Extracted from issues of the Unadilla Times.

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1877    1883    1893    1897-1898

This list is compiled from miscellaneous clippings furnished by Leigh Eckmair of the Gilbertsville Free Library. 


Deaths in Unadilla and vicinity, as furnished to the Unadilla Times
by Wilmot & Heath, for the year ending December 31, 1877.
(Contributed by Leigh E Eckmair - Gilbertsville Free Library) 

7-Jan   Miss Amanda Jarad              60 years
15-Jan   Mrs. Nancy Rutenburg           75 years
19-Jan   Rev. Sylvanus Smith            71 years
25-Jan   Joel Stone                     93 years
 9-Feb   John Williams (col'd)          3 years
17-Feb   Anna A. Thomas                 34 years
22-Feb   Ansel S. Ames                  73 years
25-Feb   Sally Cleveland                69 years
26-Feb   William P. York                79 years
27-Feb   Infant child of Edward Shaw    6 weeks
 5-Mar   Mrs. Simmons Lewis             73 years
 6-Mar   Henry Storms                   67 years
 6-Mar   Frank L. Connelly              10 months
 8-Mar   Willia Ganung                  2 years
 6-Mar   Elizabeth Parsons              66 years
 8-Mar   Mrs. Alida French              84 years
 8-Mar   James Patrick                  54 years
17-Mar   Miss Emma Hardick              20 years
20-Mar   Mrs. Polly Hawks               83 years
 3-Apr   Miss Eliza Lawrence            77 years
 3-Apr   Hattie DeForest                2 years
11-Apr   Mrs. Ann M. Rowe               73 years
17-Apr   John Maize                     77 years
20-Apr   Mrs. Nancy Bundy               48 years
22-Apr   Alfred John Chappin            7 months
27-Apr   Windsor Merrithew              75 years
 6-May   Charles M. Wood                23 years
20-May   Mrs. Lovisa Austin             45 years
25-May   Hezekiah A. Randle             66 years
 3-Jun   George B. Niles                30 years
 6-Jun   Thomas Williams (col'd)        43 years
14-Jun   infant child of A. W. Haynes
17-Jun   Adelia Beach                   6 years
23-Jun   Mrs. Nancy Patterson           50 years
 2-Jul   Mrs. Eliza Palmer              24 years
 9-Jul   Westly Newman                  49 years
 7-Aug   Freddie Skinner                8 months
30-Aug   Abram C. Crounse               66 years
30-Aug   Miss Avis A. King              73 years
14-Sep   Mrs. Robert Quimby             69 years
16-Sep   Orville L. Benton              55 years
21-Sep   Saxton Coe                     80 years
22-Sep   Eugene Hall                    21 years
 3-Oct   Mrs. Samuel Beckwith           46 years
 6-Oct   Freddie A. Anderson            4 months
22-Oct   Daniel K. Smith                60 years
24-Nov   Mrs. Alice Schultz             22 years
17-Dec   Theodore V. Stone              22 years
21-Dec   Mrs. Harriett DeForest         78 years
24-Dec   Clark A. Wood                  35 years
26-Dec   Ella Sceley                    10 years
29-Dec   Eunice DeForest                9 years
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Deaths Unadilla and vicinity as reported to the Unadilla Times for the year 1883, 
with residence and age.
(Contributed by Leigh Eckmair - Gilbertsville Free Library)

