John Whiteford

Estate of John Whiteford, d 24 June 1882 Delaware Co.: L Admin: I 32; Box 62, page 0889.

To the Surrogate of the County of Delaware

The Petition of John Whiteford of the town of Davenport in the County of Delaware,
respectfully showeth:

That yor Petitioner is the father of John Whiteford late of the town of Davenport
in the said County of Delaware, now deceased; that the said deceased died on or
about the 24th day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred
and eighty-four; that at or immediately preceding the time of his death, he was an
inhabitant of the said County of Delaware; that he has left no Will, as far as
your Petitioner has been able to discover; that the said deceased left a father
your Petitioner, - a mother Elizabeth Whiteford residing at Davenport Delaware Co. N.Y.

Geo. Whiteford a brother residing at Maryland, Otsego Co
Wm J. Whiteford a brother residing at Davenport N.Y.
Mary Pechtel a sister residing at Maryland, Otsego Co.
That the said deceased left no widow, child or children.

That in the opinion of your Petitioner the whole amount of the personal property
left by the said deceased was about Three Hundred and fifty Dollars.

Your Petitioner therefore prays that LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION upon the estate
of the said deceased may be granted to your Petitioner John Whiteford.

[signed] John Whiteford
[granted that same day 7 April 1884]

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