or heart disease, Clarence VANDERBERG, formerly a
Justice of the Peace in Afton, aged about 60(?) years.
At Masonville, Jan. 14th, 1875, Becca, daughter of Irwin
WILBUR, aged 9 years.
At Schenevus, Jan. 14th, Harvey W., infant son of Warren
and Maryette DUNHAM, aged 1 year, 6 months and 24 days.
At Morris, Jan. 25th, Mary C. SHAW, daughter of Rufus
SANDERSON, Esq., aged 35(?) years, 2 months, and 7 days.
Died of Diptheria, Jan. 20th, Gracie VOSBURG, only
daughter of Elijah M. and Jennie E. Vosburg, aged 9 years.
[poem included with notice.]

2/5/2875 MARRIED.
At Charlotte, Mich., Jan. 20(?), 1875, by Rev. John F.
Taylor, Mr. O. E. PACKARD I(?), formerly of Oneonta, to
Miss Eliza H. FOOTE, of Charlotte.
At Ouleout, Jan. 31, 1875, by Rev. T. A. Stevens, Mr.
Horace D. SPENCER, of Maryland, to Miss Nancy P.
HOUGHTAILING, of Davenport.

2/15/1875 Gilbertsville (from our own correspondent)
On Sunday night, Jan. 30th, George GIBSON (commonly
called Bub MOREY), went out of his house for the purpose
of looking for birdstock. Nothing was seen of him until the
next day when one of the neighbors came over to see him
on business. The woman of the house said that George
went out last night and she presumed he was in the barn
dead. Two other neighbors were sent for and the search
commenced. On going to the barn, the door was found
open, & just inside lay the body of the missing man, and
close by the body lay his revolver. A man was immediately
dispatched for Coroner Saunders, of Otego. A jury was
summoned, and the verdict rendered as follows: "The
deceased came to his death by a pistol shot from the hands
of a party or parties unknown." The above verdict astonishes
the people generally, for a clearer case of suicide never
came before the public. A.

2/19/1875 > Three Boys Frozen to Death in Westville.
It is a sad case of death by freezing that we have to
chronicle to-day, the harder that it occurred in the county
of Otsego, and as a result of absolute cruelty on the part
of the parents. In the town of Exeter lives a family [by]
the name of O'BRIEN; the husband and wife are lazy and
dissipated people. They have seven or eight children whose
occupation is manufacturing baskets. Monday of last week,
three of the boys, aged about eleven, thirteen and fifteen,
were sent out to sell baskets, and started for Westville
over a hilly and very desolated route. Although the day
was intensely cold and blustering, they struggled along,
but Tuesday opened up with the atmosphere several degrees
colder, and when only a short distance from Westville,
they could walk no farther, and probably died on their feet.
When discovered in the afternoon they lay in the road,
with baskets tied to their bodies. God only knows how the
little fellows struggled for life, nor indeed, whether they
were not more content to die than live. The death of three
children, under such circumstances is horrible, and while
our blood almost chills in thinking of the pain the boys must
have endured, it is an easy matter to withhold sympathy
from the parents, of whom we know enough when it is said
that they allowed their three children to peddle baskets
through a desolated country, with the mercury ranging from
25 to 30 degrees below zero, and high winds prevailing.
The boys were industrious, naturally bright, and more devoted
and faithful than most boys of similar parentage. Many of
our townsmen will remember them as they have peddled
baskets in Oneonta at different times.

Hannah JOHNSON BINGHAM, died at her home in
Oneonta Thursday morning of this week. She was born
at Bozark, Connecticut, in 1810, and was consequently 64
years of age. In December 1831, she was married to Mr.
Nathan Bingham, then residing at Canajoharie, N.Y., where
they remained until about 1882, and then moved to Oneonta.
When a young lady the deceased united with the Presbyterian
church, but a few years after marriage she accepted the
Free Baptist doctrine of Baptism, and became a member
of that church. Her life was pleasant and peaceful, and she
died like one whose death is simply a delightful passage
into the Kingdom of Heaven. Her Christian husband, 3
daughters and one son, survived the devoted wife and mother.
Notice and death under its appropriate heading.

Surrounding Counties.
Delhi-Mr.. W. B. CARRINGTON, formerly of Delhi, committed
suicide at Cuba, Allegheny county.

