History of Washington and Kent Counties,
Rhode Island

by J. R. Cole W.W.Preston & Co., New York, 1889


[Transcriber's note:  The capitalization (or lack thereof) is as written in the book.]

p. 1228-1229

Daniel Allen was born in 1810, and is a descendant of William Allen who was from Wales and came to Prudence island in 1660, and died in 1685.  The descent from William, the emigrant, is through John, Thomas, Thomas, Judge John and Thomas Gould Allen, who was the father of Daniel G.  The latter took  a course of study at Middletown, Conn., and in 1839 bought the old Kent Academy, and was its principal until it was succeeded by the East Greenwich Academy.

John Allen, born in 1827, is a son of James, son of Silas, son of Christopher, son of Thomas, son of John, who came to North Kingstown from Prudence island about 1700 and settled in Quidnessett Neck.  He was a son of William Allen who was born in Wales about 1640 and came to Prudence island in 1660.  Mr. Allen spent eighteen years as a tin, copper and sheet iron worker.  He has been a farmer twenty-six years.  He has been two years in the town council and three years town auditor.  he was married in 1848 to Esther A., daughter of Albert H. Alexander.  Their children are:  John Albert, Ella F. (died in infancy), William S, Henry T., Ray James and Richard F.

William Allen was born in North Kingstown in 1811.  His father was Samuel D., son of Matthew, son of Benjamin, son of Matthew Allen, who emigrated from England to Dartmouth, Bristol county, Mass., about 1700.  In 1712 he purchased and settled upon a tract of land in North Kingstown.  Mr. Allen has been in mercantile business nearly all his life.   In 1886 he retired from the firm of Allen & Page of Wickford.  He built the store in 1870 that is now occupied by Page & Potter.  Mr. Allen bought a store in Allenton in 1857 and kept it several years, then sold it to John R. Nichols about 1878.  When a young man he clerked about ten years.  He was married in 1842 to Mary W., daughter of James Greene.  Their children were:  Samuel D., who died in West Virginia aged 23 years, and William H., Jr., who is in the commission business at 108 and 110 Franklin street New York city.


James H. Arnold, born in 1855 in Exeter, is a son of Stephen, he a son of Josiah, whose father was Josiah, son of Joseph, whose father Samuel was a son of  Josiah, he a son of William, he a son of Caleb, whose father Benedict was a son of William Arnold, who came from England in company with his brother Thomas in 1635. Mr. Arnold came to Lafayette in 1883, and with his brother Josiah S., built a barn and started a livery stable, which they are carrying on at the present time.   He was married in 1877 to Olive B., daughter of William Tisdale of Exeter.  They have one son, Arthur, who died at the age of seven.

Warren G. Arnold, born in 1838, is a son of George and grandson of Peleg, whose father, Caleb Arnold, it is said, came from England.  Warren G was married in 1881 to Jennie L., daughter of Samuel Oatley.  The have one son, Clifford.  Mr. Arnold owns and occupies the old homestead of his grandfather, Peleg.  He is a democrat.


Fones Austin was born in 1812 in North Kingstown.  He is a son of Russell, who died in 1847, aged 72 years.  The latter was a son of James, who died in 1826, aged 84 years.  James' father was lost at sea.  Mr. Austin worked eleven years in a cotton mill and several years on the railroad in early life.  He has been a farmer about forty years, and occupies the old homestead of this grandfather, James.  he was married in 1845 to Elizabeth Arnold, who died in 1875, aged 61 years.  Their children are: George R., Henry W., Emily (deceased), Charles (deceased), Mary M. (Mrs. Oscar Greene), and Fannie E. (deceased).

Henry W. Austin, son of Fones Austin, was born in North Kingstown in 1847, and is a farmer and gardener.  He was married in 1872 to Anna, daughter of Rowland Perry.  Their children are: Julia B, George F., Mary E., and Kate R.

p. 1230

Lyman Aylesworth, born in 1838, is a son of Samuel D. and grandson of Arthur, who was a son of Arthur, whose father was Philip and whose grandfather was Arthur.  Lyman married Matilda, daughter of Charles T. Hunt, and they have one daughter, Sarah Maria, now Mrs. Moses Shipee, of East Greenwich.  The first Arthur Aylesworth settled on Quidnessett Neck and build his house one-fourth mile north of Lyman's residence about 1679.  He was then 25 years old.  He was of Welsh descent, born in England.  He died in 1725.  Lyman enlisted October 11th, 1861, in the First Rhode Island Cavalry.  He resided in Portsmouth for four years after the war, then moved to the Green farm in East Greenwich and lived there sixteen years.  He came to North Kingstown in 1885.  He is master of the Davisville Grange, and has been noble grand of the Odd Fellows' lodge in East Greenwich.  He is also a Mason.

p. 1230

James B. Brayman, born 1841, is a son of Benjamin W., born 1810, and grandson of Solomon Brayman.  He was married in 1861 to Caroline A., daughter of Joseph H. Brown.  They have two children, Benjamin L., and Hattie, now Mrs. J. Irving Rose.  Mr. Brayman has been a member of the prohibition state central committee for five years.  He is a member of the Royal Arcanum Society.  He has carried on the meat and ice business about twenty years in Wickford.  Prior to that he was a farmer.

p. 1230.

Joseph Brown (5), born 1801; Stukley (4), born 1754; Ebenezer (3), Alexander (2), Beriah (1), who is the same Beriah that built the house where Joseph now lives.  Mr. Brown has always lived in the house where he was born.   He was married to Betsey N., daughter of Esquire Benjamin Lawton. Mr. Brown has been surveyor of roads twenty-six years is succession. Politically he is a republican.

Oliver R. Brown, born in 1832, is a son of William and grandson of Stukley. He was brought up on a farm.  He opened a blacksmith shop in Wickford in 1856, and has since carried on business there.  He was married in 1861 to Abbie E. Hunt, who died in 1871.  He was married again in 1873 to Sarah W. Tisdale.  His children are: Walter O., Elisha P., Frank e. and Ella M.

p. 1230.

