Death & Marriage Notices
Oneonta Herald
Starting January 1869
Compiled and Contributed by
Sandy Goodspeed

Some issues are missing.    (Inst. Means same month, ult.  means 
preceeding month)

Paper Date - YEAR 1869
1/6/1869 MARRIED In Oneonta, at the bride's home, by Rev. R. W. Peebles, Dec. 31st, 1868, Albert BULLIS, of Colliersville, to Miss Carrie L. HUSTED, of Oneonta. In Oneonta, by the same, on the same date, at the M. E. Parsonage, W. M. PLACE, of Otego, to Miss W. A. WINANS, of Unadilla. In Oneonta, Dec. 31st, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Charles M. WINN, of Oneonta, to Miss Mary E. JOHNSON, of Meredith. In Oneonta, January 1st, by the same, Adelmer MILLER, to Miss Elizabeth BEAMS, both of Davenport. In Oneonta, January 1st, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Addison FAY, of Milford, to Miss Emogene CRAWFORD, of Portlandville. In Otego, Dec. 26th, by Rev. J. Smith, Mr. Ransom A. HOYT, of Franklin, to Miss Mary U. FLEMING, of Otego. 1/13/1869 MARRIED At Cannonsville, December 30th, by Rev. A. J. Quick, Levi MILES, jr. to Miss Augusta V. McGIBBON (McGIBSON?), both of Cannonsville. DIED At Deposit, on Monday, the 4th inst., of heart disease, Hannah M. T., wife of Orlando J. ROWE, formerly of Franklin, aged (39?) years. At North Franklin, on the 2d inst., at the residence of his son-in-law, Rev. L. G. NILES(?), Orsa---(?) CRANDALL, Esq., aged 60 years. At Council Bluffs, Iowa, December 27th, William E. POTTER, son of Stafford Potter, formerly of Oneonta, aged 39 years. At Middlefield, January 9th, William I. COMPTON in the 60th year of his age. Mr. C. has filled many offices of trust and honor in his town and county, was the time of his death supervisor of his town, was a very exemplary man, his loss will be deeply felt. 1/20/1869 FATAL ACCIDENT.- James BRADEY of Albany, a brakeman on train No. 4, going East, was instantly killed on Tuesday morning by striking his head against a bridge crossing the track at Nineveh. He leaves a wife and two children. MARRIED In Lockport, Jan. 6, by Rev. Dr. Wisner, S. W. POTTER, of Franklin, to Sarah, second daughter of J. DEVEREUX, of Lockport. In Franklin, Jan. 6, at the residence of John BISSELL, by Rev. W. Addy, Horace A. GILBERT, of Greenfield, Iowa, to Miss Frances E. GOODRICH, of Cannonsville. In Wyoming, Kent. Co., Delaware, Dec. 31, by Rev. A. D. Davis, Wm. B. KLUMP, to Miss Laura J., daughter of T. DEWEY, of Felton, formerly of Franklin. In Davenport, Jan. 14, by Rev. W. Russell, George H. WARFIELD, of Meredith, to Emeline HOUGHTALING, of Davenport. In Morris, Dec. 24, by Rev. John Pilkington, Mr. MOORE, of Binghamton, to Miss Clara BUELL, of Franklin. In Morris, Jan. 12, by the same, Adelbert DAVIS, of Morris, to Miss Mary E. SMITH, of Laurens. In Columbus, Jan. 13, by the same, James H. WALKER, to Miss Edith WILBER, both of Columbus. In Polo, Ill., Jan. 1, by Rev. A. Hyde, Homer S. WATERBURY, to Miss Anistine WATERBURY, formerly of Colchester, Del. Co. In Guilford, Dec. 29, by Rev. W. W. Andrews, Sebort J. HOLLENBECK to Miss Rosella BANNER. Also at the same place, time, and by the same, Lyman M. LATHROP, to Miss Jennie BANNER. DIED At Franklin, Jan. 16, Griswold APLEY, aged 68 years. At Delhi, Jan. 13, James ELWOOD, aged 60 years. 1/27/1869 MARRIED In Morris, Jan. 16th, by Rev. J. Jones, Horace H. IRISH, of Garrattsville, to Miss Ettie L. WOODING, of Edmeston. In North Franklin, Dec. 1, by Rev. C. C. Bourn, Wm. S. McMORRIS, of North Franklin, to Miss Lelia S. Bourn, of Croton. In Davenport, Jan. 23, by Rev. Wm. Russell, John N. RITER to Mrs. Maria B. BUTTS, both of Davenport. In Niagara, Jan. 13th, by Rev. J. C. Goodrich, Maurice H. ROWE, of Oneonta, to Miss Jennie S. HALBERT, of Butternuts. In Sidney, Jan 14, by Rev. D. F. Leach, Elisha V. HUYCK, to Miss Mary E. HUGHSTON, both of Sidney. In Bainbridge, 20th inst., Ira W. BIXBY to Mrs. Melissa Pratt, both of Bainbridge. In Milford, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Francis DAVENPORT, of Exter, to Hariet SAGER, of Milford. (No date given) DIED At Cooperstown, Jan. 20th, Henry P. METCALF, aged 62 years. At Delhi, Jan. 21st, James MEIN, aged about 65 years. At San Francisco, Cal., Dec. 11th, David M. PECK, "E. C.," formerly of Hobart, aged 38 years. 2/3/1869 MARRIED In Anamosea, Iowa, Dec. 30th, by Rev. W. Fawcott(?), Peter W. DIETZ, Esq., of McHenry Co., Ill., to Sophia L. SLINGERLAND, of Oneonta. In Garratsville, Jan. 19th, Rev. Wm. B. Gladstone, Pastor of the United Presbyterian Church of East Greenwhich, to Miss Kate A. HUME, of Garratsville. (No Rev. given) In Elmira, Jan. 25th, by the Rev. Thomas K. Beecher, H. J. REYNOLDS, of Davenport, to Miss Annie APPLEGATE, LeClaire, Iowa. In Unadilla, Jan. 27th, by the Rev. James Robinson, Thomas G. NORTH, to Miss Mary E. NORTON, both of Unadilla. In Masonville, Jan. 21st, by Rev. L. L. Williams, Robert E. HADDOW, to Miss Mary JAQUISH, both of Middletown. In Bainbridge, Jan. 25th, by Rev. L. V. Ismond, Daniel E. FLETCHER, of Guilford, to Miss Emily A. HOYT, of Bainbridge. Jan. 30th, by Rev. A. G. King, Thomas GRAHAM, of Walton, to Miss Nettie EVERY, of Franklin. In Walton, Jan. 1st, by Rev. A. R. Burroughs, George MILLS, to Miss Ida F. WAKEMAN, both of Walton. By the same, Jan. 21st, James BROUGHTON, of Walton, to Miss Lizzie ELWOOD, of Downsville. By the Rev. R. T. Doig, Theodore SCOTT, to Miss Belle MITCHEL, all of Meredith. By the same, Jan. 19th, U. H. HANFORD, to Miss Eliza M. GIBSON, all of Davenport. In Sidney, Jan. 14th, by Rev. D. F. Leach, Elisha V. HUYCK to Miss Mary E. HUGHSTON, both of Sidney. DIED At Oneonta, Jan. 27th, Mrs. Julia E. KROMER SNOW, wife of Col. William W. Snow, aged 54 years- An excellent wife, a tender mother, a kind neighbor and a true friend has gone to rest. At South Worcester, Jan. 22d, of Consumption, Rebecca, wife of Orlando IVES, aged 47 years. At South Worcester, Jan. 23d, Alexander STRAIN, aged 57 years. At Masonville, on the 31st ult., Almira CURTIS, wife of Geo. CLAGHORN, aged 70 years, formerly of Oxford. 2/10/1869 MARRIED In Oneonta, Feb. 29, by Rev. R. W. Peebles, Wright CAULKINS, of Butternuts, to Miss Hattie C. SLADE, of Oneonta. In Oneonta, Feb .4th, by Rev. G. O. Phelps, Arthur G. REYNOLDS, to Miss Isabella J. PARDOE, all of Oneonta. In West Oneonta, Feb. 7th, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Orson C. DEAN, to Miss Frank DERBY, both of West Oneonta. In Morris, Jan. 20th, by Rev. J. Jones, Edward P. ELDREDGE, of Chaseville, to Miss Jennie E. FENTON, of Morris. By the same, Feb. 4th, Wm. C. HOWLAND, of Deposit, to Mrs. Betsey HAMMOND, of Morris. In Wood's Landing, N. J., Jan. 18th, by Rev. L. Rhodes, Wm. M. MURRAY, Esq., late of Delhi, to Miss Cornelia TUTON, of Schenectady. 2/17/1869 MARRIED In Laurens, at the M. E. Parsonage, Feb. 2, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, Hiland COOLEY, to Miss Mary F. MILKS, both of Oneonta. In Oneonta, Feb. 9th, by Rev. Geo. O. Phelps, James CASSIDY, of West Greene, to Miss P. C. Roberts, of East Gainesville. In Oneonta, by the same, Theodore GARRISON, to Miss Frances M. WOODWARD, both of Coventry. (No date given) In Oneonta, at the Lewis Hotel, Feb. 10th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, George E. WHITE, to Miss Celia C. BREWSTER, all of West Oneonta. 2/24/1869 MARRIED In Milford, Feb. 18th, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, George N. GREENE, to Miss Malissa WELLMAN, both of Milford. 3/3/1869 MARRIED In North Franklin, Feb. 24, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Mr. Asahel H. BRADLY, of Davenport, to Miss Ida P. GREEN, of North Franklin. In Delhi, March 2d, by Rev. Mr. Brown, Ford H. BENEDICT, M. D., of Franklin, to Miss Elizabeth GRAHAM, daughter of Samuel Graham, of Delhi. DIED At Croton, Feb. 29th, George CARVER, aged 65 years. At Croton, Feb. 29th, Mrs. Sally OGDEN, relict of David Ogden, aged 75 years. At Oneonta, Feb. 24th, Elisha SHEPHERD, Esq., in the 65th year of his age. At Westford, Feb. 4, Daniel Nash ALLEN, in the 62nd year of his age. At Charles City, Iowa, Feb. 16, Alta Mira, wife of Henry CARVER, in the 73d year of her age. Mrs. Carver resided for many years at Croton, Del. Co. At the residence of W. H. HARRISON, in Laurens, Feb. 10, Betsey, wife of Asa BOWEN, in the 80th year of her age. At Sidney, Feb. 15, of dropsy, Clarinda W., wife of William J. HUGHSTON, Esq., aged 50 years. At Franklin, Feb. 20, Thompson RUTHERFORD, aged 20 years. At Franklin, Feb. 21, of consumption, Miss Clarissa LOVELAND, aged 42 years. 