Death & Marriage Notices
Oneonta Herald
Starting July 24, 1861
Compiled and Contributed by
Sandy Goodspeed

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preceeding month)

Paper Date - YEAR 1862
1/8/1862 MARRIED At the Parsonage, in this village, on 1st inst., by Rev. Geo. Parsons, Mr. Madison YOUNGS, of West Oneonta, to Miss Mary A. SHEPHERD, of Laurens. In Oneonta, Dec. 26th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. John C. FISH, to Miss Sarah Jane ORR, all of Davenport. In Laurens, Dec. 31st, by Milton Gurney, Esq., Mr. Edwin ALGER, to Miss Lucretia PRATT, both of Burlington. Also at the same time and place, and by the same, Mr. P. GARDNER, to Miss Melitta PRATT, both of Burlington. In Portlandville, Jan. 5th, by Elder J. Cooke, at his residence, Mr. Warren ELLIOT, to Miss Mary Jane HOUGHTALING, both of Milford. 1/15/1862 MARRIED In Otego, on the 6th inst., Andrew A. MATHER, Sheriff of Otsego county, to Miss Addelaide J. BIRDSALL, daughter of George Birdsall, Esq., of Otego. At Bundy's Hotel, Morris, N. Y., on the 12th inst., by Rev. H. A. Sherwood, Mr. Henry MERRILLS, to Miss A. WELLMAN, both of Milford, N. Y. In Davenport, Jan. 18th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Carlton TALLMADGE, to Miss Mary E. LOCKWOOD, both of Davenport. In Greene, on the 31st ult., by Rev. W. S. Adamson, Noah THORNTON, to Miss Julia A. BRIGGS, both of Maine, Broome Co. In Afton, on the 14th inst., by Rev. W. Allen Johnston, Mr. Charles L. SEELEY, to Miss Sarah M. PAYNE, both of Afton. DIED In Laurens, Jan. 9th, Mary E., youngest daughter of Elisha B. and Francis A. STEERE, in the 8th year of her age. (Poem included with notice.) At the residence of her grandfather, Mr. DILLINGHAM, in Geneseo, Ill., Dec. 26th, of diptheria, Emma E., daughter of John and Sophia W. AVERY, of Otsego Co., N. Y., aged 9 years, 11 months and 26 days. During her short but terrible illness, Emma bore her sufferings uncomplainingly, and with a fortitude seldom equalled by those more advanced in years. She was a christian child, and for her mild and sweet disposition, was dearly beloved and cherished by all who knew her. Although her parents were far away during her sickness and at her death, yet she had the love and care of fond grandparents and friends to mitigate her pains and to perform the last earthly rites to the child of their affections. "Suffer little children to come unto me." 1/29/1862 MARRIED At the residence of the bride's, on the 27th inst., by Rev. David L. Pendell, Mr. Harvey J. WESTCOTT, of Oneonta, to Miss Adaline A. PEARSALL, of Bainbridge, N. Y. DIED In Laurens, Jan. 26th, Ira WHITMARSH, aged 26 years, 9 months and 27 days. In Oneonta, on the 17th inst., Orpha Jane, daughter of Elias and Mary Ann HOUGHTALING, aged 10 years. (Poem included with notice.) 2/5/1862 MARRIED In Otego, on the 29th inst., at home of bride's father, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. David H. WASHBON, of West Laurens, to Miss Ellen A. WEATHERLY, of Otego. 2/12/1862 MARRIED In Oneonta, Feb. 5th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. John DOUGLAS, to Miss Sarah Ann COE, both of Edmeston. DIED In this town, on the 7th inst., of diptheria, Melissa, daughter of Elias and Mary Ann HOUGHTALING, aged 12 years. 2/19/1862 DIED In Oneonta, Feb. 13th, Mrs. Ann BARRET, aged 65 years. 3/5/1862 MARRIED In Laurens, March 1st, by Milton Gurney, Esq., Mr. Linson MILLER, to Miss Annette GREEN, all of Laurens. Also, by the same, Mr. Eugene EDSON, of Milford, to Miss Mary Ann RICHARDSON, of Laurens. At Milford Centre, March 2d, by Myron Yager, Esq., Mr. Wesley CLARK, of Oneonta, to Miss Polly COMSTOCK, of Davenport, Del. Co. 3/12/1862 DIED In Davenport, Feb. 26th, Mrs. Almira BIXBY, wife of James Bixby, in the 75th year of her age, formerly of Otsego Co. 3/19/1862 DIED At West Oneonta, March 12th, Mrs. Huldah WAKELY, wife of Noah Wakely, in the 74th year of her age. In Davenport, Feb. 26th, Mrs. Almira BIXBY, wife of Samuel Bixby, in the 74th year of her age, formerly of Otsego county. (buried in Riverside Cem., Oneonta, with Samuel) In Guilford, on the 9th inst., Mr. Abner GILBERT, aged 76 years. 3/26/1862 MARRIED On the 19th inst., by Rev. J. Smith, Jr., Mr. Theodore LYON, of Butternuts, to Miss Mary G. PEARSE(?), of Albany. On the 26th inst., at the residence of the bride's mother, by Rev. T. F. Babcock, Mr. Benj.