Death & Marriage Notices
Oneonta Herald
Starting January 4, 1864
Compiled and Contributed by
Sandy Goodspeed

Some issues are missing.    (Inst. Means same month, ult.  means 
preceeding month)

Paper Date - YEAR 1864
1/6/1864 DIED In this village, on the morning of the 19th ult., Charley E., youngest son of William and Mariah VAN ALESTINE, aged 3 years, 7 months and 21 days. (Poem included with notice.) 1/20/1864 MARRIED In Oneonta, Jan. 11th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Seymour BRONSON, of Franklin, to Miss Hattie ROSE, of Milford. On the 16th inst., by D. J. Yager, Esq., Mr. David C. PARISH, to Miss Catherine C. WOLF, both of Davenport. 1/27/1864 MARRIED At Richfield, on the 19th inst., by Rev. I. P. Way, Mr. Allen SCRAMBLING, of Oneonta, to Miss Emma A. FORD, daughter of Isaac S. Ford, of Richfield. In Oneonta, Jan. 11th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Francis B. SILLIMAN, of Milford, to Miss Jane MORENUS, of this village. 2/3/1864 MARRIED In Oneonta, Jan. 22d, by Rev. G. O. Phelps, Mr. John C. TRAVER, of Washington, Dutchess county, to Miss Lizzie A. MILLER, of Oneonta. In Oneonta, Jan. 24th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. James CLEARY, of Binghamton, to Miss Elizabeth HILSINGER, of Milford. DIED At Oneonta, Jan. 28th, Delbert, s/o Stephen & Nancy A. WILLIAMS, aged 1 year and 6 months. 2/10/1864 MARRIED In Oneonta, February 2d, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. J. Smith, Mr. Charles W. MALLERY, of Norwich, to Miss Alice P. WHITMAN, of the former place. [Mr. and Mrs. Mallery will please accept the thanks of the Editor and his family, for the token of friendship accompanying the above notice. It was not bad to take.] In Utica, Dec. 2d, by Rev. T. D. Cook, Mr. John S. COLBURN, of Sackett's Harbor, to Miss Fidelia MANCHESTER, of South Edmeston. Also by the same, Dec. 25th, Mr. John DOOLITTLE, of Edmeston Center, to Miss Lina MANCHESTER, of South Edmeston. DIED In this village, on the 2d inst., Mrs. Imogene HOPKINS, wife of E. W. Hopkins, and daughter of E. R. FORD, Esq., aged 23 years and 6 months. In this village, on 1st inst., Freddie, son of Levi T. and L. COATS, aged 5 years, 9 months and 15 days. In Oneonta, Jan. 31st., Mrs. Nancy BEAMS, wife of William Beams, aged 27 years. In Columbus, Chenango county, Mrs. Julia A., wife of Isaac N. HOLT, aged 56 years. 2/17/1864 MARRIED In Maryland, on the 11th inst., by Elder J. Cooke, Mr. Denison R. BARNES, to Miss Lucy Jane GURNEY, both of Maryland. At Otego, Jan. 27th, by Rev. M. C. Bronson, Mr. Stephen D. NORTHRUP, to Miss Lucinda A. GATES (Bates?), all of Otego. At Otego, Jan. 25th, by Rev. M. C. Bronson, Mr. Daniel W. NILES, of Butternuts, to Miss Hannah Malvina HOLLIDAY, of Otego At Laurens, on the 7th inst., by Rev. E. V. Wales, Mr. John STRAIGHT, to Mrs. Nancy WOOLHOUSE, all of Laurens. In Meredith, Feb. 5th, by Rev. E. T. Jacobs, Mr. Wm. C. BROWNSON, member of the 5th N. Y. Artillery, to Miss Huldah TOMPKINS. DIED In Oneonta, on the 6th inst., Mr. Peter D. SMITH, after a brief illness, aged 36 years, 5 months and 15 days. In Oneonta, on the 10th inst., Mrs. Lydia, wife of James YOUNGS, aged 72 years and 7 months. In Oneonta, on the 11th inst., Frederick W., son of F. and C. CRISPELL, aged 8 years, 1 month and 25 days. In Canajoharie, Montgomery county, Feb. 2d, of typhoid fever, Mr. Norman GEUYE, aged 34 years. In Gilbertsville, Jan. 19th, Jane, wife of Nelson GREENE, aged 52 years, 11 months, and 15 days. In Croton, Feb. 9th, of diptheria, Ella, daughter of Uriah and Margaret VALENTINE, aged 9 years. In Croton, Dec. 22d, Robert TREADWELL, aged 34 (31?) years. 2/24/1864 MARRIED In Hartwick, on the 10th inst., by Rev. H. H. Fisher, Mr. James H. MEACHEM, of Burlington, to Miss Angelina REED, of New Lisbon. In Meredith, Feb. 8th, by Rev. G. R. Entler, Mr. Hiram E. BOTLER, to Miss Josephine KNOWLES, of Meredith. At Franklin, Feb. 10th, by Rev. T. S. Potwin, Mr. Joseph H. KNEELAND, to Miss Josephine M. SHAW, of Boston, Mass. DIED In Exeter Centre, on Sunday, the 14th inst., after six days of illness, of disease of the brain, Mrs. Evelena HALE, wife of William P. JONES, aged 51 years. In Bainbridge, Feb. 1st, Mr. Marshall NEWTON, aged 69 years. In New Lisbon, Jan. 3d, of scarlet fever and congestion of the brain, Eddie, youngest son of Garret P. and Samantha H. PUTNAM, aged 2 years, 7 months and 18 In Decatur, Feb. 13th, Mrs. Agnes SCOTT, wife of Dr. Charles GIBSON, formerly of Andea (Andes?), Del. Co. In Davenport Center, Jan. 12th, of diptheria, William B. DENEND, aged 15 years. 3/2/1864 MARRIED At Morris, the 24th ult., by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Garrison A. Hodge, of Oneonta, to Miss Adell WING, of Morris. [May all the happiness and prosperity this world affords, attend the above couple, for handsomely remembering the Printer.] In Laurens, Feb. 28th, by Milton Gurney Esq., Mr. Richard M. STENSON, of Butternuts, to Mrs. Charlotte S. KIDDER, of Morris. Also, at the same time and place, by the same, Mr. Abram HOUGHTAILING, of Morris, to Miss W. Isabella HOPKINS, of West Laurens. In Oneonta, Feb. 29th, by Rev. John Smith, Mr. Frederick FEAKEN, of Rochester, to Miss E. C. HAWLEY, of Franklin. In Cooperstown, on the 14th ult., by Rev. R. Townsend, Mr. Andrew SALISBURY, Jr., to Miss Phebe BLISS, both of Hartwick. DIED In West Davenport, on the 19th ult., Mr. Nathaniel HOLMES, aged 80 years. On the 11th ult., in the town of Wilson, Winona Co., Sanford BABCOCK, formerly of Oneonta, who was one of the first settlers in Southern Minnesota, aged 66 yeas. In Worcester, Feb. 2d, I. P. RUSS, hotel-keeper for 40 years, in the 71st year of his age. In Maryland, Feb. 12th, Ida Emogene KELLOGG, daughter of Nelson H. and Mary E. Kellogg, aged 2 years and 29 days. In Westford, Feb. 11th, in an epileptic fit, James CUMMINGS, in the 76th year of his age. In Pittsfield, Feb. 10th, Mr. Wm. JACKSON, aged 45 years. He leaves a wife and six children to mourn his loss. In Hartwick, Feb. 21st., Mrs. Julia DRETE, wife of Mr. Wm. F. SHEPHERD, in her 21st year. On Wednesday morning, Feb. 8th, at Mamilton (Hamilton?), Madison Co., N. Y., Adaline F. STEERE, wife of Edward W. FOOTE, in the 37th year of her age. 3/9/1864 DIED In this village, on the 3d inst., Emma E., daughter of Joseph S. and Mary Jane MASSETT, aged 1 year and 3 months. "She is not lost but gone before." At South Worcester, on the 2d inst., Abraham BECKER, Jr., youngest child of A. Becker, Esq., in the 5th year of his age. The disease was scarlet fever. In Junuis, Seneca Co., Feb. 9th, of congestion of liver, Alonzo BRIDGES, aged 69, formerly of Milford, Otsego Co. 3/16/1864 DIED At Westville, on the morning of March 7th, in triumph of christian faith, Harriet E. MARVIN, wife of Rev. Lyman E. Marvin, and daughter of Rev. G. PARSONS, in the 26th year of her age. "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his Saints." 3/23/1864 DIED On the 14th inst., at Chilton, Calumet Co., Wis., Stafford POTTER, in the 70th year of his age. The above was, for many years, a resident of this town; and was widely known as a faithful, upright man, and skillful mechanic. His genial manners and eminent social qualities, secured him the esteem of a large circle of friends; by whom, his memory is still cherished, and whose sympathies will be kindly extended to his family in their bereavement. In Norwich, March 10th, Mr. Martin SNYDER, of West Davenport, in the 31st year of his age. He enlisted under the last call, in the 144th Regiment, received a short furlough, returned home, stayed the time allotted him, then took the last long farewell look of his wife and child, with a mind strongly impressed that he should see them no more on earth. In one week he was brought back to his family a corpse. He died of the measles. In this village, March 12th, Alice N., eldest daughter of Mrs. Sarah BORNT, aged 5 years 6 months and 5 days. (Poem included with notice.) 3/30/1864 MARRIED In Oneonta, March 23d, by Rev. P. Schramling, Mr. Robert LIVINGSTON, of Oneonta, to Miss Adella SCRAMLING, of Otego. In Lansingburgh, on the 15th inst., at the residence of J. F. FONDA, Esq., by Rev. Dr. Baldwin, D. D., Mr. Peter BARTON, of Laurens, N. Y., to Miss Abby N. WILSON, of Troy, N.Y. At Morris, at the residence of Mr. Milo BALDWIN, March 15th, by Rev. E. A. Daniels, Mr. Joseph MOTT, of Villanova, Chautauqua Co., N.Y., to Miss Sarah Jane CROSS, of Morris. At Crookerville, Sidney, March 20th, by Rev. S. S. Goodman, Mr. Joseph A. CLARD, of Masonville, to Mrs. Catharine MOTT, of Sidney. At Unadilla, March 22d, by Rev. S. S. Goodman, Mr. Daniel H. SMITH, of Franklin, to Miss Maria E. JOHNSON, of Unadilla. DIED In Bloomville, January 18th, Carrie BELL, youngest child of Ransom and Rebecca BREWER, aged 9 years and 9 months. The disease was scarlet fever. (Poem included with notice.) 4/6/1864 DIED In Laurens, March 27th, Keziah, wife of Abijah SPAULDING, aged 56 years, 1 month and 11 days. 4/16/1864 MARRIED In Oneonta, April 6th, by Rev. J. Smith, Mr. W. D. FRENCH, of Otego, to Miss Lucy Ann NORTHRUP, of Oneonta. In Oneonta, at Ballard's Hotel, April 5th, by Rev. G. O. Phelps, Mr. John S. CRIPPEN, of Worcester, to Miss Sarah A. MILKS, of Westford. DIED In Davenport, on the 2d inst., Mrs. L. BROWN, wife of Cornelius Brown, aged 59 years. At Preston, Chenango Co., March 13th, of scarlet fever, Albert Henry, son of Rev. H. and M. A. GARLICK, aged 1 year and 5 months. In Aurora, Ill., Feb. 26th, Grace BUGBEE, infant daughter of Rev. L. H. & Emily Bugbee, aged 1 month and 4 days. (Poem included with notice.) On board U. S. Transport Helen Getty, near Folly Island, S. C., March 17th, Henry M. FOLLETT, a member of the 89th N. Y. S. V., in the 23d year of his age. (Poem included with notice.) 4/20/1864 MARRIED In Oneonta, on the evening of the 11th inst., by Rev. Geo. O. Phelps, Mr. Smith P. HOPSON, of New Berlin, to Miss Nancy STRAIT, of Oneonta. In this village, March 12th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. T. MILLER, to Miss Lucy BURDICK, both of Davenport. 