James Burlingame, born 1819, is a son of Henry and grandson of Nehemiah. He was married in 1848 to Abbie E.,  daughter of Robert Sweet.  She died several years ago.  Mr. Burlingame has always been a farmer.  He is a democrat in politics.

p. 1231.

Samuel Carpenter, born in North Kingstown in 1806, is a son of Nathaniel Carpenter, who died in 1859, aged eighty years, and Martha Carpenter, who died in 1869, aged 88 years.  His grandfather was Daniel E. Carpenter.  Mr. Carpenter was in Providence three years as a house carpenter, and has been a farmer in North Kingstown for about 55 years.  He was married in 1829 to Elizabeth Pierce, who died in 1876, leaving four children:  William P., Henry E,  Charles J. and Bradford.  His present wife's maiden name was Cornell.

William P. Carpenter, son of Samuel, was born in North Kingstown in 1830. He is a farmer, and occupies the old homestead of Nathaniel, his grandfather.  He was married in 1873 to Harriet, daughter of Joseph Congdon. He has been a member of the Quidnessett Baptist church for nearly thirty years.

Timothy Carroll, born in Ireland in 1848, came with his father, Nicholas Carroll, to Rhode Island in 1852.  In 1874 he married Cordelia E. Blanchard, widow of Alfred Sanford.  Her children are :  Mary Sanford, Alfred A. Sanford, William Sanford, Cordelia Sanford, Timothy E. Carroll and Florence Carroll.  Mr. Carroll is a farmer.  He buys horses, cattle and sheep in the West and in Canada, and fits them for Rhode Island markets, making a specialty of good coach and draft horses.  He is serving his third year in the town council.

Charles F. Chace was born at Centreville in the town of Warwick, in 1845. His father, Carlton Chace was station agent at Davisville about twenty-eight years.  He was a son of Daniel Chace, of New Hampshire.  Charles F. was in the war of the rebellion nearly three years, in company F, Seventh regiment. After the war he was a farmer for a few years.  In 1873 he went to work on the New York, Boston & Providence railroad, and has been conductor since 1876.  He was married in 1869 to Lydia Dyer who died leaving one daughter, Minnie Belle, He married again in 1877 Sarah E., daughter of Charles F. Brown.  Mr. Chace is a member of the Order of Railroad Conductors, Providence Division, No 151, and of the Royal Arcanum, No. 442, Pequot Council, and a member of the Coweset Council of Good Fellows, No 52, of East Greenwich.  He is a member of Baker Post, No. 16, G. A. R. of Wickford.

Henry T. Chadsey was born in 1806 and married in 1830.  His five sons are John W., George H., Jeremiah G., Nathan B, and Frank W. He has three daughters.

p. 1232

Benjamin H. Congdon, born 1821, is a son of Benjamin S., grandson of Daniel, and great-grandson of William.  He and his wife Abbie A., have four children:  Adaline (Mrs. John A. Gardiner), Alphonzo, Emma, who died at 35 years of age, and Mary A.

Mr. Congdon is a republican and farmer.

Eliza A. S. Congdon was born in 1808 in North Kingstown.  She is a daughter of Boon Spink, and granddaughter of Nicholas Spink.  She now lives with her daughter Mrs. Martha S. Wall.  She was married to Thomas Congdon (now deceased) in 1825.  They had five children:  Henry B. (deceased), Mary E. (deceased), Martha S. (widow of Daniel Wall), Anna E., and Thomas, Jr.. Mr Daniel Wall was for several years prior to his death engaged in the tinware business in Wickford.

William W. Congdon, born in 1831, is a son of Stanton, grandson of Daniel and great-grandson of William Congdon.  Mr.Congdon has kept a livery stable in Wickford about thirty years.  He used to run a stage to what is now Wickford Junction.  He was conductor on the Newport & Wickford railroad fifteen years. He was married in 1855 to Frances A., daughter of George Gardiner.  He is a republican and has been deputy sheriff one year.

James U. Cooper, born in 1819, is a son of Edmund, and grandson of Gilbert Cooper.  Mr. Cooper has been a painter in North Kingstown about forty years.  He was married in 1842 to Elizabeth Cook.  They have six children living:  Mary E., Lydia S., John B., James U., Jr., Henry A., and Wiliam D.  They have lost seven children.

Hon. George T. Cranston has been representative since 1881 as a republican.  He has been a merchant here since 1877, when he succeeded Absalom N. Gardiner.  He was born here in 1844.  He is a son of Cyrus N. Cranston, grandson of Samuel, great-grandson of Thomas and great-great-grandson of Caleb.  He enlisted for three years in Company E, Third R. I.  Heavy Artillery and served eighteen months; was then transferred, and was eighteen months a member of Horse Battery B,  First U. S. Regular Artillery.  Thirty days after his discharge he re-enlisted in the Tenth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry.  He was 17 years old at his first enlistment.  His wife is Elizabeth P. Gardiner.  They have one son and one daughter.  The daughter is a student in the Rhode Island Normal School.

p. 1232-1233

Charles T. Crombe has been town clerk since June, 1885. He is a Democrat.  He married Clara N., daughter of Joseph Bailey of Exeter.  They have two daughters.  Mr. Crombe was born in Connecticut in 1824, and came here with his father, Charles, about 1830.  He was at sea (whaling and in merchant service) till 35 years old, and was ten years railroad agent.  He was president of the town council several years, and has represented North Kingstown in the general assembly.

p. 1233.

Daniel Dyer, born 1808, is a son of Samuel D. and grandson of Captain Daniel.  Mr. Dyer spent several years in early life in a mill, after which he worked fourteen yers in Providence as a house carpenter.  He has been a farmer about thirty-two years, occupying a part of the homestead of his father.  He was married in 1858 to Sallie Merrill, now deceased.  Their children are:  Carrie D. (who died in infancy), Sarah H., John C., Lucy E. and Ruth R.  He was married again in 1881 to Lucy Angell.  Mr. Dyer is a republican.  he has been a member of the Methodist Episcopal church over fifty years.

