Death & Marriage Notices
Oneonta Herald
Starting March 1867
Compiled and Contributed by
Sandy Goodspeed

Some issues are missing.    (Inst. Means same month, ult.  means 
preceeding month)

Paper Date - YEAR 1867
1/2/1867 MARRIED CLARK-SAVAGE.- At Cooperstown, Dec. 25, by Rev. Chas. K. McHarg(?), John L. Clark, of Exeter, to Lisetta M. Savage, of Cooperstown. STILSON-DART.- At the Baptist Church in Franklin, Dec. 25, by Rev. B. F. Williams, Orrin J. Stilson, of Franklin, to Miss Esther Dart, of North Hamden. JUDSON.-SCOTT. At Franklin, Dec. 22, by Rev. B. F. Williams, Wm. Judson, Jr., to Miss Mary Scott,-both of Sidney. GIBBONS-GRANGER.- At Franklin, Dec. 26, by Rev. R. H. Kelley, Lieut. Eli Gibbons, to Miss Elizabeth Granger,-both of Franklin. BEACH-WILDE.- At Sidney Center, Dec. 27, by Rev. R. H. Kelley, Robert Beach, of Franklin, to Miss Nettie Wilde, of Sidney Center. GOODRICH-FRENCH.- At Otego, Dec. 27, by Rev. Mr. Pilkington, Solomon Goodrich, to Miss Sarah French.- both of Otego. DIED WOODRUFF.- In Unadilla, Dec. 20 or 29, Mrs. Sylvia Woodruff, wife of Bennet Woodruff, aged 52 years. LOOMIS.- In Oaksville, Dec. 7, Mr. Israel Loomis, in his 67th year. HUYCK.- In Hector, Pa., Dec. 15, Mrs. Calista Huyck, wife of Z. A. Huyck, and daughter of the late Timothy W. GIBBONS, of Franklin, aged 33 years. BARNES.- In Franklin, Dec. 25, James Herbert Barnes, late of 90th N. Y. Vols., and son of Harry Barnes of Franklin, aged 22 years. (see article below) BRIMMER.- In Otego, Dec. 26, of apoplexy, Aaron Brimmer, aged 72 years. MORRIS.- In Charlotte, N. C., Dec. 25, Isaac T. Morris, U. S. N., son of the late General Jacob Morris, of Binghamton. McDONALD.- In Stamford, Dec. 11, Mrs. Grace McDonald, wife of Wm. McDonald, formerly of Croton, aged 50 years. Franklin. On Thursday last another of the soldier martyrs of Franklin, James Herbert BARNES, was carried to his grave. After serving three years in the 90th Regiment of New York Volunteers, and suffering terribly from the privations and exposures incident to war at the siege of Fort(?) Hudson and other memorable places, he came home but to linger a few weary months, and die among his kindred. To one's country may be given wealth, talent, influence and life itself. But who gives more than the young...(cut off) (Went back to old form for notices) 1/9/1867 MARRIED In Portlandville, Dec. 31st, by Rev. C. T. Moss, Osmar BAYNES, of Deposit, to Mrs. Elizabeth PERSONS, of Portlandville, (formerly of Cooperstown.) In Laurens, Dec. 25th, by Rev. G. R. Burnside, Oscar MAPLES, of Hartwick, to Miss Mary E. CARR (CARD?), of Laurens. In Burlington, Dec. 26th, by Rev. G. E. Flint, Norman J. FLINT, of Westford, to Miss Annie PACKER, of Portland. In Toddsville, Dec. 31st, by Rev. A. Damon, Asa L. FLANSBURGH, to Miss Viola E. POPE, all of Toddsville. In Middlefield, Dec. 9th, by Rev. H. V. Talbot, Clarke SMITH, to Miss Catharine GLARE (?), all of Middlefield. In Springfield, Dec. 24th, by Rev. Mr. Ward, Charles S. HOOD, to Miss Abby KELLY, all of Springfield. In Westford, Dec. 25th, by Rev. H. W. Talbot, James ISMOND, of Middlefield, to Miss Sarah DEIFENDOFF (?), of Westford. In Hartwick, Dec. 24th, by Rev. A. Damon, Henry HENIKER (?), of Laurens, to Miss Mary E. COLTON, of Hartwick. In Sidney, Dec. 25th, by Rev. E. T. Jacobs, A. C. NORTHRUP, to Miss Fanny J. BARNS. In Roxbury, Jan. 1st, by Rev. C. Palmer, Joseph STILWELL, of Tholmdell, N. J., to Miss Mary A. LATHAN, of Davenport, N. Y. In Andes, Jan. 2d, by Rev. J. Service, Patrick SANDERSON, of Walton, to Miss Mary A. CAIRNS, of Andes. In Sidney, by Rev. R. H. Kelley, John PATTERSON, of Franklin, to Miss Violet HAMILTON, of Sidney. In Candor, Tioga Co., Dec. 23d, George C. FERRIS, late of Franklin, to Miss Nancy VOSE, of Candor. In Oneonta, at the Eagle Hotel, Jan. 1st, by Rev. Geo. O. Phelps, Perry Springer, of Butternuts, to Miss Esther E. BRADLEY, of Guilford. In the Free Baptist Church in this village, Jan. 2d, by Rev. E. Crowell, Wm. S. BEDFORD, of Wis., to Mrs. M. E. BOWMAN, (late Principal of the Oneonta High School.) In Oneonta, Dec. 24th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Andrew FERN, to Miss Alvira HUNGERFORD, all of Milford. In West Laurens, Dec. 25th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Howard S. BRIGGS, to Miss Mary D. SMITH, all of West Laurens. DIED At Fly Creek, Dec. 29th, Mary E., wife of Chas. I. METCALF and daughter of S. E. TURNER, in the 21st year of her age. At Cooperstown, Jan. 1st, Abram LAMBERT, aged about 55 years. At Morris, Dec. 27th, of consumption, Samuel H. PEET, formerly of Oneonta, aged 37 years, 3 months and 29 days. At Watervliet, Dec. 28th, Mrs. Lois FAIRCHILD, widow of Hezekiah Fairchild, formerly of North Franklin, aged 79 years. At North Franklin, Jan. 6th, of consumption, Ellen, daughter of the late John MALTBY, aged 22 years. 1/16/1867 MARRIED In West Laurens, January 9th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. P. H. LEIGH, to Miss Adelaide S. HATHAWAY, all of West Laurens. In Sidney, by Rev. T. M. Williams, Mr. Jonathan SKINNER, of Sidney, to Miss Henriette OSTRANDER, of Unadilla. (No date given in notice.) DIED At Davenport, January 13th, Robert CRAWFORD, aged 77 years. At Oneonta, January 11th, Catharine WHITMARSH, aged 105 years last May, wife of Nicholas Whitmarsh, who died about 40 years ago. 1/23/1867 MARRIED In East Worcester, Dec. 24th, by Rev. Mr. Pixley, J. C. JAYNES, of Knapps, Ill., to Miss Mary O. CHAMPION, of the former place. In Worcester, Dec. 31st, by Rev. S. Bruce, Isaac P. NICHELS, of North Harpersfield, to Miss Martha J. HALLECK, of Worcester. In Oxford, Jan. 1st, by Rev. E. H. Payson, LeGrand U. HATHAWAY, to Miss Euphemia TOBY, both of Otego. In Mohawk, Jan. 1st, by Rev. L. Bolton, Rufus W. SHIMEL, to Miss Samantha R. SMITH, both of Springfield. In Berne, Jan. 2d, by Rev. Edward Miller, Harvey W. BELL, M. D., of Meredith, to Miss Kate T. ST. JOHN, of Berne. In Davenport, Jan. 20th, by Rev. William Fero, Peter W. SWART, of Oneonta, to Mrs. Assenath MICKEL, of Oneonta. In Oneonta, Jan. 22d, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Aleander W. HAND, of Oneonta, to Miss Jane HOPKINS, of Otego. In Davenport, Jan. 15th, at the house of the bride's parents, by Rev. W. D. Foro, Robert D. KERR, of Hobart, to Sarah C. HANFORD. DIED At Walton, Dec. 8th, Lena, twin daughter of John and Lucy BRISACK, aged 9 months and 5 days. At Rock Bluffs, Nebraska, Dec. 20, Ebenezer M., aged 21 years and 10 months, son of Walter HOLMES, formerly of Delhi. At Croton, Dec. 29, Carrie A., daughter of Richard and Laura A. McMINN, aged 1 year and 9 months. At Unadilla, Dec. 22d, Mr. Isaiah BLANCHARD, in his 80th year. At Kortright, Dec. 27th, Mrs. Elizabeth McCLAUGHRY, consort of the late James McClaughry, aged 88 years. At Maryland, Jan. 3d, Bertha E., daughter of Wm. W. and Orrinda CONE, aged 10 months and 11 days. At Roseboom, Jan. 5th, Abraham ROSEBOOM, Esq., in the 90th year of his age. He came to Cherry Valley about the year 1800, and has lived on the arm (farm) occupied by him at his death over 60 years. At New York City, Jan. 6th, Rev. Moses CUMMINGS, of the Christian denomination, formerly of Hamden, aged 50 years. At Laurens, Jan. 17th, Racia (?), only child of Horatio G. and Caroline STRONG, aged 2 years, 1 month and 8 days. At West Davenport, Jan. 13th, Mrs. Fero, widow of the late Solomon Fero, aged 73 years. At Corning, Jan. 14th, of inflamation of the lungs, Egbert D. BUNDY, aged 20 years and 4 months. The deceased was born in Otego, Otsego county. 1/30/1867 MARRIED In Oneonta, January 30, by Rev. Mr. Pilkington, Edward BALDWIN, of Otego, to Miss Mary F. VAN WOERT, of Oneonta.- [The printers of the Herald were remembered.] In Carbondale, Pa., Jan. 16, by Rev. Mr. Crane, Robert J. BARTLETT, of Franklin, to Miss Louise OTTMAN, daughter of Dr. B. Ottman, of Carbondale. In Richmondville, Jan. 16, Mortimer EMPIE, of Richmondville, to Miss Marion CHAMBERLIN, daughter of the late George CHAMBERLIN, of Franklin. In Elmira, Jan. 3d, by Rev. J. C. Beecher, Mr. John A. COMSTOCK, of Norwalk, Conn., to Miss Fannie M. ANDERSON, daughter of Judge Anderson, Elmira. At the M. E. Parsonage, Delhi, Jan. 22d, by Rev. M. S. Terry, Mr. Joel CARPENTER, to Miss Sophronia E. McINTOSH, all of Delhi. In Delhi, Jan. 17th, by Rev. J. H. Robinson, Mr. Jacob LAMBERT, of Andes, to Miss Helen B. SYMINGTON, of Delhi. In Delhi, Jan. 24th, by Rev. J. H. Robinson, Mr. James DOUGLASS, of Middletown, to Miss Anna AINSLIE, of Meredith. In Delhi, Jan. 24th, by Rev. J. H. Robinson, Mr. James MIDDLEMIST, of Delhi, to Miss Jane AINSLIE, of Meredith. In Maryland, at the bride's father, Jan. 20th, by the Rev. A. Martin, Mr. Beck THOMPSON, to Miss Amanda HUBBARD, all of Maryland. In Harpersfield, Dec. 14th, by Rev. S. Bruce, Mr. HUFFMAN, to Miss Perlina IVES, all of the same place. DIED In Oneonta, Jan. 23d, John PARDOE, aged 30 years. In Walton, on the 17th inst., Miss Harriet MALLORY, aged 15 years, only surviving daughter of the late Adna Mallory. Suddenly, in Bovina, on Friday morning, 11th inst., Mr. James THOMSON, in the 90th year of his age. In Bovina, at the residence of his father-in-law, Mr. McDONALD, of consumption, Mr. Andrew T. COULTER, aged nearly 29 years. In Delhi, Jan. 12th, Mr. Francis OLIVER, aged about 29 years. In Delhi, at the residence of her son-in-law, Hon. W. MURRAY, Jr., Jan. 20th, Mrs. Susan MERWIN, widow of the late Col. Asher Merwin, of Kortright, aged 82 years. In Brooklyn, Thursday, Dec. 20th, of cancer, Mattie J., wife of O. HATFIELD, in her 26th year. In South Kortright, January 24th, Mr. Charles KEELER, youngest son of the late Judge M. Keeler, aged about 42 years. At his residence, in the town of Delhi, Jan. 6th, Gabriel GRANT, aged 67 years. In Unadilla, Jan. 15th, of congestion of the lungs, in the 25th year of her age, Mary, wife of Robert S. BALESTIER, and daughter of Amos HOLMES. In Portlandville, Tuesday, Jan. 15, Eva, wife of Cyrus S. STEERE, and daughter of Alonzo, and Lydia A. LYON, aged 20 years. 2/6/1867 MARRIED At Meredith, Jan. 28, by Rev. A. E. Clark, Marshall L. S. JACKSON, to Miss Minnie E. Graham, all of Meredith. At Bloomville, Jan. 29th, Sergt. Thomas M. SCOTT, late of Co. C 144th N. Y. V., to Miss Laura B. KEELER, of Bloomville. (No minister given) At Meredith, Jan. 29th, by Rev. M. S. Terry, David PEASTER, to Miss Jennie McFARLANE, all of Meredith. At the Eagle Hotel, in this village, Jan. 30th, by Rev. H. N. Van Deusen, J. J. McEWEN, of Otsego, to Miss Amanda A. GARDNER, of New Lisbon. DIED In Franklin, Dec. 30th, of congestive fever, John, son of John DAY, aged 16 years. In Unadilla, Oct. 15, Col. David HOUGH, in the 69th year of his age. In Unadilla, Dec. 22d, Mr. Isaiah BLANCHARD, in the 80th year of his age. In Pittsfield, Jan. 17th, Mr. Henry MOORE, in the 52d year of his age. In Bloomville, Jan. 26th, Mrs. Nancy FORMAN, relict of the late Archibald B. Forman, aged 47 years. 2/13/1867 MARRIED At Moresville, Jan. 29th, J .Cornelius MERRICK, of Franklin, to Miss Jane E. GRANT, of Moresville. At Oneonta, Feb. 5th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. A. BURRELL, of Davenport, to Miss Sarah DAVIS, of Otego. At Worcester, Feb. 3d, by Rev. I. Powers, Mr. H. L. MILLER, to Miss Caroline ANDREWS, all of Worcester. At Stamford, Jan. 30th, by the Rev. W. H. Mickle, Howard S. GOODENOUGH, of Stamford, to Miss Adelaide L. MARBLE, of Davenport. At Bloomville, Jan. 29th, by Rev. W. S. Winans, Thomas M. SCOTT, to Miss Laura R. KEELER, all of Bloomville. At Stamford, January 26th (28th?), by the Rev. G. B. Crippen, Mr. James R. CRARY, of Roxbury, to Miss Amelia BAILEY, of Gilboa, Schoharie Co. At Meredith, Jan. 29th, by Rev. M. S. Terry, David PEASTER, to Miss Jennie McFARLANE, all of Meredith. (This notice also in 2/6/1867 edition.) DIED In Franklin, Feb. 10th, Mrs. Elisha C. REDFIELD, aged 22 years. In Franklin, Feb. 10th, Julia L., only daughter of Wm. and Elizabeth L. WATERS, aged 12 years. In Franklin, Jan. 30th, of congestive fever, John, son of John JAY, aged 16 years. In Hancock, Feb. 4th, John ROOD, aged 53 years. In Delhi, 4th inst., Mrs. Mary LOVELL, in the 75th year of her age, mother of H. O. Lovell, recently deceased. In Brooklyn, on Friday February 1st, Mary DeFOREST, wife of William C. SHELDON, in the 37th year of her age. In East Worcester, Otsego Co., Feb. 1st, Mr. John CHAMPION, aged about 65 (66?) years. In Symrna, January 29th, Deman HUBBARD, father of Hon. Demas Hubbard, Jr., M. C. for this district, aged 87 years. In Hartwick Village, on the 27th ult., of Congestion of the Lungs, Mr. Amos MAPLES, in the 62d year of his age. > In Otsego, January 2d, Mrs. Susannah, wife of Ira HYDE, in the 81st year of her age. In West Davenport, Jan. 29th, Maria B. GOODRICH, wife of Andrew Goodrich, daughter of W. M. MOON, in the 34 year of her age. 2/29/1867 DIED In Springfield, Feb. 12th, of Apoplexy, Robert SCANTLING, formerly of Oneonta, aged 60 years. The remains of Mr. S. were brought to Oneonta for burial. 