4/27/1864 MARRIED In Laurens, April 19th, at the house of the bride's father, by Rev. J. Smith, Mr. Emory QUACKENBUSH, of Oneonta, to Miss J. Amelia BABCOCK, of the former place. At the Oneonta House, in this village, April 17th, by Rev. P. G. Hughston, Mr. Wellington BROWN, to Miss Mary VAN BUREN, both of Laurens. At Milford, April 18th, at the residence of David WILBER, by Rev. W. Watson, Mr. Wm. E. CROUCH, of Bristol, Ontario county, N.Y., to Miss Amy J. DOOLITTLE, of Milford, Otsego county, N.Y. DIED In Laurens, March 16th, Amy, wife of Benjamin STANTON, aged 52 years. In Westford, March 30th, Mrs. Phebe T., w/o of Daniel BIDLAKE, in the 53d year of her age. In Schenevus, March 30th, of consumption, Wm. R. BRONK, in the 45th year of his age. In Garrattsville, April 10th, Mrs. Synthia Dorr CHAPIIN, aged 57 years 7 months and 23 days, wife of Lemuel H. Chapin, deceased. In New Lisbon, April 1st, of Scarlet fever, Clarence Lee, only child of James and Minerva DUROE, aged 1 year 5 months and 20 days. In Burlington, March 31st, of inflammation of the lungs, Clarence M., oldest son of Mary and Ruel E. PRATT, aged 8 years 2 months and 8 days. In Franklin, Del. Co., N.Y., April 12th, at her son-in-law, M. L. BARNES, Polly BEADLE(?), in the 67th year of her age. 5/4/1864 DIED At his residence, near this village, on the 21st of April, Mr. Bartholomew McGUIRE, aged 82 years. In Columbus, Chenango Co., March 13th, Nathaniel SHAWLER, aged 94 years. In Edmeston, April 20th, Miss Caroline EDMONDS, aged 18 years. 5/11/1864 DIED In Oneonta, April 29th, Carl L., eldest son of Deloss W. and Martha B. GREEN, aged 3 years, 3 months and 2 days. 5/25/1864 MARRIED In Maryland, May 19th, by Rev. John Smith, Rev. John COOKE, of Portlandville, to Mrs. Mary J. GURNEY, of the former place. In Oneonta, April 30th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Washington OLDS, to Miss Julia E. CHAMBERLIN, both of Maryland. DIED On the 9th inst., Achsa PARISH, wife of Andrew Parish, of this town, in the 82d year of her age. Lines addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Erastus GARDNER on the death of their child. (Just poem listed, no names.) 6/1/1864 DIED At West Oneonta, on the 23d of May, Jacob STRAIT, son of Alvinza Strait, aged 24 years, 7 months and 15 days. 6/15/1864 MARRIED In Oneonta, June 8th, by Rev. J. Smith, Mr. Jonathan FINCH(?), to Miss Lois J. FOOTE, both of North Franklin. DIED In Oneonta, June 8th, Mr. Rice (Rick?) COOKE, aged 73 years and 8 months. In North Franklin, June 2d, Mrs. Polly DONNELL, aged 76 years. 6/22/1864 DIED At his residence in Davenport, on the morning of the 5th inst., of disease of the heart, John W. MICHAEL, aged 57 years. "Who shall separate us from the love of Christ!" In Oneonta, on the 18th inst., Eugene, son of J. D. & H. EVANS, aged 8 years and 1 month. 6/26/1864 MARRIED At house of bride's father, in this village, on the 22d inst., by Rev. D. L. Pendell, Mr. W. D. HULL, of Windham Centre, Greene Co., to Miss Mary A. SHOVE, of Oneonta. DIED In the Carver Hospital, at Washington, D. C., on the 19th inst., of Consumption, George BELCHER, aged 18 years, a soldier of Co. G. 4th N. Y. Heavy Artillery, formerly of Laurens, Otsego Co., N.Y. 7/6/1864 MARRIED July 3rd, at the bride's father's, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Ira GEORGIA, to Miss J. OSTERHOUDT, both of Davenport, N.Y. DIED May 5th, from a sun-stroke, while marching, Augustus STEERE, Jr., only son of Augustus Steere, of Laurens, N.Y. He was a member of Co. H., 152d Reg't. N. Y. S. V. A young man of steady habits, a patriot and a christian. A disloyal sentiment was never known to be uttered from his lips. True to his country and God, he rests free from the turmoils of life. (Poem included with notice.) Laurens, June 28th, 1864. 7/13/1864 DIED At the Rest Hospital, Alexandria, Va., of diptheria, Daniel G. SMITH, of Laurens, N.Y., member of Co. E, 2d N. Y. Heavy Artillery, aged 17 years. In this village, on the 11th(?) inst., Clarence, youngest child of Silas and C. J.(?) SULLIVAN, aged 4 years and 2 months. "Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven." 8/3/1864 DIED In New York City, on Friday morning, July 22d, Jacob R. HUDSON, in the 35th year of his age. In Oneonta, July 14th, of diptheria, John S. WICKHAM, son of Henry Wickham, aged 14 years and 6 months. July 15th, of diptheria, Carrie M. WICKHAM, daughter of Henry Wickham, aged 4 years and 3 months. 8/24/1864 MARRIED In this village, on the 17th inst., by Rev. G. O. Phelps, Mr. T. J. RIGGS (BIGGS?), of Meredith, to Miss Elizabeth GIFFORD, of Oneonta. 8/31/1864 DIED In Oneonta, July 2d, Sally G. ALGER, wife of Stoughton Alger, deceased, aged 78 years and 5 months. She has always lived in Otsego county and in the town of Oneonta, with the exception of six years.- She loved and worshipped God, and has been a member of the Baptist church from its commencement at Oneonta Plains. Honesty and truth were the characteristics of her loving and eventful life.- She was a devoted christian and no sectarian bigot. She rejoiced at the prosperity of Christianity in every church, believed with her whole heart that every advance they made in the religion of Jesus, was bringing us all nearer that glorious time when the Father's will shall be done in earth as it was done in heaven, and God shall be all in all. Her death, like that of the perfect man, was peace. Her funeral was attended at the Methodist church where a large audience of different faiths assembled to pay her the last tribute of respect, and mingle their tears of sorrow. 9/21/1864 MARRIED In Oneonta, Sept. 14th, at the Methodist parsonage, by Rev. P. T. Hughson, Mr. Frederick HALLETT, to Mrs. Lucy SMITH, both of Oneonta. DIED In this village, on the 19th inst., Mrs. Polly LINDSAY, wife of late Doctor Lindsay, aged 84 years and 6 months. 10/19/1864 MARRIED In Oneonta, Oct. 4th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Moses HILL, of Meredith, to Miss Jane A. BURDICK, of Davenport. DIED In Otego, Oct. 9th, Mrs. Zilla COUSE, wife of Mr. Wm. H. Couse, and daughter of Mr. Herman D. and Jerusha HURLBERT, of Otego. 10/26/1864 MARRIED In this village, Oct. 13th, by Rev. G. O. Phelps, Mr. Geo. NEWKIRK, of Cooperstown, to Miss A. M. AYRES, of Oneonta. At Oneonta, Oct. 23d, by D. J. Yager, Esq., Wm. J. LIVINGSTON, to Miss Sally M. HYATT, both of Otego. Also, at Oneonta, on the 22d of Sept., by the same, Fenton HOWARD, to Miss Francelia QUACKENBUSH, both of Franklin. DIED In Laurens, Oct. 23d, very suddenly, Mr. Samuel ALLEN, aged 55years and 5 months. In this town, Oct. 19th, Anna, wife of Samuel SQUIRES, aged 80 years. 11/2/1864 DIED In this village, on the 31st of October, Mr. Nathan BENNETT, aged 90 years. 11/9/1864 DIED In Laurens, Nov. 1st, Alice, only child of Marietta and Harvey GREGORY, of diptheria, aged 9 years. 11/23/1864 MARRIED In Laurens, Nov. 16th, by Rev. J. Smith, Mr. Wm. F. PECK, of New York, to Miss Emmer DeEtte KENYON, of the former place. At the residence of the bride's father, on the morning of the 16th inst., by Rev. S. S. Goodman, Mr. W. R. WHITNEY, to Miss M. Louisa TELLER, all of Unadilla. 11/30/1864 MARRIED In Christ Church, Cooperstown, Nov. 5th, by Rev. S. H. Synnot, Mr. T. H. BINGHAM, to Miss M. A. EASTON, all of Cooperstown. At N. & S. M. Ballard's Hotel, Oneonta, Nov 16th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. George B. SHEAR, to Miss Elizabeth CROSS, both of Maryland. DIED In Hornellsville, at 1:30 o'clock, on Thursday, the 2d inst., of typhoid fever, George S. DURFY, son of John and Abagail Durfy, of Exeter, N.Y., and youngest brother of E. G. Durfy, Esq., of Hornellsville, in the 21st year of his age. His remains were removed to Exeter, Otsego County, the place of his nativity, for interment. At Middlefield Centre, Nov. 8th, Bildings BURLINGHAM, in the 82d year of his age. 12/7/1864 DIED In Oneonta, on the 12th ult., Lory BAKER, aged 72 years. In E. Guilford, on the 16th ult., Berty L., youngest child of F. G. and M. F. WHITCOMB, aged 10 months and 1 day. (Poem included with notice.) 12/14/1864 MARRIED In Burlington Green, on Monday, Nov. 28th, by Rev. R. G. Wallace, Mr. Alonza TAYLOR, of Fly Creek, to Miss Clarinda J. HUBBARD, of Hartwick. In New Lisbon, Dec. 3d, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. A. E. Daniels, Mr. Irving D. HULL, to Miss Adda L. COLE both of New Lisbon. On the 7th inst., by Rev. H. A. Smith, of West Winfield, Dr. P. S. SMITH, to Miss Lydia R. FORD, daughter of Isaac S. Ford, of Richfield. DIED In South Valley, Nov. 24th, James ANTIS, in the 28th year of his age. 12/21/1864 DIED In this town, on the 13th ult., after a brief illness, Rosaltha A., wife of Riley A. SESSIONS and daughter of William and Lodica HACKETT, aged 23 years and 10 months.. In Davenport, Dec. 4th, Samuel BIXBY, aged 84 years. In Nanticoke, Oct. 12th, of consumption, Calvin R. BRIGGS, aged 39 years and 6 months. He enlisted in Co. E, 50th Reg't. N. Y. V. Engineers, in 1864, had poor health most of the time; but, by the blessing of God, was permitted to return home to die. One week before his death we were sent for at 2 o'clock A. M., and hastened to his bedside to witness his death, but it proved rather one of those scenes that so seldom occur on earth, and such an one as I never witnessed before. He appeared perfectly calm and happy,-addressed each one, and urged them to be prepared to meet him in Heaven, and soon began to sing. "Jesus, my all to heaven is gone"- And again, "What's this that steals, that steals upon my frame? Is it death? Is it death?" After prayer he lay quiet until morning. He survived one week, and literally fell asleep in Jesus.- The end of brother Briggs was peace. He was a member of the West Nanticoke Baptist Church. 12/28/1864 DIED In this town, on the morning of the 26th inst., Elizabeth SWART, wife of P. W. Swart, aged 58 years. In Laurens, on the 19th inst., John RICHARDSON, aged 82 years.