Burrill H. Davis was born in Exeter in 1854, and resided there until sixteen years ago, when he came to Lafayette as clerk for A. C. Taylor.  In 1887 he became a partner with Mr. Taylor at the same point.  He is a deacon and clerk of the Advent Christian church of Exeter now.  His wife is Emma F. Brown.

William A. Eldred is a son of Ishmael, who came to Wickford in 1826, and built a house and started the harness making business, and  grandson of Thomas.  Ishmael Eldred was married in 1830 to Caroline, daughter of Thomas G. Allen.  They have three children, William A., Sallie and Alfred.  William A. Eldred carries on the harness making business with his father.  He was married in 1857 to Hannah, daughter of Henry J. Congdon.  Mr. Eldred is a member of Wickford Baptist church.

p. 1233-1234.

Albert F. Ellsworth was born at Tarriffville, Conn., June 15th, 1843. He is a son of Alexander Allen Ellsworth, son of Henry, son of Alexander Allen Ellsworth, who is in the same line as William Martin, once governor of Connecticut, and Oliver, who was chief justice of the supreme court for five years (1796-1800).  Colonel Elmer E. Ellsworth (1837-1861) was a grandson of this Alexander Allen Ellsworth.  Alexander A., father of Albert F. Ellsworth, was a woolen manufacturer for a number of years.  He is the father of three children, two of whom are living---Albert F. and Eliza A. (Mrs. Melbourne C. Trow, of Providence).  Mr. Ellsworth first located in the town of North Kingstown in 1864.  He has held several offices in the town. He was married in 1866 to Hannah, daughter of Jonathan and Ruth (Gardiner) Arnold.   They have had five children: Mary E. P., Mary A. P., Frank A. and George W. P., who are deceased, and Ray Elmer.  He is a member of the following orders:   Washington Lodge, No. 5, A. F. & A. M.; Franklin Royal Arch Chapter, No. 7; (district Deputy Grand Master Fifth Masonic district); Beacon Lodge, No. 38, I. O. of O. F.; Uncas Encampment, No. 14, of Wickford.

p. 1234-1235

Absalom N. Gardiner, born 1828, is a son of Samuel Gardiner (a soldier in the war of 1812), who was many years a blacksmith at Collation Corners. Prior to 1851 the son was engaged at the shop with the father.  From 1851 to 1876 he was a merchant at the same point.  The store was burned in 1876, since which Mr. Gardiner, with a fair competence from his twenty-five years' business, has lived somewhat retired.  He has been a prominent member and officer of the Odd Fellows Lodge here , and treasurer of the lodge ten years.  His wife is Phebe A. Carr.  Their only child living is Walter H. Gardiner.

Benjamin Frank Gardiner, born 1835, is a son of Jeremiah and grandson of Amos Gardiner.  His wife is Caroline F. Burlingame.  Their children are: Sarah P. (now Mrs. Stephen F. Tefft),  Izitt (Mrs. P. W. Tefft), and Frank A.    Mr. Gardiner's farm is the valuable property formerly owned by his uncle, the late J. A. Browning.

Daniel T. Gardiner, born 1840, is a son of Pardon T, who died in 1888, aged eighty-four years.  The latter was a son of  Ezekiel and grandson of Ezekiel.  Mr. Gardiner lives on the homestead with his mother. He is a democrat.

Harrington P. Gardiner is a son of Zebulon N. and grandson of Benjamin Gardiner.  His mother was Elizabeth Rathbun, sister of Nathan D.  His farm is part of the old Rathbun place once owned by his mother's grandfather, John Rathbun.  On this place are the graves of the earlier generations of the Rathbuns.   Here also is the large spring, the source of water supply for the Rodman Mill.  Mrs. Gardiner is a daughter of Randall Gardiner.  They have an adopted son, Herbert.   Mr. Gardiner spent two years coasting and for twelve years was section master on the railroad.  He worked for several years as a house carpenter and has, since 1877, been engaged n farming.

Owen G. Gardiner, born 1845, is a son of Captain Joseph, grandson of Gould, great-grandson of Huland, and great-great-grandson of Nicholas Gardiner.  He was married in 1866 to Susan A., daughter of William Tisdale, and has four children:  Eleanor G., Clarence E.,  Owen G., Jr., and Linwood A.   Mr. Gardiner has been town auctioneer two years.  He was business manager of the Rhode Island Telephone three years, and has been engaged in the wholesale confectionery business several years on the road.  He is a member of Harmony Lodge, I. O. of O. F.

p. 1235

John S. Gladding was born in 1817 in Newport and is a son of Henry and a grandson of Henry Gladding, who was of Scottish descent.  His mother was Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph Taylor, and granddaughter of Robert Taylor of Scotch origin.  Mr. Gladding is a cabinet maker, having worked at that trade since 1833.  He has a shop in the rear of his residence, where he does some repair work.  He was married in 1842 to Hanna E., daughter of Benjamin Spink.  The house where they live was built in 1806 by William Pierce for a tavern.  Mr. Gladding is a prohibitionist.  He and his wife have been members of the Baptist church of Wickford since 1850.

p. 1235-1236.

Abram B. Greene, born 1817, is a son of Nathaniel and grandson of Abram Greene.  He married Abbie E., daughter of George Arnold.  She died leaving two daughters---Abbie Frances and Almira, now Mrs. Oliver Joslyn.  The only son of A. B. Greene was George N., who at his death left three daughters and a son George Walter.  Mr. Greene at the age of seventeen learned the trade of a carpenter and worked at it fifty years.  He was two years on a merchant ship and went to the West Indies.  He kept the light house at Poplar Point in North Kingstown six years.

James A. Greene, treasurer of the Hamilton Web Company, is a son of Joseph W. and grandson of Captain James Greene, a name well known in Warwick, R. I.  where James A. Greene was born. Mrs. Greene was a Brooklyn lady.  They have five children living.  Their three sons are with the Hamilton Web Company.  Mr. Greene was formerly to 1866 in the jewelry business with his father in New York city.