(?) J. WEBB, to Miss Adelade A. LATHROP, all of Unadilla. In Masonville, Del. Co., March 18th, by Rev. G. G.(?) Donnelly, Mr. D. Wilmot SCOTT, of Galena, Ill., to Miss Ann Eliza SAXE, of Masonville. DIED In Laurens, on the 16th ult., Mrs. Sylvia HYDE, aged 63 years. In Morris, on the 19th inst., Mr. Elijah GILBERT, aged 86 years. At Whitesboro, March 13th, in the 16th year of his age, John G., only son of Lucia G. and Rev. O. N. PATTENGILL, formerly of Otsego Co. In Rochester, on the 10th inst., Julia CRAFTS, wife of William S. LITTLE, aged 26 years. The deceased was a daughter of the late Gen. Erastus Crafts of this county. 4/2/1862 DIED In this village, March 25th, Mary Francis, daughter of Mary and Alexander BREWER, aged 1 year, 2 months and 8 days. 4/9/1862 DIED In Laurens, March 26th, of the diptheria, Anna, daughter of Tompkins and Sarah J. CLARK, aged 2 years, 1 month and 15 days. (Poem included with notice.) 4/16/1862 MARRIED In Laurens, by Milton Gurney, Esq., Mr. Newton KEITH, to Miss Marcia SNEDIKER, of Laurens. DIED In Davenport, Albert J. EVANS, son of James and Elizabeth Evans, aged one year 6 months and 22(?) days. 4/30/1862 DIED In Meredith, on the 13th inst., Charles REYNOLDS, aged 59 years. 5/14/1862 MARRIED In West Oneonta, April 22d, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Joseph G. JENKS, to Mrs. Lydia WHITNEY, both of Oneonta. 5/21/1862 DIED In this village, May 19th, Gertrude Louisa, daughter of Chas. H. and Hellen L. SPRAGUE, of Utica, N. Y., aged 5 year and 7 months. [Obituary.] Departed this life in Otsdawa, July 15th, 1861, Rozilla, daughter of Milo and Nancy BEEMAN, aged 26 years 5 months and 13 days. The subject of this notice, possessed an amiable disposition by nature, which was improved by the sanctifying influences of the Divine spirit; early in life she sought and found the Saviour and ever after lived the life of the Christian. From early childhood she exhibited more than ordinary powers of mind, retirement, and studying the deep things of God and nature, was her delight, books were her choice companions. Never possessing a strong constitution, the body soon felt and manifested disease, aggravated by her close application of mind. On account of poor health she was subject, at times, to a depression of spirits. During her last sickness while the body was wasting away the soul was receiving the blessedness of the promise; "My grace is sufficient for thee." (Although this is not a death notice, I thought it of interest to post:) We see by the New York papers, that among the wounded who arrived at New York last week are the names of Albert SCHERMERHORN and R. BISHOP from this town they were members of the 43rd Regiment. Schermerhorn had a ball pass through his back, and Bishop was wounded in the right arm, which had to be amputated. Since the above was put in to type, Bishop has arrived in our village, and is doing as well as can be expected. 5/28/1862 DIED In this village, May 12th, of consumption, Elihu WARD, aged 42 years. In Laurens, May 19th, of dipthera, Willie, son of Samuel H. & Carolina HARRINGTON, aged 12 years. Also, May 21st, James, youngest son of Samuel H. and Carolina HARRINGTON, in the 7th year of his age. We remember them as beautiful, bright-eyed, healthy, affectionate children, intelligent beyond their years, and apparently destined long to make glad the hearts of their parents. Their good constitution, the skill of excellent physicians, the tender care of parental hearts, all, however, failed to baffle the dreaded diptheria, which now numbers them among its choicest victims. At Masonville, May 1st, Wm. WEST, aged 74 years. At Masonville, May 2d, Ethel, son of Ethel BIRCH, aged 3 years. 6/4/1862 MARRIED In Maryland, May 28th, by Elder J. Cooke, Mr. S. E. BUTLER, of Milford, to Miss Mary Ann, daughter of Jesse GURNEY, Esq., of Maryland. In West Laurens, May 13th, by Rev. George Foote, Mr. Leroy TUCKER (PUCKER?), to Miss Rhoda WING, all of Laurens. 6/11/1862 MARRIED In Afton, Chenango county, June 2d, by Rev. G. G. Donnelly, Mr. L. S. NYE, of Unadilla, to Miss Lenora E. POLLARD, of Afton. 7/2/1862 MARRIED In this village, on the 26th ult., by Rev. D. P. Pendell, Mr. Charles J. Alger, to Miss Roxy A. SPENCER, both of Oneonta. 7/9/1862 MARRIED At the Hotel of Mr. Barton, in East Oneonta, on the 2d of July, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. George P.(?) PARISH, of Oneonta, to Miss Rosannah CHAMBERLAIN, of Maryland. 