Paper Date - YEAR 1865
1/4/1865 MARRIED In Oneonta, Dec. 29th, at the Methodist Parsonage, by Rev. P. T. Hughston, Mr. Lester SWIFT, of Maryland, to Miss Marcella SERGENTS, of Milford. In this village, on Sunday evening, 1st inst., by Rev. Mr. Crowell, Mr. A. WINNIE, of East Worcester, to Miss Mary E. KLINE, of West Worcester. In Guilford, Dec. 28th, by Rev. Luman B. Yale, Mr. John J. BURTON, to Miss Helen A. DAVIS, both of Guilford, Chenango Co., N.Y. DIED In this village, on the morning of Friday, Dec. 30th, at the residence of her son-in-law, Sarel HUDSON, Mrs. Anna CLARK, aged 68 years and 10 months. 1/11/1865 MARRIED In Worcester, on the 26th ult., by Rev. E. POWERS, Mr. Marvin BUTLER, to Miss Mary E. DEMELT, both of Westford. In Westford, on the 28th ult., by Rev. J. W. Mevis, Mr. Gilbert(?) HOXT(?), to Miss Angelina ELMER, both of Decatur. In Worcester, Jan. 1st, by Rev. Wm. Baldwin, Mr. Charles COOLEY, to Miss Mary QUEAL, both of Worcester. At the Hotel, in Worcester, on the 26th ult., by Rev. E. Powers, Mr. William MORE, to Miss Huldah MICKLE, both of Oneonta. In Cooperstown, Jan. 2d, by Rev. John Pilkinton, Mr. Charles HOKAN, to Miss Mary J. MERCER, all of Hartwick. At Otego, Jan. 1st, by Rev. M. C. Bronson, Mr. Silas DeVOL, of Springfield, to Miss Harriet E. BLANCHARD, of Unadilla. DIED In Unadilla, Dec. 10, 1864, Mrs. Mary WARRINGER, aged 96 years and 4 months. 1/18/1865 MARRIED In Oneonta, Jan. 3d, at the residence of the bride's fathers, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. C. P. ROSE, of Fly Creek, to Miss Julia E. BABCOCK, of Oneonta. Jan. 10th, by Rev. J. Smith, Mr. Charles T. SLAWSON, to Miss Phebe E. McMINN, both of North Franklin. DIED In this village, on Sunday morning, the 15th inst., at the residence of her son-in-law, L. L. BUNDY, Mrs. Electy LUTHER, wife of the late Moses Luther, Esq., of Milford, aged 71 years. In the town of Laurens, on the 14th inst., James Adelbert BABCOCK, son of David and Hannah Babcock, aged 18 years 3 months and 12 days. He died rejoicing in the Saviour, to meet those who had gone before him. 1/25/1865 MARRIED In Oneonta, Jan. 17th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Irwin(?) FRITTS, to Miss Carrieline S. HODGE, both of Oneonta. [The parties will please accept our thanks for the note accompanying the above notice.] In Bainbridge, Dec. 28th, by Rev. A. N. Benedict, Chas. H. JOHNSON, Pastor elect of the Baptist Church in Westmoreland, to Miss Olive A. SCOTT, of Bainbridge. By the same at the Parsonage, on the 1st inst., Mr. P. M. LEWIS, to Miss Lucy R. CURTISS, both of Unadilla. In Butternuts, on the 9th inst., by Rev. Wm. H. Birdsall, Mr. Wm. O. BIRDSALL, to Miss Zerviah BARNES(?), both of Butternuts. Jan. 12th(?), by Rev. W. R. Lynch, Mr. Egbert D. MYERS, to Miss Clotilda A. FARRER, both of Laurens, N. Y. On Friday, Jan. 13th, at the residence of the bride's parents, by Rev. B.(?) C. Wallace, Mr. Jerome AMES(?), of Richfield, to Miss Margaret YOUNG, of New Lisbon. In Davenport, on the 28th ult., by Rev. D. Greene, Mr. S.(?) K. GREENE, of Windsor, N. Y., to Miss Sarah, daughter of R. W. BRANT, Esq. DIED In Otego, very suddenly, of apoplexy, Dec. 17th, Mrs. Susannah CUNNINGHAM, wife of Salmno Cunningham, Esq., aged 65 years. In Hartwick Seminary, on the 7th inst., Elethea, wife of the late Geo. H. DERBYSHIRE, in the 74th year of her age. At Milford, Sept. 8th, Mrs. Delia G. BANARD, wife of Deacon Moses Barnard, in the 55th year of her age. 2/8/1865 MARRIED In Oneonta, Jan. 30th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Willis HOUGHTALING, to Miss Mary Jane YOUNG, both of Davenport. 2/15/1865 MARRIED In Oneonta, Feb. 12th, by Rev. Geo. C. Phelps, Mr. Charles A. BRIGHTMAN, of Laurens, to Miss Emeline C. BOLES, of Oneonta. 2/22/1865 MARRIED In West Oneonta, Feb. 13th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. B. MADISON, to Miss Ellen BAKER, both of Oneonta. At the M. E. Parsonage in Otego, Feb. 15th, by Rev. A. Griffin, Mr. Eugene EDSON, of Milford, to Miss Mary, eldest daughter of Justus RICHARDSON, of Laurens. DIED In this village, on the morning of the 17th inst., Mrs. Julia DeEtte FORD, wife of Raymond Ford, aged 20 years, 4 moths and 18 days. 3/1/1865 MARRIED In Oneonta, Feb. 21st, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Hamilton ORR, of Oneonta, to Miss Sarah A. JOHNSON. DIED In Davenport, Feb. 27th, of inflammation of the lungs, after an illness of nine days, Jacob MICKEL, aged 56 years and 7 months. "Blessed are the Dead who died in the Lord." 3/8/1865 MARRIED In Burlington, Feb. 26th, by Rev. H. Fitch, Mr. Jonathan BRAINERD, to Miss Julia Ann WHITCOMB, both of the above place. At Westville, Feb. 26th, by B. A. Denton, Esq., Mr. Wm. H. CLARKE, of Westford, to Miss Augusta M. DEMING, of Maryland. DIED In Sharon, Schoharie Co., on the 23d of February, of disease of the heart, Elijah PARSONS, father of Rev. G. Parsons, nearly 89 years of age. 3/15/1865 MARRIED In Meredith, Feb. 28th, at the Baptist parsonage, by Rev. E. T. Jacobs, Matthew S. BENEDICT, to Miss Delilah HILL, all of Meredith. At the same place, by the same, March 7th, Mr. Bishop AVERY, of Kortright, to Miss Harriet A. REYNOLDS, of Meredith. DIED In Franklin, March 11th, Thomas McMINN, aged 65 years. In Unadilla, March 2d, Mrs. Anna NOBLE, in the 85th year of her age. In Middlefield, Feb. 23d, Deacon Homer HUBBELL, aged 66 years. In Springfield, Feb. 7th, Jennie, daughter of Harriet and Levi CASLER, aged 5 years, 5 months and 25 days. In North Franklin, March 4th, Mrs. Charlotte CARRINGTON, aged 67. In Davenport Centre, on the 1st inst., Mr. Moses B. MILLER, aged 47 years. In Davenport , Jan. 31st, of croup, after one days' illness, Hattie, aged 7 years and 3 months. Feb. 4th, of the same, Eliza, aged 5 years and 7 months. Feb. 7th, Andrew J. of diptheria, aged 16 years and 1 month. Feb. 9th, of the same, Helen, aged 2 years and 3 months; all children of Morgine and Hontice H. COUSE, Jr. Thus in the short space of 10 days has Death made sad havoc in, and rendered desolate, a quiet and happy, though destitute family. 3/22/1865 MARRIED In Morris, Feb. 21st, by Rev. N. Ripley, Mr. D. A. BOARDMAN, of Schuyler's Lake, to Miss Olivia DAY, of Laurens. On the 8th inst., by Rev. E. Powers, Mr. F. VAN PATTEN, to Miss Lucinda SAWDY, both of Worcester. At the residence of the bride's father, in Decatur, March 11th, by Rev. Wm. Baldwin, Mr. Byron FERGUSON, of Worcester, to Miss Rosetha HOLMES. Feb. 9th, by Rev. J. M. Smeahlilin, Mr. Joseph SUMMERVILLE, to Miss Isabella D. WHITNEY, of Maryland. DIED In Unadilla, on Saturday, Mary 4, 1865, in the 53rd year of her age, Mrs. Charlotte Elizabeth FOSTER KINGSLEY, wife of Mr. Erastus Kingsley, of Unadilla. In Franklin, March 4th, Lucy STILSON, daughter of the late Ansyl F. Stilson, in the 14th year of her age. In Westford, on the 10th inst., John MANZER, aged 100 years. 3/29/1865 MARRIED At Ballard's Hotel, in this village, March 21st, by Rev. Geo. O. Phelps, Mr. Joseph ARCHER, to Miss H. C. BUNDY, both of Sidney, N. Y. DIED In Unadilla, on the 21st of February, Elmina M., wife of Johnson B. BRAGG, in the 40th year of her age. In Unadilla, on the 18th of March, Henry S., son of Elmina M. BRAGG, in the15th year of his age. In Franklin, March 10th, Elizabeth, widow of Lusher GAY, aged 85 years. In Schenevus, March 20th, Mrs. Sarah STEVER, wife of Cuyler Stever, aged 66 years. 4/15/1865 MARRIED In Oneonta, on the 28th of March, by Rev. G. O. Phelps, Mr. H. M. COLE, to Miss Mary SMITH, both of Otego. DIED In Oneonta, March 19th, Deborah Wainright, wife of the late John Wainright, aged 90 years, 9 months and 1 day. The deceased was a ripe Christian. She came to her "grave in a full age like as a shock of corn cometh in his season." 4/12/1865 MARRIED At Springfield Center, April 4th, 1865, by Rev. S. R. Ward, Mr. Alonzo FERGUSON, of Cobleskill, late Colonel of the 152d Reg. N. Y. S. V., and Miss Libbie M. PEGG, of Springfield Centre. In Oneonta, on the 8th inst., by Rev. G. O. Phelps, Mr. Charles NARIKAN, of Narrowsburg, N. Y., to Miss Amanda PATTERSON, of Oneonta. DIED In Morris, on the 2d inst., Charles B.(?), son of James P. and Pamelia KENYON, aged 17 years and 3 months. In Schoharie, on the 3d inst., of scarlet fever, Fanny DEAN, daughter of Col. A. N. and Kate B. WAKEFIELD, aged 2 years, 3 months and 24 days. In Laurens, March 11th, of congestion of the brain and spine, Lloyd BROWN, son of John and Ruth Brown, aged about 20 years. In Otego, Feb. 23d, Marion TRASK, son of Mr. Austin Trask, aged 23 years. The disease which terminated his useful life, typhoid fever, was contracted while voluntarily ministering to the sick and suffering. He was an estimable young man, whose death is much regretted. 5/10/1865 CHILD DROWNED. Corner Blodgett, of Cooperstown, held an inquest on Wednesday, April 19th, on the body of Miranda May PEARSALL, aged 3 years, child of Simon Pearsall, of Fly Creek, who was found about 9 o'clock that morning dead in a cistern of water, having by accident fell in. 5/171865 MARRIED In this village, May 14th, by Rev. H. N. Van Deusen, Mr. John P. LAMPMAN, of Middleburgh, Scho. Co., to Mrs. Sarah BORNT, of Oneonta. 6/8/1865 MARRIED In Milford, April 14th by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Robert BYRNE, of Newark, to Miss Susanna COON, of Milford. In Oneonta, May 10th, by same, Mr. Daniel RICHARDSON, of Laurens, to Miss Jane FARRINGTON, of Milford. DIED In this town, Wednesday morning, May 31st, George E., son of Peter W. SWART, aged 18 years and 4 months. "God my Redeemer liveth." 6/14/1865 MARRIED In Oneonta, June 1st, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. A. W. BARTLE, to Miss Ellen A. CROOKER, both of Unadilla. Also, by the same, and at the same time, Mr. E. S. JENNINGS, Jr., to Miss R. A. VanDUSEN, both of Unadilla. 6/21/1865 MARRIED In Middlefield, June 12th, by Rev. J. Smith, Rev. Ingraham POWERS, of Worcester, to Mrs. Rhoda Davis, of the former place. June 14th, at the house of the bride's father, by Rev. Wm. D. Fero, Mr. Jonathan G. LOCKWOOD, to Miss Josephine FERO, both of Davenport. 