Reynolds Greene, deceased, was born in 1794 and died in 1881.  He was the son of David Greene, born 1728, and grandson of David, born in 1701 and died in 1757.  Reynolds Greene was a wealthy farmer.   His wife was Sarah W., daughter of Oliver Watson, of South Kingstown.  Three of their children are living: William, Oliver W. and Rachel Richardson Greene, named for her mother's grandmother, Rachel Richardson.

p. 1236

Edward S. Hall, born 1825, is a son of Slocum Hall, whose father, Slocum, was born in 1748.  The latter was a son of William, born 1723, grandson of John, born 1681, and great-grandson of William.  Edward S. married in 1846 Hannah F., daughter of Chandler Newell.  Their children are: Ann F., (Mrs. Charles H. Phillips), Alzadah (Mrs. Benjamin f. Snow), and Slocum.  Mr. Hall followed railroading about thirty-five years, the first seven years at track work and the following twenty-eight as station agent at Wickford Junction, during which time  he was absent from the station but one week day.  He has retired from active service and resides at La Fayette.

Henry S. Hall, brother of Edward S., was born in 1833, and married Abby A. Brownell.  He was a farmer and occupies part of the old Hall homestead.

William L. Hall, born 1837, is a son of Isaac, grandson of Benjamin and great-grandson of William Hall.  He married in 1883 Susan Lawton.  His mother was Amy Brown( 6), daughter of Beriah (5) Beriah (4), Beriah (3), Alexander (2), Beriah (1). Beriah Brown (1) built the house where Mr. Hall lives.  Mr. Hall has a table that was new when his great-grandmother began housekeeping in 1758.  Mr. Hall is a democrat and is serving his third year in the town council.  He has been assessor of taxes two years.

p. 1236-1237

Horace Hammond, born 1834, is a son of Cranston and grandson of Benjamin who build the Hammond mill. Benjamin was a son of William and he a son of Joseph Hammond.  Mr. Hammond has been a carpenter ever since he was seventeen years of age. He learned his trade in Providence with John f. Pitts.  He worked in Providence fifteen years, then came to this town.  He built the wood work for the Belleville mill, the Wickford mill, the Wickford National Bank, and repaired and built the steeple on the Episcopal church. He was married in 1858 to Eunice, daughter of Cary D. Slocum.   Their only son Edgar died aged two years and seven months.

Rebecca Hammond, widow of George Hammond, was born in New York.  Her father was Joseph Girand, who was a descendant of the French Huguenots who came from France..  George Hammond was a son of William, grandson of William and great-grandson of Joseph Hammond, who was born in England.  George spent several years in New York as a commission merchant of Front Street.  The latter part of his live was spent in Wickford, where he died in 1879.  Mrs. Hammond's grandmother's brother on her mother's side, Ebenezer Hazard, was a lawyer by profession and was an aide of General Washington and was appointed by him as the first postmaster general of the United States.  Mrs. Hammond s father was in an artillery company in the war of 1812 for the defense of the city of New York.

p. 1237.

Verrano V. Hart, born in the town of Cranston in 1860, is a son of Ephraim B. and grandson of Darius Hart.  Mr. Hart came to North Kingstown in 1878, and bought the farm where he now lives in 1886. In politics he is a republican.

Joseph R. Horton was born at Pawtuxet, R. I., in 1827.  His father Amos, born 1785, died 1861, was a carpenter by trade and son of Simeon Horton.   Jospeh R. is a carpenter by trade.  He was married in 1864 to Laura B. Baker, and has one daughter Mary L. He is a republican.  He came to Wickford about thirty years ago.

Albro S. Kingsley, born 1826, is a son of Dyer, born 1789, and grandson of Jonathan Kingsley.  He was married, in 1853 to Ann I., daughter of Jesse Bicknell, and has two children, Lydia (Mrs. William C. Davis) and John H. Mr. Kingsley has been connected with the Hamilton Mill about 37 years.  He is a republican and a Mason.

Albert E. Kingsley, born 1828, is a brother of Albro S.  He married Mary E., daughter of Sylvester Himes.  She was born in 1834.  They have had five children.  Mr. Kingsley has been a machinist in the Sandy Lea Mill about 25 years.  Prior to that time he was a mill hand, carpenter and farmer.

Horace C. Kingsley, born 1833, is a brother of Albro S. and Albert E. in 1853 he was married to Amy, daughter of Jeffrey H. Gardiner.  Their children are:  AnnSarah (deceased), Amanda (Mrs. Charles Carr), Nellie (Mrs. Thomas Carr), Abbie A. (died aged 8 months), Albro L. and Ivia E. (deceased).  Mr. Kingsley has been a mill hand all his life and has been connected with the Hamilton Mill about 37 years.  He is a member of Beacon Lodge, No. 38, I. O. of O. F.

p. 1237-1238.

Philetus N. Lawton, born 1841, is a son of Isaac H., born 1813, died 1858; grandson of Benjamin, born 1773, and great-grandson of Benjamin.  His mother was Mariah W. Nichols.  He was married to Mercy E. Gardiner in 1863.  They have one daughter, Laura M. Lawton, now Mrs. Daniel Eugene Wilcox.  Mr. Lawton has always been a democrat.  He now owns the homestead of Benjamin Lawton, Esq.

p. 1238.

Joseph Slocum Madison, born 1860, is a son of John Harris Madison, born 1828, died 1887.  The latter was a son of Joseph and grandson of Ezekiel Madison.  John H. married Elizabeth A., daughter of Slocum Godfrey and Sarah Reynolds.  The latter's mother was Mary, daughter of William Hall, and granddaughter of John Hall. This John Hall's parents were William Hall and Alice Tripp.  Alice Tripp came in the "Mayflower."  Joseph S. Madison graduated in 1881 from the Greenwich Academy.  The family name is variously spelled  Madison, Mathewson and Matteson.  Joseph S. Madison married in 1888 a daughter of Nathaniel S. Allen, and granddaughter of the later Elder Allen of North Kingstown.

p. 442-443

JOSEPH  WARREN MADISON.--Ezekiel Matteson, the grandfather of the subject of this biography, was a resident of West Greenwich.  His son Joseph (who changed the orthography of the name and spelled it as at present, Madison) was also a native of West Greenwich, but spent the larger part of his life in North Kingstown as a farmer, having for twenty-five years rented the farm he afterward purchased.  He married Celia, daughter of John Fowler, whose children were three sons: Joseph Warren, John Harris and Thomas Edwin, the last two being deceased, and three daughters:  Hannah (widow of Christopher Allen), Almy and Mary Ann.