2/27/1867 MARRIED At Oneonta, February 20, by Rev. E. Crowell, Mr. H. T. PARCE, of Butternuts, to Miss Annie E. Drake, of Franklin. At Oneonta, February 21, by Rev. E. Crowell, Mr. R. J. HAWVER, to Miss Mary SEGER, both of Milford. At Portlandville, February 21, by Rev. Geo. W. Foote, Mr. L. T. BROWN, of Schenvus, to Miss Jennie BARLOW, of Portlandville. In Middleburgh, February 14, Rev. Rufus W. Clark, D. D., Charles L. SANFORD "E. C.", of Schenevus, to Miss Isabel, daughter of Mrs. A. C. CONNELLY, of Middleburgh. DIED In Laurens, February 18, Mrs. CHADDEN, aged 73 years. In Oneonta, February 22, William H. HUDSON, of Laurens, aged 26 years and 8 months. In Otego, February 15, Mrs. C. M. HUBBARD, wife of Morris S. Hubbard, and daughter of H. DODGE, formerly of Otego, aged 30 years. In Otego, February 21, Mrs. E. A. PARLIS, aged 44 years. 3/6/1867 MARRIED At the Susquehanna House, March 2d, by Rev. E. Crowell, Mr. Thos. LAWYER, of South Worcester, to Miss Fannie FIGGER, of Davenport. At Oneonta, February 26, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Stephen F. MONSON, of Davenport, to Miss Isabel KEY, of Meredith. In Delhi, February 20, by Rev. Mr. Hall, William H. STEELE, Esq., of Roxbury, to Miss M. Augusta BURHANS, daughter of the late Dubois Burhans, of Delhi. DIED In Walton, on the 23d inst., Mr. Elihu McC. ANDREWS, formerly of Delhi, aged about 55 years. In Morris, at the residence of his son, January 29, of apoplexy, Anson TURNER, in the 63d year of his age. In Franklin, February 23, Alida, daughter of Jeremiah EVANS, aged 15 years. In Sidney, February 25, at the residence of he son, R. W. COURTNEY, Catherine Courtney, in the 73d(?) year of her age. 3/13/1867 MARRIED At Delhi, 5th inst., by Rev. J. H. Robinson, Mr. Adam HUTSON, of Delhi, to Miss Amanda M. WALDIE, of Susquehanna Co., Pa. At Oneonta, March 9th, by Rev. E. C. Hough, Mr. George A. ALLEN, of Franklin, to Miss Anna HOPKINS, of Davenport. DIED In Hartwick, on 25th ult., Chauncey T. SMITH, in the 52d year of his age. In Morris, March 1st, Andrew G. WASHBON, aged 78 years. In Cooperstown, 4th inst., Andrew B. BOGUE, in the 22d year of his age. In Hartwick, 5th inst., of consumption, Isaac, son of Lucius TUCKER, in the 19th year of his age. In Milford, Feb. 19, 1867, Mrs. Erexene DINGHAM, aged 36 years. In Trenton, N. J., Pacifer DUTCHER, formerly of Springfield, in this county, aged 73 years. In Decatur, February 25, Mrs. Harriet M., wife of Harvey W. SPAFFORD, aged 44 years. In Oneonta, 7th inst., of Pneumonia, Mrs. Martha E. McCALL, aged 53 years and 10 months. In Otego, March 11th, Dewitt HUBBELL, aged 14 years. 3/27/1867 MARRIED In Oneonta, March 13, at Lewis' Hotel, by Rev. E . Crowell, Abijah SHAVER, of Davenport, to Miss Melissa SUTTON, of Delhi. In Oneonta, March 13, at the Susquehanna House, by Rev. E. Crowell, Geo. WILLIAMS, to Miss Adelia DIBBLE, both of Sidney. In Walton, Feb. 26, by Rev. J. S. Pattengill, John F. RIDER, of Maryland, Otsego Co., to Miss Clarissa BUSH, of Hamden. In Delhi, March 12, by Rev. F. A. Brown, Edmund ROSE, Esq., to Miss Effie McFADDEN, all of Delhi. In Colchester, by Clinton Wilson, Esq., DeWitt ROSE, of Shandaken, to Miss Mary J. YOUMANS, of Rockland. In Walton, Feb. 28, by Rev. D. McAllister, James A. MILLER, of Bovina, to Miss Janette SMITH, of Delhi. In Andes, March 7, by Rev. James Bruce, Peter G. BOYES(?), to Miss Mary E. DAVIS, all of Andes. In Hamden, March 6, by Rev. M. S. Terry, Geo. PATTERSON, of Walton, to Miss Phebe A. MOORE, of Hamden. DIED In Walton, Feb. 26th, Deacon John ST. JOHN, aged 62 years. In Delhi, March 11, Mrs. Matilda R. TIRRELL, aged 75 years. In Walton, on the 12th inst., Mr. Alfred WALKER(?), formerly of Delhi, aged 35 years. In Meredith, March 5th, Almira JACOBS, daughter of the late F. G. Jacobs, of Davenport, in the 15th year of her age. In Meredith, at the house of William SHAVER, Meredith, on the 6th inst., Annie PAINE, widow of the late Abijah Paine of Davenport, aged 77 years. In Meredith, on the 6th inst., suddenly, in the 16th year of her age, Allie BOUTON, only daughter of Orrin Bouton. 3/27/1867 MARRIED At Sidney, March 13, by Rev. T. P. Halsted, Mr. Eliphalet BASSELL, of Sidney, to Miss Susan E. GOLDSMITH, of Oswego. At Unadilla, March 18, by Rev. P. T. Hallsted, Mr. Michael GAFFETT, of Tompkins, to Mrs. Anna E. TRIMPER, of Franklin. At Deposit, March 17, by Rev. J. N. Adams, Rev. L. L. WELLMAN, of Mansonville, to Miss Sylvia SEYMOUR, of Unadilla. On March 19, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Mr. James POMEROY, of Franklin, to Miss Louisa KIMBLE, of Oneonta. 4/3/1867 MARRIED At the bride's house, March 23, by Rev. J. Filkinton, Albert HUNT, to Miss Ada NORTHRUP, all of Otego. At Otego, March 23(?), by Rev. J. Filkinton, A----- H. FIELD, to Miss Jo---- CONNELLY, all of Hartwick. DIED In Franklin, March 23, Mrs. Lucinda BUELL, widow of the late Elisha Buell, aged 77 years. At the residence of his son-in-law, Rev. E. B. -----(?), Jefferson, J. D. (BRAKES/BEAKES/BEAKER?), in the 71st year of his age. Deceased was a native of Ulster Co., a soldier in 1812 and for many years a resident of Poughkeepsie. 4/10/1867 MARRIED At Laurens, April 2, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Wm. H. HOPKINS, to Miss Anna HOPKINS, both of Laurens. At Laurens, April 4th, by Rev. H. b. Carruth, Mr. Van Buren YOUNGS, of Little Falls, to Miss Lydia A. MANN, of Laurens. DIED In Oneonta, March 31st, Mrs. Hannah HAMMOND, aged 72 years. 4/17/1867 MARRIED At the bride's house, in Oneonta, April 11th, by Rev. G. O. Phelps, Mr. Chauncey L. MICHAEL, to Miss Mary E. MUMFORD, all of Oneonta. At the Baptist Parsonage, in Oneonta, April 8th, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Mr. Ransler BRAZEE, of Andes, to Miss Lucy FRITTS, of North Franklin. DIED In Otego, March 21, Curtis H. GREEN, aged 79 years. In West Oneonta, April 11th, Caleb OLIN, aged 60 years. In Oneonta, April 14th, Mrs. Nellie PRICE CROWELL, wife of Rev. E. Cowell, aged 32 years. In Ann Arbor, Mich., on the 8th inst., Mrs. Mary E., wife of the Rev. David TORREY, formerly of Delhi. In Margaretville, March 30th, at the parsonage, Rev. Walter Doig TELFORD, aged 37 years. In Hamden, Saturday, 6th inst., at the residence of her son, M. L. BOSTWICK, Esq., Mrs. Freelove Bostwick, relict of the late Hon. Jabez Bostwick. 4/24/1867 MARRIED At Andes, 11th inst., by Rev. James Bruce, Mr. Alexander NEISH, to Miss Mary A., daughter of Lucius HITCHCOCK, formerly of Franklin. At Oneonta Plains, April 16th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. James McDOUGAL, to Miss Amanda MORRELL, both of Oneonta. DIED In Laurens, 11th inst., Clara Ettie, daughter of Eldred B. and Melissa STANTON, aged 1 year, 11 months and 13 days. In Edmeston, April 1st, of consumption, Lucy Jane, wife of Albert SPENCER, aged 39 years, 11 months. In Delhi, April 16th, Miss Diana L. ROBINSON, aged 44 years. In Cooperstown, April 8th, Eliza, wife of Elijah MARCELLUS, in the 49th year of her age. In Hartwick, April 2d, Willie HYDE, aged 3 years, 11 months. In Morris, 8th instant, Georgiana, infant daughter of Eugene S. and C. E. BERGAN, aged 3 months. In Delhi, 11th inst., Mr. Samuel ROBINSON, aged 77 years. In Delhi, April 14th, Mr. John GRIFFIN, aged 42 years. In Delhi, March 13th, Mrs. Huldah SMITH, wife of Michael I. Smith of Davenport, aged 82 years. In Sheridan, April 7th, Mrs. Hannah Louisa NICKERSON, wife of Thomas M. McLAURY, aged 52 years, formerly of Kortright. In Meredith, 12th inst., Mrs. Mary HOYT, in the 80th year of her age, the widow of the late Daniel Hoyt. In Masonville, 7th inst., Mr. Thomas W. RANDALL, in the 87th year of his age. 5/1/1867 MARRIED At Elmira, April 24th, E. D. LEONARD, M. D., of Otego, to Miss Adah DENTON, of Elmira. At Cobleskill, on the 17th ult., by Rev. Mr. Wieting, Norman FINK, of Worcester, to Miss Mary A. HERON, of Maryland. At Unadilla, April 23, by Rev. J. H. Kidder, Mr. George S. JOICE, of Sidney, to Miss Ellen QUIMBY, of Unadilla. In Oneonta, April 17th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, C. S. STEPHENS, of Burlington, to Mrs. Annette HARDY, of Milford. DIED In Franklin, April 25, Mrs. Ann MELLOR, wife of John Mellor, formerly of Middlefield, aged 77 years. In North Franklin, April 25, George ROBBINS, aged 22 years, at the residence of John BENEDICT. In Maryland, April 21, Mr. Joseph GODDARD, aged 33 years. In Warnerville, on the 19th ult., Dr. J. T. FRENCH, aged 48 years. In Unadilla, April 12, after an illness of several months, Carrington F. NOBLE, in his 39th year. In Cooperstown, April 21, Stephen GREGORY, aged 77 years. Mr. G. was born in Danbury, Conn., April 11, 1790, and came to this the "Western country" in the year 1815. In Masonville, February 1st, Mrs. Huldah BEALS, aged 97 years and 5 months. In Middletown, April 10, Mrs. Fezon ALLABEN, mother of Senator O. Allaben, in the 80th year of her age. At Onion River, Sheboygan Co., Wis., Mrs. Anna HUTCHINSON, formerly of Walton, aged 71 years. 5/8/1867 MARRIED At Middlefield Center, May 1st, by Rev. Mr. Gardner, Maj. George GROAT, of Cooperstown, to Miss Francis L. CLYDE, of Middlefield Center. At Davenport Center, April 30th, by Rev. Wm. D. Fero, Lieut. Nathaniel H. HUBBARD, to Miss Alice A. MILLER, only daughter of the Hon. Ezekiel Miller, of Davenport Center. At Unadilla, April 23d, by Rev. N. Ripley, J. W. PAUL, of Masonville, to Laura M. SMITH, of Unadilla. DIED In Roxbury, March 22d, Robert SMITH, aged about 71 years. In Walton, April 23d, Burr(?) LYON, aged 73 years. In Colliersville, May 3d, Joseph TUCKER, aged 42 years. 5/15/1867 On Tuesday night, May 7th, Mrs. Drake, wife of Preserved DRAKE, aged about 55 years, committed suicide by cutting her throat with a razor and pen knife. It is believed that Mrs. Drake was insane, while her perseverance in the work of death shows purpose and calculation. It seems that fearing her razor cuttings would not be fatal, she inflicted several severe wounds in the throat and wind pipe with a penknife. (No known town.) MARRIED At Gilbertsville, May 6th, by Rev. Charles Ayer, Tolliver HOLMES of Butternuts, of the 22d U. S. Regiment, to Miss Julia M. M. PARISH, of Morris. At Hartwick, May 1st, by Rev. A. Damon, Richman H. POTTER, to Miss Alice D. STEVENS(?), all of New Lisbon. At Portlandville, April 29th, by Rev. E. Pidsley, Rev. E. N. GODDARD to Janette, daughter of Capt. Jesse MUMFORD of Portlandville. At Portlandville, April 29th, by Rev. D. S. Tuttle, D. D., Bishop Elect of Montana, Rev. G. D. B. MILLER of Boise City, Idaho, to Mary T., daughter of the late Rev. G. L. FOOTE, of Morris. At Maryland, May 5th, by Rev. A. Martin, Oris W. BRYANT of Great Valley, to Miss Mariette GURNEY of Maryland. At Bedford, Westchester Co., Jan. 1st, by Rev. Mr. Hendricks, Rev. Frank FLETCHER late of Unadilla, to Miss Julia NEWMAN. DIED In Springfield, April 18th, Eddie Schuyler, son of Fannie I and Charles HEWES, aged one year. In West Exeter, May 1st, Mrs. Helen P., wife of Chester H. COLT, and eldest daughter of Perley A. and Helen P. CHILD, aged 32 years. In Garrattsville, April 13th, Mary, wife of Jeremiah T. SHOVE, in the 60th year of her age. A believer in the doctrines taught by Wm. Penn, she fully exemplified their holy Christian precepts in every relation of life. In Maryland, on the 2d inst., Mrs. Nancy WIGHTMAN, aged 82 years. In Masonville, May 3d, Darius SMITH, Esq., aged 85 years. In Binghamton, May 4th, of consumption, Miss Jennie WEST, daughter of the late Henry West of Franklin, aged 24 years, 7 months and 26 days. In Cooperstown, May 11th, after a brief illness, Jennie W., eldest daughter of Charles W. and Ellen LEWIS of Oneonta, aged 16 years and 6 months. Conscientious in the performance of Christian duty; an apt scholar in the Sunday School; an affectionate, dutiful child; an ardent friend,- her death will be deplored. (Poem included with notice.) 