7/5/1865 DIED In Oneonta, Sunday June 25th, Harriet, wife of T. SABIN, Esq., in the 61st year of her age. 7/12/1865 DIED In this town, on the evening of July 4th, Betsy, wife of Henry COUSE, aged 67 years and 6 months. 8/2/1865 MARRIED In Waverly, Iowa, on Evening of 24th of July, by Rev. J. S. Church, Mr. Theodore P. EMMONS, of Oneonta, N. Y., to Miss Mary E. MARTIN, of the former place. DIED In this village, July 20th, "Little Gertie", only daughter of N. D. and H. M. JEWELL, aged 3 months and 21 days. "God gave, he took, he will restore, He doeth all things well." 8/16/1865 DIED In this village, Aug. 2d, Hiram WHITE, aged 29 years, 1 month and 16 days. 9/6/1865 MARRIED In Otego, Sept. 4th, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Samuel DERBY, Esq., of Oneonta, to Miss Susan FRENCH, of Otego. In Wheaton, Ill., August 17th, by Rev. S. W. Marston, at his residence, Dea. Horatio GARLIC, of Wheaton, to Mrs. Charlotte TIFFANY, of Plainfield, Illinois. 9/13/1865 MARRIED At North Franklin, on the 4th inst., by Presiding Elder Gorse, Mr. Thaddeus MICHAEL, of Oneonta, to Miss Mary MILLS, daughter of Luther Mills. At Franklin, on the 4th inst., by Rev. T. S. Potwin, Mr. C. H. ANDREWS, to Miss Mary CHAMBERLIN, daughter of Clark Chamberlin, all of Franklin. DIED In Franklin, Aug. 30th, Electa Ann BRESEE, aged 17 years, 2 months and 15 days. On the 6th inst., in Davenport, Jonas HOUGHTON, in the 79th year of his age. 9/27/1865 (This started new form for notices) MARRIED GRAVES-OUSTERHOUDT.- In Oneonta, Sept. 19th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mrs. Albert Graves to Miss Viola Ousterhoudt, both of Oneonta. SMITH-ROSE.- In Davenport, Sept. 24th, by the same, Mr. Charles Smith to Miss Diantha Rose, both of Davenport. SESSIONS-WHITMAN.- In Oneonta, the 20th inst., by Rev. A. Reynolds, Mr. Riley Sessions to Miss Hattia A. Whitman, all of Oneonta. DIED BRIDGES.- In Laurens, Sept. 23, Demarius, wife of Erastus Bridges, aged 61 years. YAGER.- In this town, Sept. 25th, Mrs. Lucy Yager, widow of the late Solomon D. Yager, aged 53 years. 10/11/1865 DIED MILLER.- In Fulton, Oswego County, Sept. 27th, Mrs. Laura S. Miller, wife of Hon. S. F. Miller, of Franklin, aged 29 (23?) years. BUGBEE.- At Christ's Church Rectory, Manhasset, Long Island, on the 20th ult., of cholera infantum, Ella, youngest child of Rev. George F. and Mary A. Bugbee, aged six months and five days. BROWN.- In Laurens, of Chronic Diarrhoea, on the 26th ult., Libbie Margaret, daughter of Carlton and Margaret Brown, aged 1 year and 8 months. BIDLAKE.- In Westford, on the 30th ult., of consumption, Emily, wife of Nathan Bidlake, aged 41 years. 10/18/1865 SUICIDE. Mr. Calden GRAFF, of Westford, Otsego Co., N. Y., committed suicide last Saturday morning, Oct. 7, about 6 o'clock, by cutting his throat with a razor which was no doubt concealed in the bed. His wife had arisen, and stepped into an adjoining room to get something for him to take, when, on hearing a singular noise, she returned immediately and found him bleeding. A physician was at once sent for, but he was past help. He had been suffering from disease for nearly two weeks, though able to be about; for the last few days he manifested great mental depression, seldom speaking unless spoken to. A Corner's inquest was held, and the verdict rendered: That he came to his death by his own hand; Cause-mental derangement. 10/25/1865 MARRIED JENNINGS-BENNETT-. In this village, Oct. 22d, by Rev. G. O. Phelps, Mr. Henry D. Jennings to Miss Ada J. Bennett, all of Oneonta. MAYNARD-MONTGOMERY.- In Oneonta, September 28th, by Rev. G. O. Phelps, Mr. Thomas A. Maynard to Miss Josephine Montgomery. DIED COPELAND.- In Davenport, October 18th, John Copeland, aged 50 years. EVANS.- In Oneonta, October 4th, John D. Evans, aged 51 years. 11/5/1865 DEATH OF ROBERT H. MORRIS. The Cincinnati Inquirer contains an appropriate tribute to the memory of Robert H. Morse, who died in that city, on the 13th of October, aged 39 years.- Mr. Morris, was a native of Otsego County, and a grandson of Jacob Morris. The deceased studied his profession with Governor Seward. He was Gov. Fish's Private Secretary. Subsequently he was connected with the revenue service at New Orleans. Mr. Morris was truly a good man, so good that all who knew him well loved him. MARRIED SMITH-HUYCK.- In Oneonta, October 24th, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Mr. Thodore Smith, of Franklin, to Miss S. E. HUYCK, of the same place. SMITH-POMEROY.- Also, by the same, Oct. 24th, Mr. Charles D. Smith to Miss V. A. Pomeroy, of the same place. 11/8/1865 SUDDEN DEATH. Friday morning last William F. RAYMOND, who resides in the town of Franklin, Delaware county, but had been working in this village for several weeks at the carpenter and joiner business for E. R. Ford, was found dead at the Susquehanna House in this village. Thursday evening he was taken quite ill and seemed to be suffering much pain, and took some medicine and thought himself better. He lay down upon the lounge in the barber shop attached to said house, and remained there through the night, and was found there dead in the morning. We understand that the physicians say that he died in an apoplectic fit. He was about 53 years of age. Word was immediately sent to his family, and his remains were taken to Franklin Friday afternoon. AN OCTOGENARIAN. We had a pleasant call one day last week from Mr. Gamaliel SCRIBNER, of New Berlin, now 82 years of age, who for the first time in his long life witnessed the operation of steam printing. It is 75 years ago last May since Mr. S. passed through this place with his parents, to seek a home in "the West." They came from Ballston, Saratoga Co., and passed down the Susquehanna to Unadilla, and up the Unadilla river to New Berlin in a canoe-and there Mr. S. has resided ever since, on the same farm. Some of the apple trees, planted by the Indians, found growing there in 1790, budded and blossomed last season. The ----(line not there). they arrived at New Berlin, was from wheat taken by boat to a mill at Binghamton.- There were no roads or dwellings at that time between the two places. A few families settled about the same time at Butternuts, and a Frenchman named De Ville built a mill there. The Scribners spent three or four days in cutting a road thro' to that mill. Mr. S. may live to see a train of cars pass near the same road.- [F. Journal. MARRIED ROOD-HOTCHKISS.- At the residence of Mr. Harvey STRONG, in Laurens, Oct. 25th, by Rev. W. L. Thorpe, of Morris, Mr. Charles Rood, of Morris, to Miss Kate Hotchkiss, of Laurens. WOODCOCK-CLARK.- In Maryland, Oct. 12th, by Rev. C.D. Mead, Mr. Isaac Woodcock, to Miss Catharine Amanda Clark. POPE-BAIRD.- In New Berlin, Oct. 14th, by Rev. J. C. Foster, Mr. Charles H. Pope, of Edmeston to Miss Theresa A. Baird, of New Lisbon. ROGERS-NICHOLS.- In Unadilla, Oct. 26th, by Calab Batterson, Esq., Mr. Peter Rogers, to Miss Eliza Jane Nichols, both of Unadilla. MARRIED 11/15/1865 > WILSON-BEAMS.- In Oneonta, Oct. 14th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Parker Wilson to Miss Rosephe Beams, both of Oneonta. HOUGHTAILING-BATES.- Also at the same place, by the same, Nov. 1st., Mr. John Houghtailing to Miss Nellie E. Bates, both of Davenport. HUDSON-BURTON.- In Oneonta, Nov. 8th, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Mr. Wm. H. Hudson, of Laurens, to Miss Emogene Burton, of Oneonta. FERRY-BEACH.- In Oneonta, Nov. 9th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Chauncey Ferry to Miss Hellen Beach, both of Otego. DIED YAGER.- In Laurens, Nov. 13th, Cyrus Yager, oldest son of Geo. Yager, of Oneonta, aged 24 years and 2 months. [The friends and acquaintances of the family of the deceased are informed that the funeral service will be held at the Baptist church in this village, on Wednesday, Nov. 15th, at 1 o'clock P. M. ] 11/22/1865 SUICIDE. Mr. Libbeus CASS, a highly respected citizen of the town of Decatur, was found drowned in a well on his own premises, on the morning of the 8th inst. The Corner held an inquest, and the jury returned a verdict of suicide. About the correctness of this verdict, considerable doubt is expressed. The well is one which has been abandoned and covered up with boards, one of which has been recently displaced. Mr. C. was unwell, and went out that morning before daylight, and as members of his family think, accidently fell into the well.- [Otsego Republican] 11/29/1865 MARRIED PARISH-MORELL.- In Franklin, Nov. 16th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Andrew Parish, Esq., of Oneonta, to Miss Content Morell, of West Springfield, Pa. ROWLAND-WALLEN.- In Oneonta, Nov. 16th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Hamilton Rowland to Miss Sarah V. Wallen, both of Davenport. DIED QUACKENBUSH.- In Oneonta, Nov. 23d, Isaac C. Quackenbush, aged 47 years, 8 months and 3 days. 12/13/1865 HORRIBLE MURDER IN EDMESTON. A special dispatch from Utica announces the fact that a frightful murder was committed on Thanksgiving Day. It was discovered that a Mr. CRANDALL and his wife- the former sixty and the latter sixty-five years of age, had been brutally murdered at their residence at Coontown, in Edmeston, on the road between New Berlin and Bridgewater. Mr. Crandall was shot through the head, and the brains of his wife were beaten out with a bludgeon. There was $3,000 in the house. This money was not found. 12/20/1865 MARRIED SLADE-MICHAEL.- At the house of the bride's mother, Dec. 17th, by Rev. G. O. Phelps, Mr. Hamilton F. Slade to Miss Lucy A. Michael, all of Oneonta. DIED EMMONS.- In Oneonta, Dec. 7th, Mrs. Eliza ARN, wife of Morton B. Emmons, aged 51 years and 2 months. FIGGER.- In this town, on the 11th inst., Mrs. Elloner Figger, aged 78 years. 12/27/1865 THE CRANDALL MURDER. The circumstances of this horrible murder at Coontown on Thanksgiving Day will be remembered. We learn that two men have been arrested at that place on suspicion of being the murderers. Means have been taken for their identification. "MURDER WILL OUT." One day last week two brothers by the name of REYNARD were arrested in the town of Jefferson, on suspicion of having murdered their father some five years since. The story that we have heard runs like this:- Some five years since the father of the two boys was murdered, and no clue to the perpetrators of the horrible deed could be obtained. The father at the time was living along (sic). He and his wife having had some difficulty. After his death, she came and claimed the property, the two sons having left the country. About two years since the boys returned and bought about six acres of land in the woods, about three miles from Jefferson, Schoharie Co., owned by George Burnett. Here they built them a log house, and have lived in this secluded style ever since. At the time of their moving to this county one of the men was a widower and the other a bachelor. About a year since the bachelor married a girl in Jefferson, by the name of ROBINSON. What led to the suspicion that they were the participators in the murder of their father we are unable to learn, but they were arrested by the Sheriff of Delaware county, and taken to Stamford in that county, where an examination was had, and they were committed to jail at Delhi, to await further proceedings. The mother, we understand is still living, and resides at Catskill, Geene Co.- [Cobleskill Index.