3/10/1869 MARRIED In Oneonta, March 7, by Rev. R. W. Peebles, James B. MILLER, to Miss Mary Jane PLANK, all of Oneonta. In Oneonta, Feb. 28, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Robert S. COOK, to Miss Sally Maria ALGER, all of Oneonta. In Gilbertsville, March 6, by Rev. R. A. Clark, Mr. Riall BRIGGS, of Otego, by Mrs. Harriet Janes, of the former place. DIED At Oneonta, March 7th, at the residence of Mrs. T. S. GAULT, Mrs. Melissa PERKINS, wife of John F. Perkins, aged 55 years. At West Laurens, Feb. 25th, Mrs. Mary D. BRIGGS, wife of Howard Briggs, in the 24th year of her age, after an illness of but a few days. "She being dead, yet speaketh." At Oneonta, Feb. 10th, of consumption, Ezra G. POTTER, aged 28 years. At Unadilla, Feb. 18th, Amy A. WINANS, wife of Cyrus W. Winans, formerly of Franklin, aged 44 years. "Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord." At Oneonta, March 8th, Mrs. Maria DOOLITTLE, wife of John S. Doolittle, aged 44 years and 9 months. At Sidney Center, John B. LAWRENCE, aged 75 years. At Sidney Center, Feb. 18th, Samuel DAVIS, aged 75 years. (No date given.) 3/17/1869 MARRIED In Oneonta, March 9, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Mr. N. L. CONLEY, of Hartwick to Miss Mary E. BROWNELL, of the same place. In Deposit, March 29, by Rev. J. S. Pattengill, of Homer, Edward E. PATTENGILL, of New Lisbon, to Eliza J. HANFORD, daughter of G. W. Hanford, of Deposit. 3/24/1869 > MARRIED In Oneonta, March 10, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Dexer F. JENCKS, of Colliersville, to Miss Dora DUNHAM, of Oneonta. In Franklin, March 10, by Rev. R. F. Williams, Mr. A. Cook PAGE, to Miss Ella JUDD, all of Franklin. DIED At Croton, March 11, Deacon Thomas McCALL, aged 56 years. At Croton, March 14, Alexander ROBINSON, formerly of Kortright, aged 82 years. At Sidney, March 11, Mrs. Sally BEDFORD, aged 86 years. At Oneonta, March 19, of Consumption, Laselle JACOBS, aged 28 years. At Otsdawa, March 18, James WEATHERLY, aged 58 years. At Otsdawa, March 21, Mrs. Sarah H. OSBORN, wife of Schuyler Osborn, aged 50 years. At Oneonta, March 19, Russell, son of Calvin SHORT, aged 5 months. At Otsdawa, March 12, Mrs. Catherine MARTIN, aged 78 years. 3/31/1869 MARRIED In Franklin, March 16, at Franklin House, by Rev. Wm. Addy, Mr. Frank L. CRAWFORD, to Miss Aggie FIELD, both of Andes. In Binghamton, March 20, Mr. Thomas G. HULL to Miss Eva BOWEN, youngest daughter of John B. Bowen, all of Binghamton. (no Rev. listed) In Laurens, 21, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, Mr. John T. ELDRED, of Colesville, Broome Co., to Miss Jane TULLER, of New Lisbon. DIED At Laurens, March 25, of Scarlet Fever, Mattie, only daughter of Lester and Julia WINSOR, aged 3 years and 3 months. 4/14/1869 MARRIED In Morris, March 28th, by Rev. J. Jones, John H. LAWRENCE, of Chicago, Ill., to Miss Emma J. LITTLE, of Morris. In Oneonta, April 5th, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Grosvenor YOUNG to Miss Julia WHITMARSH, all of Oneonta. DIED On March 18th, Russell H. SHORT, son of Calvin and Helen Short, aged 6 months and 12 days. (Poem included with notice.) At North Franklin, at the house of David FOOTE, March 17th, Maria OSBORN, aged 43 years. Her many virtues, her true kindness of heart, endeared her to friends who knew her best. Her christian character was exemplified by the cheerfulness and fortitude manifested through many years of illness. At Croton, March 18th, Mrs. Silence OSBORN, aged 79 years. At Franklin, April 3d, Alvah ROWELL, aged 66 years. At Franklin, April 3d, Mrs. Ann NICHOLS, wife of Wm. Nichols, aged 43 years. 4/21/1869 DIED At Hobart, April 10, Mrs. Jean GRANT, mother of Capt. J. A. Grant, formerly of Franklin, aged 100 and five years, twenty-four days. She lived in the town of Stamford 93 years. At Spencer, April 15, Mrs. Sally FERRIS, formerly of Franklin, aged 88 years. On April 13, L. Isabelle CUTSHAW, youngest daughter of John Cutshaw, aged 26 years and 7 months. 4/28/1869 MARRIED In Oneonta, April 13, by Rev. O. G. Phelps, James B. SMITH, to Miss Charlotte HOUGHTALING, both of Oneonta. 5/5/1869 MARRIED In Franklin, April 21st, by Rev. J. J. Hough, A. Stanley DOUGLAS and Miss Eva MORENUS, both of Franklin. In Hobart, 4th ult., by Rev. W. D. Fero, Rev. J. J. DEAN, to Miss Georgiana FERO, only daughter of the officiating clergyman. DIED At Franklin, April 11th, of scarlet fever, Geo. H. ROBBINS, son of Geo. and Rovilla Robbins, aged 4 years. At Meredith, on the 9th inst., Mrs. Judith, wife of Jotham SCUDDER, aged 54 years. At Delhi, on Saturday, April 24th, Mrs. Hannah DEAN, wife of Wm. Dean, aged 78 years. At Andes, April 23d, Wm. CROSIER, in the 67th year of his age. At Franklin, April 20th, Frederick HILBURN, aged 36 years. At Milford, April 26th, Mrs. Charlotte A. WESTCOTT, wife of Luzerne Westcott, aged 24 years. At Oneonta, April 21st, Stephen BARNES, aged 76 years. At Oneonta, April 10th, John BEAMS, aged 82 years, and April 23d, Elizabeth, his wife, aged 85 years. At Laurens, April 23d, of scarlet fever, Charles WHEELER, adopted son of Orman and Mary E. Potter, aged 9 years. 5/12/1869 MARRIED In Laurens, At Barton's Hotel, May 6, 1869, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, L-------(?) ROBINSON, to Miss Mary Etta BROWN, both of Franklin. In Laurens, May 2d, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, Orlan HARMAN, of Binghamton, to Miss Ellen(?) CARR, of Laurens. DIED At Laurens, May 6th, of disease of the heart, Miss Eliza M. HARRIS, aged 28 years. At Laurens, May 6th, at the residence of her son, Lyman BRIDGES(?), Mrs. Catherine BRIDGES(?) aged 87 years. At Albany, May 1st, Andrew Adrian, only son of Adrian O. & Sarah L. MATHER, aged 1 year, 4 months and eight days. The remains were brought to Burlington for interment. At Corning, May 5th, Henrietta, daughter of Zera and Martha TODD, aged 34 years, formerly of Otsego. 5/19/1869 DIED At Laurens, May 14th, of scarlet fever, Emma H., only daughter of H. B. & Lavantia DREW, aged 5 years. 5/26/1869 MARRIED In Oneonta, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Mr. Charles BELL and Miss Addie PERSONS, all of Croton. (no date given) In St. Matthews church, Unadilla, May 25th, by Rev. J. H. Kidder, H. E. BAILEY, to Miss Call. ODELL. In Greene, 18th inst., by Rev. Dr. Rogers, Lester G. THOMPSON, to Miss Lena P. MARVIN, daughter of Ashel Marvin, formerly of Oneonta. DIED At Schenevus, May 22nd, Mrs. Rebecca PIERCE< aged 66 years. At Unadilla, May 20, a daughter of Wm. MATTICE, aged 15 months. At Franklin, May 20th, Miss Betsey BEACH, aged 63 years. 6/2/1969 MARRIED In Laurens, May 30th, at the residence of J. PHILLIPS, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, Robert PEASLEE, of Milford, to Miss Aloise ROBERTS, of Oneonta. DIED At his residence in Laurens, May 31st, C. E. FENTON, aged 72 years. At Davenport Centre, May 19th, of consumption, Cornelius BROWN, aged 68 years. Mr. Brown's early life was spent at Oneonta, his native place. 6/9/1969 MARRIED In Morris, May 24th, by Rev. O. K. Crosby, Francis F. PAGE, of So. Edmeston, to Miss Alice D. PASCO, of Garrattsville. In Butternuts, May 5th, by Rev. C. N. Livingston, James H. THORP, to Miss Amarilla D. HURD, all of Butternuts. On the morning of June the 8th, at Locust Grove, So. Edmeston, by the Rev. Mr. Robinson, of St. Andrews Church, New Berlin, E. M. VOSBURGH, of Oneonta, and Clara, daughter of Oliver L. DeLancy. DIED At Morris, May 30th, Mrs. David WAKELEE, aged 70 years. At Binghamton, May 8th, Evert VAN VALKINBURGH, formerly of Oneonta, aged 80 years. At Manteno, Ill., 20th ult., in the 22d year of her age, Mary BREWSTER, wife of A. D. EDGERTON, late of Ninevah, Broome Co. At Harpersville, June 5th, of apoplexy, Mrs. Harriet FURMAN, wife of James R. Furman, formerly of Morris, aged about 40 years. At her residence in Mt Vision June 2d, Mrs. Hattie C., wife of Rev. G. R. BURNSIDE, and daughter of Nathaniel and Charlotte APPLEBY, aged 31 years 5 months and 5 days. She will be remembered as a faithful christian, a dutiful daughter, an affectionate wife, a fond mother and a loving sister. 6/16/1869 UNADILLA.- Gilbert ROGERS, of Unadilla, indicted for the murder of John DeFOREST, in 1867, was acquitted by direction of the court, on Thursday last. The death of Mrs. VAN COTT, which occurred on the 28th ult., brings sadness into every family who had made this estimable lady's acquaintance. She leaves a very large number of friends and relatives in Guilford who will deeply deplore their loss, and will ever cherish her kind and christian qualities. MARRIED In Oneonta, at the residence of the bride's father, P. C. BURTON, June 9th, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Mr. Sylvester FORD to Mrs. Emma H. HUDSON. In Killawog, Broome Co., June 10th, Gerrit S. MORSE, of Triangle, to Miss Frank R. Benton, of Killawog. DIED At Oneonta, June 8th, Geo. W. REYNOLDS, of the firm of Reynolds & Morris, aged 28 years and 9 months. At Oxford, June 3d, of consumption, J. Winslow CLARKE, son of James W. Clarke, Esq., aged 21 years. At Oneonta, June 13th, Munson R. WATKINS, aged 67 years. At his residence, in Laurens, suddenly of heart disease, June 13th, Mr. John ROBERTS, aged 75 years. At Laurens, of scarlet fever, June 13th, Herbert, only son of A. S. and J. ALLEN, aged 5 years. 