Joseph Warren, the eldest of these children, was born on the 10th of September, 1820, in West Greenwich, from whence he removed with his parents in infancy to North Kingstown.  His advantages of education were limited to the district school which he was able to attend only in the winter months, his time at that early date having been found quite important in the work of the farm.  He continued thus employed until the age of twenty-four, meanwhile becoming master of the wheelwright's trade.  This he never followed as pursuit, but found of great service in the improvement of the estate to which his life has been mainly devoted.  On the 25th of December, 1844, he married Miss Maria, daughter of Alfred and Anne Smith, of Wickford, and granddaughter of Benjamin Smith of the same village.  The children of this union are a son, George W., married to Fannie L, daughter of Salma Spink, of Quidnessett, and a daughter, Celia Maria, wife of Thomas Matthewson, son of S. W. Matthewson, of Narragansett Pier.  George W. Madison has five, and Mrs. Matthewson two children. Mr. Madison in 1849 accepted the management of the extensive Ives property on Potowomut Neck and manifested such judgment, thrift and scrupulous integrity in the superintendence of its varied departments that his presence seems almost indispensable.  He has recently relinquished to his son, who resides of the farm, much of the responsibility, though still spending several hours daily on the grounds.  Mr. Madison has usually adhered to the principles of the republican party in politics, but has not been diverted from his legitimate pursuits to accept office either in town or county.  He contributes to the support of the Quidnessett Baptist church, though not a member of that religious organization.

p. 1238.

William G. Madison, born in East Greenwich, is a son of Green Madison, and a grandson of Ezekiel.  He spend his early years in a cottonmill until 25 years old, at Valley Falls, R. I.   He then came to North Kingstown to aid his then feeble father on the farm.  He has been seven or eight years in the North Kingstown town council as a democrat.

Mrs. Emily Madison was born in Cumberland, Providence county, in 1847, and is a daughter of George S. Havens.  She was married in 1879 to Thomas E. Madison who died in 1885, aged 55 years.  He was a son of Joseph Madison, and grandson of Ezekiel.  Mr. and Mrs. Madison's two children are George E. and Thomas E.

p. 443-444

JOHN MAGLONE.--Mr. John Maglone, one of the substantial farmers of North Kingstown, was born at Kennebec, Maine, June 5th, 1828.  His father, James Maglone, was employed in one of the saw mills at that place, but afterward moved to St. Johns, and from there to Boston, where he lived until 1835.  In 1836 John Maglone found a home in the family of Jonathan Slocum, of Slocumville, North Kingstown.  He remained in the family of Mr. Slocum for ten years, working on the farm, but during this important period of his life he was sent to school but a few weeks at the most. At the expiration of the allotted time he was given liberty to begin a career for himself.

Without a dollar in money Mr. Maglone now wended his way to Newport, R. I., where he found employment with Edward Anthony as a farm hand.  Two years later he returned to North Kingstown and worked for Robert Rodman for three years.  In 1851 he married and began the business of farming on his own account on the old Congdon farm.  By the year 1880 Mr. Maglone found himself financially able to purchase the valuable farm he now owns and to erect the elegant house in which he now resides.  For over twenty years Mr. Maglone has been commissioner of highways for the town of North Kingstown, and in 1880 and again in 1881 he was elected state senator.  Such is a bare outline of Mr. Maglone's record.  Cast adrift when scarcely eight years of age, we find him thrown wholly among strangers, without parental guidance, left to make his own struggle as best he could, until time should enable him to begin that career which demands here something more than a passing notice. Unable to secure an education, Mr. Maglone has done for himself what colleges have failed to do for some, and in the practical tests of life he has acquitted himself fully.  Mr. Maglone has succeeded by industry and honesty and by observing the principles of economy rather than by subterfuge or sharp dealing.  His possessions now owned are the results of hard labor and no one can envy that once homeless boy the enjoyment of his desirable habitation, the results of his own handiwork.  Those who well know John Maglone's past record unite in ascribing to him qualities of the highest character, and not only testify that he is thoroughly honest and upright, and one of the leading citizens of this part of the county, but also that the chronicler of the lives of successful men will rarely find a case just its parallel and its equal in importance.  Mr. Maglone was married to Miss Sarah Congdon Hazard December 1st, 1851, and to this couple were born four children:  Marcus, Charles, John, Jr., and Fannie Maglone.

p. 444-445

Mrs. Maglone is a descendant of George Congdon, a revolutionary war soldier, who served seven years in that war.  He died in 1842 at about eighty-seven years of age.  Mrs. Sarah Maglone, was born August 2d, 1823. she is a daughter of Rodman Hazard, who was a descendant of the seventh generation from the original Thomas Hazard of 1639, the male line of descent being Thomas, Robert, Jeremiah, Robert, Jeremiah, Rowland, Rodman.  Rowland Hazard, her grandfather, married Elizabeth, daughter of William and Chloe Hammond, who came from Newport to North Kingstown and settled on the Hammond homestead near Stuart's mill when she was but thirteen years of age.  Rodman Hazard, father of Mrs. Maglone, was a settler of Wickford, and like many others bearing his name, was remarkable for his size, strength of character and other characteristics of that remarkable family.

p. 1238.

