Intestate Administration
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Benjamin Sweet

*According to these court records, he died without leaving a 
will. These are transcriptions of the court documents. Pages 249 -252 Adm. Estate of Benjamin Sweet, late of Otsego Co, died
intestate. Granted to Lucy Sweet & Squire Briggs of Otsego
Co. Admin & Admin. Sealed 6 Nov 1813 Pages 252 - 254 Real Estate Matter Estate of Benjamin Sweet, late of Otsego Co.
Petition made on 6 Nov 1813 by Lucy Sweet, Admin & by Squire
Briggs, Admin in appt. Joseph Gardner, as guardian to infant
heirs, no names ( the words "no names" are circled ) - Land
in Town of Laurens, Otsego, it being the Smith Hall bounded
by lands of Phillip Sweet. ** Lucy Sweet was the wife of Benjamin Sweet discussed here.
Squire Briggs was Lucy's brother, both children of Yelverton
Briggs and Phebe Shippee. Contributed by Lori Driver
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