6/23/1869 MARRIED In Peekskill, June 16, by Rev. M. S. Terry, Mr. Joseph EVELAND, of the Delaware Republican to Miss Josephine M. LILJEGREN, of Margaretville. In Franklin, June 17, by Rev. William Addy, Albert D. HITCHCOCK, of the Franklin Register to Miss Mary RAYMOND, daughter of the late W. F. Raymond, of Franklin. [There go two of the best devils we ever had, into the state of matrimony. True as steel for good principles, and faithful workers in their sphere, they have our best wishes for success, prosperity and happiness.] MARRIED In Hamden, June 16, by Rev. A. H. Burroughs, at the residence of the bride's uncle, L. S. McDONALD, Mr. George H. JOHNSON, of Washington, D. C., to Miss Ida ANDREWS, of Hamden. In Ouleout, June 15th, by Rev. Amos Wing, James E. CLARK, of Philadelphia, Pa., to Fanny HOUGHTALING, daughter of John Houghtaling, of Ouleout. For the liberal supply of wedding cake the printers return thanks and congratulations. In Farmington, Pa., June 9th, at the residence of Reuben T. HALL, by Rev. S. A. Rawson of Nelson, Mr. Otis L. BUTTS to Miss Edith M. HALL. DIED At Oneonta, June 11th, Louesa, daughter of Chancellor and Eunice BEACH, aged 14 years. 6/30/1869 MARRIED In Stamford, June 10, by Rev. J. D. Gibson, Joshua W. BLISH to Miss Nancy MERWIN, all of Stamford. In Stamford, June 16th, by Rev. J. D. Gibson, Mr. E. T. McLAURY, of Kortright, to Miss M. C. KING, of Stamford. In Sidney Plains, June 22nd, by Rev. N. Palmer, Norman J. FARMER and Miss Sarah M. SIPLE, both of Oneonta. In Franklin, June 15, by Rev. Wm. Addy, Bliss A. EDWARDS to Eliza JUDD, all of Franklin. DIED At Franklin, June 16, Mrs. Sally EDWARDS, widow of Josiah Edwards, aged 82 years. At Otego, June 10th, Treat SMITH, aged 87 years. At Pittsford, Vt., of Cancer, Capt. Hiram HAWLEY, formerly of Franklin, aged 68 years. 7/14/1869 MARRIED At Franklin, June 28, by Rev. J. J. Hough, Henry CARVER, of Charles City, Iowa, to Mrs. Merinda WESWELL, of Franklin. DIED In Franklin, June 22d, Luella C., daughter of Albert and Helen PAYNE, aged 10 months. In Walton, June 27, Miss Elizabeth S. SAWYER, aged 29 years and 6 months. In Walton, July 4th, Mary McCALL, aged 81 years. In Rockford, Illinois, June 22d, of apoplexy, Mrs. Betsey HOWELL, aged 84 years. She will be remembered by the older residents of Franklin, as one of the pioneer settlers of the town, whose house was always the home, especially the Sunday home, for the attendants of the "Old Baptist Meeting House" on the hill, where her husband Col. Jacob Howell, was buried thirty-one years ago. She had eleven children, all of whom arrived at adult age, eight now living- one in this State, six in Illinois, and one in Missouri. Of the 4 large families of Howells, but one member remains in Franklin, and but two in the county of Delaware. In Mt. Vision, July 1st, after a lingering and painful illness, Nancy R., wife of C. WRIGHT, aged 48 years. In Roseboom, June 28th, Mary R., widow of Dr. Abraham A. Howland, aged 74 years. 7/21/1869 MARRIED In Schenectady, on the 14th inst., at the residence of the bride, by Rev. J. T. Backus, W. J. LIDDLE, of Oneonta, to Hattie E., only daughter of H. S. EDWARDS, of Schenectady. In Deposit, July 14th, by Rev. J. N. Adams, John B. PERRY, of the firm of Ford and Perry, (merchants) to Mrs. M. E. J. SHORT, late Preceptress of Deposit Academy, all of Deposit. DIED At Sacramento, Cal., July 8th, Mrs. Hannah Eliza WHEELER, wife of Rev. O. C. Wheeler, aged 49 years. Mrs. Wheeler was a daughter of the late Talmon HAMILTON, Esq., of Harpersfield, and sister to Dr. H. A. Hamilton, of Oneonta. She went to California with her husband in 1848, enduring with patience the trials, incident to pioneer life, in the service of Christian and Civilization, leaving the noblest record of a true life, "She hath done what she could." Brilliant and attractive in her youth, earnest for the truth in riper years, tender memories of many endeared friends will be sadly re-kindled as they hear that work and suffering for her are closed in sweet eternal Rest. 7/28/1869 DIED In Binghamton, July 22d, Mrs. Matilda H. PRATT, wife of William H. Pratt, formerly of Bennington, Vt., aged 42 years. A life of quiet yet earnest devotion to all christian duties had greatly endeared herself to home, to the church, to the poor and to the society at large. Many tears of loved and loved ones will fall as they hear that a friend so cherished in their hearts has passed away. At Oneonta, July 24th, James RAY, aged 47 years. In Triangle, July 20th, of Consumption, George W. HALL, aged 33 years. Mr. Hall was formerly a student at Franklin (Independent.) He was also a graduate of Hamilton college. A thorough student, a successful teacher, and a devoted christian. MARRIED In Binghamton, at the residence of the bride's sister, July 22, by Rev. George N. Boardman, Mr. G. M. T. JOHNSON, of Binghamton, to Miss M. Emily EASTMAN, of Amherst, Mass., daughter of the late Rev. Joseph B. Eastman. 8/4/1869 DIED In Morris, July 30th, Mrs. Esther GIFFORD, wife of Christopher Gifford, in her 71st year. In Morris, July 30th, Amarilla COOKE, aged 67 years. In Morris, August 1st, Mr. H. RUSSEL, aged about 60 years. In Greene, July 26th, Miss Mary P. RIPLEY, daughter of Major W. C. & Hannah Ripley, formerly of Franklin, aged 24 years. In Fair Haven, Conn., July 20th, at the residence of his sister-in-law, Dr. H. E. STONE, Salmon CUNNINGHAM, aged 54 years. His remains were brought to Otego for interment, where he had resided for over fifty years. 8/18/1869 MARRIED At West Laurens, August 12th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Edwin WEBSTER, of Morris, to Miss Nellie O. BRIGGS, of West Laurens. DIED At Oneonta, August 9th, of Consumption, Mrs. Hattie B. MOODY, wife of Augustus C. Moody, aged 31 years. Seldom does the pen record the decease of one more generally or tenderly endeared to her family and friends than Mrs. Moody. Trained early in all the ways of home goodness and affection they developed into a beautiful and well ordered life which has borne its fruit and passed away, leaving only the holiest memories. The funeral was attended by her late pastor Rev. G. O. Phelps. At Burnt Hills, Saratoga county, August 12th, Dr. H. SAUNDERS, aged 87 years. Dr. Saunders was the father of H. and E. D. Saunders and Mrs. Solon HUNTINGTON, of Oneonta. 8/25/1869 MARRIED At Otego, August 17th, by Rev. W. G. Queal, Albert C. WOLCOTT, of Croton, to Miss Kate MANCHESTER, of Milford. DIED In Kortright, near Hobart, August 14th, Amos GRIFFIN, aged 88 years. In Delhi, August 10, Dr. Seth CORWIN, aged 75 years and on the same day, his wife, aged 70 years. In Milford, Aug. 16th, at the residence of Mr. E. KEITH, Mrs. Julina REED, of Laurens, aged 46 years. In Franklin, Aug. 23d, Joseph FRAIL, aged 80 years. 9/1/1869 OBITUARY. J. B. FAIRCHILD, youngest brother of the editor of the Ovid Bee, and of Mrs. D. W. FORD of Oneonta, died at Sacramento, California, on the 19th ult., of congestion of the brain. He was a printer by trade, and from 1863 to 1868, was one of the proprietors of the Austin (Nevada) Reveille. He formerly resided at Ovid, and was an upright, honorable young man, and very much respected by a large circle of friends and acquaintances. MARRIED In Oneonta, August 28th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Warren ACKLEY, of Milford to Sarah HOPKINS of Franklin. In Sidney Centre, August 5th, by Rev. E. Wright, Thomas S. WILCOX of Franklin to Mrs. C. B. WILDS of Sidney In Cannonsville, August 25th, by Rev. Mr. White, of Walton, Alonzo R. YEOMAN to Hattie CHAMBERLAIN, both of Tompkins. In Stamford, August 25th, by Rev. J. D. Gibson, assisted by Rev. J. S. McKee, Thomas HUME of Garratsville to Nancy SCOTT of Stamford. DIED At Sidney, July 27th, Harry FURMAN, aged 67 years. At Stamford, Aug. 22d, David McWILLIAMS, aged 75 years. At Franklin, Aug. 24th, Hepsibah, wife of Giles TAYLOR, aged 74 years. At Franklin, Aug. 27th, Hon. Beach JENNINGS, aged 74 years. At South Bend, Minnesota, Aug. 8th, Wm. R. BERRAY, aged 71 years-formerly of Walton. 9/8/1869 MARRIED In Middleburgh, on the evening of the 29th ult., by Rev. A. D. Heaxt, Perry SMITH, of Unadilla, to Miss Helen EFFNER, of Middleburgh. DIED At Triangle, Aug. 27, of Consumption, Elvira C. SAXTON, only daughter of Irael Saxton, Esq., and sister of W. F. Saxton, of Oneonta, aged 26 years. Miss Saxton was well known for many years as a successful and popular teacher in Northern Broome. She also taught several terms in Westford Literary Institute. The announcement of her death will carry sorrow to the hearts of her many friends and pupils widely scattered through this and other states. At Franklin, Aug. 31, Mrs.. Lucia LOVELAND, widow of the late Asahel Loveland, aged 83 years. At East Unadilla, Aug. 27, Elizabeth ROBBINS, in the 75th year of her age. At Unadilla, Aug. 26, Isaac P. UTTER, aged 72 years. 