Isaac Nichols (4) born 1815 (John(3), John (2), John (1)), is a farmer. His wife, to whom he was married in 1841, was born in South Kingstown and is Elizabeth R. Brown, a granddaughter of Governor George Brown.  They have three children living:  Ruhamah, (Mrs. Oliver Nichols of South Kingstown); John R. Nichols, of Providence; and William E. Nichols, of Lincoln.  Mr. Nichols is a retired farmer.  His father was a blacksmith.

p. 1238-1239

George W. Northup, born in 1809, is a son of Samuel Northup and grandson of Zebulon Northup.  He was married in 1833 to Mary T., daughter of Benjamin W. Gardiner.  They have eight children: Eliza A., Stephen G., Mary F., Waity J., George T., Susannah W., Samuel C., and Lydia H.  Mr. Northup lives on the homestead of his father.  He has always been a farmer.

Sally Smith Northup, now Mrs. Daniel L. Arnold, was born in 1831, in the house where she now resides.  She is the daughter of Abial Palmer Northup, who was born in 1800, and granddaughter of David Northup, who was born in 1778.  She has lived at this place all her life except about twelve years.  The house and chimney that now stand on this site are said to have been built about 200 years ago.

p. 1239

John W. Phillips, born 1819, is a son of Peter (1781-1865) and grandson of Thomas.  He was married on 1846 to Abbie A., daughter of Willet Himes. She died in 1881.  Their children are :  James E., John W., Jr., and Ada. Mr. Phillips has always been a republican.  He was formerly a railroad employee, and is now engaged in farming.

Thomas Phillips, born 1815, is a brother of John W., mentioned above. He was married in 1860 to Melissa, daughter of William Hall.  Their only son is George T.  Mr. Phillips' farm is a part of the original Phillips homestead.

Colonel Thomas J. Peirce (sic), son of John B. (7), (John (6), Giles (5), Giles (4), John (3), Giles (2), Richard (1)) was born in 1857, and is married to Sarah, daughter of Captain Peleg Wightman.  He has been deputy town clerk ever since he was a voter, and justice of the peace since 1879. He was a delegate to the democratic national convention in 1888.

Peleg F. Pierce, born in North Kingstown in 1835, is a son of William, who was a son of Giles (5), mentioned in the preceding paragraph.  Peleg F. married Harriet Newell Rodman.  They have two children living-- Walter Rodman and Harriet Sanford.  Mr. Pierce taught school several terms in early life, and has given much of his leisure time to the study of local history. He is engaged in farming.

William H. Nye was born in 1833 in Coventry, and is a son of George W. and grandson of John Nye.  Mr. Nye has been a railroad employee about twenty-five years of his life prior to 1881.  He was married in 1856 to Abbie A., daughter of John W. Jackson. They have two children, Amy Frances and Lewis Allen.  He is a member of the Advent Christian church of Providence.

p. 1239-1240

George L. Prentice was born in 1843 in Lawrence, Otsego county, N. Y.  He is a son of Joseph S. and grandson of Joseph Prentice.  His mother was Sarah S. Hull.   Mr. Prentice has been engaged in the livery business about twenty years and opened the Wickford House in June, 1886.  He was married in 1872 to Henrietta S. White, who died in December, 1876.  He was married again in 1881 to Ellen D. Days, daughter of Anton Lucas, of Provincetown, Mass.  He has one son, George L., Jr., born 1883.  The west part of the house in which Mr. Prentice now lives is said to have been used in the days of the revolution for the enlistment of soldiers.

p. 1240

Thomas W. D. Rathbun, born in 1844, is a son of Nathan D. (4) (John (3), John (2), Samuel (1)). Samuel Rathbun was born in 1702.  He gave one-half of his land to his son John, and part of this is still in the family name, being owned by Lorenzo D. Rathbun.  Thomas W. D. was married in 1868 to Hannah D. Lewis.  They have three children:  Hannah M., Nathan C. and Martha Alice.  Mr. Rathbun  was a member of the town council one year and member of the school committee nine years.  He has been conference delegate of the Advent Christian church one year.  He is a carpenter and farmer.  The Rathbun family came to New England about 1660, to Block Island later, and from there to North Kingstown.

Lorenzo D. Rathbun, born in 1846, is a brother of Thomas W. D. mentioned above.  He married Roxana Simons and is engaged in farming.  His great-grandfather, John, was a soldier in the revolution.

John H. Remington, retired, P. O. Wickford, was born in 1814, in Coventry, R. E., where his father, Daniel, died in 1815.  His early years were passed in East Greenwich, where his mother contracted a second marriage.  There Mr. Remington was married to Lydia Arnold, of Exeter, R. I. His active life has been passed in railroad business as contractor and as superintendent of repairs for the Union Railroad Company, of Providence. Since 1872 he has resided in North Kingstown.

p. 1240-1241

Calis A. Reynolds, son of Albert S., grandson of James, great grandson of Benjamin, great great grandson of John Reynolds, is proprietor of the Sand Hill woolen mill and store.  His wife was a miss Jencks, of New York state.

Lucian B. Reynolds, born in Wickford in 1843, is a son of Henry R., who was a son of Eldred, who was a son of John, whose will, bearing date 1794, Lucian B. Reynolds how (sic) has.  Mr. Reynolds now owns a farm in this town that is said to have been in the Reynolds family about two hundred years. He was once a postal clerk on the Boston, Providence and new York railroad 14 months.  He was married in 1877 to Jennie F., daughter of Albert Reynolds Johnson.  They have two children--Mary Emma Green and Oral Munn.  In politics Mr. Reynolds is a republican.

Lucretia S. Reynolds, widow, is a daughter of Alfred and granddaughter of Benjamin Smith, whose father, William Smith, died in 1745, aged 82 years. She was married to Wilbur T. Reynolds (deceased) in 1849.  His father was Nathaniel T., son of George Reynolds.  Their children are:  Nathaniel T., Anna A., (now Mrs. George A. Spink), Alfred S., and Ella.  Alfred S. was married  in 1879 to Ida A. Lawton.  They have two children--Wilbur T. and Fannie Louise.  He is a member of the Davisville Grange, No. 8, P. of H.  He was born in Rensselaer county, N. Y., and has always been a farmer.  In politics he is a republican.

p.  1241

John A. Rose was born in 1861, in South Kingstown.  He is a son of Albert P. Rose and Mary A., daughter of John M. Tyler.  Mr. Rose has been with George T. Cranston as clerk about four years.  He was clerk in the store at Allenton prior to that about four years.  He was married in 1882 to Ella J., daughter of George Wilcox.  They have two children--Chester B. and Henry A.  He is a member of Beacon Lodge, No. 38, I. O. of O. F., of Wickford.