 6-Jan  Martha B. Dibble                      Franklin                  55 years
13-Jan  Dr. E. Odell                          Unadilla                  75 years
17-Jan  Mrs. Hannah Edson                     Sidney                    75 years
24-Jan  Maranda B. Cuyle                      Masonville                72 years
25-Jan  Ellen Jemerson                        Masonville                34 years
25-Jan  Brazilla Spencer                      Unadilla                  87 Years
 2-Feb  Ethel Pearl King                      Guilford                  7 1/2 months
 4-Feb  Mary J. Palmer                        Rockdale                  2 years
 4-Feb  Mrs. Orilla Wright                    Unadilla                  75 years
 5-Feb  Cyrene Aylesworth                     Unadilla                  82 years
 6-Feb  May Wattles                           Sidney                    24 Years
18-Feb  Alvin Utter                           Unadilla                  3 years
21-Feb  Carrie E. Huftalin                    Unadilla                  19 years
22-Feb  Darius Rood                           Unadilla                  88 years
22-Feb  Henry Blakeley                        Unadilla                  10 1/2 months
23-Feb  Luther L. Pond                        Unadilla                  12 years
25-Feb  Henry Crane Brown                     Unadilla                  1 year
27-Feb  Cynthia Olds                          Unadilla                  28 years
 6-Mar  Infant child of S.W. and Sarah J. PerrUnadilla                  2 months
 6-Mar  Olive W. Hawks                        Unadilla                  66 years
11-Mar  Wm. J. Young                          Sidney                    63 years
14-Mar  Frankie S. Huftalin                   Unadilla                  6 1/2 months
20-Mar  Mary A. Wilbur                        Unadilla                  28 years
23-Mar  Lydia Cuyle                           Unadilla                  39 years
30-Mar  Wm. H. Refenburg                      Sidney                    4 3/4 months
 1-Apr  Lela Goldie Booth                     Unadilla                  4 years
 6-Apr  Eveline Welch                         Bainbridge                56 years
 7-Apr  Frederick Stenson                     Unadilla                  65 years
 9-Apr  Sally Burdick                         Unadilla                  72 years
14-Apr  Infant child of Newton and Maria KeathMasonville                9 weeks
20-Apr  Leonard M. Seaburg                    Chatham, Columbia Co.     24 years
26-Apr  Betsey Judson                         Sidney                    79 years
30-Apr  Chas. W. Snyder                       Sidney                    5 1/2 months
 2-May  Dr. Milo J. Gale                      Trout Creek               35 years
11-May  Laura L. Bidwell                      Sidney                    64 years
11-May  Levi Bartholomew                      Unadilla                  86 years
19-May  Clara D. Olmsted                      Masonville                6 years
24-May  Anna Whitney                          Sidney                    82 years
29-May  Lydia Pond                            Masonville                25 years
30-May  Henry Helliker                        Unadilla                  81 years
31-May  Leah M. Oldmstead                     Masonville                10 1/2 months
 4-Jun  Emily S. Salisbury                    Unadilla                  5 years
10-Jun  Catherine York                        Unadilla                  64 years
10-Jun  Jennie Pond                           Masonville                6 months
12-Jun  Chauncey Wilbur                       Unadilla                  75 years
13-Jun  Rhoda J. Hawks                        Unadilla                  56 years
14-Jun  Chas. White                           Unadilla                  10 3/4 years
21-Jun  Mary A. Wakeman                       Sidney                    73 years
 5-Jul  Isaac Arnold                          Unadilla                  47 years
28-Jul  Carrie A. Cuyle                       Masonville                7 1/2 years
 3-Aug  Amy L. Haynes                         Masonville                18 years
14-Aug  Mary Scofield                         Unadilla                  69 years
20-Aug  Mrs. Jas. Wakeman                     Sidney                    92 years
 8-Sep  Cora E. H. Haynes                     Unadilla                  21 years
12-Sep  Eva J. Finch                          Sidney                    5 years
10-Oct  Elizabeth A. Finch                    Sidney                    33 years
10-Oct  Ira Crandall                          Unadilla                  34 years
18-Oct  Chas S. Carpenter                     Unadilla                  34 years