Paper Date - YEAR 1866
1/3/1866 MARRIED HACKETT-WATKINS. In this village, Dec. 20th, by Rev. G. O. Phelps, Mr. LeRoy H. Hackett, to Miss Julia F. Watkins, both of Oneonta. The Printer was not forgotten by LeRoy. ROW-SHAUL.- In Springfield, Dec. 21st, by Rev. G. Parsons, Mr. Charles H. Row, of Davenport, Del. Co., to Mrs. Juliette M. Shaul, of Springfield, Otsego county. VAN WOERT-SHEPHED.- In Oneonta, Dec. 26th, at the house of the bride's father, Isaac Shepherd, Esq., by Rev. John Smith, Mr. George Van Woert, to Miss Lurissa Shepherd, both of Oneonta. SABIN-MILLER.- In Oneonta, Dec. 28th, at the residence of the bride's father, John Miller, Esq., by Rev. G. O. Phelps, Mr. A. L. Sabin, to Miss Fanny Miller, both of Oneonta. [May the chill frosts of Winter and burning sun of Summer alike pass gently o'er your heads for scores of years to come, and when in the scrc and yellow leaf of life you cast your eyes back upon the scenes thorough which you have journied, may there be nothing to regret, no misfortunes to deplore, but the whole way be paved with gems and its sides illumined by the smiles of hosts of friends,- is the Printers heartfelt wish.] DIED RICHARDSON.- In Laurens, Dec. 3d, Taber S. Richardson, aged 27 years. 1/10/1866 MARRIED BALDWIN-SITTS.- In Middlefield, Jan. 1st, by Rev. J. Smith, Mr. Hiram G. Baldwin, of Westford, to Miss Martha Sitts, of Roseboom. TREADWELL-CEPERLEY.- By the same, the same day, Mr. Charles A. Treadwell, of Middlefield, to Miss Mary E. Ceperley, of Westford. POTTER-BEACH. In Oneonta, Jan. 1st, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. George W. Potter, of Oneonta, to Miss Hannah J. Beach, of Harpersfield. DENOYELLES-OLES.- In this village, Jan. 8th, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Mr. Ransom Denoyelles, of Worcester, to Miss Melissa Ann Oles, of Middlefield. DIED BEAMS.- In this village, Jan. 3d, William Beams. (no age given) HALL.- In Cooperstown, Jan. 3d, William G. S. Hall, in the 43d year of his age. RUSSELL.- In Milford, Dec. 30th, S. Loomis Russell, in the 42d year of his age. 1/17/1866 ACCIDENT AND DEATH. We learn from the Schenevus Monitor, that Mr. John VANDEBOE, who lived in the North part of the town of Maryland, had been attending a dance, held in a neighboring town Dec. 29th. Saturday morning early, he started for home, accompanied by a lady friend, and had proceeded but a short distance, when from some cause the horses sprang and partially disengaged themselves from the wagon, and Mr. V. in his attempt to hold them was precipitated over the front part of the wagon, and violently dashed to the earth, the wagon passing over him, leaving him senseless in the road. He was carried to the house of Mr. Shears, near by, where he lingered until the next evening, when death put an end to his sufferings. By this dispensation, his four children are left without a natural protector, as the mother died some eight months since, and an estimable lady, to whom he was to be married on New Year's day, has thus had her cup of anticipated earthly felicity, suddenly dashed to pieces. MARRIED OLDS-WIGHTMAN.- At the bride's father, Dec. 21st, by Rev. P. V. Schermerhorn, Mr. Frederic S. Olds, of Maryland, to Miss Hellen F. Wightman, of Davenport. BRADLEY-BURDICK. By the same, Dec 25th, at the bride's father, Mr. Wilber Bradley, of Franklin, to Miss Ellowisa Burdick, of Davenport. CRANDALL-MARTIN.- At the residence of he bride's father, in Otego, Jan. 6th, by Rev. A. Griffin, Mr. John Crandall, to Miss Lucretia J. Martin, all of Otego. SKINNER-PALMER.- At the residence of the bride's father in Maryland, Jan. 4th, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, Mr. Waldo Skinner, of Westford, to Miss Betsey Palmer, of Maryland. SWEET-REXFORD.- Dec. 31st, by Rev. E. M. Blanchard, Mr. Albert E. Sweet, of Morris, to Miss Sabrina O. Rexford, of Cooperstown. HOOKER-MARBLE.- Jan 3d, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. C. D. Mead, Mr. Edmund D. Hooker, to Miss Katee Marble, all of Maryland. AYLESWORTH-STEERE.- At Wildey's Hotel, in Afton, Dec. 25th, by Rev. B. H. Brown, Mr. Ransom Aylesworth, of Unadilla, to Miss Sarah E. Steere, of Bainbridge. ROE-KELLY.- At the residence of the bride's father, Dec. 31st, by Rev. S. S. Goodman, Mr. James E. Roe, of Franklin, to Miss Ella Mary Kelly, of Sidney. 1/24/1866 MARRIED QUACKENBUSH-SCHEMERHORN.- In Oneonta, Jan. 17th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Albert Quackenbush, to Miss E. A. Schemerhorn, both of Milford. BUNN-BISSELL.- In Laurens, Jan. 17th, by Rev. Geo. Burnside, Mr. Henry C. Bunn, of Hartwick, to Miss Clarissa Bissell, of Laurens. TILLY-BUTTS.- In New Lisbon, Jan. 11th, by Rev. B. Fitch, Mr. Jehiel Tilly, to Miss Emma A. Butts. MOREHOUSE-BASSETT.- In New Lisbon, Jan. 16th(?), by Rev. A. Damon, Mr. Benjamin A. Morehouse, to Miss Mary A. Bassett, all of New Lisbon. DIED MATTESON.- In Morris, Jan. 11th, Mrs. Harriet A. FISK(?), wife of Dr. Merritt Matteson, in the 26th year of her age. 1/31/1866 MARRIED MILLER-SEYBOLT.- In Oneonta, Jan. 22d, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Madison Miller, to Miss Emma Sebolt (Seybolt?), both of North Franklin. DIED YAGER.- In Oneonta, Jan. 20th, Mr. Jacob H. Yager, aged 50 years. BABCOCK.- In Laurens, Jan. 26th, David Babcock, aged 53 years, 8 months and 10 days. EMMONS.- In Oneonta, Jan. 27th, M. B. Emmons, aged 54 years. 2/7/1866 MARRIED WHITMAN-WESTCOTT.- At Ballard's Hotel, Cooperstown, Jan. 2d, by Rev. Mr. Bixby, Mr. M. C. Whiteman, of Portlandville, to Miss Zilphia Westcott, of Fair Haven, Vt. [We hope many happy days and years all in store for the above couple, for they remembered the Printer.] 2/14/1866 MARRIED THORNTON-WHITCOMB.- In Belmont, Alleghany County, Jan. 30th, by Rev. Levi Wood, Mr. Mason Thornton, to Miss Mary J. Whitcomb, all of Amity. WILLIAMS-PENNY.- In this village, at the Hotel of C. W. Lewis, Feb. 8th, by Rev. H. N. Van Deusen, Mr. Henry Williams, of Delhi, to Miss Hellen Penny, of Hamden. DIED COLLER.- In Otego, Feb. 7th, Mrs. Jane COLLAR, wife of Morris Collar, and daughter of Rufus and Sarah MUDGE, aged 34 years. The deceased bore a long an d painful illness with patience, and died in the hope of blessed immorality. 2/28/1866 MARRIED CLEVELAND-ORR.- In Oneonta, at the Susquehanna House, Feb. 20th, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Mr. Noe G. Cleveland, to Miss Betsy A. Orr, all of Franklin. COOK-HOPPEN.- In Bonus, Boone Co., Ill., Feb. 18th, by Rev. L. W. Lawrens, Mr. Elisha A. COOKE, late of Laurens, Otsego Co., to Miss Sarah Jane Hoppen, of Bonus. 3/7/1866 MARRIED PARISH-MICKEL.- In Portlandville, at the house of the bride's, Feb. 27th, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Mr. Andrew Parish, of Oneonta, to Mrs. Polly Mickel, of Portlandville. COUS-BRYON.- At the residence of the bride's mother, Feb. 12th, by Rev. John Rippley, Mr. Edgar COUSE, of Oneonta, to Miss Nancy Jane, oldest daughter of Z. W. Bryon, Esq., of Ouleout, Delaware county. 3/14/1866 MARRIED STARR-BRISACK.- At the residence of the bride's father, Feb. 26th, by Rev. P. Schrambling, Mr. Beetah N. Starr, of Otego, to Miss Frankie E. Brisack, of Oneonta. ROE-BREZEE.- In Oneonta, Feb. 27th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. James Roe, to Miss Lydia Brezee, both of Davenport. BABCOCK-YAGER.- In Oneonta, March 6th, by Rev. H. N. Van Deusen, Mr. Willett C. Babcock, of Laurens, to Miss Jennie E. Yager, of Oneonta. REMINGTON-CAMPBELL. In Oneonta, March 8th, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Mr. G. W. Remington, of Croton, to Miss C. A. Campbell, of Oneonta. 3/21/1866 FATAL ACCIDENT. Mr. William WEBB, of Hartwick, was returning home on Thursday of last week in company with his wife, in a one-horse wagon, and when on Aplin hill a bolt came out which let the whiffletree on the horse's heels; the horse ran and three both from the wagon, killing Mr. W. immediately.- Mrs. W. was not injured. He was a man in the 66th year of his age, and much esteemed by his friends and neighbors.-[Journal, March 16. MARRIED CUTSHAW-WORDEN.- In Lansingburgh, March 11th, by Rev. S. McKean, Mr. Warren J. Cutshaw of Oneonta, to Miss Emeline C. Worden of Lansingburgh. [May the blessings of a kind God, ever attend the above couple, and may they live long and obey the Scriptures.] STICKLE-COOKE.- At the residence of the bride's father, on the 18th, inst., by Rev. G. O. Phelps, Capt. A. C. Stickle, late of the 3d N.J. Cavalry, to Miss Mary L., youngest daughter of S. J. Cooke, Esq., of Oneonta, N.Y. DIED ROW.- In Davenport, of typhoid fever, March 17th, inst., Amanda, daughter of Calvin ORR, and wife of Doct. Wm. Row, aged 55 years and 11 months. POLLY.- In Sidney, March 8th, Phebe Polly, aged 86 years. Formerly a resident of Oneonta, and a Revolutionary pensioner. 3/28/1866 DIED LAMB.- At South Westerlo, Albany county, March 10th, of congestion of the brain, Joseph Lamb, in the 55th year of his age, formerly a resident of the town of Oneonta, Otsego County. 4/4/1866 MARRIED GILDERSLEAVE-BURTON.