9/15/1869 MARRIED In Morris, September 13th, at the house of the bride's father, by Rev. O. K. Crosby, H. S. MATTESON, to Miss Celestie M. YATES daughter of E. M. Yates, Esq., all of Morris. DIED At East Glastenbury, Conn., recently, Alfred STRONG, formerly of Franklin, aged 82 years. At Westfield, Wis., August 26, of typhoid fever, Abijah HUBBARD, formerly of Harpersfield, aged 47 years. At DeKalb, Ill, September 1, Mrs. Frances M. MILLER, wife of Vinson D. Miller, Esq., of DeKalb, and only daughter of Silas BISSELL, of Otego, aged 28 years and 3 months. 9/22/1869 MARRIED In Deposit, 8th inst., by Rev. C. H. DeLong, Mr. Preston KELLAM, of Hankins, to Miss Mary SMITH, of Deposit. In Laurens, Sept. 6th, by Rev. N. S. RULISON, Mr. Wm. H. Cole, of Otego, to Miss Emma G. COOK, of Laurens. In Otego, Sept. 8th, by Rev. N. S. Rulison, Mr. Geo. M. WELLMAN, of Springfield, Mass., to Miss Jennie S. COLE, of Otego. DIED At Roxbury, Sept. 6th, Cornelia L., wife of Maj. Ezekiel PRESTON, and mother of Sheriff, and J. M. Preston, Esq., of Delhi, aged 62 years. 9/29/1869 ACCIDENTS.- Patrick WELCH an employee on the gravel train on the A. & S. RR., was killed at Central Bridge, 20th inst., by being run over by the midnight train to Albany. A coroner's inquest as held. He was intoxicated. OBITUARY. Miss Ada RADCLIFF died suddenly at the residence of her uncle, William MAIN, in Norwich, on Sunday, September 26th. She is a niece of Jay McDONALD of Oneonta, and spent a few days with her friends there recently, going thence to Sidney, where she remained a time, death occuring soon after her return to Norwich. Miss Radcliff possessed very rare intellectual attainments, an exemplary life, and of great promise for future usefulness. Many friends, especially her immediate associates, will deplore this early death. MARRIED In Columbus City, Iowa, Sept. 25, by Rev. Mr. Cornell, Mr. H. B. JACKSON, of Croton, N. Y., to Miss Lima CLARK, of Columbus City, Iowa. In Meredith, Sept. 14, by Rev. J. J. Hough, Burton HINE, of Franklin, to Miss Harriet Adelia STRONG, of Meredith. DIED At Tompkins, Sept. 14, Mrs. Sarah LOVE, relict of Samuel Love, aged 89 years. At Harpersfield, Sept. 13, Peter T. STOUTENBURGH, aged 82 years. Two weeks previous to the death of Mr. S., his wife died, at the age of 77. This couple had lived together about 60 years, most of the time in Kortright. At Delhi, Sept. 15, Ebenezer MITCHELL, aged 72 years. 10/6/1869 MARRIED In Franklin, Sept. 28, by Rev. W. Addy, Mr. Edward R. BEECHER, to Miss Fannie M. NOBLE, daughter of Charle Noble, Esq., all of Franklin. In Fayetteville, Sept. 22, by Rev. D. W. Bigelow, David N. HURD, of Butternuts, to Miss Hattie C. SEWARD, of Fayetteville. In Oneonta, Sept. 28, by Rev. G. P. Ramsey, Adelbert CHAMPLIN, to Miss Emeretta BORNT, daughter of Frederick Bornt, all of Oneonta. In West Laurens, Sept. 30, at the house of the brides father, by Rev. A. Hayward, Mr. G. R. HAY, to Miss L. F. SODEN, daughter of John Soden, all of Laurens. The printers were bountifully remembered. DIED At Laurens, Sept. 27, Joseph G. JENKS, of West Oneonta, aged 69 years and 6 months. At Sidney, Sept. 24, Ida, only daughter of W. H. BROOKS, formerly of Franklin, aged 16 years. At Oneonta, October 2d, of Consumption, Algernon L. SABIN, youngest son of Timothy Sabin, Esq., aged 30 years and 3 months. He was a useful and active citizen, beloved in all the circles of his acquaintance. A long struggle with disease which he patiently endured had ended as all believe in the peace and serenity of Heaven. 10/13/1869 Chenango County. The trial of W. H. GREEN, charged with murdering his wife (a former resident of Guilford) has just been concluded in Connecticut, and he has received his sentence-State Prison for life. This was the second trial. Several witnesses were subpoenaed from this section. Rev. Daniel CLARK, formerly pastor of the Congregational church at Norwich, late of Plainfield, Will Co., Ill., was drowned September 24th, while attempting to ford a bayou of the Desplaines river on horseback. From the appearance of the body when found, it is supposed his horse suddenly plunged into one of the many deep holes in the bayou, throwing his rider, and in struggling to regain firm footing probably struck the deceased on the head with his fore-foot. Mr. Clark is remembered with great affection by many of the churches and former pastors in Chenango, Delaware and Otsego as one of the noblest of christian workers. MARRIED In Otego, Oct. 2, by Rev. John Smith, Albert GOULD to Miss Fredonia WHITAKER, both of Tompkins. In Otego, at the same time, by the same, Samuel CUYLE, of Masonville, to Miss Esther GOULD of Otego. In Schenevus, Aug. 18, by Rev. A. Martin, Floyd EVERY, of Colliers, to Miss Anna SHAFER, of Hyndsville. In Schenevus, Sep. 11, by the same, Edgar N. GRAVES, of Amboy Center, to Miss Mary A. BENTON, of Westford. In Schenevus, Sept. 11, by the same, Joseph L. PANK, to Louisa BOYCE, all of Westford. In Sidney Plains, Sept. 29, by Rev. A. McMaster, Marvin D. ODELL and Miss Sarah E. BLORE, both of Guilford. In Sidney Plains, Sept. 29, by the same, Orlando MERRILL to Miss Hannah STARKINS, both of Jefferson. In Cooperstown, by Rev. C. K. McHARG, Henry A. OSBORNE, of Chicago, Ill., to Anna C., daughter of he late Dr. J. M. Peak of Cooperstown. In Garratsville, Sept. 29, by Rev. J. P. Wheeler, Esq., Eli COY, to Miss Jane REED, both of Garratsville. In Mount Vision, Oct. 2, by D. Barnard, Esq., Hiram BRONNELL, of New Lisbon, to Miss E. C. Ward, of Hartwick. In Cooperstown, Oct. 2, by Rev. W. L. Thorp, R. D. SMITH, of Richfield Springs, to Esther ARMSTRONG, of Oaksville. DIED At Croton, Oct. 7, Mary, wife of Orrin CHAPMAN, aged 31 years. At Maryland, Sept. 10, Benjamin GURNEY, aged 70 years, and Sept. 18, Electa, his wife, aged 75 years. At Otego, Oct. 4, of Consumption, Mrs. SMITH, wife of Dr. Wm. O. Smith, aged 25 years. At Wautoma, Wis., Sept.17, Vincent BOWERS, formerly of Franklin, aged 70 years. At Franklin, Sept. 30, Harvey PARSONS, aged 69 years. At Cooperstown, Sept. 25th, James Cox, a native of England, in his 92d year. At New Lisbon, Sept. 25th, Ichabod Norle DUNNING, aged 66 years. At Edmeston, Oct. 3d, Thomas SOUTHWORTH, aged 78 years. At Croton, Oct. 8, William REMINGTON, aged 55 years. At Otego, Oct. 7, Julia A., wife of Amasa H. WARD, aged 51 years, 7 months. At Albany, Oct. 10, of consumption, George B. WHITFORD, of Garratsville, aged 22 years. His remains were brought home for interment. 10/20/1869 MARRIED At Oneonta, Oct. 19th, at the house of the bride's mother, by Rev. E. Vine Wales, Mr. J. Elwell SUTPHEN, of Rome, to Miss Mary L. VAN DUSEN, of Oneonta. At the bride's home, October 19th, by Rev. A. Griffin, Thomas B. FARRELL, to Miss Adelia WRIGHT, all of Portlandville. At the home of the bride in Hartwick, October 17th, by Rev. A. Griffin, Isaac C. BROWNELL, of Janesville, Wisconsin, to Miss Martha J. MATTISON, of the former place. At Sharon Springs, October 11th, by Rev. A. Griffin, Rev. A. J. COOK, of the Wyoming Conference, to Miss Maggie L. HARPER, of Sharon Springs. DIED In Oneonta, October 18th, Sidney J. PRATT, formerly of Otego, aged 74 years. In Oneonta, October 14th, Erastus BEACH, formerly of Hartwick, aged 74 years. In Margaretville, October 5th, John GRANT, Esq., age about 40 years, late member of the Constitutional Convention of New York. 10/27/1869 MARRIED In Edmeston, Oct. 20th, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, A. D. WILCOX, of Plainfield, to Miss Emma C. CHAPIN, of the former place. DIED At Laurens, Oct. 24th, of Typhoid Fever, Mrs. Eli BRIDGES. (no age given) In Spotsylvania Co., Va., October 2nd, of fever, Mrs. David SEELEY, formerly of Oneonta, and daughter of Nicholas and Elenor QUACKENBUSH, aged 44 years. 