Gilbertsville. (From our own Correspondent)
It becomes our duty to chronicle another fiery calamity.
A few years ago James HASTINGS, of this place, becoming
deranged, was sent to the Utica Insane Asylum. After
being an inmate of that institution for several months, he
was pronounced incurable, and was returned home. Here
he was allowed his freedom, being considered harmless,
and was spending the winter at his brother's, Mr. Henry
Hastings, in a place called "Oregon," about four miles from
Gilbertsville. He arose about 4 o'clock, Friday morning, the
22th inst., and having lighted the fires, proceeded, as was
supposed, to do the chores at the barn. In the meantime,
his brother, who had been awakened, again fell asleep.
Some time after he was aroused by the sound of the burning
barn. Rushing out in his night clothes, and running to the
barn, a sickening sight met his gaze. The building contained
fourteen head of cattle and three horses. These had already
died of suffocation. Soon the insane man was discovered
lying upon his side in a bay. No help could reach him and
he also perished in the flames. His blackened remains were
afterwards recovered and brought to this place for interment.
The tragic end of the unfortunate man has thrown a shadow
of gloom over the entire community. VERITAS.

At Cooperstown, Jan. 2d, by Rev. Mr. Wait, Charles
E. HOWARD, of Oneonta, to Miss Lucy H. WAY, of
At the home of the Bride, Feb. 4th, by Rev. J. E. Flint,
J. L. STEERE of Sparta, Wis., to Mrs. Theresa S. EDSON
of Milford.
At Milford, Feb. 10th, 1875, by Rev. H. N. VanDeusen,
Melvin A. HAND, of Middlefield, and Mary QUACKENBUSH,
of Portlandville.

At Fort Walla Walla, Washington Territory, Jan. 16, 1875,
of Typhoid fever, Lieutenant William K.(?) HOAG, of the
United States Army.
Lieut. Hoag was the nephew and adopted son of Hon.
William C. FIELDS, of Laurens. After serving in the Army
of the Potomac during the last year of the war, he was
appointed to a Cadetship in the Military academy of West
Point in 1866 by the Hon. Demas Hubbard Just. M. C.,
for this District, when he graduated with a highly creditable
record in June 1871, receiving therefor his appointment to a
Lieutenancy in the regular army. Under the auspices of
the New Department, he visited Japan and China, returning
thence to his Post on the Pacific Coast, where he served
up to the time of his death. No better eulogy of him can
be given than that written by his comrade, Lieut. Frank K.
Upham, 1st U. S. Cavalry, to Mr. Fields, in which he says:
"The death of Lieut. Hoag was unexpected, and cast a gloom
over all in the garrison, as the sad news of it will among all
in the army who knew him; for no young officer had more
friends or was more highly respected than he; and to know
that one who was so much loved, has now left us forever
is sad indeed; but our loss cannot be what yours and his
other relatives must feel, in this the sad hour of your
affliction and in which you have the heartfelt sympathy of all."

At Oneonta, Feb. 15, by Rev. H. H. Allen, Mr. Wallace
BARRETT, of Jackson, Pa., to Miss Carrie GILLESPIE,
of New Milford, Pa.
At the house of the bride in Milford, Feb. 10, by Rev. H.
Brotherton, Mr. Hiram SEXTON of Unionville, Ohio, and
Miss Henrietta REYNOLDS.

In Oneonta, Feb. 18th, Hannah JOHNSON, wife of
Deacon Nathan BINGHAM, aged 64 years.

2/26/1875 > We are somewhat suspicious that the story of the 3 little
boys being frozen to death, near Westville, is all a humbug.
Gentleman from Milford acquainted with the family, gave
us the information as published last week, and not until
after the paper had been printed, was it discovered, that
we, in common with everybody else, had been imposed upon .
We aim to give nothing but correct information, but
occasionally the gossipers get the best of us.