- In Oneonta, March 19th, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Mr. T. J. Gildersleave, of Hillsdale, N. Y., to Miss Julia S. Burton, of Oneonta. JOHNSON-BROWNEL.- In Oneonta, March 22d, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Smith Johnson, of Albany, to Miss Maria Brownel, of Troy. 4/11/1866 MARRIED BROWN-CASE.- In Schenevus, on the 29th ult., by Rev. Charles W. Tomlinson, Major Harvey W. Brown, to Miss Hellen Chase. COOK-WOODBECK.- In Laurens, April 3d, by Rev. B. R. Carruth, Mr. E. H. Cook, of Otego, to Miss Margette Woodbeck, of Oneonta. DIED MORENUS.- In this village, April 4th, Mrs. Elizabeth Morenus, in her 48th year. BRONSON.- At West Oneonta, April 5th, Deacon Bronson, age 62 years. The deacon was formerly one of the deacons of the Baptist church in this village; but for several years has been afflicted with sickness, and death has at last broken the link, and he has gone to that land of rest, where trouble and sorrow never come. 4/18/1866 DIED MERRILLS.- At West Laurens, April 4th, Samuel Merrills, aged 80 years, 2 months and 20 days.- The deceased was one of the oldest inhabitants of the town of Laurens. [County papers please copy.] RUSSELL. In Cooperstown, April 11th, Arthur H., only son of Harvey I. & Mary E. Russell, aged 18 months and 29 days. 4/25/1866 CASUALITY. A child of John LAWLER of Clarkville, Middlefield, was burned to death on Tuesday last under the following circumstances: The mother had gone to the neighbors for milk, and the little one, not yet four years of age, during her absence, lighted a piece of paper at the stove, setting fire to its clothing, and died four hours later in great distress. The remains were deposited in the Catholic Cemetery in this place yesterday. [Otsego Republican. 5/2/1866 MARRIED COLE-SHEAR. At the Hotel of Place and Morris, in Oneonta, April 18th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Alaender Cole, of Albany, to Miss Harriet Shear, of Maryland. DIED BIRDSALL.- In this village, April 27th, Mr. H. S. Birdsall, aged 40 years, 2 months and 23 days. SWART.- In this town, April 20th, Chauncey Swart, son of Peter W. Swart, aged 32 years. TAYLOR. In Laurens, April 23d, Mary, oldest daughter of William and Elizabeth Taylor, aged 12 years. 5/16/1866 THE MURDERS OF JOHN L. CAMPBELL. A despatch dated Herkimer, May 8th, states:- At the court of Oyer and Temlner, Judge Baton(?) presiding, a bin of indictment was found this morning against Asa FULLER, Biel DAVIS, Irving VANCE, Charles VANCE and William DUTCHER for murder.- The indictment charges them with killing John L. CAMPBELL at Frankfort on the 6th of February last. At four o'clock this P. M. the prisoners pled guilty to murder in the 2d degree, and were sentenced to seven years in the State Prison at Auburn. Campbell was formerly a resident of this county, and has a brother now residing in this town. It appears to us that seven years in the State Prison is a very light punishment for a party of men committing murder, without the slightest provocation. A plea is made that they were intoxicated. This should not lessen the punishment one atom. 5/23/1866 FATAL RAILROAD ACCIDENT - A CHILD KILLED. Last evening, on the arrival of the five o'clock train on the Susquehanna road, as the train was passing through Church street, near Westerlo, a little boy about five years of age, named Willie GILBERT, son of Simeon Gilbert, an employee of the road, attempted to get on the cow-catcher. In doing so, he fell or was thrown under the cars, the engine passing over him, severing both legs from the body, between the knees and ankles. The child was picked up and carried to the residence of his parents, where it lingered in the most agony until about ten o'clock, when death put an end to its sufferings. [Evening Journal, May 18th. How often has cold chills passed over us, as we have seen boys jumping on the cars when in motion at our Depot. The above should be a warning to boys especially, and to parents to keep their children away from the Depot until they are learned of the danger in jumping on the cars when they are moving. DEATH OF THURLOW W. BROWN. We regret to learn that Thurlow W. Brown died at Atkinson, Wis., on the 4th inst. Mr. Brown was formerly resided at Preston, Chenango county, was well known to many of our older citizens. But as editor of the Cayuga Chief, which he conducted with great ability and success, and by other reformatory publications and writings, he became known to a much larger circle, in which he was heartily deservedly esteemed. His death will be felt as both a public and personal loss. [Chenango Telegraph. MARRIED WINN-QUACKENBUSH.- In Oneonta, April 24th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. G. W. Winn, to Miss Mary Ann Quackenbush, both of Oneonta. DIED WHITCOMB.- In Morris, May 11th, Henry L., son of Edwin G. and M. F. Whitcomb, aged 7 months. "Suffer little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven." 5/30/1866 DIED LEWIS.- In this village, May 22d, Mamie, youngest daughter of Charles W. and Helen Lewis, aged 3 years and 6 months. Never was the aphorism "death loves a shining mark" more true, than when sorrows barbed arrow pierced of this afflicted family, and removed suddenly the cherished idol of their affections. She was the pet of all who knew her, and the silent saddness of those who had been accustomed to hear her childish laughter, audibly spoken their spontaneous sorrow. But a brief time she was permitted to suffer here, and is now gone to exult with Angels. Her innocent prattle will be heard no more. Yet her gentle voice still lingers and thrills the memory with the echo of its vanished music. (Poem included with notice.) 6/6/1866 MARRIED TUCKER-GREENE.- At the house of the bride's mother, Tuesday, May 26th, by Rev. D. Tuttle of Morris, Mr. Chauncey L. Tucker, of West Laurens, to Miss Mary Elisa Greene, of the same place. No Cards. The couple will please accept our thanks for a nice loaf of cake, received in good order.- May they have a pleasant trip West, and return to enjoy a long life of happiness. 6/13/1866 MARRIED GREEN-MATTESON.- In Laurens, May 30th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Ezra Green, of Oneonta, to Miss Laura Matteson, of Laurens. DIED RATHBUN.- In North Franklin, May 25th, Edward Rathbun, aged 37 years, 8 months and 5 days. 6/20/1866 REMARKABLE DEATH AND DREAM. On last Friday morning, one of the most remarkable and melancholy dispensations of Divine Providence was manifested in this neighbor, which it has even been our duty to record. Mr. W. T. SISK, who was a farmer near this town, while out quite early in the morning attending to the feeding of some stock during a severe storm, was strickened by lightning near his stable, and instantly killed. His clothing was stripped from his body in threads, his hat even cut into minute prices, the very soles of his boots torn into atoms. He was not missed by his wife and family until breakfast was prepared, when a little boy was sent out to ask him to his meal. The child saw him, but did not recognize his father , so terrific had been the work of the angry element, but breathlessly told his mother that some stranger was dead near the stable. An examination, however, proved the unfortunate father had been a victim of lightning, and his family are left alone-alone indeed. He was a gentleman respected and beloved by all his fellow citizens. A remarkable story is told of his dream a night or two before, in which he related that it appeared he had died and was summoned before the judgment bar of God, and although he plead hard against the decree, he had been ordered to stand aside.- [Evansville (Ia.) Courier. SUICIDE. We learn that on Friday last an old lady by the name of GREGORY, of Perry City, Schuyler county, after four weeks of constant drunkenness, ended her miserable existence by cutting her own throat. After an almost entire life spend in dissipation, the demon rum failed to satisfy the cravings of that dreadful appetite which it had created, and left its victim to hurry her own soul unbidden into the presence of its Maker, there to render an account of the God-given life, spent in working iniquity. O, what a thought! that in this enlightened and christian community, rum has found among the frailer sex another victim; and that a once fair girl has gone down, distorted and besotted to fill a drunkard's grave. When, within the shadow of our elegant churches, within the sound of the warning voice of the preached gospel, will these things cease, and temperance and christian charity be the principles of all?- [Tompkins County Sentinel. FRANKLIN ITEMS. DIED. Mrs. SNYDER, the lady we spoke of last week, as getting badly burned at Milford Center, lingered along through much suffering until Sunday morning last when she died. Her suffering was intense.- Some of her fingers dropped off and the flesh, came off her arms, leaving the bone and cords all bare. Her face was so badly burned that her most intimate friends could see no trace of her former looks. Mrs. S. formerly resided in this village.- Her husband for some time kept a Saloon in the Basement of Bundy's store. CHURCH BLOWN DOWN--ONE MAN KILLED. On Wednesday afternoon, 6th inst., while the Baptist Church at Deposit was undergoing some repairs, it was struck by a severe gale of wind which completely demolished the building. Five men were at work under the floor when it fell, four of them providentially escaped, while the fifth, James DOUGLAS, aged about 20 years, was instantly killed. We understand that the Church will be immediately re-built. The bell, although falling to the ground, was not injured. 6/27/1866 MURDER IN SPRINGFIELD. On Saturday, 16h inst., two men residing in the South-West part of Fort Plain, named John HARDENDORF and Patrick WARD, had a quarrel, at Salt Springville, Otsego county, when Ward struck Hardendorf across the forehead with a club, fracturing his skull. Hardendorf was carried to his home, where he died on Monday morning, from the effects of the injuries. Ward was allowed to go at large until Hardendorf's death, when a warrant was taken out for his arrest; but he had fled. MARRIED YAGER-YAGER. In this village, June 20th, at the residence of Joseph WALLING, (the bride's uncle,) by Rev. A. Reynolds, Mr. B. C. Yager, to Miss Angenette Yager, both of Oneonta. YAGER-NORTHRUP.