7/30/1862 DIED Killed in battle, near Richmond, Va., Alonzo JENKS, of Laurens, Otsego Co., N. Y., a member of the 61st Regiment, and son of John G. Jenks, of Laurens. Died near Humboldt, Tennessee, of fever contracted while camping in a swamp, Benjamin B. COMSTOCK, of Laurens, Otsego Co., N. Y. (Poem included with notice.) 8/13/1862 DIED At his residence, in Oneonta, July 31st, Mr. Samuel G. FISH, aged 57 years. In this death, community have lost a good and worthy citizen, a kind and obliging neighbor, upright and honest man, his sorrowing wife an affectionate husband. He bore his protracted sickness with patience and calm resignation-frequently expressing a desire to depart and be with Christ, which is far better. We feel that our loss is his gain. 8/20/1862 MARRIED At Otego, Aug. 11th, by Rev. M. C. Bronson, Mr. Russell DREW (DREN?), to Miss Mary HARRINGTON, both of Laurens. DIED In this village, on the morning of the 8th inst., Colin D. STRONG. Also on the evening of the 10th, Robert L., twin children of Horatio G. and Caroline W. Strong, aged 1 year and 8 months. In Wachaeta(?), Mich., on the 8th inst., of congestion of the lungs, John LAWRENCE, late of Mt. Upton, Chenango county, aged 73 years. [Chenango paper please copy.] 8/27/1862 MARRIED At Oneonta, Aug. 20th, at the bride's father's, by Rev F. C. Hodge, Mr. Alonzo WALTIN, to Mrs. Lavatia BLANCHARD, both of Oneonta. DIED At her father's residence, in West Laurens, July 16th, Emeline Cordelia, wife of Horace HILL, aged 30 years 2 months and 3 days. 9/3/1862 DIED In Oneonta, Aug. 24th, on the 28th ult., Eunice Maria, youngest child of William and Maria MICKEL, aged 16 months and 15 days. 9/10/1862 MARRIED At the Hotel of R. P. Barton, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Albert ROWLAND, of Middlefield, to Miss Amanda WALLING, of Davenport. In Franklin, on the 7th inst., by Elder J. Smith, Jr., Mr. George W. WEED, to Miss Kate GIFFORD, both of Franklin. 9/24/1862 MARRIED In Otego, on the 16th inst., at the bride's father's, by Rev. A. E. Daniels, of Morris, Professor A. C. TRUMAN, of U. S. Army, to Miss Ella E. SLADE. 10/1/1862 MARRIED At Oneonta, Sept. 23d, by Rev. D. P. Pendell, Mr. Harvey J. RUSSELL, of Cooperstown, to Miss Mary C. SPENCER, of the former place. In Davenport, at the bride's father's, Sept. 21st, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Andrew GOODRICH, to Miss Maria E. MOON, both of Davenport. In Butternuts, Sept. 29th, by Rev. M. C. Bronson, Mr. Theron E. HORTON, of Otego, to Miss Sarah E. THAYER, of Butternuts. 10/8/1862 MARRIED In Unadilla, Oct. 5th, by Rev. T. F. Babcock, Mr. Walter SUTHERLAND, to Miss Vereitta WILBUR, both of Otego. 10/15/1862 MARRIED In Portlandville, Oct. 4th, by Elder J. Cooke at his residence, Mr. James H. WOODBECK, to Miss Mary FERN, of Davenport. 10/22/1862 MARRIED In Oneonta, Oct. 15th, by Rev. J. Smith, Jr., Mr. James R. COOK, of Whitney's Point, to Miss Amelia L. COOKE, of the former place. At New Lisbon, on the 16th inst., by Rev. Burnside, Mr. David HOUGHTALING, to Miss Almena SMITH. DIED In Oneonta, on the 5th inst., Mrs. Mary MORENUS, aged 98 years. In German Flats, Herkimer county, about the 1st inst., John DEVENDORF, Esq., formerly one of the Superintendents of the Poor, of this county, aged about 60, leaving a wife and several children, and a competency for them all. His reputation was highly respectable. 11/5/1862 MARRIED In Oneonta, Oct. 12th, at the bride's father's, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Edward GILE, to Miss Caroline CEPERLEY, both of Oneonta. 11/12/1862 MARRIED In Oneonta, Oct. 8th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Wm. BURNSIDE, to Miss Mary E. COLLIER, both of South Milford. 11/19/1862 MARRIED In Oneonta, on the 11th inst., by Rev. J. Smith, Jr., Mr. Aaron MILLER, of Davenport, to Miss Sarah A. CRAWFORD, of Meredith. In Otego, Nov. 10th, by Rev. P. Scramling, Mr. Delos SCRAMLING, to Miss Mary C. JUDSON, both of Otego. At Unadilla, Nov. 6, by Rev. L. Sperry, Mr. Colby GODFREY, to Miss Amelia GODFREY, both of Guilford. At Bainbridge, Nov. 11th, at the residence of B. Lyon, by Rev. W. G. Queal, Mr. Smith LANE, to Miss Melissa E. LYON, both of Bainbridge. At Christ Church, Cooperstown, on Thursday, Nov. 6th, by Rev. S. H. Synnott, John WORTHINGTON, to Jennie STORRS, daughter of Richard Cooper, Esq. In Middlefield, on the 2d inst., by Rev. J. Denton, Mr. Philander MOAK, of the above place, to