5/22/1867 MARRIED At Oneonta, May 15th, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Mr. N. H. SHORT of Binghamton, to Mrs. Sarah HARRIS of Oneonta. The printers were bountifully remembered. At Cooperstown, May 14th, by Rev. S. M. HAMILL, 1st Lieut. Cha's. L. DAVIS, 10th U. S. Infantry, to Miss Sarah G., daughter of the late W. T. BEEBEE, Esq., and adopted daughter of the late Jude MOREHOUSE. At Binghamton, May 14th, by Rev. M. G. Smith, of Preston, Conn., Mr. F. N. CHASE, to Miss Ellen E. SMITH, ("E.," of the Standard,) both of Binghamton. At Sidney, May 6th, by Rev. Mr. Wright, Mr. Harvey BAKER, to Miss Anna MAYO, all of Deposit. At Butternuts, March 27th, by Rev. Charles Ayer, Moses HANFORD, of Walton, to Mrs. Frances M. MIRICK, of Butternuts. At Utica, April 29th, by Rev. D. C. Curry, E. Green DOW, of Sherburne, to Sarah Ellen PHELPS, of South Edmeston. At Gilbertsville, May 9th, by Rev. Charles Ayer, Wesley C. MAFFIT, to Martha GOODRICH, both of Morris. At Worcester, by Rev. D. Corwin, Wm. C. HOUHTON, of Chicago, Ill., to Miss Mary L. POWERS, of Worcester. (No date given.) At Schenevus, May 9th, by Rev. H. N. Vandeusen, Sebastian HANER, aged 82, to Mrs. Susan N. RICH, aged 30; all of Maryland, N. Y. DIED In East Davenport, May 17, of malignant Erysipelas, Hosea REYNOLDS, formerly of North Kortright, in the 80th year of his age. Father of the Editor of this paper. In Delhi, May 9th, of Consumption, Caroline, wife of W. H. JACKSON, and daughter of the late Almon BENNETT, aged 22 years. In Delhi, May 8th, Mrs. Huldah PERKINS, wife of Solomon Perkins, aged about 75 years. In Milford, May 3d, Schuyler P. FOX, only son of Gilbert A. and Wealthy Fox, aged 15 years. In Maryland, May 9th, Mrs. Phebe SHUTTS, aged 74 years. In Unadilla, May 5th, Mrs. Eliza BURGESS, aged 79 years. In Sidney, March 19, Wesley, youngest son of Amaziah and Lucy BASSEL, aged 20 years and 11 months. In Jersey City, May 17, Ira POST, formerly of Delaware Co., aged 52 years. In Cooperstown, May 14th, Eugene, son of George H. and Philena PECK, in the 17th year of his age. In Hartwick, April 20th, Cora Ettie, daughter of Harvey and Ann C. HOLDRIDGE, aged 1 year and 3 days. In Franklin, May 15th, Mrs. Ann WILCOX, wife of Thomas S. Wilcox, formerly of Davenport. Mrs. W. was daughter of the late Peter BECKER of Kortright. In Lordville, May 11th, James E. HUMPHREY, in the 62d year of his age. In Maryland, May 15th, Mrs. Esther SPENCER, wife of Uriah Spencer, aged 68 years, 9 months and 13 days. 5/29/1867 MARRIED At Oneonta, May 7th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Henry C. PETTIS, of Hamden, to Margaret GATES, of Meredith. At Delhi, May 22, by Rev. J. M. Robinson, Leander HALL, to Miss Huldie A. GRANT, both of Delhi. DIED In Oneonta, May 20, of consumption, Robert W. HOPKINS, aged 58 years. In Ithaca, at the residence of her son, Rev. T. F.(?) White, May 12, Mrs. Esther WHITE, widow of the late Rev. Henry White, D. D., aged 75 years. In Delhi, 18th inst., Mrs. Elizabeth CAVIN, wife of James Cavin, Esq., aged 85 years. In Hamden, 19th inst., Mr. James JACK, aged 88 years, a native of Scotland. In Milford Centre, May 15, Capt. William L. WRIGHT, in the 88th year of his age. In Springfield, suddenly, April 3d, Mr. James YOUNG, in the 77th year of his age. In Cooperstown, May 14, Candace BRACE, wife of Samuel ANGELL aged 65 years. In Unadilla, on the 17th inst., after a lingering illness, Mrs. Harriet W. CONE, aged 57 years. In Schenevus, May 17, Sarah C. GLEASON, wife of Mr. Reed Gleason, and daughter of Col. STEPHENS, In North Hamden, May 17, Mary Ellen, daughter of Francis and Mary SCOTT, aged three years. 6/5/1867 DELAWARE COUNTY NEWS. A son of Wm. MURRAY, Esq., of Delhi, aged 5 years, died suddenly at Bloomville on Wednesday last. MARRIED At New Hartford, May 29th, by Rev. E. B. Furbish, Hon. Samuel F. MILLER, of North Franklin, to Miss Maria H. SHERRILL, daughter of Lewis Sherrill, Esq., of New Hartford. At Springfield, May 22d, by Rev. J. Stanton, Mr. Numan BARKER, of Pittsford, N. Y., to Miss Caroline A. DRUSS, of Springfield. DIED In Morris, on the 20th ult., Mrs. Olive HAYNES, in the 78th year of her age. In Morris, on the 20th ult., Tabor TOBEY, in the 89th year of his age. In Allegany, Cattaraugus Co., May 25th, Mr. Thomas EDGERTON, son of the late Henry Edgerton, Esq., aged 35 years. In Morris, on the 28th ult., John, son of Charles A. BOWNE, in the 9th year of his age. In Maryland, May 28th, Nelson HOOSE, aged about 45 years. In Hartwick, May 23, Olive, wife of the late Charles V. HOWE, in the 58th year of her age. In Albany, May 30th, George Seymour, only son of Anna T. and the late Col. George W. PRATT, aged ten years and nine months. In Cooperstown, June 3d, of Dropsy, Mr. Chauncey N. CHAPMAN, aged 68 years. In Hartwick, June 4th, James W. BROWNELL, of West Oneonta, aged about 30 years. 6/12/1867 MARRIED At Bloomville, May 22, by Rev. J. D. Gibson, Mr. Daniel T. ARBUCKLE, Esq., of Delhi, to Miss Elizabeth J. PETERS, daughter of John Peters. At Albany, on the 6th inst., by Rev. A. A . Farr, Mr. George H. DIBBLE of Davenport, to Miss Hattie A. WINNIE of Albany. At Clovesville, May 22d, by Dev. (sic) A. A. FARR, Mr. George D. DOOLITTLE, to Miss E. J. PERSON, only daughter of the late J. A. Person. At Masonville, on the 30th ult., by Rev. S. Smith, Mr. Lucius H. BEACH, to Miss Hannah M. PAUL, both of Masonville. At Guilford Centre, May 26, Greene MOORE, 2d, to Miss Lucinda M. PERKINS, both of Delhi. At Franklin, June 4th, by Rev. O. Applelgate, Albert S. SMITH, to Miss Charlotte NICHOLS, daughter of the late George Nichols of West Brook. At North Franklin, June 4th, by Rev. C. D. Sitzer, Morrell PALMER to Miss Sarah J. SOUTHARD, all of Meredith. DIED In Oneonta, at the residence of her son William D Bissell, Mrs. Amanda BISSELL, widow of Horace Bissell, formerly of Hartwick, aged 74 years. In Oneonta, at the Susquehanna House, 1st inst., Joseph P., only son of Salmon and Oliver BOWEN, aged 16 years and 4 months. In Meredith, May 24, Matilda NOXON, aged 19 years, and May 27, Henry NOXON, children of George Noxon. In Exeter, May 25, of heart disease, Mr. William FITCH, of Milford, aged 79 years. In Stamford, May 30th, Mrs. Eliza EASTON, aged 58 years , wife of Alexander Easton. 6/19/1867 MARRIED In Oneonta, June 19, at the Presbyterian Church, by Rev. G. O. Phelps, Mr. I. J. EMMONS, to Miss Helen M. REYNOLDS, daughter of Dr. A. D. Reynolds, all of Oneonta. The Printers were duly remembered. DIED In Oneonta, June 16, Garret SIMONSON, formerly of Blenheim, aged 71 years. In Franklin, April 25th, Mr. Jonas WALKER, aged 78 years. In Mainsburg, Pa., Mr. Philip KNIFFEN, aged 69 years, formerly of Kortright. (No date given.) In Franklin, June 16th, Mrs. Deborah PIERSON, wife of James A. Pierson and daughter of John RICHMOND, of Franklin, aged 42 years. In Franklin, June 16, Mrs. Clarrisa Kent EDWARDS, wife of Henry Edwards, aged 76 years. In Rising Sun, Iowa, March 28, Miss Mary HENDERSON, aged 32 years, daughter of Robert Henderson, of Meredith. In Stamford, June 1st, Mrs. Sarah HIGBIE, aged 87, wife of Nathaniel Higbie. 6/26/1867 MARRIED In Middlefield, 3d, inst., by Elder Cross, Erastus E. GREENE of Middlefield, to Eliza PEMBLETON, of Cooperstown. In Unadilla, June 4th, by Rev. Mr. Powell, John W. MALORY, and Miss Mary BUCKBEE, both of Walton. In East Worcester, June 13, by Rev. C. D. Meade, J. W. HUGHES to Miss Lavina BOORN, all of East Worcester. In So. Worcester, June 13, by P. Dorwin, Esq., Jerry TENBROCK to Miss Eliza Ann ALLEN, both of So. Worcester. In New Kingston, June 19, by Rev. J. Service, Richard BIRDSALL of Franklin, to Miss Margaret A. ARCHIBALD, of New Kingston. In Andes, June 16, by Rev. J. Bruce, William LAING to Miss Bell ANDERSON, all of Andes. In Walton, June 15, by S. H. White, Esq., Geo. W. HOUCK, of Hancock, to Miss Maria LUSCOMB, of Walton. In Colchester, June 12, by Rev. G. W. McMillian, Marsena BENEDICT, of Franklin, to Miss Carrie M. SPRAGUE, of Colchester. In Binghamton, May 13, by Rev. G. N. Boardman, Charles H. KILMER of Franklin, to Miss Mary E. SAWTELLE, of Binghamton. In Otego, at the bride's home, June 11th, by Rev. John Pilkinton, F. A. HARRINGTON of Sidney to Miss Tiny H. FRENCH of Otego. In Otego, at the Methodist church, June 20th, by Rev. John Pilkinton, Cyrus C. QUICK to Miss Laura E. HOPKINS, all of Otego. DIED In Delhi, June 6th, Mrs. Maria, relict of James SMITH, aged 70 years. In Meredith, June 16th, Jacob HUNT, aged 82 years. In Middletown, at Grant's Mills, May 10th, Dr. George SLAID, aged 97 years. In Unadilla, June 14th, of consumption, Miss Lavantia M. CHURCH in the 20th year of her age. In Alganse, Mich., May 24th, John CHASE, father of S.T. Chase of Schenevus, aged 97 years. He emigrated from Worcester county, Mass., in 1791 and resided 58 years on the farm occupied by John T. Thompson. In Franklin, June 19th, of consumption, Epaphas ROOT, aged 61 years. At Hamden, May 19th, Mr. James JACK, a native of Auchterarder, Scotland, aged 88 years. YEAR 1867 (July-Aug.) 7/3/1867 MARRIED At home of the bride, in South Milford, June 25, by Rev. R. W. Peebles, Mr. George M. PENDELL, of Colliersville, son of O. L. Pendell, of Oneida Conference, to Miss Rachel PLATT, youngest daughter of the late Stephen Platt, Esq. At Fly Creek, May 23, by Rev. J. W. Rawlinson, Mr. William DETMER, of Canajoharie, to Miss Margaret McEWEN, of Otsego. At Unadilla, June 24, at the residence of Mr. Chauncey SLADE, by Rev. J. H. Kidder, Mr. Henry C. BARTLETT, of Laurens, to Miss Mary GREEN, of Unadilla. In Plainfield, June 12th, by Rev. R. S. Southworth, Mr. Delavan C. HUNTLEY, of Exeter, to Miss Ellen BASS, of Plainfield. DIED In Margaretville, recently, Mrs. Jemina C. ELWOOD, wife of Gritman Elwood, and daughter of late Col. Noah DIMMICK, aged 45 years. In Hartwick, 21st ult., Mrs. Mary STEERE, wife of Clovis Steere, aged 68 years. In Colliersville, on 12th ult., Mr. Jeremiah OLDS, aged 78 years. 7/17/1867 FATAL ACCIDENT. Stanton THOMPSON, conductor of a gravel train on the A. & S. R. R., met with a fatal accident last Wednesday morning, at Central Bridge. He was switching his train on the main track, and as is supposed, switched it wrong, standing on the track leading to the depot, ahead of the engine, which ran over him, crushing both legs. He was dragged about 80 feet, covering the track with blood. He was a single man, and a native of New Jersey. He was about 23 years of age. MARRIED At Hartwick, June 24th, by Rev. H. H. Fisher, Aaron FEARIS, of Burlington, to Miss Laura M. PIERCE, of Hartwick. At Hartwick Seminary, June 28th, by Rev. Geo. B. Miller, D. D., Mr. Nathan BECKWITH of New Longdon, Conn., to Miss Elizabeth B. SWACKHAMMER, of Hartwick. At East Worcester, June 30th, by the Rev C. D. Mead, Mr. Perrin WATERMAN, to Miss Alvira WILSEY, both of Decater. On the 3d, inst., by the Rev. Mr. VanDeusen, Mr. Joel WARNER, to Miss Susan BROWN, both of Maryland. At Maryland, July 4th, by the Rev. A. Martin, Mr. Hillory TOBIAS, of Avoca, to Miss Lydia A. CHAMBERLAIN, of Maryland. At Schenevus, July 4, by the Rev. A. Martin, Mr. George ELLET, of Worcester, to Miss Clara SPERBECK, of Richmondville. At Oneonta, on the 4th inst., by Rev. G. O. Phelps, Mr. Joseph CAMPBELL, to Miss Ophelia HOWE, both of Hartwick. On the 10th inst., by the same, Mr. David M. OSTRANDER, of Unadilla, to Miss Adaline BARNES, of Oneonta. At Delhi, June 23, by Rev. A. Ackerly, J. G. TERWILLIGER, of High Falls, and Jennie S. ACKERLY, only daughter of the officiating clergyman. On the 3d inst., by Rev. James Bruce, Mr. Alex. FERGUSON and Miss Anna McNAIR, all of Andes. July 3d, at the residence of the bride's mother, by the Rev. F. A. M. Brown, Mr. Adna L. CRAMER, to Miss Annie E. SUTTON, both of Delhi. DIED In New Lisbon, June 11th, LeRoy S., son of Joshua and Betsey PORTER, aged 21 years. In South Hartwick, on the 1st inst., Alba ADAMS, in the 67th year of his age. In Croton, July 14, Mrs. John HYMERS, Jr., daughter of Robert MAXWELL of Delhi. In Croton, July 14, Herbert WHEAT, son of Cyrus Wheat, aged about 20 years. 7/24/1867 SAD ACCIDENT. We learn that Charley GRANDALL, son of William Crandall, Esq., of the Rhinecliff House, Dutchess Co., formerly of Laurens, and Franklin, was accidently drowned June 25th while playing in a small boat in Heermance's Cove in company with two other lads. Charley was a bright, lively little fellow, who is still pleasantly remembered by the children and older people at Franklin. He was 8 years of age. We tender to our old neighbors our sympathies in this great sorrow. MARRIED At Maryland, July 15th, by Rev. Joel Davis, Mr. George NELLIS, to Miss Martha CHASE. At Halcottsville, July 11th, by Elder I. HEWITT, Dr. J. H. BANNER to Miss Anna STREETS, daughter of Dr. S. Streets, both of Middletown. An (sic) Andes, June 5th, by Rev. J. M. Smeallie, Mr. George WILSON to Miss Julia M. DUNHAM, both of Davenport. At the Andes Collegiate Institute, July 1st, by the same Mr. William M. SCOTT to Miss Ella M. ROWLAND, both of Kortright. At Davenport, July 17, by the same, Mr. Wm. J. CLARK, of Hobart, to Miss Emma J. DAVENPORT. At Oneonta, July 14th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Josiah KING, of West Laurens, to Mrs. Lucy CLARK, of Oneonta. DIED In Unadilla, July 6th, Mr. George VAN DUSEN, aged 56 years. In Unadilla, July 14th, Mrs. Lucy BENNETT, aged 65 years. In Springfield, 8th inst., Mrs. Deborah HENDRYX, aged 78 years a mother of the Editor of the Otsego Republican. In Springfield, July 3d, James D. SCOLLARD, in the 67th year of his age. In Springfield, June 9th, John C., only child of James and Jane E. SCOLLARD, aged 6 months. In Westford, July 5th, of consumption, Frederick L. SPAFFORD, aged 22 years. In Butternuts, July 13th, Deacon Joseph T. GILBERT, in the 84th year of his age. In Walton, July 12th, Mrs. David MORE, aged 77 years. In Shavertown, July 12th, Mrs. Caroline M. VAIL, aged 38 years. In Deposit, July 13th, of heart disease, Sarah M., wife of George DEMANDER, aged 49 years. 