Surrogate Court…week ending February 15th,1875:
Feb. 9 - Estate of
Abram SITTS, late of Burlington, deceased.
Feb. 10 - Petition for guardianship of persons and estates of
Frank Leslie and O. EVERY of Milford….issued to Ann Every.
Feb. 11 - Estate of
David F. JENNINGS, late of Burlington, deceased.
Feb. 12 - Estate of
Faithful SMITH, late of Pittsfield, deceased.
Feb. 13 - Petition for guardianship of person and estate of
Arthur SHAW, of Milford..issued to Rufus SANDERSON of Morris.
Estate of John ROSEBOOM, late of Cherry Valley, deceased.
Estates of John and Myndert ROSEBOOM, late of Cherry Valley,
Feb. 15 - Estate of
Alanson BENEDICT, late of Oneonta, deceased.
Isaac SHEPHERD, late of Oneonta, deceased.
Harrison P. SMITH, late of Worcester, deceased.
Nathaniel CRUMB, late of Plainfield, deceased.
Geo. W. GIBSON, late of Butternuts, deceased.
Geo. COLLIER, late of Butternuts, deceased.
Paul PALMER, late of Unadilla, deceased.

Cherry Valley. - Samuel CARVER committed matrimony
last week, and was arrested in the performance by Miss
Alice HOWE.

At the residence of the bride's father, February --, Mr. E.
Weston BURDICK, to Miss Gertie A. AVERY, both of Delhi.
In Delhi, Feb. 10th, David BECKER and Miss Mary BETTS,
all of Delhi.
In Delhi, Feb. 9th, Mrs. Charles H. BURGIN, of Meredith,
to Miss Ella S. MURRAY, of Delhi.
In Franklin, Feb. 16th, Norman D. YOUNG, of Otsdawa,
to Miss Mary E. BOOTH, of Franklin.
In Franklin, Feb. 11, Ira H. McCall to Miss Mary E.
McMURRAY, both of Franklin.
In Sidney Plains, Feb. 15th, Mr. J. R. WEBB, of Butternuts,
and Miss Jennie GRISWOLD, of Coventry.
In Richfield Springs, Feb. 10th, Matthew FERRELL and
Miss Sophia VanDUSEN, all of Frankfort.
In Smyrna, Feb. 18th, Mr. Lavette HOLLEY and Miss Cora
FOOTE, all of Smyrna.
In Walton, Feb. 13th, Alfred FRANKLIN and Lula SCHENCK,
all of Walton.
In South Gilboa, Mr. Hobart HASTINGS, of Stamford,
to Miss Mary LAWRENCE, of South Gilboa.
In Prattsville, Feb. 10th, Mr. F. M. CHRISTIAN and Miss
Frona M. BRANDON, all of that place.
In Andes, Feb. 4th, Mr. James E. DICKSON and Miss
Emma M. WORDEN, all of Andes.

In this village, of Consumption, Feb. 20th, 1875 Mrs.
Rebecca COLE PRIMMER, mother of Mr. John Primmer,
of this village, aged 73 years.
-Her remains were taken to Troy for interment in the Nail
Factory Cemetery.
In Otego, at the residence of her son-in-law, Feb. 19,
1875, Mrs. Mary KNAPP, aged 61 years.
In Smyrna, on the 14th inst., Mr. Daniel O. MANWARRING,
aged 43 years.
In Sherburne, on the 16th inst., Mr. Chauncey HAXTON,
aged 80 years and 5(?) months.
At Richfield, Jan. 14th, 1875, Mrs. Hannah HATCH, aged
83 years, 8(?) months and 28 days.
In North Bennington, Vt., Feb. 14th, 1875, Alice M.
In East Winfield, Feb. 5th, Mrs. Abbie GORTON, aged
28 years.
In Sidney Centre, Feb. 15, Mrs. Ruth HOYT, aged 99 years.
In Delhi, Feb. 12, Ebenezer F. HUTSON, aged 53/63(?) years.
In Kortright, Feb. 11th, Matthew McLAURY, aged about 86 years.
In Bloomville, Feb. 10th, Abraham COAN, aged about
80 years.
In Windham, Feb. 8th, Dawson KINGSLEY, aged 43 years.
In Laurens, on Friday morning, Feb. 19th of consumption,
Howard WHIPPLE, eldest son of David and Abigail S. Whipple,
aged 19 years, 5 months, and 20 days. [commentary on
his life included]

3/5/1875 MARRIED.
In Oneonta at the home of the bride, Feb. 17, 1875, by
Rev. J. L. Wells, Mr. Orrin YOUNGMAN and Miss Lizzie
COUSE, all of Oneonta.
At Clintonville, Feb. 24th, by Rev. H. N. VanDusen, Robert
M. GEORGIA and Miss Fannie COMBS, all of Clintonville.