Miss Anna ELLIOT, of Delhi. In Garrattsville, on the 6th inst., by Delos Fowlston, Esq., Mr. Arthur C. HERRIDY, to Miss Roxy BARTON, all of Garrattsville. In Westford, on the 6th inst., by Rev. H. F. Row, Mr. William BARDLEY, of Hartwick, to Miss Elizabeth BURNSIDE, of Westford. In Warren, on the 6th inst., by Rev. J. W. Newcomb, Mr. Theodore D. BREESEE, of Milford, to Miss Orcella D. APPLEBY, of Maryland. DIED In Maryland, Otsego county, Mrs. Maria SPERRY, wife of Daniel Sperry, in the 63d year of her age. In Middlefield, on the 5th inst., of paralysis, after a brief illness of six days, William COMPTON, in the 85th year of his age. In Laurens, on the 1st inst., of diptheria, Stephen D., son of John M. and Sarah M. BROWN, aged 8 months. Oct. 26th, in regimental hospital, camp near Bakerville, Md., of typhoid fever, Corporal John I. BURLINGHAM, of company E, 121st regiment, N. Y. S. V. He was a good soldier and a true man. Oct. 28th, in regimental hospital, camp near Bakersville, Md., of typhoid fever, Corporal William B. JOHNSON, of company E, 121st regiment, N. Y. S. V. He, too, was a good solider, always ready and always true. By this double loss the company is deprived of two of its best men. In New York City, 16th ult., at the residence of his uncle, Dr. W. N. GILCHRIST, of croup, Ama MILLS, only child of Amos and Mary E. BURNSIDE, of Maryland, aged 2 years 8 month and 16 days. Ama was a child of more than ordinary physical and intellectual powers, and in him was centered all the hopes of a fond mother for the future. The gift of this child was to her a most merciful dispensation of Providence in this time of her afflictions, her husband having been stricken down by a disease of the heart in the fall of '59. By the same benignant hand he was removed from earth to a happier realm. 'Tis but a flower plucked from the twig of life to bloom anew in heaven. 11/26/1862 DIED In this village, on the morning of 24th inst., at the residence of her brother-in-law, William S. FRITTS, Mrs. Mary QUACKENBUSH, in the 47th year of her age. In Skaneateles, on the 5th inst., Joshua MOSHER, aged 83 years. The deceased was one of the early settlers of the town of Laurens, Otsego Co., where he resided more than 50 years; and from whence he was removed some years since to spend the evening of life with a daughter, in whose family his death occurred. He was much respected for his uprighteousness of character, and departed in the full assurance of rest in heaven. 12/3/1862 MARRIED In this village, on the 27th ult., by Rev. J. Smith, Jr., Mr. Hiram WHITE, to Miss Christiana PRATT, both of Oneonta. In this town, on the 30th of Nov., by Rev. (?) Parsons, Mr. John R. THAYER, of Laurens, to Miss Elizabeth S. BLEND, of Oneonta. 12/10/1862 MARRIED In Milford, Nov. 26th, by Elder J. Cooke, Mr. Chester GURNEY, of Maryland, to Miss Martha, daughter of Ira BURK, Esq., of Milford. Also, by the same, in Milford, Mr. Sanders J. GURNEY, of Milford, to Miss Martha, daughter of Uriah SPENCER, of Maryland. 12/17/1862 MARRIED In Oneonta, Dec. 10th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. E. M. QUACKENBUSH, of Milford, to Miss Zillah GUILE, of Davenport. DIED At West Oneonta, Dec. 3d, of congestion of the lungs, Geo. W. WILLIAMS, aged 38 years. In Geneseo, Ill., very suddenly, Nov. 29th, Mr. John DILLINGHAM, aged 63 years. Six years ago this month, Mr. Dillingham moved from Oneonta, Otsego Co., N. Y., to this State, and 3 years and 6 months he resided in Geneseo, and during his residence here, has won a large circle of friends, who are left to mourn his sudden departure to the spirit land. Dr. D. was an active christian gentleman, being a member of the first Congregational Church of this place, and by his upright conduct and christian example, he proved a valuable member of that church. Only a few days before his death, he was taken with a severe pain in one of his legs, which continued until mortification set in, and at six o'clock, Saturday evening, he expired. He died as the christian dies, surrounded by his family and friends, who have the sympathy of our citizens in their bereavement. The funeral sermon was preached by Rev. W. C. Christopher, of Mendota, Ill. In Laurens, Dec. 9th, Harriet R., wife of Peter BARTON, aged 55 years and 6 months. She was a native of Troy, N. Y., and daughter of Henry WILSON; became a resident of Laurens, Otsego Co., in 1831 (1834?), where she lived until her death, respected and loved as the affectionate Wife and Mother and exemplary friend. Her illness (typhoid fever,) was of unusual severity and borne with submissive patience, in the hope of a blessed immortality.