11/3/1869 OBITUARY. At a special meeting of the I. O. of Good Templars, held at their hall in Milford, October 18, 1869, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted: WHEREAS, It hath pleased Almighty God to remove by death our beloved brother, Norman BISSELL, from our fraternity to the communion of saints in light, therefore, Resolved, That in the death of our beloved brother, not only our Order, but the community and church have lost one of their most honored members. Resolved, That we publish our high regard for him as a valuable member of our lodge, holding in remembrance his consistent life as a temperance man and a christian, and his enthusiastic interest for the slave of appetite and for the cause of saving the rising race from the drunkard's grave. Resolved, That we express our heartfelt sympathy for the deeply bereaved family and cordially commend them to the love and tender care of the Good Shepherd, in whom our departed brother so fully trusted. We feel that the wife has lost a kind husband, and the son a legacy of a genial character and the sweet aroma of piety and of conjugal and paternal love, to which he would point them as a source of consolation and example. Resolved, That this action be published in the county papers, and that a copy be presented to the bereaved family. Charles Gillett, Austin Griffin, James Cummings, Committee. Milford, October 19, 1869. MARRIED In Oneonta, Oct. 20, by Rev. E. Vine Wales, Mr. Philip WILBER, to Miss Mary CHAMBERLIN, all of Oneonta. Oct. 26, by Rev. John Nott, D. D. at the residence of B. R. HUDSON, Mr. Datus MORRIS, of Milford, to Miss Helen VANBUREN, of Fultonville, Montgomery Co. In Franklin, Oct. 26, by Rev. Mr. Brush, Mr. James R. DART, of Roxbury, to Miss Eliza BRINKMAN, of Franklin. Oct. 20, by Rev. J. J. Hough, Mr. Wm. McFARLAND, of Meredith, to Miss Mary STRICKLAND, of Croton. In Croton, Oct. 21, by Rev. Jesse Evans, John BLAKE, of West Meredith, to Miss Frank E. MAXWELL, of Delhi. In Deposit, Oct. 14, by Rev. C. H. DeLong, Mr. Henry MILES, of St. Charles, Iowa, to Miss Mary A., daughter of G. W. HANFORD of Deposit. In Binghamton, Oct. 20, by Rev. L. Wright, Mr. Wm. A. STODDART, to Miss Estella ROWE, both of Croton. In Morris, Oct. 20, by Rev. O. K. Crosby, Jonah E. HOLDREDGE, to Ella E. WALLACE, both of Burlington. At Cooperstown, Oct. 16, by Rev. O. Perkins, George WEBSTER, of Cooperstown, to Miss Ida DRAKE, of Cherry Valley. DIED At Oneonta, Oct. 27, Leonard M., son of Noah BEACH, aged 16 years and 6 months. At Oneonta, Oct. 18, Mrs. Larissa A. GIFFORD, wife of James H. Gifford, aged 19 years and 8 months. At Walton, Oct. 20, N. Curtis, only son of N. C. MARVIN, aged 2 years and 5 months. At Walton, Oct. 19, Mrs. Ann Eliza ELIJAH, daughter of Burr LYON, aged 34 years. At North Walton, Oct. 23, M. A., daughter of Linus WEED, aged 17 years. At Sidney, Oct. 27, Harriet BARTLETT, widow of Charles Bartlett, aged 62 years. At Springfield, Oct. 23, Alfred CLARKE, in the 57th year of his age. At Fly Creek, Oct. 22, Mary M., wife of Henry BABCOCK, aged 25 years. At Burlington, Oct. 11, of cancer, Nathan R. BROWN, Esq., aged 68 years. 11/10/1869 MARRIED In Chatham Four-Corners, on Sunday evening, Oct. 31st, by Rev. C. S. Mead, Ed. B. JEWELL, of Oneonta, to Miss M. Aline, 2d daughter of W. J. CROSBY, Esq., of Chatham Four-Corners. In Oneonta, November 3d, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Horace A. WILBER, of Fergusonville, to Miss Minnie BEERS, of Prattsville. DIED In Oneonta, November 5th, Mrs. Rhoda WOLCOTT, wife of Enos Wolcott, aged 56 years. 11/17/1869 MARRIED In Oneonta, November 16th, by Rev. A. Reynolds, James RUTTER of Davenport, to Delia JOHNSON, of Maryland. In South New Berlin, October 26th, by Rev. J. H. Chamberlain, Prof. Linn BABCOCK, of South New Berlin, to Tillie POTTER, of Laurens. In West Burlington, October 6th, by Rev. J. Davis, Adelbert SNOW of South Edmeston, to Julia E. FISH of West Burlington. By the same, in New Lisbon, October 20th, Henry COPE to Celestia V. BASSETT, both of New Lisbon. By the same, in Edmeston, October 26th, Simon W. WALES, of Abingdon, Mass., to Delia E. BROWN, of Edmeston. At the home of the bride, November 30th, by Rev. A. C. SMITH, Lester SCHEMERHORN of Milford to Miss Jennie SWEET of Sidney. At West Laurens, October 31st, by Rev. A. Hayward, James MARTINDALE of Otego to Jennie HAYWARD of West Laurens. At the M. E. Parsonage, in Laurens, November 12th, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, Clark MANN, of Laurens, to Mary M. MATTISON, of Maine, Broome Co. At Morris, October 17th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Dellevyn WANZER to Mary E. CULVER, both of Morris. DIED At Franklin, November 12th, Harry BARNES, aged 65 years. At Westford, Sept. 26th, Nancy, wife of Wm. H. H. COSSAART, aged 49 years. At North Franklin, Nov. 9th, Charles W. BOICE, formerly of Westford, aged 33 years. At Croton, Nov. 9th, John I. MILLER, aged 76 years. Mr. Miller came to Franklin from Columbia County many years ago. His life has been identified with active efforts in religion, patriotism and philanthropy, and he died with a large place in the hearts of all good people. 11/24/1869 MARRIED In Schoharie, on the 16th inst., in the Lutheran Church, by Rev. J. H. Peck, Capt. Charles C. KROMER, Editor Schoharie Union, to Helen, daughter of Nicholas HALLENBECK, both of Schoharie. In Oneonta, Nov. 16th, by Rev. A. Reynolds, James UTTER, of Davenport, to Miss Delia JOHNSON, of Maryland. In Hamden, Oct. 20th, Arthur SHAW to Miss Jennie L. BOSTWICK, both of Hamden. DIED At Grand Rapids, Mich., Nov. 4th, of Consumption, Fayette C. HOUGHTALING, aged 20 years, son of Ransom Houghtaling, formerly of Oneonta. At Binghamton, Nov. 16th, at the residence of Josiah D. WELLS, Mrs. Abigail DUTTON, widow of the late Levi Dutton, formerly of Meredith, aged 62 years. At Oneonta, Nov. 2d, Emma, oldest daughter of Jacob WINNIE, aged 12 years. Funeral at the M. E. church, on Thursday at 1 o'clock P. M. 12/1/1869 MARRIED At Cooperstown, November 27th, by Rev. W. L. Thorp, Rev. E. A. Daniels, of Morris, to Mrs. Eliza HOWE, of Cooperstown. At West Davenport, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, John MANNING, of Gilboa, to Mary BOUTON, of Stamford. 12/8/1869 MARRIED In Oneonta, December 5th, by Rev. R. W. Peebles, John DEWAR to Miss Luna BENNETT, all of Oneonta. At the 1st Presbyterian Church, Detroit, November 17th, by Rev. Wm. A. McCorkle, Rev. James LEWIS, of Humboldt, Kansas, to Miss Mary C. FARRAND, eldest daughter of Hon. Jacob S. Farrand. At West Delhi, November 25th, by Rev. A. G. King, Nicholas LAMBRECHT, of Andes, to Miss Jennett ROBINSON, of Delhi. By the same, November 25th, James LIDDLE, of Andes, to Miss Isabella LITTLE, of Delhi. On the 23d ult., by Rev. C. Irving, John W. MCARTHUR to Miss Frank M. KENYON, all of Kortright. At Delhi, November 30th, by Rev. J. H. Robinson, Lewis R. FISHER, of Brooklyn, to Miss Mary E. GIBSON, of Kortright. DIED At Fergusonville, on the 23d ult., Mrs. Agnes, wife of Thomas FULLER, of Bovina, and daughter of Walter PATTERSON, late of Delhi, aged 24 years. In Kortright, November 23d, Mrs. Margaret, wife of George S. McLAURY, aged about 26 years. In Delhi, December 3d, Artemas FLOWER, aged 67 years. At Cannonsville, December 2d, Mrs. Anna MARKS, wife of Alfred Marks, of New York, and sister of Wm. McCRUM of Oneonta, aged 50 years. 12/15/1869 MARRIED At Bath, Nov. 10th, Joshua W. WATERMAN, Esq., of Detrott, to Miss Fanny DAVENPORT, daughter of the late Ira Davenport, Esq., of Bath. (no Rev. listed) At New Albany, Indiana, Nov. 29th, by Rev. Dr. Pise, Mr. Evans CHAMBERLIN, of Cannonsville, to Miss Augusta E. WILCOX, formerly of Franklin. At Oneonta, Dec. 9th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. John ALLSOP, to Miss Cornelia COLLIER, both of Oneonta. At Richmond's Hotel, Laurens, December 9th, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, E. Vital LOW, of Hartwick, to Miss Ethelinda LEWIS, of Otsego. DIED At Oneonta, Dec. 12th, Mrs. Mercy PRATT, aged 63 years. At Franklin, Dec. 10th, Mrs. Ray SMITH, aged 69 years. At Union, Nov. 26th, Stephen VAN DUSEN, formerly of Meredith, aged 59 years. 12/22/1869 MARRIED In Laurens, December 16th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Adelbert R. CULVER, to Sarah E. TURNER, both of West Oneonta. At Franklin, December 19th, Richard HOUGHTALING, of Croton, to Mrs. Margaret SMITH, of Franklin. At Otego, December 10th, by Rev. A. Thomas, Jacob NEFF, of Tompkins, to Miss Roxy GOULD, of Otego. DIED At Oneonta, December 18th, Mrs. Rhoda J. GARLICK, wife of D. W. Garlick, aged 32 years and 3 months. The remains were taken to Norwich for burial. At Franklin, December 19th, Miss Julia BARTLETT, aged about 70 years. At Maryland, November 30th, Anna A., daughter of Wiber S. DOOLITTLE, aged 10 years. "Asleep in Jesus." 12/29/1869 MARRIED At the residence of the bride's father, December 16th, by Rev. S. I. McKee, George C. ROBINSON, to Miss Jennie HUME, both of Garratsville. At the M. E. parsonage, in Laurens, December 23d, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, Lewis A. BEATTY, of Holmesville, to Miss Fanny A. ADAMS, of Edmeston. At the residence of Mr. B. EDSON, in Laurens, Dec. 23d, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, Charles STRAIGHT, to Miss Libby COLE, both of Laurens. At North Franklin, December 25th, by Rev. L. G. Niles, Rev. W. W. TAYLOR, of Hobart, of the N. Y. Conference, to Miss Isabella EMMONS, of North Franklin. DIED At St. Johnsville, December 7th, Mrs. Melinda R. CROZIER, of Oneonta, aged 65 years.