3/19/1875 Democrat established 1868; printed on Friday.

At Carr's Hotel, Cooperstown, on Tuesday morning, March
9, by Rev. Mr. Bachus, Mr. Ira W. STEVENS and Miss
Nancy WILSON, both of Cooperstown.
At Davenport Center, March 11(?), by Rev. W. W. Taylor,
William L. TURNER and Hattie E. McFARLAND, all of
On March 17th, by Rev. H. H. Allen, Mr. Andrew HOYT,
of New Milford, Conn., to Miss Julia A. BREWER, of Oneonta.

In Laurens, March 12, 1875, Jacob RICHARDSON, aged
82 years.
In the town of Milford, March 6th, Chester LEANING, aged
17 years and 3 months.

Death of Jacob RICHARDSON.- By the death of the venerable
Jacob Richardson, this community loses a valuable citizen,
one of the rugged pioneers of the county, he was always
remarkable for sturdy independence and untiring industry.-
A little incidence will illustrate his character. During the
dark days of the Susquehanna R. R., his town refused to
bond, but a number of the more wealthy citizens signed a
subscription; agreeing to pay various sums into the treasury
of the company, on completion of the road to Oneonta.
This subscription bond was numerously signed and deposited
with a citizen of the town, but disappeared on the completion
of the road, and the various amounts were unpaid with a
single exception. That honorable exception was the subject
of this brief memoir and he ever afterwards was known as the
"honestest man in Laurens."

3/26/1875 > Sudden Death.-On Thursday morning last, Mr. ALLEN,
nearly 70 years, while going to the house of a neighbor,
fell dead in the street. He had gone form his home but a
short time, when he was found by Mr. VanDusen, of Oneonta,
who was passing at the time, he was carried into the house
of Mr. McLaury, but life was entirely extinct. He had been
troubled with heart disease, and it is supposed that was
the cause of his death. L.E.R.

At the Baptist parsonage, Mount Vision, March 2-(?), by
Rev. Walter Fry(?), John TUNICLIFF(?) to Minerva KEMHOFF(?),
both of New Lisbon.
At the Susquehanna House, Oneonta, March 2-(?), by
Rev. H. H. Allen, David BLAKELY, Jr., of the Lewis(?), Mo(?),
to Elizabeth MIEN(?) of Meredith.

In Oneonta, March 2-(?), Mrs. Barney MULL(?), daughter
of John CUTSHAW, aged 47.
In Oneonta, March --, Mrs. John CAT---- in the 69th year
of her age.
In Cooperstown, March 18, of heart disease, Henry GOULD,
aged (69?) years.

Mrs. George COX, of Otego, left her husband about two
months ago, as she claims, for ill-treatment. She was
very sick, and doubts were entertained as to her recovery.
She was brought to her father's house, in this place, and
with good nursing, she was nearly recovered. On Thursday
last, Mr. Cox called, and made a sort of demand for her;
he was met by her brother. No lives were lost, but considerable
blood was shed. Cox has commenced a suit in the
Supreme Court.

In Morris, March 30th(?), at the home of the bride, by
Rev. H. Cook, Charles E. FORD, of Norwich, and Miss
Helen PAYNE.
In Kortright, March 23, 1875, Chauncey SKINNER, of
Franklin, to Miss Esther M. DALES, of Kortright.
In Pittsfield, March 24, Aaron P. CARD, of Pittsfield,
and Miss Alice M. PERKINS, of Edmeston.
In Delhi, March 16, Abram CROSBY, and Jennie C.
HUTSON, all of that place.
In Cooperstown, Mary 22, Henry A. COOK and Eva L.
HOKE, all of Maryland.

[print was so dark & blurred almost impossible to read]
In Cooperstown, on the 24th ult., Hannay RAY, aged
-- years.
In Cooperstown, March 21, Mrs. Catharine GILLON(?),
aged -- years.
In Hamden, March 21, (James RUSSELL?), aged (85?) years.
In Walton, March (19?), Carrie, daughter of (E. S.?) and
A. DRAKE, aged 18(?) years.
In Franklin, March 26(?), (James R. COTTON?), aged
65(?) years.
In Oneonta, March 27, a child of Mr. ----ton(?), aged
about 2(?) years.
In Otego, March 27th, of typhoid fever, Peter DELAMETER,
aged (43?) years.
In Mt. Vision, March 20, Mrs. William CHENEY, aged (-9?)
years. This bereavement, following closely on the death
of a beloved daughter and sister, makes a sad gap in the
household of a respected citizen.