- At the residence of the bride's father, June 20th, by Rev. E. Crowell, Myron Yager, Esq., to Miss Emma Northrup, all of Oneonta. The printer was remembered. FELLOWS-SIMMONS. In Unadilla, at the residence of Mr. James B. PECK, on Thursday, June 14, by Rev. Frank Fletcher, Mr. George B. Fellows, (former editor of the Unadilla Times,) to Miss Mary A. Simmons, of Philadelphia. 7/11/1866 OBITUARY. The announcement of the death of Don F. LIDELL, Esq., County Clerk of Otsego county which occurred last night at 10 o'clock, will carry a feeling of sadness to many hearts. His social and business qualities, his honesty and uprightness in his varied business relations, will be recognized not only by citizens of his own neighborhood but by many others throughout the county and State, and especially by the bar of Otsego county, and other distinguished lawyers, who have practiced here during his term as County Clerk. He was always candid, frank, and urbane, meeting all with whom he associated with that unmistakable smile, indicative of the benevolent feelings of a kind and feeling heart. He enjoyed the noble and heartfelt satisfaction of having been a firm supporter of his government during the long period when traitors, south and north, were willing to sacrifice it for base purposes. His death will be lamented, not only by his own family connections, but by a large circle of sympathizing friends. His decease will bring the electing of Clerk and Sheriff again together, at the fall election, which has not occurred in this county since the death of Sheriff Henry JONES of Cherry Valley. He was aged thirty-two years. His funeral will take place from his residence at 12 o'clock on Friday.-[Otsego Republican July 5th. 7/18/1866 DROWNED. A son, aged about 13 years, of Deacon Wm. CADY, of Chaseville, in the town of Maryland, was drowned while in bathing in the Schenevus creek on the 7th inst.- Young Cady ventured into deep water, and, not being able to swim, sank to rise no more. His companions were not able to save him, and before help could arrive he was out of sight. DIED DILLINGHAM.- At Low Point, Ill., June 29th, at the house of her son-in-law, John AVERY, Mrs. Rebecca Dillingham, in the 68th year of her age. Mrs. D. was formerly a resident of this town. 8/1/1866 MARRIED YAGER-LEWIS. At Middletown, Ct., July 23d, by Rev. J. H. Gilbert, Mr. Granville YAGER, to Miss Ella M. Lewis. QUACKENBUSH-GOULD. At Richmondville, July 23d, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Mr. Isaac Quackenbush, of Oneonta, to Miss E. J. Gould, of Richmondville. DIED BEEMAN.- In Laurens, June 15th, Milo Beeman, aged 73 years. He died as he lived, with the christian armor on, and while his aged widow and children and more distant relatives mourn their loss, he is reaping a faithful savants reward. H. 8/8/1866 AN OLD RESIDENT GONE. Died, in this village, Tuesday morning July 31st, Samuel B. BEACH, Esq., in the 80th year of his age. Mr. Beach was a graduate of Yale College, and a lawyer by profession. He was long a resident of this village. In 1836 after the election of Martin Van Buren to the Presidency, Mr. Beach was appointed to a clerkship in the Post Office Department at Washington, under Amos Kendall, who was then Postmaster-General; which Department he remained in most of the time until after the election of Mr. Lincoln. He was a man widely known and possessed considerable ability, and had an eye to public improvements. He was the projector of the Albany and Susquehanna Rail Road, and through his untiring solicitation the first public meeting was held and the Susquehanna Railroad Company formed; for which the citizens of this place should ever reverence his memory. He said to us a few years since "that he wanted to live to see the cars run into Oneonta, and then he was ready to depart." He lived to know the fact, but his mental faculties had become so much impaired that it is doubtful whether he realized it. He had been failing gradually for several years, but had been confined to his house for the last year or more of his live (sic). He has gone to a just God, and his faults should be forgotten, and his good works cherished in the memory of those who are permitted to live and enjoy their fruits. (Poem included with notice.) GEN. DAVID LAMONT, United States Mail Agent on the A. & S. R. R., died at his residence in Unadilla, on Tuesday, July 31st, after a brief illness. He was the father of the Hon. Wm. C. Lamont, County Judge and Surrogate of Schoharie County. His remains were carried to Richmondville for interment. A SAD CAUSALITY. On Tuesday last a son of Rev. Dr. Alfred BEACH of New York, and grand-son of Judge NELSON of Cooperstown, aged 10 years, was drowned while sailing on the lake at Cooperstown. He was struck by the boon while sitting upon the sun-wale, and was instantly submerged. Two boys only two years older than himself was with him and they were unable to assist him. The body was recovered after a search of about twelve hours. CASE OF ELOPEMENT. Last Thursday afternoon a telegram was received at police headquarters from one Jacob WINNE, of Oneonta, requesting the arrest and detention of his wife, Sally Winne, and Lemuel HIGGINS, who had eloped together, and would arrive in this city on the afternoon train. Detectives Hale and Bradt proceeded to the Susquehanna depot, and upon arrival of the train arrested the runaway couple, and took them before Judge Parsons. Mrs. Winne, who, by the way, is rather prepossessing in appearance, stated that she did not elope with Higgins-that they accidently met each other on the train; that she was going to Catskill, while Higgins was bound for New York. She had a valise which contained a quantity of clothing. She gave as a reason for leaving home that her husband had treated her badly. She said that she had been married ten years, and had three children. Higgins is a stage-driver, and has a wife living at Delhi. As the parties had committed no criminal offense upon which the magistrate would be justified in holding them, they were sat at liberty. We learn that they left together in the 4:40 p.m. train for New York. How far they will journey together does not admit of much doubt.-[Albany Express. 9/5/1866 FATAL RAILROAD ACCIDENT. A sad accident occurred on the Susquehanna Railroad yesterday morning, near Guilderland. Two children were playing on the track when the train due here at 9:30 A. M. came along. The engineer discovered the children and blew the whistle. One of the children got off the track, but the other was struck by the cowcatcher and instantly killed. It was a little daughter of David VINE, who resided but a few rods from the scene of the accident. The body was picked up and conveyed to the house where an inquest was held.- [Albany Journal, August 31. DEATH OF DEAN RICHMOND.- Dean Richmond died in New York, Monday, Aug. 27. Mr. Richmond's important and honorable connections with the business interests of the country make his death a public calamity. He was born at Woobstock (Woodstock?), Vt., in 1804, being at the time of his death 63 years old. Mr. Richmond began life with no capital but industry, energy and honesty. He first engaged in the manufacture of salt at Syracuse; afterwards he moved to Buffalo and met with success as a grain dealer, having in the meantime, identified himself with the railroad interests of the State. He was at first a Director, then Vice President, and two years ago was made President of the Central Road. At the time of his death he was President of the Central and Lake Shore Roads. Mr. Richmond was also a politician, and won some distinction as a wise and sagacious political campaigner. DEATH OF A VENERABLE LAWYER.- Hon. Fortune C. WHITE died at his residence in Whitesboro, on the 27th, in the eightieth year of his age. He died where he was born-the town having been settled by his grandfather in 1784. He was believed, at the time of his death, to have been the oldest person born in the county of Oneida. He studied law with Judge Jones Platt, and was a partner of the once celebrated Henry R. Storrs, of Utica. He acquired distinction at the bar, and was eminent as a legislator. He was a member of Assembly in 1820 and again in 1838; a Judge of Oneida county form 1841 to 1846; and served as an officer, in the war of 1812. He was a man of exemplary private life, and highly respected by all classes. MARRIED BEAMS-SHELLMAN.- At the Parsonage in Davenport Center, August 30th, by Rev. Wm. D. Fero, Mr. John Beams, Jr., of Oneonta, to Miss Eudora H. Shellman, of Meredith, N. Y. 9/19/1866 DIED GRAVES.- In the village, Sept. 13th, at the house of his daughter, Mrs. E. Barnes, Mr. Hiram Graves, in 83 year of his age. HUDSON.- On Wednesday, Sept. 5th, at Argyle, Washington Co., Laurr (Laura?) Hudson, aged 8 years and 1 month, daughter of Sarah K. and the late Jacob R. Hudson. 9/26/1866 MARRIED BABCOCK-RICH.- At the Railroad House, in this village, September 21st, 1865, by Rev. H. N. Van Deusen, Mr. N. E. Babcock, to Miss Sophina Rich, both of East Worcester. 10/3/1866 DEATH OF HON. JOHN B. STEELE. Mr. John B. Steele, of Kingston, N. Y., who represented the Thirteenth District of the State in the Thirty-seventh and Thirty-eighth Congress, and who was at one time County Judge of Ulster county, was killed at Kingston September 24th, by being thrown from a wagon. He lived only three hours after the accident, which occurred under the following circumstances: Mr. Steele, having hired a horse and top carriage at a livery stable, was driving through one of the streets of Rondout, when the horse took fright and started off at a violent rate of speed, hurling the unfortunat (sic) gentleman from the vehicle. On touching the ground Mr. Steele's head struck the curbstone. He was picked up immediately, but was then insensible, and being conveyed to his residence expired in about three hours after receiving the injury. Mr. Steele formerly resided in this village, and practised (sic) law here for several years, and was for three years District Attorney of this county. He was the leader of the Democratic party in Ulster county, and was to have been nominated (so report says) for Congress. He leaves a wife and one child. MARRIED BARNS-YOUNGS.