- [Com. In Milford, Otsego Co., N. Y., on the 11th inst., Rev. Levi J. LINCOLN, aged 26 years. The deceased was the recently elected Pastor of the Baptist church in that place, whom they had called to ordination just three weeks previous to his death. He was a young man of much promise, and was highly esteemed not only by the church, but by the whole community. Thus has one been removed in early life, who bid fair for great usefulness, and the church, for a second time within the brief space of a single year, deprived of its Pastor by death. Surely, "as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are God's ways higher than our ways, and His thoughts higher than our thoughts."- [Com. In East Maine, Broome Co., Dec. 1st, of diptheria, Effie, daughter of Mortimer and Sally LEADBETTER, aged 2 years, 5 months and 18 days. 12/24/1862 MARRIED In Oneonta, on the 21st inst., by Rev. J. Smith, Jr., Mr. Riley A. SESSIONS, to Miss Rosalthe HACKETT, both of Oneonta. In Otego, at the Susquehanna House, Dec. 18th, by Rev. M. C. Bronson, Mr. Milo S. DEAN, to Miss Aphelia SCRAMLING, both of Oneonta. 12/31/1862 MARRIED In this town, on the 24th inst., by Rev. G. Parsons, Mr. Taber S. RICHARDSON, of Laurens, to Miss Maria A. GOULD, of Oneonta. In Oneonta, on the 24th inst., at the bride's father's, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, M. Lester S. EMMONS, to Miss Roxy A. HURBUT. In Oneonta, Dec. 24th, by Rev. John SMITH, Mr. John Q. HAWKINS, of Princeton, Ill., to Miss Hattie ALGER, of Oneonta.
Paper Date - YEAR 1863
1/6/1863 MARRIED In this village, on the evening of Jan. 1st, 1863, at Watkins' Hotel, by Rev. G. Parsons, Mr. Benjamin SMITH, to Miss Lucretia J. DECKER, both of Laurens. DIED In Fon du Lack, Wis., on the 13th ult., of typhoid fever, Samuel JONES, formerly a resident of this town, aged 45 years. 1/14/1863 MARRIED In Oneonta, Jan. 6th, 1863, by Rev. J. Smith, Mr. Henry WILCOX, to Miss Adelaide SMITH, both of Oneonta. In this village, on the 13th inst., by Rev. Wm. Baldwin, of Worcester, H. STURGES, Esq., of Cooperstown, to Miss Elizabeth SNOW, daughter of Hon. W. W. Snow, of this village. DIED In this town, on the 30th ult., Catharine VAN ALESTINE, wife of George Van Alestine, aged 32 years. In Milford, Jan. 8th, Mr. Reuben WESTCOTT, aged 62 years, 10 months, 13 days. The deceased was a worthy and highly esteemed citizen, a devoted and active christian, and his loss will be deeply felt in the community where he lived. 1/21/1863 MARRIED In Oneonta, January 14th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Daniel E. GIFFORD, of Milford, to Miss L. M. NORTHRUP, of Oneonta. DIED On Monday, the 12th inst., Jane S. WORTHINGTON, wife of John Worthington, and daughter of the late Richard COOPER, Esq., in the 20th year of her age. In Freedom, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y., Charles I., son of William V. SMITH, late of Maryland, Otsego county, the day he was 15 years old Nov. 18, 1862. At Fly Creek, Otsego, on Tuesday, Jan. 6th, Marinda M., wife of Mr. Simeon PEARSALL, aged 32 years. On the 17th Dec., in the city of Chicago, Helen Shirley, infant daughter of Rev. L. H. and Emily J. BUGBEE, aged 11 months and 5 days. In the government Military Hospital at Aquia Creek, near Fredericksburg, of typhoid fever, Dec. 27th, Frank RUSSELL, son of the late Joseph Russell of Hartwick, Otsego county, aged 22 years, At Butternuts, Jan. 23d, 1863, Frances Hede(?), aged 3 years and 3 months. And on the 7th, Orson(?) Kepler, aged 20 months and 10 days, only daughter and oldest son of Oliver E. and Caroline I. TAYLOR. In Otego, on the 5th inst., of consumption, Mr. Squire BALDWIN, aged 53 years. In Camp Hospital, near White Oak Church, Va., Dec. 31st, of typhoid fever, Lorenzo W. HENRY(?) Also, Jan. 4th, at the same place, James H. ZOLLAR, both privates of Co. H., 121st Regiment, and residents of Richfield. 1/28/1863 DIED In Laurens, on the 23d inst., Christian MICKLE, aged about 70 years. 2/4/1863 MARRIED At the Otsdawa, Jan. 27th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Barker B.(?) SHELDON, to Miss Roseta LUTHER, both of Otego. 