7/31/1867 MARRIED At Sidney, July 19, by Rev. R. A. Clark, George W. GRAVES, of Sidney, to Hattie L. HOFFMAN, of Otego. At Hudson, July 11, by Rev. Silas Fitch, James K. PENFIELD, to Miss Mary E. SLADE, both of Delhi. At So. Worcester, July 13, John F. TILTON to Miss Lodema CEAS both of Bloomville. (No Rev. listed) At Worcester, July 16, Mr. Oliver J. MOWBRY, to Miss Gitty L. BRUCE, daughter of S. Bruce, both of Worcester. (No Rev. listed) At Roseboom, July 14, by Isaac Shafer, Esq., Mr. Henry WILMOT, of Cherry Valley, to Miss Mary LEANING, of the same place. DIED In Cherry Valley, 17th, George F. DUNCKEL, aged 79 years. In Cherry Valley, 18th, Egbert W., son of A. S. BOTSFORD, of the Gazette, 2 aged years. In Cherry Valley, 18th, George, son of Edward and Levantia LEPRA, aged 2 years. In Fort Barker (Harker?), Kansas, July 25th, of cholera, Maria Louisa, wife of Dr. Geo. M. STERNBERG, U. S. A., daughter of Robert RUSSELL, of Cooperstown. In Springfield, July 11th, Thomas COOK, printer aged 37 years. In Exeter, July 17th, Mrs. Mary T. VANCOURT, wife of Daniel Vancourt, aged 72 years. In Oaksville, 7th, Mrs. Artemesia, wife of Harry KNOWLTON, aged 67 years. In Otsego, July 15, Mrs. Betsey KANE, aged 80 years. In New Lisbon, July 5th, Zebulon BARTON, aged 39 years. In Bloomville, Delaware Co., July 27th, Mrs. Lucy A., wife of Mr. A. J. CORBIN, and sister of S. B. CHAMPION, aged 26 years 4 months and 8 days. 8/7/1867 MARRIED At Springfield, July 4, by S. R. Ward, Orlo Q. BRIGGS, to Mrs. Peninah WELDEN, both of Otsego. At Milford, July 5, by Rev Chas. Gillett, Wm. H. SMITH, to Miss Mary A. BUTMAN, both of Fly Creek. At bride's residence in Laurens, July 29, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, Stephen F. STRAIGHT, to Miss Carrie BROWN, both of Laurens. At Andes, July 22, by Rev. O. P. Dales, John H. SANFORD, to Miss Jennie C. FIELDS, both of Andes. At Ovid, July 31, Rev. J. Alabaster, Benjamin F. TRACY, of Townsend, to Miss Franc E., daughter of C. FAIRCHILD of the Ovid Bee. DIED In Laurens, July 26, of Thyphoid Fever, Mr. Rous KENYON, aged 54 years. In Croton, July 29, Sylvester RICH, Esq., aged 84 years, a native of Scotland. In Walton, August 1, Francelia BENEDICT, daughter of Rev. W. (E.?) and Elvina Benedict, of North Greenbush. In Croton, July 21, Mrs. Celestia BOYD, widow of the late Amos Boyd, aged 77 years. In Exeter, July 13, Mrs. Abigail TURNER, aged 87 years. A STRANGE AFFAIR. On Saturday last as John DeFOREST of Rogers Hollow, in Unadilla, was at work in a field near a piece of woods a gun went off in the thicket, and the charge flew past him very near his head. Supposing it to be from a hunter, Mr. D. changed his location some twenty rods or more to another part of the field, and went on with his work. Soon another gun was fired in the woods, and he was hit in the neck by a bullet which passed through the aesophagus, cutting it nearly off, and passing very near the jugular vein, it lodged in the right shoulder. Mr. DeForest was immediately attended by Dr. Halsey of Unadilla, who cut the bullet from the shoulder, and is doing all he can for the sufferer, though with but little prospect of saving his life. The shots were made by Gilbert ROGERS, who says he was shooting squirrels and birds. There has been some difficulty between these parties, and the case requires a searching investigation. We learn that Rogers has been arrested, and was to be examined at Unadilla yesterday, but we are not advised of the result. Altogether this is a very strange affair. 8/14/1867 OBITUARY OF DEACON GILBERT. The passing away of this venerable citizen of Otsego county is appropriately remembered by the Pastor of the church where he had been so long a worshipper in the obituary on our first page. Such models of sterling manhood, unwearied industry, generous hospitality and steady handed piety, and patriotism, should be a study for all young men. OBITUARY highlights: Died at Gilbertsville (Butternuts) July 13th, Deacon Joseph T. GILBERT in the 85th year of his age. Born Attleborough, England May 1st, 1783; came with his parents to America at age of 9 years and at age 16 came to reside in Gilbertsville, where he has continuously lived for sixty-eight years and where his long life was brought to a happy close. .. But in his character as a religious man his friend feels the deepest interest. He has been a member of the Presbyterian church in Gilbertsville for 59 years and during this time has sustained an unblemished character. In his conversion his convictions of sin were deep and purged, and as a consequence his views of the way of salvation by the Redeemer were clear and his whole hope centered in the cross. . Eleven of his children-of whom there are 13 living, together with many sons and daughters-in-law, and grand and great grandchildren- were present at his funeral, and bore tenderly the remains of their honored father to the grave. Saml. J. White, Pastor. FATAL KERISESNE ACCIDENT.- On July 29th a daughter of Lewis HOGABOOM, living at the Summit, Broome Co., and aged about 14 years, was kindling a fire for dinner. To facilitate, she took the can of kerosene oil and poured it upon the wood and in lighting it the can took fire and exploded, throwing the fire upon her clothing. She was instantly enveloped in flames and ran out of doors screaming for help. A man at work in the field at some distance heard her cries and hastened to her assistance but before he reached her she was burned in the most terrible manner the flesh dropping from many parts of her body. She lived until eight o'clock in the evening when death put an end to her sufferings. Let this be another warning against the prevalent practice of using kerosene for kindling.- Deposit Courier. OTSEGO COUNTY ITEMS. John DeFOREST, of Unadilla, who was shot in the singular way we announced last week, died of his wound on Wednesday last. Gilbert ROGERS who fired the fatal shot was arrested and after as full an examination as could be made in the case was discharged, there being no proof of guilty intent on his part. MARRIED At Meredith, July 22d, by J. G. Graham, Esq., Gilbert INGRAHAM, to Miss Ann Maritt INGRAHAM, all of Meredith. At Otego, August 3d, by Rev. Jno. Pilkinton, James CASSIDY of Unadilla, to Miss MEEKLY, of Sidney. At Stamford, July 29th, by Rev. Edwin Clement, Mr. Abram VAN DUSEN, to Miss Emily GRANT, both of Hapersfield. July 28th, by Rev. W. L. Throop, Mr. Caleb SWEET, Jr., to Miss Ella A. DARLING, both of Pittsfield. DIED In Morris, July 31st, Mary FURBUSH, wife of Clark Furbush, in the 54th year of her age. In Roseboom, Saturday, June 1st, Mr. Hiram BARTON, in the 63d year of his age. In Westford, at the residence of her son, Sanford, on the 27th inst., Mrs. MANZER, aged 87 years. In Meredith, on the 1st inst., Deacon George SPENCE, aged 60 years. In Toddsville, July 19, Judson D. WHEELER, in the 28th year of his age. In Cooperstown, Aug. 2d, in the 55th year of her age, Sarah B. PADDEN, widow of Elder S. B. Padden. In Cooperstown, Aug. 2d, Lydia O. PENNINGTON, wife of Fred Pennington, aged 44 years. In Franklin, Aug. 7th, at the residence of W. A. DEWEY, Mrs. Esther CANFIELD, widow of the late David Canfield, aged 71 years. In Franklin, Aug. 9th, Mrs. Hannah DEWEY, wife of John J. Dewey and daughter of Dea. John P. ALLEN, aged 31 years. 8/21/1867 MARRIED At Oneonta, Aug. 15th, by Rev. Mr. Ferguson of Otego, Mr. Charles TWITCHELL of Aurora, Ill., to Miss Minnie N. GRINNELL, of Oneonta. No cards. At Binghamton, Aug. 7th, by Rev. C. Keyser, Capt. John E. STEWART, "E. C." of New York to Miss Lina E. BROMLEY of Binghamton, both formerly of Franklin. At Oaksville, Aug. 8th, by Rev. L. E. Marvin, Mr. Charles B. OSTERHOUT, of Warren, to Miss Mary HOKE, of Springfield. At Toledo, Michigan, August 1st, by Rev. William W. Williams, De Witt CLINTON, Esq., of Cooperstown, to Miss Nettie L. ABBOTT, of Toledo. At Brooklyn, Aug. 8th, by Rev. Geo. A. Thrall, George WESTINGHOUSE, Jr., of Schenectady, to Miss Maggie WALKER, of Brooklyn-formerly of Middletown, Del. Co. At Hamden, Aug. 7, by Rev. W. H. Mickle, Mr. H. HARTWELL, to Miss Ellen TAMSETT, both of Stamford. DIED In Cannonsville, Aug. 3d, Thurston TANNER, aged 59 years. In Morris, Aug. 9th, Nelson BALLARD, formerly of Oneonta, in the 58th year of his life. In Meredith, 10th inst., Mrs. Orpha HUNT, in the 74th year of her age; relict of the late Jacob Hunt. In Westford, Mrs. Ann BEDEAU(?), in the 64th year of her age. In Hartwick, Aug. 5th, Stephen CRONKHITE, aged 77 years. In Cherry Valley, Aug. 9th, Mrs. Mary McLEAN, wife of Charles McLean, Esq., aged 55 years. In New Kingston, Samuel ACKERLY, aged 67 years and 7 months. In Marathon, Aug. 10th, Edward MORE, Esq., formerly of Roxbury, Del. Co., aged 79 years. In Franklin, August 17th, Mrs. A. ELLISON, aged 80 years. In Otego, Aug. 17th, of consumption, Hezekiah M. COLE, aged 37 years. In Oneonta on the 16th inst., Andrew PARISH, Esq., aged 84 years and 3 months. In West Laurens, on the 17th inst., Nellie D., only daughter of Russell and Harriet BENNETT; aged 18 years, 8 months, and 7 days. The deceased departed this life after an illness of a few days. Beloved by all who knew her, a kind and affectionate daughter and sister and an earnest and devout Christian, she leaves an afflicted family and community to mourn her loss. 8/28/1867 MARRIED At Delhi, Aug. 19th, by Rev. F. A. M. Brown, Samuel A. FITCH, M. D., to Miss Mary L. GOULD, daughter of John H. Gould, all of Delhi. At Hartwick, Aug. 19th, by Rev. S. B. Bodwish, Lucius M. STEVENS, to Miss Altha D. STEERE, all of Hartwick. DEATH OF JACOB FORD. Jacob Ford, formerly of this town, died at Keokuk, Iowa, August 13th, after a brief illness, aged 67 years. Mr. Ford came to West Meredith when quite a young man, cleared up a new farm, and after residing on it some years went thence to Richfield, then to that part of Davenport now included in this town, then to Franklin, to New Jersey and finally to Keokuk, where death's curtain has fallen before the panorama of a busy and a very useful life. Wherever he was, improvement was the order of the day and old things became new, whether farms, houses or ideas. On several farms he reformed the soil and the buildings, bringing beauty and order out of confusion, while into many souls he poured the needed light of uncompromising and unpopular truths, which came from a clear head and an honest heart. We first knew him in 1839, in the heat of those anti-slavery struggles which shook the country, when but few in this region could be singular enough to brave the storm and bear the banner of "immediate emancipation" boldly to the front. Dear to us forever shall be the memories of the Old Guard in Delaware and Otsego, who though few in numbers, never quailed before the hosts of oppression, or for one moment lowered that glorious flag of liberty for all! Two years ago we met our friend while on a visit from the West to the haunts and homes of his earlier life. Worn, weary and growing old though he was, his eye was still bright for his heart rejoiced that a mighty struggle had closed, with truth, principle and freedom in the ascendant, a day which neither he nor us ever expected to see, save from the Spirit-land. But now with other victories has come his triumph over Death, and the quiet peace of Heaven! (Poem included with notice.) 