Paper Date - YEAR 1870
1/5/1870 MARRIED At Oneonta, Dec. 31st., by Rev. R. W. Peebles, Mr. Leander GRANT, of Oneonta, to Miss Amanda WHITMARSH, of Davenport. At Oneonta, Dec. 29th, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Mr. James M. ELLIS, to Miss Hattie COUSE, all of Oneonta. At Oneonta, Dec. 29th, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Mr. Warren E. LOSBY, of St. Lawrence Co., to Miss Rhoda I. CARR, of Oneonta. At Oneonta, at Dr. EVENS residence, Jan. 2nd, by Rev. R. W. Peebles, Mr. M. Ceylon WELLS, of Otego, to Miss Anna J. WHITMARSH, of Oneonta. DIED At Oneonta, Dec. 18th, Charlie E., son of Peter W. and Harriet A. GILE, aged 4 months and 16 days. At Delhi, Jan. 1st, Samuel A. FITCH, M. D., aged 31 years. At Waverly, Iowa, Dec. 14, Amanda, daughter of Turner McCALL, Esq., formerly of this village, aged 36 years. An affectionate daughter and sister, a faithful friend and devoted Christian she died as the christian dies, among her last utterances were, "The way grows brighter and brighter." At Westford, Jan. 2d, Mrs. Sally BOYCE, aged 67 years. 1/12/1870 DIED At West Oneonta, January 3d, of consumption, Geo. STRAIT, aged 47 years. 1/19/1870 MARRIED In Oneonta, January 11th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, George WEBSTER, to Carrie C. ELDRED, both of Otego. At New York City, January 16th, by Rev. Dr. Wasserman, Benedict MENDEL, of Delhi, to Miss Pauline ULLMAN, of Germany. At Unadilla, At Kingley Hotel, Jan. 14, by Rev. R. A. Clark, Charles BISHOP, of the firm of Green & Bishop, to Mary CUMMINGS, both of Unadilla. At East Meredith, January 5th, by Rev. J. Elliott, I. Eugene MOON, to Elizabeth, daughter of Crane PARIS, Esq. 1/26/1870 MARRIED At the residence of the bride's father, in Milford, January 19th, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, John C. SPOOR, of Oneonta, to Miss Delia SERGENT, of Milford. DIED At Laurens, January 19th, Mrs. Polly CARR, aged 81 years. At Laurens, January 10th, Mrs. Ruth C., wife of E. R. FISHER, aged 36 years. 2/2/1870 Oneonta. Clark STANTON, aged about 60 years, was found dead in a field near West Oneonta, on Tuesday morning. He seemed to have been hauling some wood with a rope, and to have fallen upon his face. He was of intemperate habits and was probably intoxicated at the time of his death. MARRIED At the residence of Isaac WICKHAM, December 25th, by Rev. J. Jones, Seth WICKHAM to Mrs. Mary ADAMS, all of East Worcester. By the same, at the bride's father's, January 19th, Frank D. BAKER, of East Worcester to Miss Ordell L. MITCHELL, of Charlotteville. In Oneonta, January 27th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, William HUNGERFORD to Adaline MILLARD, both of Milford. DIED In Oneonta, January 29th, of consumption, John M. PACKARD, aged 49 years and 6 months. In Oneonta, January 27th, Ruby P., only child of Charles and Mary FARMER aged 5 years. (Poem included with notice.) At Otego, Jan. 31, Juliaette SWART, daughter of Peter W. Swart, of Oneonta, aged 22 years. At Kortright, January 22nd, Ira GOODRICH, Esq., of West Davenport, aged 73 years. At Plainfield, N. J., January 22nd, Mrs. Dimis DEWEY, widow of the late Dr. David Dewey, formerly of Franklin, aged 79 years. At Windsor, Jan. 29, Mrs. Martha GREEN, wife of Rev. David Green, formerly of Ouleout, aged 64 years. Her remains were brought to her old home for interment on Monday last. 2/9/1870 MARRIED At the M. E. parsonage, in Laurens, February 3, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, Sheldon L. GETTER, of Masonville, to Miss A. Lent, of Maryland. DIED At Oneonta, February 7th, John S. YAGER, aged 76 years. At Harpersville, February 2d, Anna, wife of Alexander MARSH, formerly of Morris, aged 73 years. The funeral was attended at Friends' meeting house in Morris and sixty relatives were present. At West Oneonta, January 31, Clark STANTON, aged 61 years, 8 months. Mr. Stanton was found dead but a short distance from his house. His death was occasioned by a fall on the ice. He struck upon his temple, and it is supposed by al that he died instantly, and without a struggle. He leaves a large circle of friends to mourn his loss. 2/16/1870 MARRIED At the residence of the bride's father, John M. Watkins, in Oneonta, Thursday, Feb. 10th, by Rev. H. H. Allen, Mr. John BURNETT, of Fort Plain, and Miss Jane Augusta WATKINS. In Oneonta, Feb. 2d, by Rev. G. P. Ramsey, Mr. N. B. HARRINGTON, of Hartwick, and Miss Melissa WALLING, of Oneonta. In Oneonta, Feb. 10, by Rev. G. P. Ramsey, Arthur A. ABBOTT, of Oregon, Wis., and Miss Ethloine M. MILLER, only daughter of D. M. Miller, of Oneonta. DIED In Laurens, Feb. 7, of consumption, Mrs. Sarah J. STRONG, wife of Dr. A. P. Strong, aged 30 years. In Oneonta, Feb. 2d, Hiram SLADE, formerly of Otsdawa, aged 68 years. Fifty years of his life were devoted to the service of Christ. In the triumphs of living faith, he calmly passed away, to enjoy the glorious "Rest that remaineth for the people of God." (Poem included with notice.) 2/23/1870 DIED At Hartwick, Feb. 17th, Mrs. Louisa BLISS, in the 61st year of her age. (Poem included with notice.) 3/2/1870 MARRIED At the home of the bride, by Rev. R. W. Peebles, February 22d, George REYNOLDS, Esq., of Oneonta, to Emma C., daughter of Rev. William ALLEN of Cherry Valley. At Highland, Ulster County, February 9th, by Rev. B. F. Wile, Henry H. ELTINGE of New Paltz to Miss Ella M. BARNES, only daughter of A. J. Barnes, formerly of Franklin. DIED At Franklin, February 17th, Orrin STILSON, aged 25 years. At Davenport, February 27th, Wm. S. ROW, aged 37 years. At South Kortright, February 16th, Hon. John McDONALD, aged 76 years. At Kortright, February 15th, Stephen B. ADEE, aged 68 years. At Prattsville, February 15th, Thomas MONTGOMERY, Esq., formerly of Stamford, aged 78 years. At Scott, Wayne County, Pa., February 19, Dea. George REYNOLDS, father of Rev. A. Reynolds, of Oneonta, aged 72 years. At Downsville, January 28th, Miss Sarah DOWNS, aged about 66 years. The loss of this estimable lady will be keenly felt, not only in the community in which for so many years she has been a shining light, but to the cause of benevolence and philanthropy generally. Possessed of liberal means, it seems to have been the study and delight of Miss Downs to assuage sorrow, ameliorate the suffering, and supply the wants of the destitute. The cause of true benevolence never appealed to her in vain. A sufferer for many years herself from ill health, her heart seems to have beat in sympathy and love for all who were made to bow under the rod of affliction. Grateful hearts everywhere will mourn her loss, and bless the memory of one who seemed to live only for the good she could do for others. 3/9/1870 MARRIED At the M. E. parsonage, in Laurens, February 23d, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, Josiah A. PERRY, of Otego, to Miss Caroline SHEPHERD, of Oneonta. At Hamden, February 23d, by Rev. E. S. Gallup, DeWitt C. BEAMS, of Oneonta, to Miss Susie E. MOSCRIP, of the former place. At the bride's father's, March 2d, by Rev. G. E. Post, Daniel D. BUTTS, of Triangle, to Miss Sallenda SMITH, of Meredith. At Hartwick, February 23d, by Rev. G. R. Burnside, Arnold CARR, Jr., of Galesburgh, Mich., to Miss Theresa L. WRIGHT, of Hartwick. DIED At Croton, March 5th, Samuel WELTON, aged 74 years. 3/16/1870 FATAL ACCIDENT. Mrs. Mary JOHNSON, an Irish woman, aged 29 years, who has been employed in the family of DeWitt Ford, in this village, as a domestic, for five months past, was run over by the freight train from Albany, on Tuesday afternoon, about 3 o'clock, and instantly killed. She had been on a drunken spree since last Saturday, and was partially drunk when killed. She was walking down the track near the trestle at Oneonta creek, and disregarded entirely the alarm given by the engineer, who was too near to stop his engine in time to save her life. Her skull was crushed into small pieces and the body terribly mangled. A Coroner has been sent for, and an inquest will be held. Mrs. J., until quite recently, had conducted herself with propriety, and attended faithfully to her business. She has a husband but it is not known where he is. DIED At Oneonta, March 10th, Mrs. Lydia Ann SESSIONS, wife of Horace Sessions, aged 51 years and 3 months. At Franklin, March 11th, Dea. Judson BEARDSLEE, aged 80 years. At Kortright, March 1st, Mrs. Atossa HANFORD, relict of the late Nehemiah Hanford, aged 86 years. At Harpersfield, March 10th, Miss Henrietta DAVENPORT, daughter of the late Erastus Davenport, aged 32 years. At Croton, March 8th, Mrs. Priscilla B. CUTLER, aged 74 years. 3/23/1870 MARRIED At Oneonta, March 17th, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Jay H. HARRIS to Miss Myra E. BIXBY, daughter of George Bixby, all of Oneonta. At Unadilla, March 9th, by Rev. R. A. Clark, William J. HUGHSTON, of Sidney, to Mrs. Charlotte M. HANFORD, of Unadilla. At Franklin, March 6th, by Rev. J. S. Webber, Byron PIERCE, M. D., of Cooper's Plains, Steuben county, to Miss Sophia E. STILSON, daughter of the late A. F. Stilson, of Franklin. At Pleasant Valley, Dutchess county, February 24th, Andrew VAN DEWATER to Miss Anna HALSTED, daughter of Robert Halsted, of Oneonta. In Croton, March 8th, by Rev. J. S. Webber, Herbert M. VanBUSKIRK, of Meredith, to Miss Julia E. REMINGTON, of Croton. At Blairstown, Iowa, February 28th, by Rev. Mr. Lane, Dr. ELLIOT, of Aurora, Ill., to Miss Lydia FRENCH, daughter of the late Rev. O. French, of Blairstown. DIED At Oneonta, March 20th, Lulu, daughter of Charles and Christiana BUTTS, aged 1 year and 2 months. At the residence of her son-in-law, Erastus SHEPHERD, in Oneonta, March 15th, Mrs. Sarah CAMP, aged 78 years. In New Lisbon, March 7th, George H. BROWNELL, aged 27 years. At New Lisbon, March 3d, Rev. E. C. SHULTZ, formerly of Kortright, aged 83 years. At Jackson, Ill., March 4, Morris F. BLISH, formerly of Stamford, aged 43 years. At Walton, March 8th, Edward OGDEN, aged 36 years. At Otego, March 14th, Levi FRENCH, aged about 60 years. At Gloversville, March 5th, William Clark PEAKE, son of the late Marcus T. Peake, M. D., formerly of Andes, aged 27 years. At Oxford, March 4th, Maria C., wife of Peter W. CLARKE, and daughter of Dr. Wm. G. SANDS, aged 30 years. At Harpersfield, March 11th, William ENGLISH, aged 67 years. At Meredith, March 9th, Arthur LINCOLN, son of H. W. McLAURY, aged 5 years. 