2/11/1863 MARRIED In Oneonta, Feb. 3rd, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Orris G. COOKE, of Otego, to Miss Wata BOWEN, of West Oneonta. At Burlington Green, on the 10th inst., by Rev. N. L. Saxton, L. J. W. VARY, of Rochester, to Miss Fannie E. HILTON, daughter of Hone H. T. Hilton, of Newburg, N. Y. No cards issued. 2/18/1863 DIED In Harpersfield, Jan. 26th, of diptheria, Henry, son of Erastus and Eliza M. GARDNER, of Laurens, aged 16 years 9 months and 14 days. "He sleeps in Jesus." 3/4/1863 MARRIED In Portlandville, Feb. 36th (26th?), at his residence, by Elder J. Cooke, Mr. George MURPHY, to Miss Huldah FRITTS, both of Davenport. DIED In West Le Roy, Calhoun Co., Mich., on the 18th ult., Mrs. Sarah SCRAMBLING, wife of Jacob Schrambling, aged 56 years and 6 months. In Laurens, Feb. 26th, Charlie C., son of Harlow and Camilla LYON, aged 2 year 3 months and 5 days. Thus in the brief space of a few months, has been removed, by death from the embrace of these parents, their second and last child. 3/11/1863 MARRIED At the M. E. Parsonage, in this village, on the 5th inst., by Rev. G. Parsons, Mr. Delos W. BURNSIDE, of Maryland, to Miss Sarah EVERY, of Milford. On the 4th inst., at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. Mr. Gillette, Mr. Malon HARDY, to Miss Annette GREEN, all of Milford. DIED In Saco, Me., 19th inst., Mrs. MOULTON, wife of Rev. O. T. Moulton. Bro. Moulton writes us:-"My house is left to me dissolute. My dear and devoted wife, the ever cheerful sharer of my joys and sorrows for more than eighteen years, has finished her life of pain and suffering. She ceased to breathe at five minutes before one o'clock, P. M., on the 19th inst. In her painful illness of over four months, grace has triumphed gloriously. Among her last intelligent words were, 'Christ is precious; there is rest for the weary; my Saviour will give me rest, for his promises are sure.' When past speaking, and apparently nearly unconscious, she was asked if Christ was still precious. She answered in the affirmative by the pressure of the hand and a sweet smile which still lingers upon her lifeless features. During her illness she often expressed her thankfulness that it was her lot to die among a people so unwearied in their efforts to alleviate her sufferings, and so full of sympathy and affection. I know that many dear friends in New York and Pennsylvania, in our old fields of labor, will rejoice to learn how peacefully she died, and, I trust, will not forget to pray for one whose deepest bereavement has overtaken him."-[Morning Star, Feb. 25th. At his residence in Oneonta, October 5th, Delos SHEPHERD, in the 41st year of his age. He had never made a public profession of faith, but from various evidences for a good number of years, we had thought him one of Zion's sons, and during his last illness, of three weeks, he was enabled, by grace, to declare what the Lord had done for him in the days of his youth, expressed unshaken "trust" in the Lord Jehovah, and said he had - No fear of death-no wish to stay, and made arrangements for his departure like one about to take a journey. We feel our loss keenly, but sorrow not as though we had not the blessed hope that our loss is his eternal gain. He has left behind aged parents, brothers and sisters, a lonely widow, and five children, to mourn. Sister Shepherd feels that though her earthly staff and stay is done, yet in heaven she had a better and an enduring substance. His funeral was attended on the 6th. An appropriate sermon was preached by Eld. St. John, from Hebrews ix 27, 28, to an attentive assembly. O, that the family may feel that this stroke is from the rod of their Heavenly Friend, and that he tempers the storm to the shorn lamb, and that a Father to the fatherless, and a Judge of the widow, is God in his habitation. (Poem included with notice.) From a Friend. 3/18/1863 DIED In this village, on Monday evening, on the 16th inst., Miss Fannie HILL, aged 25 years. The deceased was for a number of years connected with her sister, Mrs. Dr. Meigs CASE, in the Oneonta High School. In Portlandville, on the 15ht inst., Clarissa E. S. COOKE, wife of Elder John Cooke, aged 59 years 1 month and 1 day. In New Lisbon, on the 8th inst., of scarlet fever, Leroy COREY, aged 5 years. 