4/9/1875 > Marriage Notice. Mr. Oson A. MILLER and Miss Nellie
HOWE evening of Wednesday the 7th.

Richfield Springs-Charles TUTTLE, an old resident, died on
Friday, March 25th.
The marriage of Mr. Edward L. DEMERS and Miss
Jennie A. HERSEY took place March 24th-Mercury

Surrogate Court…week ending March 29, 1875-
March 23 - Discharging James M. GILBERT as guardian of
Mary E. and Cha's. WOOD, of Butternuts.
Estate of
Elizabeth COLLIER, late of Milford, deceased.
Petition for guardianship of person and estate of Richard
WOOD, Jr., of Springfield…issued to Richard H. WOOD.
March 24 - Estate of
Elisha LILLIE, late of Butternuts, deceased.
Richard BABCOCK, late of Maryland, deceased.
March 26 - Estate of
Joshua(?) H. STORY, deceased.
Elizabeth BENNETT, late of Middlefield, deceased.
March 27 - Estate of
Hiram BARBER, late of Exeter, deceased.
Martin PICKINS, late of Hartwick, deceased.
March 29 - Estate of
Esther LEWIS, late of Otsego, deceased.
Perry GRIFFIS, late of Unadilla, deceased.
Clark M. HUESTIS, late of Burlington, deceased.
Hannah RAY, late of Otsego, deceased.

Dr. Charles JENNINGS, only brother of the late Hon.
Beach Jennings, of Franklin, died recently at Easton, Pa.,
aged 68 years. He was eminent in his profession, and a
man of much influence in the community.

Five persons in the family of James TAYLOR have been
sick with scarlet fever-one has died and four are yet in a
dangerous situation.

At the residence of the bride's father, W. Dexter(?)
Brown, March 31(?), by Rev. H. Wheeler, William W.
COE, of Davenport, and Miss Elizabeth A. BROWN, of
this village. - The Printer was kindly remembered.
In Laurens, March 31st(?), by Rev. W. Brown, Ira L.
WARD, of Butternuts, and Miss Josephine BROWN.
In Oneonta, April 7th, by Rev. H. H. Allen, Orson(?) A.
MILLER, and Miss Nettie HOWE, both of this place.
At Laurens, April 7th, at the Presbyterian parsonage, by
Rev. H. W. Lee, Mr. Adelner(?) GUNN(?), of Westville,
and Miss Mary A. HUNGERFORD, of Milford.

In Oneonta, April 7th, Mrs. Dewitt D. BABCOCK, aged
29(?) years.
In Oneonta, April 4, Murdy, daughter of Henry F---(?),
aged 3(?) years.

4/16/1875 MARRIED.
At the residence of the bride's father, March 29th, by Rev.
S. H. Moon, Peter LOOS, of Gilbertsville, and Miss Estella
BUNDY, of Morris.
At the residence of Dr. Norwood Davenport, March 29,
1875, Rev. J. G. Bayles, Mr. Charles WHITE, of Hartland,
Niagara Co., N. Y., and Miss M. A. SMITH of Davenport, N. Y.

In this village, March 29th, of Consumption, Arthur
DOWNING, aged 19(?).
He was a sufferer for a long time, working at his trade with
the D. & H. C. On., as long as possible to endure physical
labor, and when compelled to abandon his labors, bore
the remainder of his suffering with fortitude and christian
resignation, dying in the hope of a blessed immortality.
In Oneonta, April 4, 1875, Myrtle May, only daughter of
Henry and Adeline WILCOX, aged 4 yeas and 3 months.

4/23/1875 MARRIED.
At Susquehanna Depot, Pa., at the residence of Robert
Hoffman, March 31st(?), by Rev. A. J. Van Cleft, Dwight
S. CHAMBERLAIN, of Franklin, N. Y., and Mrs. Lizzie
BARTLETT, of the former place.