3/30/1870 DIED At Delhi, March 22, Abel FLINT, aged 67 years. At Meredith, March 17, Mrs. Ann BREWER, widow of Elias F. BREWER, aged 73 years. In Davenport, March 16, William HOUGHTALING, aged 36 years. At his residence in Cherry Valley, the 23d inst., Judge James CAMPBELL, in the 98th year of his age. At Glens Falls, March 21st, Arunah M. ADSIT, Esq., formerly of Stamford, Delaware county, aged 63 years. 4/13/1870 DIED In Guilford, April 3d, Mr. Samuel ARMS, aged 61 years. 4/20/1870 MARRIED In Oneonta, April 18th, by Rev. A. Reynolds, George C. BARNES, of Oneonta, to Miss Nettie A. EGGLESTON, of Tompkins. 4/27/1870 MARRIED On Wednesday, April 20 (or 26), at the residence of the bride's parents, in Brooklyn, by Rev. Charles H. Everest, Albert B. POWELL to Emily, youngest daughter of Benjamin UNDERWOOD DIED At West Oneonta, April 17, James Theron, son of Charles and Sarah BABBITT, aged 16 years 4 months. 5/4/1870 MARRIED At the home of the bride in Cobleskill, April 21, by Rev. A. P. Luddell, Martin L. VAN WIE, late of Cobleskill, to Miss Joanna B. BOW. DIED At Laurens, April 25th, Job STRAIT, aged 73 years. The funeral was conducted by the Masonic Order of which a large number were in attendance. At Richfield, 19th inst., Mrs. Lucy ST. JOHN, wife of Samuel B. St. John, in the 60th year of her age. At Springfield, 11th ult., Sefreness BASINGER, Esq., in the 79th year of his age. 5/11/1870 DIED In Stamford, April 23d, John B. THOMAS, aged 75 years. In Croton, April 25th, Mrs. Chester WARFIELD, aged 47 years. In Jefferson, April 28th, Daniel D. HOWE, aged 82 years. In Delhi, April 25th, Mr. William DEAN, aged 83 years. In Franklin, April 30th, David DEWEY, aged 63 years. In Flatbush, on the 26th ult., Rev. J. J. BUCK, formerly pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Jewett, Greene Co., in the 76th year of his age. In Clintonville, April 11th, Mrs. Mary CLINTON, aged 79 years. She was born in Woodstock, Conn., July 19th, 1791, and removed with her family to this county at the age of fifteen when this portion of the State was almost a wilderness. 5/18/1870 MARRIED At the home of the bride, on Tuesday morning, May 10th, 1870, by Rev. A. Griffin, Dr. L. S. SILVERNAIL, of New York City, to Miss Carrie L., daughter of Wm. JAY, of Oneonta. DIED In Sidney Plains, Dr. Winslow WHITCOMB, aged 87 years. 5/25/1870 MARRIED In Otego, May 18th, by Rev. R. W. Peebles, Dwight B. HUNT to Miss Mary M. WILLIAMS, all of Otego. DIED In Otego, May 19th, Mary M. HUNT, wife of Dwight B. Hunt, and daughter of W. S. and Phoebe WILLIAMS, aged 18 years, 10 months and six days. In Delhi, 18th inst., Mrs. Anna PAINE, aged 84 years, relict of the late Dr. Asahel E. Paine, and mother of the editor of the Delaware Gazette. She was a native of Stratford, Conn., came to this country soon after the Revolutionary War and to Delhi in 1807. In Hamilton, on the 8th inst., Mrs. Susan HAWLEY, wife of Horace B. Hawley, in the 54th year of her age. 6/8/1870 MARRIED At the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, Mr. Peter GEORGE to Miss Rosetta E. ALLEN, both of Morris. At the M. E. Parsonage, in Morris, June 1st, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, Landin T. KING, of Hartwick, to Mrs. Mary Etta COOK, of Garratsville, June 1, in Zion church, Morris, by Rev. F. N. Luson, assisted by Rev. S. H. Synnott, of Poughkeepsie, John WORTHINGTON, of Cooperstown, to Cora, daughter of Jonathan LULL, Esq. DIED In Oneonta, June 6th, Amelie, wife of Charles UTTER, and daughter of Leonard PRATT, aged 32 years. At Maryland, June 1st, Eliza Ann, wife of Nathaniel S. HUSON, and daughter of Isaac and Sally INGALS, aged 53 years. At Oneonta, June 4th, of consumption, Noble PATTERSON, son of William Patterson, aged 18 years 3 months. A kind-hearted, friendly boy, he will be missed in the circles of youthful friendship, and at the home he was honored with dutiful attention. Patiently through a long sickness, he has passed beyond the weariness of time to the rest and life of eternity. 6/15/1870 MARRIED At Ballard & Brown's Hotel, in Oneonta, June 8th, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, C. R. FITCH to Miss Ella PARKER, both of Hartwick. 6/22/1870 MARRIED In Delhi, June 14, by Rev. F. A. M. Brown, Charles F. CHURCHILL, printer, to Miss Hattie, daughter of Robert In Andes, June 14, by Rev. James Bruce, Bryson BRUCE, Editor of Andes Recorder, to Miss Mary A. LIDDLE, of Andes. DIED At Columbus, June 6, Thomas DUTTON, Esq., in the 87th year of his age. At South Worcester, June 10, Fredrus, eldest son of Benjamin H. and Margaret PIERCE, aged 12 years and 3 months. 6/29/1870 MARRIED At the home of the bride, June 22d, by Rev. A. Griffin, Oscar F. MARSHALL, of Albany, to Miss Dora M., only daughter of James ROBERTS, of Oneonta. At Binghamton, June 8th, by Rev. W. H. Olin, John VAN HEUSEN, of Albany, to Miss M. A. C. SHUTE, of Binghamton, formerly of Milford. At the residence of the bride's mother, June 16th, by Rev. J. D. Pope, Henry A. BACON and Hannah M. RANDALL, all of Norwich. DIED At Colesville, Broome County, May 26, of cancer on the throat, David HARPER, formerly of Davenport, aged 79 years. At Harpersfield, June 22d, Miss Sarah HOTCHKISS, daughter of the late Hon. Roswell Hotchkiss, aged 64 years and 5 months. Miss Hotchkiss was a grand daughter of Col. John HARPER, the original proprietor of the town. Her life was spent mainly upon the farm where she was born, and although quiet and unostentatious has been exceedingly pleasant and useful. The church of which she was for forty years a member, in its home work and its charities abroad always received liberally at her hand, while deeds of love and kindness to those around her leave her a blessed memory. 7/6/1870 MARRIED In Oneonta, July 4th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, John V. ALGER, of Franklin, to Miss Hattie E. FRITTS, of Oneonta. In East Hamilton, Mass., June 29, by J. H. Sawyer, of Fergusonville, to Miss Sarah BECKMAN, of the former place. Prof. Sawyer was for some years a devoted student at Del. Lit. Inst. at Franklin, and is now a teacher in the Williston Seminary, Easthampton, Mass. In Davenport, June 28th, by Rev. L. G. Niles, Silas W. EVANS to Miss Maggie H. Simmons, all of West Davenport. DIED At West Oneonta, June 17, of Congestion of the Brain, Emanuel NORTHRUP, aged 62 years and 9 months. At Franklin, June 27, Charles COLEMAN, aged 92 years. At Franklin, June 28, Mrs. Abigail FORD, wife of Fitch Ford, Esq., aged 72 years. At Oneonta, June 30, Mrs. Nancy BAKER, wife of Daniel Baker, aged 60 years. At Cedar Falls, Iowa, June 26, John F. PERKINS, formerly of Oneonta, aged 61 years and 6 months. At Lisle, Broome Co., June 15, Hiram McCALL, formerly of Franklin, aged 70 years. In Cooperstown, on the 24th inst., Mary A., widow of the late Elisha DOUBLEDAY, Esq., aged 63 years. 7/13/1870 MARRIED In Oneonta, July 4, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Mr. W. C. GREEN, of Laurens, to Miss Selina J. BRONSON, of West Oneonta. In Croton, July 6, by E. A. Griffith, Esq., Mr. Sherwood S. WILLIAMS to Miss Hettie C. ECKART, both of Otego. In Morris, June 21, by F. N. Luson, Mr. Eugene HALLENBECK, of Cherry Valley, to Miss Helen L. HOUGHTON, of Sidney. 7/27/1870 MARRIED At Philadelphia, June 30th, by Rev. H. A. Cleveland, Edward BOARDMAN, formerly of Schenevus, to Miss Elizabeth PARKS, of the former place. DIED At Oneonta, August 23, Anna SHORT, youngest daughter of Erastus Short, aged 14 years. At Meredith, July 22nd, John McNAUGHTON, aged about 78 years, after a long and distressing illness. At Croton, July 13th, Ephraim FOSTER, aged 60 years. At Otego, July 12th, Chloe, wife of Moses FRINK, aged 34 years. At Mt. Vision, July 23, Frank MATTESON, only son of Amos Matteson, aged 14 years. At Schenevus, June 18th, Nathaniel HUSON, aged 61 years. At Harpersfield, July 23, Mrs. Maria DAYTON, daughter of Noah DAVENPORT, and wife of Abel Dayton, Esq., aged 73 years. Mrs. Dayton was a lady whose enlarged and energetic powers of mind and warm heart gave her a prominent and active position in society and in the church. Living for nearly sixty years in the same community the light and labors of her good and true life have been a blessing and a comfort to all whom her love and charity could reach. Her interest in the work of christian benevolence at large and her affection for the little church where she had so long labored were unabated to the last, and to both she left substantial tokens of her undying regard. 8/3/1870 MARRIED At Oneonta, July 18th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, E. M. GRIFFIN, to Miss Genie SNEDEKER, both of Syracuse. DIED In Franklin, July 31st, Perry FRAIL, aged 50 years. In Oneonta, July 23d, Anna, daughter of Erastus SHORT, aged 12 years. (Poem included with notice.) 8/10/1870 DIED In Bainbridge, July 20th, of consumption, Theodore EVANS, aged 31 years. In Franklin, July 30th, of consumption, Marcus W. SMITH, aged 38 years. 8/17/1870 DIED In Croton, St. Lawrence Co., July 23d, Albert OSBORN, Esq., aged 58 years. Mr. O. is a brother of L. S. Osborn, of Oneonta. 9/7/1870 MARRIED At Morris, Sept. 1, by Rev. C. Ayer, Henry D. WHITCOMB, to Miss Carrie LEONARD, daughter of W. F. Leonard, both of Morris. At Otsego, Aug. 24, by Rev. R. W. Peebles, James B. McCALL, to Miss Elenor M. PLACE, both of Otego. At West Oneonta, at bride's fathers, August 26, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Andrew V. STRAIT, to Alice M. BETTS, both of West Oneonta. At Oneonta, Sept. 1, by Rev. A. Reynolds, J. A. HOPKINS, of Oxford, to Miss R. M. TUCKER, of Bainbridge. At Baltimore, August 6, by Rev. A. M. Randolph, Wm. H. RIPLEY, of New York, to Mrs. M. J. LAMBELL, of Washington, D. C. No cards; no cake. 9/14/1870 DIED At Oneonta, Sept. 6th, Myrtle May, daughter of E. G. and Alice BIXBY, aged 5 months and 20 days. At Oneonta, Sept. 9th, Mrs. Mary HAND, wife of Charles Hand, aged 76 years. At his residence in Milford, of Consumption, Sept. 5th, Mr. Hiram VANBUREN, aged 38 years. MARRIED At Croton, Aug. 31st, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. J. Evans, Mr. John T. WATERS, of Osbush(?), Wis., and formerly of Franklin, to Miss Sarah L. TREADWELL, of Croton. At Franklin, Sept. 1st, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. Wm. Dunning, Mr. Elmer A. HOLDEN, of Barre, Mass., to Miss Lottie S. NOBLE, of Franklin. 