3/25/1863 DIED In New Lisbon, March 8th, of scarlet fever, Jennie E., only daughter of Leroy and Jannett COREY, aged 5 years 8 months and 17 days. 4/15/1863 DIED In this town, on the 30th ult., Mrs. Eliza BURGIN, aged 59 years. In Laurens, April 8th, of diptheria, Ruth, daughter of Chauncy & Lucy B. COOKE, aged 2 years 9 months and 5 days. 4/22/1863 DIED At Teconsha, Calhoun county, Mich., April 8th, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. M. E. ACKER, Mrs. O. FOOTE, in the 73d year of her age. 4/29/1863 MARRIED In Oneonta, April 16th, by Rev. J. Smith, Mr. George HARRIS, of Gilbertsville, to Miss Frances HARRIS, of Oneonta. DIED In this village, April 21st, of scarlet fever, Chauncey HOUGHTAILING, only son of William and Catherine Houghtailing, aged 7 years 2 months and 8 days. 5/13/1863 MARRIED In this village, on the 7th inst., by Rev. G. Parsons, Mr. James L. ALLEN, of Butternuts, to Mrs. Ann L. NEWMAN, of this village. In Oneonta, April 28th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. James COUSE, of Otego, to Miss Emeline HODGE, of West Oneonta. 5/27/1863 DIED In this village, on the 15th inst., Sandford COUSE, aged 46 years. 6/3/1863 DIED In this village, May 25th, Henry M. SCOFIELD, aged 68 years 2 months and 12 days. In Franklin, May 29th, Mrs. Laura JUDD, wife of Justus Judd, aged 58 years 1 month and 29 days. 6/17/1863 DIED In this village, on the 4th inst., Hellen M. FORD, daughter of E. R. Ford, Esq., aged 29 years 7 months and 19 days. In this town, on the 16th inst., Miss Deborah MORRELL, aged 55 years. In this village, on the 5th, of scarlet fever, Sarah E., only child of Thompson K. and Lovisa MOSHER, aged 5 years 8 months and 22 days. (Poem included with notice.) 7/31/1863 MARRIED In Oneonta, on 23d of June, by Eld. J. Smith, Mr. Isaac QUACKENBUSH, to Miss Eunice PARISH, both of Oneonta. At West Davenport, June 23d, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Philander SMITH, of Davenport, to Miss Elvenah A. HOAK, of Springfield. Also, by the same, in Oneonta, June 25th, Mr. Nelson SIMMONS, to Mrs. Addaline BERDICK, both of West Davenport. 7/8/1863 DIED In this village, at Ballard's Hotel, on the 5th inst., Dr. B. DARROW, aged 49 years. 7/29/1863 DIED In West Oneonta, on the morning of the 13th inst., Wm. GORHAM, in the 85th year of his age. 8/12/1863 DIED At his residence in this town, on the morning of Wednesday, Aug. 5th, Ira EMMONS, Esq., aged 81 years and 4 months. "The righteous hath hope in his death." P. 8/19/1863 DIED In this village, August 14th, Mrs. Ann BENNETT, wife of Nathan Bennett, aged 84 years and 11 months. In this town, of Cholera infantum, on the 5th inst., Bennett D., aged 4 years 10 months and 22 days, and on the 12th inst., Ada(?) Ruth, aged 6 years and 8 months, children of W. D. and R. BROWN. In West Laurens, of scarlet fever and Diptheria, Aug. 8th, Libbie Luella, youngest daughter of Geo. H. and Clarissa ROBINSON, aged 3 years 7 months and 19 days. 9/2/1863 MARRIED Aug. 25th, at residence of bride, by Rev. P. N. Hurd, Mr. Chas. A. HINE, of Saratoga Springs, to Miss Lizzie A. DOWNS, of Downsville. (Poem included with notice.) The above parties will please accept the printer's thanks for the box of fixings accompanying the note. DIED In Sidney, May 18th, Robby M., son of H. G. and Julia C. WILKINS. His death was caused by eating birch bark, which produced inflammation of the stomach and brain. Their only son left is 4 years of age, he having been blind from his infancy. 9/9/1863 MARRIED In Columbus, August 20th, by Rev. T. A. Jackson, Mr. James B. SPENCER, to Miss Addie E. HAWKINS, both of South Edmeston. DIED In Oneonta, Sept. 3d, after a short illness, Charles, only son of Wm. And C. PATTERSON, aged 2 years 3 months and 20 days. Suddenly of paralysis, on Sunday, the 23d of August, at his residence, in Westfield, Tioga Co., Pa., Thomas BAKER, aged 75 years 2 months and 17 days. Previous to 1850 he resided for several years in this village. 9/16/1863 DIED In Oneonta, Sept. 7th, Harriet, daughter of L. A. and R. A. BISSELL, aged 2 years 4 months and 15 days. (Poem included with notice.) 