4/30/1875 > Surrogate Court…week ending April 1875
April 13 - Estate of
Clark M. Huetis, late of Burlington, deceased.
Catharine MICHAELS, late of Cherry Valley, deceased.
Catharine A. NELSON, late of Otsego, deceased.
James MERRICK, late of Butternuts, deceased.
John WETMORE, late of Butternuts, deceased.
Urial MALLERY, late of Unadilla, deceased.
April 14 - Estate of
Margaret BENNETT, late of Laurens, deceased.
Clara WEATHERLY, late of Laurens, deceased.
April 15 - Estate of
James A. FITZGERALD, late of Unadilla, deceased.
April 19 - Estate of
Isaac SHEPHERD, late of Oneonta, deceased.

In this village, April 14, 1875, by Rev. H. Wheeler, Mr.
George -(?) BUGBEE, of New York City to Miss Elizabeth
A. HUSON(?), of Oneonta.
At Mr. Seeley Gregory's, in New Berlin, April 20th(?), by
Rev. Orron Perkins, Pliny S.(?) THURSTON to Miss
Fannie M.(?) COLE, both of New Lisbon.

In Meredith, April 12th;, John G.(?) Graham, Esq., aged
66(?) years.
In Davenport, April 22, Mrs. Charlotte SHAVER, aged
67years months.

5/7/1875 > Gilbertsville.-Freddie WALLACE, an only child of Henry
Wallace, died of scarlet fever.

5/14/1875 MARRIED.
In Oneonta, April 26/28(?), by Rev. H. Brown, Mr. Enos(?)
D. YAGER to Miss Emma -(?) COUSE, all of this village.

At Harmonyville(?), Steuben(?) Co., April 17th, Mrs. Ella
M. PRENTICE, daughter of Frank and Matilda CARPENTER,
aged 27 years.

5/21/1875 no notices

5/28/1875 Gilbertsville.
Orlando BROWN, a member of the 51st Regt. Band in
our late war, died the 18th of consumption.
Frederick CASS, another soldier who belonged to the
152d Regt., N. Y., Volunteer, and who also died of
consumption, was buried with military honors, the 21st inst.
The funeral of Mrs. Horatio MYRICK, who died of a
magliant cancer, was attended Monday the 24st inst.

 From our Correspondent.
The body of Cary RICHARDSON is expected to be brought
here for burial about the 30th inst. He was formerly a
resident of this place, but like many sought a home in the
West; the sad news of his death caused sorrow to rest on
many a poor heart. He has spent many happy school days
with us, which we love to call up in our memories, for he
was an enthusiastic boy, always jovial, and had a good
word for everyone he met. G.

Schoharie County-Cobleskill.
The Golden Wedding of Tunis SWART (father of Dr. John
L. Swart, of this village) and wife celebrated at Cobleskill on
the 15th of the present month, was a very pleasant affair.
The entire family of seven children (all married) were present;
as was also the seven grandchildren, all of the brothers and
sisters of Mr. and Mrs. Swart, eight in number. On the
mother's side of this large family there has not been a death
in over 50 years and on the father's side but one death in
over 50 years, and that over 30 years ago. The following
are the names of the seven children present with their
families. Rev. P. A. Swart, Springfield, Ill., wife and two
children; George D. Swart, of Oneonta, wife and two daughters;
Mrs. D. M. Fero and children, Louisville, Ky.; Martin L .Swart
and C. S. Swart and wives reside with their father; Dr. J. I.
Swart and wife of Schoharie; Alexander Snook and wife,
Charlotteville, Schoharie county.- Schoharie Republican

Sherburne-John AMES, a well-to-do farmer committed
suicide by hanging himself with a halter in his barn. Deceased
was a prominent member of the Methodist church, and was
considered fortunate in all his social and business relations.
The cause is supposed to be some kind of mental disease,
as he has been troubled for some time with sleepiness. He
was about 50 years of age. News.

Norwich.-Rev. Thomas E. FRANKLIN, pastor or the Zion
African M. E. church, was married to Miss Lottie E.
WYCKOFF. Rev. Eckman, assisted by Rev. Mr. Scoville,
performed the ceremony.

Delaware County.-Franklin.- The first burial in the new
cemetery occurred last Sunday.

Delhi.- Grove WEBSTER, a soldier of 1812, aged 84 years
died Wednesday last.
Mary WHEELER, aged 17 years, died on the 20th.