John D. Griffin
Transcribed by Ronald Griffin

Will of John D. Griffin

WILL 1868 In the name of God. Amen. I John D. Griffin,of the Town of Westford in the County of
Otsego, in the State of New York . Being of sound mind and memory (Praise be
Almighty God for the Same) do make and publish this my Last Will and Testament. I hereby give to my Executors power to sell all my Real Estate of every
name and nature and convert the same into money, and after my lawful debts and
funeral expenses are paid, the residue and remainder of my property of every
name and nature I bequeath in the following order. First I give and bequeath to Margaret Griffin wife of my son Harrison, one
hundred dollars. Second I give and bequeath to my beloved children the residue of my Estate,
either real, personal or named to share in the following manner: to my sons
Harrison Grifffin, Angus Griffin,Hiram Griffin,John Griffin and George Griffin.
to share and sharealike and to have each in the ratio of my estate.This ratio is
as three is to two, or in other words to have three dollars each and my daughters two each. But the one hundred dollars heretofore bequeathed to
Margaret Griffin is to be taken from the above bequestto Harrison Griffin. Third I give and bequeath to my beloved daughters Clarissa North, Abba
Jane Vanheusen and Emmeline Marks. The remainder of my Estate or in other words
to share alike and to have in the ratio of my Estate as is two is to three, or
in other words to have two dollars each as often as my son's have three each. Fourth. I do nominate and appoint my son John Griffin and Abba Jane to be
the executors of my last will and testament . In testimony where I have here
unto set my hand and seal and publish and declare this to be my last Will and
Testament in presence of the witnesses named below this 22nd day of October
1868. John D. Griffin(JDG) Signed,sealed, declared and published by the said John D. Griffin as and for his
last Will and Testament in presence of us who at his request and in his presence
and presence of each other have inscribed our names as witnesses hereto. Betsey P. Griffin Westford Otsego County Hayatt Knapp Middlesfield Otsego County
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