William N. Rose (6), born 1853, is a son of William G. Rose (5) (George Rose (4), James Rose (3), John Rose (2), Thomas Rose (1)). Thomas was the first of the Rose family that settled here.  William N. settled at Slocumville about twelve years ago.  Since that time he has filled the office of station agent and postmaster, and has carried on a general store here.   He was married in 1874 to Elmina F., daughter of Harrison Gardiner. Their children are:  Mary A., who died aged three years; Herbert B., who died in infancy, and Archibald G. Rose.  Mr. Rose has been in the  town council and held several other town offices.  He is a deacon in the Slocumville Baptist church and a member of Reliance Lodge, No. 22, of Providence County, R. I.

M. J. Ryan was born 1857 in Ireland, and came to Greenville, R. I., in 1861.  He is a son of Morris Ryan.  He has been a merchant in Wickford several years.  In 1883 he was married to Mary, daughter of Patrick Cassidy.

p. 1241-1242

Joseph F. Sealy was born in 1859 at Newark, N. J., and is a son of Joseph Sealy.  He is carrying on a news, book and grocery store at Wickford. He is a member of Beacon Lodge, No. 38, I. O. of O. F., and was one of the charter members of the Royal Arcanum here.

p. 1242

Alpheus W. Sherman was born in 1849.  His wife is a daughter of David Greene.  They have two sons:  Irving and Thomas Albertis.  Mr. Sherman is past chief of the Temple of Honor.

James Sherman (6) was born in 1811, and is a son of James (5) (Silas (4), Eber (3), William (2), Eber (1)).  Mr. Sherman was married in 1840 to Phebe Arnold, who died in 1867.  They have two children:  Mary Jane, now Mrs. Reuben D. Gevet, and Phebe Melissa, now Mrs. Orrin G. Thompson.  James Sherman was formerly a member of the Free Will Baptist church of Slocumville.  He is a democrat in politics, and  has been assessor of taxes one year.

Robert J. Sherman was born in North Kingstown in 1828, and is a son of Peleg and a grandson of James (5), mentioned in the preceding sketch.  He is a farmer, and owns the homestead of his great-grandfather, Silas Sherman (4).  He was married in 1850 to Sarah Reed, and has two children: Peleg J. and Robert Frank.

William G. Sherman was born in 1841 in North Kingstown, and is a son of Silas and grandson of Captain Silas.  His great grandfather was Silas (4), previously mentioned.  His mother is Amy A., daughter f Elisha Gardner.  Mr. Sherman is a farmer and stone mason.  He has lived about one mile south of Slocumville  since 1874.  He was married in 1867 to a daughter of Josiah F. Boss.  They have five children:  George W., Herbert A., Mary E., Ida L. and William G., Jr.

William C. Sherman, Jr. born 1841, is a son of William C., grandson of Nathaniel and great-grandson of  Marcus.  he was married in 1863 to Harriet, daughter of Bowen Mitchell.  Their children are:  William H., Walter A., (deceased), Walter G. (deceased), Mary E., Fred R., Frank H. and Hattie E. Mr Sherman has been a mill hand all his life.  He has been clerk and trustee of the Advent Christian church of Lafayette.  He is a member of Beacon Lodge No. 38, I. O. of O. F.

Charles H. Shippee (7) was born in 1855 (Horace J. (6), William (5), Caleb (4), 1749-1838, Thomas A. (3),   Thomas (2), Samuel (1)).  Samuel came from the valley of the Tweed.  Adoniram J. Shippee and Mary E. Shippee are also of this seventh generation.  Charles H. patented in 1880 a vertical car coupler.  Probably his most valuable invention is an unpatented device for opening and closing house and car windows.

p. 1243

Asa Sisson , born in Warwick, R. I., in 1815, is a son of Asa, grandson of Joseph and great-grandson of Richard Sisson, of Portsmouth, R. I.,  Asa Sisson has been a machinist since 1834.  He became a partner in 1839 with Perez Peck & co. in Coventry, where he remained until 1861.  He married Perez Peck's daughter Mary Ann, and has two children, Charles and Emily Sisson.  In 1865 he came to Hamilton and manufactured yarn at the Anaquatucket mill.  Later he was in a foundry and machine shop with Ambrose E. Vaughn at Wickford.

p. 1243-1244.

Benjamin Smith, born 1817, is a son of Thomas and grandson of Benjamin Smith.  He was married to Susan G. Pierce in 1842.  Their children are:   Thomas A., Lydia A., John N. and Sarah D.  Mr. Smith was town commissioner one year.

John S. Smith (4), born 1830, is a son of Harris (3), (Benjamin (2), William (1), 1663-1745).  Mrs. John S. Smith is Honor A., daughter of Captain Christopher L. Phillips (4) (Major Samuel (3), Christopher (2), Samuel (1)).  Christopher Phillips (2) was in the colonial legislature in 1740.  Samuel (1) was born in 1660 and died in 1736.  On the 26th of May, 1709, he, in company with Colonel John Eldred, William Cole and John Carr came from Newport to North Kingstown and bought a tract of 285 acres, including Mr. Smith's present home, and built the house.   Mr. Smith is a machinist by trade and has been railroad engineer and fireman.  His only child is Mary E., now Mrs. James E. Arnold.

Jeremiah Smith, born 1825, is a son of William Smith and a grandson of Amos Smith.  He was married in 1863 to Eliza A., daughter of George W. Northup.   she died in 1873 leaving one son, William, A.,  Mr. Smith was married in 1880 to Lucy B. Vaughn.  His grandfather, Amos, was in the war of the revolution and was wounded and received a pension the balance of his life.