9/4/1867 MARRIED At Oneonta, August 27th, by Rev. H. N. Van Deusen, Mr. G. W. SHEPHERD, of Waverly, Iowa, to Miss Elvira McCALL, youngest daughter of Turner McCall, Esq., of Oneonta. No Cards. Printer duly remembered. At Unadilla, August 22d, by Rev. T. P. Halsted, Thos. P. FRENCH to Miss Mary A. DIBBLE, both of Sidney. At Tompkins, August 20th, by Rev. G. C. Judson, Warren W. CLEVER to Miss Sarah E. DAYTON. DIED In New Milford, Conn., on the 22d of August, Mrs. Minerva HAYES, widow of the late Isaac Hayes, of Unadilla, aged 78 years. In West Oneonta, July 31, Mrs. Charlotte MARBLE, wife of Edmund Marble, aged 78 years. In Andes, August 18th, Mrs. Christian FLETCHER, wife of James Fletcher, Sr., aged 69 years. In Meredith, August 26, William STEWART, aged 50 years. In Delhi, Aug. 24th, Agnes A., daughter of Henry and Margaret W. RICE, aged 5 years. In Otego, August 29th, Frank G., son of Joseph B. LOVELAND, aged 3 years. In Sidney, Aug. 27th, Wakeman HUBBELL, in the 70th year of his age. In Gilbertsville, August 22d, Julia E. HOLLIS, wife of R. S. Hollis, aged 41 years. In Port Sanilac, Mich., August 4th, the Rev. Talmadge WATERBURY, a brother of Rev. Daniel Waterbury, formerly of Franklin. In Walton, Aug. 19th, William H. FANCHER, aged 56 years. In Oneonta, Sept. 3d, Charley Gregory, son of A. G. and E. T. WICKHAM, aged 7 years, 9 months and 25 days. 9/11/1867 DEATH OF ROBERT PARKER, ESQ. Robert Parker, Esq., died at his residence in Delhi, on Tuesday morning last, at the age of 49 years. This sad event was not unexpected, as for some months his health had been failing, and for some time his life had been despaired of. Mr. Parker was all his life, prominently identified with business and public affairs in this county. Although holding but few offices, he has always been a prominent speaker a valuable and influential citizen, he added to these characteristics an amiable and generous disposition, and fine social qualities and accomplishments, which commanded the respect and esteem of his fellow citizens. Even his failings-which injured himself far more deeply than others-were such as usually accompany a large, genial, kindly nature, without a tinge of sordid aims. It would be hard to find a man in this community whose absence would be more felt, or whose death more universally regretted. He was buried on Thursday last, with Masonic honors, about 150 of the Fraternity, representing eight different lodges, being in attendance. Del. Rep. OBITUARY. Many of our readers will learn with deep regret of the death of John M. HARTWELL, A. M. His early life was passed in Worcester where his parents still reside. He pursued his preparatory studies at Charlotteville and Hartwick Seminary, and graduated at Union College in 1861. He was afterwards Principal of the New York Conference Seminary at Charlotteville, and was a favorite teacher at the Otsego County Teachers' Institute for which his services were sought for this year, but his other engagements compelled him to decline. At the time of his death he was Secretary and Treasurer of the Empire Marble Company, and Managing Agent of the Youmans Patent Car Truck Company with his office in Albany. He died Sept. 4th at South Wilbraham, Mass., where he had been making a friendly visit. His remains were brought home and interred at Charlotteville on the 7th inst. The deceased was alike successful as a teacher and a man of business, and carried to public and benevolent enterprises the same zeal and energy which made his private affairs so prosperous. Mr. Hartwell was 33 years of age. His untimely death disappoints the high hopes of a large circle of friends. MARRIED At Keokuk, Iowa, Sept 3d, by Rev. I. N. Crittenden, assisted by Rev. H. W. Woods, Arthur C. STILSON, formerly of Franklin, N. Y., to Miss Addie R. SEATON, all of Keokuk. At Oneonta, at the M. E. parsonage, on 3d inst., by Rev. R. W. Peebles, Charles W. ALDRICH, of Meredith, to Miss Ann VAN HOESEN, of Davenport. At Bennettsville, August 27th, by Rev. Jesse Evins, Albert THORP, of Masonville, to Miss Rosetta M. CLARK, of Bennettsville. At Unadilla, Sept. 4th, by Rev. Lyman Sperry, Darius DENNY, Jr., of South Franklin, to Miss Margaret A. OLES, of Unadilla. At Sidney, Sept. 4th, by Rev. J. H. Kidder, T. Spencer BAKER, of Norwich, to Miss Lucy H. BAILEY, of Sidney. DIED In Morris, August 23d, Nancy A., wife of Wm. F. DANIELS, aged 71 years. In Middlefield, August 28th, Bethany, wife of DeWitt C. CLYDE, Esq., aged 56 years. In Kortright, August 17th, Robert C., eldest son of Rev. Clark IRVING, of Typhoid fever, aged about 23 years. In Delhi, Sept. 3d, Col. Robert PARKER, in the 50th year of his age. In Kortright, August 27th, Henry D. DALES, of consumption, aged 54. In Harpersfield, August 29th, Nathan STANLEY, in the 78th year of his age. In Esperance, Sept. 8th, Miss Mary L. ROE, of Franklin, aged 26 years. In Oneonta, Sept. 8th, at the residence of her son-in-law, Benjamin FRITTS, Mrs. FULKERSON, aged 87 years. In Oneonta, Sept. 10th, of dropsy, Miss Hannah C. HAND, daughter of Charles Hand, aged 50 years. 9/18/1867 MARRIED At Unadilla, Sept 15, by Rev. Mr. Powell, James M. HAWKS, of Unadilla, to Miss Jenette C. TRASK, of Otego. At Washington, D. C., Sept 11th, by Rev. T. R. Howlett, James C. CHARLOCK, of Brooklyn, N. Y., to Miss Sarah A. McGEORGE, of Washington, formerly of Franklin. At Starkville, Sept. 8th, by Rev. Mr. Hill, Horace CHESTER, of Schenevus, to Miss Anastatia E. HILL, of Starkville. At Afton, Sept. 5th, by Rev. William W. Andrews, Aris LULL, of New Lisbon, to Mrs. Harriette J. THOMPSON, of Colesville. DIED In Deposit, Sept. 10th, Fanny Thompson ROWE, only child of Orlando J. and Hannah T. Rowe, aged (1/2?) year and 4 months. In Harpersfield, Sept. 9th, Richard B. GIBBS, aged 61 years. In Meredith, August 23d, Joel CARR, aged 58 years. In Roseboom, Sept. 5th, Mrs. Margaret THOMPSON, wife of Hiram Thompson, aged 74 years. In Maryland, Sept. 3d, Richard HOOSE, aged 79 years. 9/25/1867 MARRIED At Delhi, Sept. 16, by Rev. A. Ackerly, Lyman THAYER, to Miss Stella DIX, both of Walton. At the residence of Mr. G. W. HANFORD, Walton, Sept. 17, by Rev. J. J. Hough, Samuel C. BASSET, of Cooper's Plains, to Miss Lucia M. BAKER, of Oneonta. At Oneonta, Sept. 18, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Isaac H. TREADWELL, of Otego, to Mrs. Naomi PACKARD, of Oneonta. At Oneonta, Sept. 18, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Calvin LIVINGSTON, of Otego, to Miss Mary HILSINGER, of Oneonta. At Vineland, Sept. 9, by Rev. O. R. Wells, A. R. SUTHERLAND, of Morris, to Miss Libbie W. WARNER, of Vineland, New Jersey. DIED In Hobart, Sept. 10, Burr S. CHAMPLIN, formerly of Co. C, 144th Regiment, aged 26 years. In Kortright, Sept. 15, Joseph I. HUSTED, aged 87 years. In Walton, Sept. 9, Mrs. Pamela ST. JOHN, wife of Ephraim St .John, aged 63 years. In Hartwick, Sept. 2, Delila BLANCHARD, daughter of Wm. and Elizabeth Blanchard, aged 13 years. In Cooperstown, Sept. 10, Mrs. Catherine M. M. DODGE, wife of Timothy Dodge, aged 35 years. In Hartwick Seminary, September 1, deacon John LATIN. In Cooperstown, Sept. 16, Mrs. Zilpha BABCOCK, aged 90 years. In Oneonta, Sept. 18, Moses SPENCER, aged 61 years. In Oneonta, Sept. 22, Murton D. COY, son of B. Coy, aged 6 years. In Oneonta, Sept. 20, Charles Henry, son of David and Hannah BRUMAGHIM, aged 6 months. 10/2/1867 MARRIED At Hamden, Sept. 24th, by Rev. George Browns, Archy McFADDEN, of Delhi, to Miss Betty CHRISTIE, of Hamden. At West Oneonta, Sept. 26th, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Sacket M. OLIN, to Miss Sarah A. BENTLY, both of West Oneonta. DIED In Oneonta, Sept. 27th, Frederick, son of Egbert A. and Amelia SABIN, aged 1 year and 2 months. In Meredith, Sept. 22d, Anthony P. SUTTLE, aged 30 years. In Harpersfield, Sept. 18th, Thomas SUMMERVILLE, aged 69 years and 3 months. In Susquehanna Depot, Pa., Sept. 8th, 1867, Sarah Ella, daughter of Maurice and Polly Ann ALPAUGH, aged 13 years, 8 months and 16 days. Ella loved the Sabbath School, and had given her young heart to Jesus. She was a good girl, obedient to her parents, and beloved by her playmates. She died suddenly but safely, and has gone to be with Jesus. (Poem included with notice.) 10/9/1867 MARRIED At Franklin, Oct. 1st, by Rev. J. J. Hough, Wm. Delos WIDGER to Emma J. TAFT, all of Franklin. At Sidney Plains, Oct. 2d, by Rev. M. E. Dunham, Lieut. Charles S. BRADFORD, "E. C." to Miss Libbie PECK, "M. S." all of Sidney Plains. No cards. At the Methodist Church, Otego, Sept. 23d, by Rev. John Pilkinton, Mr. Hezekiah NEARING, to Miss Adelaide E. BENEDICT, all of Butternuts. At the Methodist Church, Otego, Sept. 23, by Rev. John Pilkinton, Mr. J. E. TRUMAN, to Miss Alice E. YOUMANS, all of Otego. At Unadilla Centre, Oct. 1st, by Rev. S. H. White, Dexter M. TERRY, of Detroit, Mich., to Miss Addie E. MILLER, daughter of John B. Miller, Esq., of the former place. No cards. Rochester and Detroit papers please copy. In Franklin, Sept. 11, by Rev R. Allen, Mr. G. W. BORDON, of Greene, to Miss Ann E. BRASEE, of the former place. At Colchester, Sept. 26th, by Rev. G. W. McMillian, Charles BOGART and Miss Helen CAMPBELL, both of Colchester. At Lansingville, Sept. 23d, by Rev. D. S. McHenry, Alexander LEWIS, Jr., Esq., to Miss Mary E. KNOWLES, both of Hamden. At Fly Creek, Oct. 2d, by Rev. A. McMaster, Charles MURRAY of Portlandville, to Miss Mary I. HINDS, of Hartwick. At Oaksville, Oct. 2d, by Rev. A. McMaster, George A. GOODRICH of Davenport Centre, to Miss Jennie EVANS, of West Davenport. At Schenevus, Sept. 24th, by Rev. H. N. Van Deusen, Abram MOORE of Milford, to Miss Ann OAKS, of Roseboom. At the same time and place, by the same, Henry KENYON, to Miss Hattie MOORE, both of Milford. At Fly Creek, Sept. 25th, by Rev. J. W. Rawlinson, Miller McNEIL, of Marcy, to Miss Lucy H.(?) NORTHRUP, of Fly Creek. At Hartwick, Sept. 22d, by Rev. H. H. Fisher, Rev. E. Woolsey LOCKWOOD to Miss Marie Etta AVERY. At Hartwick, Sept. 25th, by Rev. H. H. Fisher, James ROWE, of Meredith, to Miss Hattie A. LAKE. At Milford, Oct. 1st, by Rev. Geo. R. Burnside, Byron L. BATES to miss Alda TRIPP, both of Milford. DIED In North Franklin, September 25th, Miss Electa GAY, daughter of Wm. Gay, aged 27 years. In Bainbridge, September 19th, J. A. STRONG, formerly of Meredith, aged 38 years. In Oneonta, October 5th, Giles L. SUTHERLAND, aged 52 years. In the Death of Mr. Sutherland his family have sustained an irreperable, loss the community an excellent citizen and neighbor. His death has cast a gloom over the neighborhood and town. His remains were conveyed to Exeter for interment. 10/16/1867 MARRIED At Franklin, Oct. 1st, by Rev. Wm. Addy, Delos SHEPHARD, of Bainbridge, to Miss Lucy WOOD, of Otego. At Winchell's Hotel, in Schenevus, Oct. 10th, by Rev. H. N. Van Dusen, Geo. F. BEACH, of Franklin, to Miss Kate HAYNOR, of Worcester. At Davenport, Oct. 10th, by Rev. Wm. Russell, M. D. MUNSON, to Miss Hattie L. HOUGHTALING, both of Davenport. The printer was generously remembered. At Oneonta, Oct. 8th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Philip BORST, to Miss Sarah SILVERNAIL, both of Oneonta. At Delhi, Oct. 9th, by Rev. F. A. M. Brown, Ammon BOSTWICK, of West Meredith, to Miss Annis YENDES, daughter of J. B. Yendes, of Delhi. DIED In Anamosa, Iowa, Sept. 29th, of typhoid fever, Mrs. Lydia S. COOKE, wife of Samuel J. Cooke, Esq., late of Oneonta, aged 55 years, 11 months and 25 days. The deceased was born in Lebanon, Madison Co. She was married at the age of 18 and removed to Otsego county where, beloved and respected by all, she spent the main part of her life with the husband of her youth. They removed to this place some two years ago, that they might spend the evening of their days near their three daughters, who live to mourn her loss. From a home of comfort and love, of which she was an ornament and grace, she has gone to that home of which the Savior said "I go to prepare a place for you." For some 15 years she had been a constant follower of Jesus, and she died as she had lived in the faith of the gospel of Christ. As a wife and Christian mother, she was loving and faithful. Peculiarly truthful, earnest and active, she was beloved as a neighbor and friend. She was one of the few who carry the freshness of youth through the duties of years into the very evening of life, and we believe the benediction of God rests on her in her departure. Mary L. ROE, of Franklin, died in Esperance, aged 26. At the age of fourteen she was converted to God, and soon after united with the M. E. Church of which she remained a true and consistent member till death transferred her to the Church triumphant. Her death, though sudden, was not altogether unlooked for, as she had been suffering for several months under a disease which, in its incipiency, was pronounced incurable by her physician.- She received the sad announcement with Christian fortitude, assuring her friends that she was "ready at any hour." Unconscious in her last moments, she left no dying testimony. Her life, so fully consecrated to God, affords sufficient evidence to her friends and Church associates that her spirit is numbered with the redeemed before the throne. In Cooperstown, on the 7th inst., of an apoplectic attack, Mrs. Emily, wife of John J. SHORT, aged 49 years. In Cherry Valley, 24th ult., Col. Geo. W. WHITE, aged 59 years. In Sidney Plains, Oct. 14th, after an illness of only two hours, Samuel KELLOGG, Esq., formerly of Franklin, aged 52 years. 10/23/1867 MARRIED At Oneonta, Oct. 13th, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Albert CARR, of Columbus, to Miss Ella EDWARDS, of Morris. At the house of the bride, Oct. 15th, by Rev. G. O. Phelps, assisted by Rev. Wm. Bixby, Mr. Reuben L. FOX, to Miss M. Aurelia OSBORN, all of Oneonta. At M. E. parsonage, in Laurens, Oct. 17th, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, Hirman C. POTTER, to Miss Mary E. COLE, both of New Lisbon. DIED In Franklin, Oct. 16th, Miss Electa COMPTON, aged 65 years. 10/30/1867 MARRIED At Oneonta, Oct. 23d, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Geo. SAGE, of New Berlin, to Miss Almira SCRAMLING, of Oneonta. At the home of the bride, in Hartwick, Oct. 23d, by Rev. A. Griffin, Charles E. BUNN, of Oneonta, to Miss Angenette J., only daughter of M. C. BISSELL, Esq., of Hartwick. At Kortright, Oct. 2d, by Rev. C. Irving, Mr. H. E. HENDERSON, to Miss L. E. HARKNESS, all of Kortright. At Maryland, Oct. 2d, by Rev. H. F. Row, Rev. L. E. MARVIN, to Miss Mary A. T. McNEIL. At Maryland, Oct. 13th, by Rev. A. Marlin, Mr. F. M. THORN, of Portlandville, to Miss M. A. GURNEY, of Milford. Melrose, near New York, Oct. 9th, by Rev. H. Dubois, Lieut. O. B. BOYD, of Croton, to Miss Fannie A. MULLEN(?), of Melrose.