- In Oneonta, September 12th, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Mr. Iram BEAMS to Mrs. Lavina Youngs, all of Oneonta. CROSIER-EMMONS.- On the morning of September 24th, 1866, at the home of the bride, by Rev. G. O. Phelps, Mr. Frank E. Crosier, to Miss Carrie A. Emmons, all of Oneonta. GIFFORD-WALLING.- On the morning of September 25th, 1866 at the house of the bride's father, by Rev. G. O. Phelps, Mr. James H. Gifford, of Milford, to Miss Lorissa A. Walling, of Oneonta. DIED DUNBAR.- In Laurens, September 14th, 1866, Daniel Dunbar, aged 90 years and 7 months. Mr. Dunbar was among the first inhabitants of the town, having been a resident of it 76 years. As a citizen, he was much esteemed. 10/10/1866 SUICIDE. Corner Blodgett, of this village, held an inquest on the body of J. W. BASSINGER, a farmer of the town of Springfield, on the 26th of September. The jury found that deceased came to his death by hanging on the morning of the 26th. The deceased had been ill for about three years, and for the three last weeks had been growing worse, giving up the hope at last of ever recovering. It appears that his wife got up early that morning, and went to his room, not finding him, supposed he was building a fire; afterward, not finding him in the house, she found him hanging in the barn, dead and cold. He left a wife and four children, the eldest about ten and the youngest one year old.-[Otsego Republican. FATAL ACCIDENT ON THE A. & S. R. R. On Thursday morning last as the 7:30 A. M. train from Albany neared Worcester the engineer saw a man on the track blew the whistle and stopped the train as soon as possible. The man had abundant opportunity to get out of the way, but failed to do so. The cow catcher cut off one leg below the knee and threw him up about ten feet, striking against the embankment and smashing in the back part of the skull, causing death. His name was John C. CLOW, 59 years of age, and leaves a wife and two children. He was going to East Worcester at the time of the accident, and it seems partially deaf. He, however, attempted to get off the track when his cane caught and threw him back. No blame whatever is to be attached to the employees of the road.-[Schoharie Republican. MARRIED STEPHENS-YOUNG.- In West Oneonta, Sept. 30, 1866, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Zalmon R. Stephens, of Bethel, Conn., to Mrs. Clarria M. Young, of Cincinnati, Ohio. WILLIAMS-YOUNG.- In West Oneonta, Sept. 30, 1866, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Hiram H. Williams, of Cooperstown, to Miss Augusta V. YOUNG, of Cincinnati, Ohio. HOGOBOOM-GARDNER.- In Oneonta, October 3, 1866, by Rev. P. Scramling, Mr. Perry M. Hogoboom, to Miss Harriet E. GARDNER,-all of Otego. DIED WING.- In West Laurens, September 28, 1866, Annis, wife of Josiah Wing, in the 69th year of her age. 10/31/1866 MARRIED VAN ETTEN-SIVER.- At the Hotel of H. F. Jenks, in Milford Center, October 10, 1866, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Peter H. Van Etten, of Schenectady, to Miss Kate Siver, of Milford Center. DIED McMINN.- In North Franklin, October 19, 1866, Jane McMinn, aged 66 years, 8 months and 3 days. 11/7/1866 SUDDEN DEATH. Last Thursday evening Miss Polly Schofield-or as she was more familiarly known by intimate friends Aunt Polly-retired in her usual good health at about 7 o'clock, and soon thereafter went into a fit and died in about an hour. She was aunt to Dr. Reynolds, with whom she resided. She was about 80 years of age. There are many out side of her own relation who mourn the death of this aged woman. She was highly respected by all who knew her; and died in the hope of a glorious immortality. INSTANTLY KILLED. Wednesday morning, October 24, about 10 o'clock a German by the name of Clous COSIO, residing near the toll-gate, who was working for F. M. Kemp, in this village, was instantly killed in the following manner: He was tending a machine called a broom-corn scraper, which is run by horse-power, and his wife was by his side handing him the broom-corn as he put it in, when the teeth of the machine caught his hand and instantly drew his whole arm and shoulder in, cutting, mangling and tearing his arm, shoulder and body in the most horrible manner. Walter Kemp, who was the other side of the machine, instantly threw off the belt, stopped the machine and drew Cosio out, but it was too late. He was a poor man, about 35 years of age, and leaves a wife and three young children. His wife was nearly frantic with grief. Only a few months ago a little son of theirs was killed by a falling from a tree in Palatine.-[C. V. Gazette. 11/14/1866 FATAL ACCIDENT ON THE A. & S. R. R. A terrible accident occurred on the road last Wednesday morning. Ira RACE, a brakeman in the employ of the road, while attempting to get on the train at Schenevus, was thrown under the wheels and so terribly injured that this bowels were torn out. He died soon after of his injuries. The remains of the unfortunate man were carried to the city of Albany last Wednesday evening, and forwarded to Oswego, where the deceased leaves a wife and one child. Mr. Race was one of the best men in the employ of the road and his tragic death is deeply regretted by all who knew him. 11/23/1866 BURNED TO DEATH. A distressing death occurred on the afternoon of Monday, Nov. 5, (says the Schenevus Monitor), at the house of Con. DOOLEY, near this village. The father and mother being out, left their little boy only three years old, with a younger child in the house. The boy, while playing with the fire, through some means came in contact with the blaze, and his cotton clothes were soon consumed, and the little sufferer was literally crisped. He lived only a few hours, and his sufferings ended. MARRIED BRIDGES-BINGHAM.- In Oneonta, Nov. 14, 1866, by Rev. E. Crowell, Mr. Nathan Bridges, to Miss Fannie Bingham.-all of this village. From the above couple, the Printer received a handsome fee, for which they have our very best wishes for a long life-a happy and a prosperous one, and we know they will have it, for we never knew an instance where the Printer was handsomely remembered, that they did not enjoy happiness unbounded during their whole life. PORTER-ROW.- In Oneonta, Oct, 7, 1866, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Amos Porter, of Davenport, to Miss Synthia Row, of East Meredith. VAN ZANT-LYON.- At the Susquehanna House, in Oneonta, Nov. 14, 1866, by Rev. E. Crowell, Mr. Anson Van Zant, to Miss Mary P. Lyon.-all of Bainbridge, N. Y. 11/28/1866 MARRIED BURTON-SCHEMERHORN.- In Oneonta, Nov. 20th, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Mr. Warren P. Burton, to Miss M. E. Schemerhorn, all of Oneonta. DIED LEONARD.- In Morris, Nov. 12th, 1866, Henry E. Leonard, son of Russell Leonard, Esq., aged 17 years, 5 months and 5 days. Yes, Henry, we miss him sadly; the voice which as it were but yesterday, filling all hearts with gladness, is now hushed. In the quiet resting place of the dead lies now the cold silent form of the loved one. There's a vacant place in the home-circle, and a broken link in the hearts of that household band. May time, the soother of all sorrow, heal the wounded hearts, teaching them humbly to bow to this chaisetizement, knowing there is one who doeth all things well. H. 12/5/1866 FATAL ACCIDENT. As the workmen in the "heading" of the Tunnel on the A. & S. R. R. In the town of Colesville, were awaiting a "blast" a few days since, one of them looked from behind his shield, and at the same instant was struck in the head by a piece of the rock, nearly severing his head from the body. He died almost instantly. (No name was given.) 12/12/1866 MARRIED QUACKENBUSH-HUNT.- In Otego, at the residence of Mrs. G. SCRAMBLING, Nov. 27, by Rev. A. Griffin, Mr. John Quackenbush, to Miss Cornelia A. Hunt, both of Otego. WIETING-WILDER.- In Worcester, Dec. 5th, by Rev. A. Welton, Dr. P. G. Wieting, of Oneonta, to Miss Helen, only daughter of N. Wilder, Esq., of Worcester. CHAPMAN-FITCH.- In Norwich, Dec. 8th, by Rev. Mr. Patterson, Mr. A. Chapman, of Oneonta, to Mrs. Kate N. Fitch, of Norwich. DIED ROSE.- In Franklin, Dec. 9th, after a long and painful illness, Mr. John Rose, aged 60 (or 68?) years. Noble in heart, pure in purpose and firm in principles, few worthier men have blessed the community of their residence than Mr. Rose. BRIDGES.- In Laurens, Dec. 5, Martin Bridges, Esq., aged 67 years. BREWER.- In Oneonta, Dec. 7, Mrs. Abagail Brewer, wife of Jonathan Brewer, aged 70 years. 12/191866 MARRIED FISHER-WANNEMACHER.- At Delhi, Dec. 5, by Rev. M. S. Terry, Mr. J. H. Fisher, to Miss Barbara Wannenacher, both of Hamden. GLADSTON-YAPLE.- At North Kingston, Dec. 5, by Rev. J. Services, Mr. James R. GLADSTONE, of Andes, to Miss Augusta E. Yaple, of North Kingston. BAKER-SHOVE.- At Hartwick, Dec. 5, by Rev. A. Griffin, Mr. James O. Baker, of Milford, to Miss Sarah A. Shove, of Hartwick. WATERS-FOLLETT.- At Franklin, Dec. 12, by Rev. O. Applegate, Wm. Waters, Jr., of Franklin, to Miss Kate Follett, of Oshkosh, Wis. 12/26/1866 MARRIED VAN DEUSEN-PERSONS.- At Waverley, December 19, by Rev. H. N. Van Deusen, Mr. George S. Van Deusen, of Cooperstown, to Miss Sarah E. Persons, of Waverley. BRUSH-SWART.- At Oneonta, December 19, by Rev. G. O. Phelps, Mr. James R. Brush, of Croton, to Miss Sally M. Swart, of North Hamdon. ADDY-BARNES.- At Franklin, December 25, by Rev. Samuel J. White, of Butternuts, Rev. William Addy, Pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Franklin, to Miss Fannie A., eldest daughter of John H. Barnes, Esq., of Franklin. ERNST-PHILIP.- At Brooklyn, December 12, by Rev. A. B. Beach, G. William Ernst, of New York City, to Miss Kate M. Philip, grand daughter of Mrs. Catharine BROWN, of Brooklyn. DIED DAY.- In New Berlin, December 16, Miss Sally Day, aged 51 years. BRANT.- In Unadilla, December 18, Daniel L., son of Nelson F. and Elizabeth Brant, about 17 years of age. LEET.- In West Meredith, December 19, Martin Leet, Esq., in the 87th year of his age.

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