23-Oct  James H. York                         Unadilla                  46 years
30-Oct  Ruby Carley                           Sidney                    89 years
 2-Nov  Rosetta Arnold                        Unadilla                  35 years
 5-Nov  Satie Bell                            Unadilla                  6 years
16-Nov  Aminda Burdick                        Unadilla                  47 years
29-Dec  Ada M. Arms                           unadilla                  18 years
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 6-Jan   Diadame Fisk              74 years
 9-Jan   John Larking Bundy        15 years
21-Jan   Susanna Wilbur            81 years
11-Feb   Susan E. Ingraham         61 years
20-Feb   Alice H. Carr             25 years
21-Feb   Harriet DeForest          68 years
23-Feb   Louie Carlton Potter      6 years
26-Feb   Mary A. Ojell             78 years
28-Feb   Clark I Hayes             76 years
 8-Mar   Mary Williams             83 years
25-Mar   Samuel Rogers             51 years
26-Mar   Elizabeth Jones           52 years
 6-Apr   Nicholas Price            71 years
 7-Apr   Adarine Jester            72 years
12-Apr   Jonathan Hanford          62 years
13-Apr   Sarah Ann Ocborn          68 years
15-Apr   Enos W. Nichols           32 years
25-Apr   John LeSuer               91 years
27-Apr   Nbetsey Ann Bartholomew   60 years
30-Apr   Edward Carmichael         67 years
30-Apr   Edward Youngs             88 years
16-May   Benj. Walter Brooks       57 years
26-May   Charlotte Palmer          94 years
30-May   Beatrice G. Fancher       19 years
29-Jun   Samuel W. Cook            82 years
 2-Jul   Mary E. Fisk              58 years
18-Jul   Catharine Alger           78 years
27-Jul   Arthur P. Felter          25 years
 9-Aug   Dorothy Bamford           81 years
10-Aug   Jane Lambie               67 years
16-Aug   Sarah A. Bishop           60 years
18-Aug   Blanche M. Armstrong      9 years
19-Aug   Ruth White                2 years
27-Aug   John VanDusen             55 years
 3-Sep   Julia Ann Henry           60 years
12-Sep   Lyman H. DeForest         65 years
13-Sep   Matilda Brightman         70 years
16-Sep   Perry M. Hanford          13 years
23-Sep   Henry M. Collins          68 years
 5-Oct   Ella A. Bradley           5 months
14-Oct   Will C. Bassell           9 months
28-Oct   Thos. James Fisher        10 years
 2-Nov   Charity Crandall          58 years
 4-Nov   Ellen Palmer              27 years
 5-Nov   Grace Downing             9 years
10-Nov   Blanche Downing           11 years
 3-Dec   E. M. Birdsall            70 years
11-Dec   Jonathan L. Harris        76 years
11-Dec   Asa Harris                73 years
13-Dec   William Miller            71 years
13-Dec   Jonathan L. Harris        76 years
14-Dec   Cortland Robbins          56 years
20-Dec   Rebecca C. Parsons        90 years
24-Dec   George Barker             62 years
28-Dec   Mary B. Evans             79 years
28-Dec   Ira W. Palmer             79 years
1897 - 1898  Partial
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Partial list of mortuary record of the town of Unadilla for 
1897 and 1898. Appears to be from the Unadilla Times.
Contributed by Leigh Eckmair - Gilbertsville Free Library.
 2-Dec   Andrew W. Banker             67y 7m13d
 5-Dec   G. Henry Sisson              57y9m13d
26-Dec   Arthur DeForest              67y4m11d
31-Dec   Charles M. Cornell           63y9m
 6-Jan   Richard A. Steven            85y0m3d
16-Jan   Richard B. Palmer            76y0m10d
22-Feb   Susan Wright                 75y
?-Mar    Infant Lathrop
 3-Mar   Benjamin Brant               11y6m11d
 7-Mar   Margaret Calahan             66y6m
15-Mar   Joseph H. Dunlap             46y9m29d
21-Mar   James Edgar Fitzgeral        65y11m11d
22-Mar   Isabelle Young               22y1m7d
 5-Apr   William C. Freeman           47y
11-Apr   John C. Heney                70y
14-Apr   Harriet A. TenBroeck         4y6m14
14-Apr   Sarah J. Dewey               54y6m
19-Apr   Harriet Darling              57y9m13d
20-Apr   James Bundy                  76y10m
 3-May   Sylvester Smith              10y3m10d
 3-May   Alvin P. Sisson              75y
 8-May   Horace B. Eells              79y11m15d
10-May   Margeret Emrich              82y5m13d
27-May   George B. Jordon             76y29d
 3-Jun   George W. Hyer               74y4m8d
 4-Jun   Frank J. LeCount             57y9m17d
16-Jun   Sarah A. Day                 80y25d
15-Jun   Henritta Castle              87y8m5d
19-Jun   Francis Lewis                75y3m
27-Jun   Nelbert F. Brant             78y3m27d
 4-Jul   Almira C. Warner             74y3m27d
10-Jul   Charles W. Butler            87y
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