Paper Date - YEAR 1868
1/1/1868 OBITUARY.- In Franklin, Dec. 7th, Henrietta, wife of Rev. J. J. HOUGH, aged 29 years. On a clear, calm, cloudless Sabbath morning, came the sad news to the people of her husband's charge, as they gathered together for their usual services, that she was dying! Suddenly smitten down, she was passing away from earthly scenes, unconscious of all around her, of the anguish of her chosen companion; of the tears and sorrow of the friends who gathered around her dying bed. Seldom has the sound of the tolling bell brought such sadness to the community, as when its solemn notes carried the sad truth to many waiting, anxious hearts, that her spirit had passed away from all earthly scenes. Our Sabbath closed in clouds and storm; in tears and grief-but for her-oh blessed beginning of the bright Sabbath above, the tearless rest of Heaven! A devoted wife, a loving daughter and sister, a sympathizing friend, and earnest Sabbath School teacher, gentle, lovely, and accomplished, with a life of love and usefulness, opened wide before her, she been called thus early away-from the many hearts-which loved her,-and we tearfully yield her to a higher love than ours. Rest thee, dear friend in thy distant grave. Brief was thy stay among us, but long and lovingly will linger with us, tender memories of thy gentle goodness. Hushed forever on earth are the sweet strains of music so often heard in thy dear companionship-but we sweetly trust, that in the glad resurrection morning the hands which we folded to the rest of the grave, will strike the golden harp above, and the voice so sweetly attuned to hymns below will swell the notes of everlasting praise, with those who have most loved thee on earth, in the home above, within the pearly gates. John HARRINGTON, an employe of the Vermont Central Railroad, was run over and killed at the Burlington depot on Saturday night. RAILROAD ACCIDENT.- Rudolph SAWYER, a well known brakeman on the night freight of the Albany and Susquehanna Railroad, was instantly killed on Friday night last at Central Bridge. It is supposed that in getting down from the top of a freight car he slipped and fell upon the tracks between the cars. He was not missed until the train reached Cobleskill, when on search being made his body, terribly mangled, was found near the former station. Sawyer was a native of Switzerland and a kindly, well deposed man. He leaves a wife and child residing in Albany. MARRIED At the residence of John PARDOE, Dec. 24th, by Rev. R. W. Peebles, Walter J. ELWELL, to Miss Louisa A. PARDOE. Also at the same time and place by the same, John C. INGALLS, to Miss Esther M. PARDOE, all of Oneonta. [The printer was handsomely remembered by the above parties.] At Bainbridge, Dec. 25th, by Rev. L. V. Ismond, Mr. Uriah FOOT, of Unadilla, to Miss Melissa LILLY, of Bainbridge. In Franklin, Dec. 25th, by Rev. J. J. Hough, Mr. Marshville GIBBONS to Miss Augusta FOOTE, all of Franklin. At Unadilla, Dec. 25th, by Rev. T. P. Halstead, Mr. Samuel D. NORTHRUP, of Sidney, to Miss Emma G. FULLER, of Unadilla. At Unadilla, Dec. 25th, by Rev. T. P. Halstead, Mr. Joseph MUDFORD, to Miss Jane CLARK, both of Sidney. Also at the same time and place, and by the same, Mr. Albert N. CLARK, of Sidney, to Miss Rebecca WRIGHT, of Franklin. Also at the same time and place, and by the same, Mr. Wm. H. MUDFORD, of Sidney, to Miss Rachel L. HALL, of Tompkins. At Delhi, Dec. 25th, by Rev. D. Grant, A. S. MAYNARD, of Hancock, to Miss Lity A. CHAMPLIN, of Harpersfield. At Hamden, Dec. 25th, by Rev. W. H. Mickle, James H. RADEKER to Miss Mary E. HULBERT, both of Colchester. At Hamden, Dec. 26th, by the same, Thomas TELFORD, of Meredith, to Barbara J. MURRAY, of Lansingville. At the parsonage, in Otego, Dec. 25th, by Rev. R. A. CLARK, Mr. G. H. TALCOTT, of Guilford, to Miss S. A. PALMER, of Unadilla. At Jacksonville, Dec. 19th, by Rev. Geo. R. Burnside, Mr. Morell SMITH, of Hartwick, to Miss Senia CLARK, of Jacksonville. In Franklin, by Rev. O. Applegate, Anson S. MILLER, to Miss Louisa WATKINS, all of Franklin. (No date given.) DIED In Laurens, Dec. 20th, Job POTTER, aged 72 years. 1/8/1868 MARRIED At Hartwick, Dec. 18, by Rev. A. Griffin, Mr. Albert P. DAY, of Mount Upton, to Miss Mary E., eldest daughter of Asa J. SHEPARD, of Hartwick. At Oneonta, Jan. 1, at the Parsonage, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Mr. Perkins FRITTS, of Davenport, to Miss Malvina BLANCHARD, of Oneonta. At Unadilla, Jan. 1, by Rev. R. A. Clark, Daniel H. CRAMER, of South Vineland, N. J., to Miss Hattie EELLS, daughter of Dea. John Eells, of Unadilla. At Oneonta, Dec. 31, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Robert A. WHITBECK, of Meredith, to Miss Catharine QUACKENBUSH, of Oneonta. At Andes, Jan. 1, by Rev. James Bruce, Thomas WIGHT, M. D., to Miss Agnes L., daughter of Henry DOWIE, Esq., all of Andes. At Laurens, Jan. 1st, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, Ansel B. BURCH, of Masonville, to Miss Dora C. LENT, of Laurens. 1/15/1868 DIED In Franklin, Dec. 28, Mrs. Rovilla ROBBINS, aged 26 years and 6 months. In Candor, Sept. 18, 1867, at the residence of his son-in-law, Nelson FERRIS, John FOWLER, formerly of Franklin, aged 81 years and 8 months. 1/22/1868 MARRIED At Davenport, on New Years evening, by Rev. W. Russell, Mr. Henry J. HOUGHTALING, of Oneonta, to Miss Harriet WILLIS, of Sidney. At Walton, Dec. 31, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. G. C. Judson, Mr. Miles H. ROBINSON, of Clarinda, Iowa, to Frances A., daughter of William MORENUS, of Walton. At Walton, Dec. 31, at the residence of Stephen A. Grotevant, Henry W. MORENUS, to Amelia S. GROTEVANT. At Walton, Jan. 2, Elisha B. MORENUS to Euphumia(?) M., daughter of Mrs. Margaret HOYT. (No Rev. listed) At Schenevus, Jan. 14, by Rev. H. N. Van Deusen, Charles S. BROWN, of Saginaw, Mich., to Libbie, youngest daughter of Judge Brown. At Maryland, Jan. 1st, by Rev. J. N. Platt, Mr. Lewis BUSH, of Walton, Del. Co., to Miss Elizabeth CORNELL, of Maryland. At Franklin, Jan. 14, by Rev. J. J. Hough, John E. BARNES, to Miss Julia WARD, all of Franklin. DIED In Oneonta Plains, Jan. 7, Mrs. Harriet, wife of Harvey S. SHEPHERD, aged 39 years. In Croton, Dec. 2, Mr. Eden OSBORN, aged 83 years and 2 months. 1/29/1868 MARRIED At Maryland, Jan. 21, by Rev. R. W. Peebles, Benjamin PIERCE, of Oneonta, to Miss Nancy L. WICKHAM, daughter of the late Harry Wickham, of Maryland. At Amsterdam, Dec. 31, by Rev. Mr. Goodale, Stoughton HARLON, of Otego, to Miss Annie Bell SWAN, of New York City. DIED In Lisle, Broome County, Jan 19, at the residence of his son-in-law, Hamilton EDWARDS, John M. HANFORD, of heart disease, aged 80 years., formerly a resident of Walton, Del. Co. For 50 years he was a warm hearted and active Christian, and was a member and firm supporter of the Baptist church and a friend of humanity everywhere. 2/5/1869 MARRIED At the Baptist parsonage, in Oneonta, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Jan. 28, Mr. Westly GEORGIA, of Davenport, to Miss Elousia MUNSON, of North Franklin. Also by the same, and at the same place, Jan. 30, Mr. Warren BENNETT, of Maryland, to Miss Mary BROWN, of the same place. At Branchburgh, N. J., Dec. 25, by Rev. W. Pitcher, Charles E. PARKER, of Somerville, N. J., formerly of Franklin, to Miss Jane E. HALL, of Branchburgh. At Oneonta, Dec. 29, by Rev. G. O. Phelps, Mr. Wm. ELLETT, to Miss Ellen WHITNEY, both of East Davenport. At Walton, Jan. 20, by Rev. A. R. Burroughes, Mr. Newton DENEND, to Miss Phebe COULTER, all of Davenport. At Maryland, Jan. 29, by Rev. H. N. Van Deusen, Mr. R. M. S. LAWRENCE, of Green Island, N. Y., to Miss Salome M. CONOVER, of Maryland. DIED In Oneonta, Jan. 26th, Mrs. Catherine VAN WOERT, wife of James Van Woert, aged 43 years. 2/12/1868 MARRIED At Baptist parsonage, in Oneonta, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Mr. George W. BRASEE, of South Franklin, to Miss Mary A. REYNOLDS, of West Davenport. At Franklin, Jan. 23d, by Rev. J. J. Hough, Charles E. FOOTE, of Cobleskill, to Miss Laura C., daughter of George GILLET, of Franklin. DIED In Oneonta, Feb. 4th, Phineas C. FISH, formerly of Kortright, aged 68 years. He gave several years of service to his country when far past the age of exemption from a soldiers duty, and aided in surpressing the recent rebellion . In Otsdawa, Feb. 9th, James PEET, aged 60 years. In Oneonta, Feb. 11th, Mrs. Ruth GILE, wife of Andrew Gile, aged 70 years. 2/26/1868 FATAL ACCIDENT AT CHASEVILLE. Henry JAMES, aged 32, a single man, employed upon the A. & S. R. R., was killed at Chaseville, 18th inst., while attempting to stop the team of Frederick Baldwin of Westford, which had taken fright at the approach of the cars. The team when frightened was standing at the Eage Mills, and were running to cross the tracks. Henry seizing the bridles tried to force the horses back, but was borne so far forward that the engine struck him and afflicted wounds of which he soon died, at the house of S. N. Wilber, to which he had been removed. His remains were taken to Albany, and an inquest was held by Corner Mulligan. MARRIED At the house of Wm. BIRDSALL, in Otego, Feb. 20, by Rev. J. Smith, Mr. M. S. HUBBARD, to Mrs. Mary A. MERRITT, all of Otego. At the bride's home, in Oneonta, Feb. 20, by Rev. R. W. Peebles, Mr. Cornelius COON, of New York City, to Miss Mary A. QUACKENBUSH, of Oneonta. The Printers were remembered. At Franklin, Feb. 19, by Rev. R. H. Kelley, Middleton BROWN, to Miss Charlotte WISECARVER, both of Worcester. DIED In Otego, Feb. 20, Mrs. Rebeca SMITH, wife of Capt. John Smith, aged 76 years. In West Laurens, Feb. 21, of scarlet fever, Ophelia Jane, daughter of George S. and Ursula McMINN, aged 6 years. In West Laurens, Feb. 19, of scarlet fever, Adel, only daughter of Jonathan and Julia WASHBURN, aged 3 years, 3 months and 7 days. In West Laurens, Feb. 23, of scarlet fever, Anna L., daughter of Ruloff and Sarah HOUCK, aged 7 years and 9 months. 3/4/1868 MARRIED At Elmira, Feb. 25, E. B. YOUMAN, Esq., of Otego, to Miss Louise TOWNER, daughter of Dr. Towner, of Elmira. DIED In West Oneonta, March 1st, Miss Harriet HOLMES, aged 50 years. In Alexandria, Va., Feb. 10th, at the residence of Col. SPEAR, Rev. John WILDE, aged 64 years. Mr. Wilde spent a useful life in preaching at various places in New England, and as a teacher in Academics he was for several years principal of the Seminary at Deposit and later of the Stamford. Col. Institute, when he closed his active labors. Many young people in Delaware and adjacent counties will remember, with gratitude his sound instructions, his consistent life and his lively faith. 3/11/1868 MARRIED At Franklin, March 9th, by Rev. W. Addy, Mr. Edwin ST. JOHN, of California, to Miss Marcia HANFORD, daughter of Charles Hanford, of Franklin. Mr. St. John and lady will embark for California in a few days. 3/18/1868 MARRIED On March 10, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Mr. Peter GILE, to Mrs. H. A. BISHOP, all of Oneonta. At Otego, March 12, by Rev. J. Smith, Mr. Ira BIRDSALL, to Miss Jane POTTER, all of Otego. DIED In Davenport, March 11, Miss Esther V. PETERS, daughter of John Peters, aged 18 years and 10 months. In Croton, March 5, Capt. William WHEAT, aged 96 years. In Oneonta, March 13, Mrs. Hannah DEDRICK, aged 80 years. 3/25/1868 MARRIED At Franklin, March 19, by Rev. W. Addy, Charles HANFORD, Esq., to Miss Matilda A. BARNES, both of Franklin. On March 19, by Rev. R. W. Peebles, Mr. George SWART, to Miss Anna M. BENEDICT, both of Oneonta. DIED In North Franklin, March 22, Mrs. Mary E. WILBER, wife of Philip Wilber, aged 44 years. In Franklin, March 24th, Caroline D., wife of R.(?) B. WINSLOW, and daughter of Nathan CHASE, of Hartwick, in the 34th year of her age. 4/1/1868 MARRIED On March 2, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Mr. Albert CHAPEL, to Miss Mary HOAG, all of Oneonta. The printer was remembered. In West Oneonta, March 24th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Charles A. BARTHOLOMEW, of Unadilla, to Miss Hannah COOKE, of West Oneonta. At Otego, March 24th, by Charles T. Thorp, Esq., Mr. Eli BRIDGES, of Laurens, to Miss Emma J. BOWEN, of Knoxville, Tioga Co., Pa. At Otego, March 25th, by Rev. A. Thomas, Jr., Mr. Edwin APLEY, of Sidney, to Miss Francelia JENKS, of Otego. DIED In Ansonia, Conn., March 24th, Mrs. Esther BRONSON, wife of Orsamus Bronson, formerly of Croton, aged 75 years. 4/8/1868 MARRIED At Franklin, March 26th, by Rev. Wm. Addy, Capt. William PAGE, to Miss Tirzah SPRING, all of Franklin. At Croton, March 27th, by Rev. Mr. Akerley, John J. DEWEY, to Miss Ellen PAYNE, daughter of George Payne, all of Franklin. DIED In Franklin, March 25th, William COOKE, aged 64 years. In Franklin, April 2d, Mrs. Daniel NORTHWAY, aged 76 years. 4/15/1868 RECENT DEATHS AT ALLEGANY, N. Y. March 26, Mrs. Helen M. PALEN, daughter of Late Henry EDGERTON, Esq., of Delhi, 31.- At New Lisbon, April 4th, Mrs. Hiram BROWNELL, 56.- At Jacksonville, Feb. 29, Mrs. Joseph BROWNELL, 81.- At Morris, March 30, Eleazer H. OSBORN, 23.- At New Liston, April 7, Willis E. POTTER, 58.- At Morris, March 19, Mrs. H. E. THORP, 34.- At Morris, March 20, John GASKIN, 77.- At Morris, March 22, Sally PATRICK, 81.- At Laurens, April 1st, Peter BARTON, hotel keeper, 62. MARRIED At Otego, April 6th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Porter C. SPENCER, of Brattleboro, Vt., to Miss P. C. BLANCHARD, of Otego. At the residence of Daniel H. WESTCOTT, Esq., in Milford, March 28th, by Rev. T. A. Batson, William V.(?) STRONG, to Miss Ella WRIGHT, of Laurens. 4/22/1868 MARRIED At Davenport, 16th(?), inst., by Rev. Wm. Russell, Mr. Jeremiah LATHAN, of Franklin, to Miss Sarah A. HALLOCK, of Davenport. At Sidney Plains, 14th, inst., by Rev. A. McMaster, Mr. James NORTHRUP, of Otego, to Mrs. Harriet N. McEACHRON, of Franklin. At Franklin, 15th, inst., by Rev. B. F. Williams, Mr. A. A. AYRES, of Afton, to Miss Lillie CLARK, of Franklin. At Delhi, 15th, inst., by Rev. Mr. Allen, Mr. Volney D. BECKER, of South Worcester; to Miss Sarah D. STEELE, daughter, of the late Dr. Steele, of Delhi. At the bride's father's in Otego, 9th, inst., by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Porter C. SPENCER, of Brattleboro, Vt., to Miss P. C. BABCOCK, of Otego. DIED In Otsego, 13th, ult., Edward LEWIS, aged 74 years. In Meredith, 12th, inst., James McDONALD, aged 65 years. In Oneonta, 6th, inst., Allen GRISWOLD, aged 88 years. In West Oneonta, 18th, inst., James DERBY, aged 70 years and 8 months. In North Franklin, 16th, inst., Mrs. Zadock GREEN, aged 65 years. In Deposit, 10th, inst., Stephen HANFORD, formerly of Walton, aged 30 years. In Cooperstown, 13th, inst., Stephen L. WILLIAMS, aged 53 years. In Franklin, 18th, inst., Mrs. Hiram EDGERTON, in her ?1st year. 4/29/1868 MARRIED At Davenport, 15th, by Rev. C. D. Sitzer, Mr. T. M. McLAURY, of Sheridan, N. Y., to Mrs. E. A. McMINN, of the former place. At Laurens, 5th inst., by Rev. J. W. Mevis, Mr. Henry L. OLIN, to Mrs. Lavina RODGERS, both of Laurens. Also, by the same, on the 20th, at the residence of I. G. RICHARDSON, Mr. John PHILIPPS, to Mrs. Mary PEET, all of Laurens. At Burlington, 15th inst., by Rev. Wm. Church, Mr. H. O. PRATT, to Miss Ella LOOMIS, both of Burlington. DIED In Cooperstown, 18th inst., of Consumption, Alice M., wife of Mr. A. G. PARKER, of the Republican and Democrat, in the 24th year of her age.