9/21/1870 MARRIED At Bainbridge, Sept. 15, by Rev. J. S. Pattengill, Stephen EGNOR, of Wolcott, Wayne Co., to Miss Huldah A. VINCENT, of Bainbridge. At Bainbridge, Sept. 18, by the same, Edgar ALGER, of Oneonta, to Miss Caroline BUGBE, of Otego. At New Lisbon, Sept. 8, by Rev. G. R. Burnside, James O. HUME, to Miss Mary J. HUME, both of New Lisbon. At Burlington Flats, Sept. 8, by Rev. Wm. Church, Rev. D. GREEN, of Davenport, to Mrs. L. A. TREMPER, of Richfield Springs. DIED At Otego, Sept. 11, Harry DODGE, aged 76 years. At Fly Creek, Sept. 12, Chester DAVIDSON, in the 52d year of his age. At Bainbridge, August 30, Charles S. DINGMAN, aged 12 years, also Sept. 6, Hattie L. DINGMAN, aged 20 years, the youngest and oldest children of John DINGMAN. Both died suddenly of malignant Diptheria. 9/21/1870 MARRIED At North Franklin, Sept. 26, by Rev. A. Reynolds, William A. LAKIN, of Oneonta, to Miss Martha L. SLAWSON, eldest daughter of Samuel Slawson, of North Franklin. At Sodus, Sept. 5, by Rev. E. P. Smith, F. A. BOLLES, of Unadilla, to Wealthy M. SMITH BRYANT, of Guilford. At Franklin, Sept. 13, by Rev. A. Gaylord, Charles G. KNAPP, to Miss Elisabeth A. GAY, all of Franklin. At New Lisbon, Sept. 8, by Rev. G. R. Burnside, James O. HUME, to Miss Mary J. ROBINSON, both of New Lisbon. DIED At Rochester, Sept. 16, Lewis H. NOBLE, son of the late Frederick Noble, of Croton, aged 44 years. At Hamden, Sept. 14, Mrs. Martha ANDREWS, wife of Samuel Wakeman Andrews, aged 72 years. Mrs. A. was the youngest daughter of Capt. Benjamin FULLER, one of the earliest settlers of Kortright. In Delhi, Sept. 16, Mrs. Anna PARKER, in the 91st year of her age. Mrs. Parker was the mother of Mrs. Judge PALMER, of Albany. At West Kortright, Sept. 22, Ann Eliza, wife of Andrew MORE, formerly of Roxbury, aged 62 years. 10/15/1870 DIED At Oneonta, Sept. 28th, Betsey, wife of Joel LOSEE, aged 51 years. At West Davenport, Sept. 30th, Rebecca, wife of John PETERS, aged 56 years. At West Davenport, Oct. 1st, Deacon David MARVIN, aged 70 years. At Franklin, Sept. 21st, Saphronia, wife of Wesley POMEROY, aged 60 years. At Croton, Sept. 28th, of Typhoid fever, Almon H. PRIME, Esq., aged 44 years. 10/12/1870 DIED In Laurens, Oct. 7, of Consumption, Philander WRIGHT, formerly of Oneonta, aged (51?) years. In Franklin, Oct. 1, Mrs. Josiah GRISWOLD, aged 85 years. In Hamden, Sept. 30, Arthur FRASIER, son of the late Rev. William Frasier, aged 21 years. In North Harpersfield, Sept. 22, Polly, wife of Oliver S. BIRDSALL, aged 72 years. In Hartwick, Sept. 25, Mrs. Sally RICHARDS, aged 77 years. MARRIED At the residence of J. M. McLAURY, in Sheridan, by Rev. J. E. Chapin of Westfield, assisted by Rev. J. H. Tagg of Fredonia, Alfred B. KIERSTED, of Hancock, to Miss Elizabeth A. McMINN, youngest daughter of John McMinn, late of Delaware Co. At Oneonta, Oct. 5, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Alfred BATES, of Otego, to Miss Carrie ANDERSON, of North Franklin. At Oxford, Oct. 10, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Walter B. LILLYBRIDGE, of Leroy, Dakota Territory, to Miss Ellen S. HOYT, of Oxford. At Guilford, Sept. 28, by Rev. J. L. Jones, William R. HARPER, to Miss Maria L. Ives, all of Sidney Plains. 10/19/1870 MARRIED At Oneonta, October 18, by Rev. A. Griffin, Russell B. WINSLOW to Miss Martha GILE, all of Oneonta. At the house of David GALLUP, in Oneonta, October 17th, by Rev. A. Griffin, Sylvenus M. DANFORTH, to Miss Harriet SCOVILLE, both of Jefferson. At Laurens, October 11, by Rev. H. N. Van Deusen, James CROCKET to Miss Floretta SHERMAN, all of Laurens. At the M. E. parsonage, in Morris, October 18th, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, John SMITH to Mrs. Lucinda ALLEN, both of Laurens. At Deposit, September 28th, by Rev. C. H. DeLong, Edwin P. STORRS, of Eaton, Madison county, to Miss Addie E.NOBLE, of Davenport. At home of the bride's parnts, Oct. 5th, by Rev. J. K. Rhinehart, Major J. W. CRONKHITE, of Portlandville, to Metta GLEASON, of Moresville. On October 18th, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Delos H. WHITNEY, to Miss Hannah M. STRAIT, all of Oneonta. DIED At Howe's Cave, October 17, Chester, son of Louis N. and Orphia INGALLS, aged 6 months. 10/26/1870 MARRIED At Oneonta, Oct. 20, by Rev. A. Reynolds, John YAGER to Miss Mary E. COUSE, daughtre of E. D. Couse, all of Oneonta. At Oneonta, Oct. 12, by Rev. G. P. Ramsey, William HUTSON, of Delhi, to Miss Emogene OSTERHOUDT, of Milford. At West Laurens, Oct. 23, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Addison D. HERRING, to Miss Mary H. MILLS, both of West Laurens. By Rev. W. H. Hover, Oct. 20, Oliver H. PERRY, of French Creek, Chautauqua Co., to Miss Serelia A. FENTON, of Mina. DIED In Ouleout, Oct. 23 or 28, Nancy, wife of Peter VAN HOESEN, aged 65 years, 8 months and 15 days. In Morris, Oct. 13, Peter BECKER, aged 65 years and 8 months. In Otego, Oct. 15, of consumption Phoebe A., wife of W. Smith WILLIAMS, in the 39th year of he age. In Otsdawa, Sept. 19, Julia A. HUNT, wife of Oliver BEERS, aged 39 years. 11/2/1870 MARRIED At Laurens, Oct. 30, by Rev. H. N. Van Dusen, Jas. STARKWEATHER, of Otego, to Miss Lucy A. BLISS, of Walton. DIED At Nineveh, Oct. 23, Leonard NORTON, aged 60 years, formerly of Bainbridge, where his remains were brought for burial. A good man is gone. 11/9/1870 MARRIED At the residence of her father, Hon. W. W. SNOW, of Oneonta, November 1st, by Rev. William Baldwin, of Great Bend, Pa., Willard DERBY, of Jersey City, N. J., to Miss France A. SNOW. At Oneonta, November 1, by Rev. A. Reynolds, of Oxford, Eli Dewitt ARNOLD to Miss Edith YAGER, all of Oneonta. In Bainbridge, at the home of the bride, Oct. 31st, by Rev. I. S. Pattengill, Charles STRONG to Miss Ursula IRELAND, both of Bainbridge. DIED In Unadilla, November 4th, Dea. Ithamer SPENCER, aged about 87 years. 11/16/1870 CHENANGO COUNTY. The Oxford Times mentions the death of "OLD ABE," as he was generally known, but whose real name was Abraham TUSHNOOK, aged 82 years. He died at the Poor House in Preston. He belonged to the Stockbridge tribe, most of whom are now in Wisconsin. He served in the war of 1812 under Capt. Jacobs, and his attachment to his old hunting grounds in the Chenango Valley was very strong. ITHAMER SPENCER. Deacon Spencer died at Unadilla, Nov. 4th, at the advanced age of 88. Mr. Spencer was born in Columbia county, in this State, in 1782. Came to Otsego county when only 14 years old and when the country was almost an unbroken wilderness. At the age of 23 he became a professor of religion of Jesus, and since then has stood in the foremost ranks, a pillar in the church until age rendered him unfit for active duties. Wherever he has lived traces of his usefulness may be found. In 1820 he with others built a church in Maryland, Otsego Co. In 1844 he came to Unadilla where he was at once elected Deacon in the Presbyterian church, in which office he continued until death summoned him away. From the lives and examples of the departed the living should draw lessons of wisdom, hope, consolation. What higher ambition should we, the living have, than to live as the christian lives to the honor and glory of God, and as the good citizen to the welfare of his fellow men? "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy mind." This is the first and great commandment, and the second is like unto it: "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself." MARRIED In West Oneonta, Nov. 9th, by Rev. A. Griffin, Wm. H. COUSE of Oneonta, to Mrs. Sarah A. BROWNELL, of West Oneonta. In Oxford, Nov. 5, by Rev. A. Reynolds, Perry D. BLEND to Miss Julia E. ROWE, both of Oneonta. DIED At Oneonta, Nov. 9, Tracy, wife of Jacob COHN, in the 37th year of her age. At Oneonta, Nov. 12, Harriet, wife of the late Philander WRIGHT, and daughter of J. M. WATKINS, aged (39?) years. At Franklin, Oct. 11, Mrs. Rovilla FALING, widow of Edwin Faling, and daughter of the late Thomas McCALL, aged 34 years. At Wheatland, Iowa, Nov. 2, of Consumption, Samuel H. ROGERS, Esq., son of the late Hon. C. S. Rogers of Sidney Plains, aged 40 years. Since going West, Mr. Rogers has been a member of the Legislature of Iowa, and has been in all relations, a trusted, honored and useful citizen. Peace to his dust. 11/23/1870 DIED At Portlandville, November 18, of inflamation of the bowels, Datus MORRIS, aged 32 years. 12/7/1870 MARRIED In Oneonta, December 1, by Rev. A. Griffin, Mr. Daniel E. POTTER to Miss Mattie B. SERGENTS, all of Oneonta. In Portlandville, December 1, by Rev. A. Griffin, Mr. Clayton WEEKS to Miss Lonesa A. SISER(?), all of Portlandville, N. Y. In Oneonta, November 23, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. Ezra GATES to Miss Marie GRAHAM, all of Meredith. By the same, at the same place, on the 29th, E. DEMMING, of Oneonta, and Adeline EVERY, of Colliersville. On the 29th of November, at the residence of Burton YAGER, in the town of Oneonta, by the Rev. H. H. Allen, James R. L. WALLING and Aleviaette YAGER, all of Oneonta. DIED At Laurens, November 12th, of typhoid fever, Charles BRIGHTMAN, aged 38 years. 12/14/1870 MARRIED At the Congregational Parsonage, Binghamton, Monday, December 5th, 1870, by Rev. Edward Taylor, W. Albert TELLER to Miss Dell M. COLLINS, both of Whitney's Point. At Davenport by the Rev. L. Niles, Scott P. GREGORY to Miss Almira D. BROADWELL, both of Davenport. Printers remembered. (no date given) DIED At Oneonta, December 12th, Peter W. SWART, aged 68 years. 12/21/1870 MARRIED At the Susquehanna House, Oneonta, December 14, by Rev. A. Griffin, Mr. George M. GROESBECK, to Miss Libbie WOLFORD, both of Warnerville. At the M. E. Parsonage, Oneonta, December 14, by Rev. A. Griffin, Mr. Simeon HOUGHTON, of Schenevus, to Miss Elizabeth HUNT, of Maryland. 12/28/1870 MARRIED In Morris, December 22d, by Rev. Mr. Ayers, Mr. Charles R. TAYLOR, to Miss Adelle TURNER, both of Morris. On the 21st inst., at Curtis' Hotel, Sidney Plains, by Rev. Wm. N. Cobb, Mr. M. HUNTER to Miss N. E. TUCKER (should be TUCKEY), both of Coventry. DIED In Oneonta, December 23d, 1870, the wife of Rev. H. H. ALLEN, aged 34 years.

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