9/23/1863 DIED At West Oneonta, Aug. 31st, of scarlet fever, Minnie, daughter of Freeman and Marilla CULVER, aged 1 year 6 months and 23 days. 10/7/1863 MARRIED In Davenport, at the bride's father's, Sept 29th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. George BERDICK, to Miss Josephine ROSE, both of Davenport, Del. Co. DIED In North Franklin, on 20th Sept., Reynolds LAWTON, in the 88th year of his age. 10/14/1863 MARRIED In Otego, Sept. 6th, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. M. C. Bronson, Mr. Edgar A. STARR, to Miss Sarah J. HORTON, all of Otego. At the residence of the bride's father in Norwich, on the 23d of Sept., by Rev. Samuel Scoville, S. R. FOLLETT, Esq., of Otego, to Louisa Frances, daughter of Walter M. CONKEY, Esq. No cards. In Cooperstown, Oct. 1st, by Rev. R. Townsend, Mr. Stephen R. BENTLEY, of Westford, to Miss Mary C. BENTLEY, of the same place. At Middlefield Center, Oct. 1st, by Rev. A. Welton, Mr. John S. MUNN, of Whitesboro, to Miss Harriet A. MANKTELOW. DIED In Edmeston, Aug. 29th, of diptheria, Isaac H., youngest son of N. C. NORTHRUP, Esq., aged 16 years 9 months and 14 days. In Hartwick village, Sept 28th, at the residence of his son-in-law Charles ROBINSON, Capt. Joseph KELLOGG, aged 86 years. In New Lisbon, Oct. 1st, Tuttle, son of Erastus EDGERTON, aged 10 years, 2 months and 9 days. 10/21/1863 MARRIED At the Presbyterian Church, of this village, Oct. 18th, by Rev. G. O. Phelps, John M. FERRELL, to Miss Currence C. HAWKINS, all of Oneonta. 10/28/1863 MARRIED In Laurens, Oct. 14th, by Milton Gurney, Esq., Mr. Lewis J. WHIPPLE, of Springfield, to Miss Martha STANTON, of the former place. 11/11/1863 DIED In Laurens, Nov. 1st, Eren Vine, only son of Rev. F. Vine WALES, aged 8 years 2 months and 26 days. (Poem included with notice.) 11/18/1863 MARRIED In Davenport, Nov. 5th, by Rev. E. C Hodge, Mr. A. Raymond GIBSON, Esq., to Miss M. Josaphene MOORE, both of Davenport. 11/25/1863 MARRIED In Oneonta, Nov. 11th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Wesley N. ROE, of Davenport, to Miss Sarah Jane ROE, of Kortright. Also, at the same place and time, Mr. Joshua Roe, to Miss Mary L. DIBBLE, both of Davenport. 12/16/1863 MARRIED In this village, on the morning of Dec. 14th, by Rev. G. O. Phelps, Mr. Elmond L. GOODWIN, of New York, to Miss Mary W. MILLER, of Oneonta. Dec. 7th, by Rev. J. Smith, Mr. Michael B. SMITH, to Miss L. M. COWLEY, both of Davenport. DIED In this village, on the 10th inst., Ellanor, youngest child of Andrew and Ann M. BRESEE, aged 2 years 1 month and 17 days. 12/23/1863 MARRIED In New Lisbon, Dec. 15th, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. R. L. Warriner, Mr. Emmons W. BRIDGES, of Laurens, to Miss Fannie M. HUDSON, of New Lisbon DIED In this village, on the 18th inst., Charles P., only son of Andrew and Ann M. BRESEE, aged 8 years, 10 months and 14 days. In this village, on the 18th inst., Richard T., only child of George and Emma HUFFORD, aged 1/2 year, 11 months and 15 days. In this village, on the morning of the 9th inst., Charles E., son of Mrs. Mariah VAN ALSTINE aged 3 years and 8 months. In Laurens, Dec. 13th, Mrs. Ruth COOKE, aged 78 years. In Oneonta, Dec. 19th, Lory GRIFFITH, aged 60 years 6 months and 17 days. In Cincinnati, Ohio, on the 6th inst., of consumption, Flora F. WHITESIDE, wife of Moses WARREN of New London, Connecticut, and daughter of the late John WHITESIDE, M. D., of Milford, Otsego county, N. Y., aged 36 years. 12/31/1863 MARRIED In this village, on Christmas Eve by Rev. G. O. Phelps, Edgar A. BRIGHTMAN, to Miss Anna S. SCANTLING, all of Oneonta. In Milford, on the 27th of December, by Rev. G. Parsons, Mr. Orrin D. GIFFORD, of Oneonta, to Miss Mary E. MUMFORD, of Milford. DIED In Laurens, Jan. 26th, of Diptheria, Henry M., aged 16 years 9 months and 14 days. Also Sept. 13th, of the same, Daniel, aged 8 years and 5 months. Also Sept. 26th, Chauncey, aged 11 years and one month. Also Oct. 22d, Cordelia, aged 15 years and 4 months, children of Erastus and Eliza M. GARDNER. In Laurens, Nov. 16th, 1863, after an illness of four weeks, of bilious fever, Lorinda, youngest daughter of Milow and Nancy BEEMAN, aged 26 years and 7 months. In this Death the aged parents are bereaved of the only child remaining at the parental home. She was in lifetime of a mild disposition and of a peaceable nature in all of her ways, and was often found to be in deep meditation, often heard to say I feel that somebody is dead; though this was a singular expression, yet it did often come to pass according as she affirmed it. In her last expiring moments she past away with a smile upon her countenance, that even the rigid hand of death could not remove. We trust that now her happy spirit rests in peace in the heavenly abode whilst her mortal body rests in the silent grave beneath the silent tomb there to await the morning of the resurrection of the dead. (Poem included with notice.)