- Mrs. P. was from Kentucky, a lady of refinement and education, who came to Cooperstown with her husband about 4 months ago. In Otego, 18th inst., Norman BUNDY, aged 46. In Otego, 25th inst., Stewart DEAN, in the 84th year of his age. 5/6/1868 MARRIED At Oneonta, on the 27th ult., by Rev. G. P. Ramsey, Daniel WILLIAMS, to Miss Emma JONES, both of Unadilla. At Oneonta, on the 28th ult., by Rev. A. Reynolds, Orange GARDINER, to Miss Margaret CHISHOLM, both of Burlington. At Andes, on the 16th ult., by Rev. James Bruce, Mr. James A. BELL, of Harpersfield, to Miss Hatlie A. HENDERSON, of Davenport. At Walton, on the 29th ult., by Rev. A. R. Burroughs, Mr. Horatio BROWNSON, to Miss Maggie HOWLAND. At Franklin, on the 23d ult., by Rev. B. F. Williams, Daniel H. WEBSTER, to Miss Susan A.(?) BENNET, of Franklin. At Oneonta, on the 23d ult., Mr. A. H. MONSON, of Franklin, to Miss J. A. McMINN, of Davenport. (No Rev. listed.) DIED In Grant, Herkimer County, 25th ult., Mrs. Francis Amelia RICH, daughter of Wm. M. ELWELL, aged 35 years and 9 months. 5/13/1868 DIED At West Laurens, Feb. 18th, of apoplexy, Widow Mary COLLER, aged 70 years, 6 months and 24 days. She had been a resident of Laurens for nearly fifty years, and leaves nine children to mourn her loss; but we mourn not as those without hope.- Mother Coller had been a member of the Christian church for 13 years. She was a great sufferer, but she bore her trials with christian fortitude, and we feel that she has gone from labor to reward. May the Lord bless the afflicted ones. H. C. B. 5/20/1868 MARRIED At Union, May 6, by Rev. J. H. Benson, Allen J. STILSON, formerly of Delaware Co, to Miss Ettie CRANE, of Union. At Hobart, April 26, by Rev. Wm. D. Fero, Mr. John T. PECK, of Milford, to Miss Electa A. STORY, of Hobart. At Davenport Center, May 7, by Rev. J .Elliott, J. V. E. WINNIE, M. D., formerly of Albany, to Miss Ella J. DIBBLE, of Davenport Center. At Hartford, Washington Co., May 13, by Rev. E. D. Towner, H. T. OATMAN, Esq., of the Schenevus Monitor, to Miss Malvina E. HILLS, of the former place. DIED In Morris, May 6, Orlando SIMMONS, aged 60 years. In South Edmeston, May 5, Royal HUBBY, in the 81st year of his age. In Delhi, May 3, Mrs. HOAG, widow of the late Amos Hoag, aged about 85 years. In Union, May 1, Julia, eldest daughter of Stephen VAN DUSEN, formerly of Meredith, in 33d year of her age. In New Berlin, May 10, of Apoplexy, Hon. Henry BENNET, late M. C. aged 59 years. DEATH OF DR. COWELL. Dr. John Cowell, of Unadilla, died on Wednesday last At the residence of Dr. Joseph SWEET in that village. Dr. C. was born in Richfield, studied his profession with Dr. White at Cherry Valley, and came thence to Unadilla in 1818 to commence his practice. A man of superior intellect, friendly disposition and agreeable manners, he was held from his first entrance to the Susquehanna Valley an influential and very useful position. Much of his time and abilities have been given to the poor, without charge, and as cheerfully as most men work for money. One of the few men of mark remaining among the old people of Unadilla, he seemed to have the confidence of the profession and the respect of all the people. By all he will be much missed and sincerely mourned. 5/27/1868 (From the Bath, (Steuben Co.) Advocate - OBITUARY.- The death of Col. Ira Davenport, of this village, occurred on the 2d inst. Col. Davenport was born at Spencertown, Columbia County, Sept. 29, 1795, and there was in the 73rd year of his age at the time of his decease. He was the son of Noah Davenport, a merchant of the same place, and was one of a family of four sons and five daughters, of whom two sons and four daughters survive. At the age of fourteen years he went to Harpersfield, Delaware County, to act as clerk in a store in which his father was interested, and there remained till 1815. In that year, being then in the 21st year of his age, he commenced the mercantile business on his own account at Hornellsville, then in the town of Canisteo. .. In 1847 he removed to Bath and there remained until his death. Married in 1824 Lydia, eldest daughter of the late Dugald CAMERON of Bath, who died upwards of 20 years since. He leaves two sons and two daughters. His oldest daughter-Mrs.. WATERMAN, of Detroit died before him, leaving three children who survive him. DIED In Franklin, May 26, Thomas W. OSTROM, formerly of Cannonsville, aged about 50 years. In Morris, May 17, Nathaniel BEERS, in the 79th year of his age. In Toddsville, May 15, James TUCKER, in the 42d year of his age. In Laurens, April 12, Miss Mary M. TUCKER, aged 15 years. In Milford, May 8, Mrs. Mary A., wife of Benjamin DINGMAM (DINGMAN?), aged 31 years. In South Gilboa, April 23, Christopher H. SIMONSON aged 66 years. In Delhi, May 19, Samuel GORDON, Jr., aged 29 years. 6/3/1868 MARRIED At the residence of the bride's father, May 27, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Mr. F. M. GILLETT, of Anamosa, Iowa, to Miss Emily SPENCER, daughter of Horace Spencer, of Maryland. On the morning of the 2d inst., at the bride's home, by Rev. G. O. Phelps, Mr. Bradley W. FOSTER, of Cohoes, to Miss M. Leonora HUNTINGTON, of Oneonta. DIED At the residence of Wm. TAYLOR, in Franklin, April 13, Miss Sybil DEWEY, aged 84 years. She lived a consistent christian for many long years, and died in the hope of a bright and triumphant crown in Heaven. Her end was peaceful as the summer breeze. In Oneonta, 25th ult., Mrs. Jennie VOSBURGH, wife of E. N. Vosburgh, aged 30 years. By her christian urbanity she had won a large circle of friends who greatly lament her death. Seldom are we called to mourn so devoted a christian whose life work closed just as her sun had reached its meridian altitude. In Benton Harbor, Mich., April 26, Deacon Enoch OSBORN, formerly of Davenport, aged 61 years. At the same place, April 25, Mrs. Fanny OSBORN, wife of Enoch Osborn aged 61 years. They were buried in one grave. In Andes, may 24, Thomas LIDDLE, aged 86 years. In Westford, May 20, Libbie E., daughter of John WRIGHT, aged 16 years. 7/1/1868 MARRIED At the First Baptist church, Oneonta, June 24th, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Mr. A. J. McCRARY, of Fort Madison, Iowa, to Miss Annie C. FORD, daughter of De Witt Ford, Esq., of Oneonta. At the Ottawa House, May 26th, by Rev. A. B. More, Mr. John SWEET, of Northville, Ill., to Miss Ellen Ann DRUM, of Adams, Ill., formerly of Oneonta. DIED In Delhi, June 24th, Mrs. Susan DAVIDSON, wife of J. W. Davidson, aged 35 years. 7/8/1868 MARRIED In Franklin, June 30th, by Rev. B. F. Williams, Mr. George A. WITBECK, of East Worcester, to Emily A., daughter of John BOYCE, Esq., of Franklin. In Otego, July 4th, by Rev W. G. Queal, Mr. David PALMATIER, to Miss Hattie SALISBURY, both of Richmondville. In Oneonta, July 4th, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Mr. T. A. BALDWIN, of Westford, to Miss M. L. RICE, of Maryland. At the residence of the bride's father, June 30th, by Rev. R. A. Clark, Mr. Charles Andrews, of Watkins, to Miss Annie P. Hoyt. On the 25th ult., by Rev. D. Graves, Henry W. BOORN, M. D., of Colliersville, to Miss Kate A. LANE, of Clarkstown. DIED At Binghamton, June 30th, Harvey SHEPHERD, of Oneonta Plains, aged 40 years. 7/15/1868 MARRIED At Croton, July 11th, by Rev. J. Evans, Rev. Jenkins JONES, of Morris, to Miss Jennie WOLCOTT, daughter of Linus Wolcott, of Croton. DIED In Delhi, July 1st, Mr. John Shaw, Sen., in the 95th year of his age. In Hamden, July 4th, Dr. William M. BRYCE, aged 33 years. In Kortright, June 28th, Mrs. Ruth M. ORR, aged 61 years. 7/29/1868 DIED At Milford, July 21, Edwin, son of Chauncey and Emeline CEPERLY, aged 2 years, 4 months and 11 days. The little one is gone, gone to the Spirit land. Another son has joined that bright celestial band; A little mound appears beneath the willows shade, And in that silent tomb, the form is laid. 8/12/1868 MARRIED In Delhi, August 3d, by Rev. A. Ackerly, Mr. Edward R. SMITH, to Miss Anna M. WIGHTMAN, all of Davenport. In Boston, Aug. 4th, by Rev. Dr. Blaikie, Charles A. WATKINS, of Albany, to Miss Ada GRAY, of Boston, Mass. DIED At Franklin, Aug. 8th, James H. BARNES, only son of J. Harvey Barnes, Esq., aged 25 years. Mr. Barnes, had but recently returned from Des Moines, Iowa, where he was engaged in business. He was a young man of blameless life and his early departure will sadden many hearts. At North Franklin, Aug. 10th, Phineas GREEN, aged 68 years. A sincere christian, a kind neighbor and a good citizen is gone. At Narrowsburg, on the 26th ult., Mrs. Clarinda LLOYD, formerly of Otsego Co., in her 80th year. At Portlandville, Aug. 1st, Mrs. Malinda DAVIS, aged 68 years. At Jedburgh, Scotland, June 15th, Mr. Geo. MIDDLEMAST, formerly of Delhi, and brother of Thomas Middlemast, Sr., aged about 85 years. 8/19/1868 MARRIED In Oneonta, July 30, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Charles P. HART, of Windsor, Broome Co., to Mary E. THORNE, of Colliersville. In Davenport Center, Aug. 8, by Rev. Mr. Elliott, A. C. FOLLETT, M. D., to Miss Eliza DUNHAM, both of Davenport. In Davenport, Aug 15, by Rev. Wm. Russell, Mr. Charles D. BROADWELL, of Davenport, to Miss Orpha M. SCHEMERHORN, of West Oneonta. DIED At Poughkeepsie, Aug. 13, of Consumption, William R. NELSON, youngest son of Asa Nelson of Franklin, aged 25 years. At South Worcester, Aug. 9, Abraham BECKER, Esq., aged 61 years. At Delhi, Aug. 12, Lieut. John H. GRISWOLD, son of Horace Griswold, Esq., and late of the 144th Regt., aged 32 years. At Davenport Center, Aug. 13, Mrs. Rodney DUNHAM, aged 51 years. 8/26/1868 --Dr. EDDY of Milford, while on a visit at his brother-in-law's in Newburg last Sunday died very suddenly. His remains will be brought to Milford for interment. MARRIED In Laurens, at Richmond's hotel, August 18, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, Joseph L. CHASE of Pittsfield, to Miss Susan A. JOHNSON of New Lisbon. In Laurens, August 23, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, Charles D. HOUSE to Miss Mary E. MURRAY, all of Laurens. In Sidney Centre, August 16th, by Rev. W. R. Cochrane, David WHITNEY to Mrs. Barbara DEMOND, all of Sidney. In Mount Vision, August 12, by Rev. A. Griffin, Melville T. ROBINSON to Miss Libbie A. PALMER, both of Hartwick. In Hartwick, Aug. 18, by Rev. H. H. Fisher, Charles B. CARD of Pierce Co., Wis., to Miss Celeste P. ELDRED of Hartwick. DIED At South Branch, N. J., Aug. 8, Theodore VOSSELLER, in the 34th year of his age. Mr. Vosseller will be pleasantly remembered by many former students at Franklin. At Meredith, August 20th, Lizzie, wife of Thomas THOMPSON, aged 26 years. At Downsville, August 18th, Elizabeth Mary, daughter of J. T. ODWELL, Esq., aged 1 year 9 months At Masonville, August 3d, Leonard BUNDY, aged 62 years. At Milford Centre, August 20th, Sarah, wife of Robert M. ROSE, aged 24 years. At Oneonta, August 21st, Martha I. BREWER, aged 19 years and 3 months. "She hath done what she could." At New Lisbon, Aug. 2d, Mrs. Betsey FITCH, in the 87th year of her age. 9/9/1868 MARRIED In this village, at the residence of D. J. YAGER, Esq., on the 3d inst., by Rev. R. W. Peebles, Mr. Charles W. BIXBY, to Miss Florence E. YAGER. In Albany, on the 24th ult., by Rev. I. N. Wyckoff, Mr. A. A. BROWN, of Bainbridge, to Miss Mary J. SCOBIE, of the former place. In Morris, Sept. 8, by Rev. E. Rulison, Mr. S. S. MATTESON, to Miss Emma BUNN, all of Morris. DIED At Croton, Sept. 6th, Capt. Daniel SMITH, aged 85 years. At Burlington, August 18th, Mrs. Rachel BLAIR, aged 61 years. At Westford, August 11th, Wm. Harrison GROFF, aged 49 years. At Waverley, August 27th, William PERSONS, formerly of Cooperstown, aged 71 years. At Mitchell Co., Iowa, Hon. Samuel A. CLYDE, formerly of Cherry Valley, aged 63 years. At Milford, Sept. 6th, Mrs. Sarah WELLS, aged 89 years. At Charles City, Iowa, August 23d, Edgar N. CARVER, son of Henry Carver, formerly of Franklin, aged 28 years. 9/16/1868 DIED In Oneonta, Sept. 10th, Carrie, daughter of T. J. GILDERSLEEVE, aged 6 months. In Milford, Sept. 6th, Norman BISSELL, in the 85th year of his age. 9/23/1868 MARRIED In Schenevus, Sept. 9, by Rev. H. N. Van Deusen, Mr. Rufus L. CHASE to Miss Maggie BRONK, all of Schenevus. In Stamford, Sept. 8, by Rev. L. E. Richards, Mr. J. Homer NEWELL, of Fergusonville, to Miss Jane E. KENNEDY, of Stamford. In Burlington, Iowa, Aug. 14, by Rev. E. Coal, Mr. Henry BOEDEN, of Wappelo, Iowa, to Miss Minnie BLANCHARD, formerly of Franklin. In Davenport, Sept. 8, by Rev. Wm. Russell, Mr. Wm. H. HORTON, of Sanford, to Miss A. E. SWART, of Oneonta. DIED At Croton, Sept. 10th, Isaac B. HOWE, aged 3(0?) years. (2d number of age is blurred) At Cooperstown, Sept. 3d, William NICHOLS, aged 82 years. At Cooperstown, Sept. 7th, Deacon Alfred(?) ROBINSON, aged 52 years. At New York, Sept. 12th, Henry B. ERNST, formerly of Cooperstown, aged 59 years. At Schenevus, Sept. 13th, Artie, son of Frank T. and Catherine STARR, aged 4 years. At Afton, Sept. 1st, Sylvanus COOK, aged 81 years. At Schenevus, Sept. 17th, Wickham GRISWOLD, aged 8 1/2 years. At Hartwick, August 28th, Aaron LUTHER, in the 84th year of his age. At Sidney Center, Sept. 2, Mrs. Helen G. ANDREWS, wife of Maj. Olney Z. ANDREWS, aged 55 years. At Delhi, Sept. 15th, Mrs. Ann STODDART, widow of the late James Stoddart, aged 79 years. At Sacramento City, Cal., Sept. 6th, Daniel HAMMOND, formerly of Oneonta, aged about 45 years. A Sacramento papers says: Mr. Hammond came to California in 1849, in company with C. P. HUNTINGTON, and others, from Oneonta, Otsego county, New York, and after a few months experience in mining on the American river, returned to this city and united in establishing the hardware business, in the name of the firm of Huntington, Hammond & Co. The firm subsequently dissolved, and Hammond opened another hardware house, which was conducted several years, when the stock was sold to Mr. Shultz. Deceased was a member of the Sacramento Pioneer Association, and has latterly been in the employ of the Central Pacific R. R. Co., as book-keeper. At Mt. Vision, August 28th, William WELLMAN, in the 81st year of his age. He was born in Somerset, Vt., and at the age of four years, his parents emigrated to this county, of which he remained a resident till his death. Where now stands the fruitful orchards and cultivated fields, his manly arm wielded the axe, tottering to the earth the majestic pines, giving place to civilization where there were dense forests, haunted by prowling wolves; and in that spot he sought a home. He ever proved himself a good citizen, a kind neighbor, upright in all his dealings. His reasoning faculties were so unimpaired by age, that to the last, he could well defend the cause of the poor down- trodded ones. The needy well could say, in him I found a generous friend. Thus a kindly companion, and a loving father has passed away. "Yet again we hope to meet him, When the day of life is passed." 