Philo Baldwin

The people of the State of NY by the grace of God free and 
independent to Aaron Baldwin, resident of Westford, Otsego
Co, NY, Orrin Z. Baldwin of Westford, Fanny O. Berkel of
Westville, Maud F. Baldwin of Westville, Allie L. Baldwin of
of Merricksville, Delaware Co, Flora A. Holcomb formerly
residing at Mt Alton, Bradford Co, Pa, but whose present
residence of post office are unknown and cannot be
ascertained after dilligent inquiry, heirs at law and next of
kin of Philo Baldwin, late of the town of Middlefield,
deceased, and all persons in being who would take an interest
in any portion of real or personal property of the deceased
under the provisions of his will and the executors named or
described therein. Whereas Frances Augusta Baldwin, of the town of Middlefield,
county of Otsego, has lately made application to our
surrogate of the county of Otsego to have a certain
instrument in writing, relating to real and personal estate,
duly proved as the last will and testament of the said Philo
Baldwin, deceased. You and each of you are hereby cited and
required personally to be and appear before our said
Surrogate, in his office at the village of Cooperstown on the
19th day of September 1892 at ten o'clock in the forenoon of
that day, then and there to attend to the probate of said
instrument of the last will and testament of said deceased.
And those of you who are under the age of twenty-one years
are required to appear by your guardian if you have one. If
you have none, that you appear and apply for one to be
appointed, or in the event of your neglect or failure to do
so a guardian will be appointed by the Surrogate to represent
and act for you in this proceeding. In testamony whereof, we have caused the seal of office of our
said Surrogate to be hereunto affixed.
Witness Albert C. Tennant, Surrogate of our said county, at the village
of Cooperstown, the 29th day of July A.D. 1892
V.A. Ryam, Clerk to the Surrogates Court
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