Marriages from records of the First Presbyterian Church
Oneonta, Otsego Co., NY
Compiled by Sandy Goodspeed, Maryland, NY

	Name	  	 Married	resided		Witnesses

DIETZ, Peter		 7/18/1802	(nothing further)
McQUIER, Caty		 7/18/1802	(Nothing further)

VANDEWORT, John		 6/28/1863	Unadilla	Bro  of bride
Unknown, Mary		 6/28/1863	Unadilla 	& lady

FERREL, John M		 10/18/1863	Oneonta		Bundy, L L
HAWKINS, Currence D	 10/18/1863	Oneonta		Spaulding

BIRDSALL, Smith		 10/30/1863	Otego		Ballard, W S
McCALL, Martha A	 10/30/1863	Otego		Snow, Col

GOODWIN, Edmond L	 12/14/1863	New York	Ford, E R
WOODWARD, Adelaide	 12/14/1863	Oneonta		Cooke, S J

BRIGHTMAN, Edgar A	 12/24/1863	Oneonta		Parent & friends
SCANLING, Anna S	 12/24/1863	Oneonta		of both
	(Anna's last name might be SCRAMLING)

TRAVER, John C		 1/22/1864	Washington, NY	Her parents & 
MILLER, Lizzie A	 1/22/1864	Oneonta		sister

CRIPPEN, John S		 4/5/1864	Worcester	Ballard, W S
MILKS, Sarah A		 4/5/1864	Westford	Bowen, L

HOPSON, Smith L		 4/11/1864	New Berlin	Bowen, L
STRAIT, Nancy		 4/11/1864	Oneonta		and wife 

RIGGS, T J		 8/17/1864	Meredith	Phelps, Mrs.
GIFFORD, Eliza		 8/17/1864	Oneonta

NEWKIRK, George		 10/13/1864	Cooperstown	Barnes, H
AYRES, A M		 10/13/1864	Oneonta		and family

HARRIS, Orrin C		 1/12/1865	Newport, NY	Parents
SMITH, Nancy M		 1/12/1865	Newport, NY	

BRIGHTMAN, Charles A	 2/12/1865	Laurens		his brothers
BATES, M C		 2/12/1865	Oneonta		& their wives

ARCHER, Joseph		 3/21/1865	Sidney		Ballard, W C
BUNDY, H C		 3/21/1865	Sidney		Others in town

COLE, H M		 3/28/1865	Otego	 	Hamilton, Hattie
SMITH, Mary		 3/28/1865	Otego	

WARIKAN, Charles	 4/8/1865	Wessonsburg,NY	Bergen & wife
PATTERSON, Amanda	 4/8/1865	Oneonta		bride's sister

BULL, Frank W		 4/18/1865	Oneonta		Sabin, T
SABIN, Abby		 4/18/1865	Oneonta		Sabin, E
BULL, Frank W		 4/18/1865	Oneonta		Sabin, T
SABIN, Abby		 4/18/1865	Oneonta		Sabin, E

MEYNARD, Thomas		 9/28/1865	Oneonta		their friends
MONTGOMERY, J E		 9/28/1865	Oneonta	

SWEET, Joshua, MD	 10/4/1865	Unadilla	Bride's parents
ALLEN, M G		 10/4/1865	Laurens	

CROSIER, Charles M	 10/11/186	Oneonta		Osborn, L S
OSBORN, Anna S		 10/11/186	Oneonta		Brownell, Jas.

JENNINGS, H D		 10/22/1865	Oneonta		Her parents
BENNET, A J		 10/22/1865	Oneonta	

HUNTINGTON, George M	 10/25/1865	Cannonsville,NY	Her mother
McCRANEY, Sarah A	 10/25/1865	Oneonta		& sister

SEAMAN, Joshua, Jr	 11/15/1865	Hamden, NY	Minister's wife & 
STODDARD, Sarah B	 11/15/1865	Hamden, NY	Hamilton, H

SLADE, Hamilton F	 12/12/1865	Oneonta		Slade, Deacon
MICHAEL, Lucy A		 12/12/1865	Oneonta		Michael, C

HACKETT, LeRoy A	 12/20or26/1865 Oneonta		Her father's 
WATKINS, Julia		 12/20or26/1865 Oneonta		family

SABIN, A L		 12/28/1865	Oneonta		His father
MILLER, Fannie M	 12/28/1865	Oneonta		Her parents

INGALLS, Menzo		 1/28/1866	Hartwick 	Gile, S
ROBINSON, Lucinda O	 1/28/1866	Oneonta		Her sister, Sarah

STICKLE, H C (Capt)	 3/18/1866	W Milford, NJ	Huntington, S
COOKE, Mary L		 3/18/1866	Oneonta		Coole, SJ

CROSIER, Frank E	 9/24/1866	Oneonta		Crozier, Chas. M
EMMONS, Carrie E	 9/24/1866	Oneonta		Emmons, ----

GIFFORD, James H	 9/25/1866	Milford		their fathers
WALLING, Louisa H	 9/25/1866	Oneonta

SWART, Elkanah		 10/10/1866	Oneonta		Swart, Peter
COUSE, Adeline J	 10/10/1866	Oneonta		Couse, Erastus O

CASEY, James A		 11/22/1866	Sand Hill	Casey, William H
FLEMING, Alice M	 11/22/1866	Sand Hill	Fleming, E

BLANCHARD, Amos D	 11/25/1866	Augusta (??)	Blanchard, C
WICKHAM, Helen M	 11/25/1866	Oneonta		Wickham, A G

BRUSH, James R		 12/19/1866	Cronton, NY	Brush, Joel A
SWART, Sally M		 12/19/1866	N Hamden,NY	Goldsmith, John M	

The End		Sandy Goodspeed, Maryland, NY