9/30/1868 MARRIED In Oneonta, Sept. 28th, by Rev. G. O. Phelps, Mr. C. H. SILLIMAN, of Jersey City, to Miss Mary A. GATES, of Oneonta. In Franklin, Sept. 28th, by Rev. B.F. Williams, Mr. Charles A. BENNETT, to Miss Mary H. GOODRICH, both of Franklin. In Franklin, Sept. 28, by Rev. B. F. Williams, Mr. Orrin WILCOX, to Miss Gertrude E. BRONSON, all of Franklin. 10/7/1868 MARRIED Sept. 22d, by Rev. L. E. Spafford, Mr. James D. SMITH, of Bainbridge, to Miss Lucina, daughter of Aaron MAIN, of Oxford. In South Edmeston, on the 29th ult., by Rev. C. M. Whittelsey, Lorin E. GASKILL, to Hattie E. DeFOREST. Sept. 30th, by Rev. A. B. Burroughs, in Hamden, Mr. F. J. McCLENON, of Sidney, to Miss Maria BENEDICT, of Hamden. DIED At Middlefield, Aug. 24th, Miss Jane Pratt, aged 35 years. At Milford, September 23d, widow Anna BARNARD, in the 74th year of her age. At Milford, September 16th, Peter CLINE, in the 82d year of his age. At Chaseville, Sept. 19th, Mrs. HOUGHTON, relict of the late Daniel Houghton, Esq., aged 95 years. At Franklin, near Croton, October 2d, Edwin FAILING, aged 36 years. Few men were more endeared to his friends and neighbors and none more faithful in the conscientious discharge of every duty. At Andes, Sept. 28, Ira WORDEN, aged 63 years. At Andes, Sept. 26, Mrs. Margaret TURNBULL, aged about 60 years. At Andes, Sept. 26th, Mr. Adam REINMOND, aged -- years. At Delhi, on the 20th ult., Salmon PERKINS, in the 85th year of his age. At Stamford, Sept. 14th, Margaret A. HAIT, wife of J. Wesley MAYNARD, aged 32 years. At Hobart, Sept. 26th, Miss Maria HANFORD, aged about 50 years. At Bovina, Sept. 21st, Ellen, wife of Thomas HAMILTON, aged about 60 years. At Delhi, Sept. 22d, Mrs. Hetty FARRINGTON, aged 78 years, relict of the late Capt. Philip Farrington. 10/14/1868 MARRIED In Greene, Oct. 6th, by Rev. F. Rogers, John HALSEY, Esq., to Miss Amelia A. RIPLEY, eldest daughter of Major W. C. Ripley of Greene. Mr. And Mrs. Halsey will sail for China in a few weeks, where Mr. H. has been for many years, in the employ of the Chinese Government in the Custom House Department. In Hartwick, Oct. 6th, by Rev. Charles Gillett, Mr. Andrew TODD, to Miss Nancy M. WENTWORTH, all of Hartwick. DIED At Milford, Oct. 4th, of typhoid fever, Allison F. BARNARD, eldest son of the late Deacon Moses Barnard, aged 34 years. This is the third brother in this family who has died within the past year. At Binghamton, Sept. 26th, Major Augustus MORGAN, aged 78 years. At Laurens, Oct. 5th, Alfred BABCOCK, aged 28 years. At Colesville, Broome Co., at the residence of his brother-in-law, Joseph E. REDFIELD, of Western fever, George R. MITCHELL, of Meredith, aged 44 years. At Kortright, Oct. 8th, Miss Abigail KEELER, of Delhi, aged about 60 years. At Hamden, Oct. 30th, Miss Docla Ann ANDREWS, aged 32 years. At Middlefield, Oct. 1st, Edwin D. NEWELL, aged 29 years. At Otsego, Sept. 20th, Ichabod BRAINARD, in the 84th year of his age. At Burlington Flats, August 26th, Mrs. Betsy S. ARNOLD, aged 59 years. 10/21/1868 BAINBRIDGE.- Judge BIGELOW, formerly of this town, died 5th inst., at Tioga, Pa., aged 84 years. OBITUARY. Died-At Milford, Oct. 4th, of typhoid fever after an illness of ten days, Francis Allison BARNARD, eldest son of the late Dea. Moses Barnard, aged 31 years. This is the sixth death in this family within seven years, and the third brother within a year-only four children of the eight, two sons and two daughters, survive.- Mr. F. A. Barnard united with the Presbyterian Church in this place at the early age of 16 years, and during the last winter was zealously engaged in the meetings of the late revival in the vicinity of his residence, exhibiting a characteristic interest for the salvation of souls, especially his near friends, and had the joy of seeing several of of them brought in the fold of Christ. He was genial in his disposition, and had been trained in a hospitable home, where the fevours of a christian friendship enlivened every scene. After the death of his parents, he purchased the homestead where he was born and where he rekindled the fires of christian devotion on the same altar at which his fathers worshipped. We had hoped that he would have been spared to have filled the position of his late lamented father in the community, and in the church where he was a ruling elder for 35 years, but God has called him to a higher and happier one. He was a member of the Delaware Literary Institute, between two and three years, and of the Waterburian Society. He was married Sept. 30, 1863 to Miss Anna E. Sweet of Unadilla, who was also a member of the Institute, at the same time, who is now bereft of a kind husband, the church of consistent member and the community of a valuable citizen. Amicus. MARRIED In Oneonta, Oct. 19th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Homer(?) G. SMITH, of West Laurens, to Emma CHAMBERLIN, of Otego. In Otego, Oct. 13th, by Rev. C. Peak, Emulus GARDNER(?), of Laurens, to Miss Ann Eliza, daughter of John A. COOKS, Esq., of Otego. In Franklin, Oct. 6th, by Rev. J. J. Hough, Charles GRISWOLD, to Miss Mary BARTHOLOMEW, all of Franklin. In Stamford, Sept. 29th, by Rev. L. E. Rickards, Henry FOLLETT, of Schenevus, to Miss Anna E. (STEVENS?), of the former place. DIED At Franklin, Oct. 8th, Miss Eliza B., wife of (S. B.?) MEEKER, aged 33 years. At Harpersfield, Sept. 29th, John CAID?, formerly of North Franklin, aged 99 years, 11 months, and 15 days. 10/27/1868 MARRIED In North Franklin, Oct. 26th, by Rev. J. Elliott, Charles D. McMINN, of Davenport, to Miss Josie MUNSON, daughter of John H. Munson, of North Franklin. In Oneonta, Oct. 21st, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Stephen HUNGERFORD, of Milford, to Sarah ALSOP, of Oneonta. DIED At Girard, Erie Co., Pa., October 14th, Rev. Elijah BALDWIN, formerly of Meredith, aged 63 years. Mr. Baldwin was well known and highly esteemed among the people of Delaware and Southern Otsego, as a man of pure and earnest Christian life. His remains are interred at Paw Paw, Mich., where his family expect to reside. At Unadilla, Oct. 21st, Osmer C. WATKINS, formerly of Harpersfield, aged 66 years. At Unadilla, Oct. 21st, Charles GRANNIS, in the 50th year of his age. At Bainbridge, Oct. 20th, Hettie E. BENNETT, aged 23 years. At Davenport Centre, Oct. 18th, Miss Julia M. PAINE, eldest daughter of the late George C. Paine, Esq., aged 32 years. At West Oneonta, Oct. 20th, Mrs. Lydia A. JENKS, wife of Joseph G. Jenks, aged 63 years. 11/4/1868 MARRIED In Oneonta, Oct. 27, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Fields HACKETT, to Miss Esther M. BREWER, all of Oneonta. In Oneonta, Oct. 27, by Rev. A. Reynolds, E. W. MURDOCK, of South Hartwick, to Miss Denora FRITTS, of Davenport. In Oneonta, at the M. E. parsonage, Oct. 20, by Rev. R. W. Peebles, Leroy SMITH, of Davenport, to Miss Mary REYNOLDS, of Meredith. Also, by the same, Oct. 26, at the residence of Randall RICHARDS in Oneonta, Dewitt C. BARNES, to Miss Harriet A. RICHARDS, all of Oneonta. In East Meredith, Oct. 1, by Rev. G. F. Post, Milton CHAMBERLAIN, of Maryland, to Miss Mary Jennett INGRAHAM, of Meredith. In the same place, by the same, Oct. 14, H. W. SPAFFORD, of Decatur, to Miss Frank M. HILL, of Meredith. DIED At New Lisbon, on the 1st inst., Jabez GROSS, aged 74 years. At Butternuts, Oct. 21, of consumption, Frank R. BABCOCK, aged 22 years. At Oneonta, Oct. 24, Henry S. MORGAN, of New Hampton, N. H., aged 21 years. At Franklin, Nov. 1, Deacon Barzillai HOPKINS, aged 71 years. At Davenport, Nov. 4, Peter MUNSON, aged 87 years 8 mos. At West Oneonta, Nov. 1, Mrs. Sabra COOK, aged 64 years. 11/11/1868 MARRIED In Oneonta, Nov. 5th, by Rev. G. O. Phelps, Albert MORRIS, to Mary J. BIRDSALL, all of Oneonta. Nov. 5th, at the Presbyterian parsonage, by Rev. J. H. Robinson, Samuel SMITH, of Hamden, to Rosa A. SMITH, of Delhi. In Walton, Oct. 8th, at the residence of O. J. Ells, by Rev. S. J. White, H. M. CABLE, of Boston, Mass., to Ettie R. ELLS, of Walton. In Unadilla, Nov. 1st, by Rev. D. F. Leach, Levi W. SKINNER, of Sidney, to Catharine VAN VALKENBURG, of South New Berlin. By the same, in the same place, Nov. 4th, Robert M. SMITH to Adaline McINTIRE, both of Franklin. In East Unadilla, 5th inst., by Rev. Mr. Clark, A. J. LAWTON, of Sidney, to S. E. CRANE, of the former place. DIED At Cortland, Oct. 23d, of Consumption, Edward STILSON, formerly of Franklin, in the 30th year of his age. At Delhi village, on the 5th inst., Maria Augusta, wife of Hon. Charles HATHAWAY, aged 65 years. At Riceville, Iowa, George A. PALMER, formerly of Walton, aged 35 years. At Hobart, Oct. 25th, Mrs. Ellen HUNT, widow of Joseph B. Hunt, formerly of Kortright, aged 65 years. 11/18/1868 MARRIED In Otego, Nov. 3d, by Rev. J. Smith, Van SMITH, son of the officiating clergyman, to Damie BALDWIN, all of Otego. By the same, Nov. 11th, George J. BEACH, of Masonville, to Fannie GOULD, of Otego. In Oneonta, Nov. 4th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, George W. SMITH, to Celestia GIFFORD, both of Oneonta. DIED At New Baltimore, Pa., Nov. 11th, Mrs. Julia REYNOLDS, mother of Rev. A. Reynolds, aged 66 years.- "Asleep in Jesus." At Kortright, Nov. 10th, Peter McAUSLIN, aged 76 years. The last noble act he performed was to give Grant and Colfax his vote. (Poem included with notice.) 11/25/1868 SHOCKING MURDER AT WEST DAVENPORT! Mrs. E. B. FERO, Killed! The Murderer Escapes with $300 On Monday night, 23d inst., a burgular entered the house of Elisha B. Fero, Esq., by a false key, and entering the bedroom was standing at the bedside of Mr. Fero and wife. He held a revolver at the head of Fero, while searching for money under his pillow. The latter threw up his hand and seized the pistol which in the struggle was fired, the shot taking effect in the head of Mrs. Fero, killing her instantly. Fero retained his hold of the murderer and was dragged into the sitting-room where a severe struggle ensued, of which his person bears the marks. The murderer escaped, having secured the pocket book of Mr. Fero, containing about $300, and as yet no trace of him has been found. There is much excitement in that village over this cold blooded atrocity, and the people will used every effort in their power to trace out the murderer and avenge, as far as the laws can reach, the slaying of a noble woman. A Coroner's inquest will be held to-day, (Tuesday). The funeral of Mrs. Fero will be attended on Thursday. Chenango County. -- Clark RHODES, of Binghamton, was crushed to death between a boat and the lock at the second lock below Greene, 15th inst. His body was horribly mangled.-- Samuel FRENCH, aged 34 years died from the kick of a horse at Norwich, 19th inst. MARRIED At Unadilla, Nov. 19th, by Rev. J. A. Robinson, of Bainbridge, Mr. William H. PARKER, to Miss Julia E. SAUNDERS, daughter of B. G. W. Saunders, Esq. At Bainbridge, Nov. 19th, by Rev. J. A. Robinson, Frederick VINCENT, to Miss Ellen FINNEY, all of Bainbridge. At Davenport, Nov. 15th, by Rev. W. Russell, Edwin ALLEN, of Meredith, to Miss Amanda D. WILLIS, of Walton. DIED In Milwaukee, Wis., November 2d, William E. WEBSTER, Esq., aged 50 years. Also, on the same day, his mother, Mrs. Mary WEBSTER, aged 74 years. Mr. Webster was brought up in Sidney, studied law with the late Judge Noble, of Unadilla, and after several years practice in Otsego and Delaware, went to the West about 20 years ago. In Oneonta, Nov. 19th, of Consumption, Miss Eunice A. TICE, eldest daughter of John C. and L. E. Tice, aged 19 years, 6 months and 26 days. 12/2/1868 MARRIED In Oneonta, Nov. 25th, by Rev. G. O. Phelps, Edwin G. BIXBY, to Miss Alice F. BENNETT, all of Oneonta. In Colliersville, at the house of the bride's father, Nov. 26th, by Rev. J. Smith, E. W. MURRY, of Portlandville, to Miss Julia A. BARNES, of Colliersville. DIED At Washington, D. C., at the residence of Capt. E. C. WEAVER, his brother-in-law, Egbert FINCH, in the thirtieth year of his age. County papers please copy. (Poem included with notice.) 12/9/1868 MARRIED In Hartwick, at the home of O. L. FIELDS, Dec. 3, by Rev. A. Griffin, Thomas M. GREENE, of New Lisbon, to Miss Angenette LEE, of Laurens. DIED At Utica, Dec. 1, after an illness of only a few hours, Mrs. LAURENCE, wife of Hon. Lewis LAWRENCE, aged about 55 years. 12/16/1868 MARRIED In Milford, Dec. 9th, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Rensselaer GARLICK, to Miss E. P. EDSON, all of Milford. In Oneonta, Dec. 6th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Jacob M. BLEND, to Ruth GILE, both of Oneonta. In Petersburgh, Va., Nov. 5, Dr. Randall HOLDEN, of Yatesville, Va. To Miss Mary Alice BEASLEY, of Prince George Co., Va. In Ottawa, Ill., Dec. 2, by Rev. M. K. Whittlesey, M. DeWitt PEAK, of Green Bay Wis., to Miss Ella HOES, daughter of Hon. J. V. A. Hoes. DIED At Oneonta Plains, Dec. 11, Mrs. Frances E. STARR, wife of Berah Starr, and daughter of Joseph BRISACK, aged 26 years and 20 days. At Oneonta, Dec. 15, of typhoid fever, Charles S. MILLER, late of Poughkeepsie, aged 23 years. 12/23/1868 MARRIED At the bride's father's, in Worcester, Dec. 17th, by Rev. A. Griffin, Mr. John A. GRIFFIN, of Colliersville, to Miss Maria J. BABCOCK, of the former place. 12/30/1868 MARRIED At Tice's Hotel, Oneonta, Dec. 22, by Rev. G. O. Phelps, William TUTTEL, to Miss Mary E. ALEXANDER, both of Deposit. At the residence of Mason DeFOREST, in Oneonta, Dec. 23d, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, Hurbert P. WEAVER, of Finley's Lake, Chautauqua Co., to Miss Angella DeFOREST, of Oneonta.

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