George H. Smith, born in 1847, is a brother of John S.  He was one of eleven children, of whom there are seven now living.  He has always been a farmer and occupies the old homestead.  He is a republican and unmarried.

Joseph E. Smith, brother of John S., was born in 1837.  Mary Sullivan, his wife, was born in Castletown, Ireland, in 1840.  Their children are: William, A., Hannah A., Joseph E., Jr., Benjamin F.,  Mary E.,  John H., Thomas G. (died aged five months), Wesson G, Walter Jr., and Bessie E. (died aged eight years).  Joseph E. was a member of the town council one year as a republican, and was supervisor of roads three years.  His business is farming.

Nathaniel Smith, born 1827 was married in 1847 to Rebecca, daughter of James M. Gardiner.  Their children are:  Susan, now Mrs. George Suting; Emma, who died aged three years; Harriet, who is now Mrs. Joseph Madison; Josephine, now Mrs. George Lewis; Alvina and Gertrude.  Mr. Smith has all his life been a mill hand and has been connected with the Hamilton mill some twenty-seven years.  He is a republican.

John W. Smith was born in 1833 in North Kingstown, and is a son of Charles Smith. He was in the war of the rebellion three years in Company H., Fourth Rhode Island Volunteers, and now receives a pension.  He was married in 1854 to Mercy Mitchell.  They have had eight children, five boys and three girls.

p. 1244

William A. Spaulding was born in Connecticut.  His wife is a daughter of Pardon T. Gardiner.  They have one son, C. Eugene Spaulding. Mr. Spaulding has been two years in the town council as a democrat.  In 1886 he succeeded Crandall & Ryan as merchants at Narragansett.  Mrs. Spaulding's grandmother was a Tillinghast.

p. 1244-1246

Albert Spink (6) (John (5), Nicholas (4), John (3), Nicholas (2), Robert (1)) married Celinda (6), daughter of Nathaniel Spink(5) (Ishamel (4), John (3), Nicholas(2), Robert (1))  They have raised three sons: Nathaniel, of Providence; WilliamAlbert, deceased, and John Byron, who is with his parents at the homestead.  This farm is a part of the tract of John (3).

Salma M. Spink (6), son of Ishmael (5) (Ishmael (4), John (3), Nicholas (2) Robert (1)), was born in 1817.  His wife is Frances M. Brown, daughter of John Brown of Newport.  They have three children: George B., in Dakota; Agatha, at home, and Fannie L., now Mrs. George W. Madison of Warwick, Kent county.  Mr. Spink has been a farmer here for thirty-two years.  He had been a carpenter for twenty years prior.  He has been in the town council three years and in the legislature once.

George A. Spink (7), farmer, born in 1844, is a son of Joseph (6), grandson of Samuel (5), and great-grandson of Ishmael (4).  the first Robert Spink in 1635 left London for Virginia.  He was in Newport in 1648, in North Kingstown about 1673, and bought land n the Atherton tract.  George A. Married Annie A., daughter of the late Wilbur T. Reynolds.  They have one son and three daughters.  Mr. Spink has been assessor several years, moderator fifteen years, and has settled a number of estates for his townsmen.

Samuel A. Spink, brother of George A., was born in 1828.  He married for his first wife Mary Ann Eldred, and for his second wife her sister Mercy. by whom he had two sons, Henry Milton and Herbert B.   Mr. Spink has always acted with the democratic party and has served in the town council some fourteen years, acting as president of that body a part of the time.  His occupation has been farming and carpentering.

Silas Spink (7), born in 1841, is a son of Samuel (6) and grandson of Silas (5).  He attended Schofield's Commercial College in Providence.  He enlisted the day he graduated and was the first North Kingstown man to volunteer for the civil war.  He has been in the town council one year as a republican.  His business is farming.  His wife is Phebe J. Luther of Massachusetts.  Their children are Walter E., Harriet A., and Minnie M.

John Thomas Spink (7). born in 1836, (Thomas Gould Allen Spink (6), John (5), Nicholas (4)) married Sarah B. Manchester, of Bristol, R. I.  They have two children, Susie B. and Fannie.  His farm of 70 acres is well located and is where his father lived.
    Jonathan A. Spink, brother of John Thomas, was born in 1831 in north Kingstown.  His early days were spent on his father's farm.   He was then two years at Boston in school and six years in the produce and provision business  He was four years in the oil fields; was in Providence as contracting machinist three years; then locomotive building for some time. He has been farming for the last four years.  He is a republican.  He has one son, Russell Spink.  His wife was Sarah E. Damuth.  She has taught school seven years on Quidnessett Neck and in the Wickford Academy as principal about three years, and in East Greenwich Academy as principal about four years.

Benjamin W. Spink is a son of Nicholas N. Spink, of Wickford.  He was born in North Kingstown in 1838.  He went to Providence at eighteen years of age, and three years later took one-third interest in the firm of Oliver Johnson & Co. of which firm he is still a member.  He has one son, Nicholas Carr Spink.

Daniel Spink was born in 1846 at North Kingstown.  He has a son of Daniel, and grandson of Daniel Spink.  Mr. Spink has carried on the butcher's business in Wickford about twenty-two years.  He succeeded his father, who established the market at the same place about 1852.  He was married in 1878 to Melissa, daughter of George Whitman.  Their children are Nellie A., Daniel Herbert, and Mabel.

p. 1246

George N. Steere was born in 1843 at Sutton, Mass.  He is a son of Horatio, and grandson of Nathaniel Steere.  Mr. Steere came to this town in 1862 and entered the Hamilton Mills, where he has been employed since.  He now fills the place of superintendent of the web department.  He has been a member of the town council two years as a democrat.  He was married in 1867 to Ann Eliza, daughter of Jeremiah Potter.  Their children are:  George N., Jr., William Vaughn, Harry Howard, Mary E. (deceased), and Edward H. (deceased).  Mr. Steere is a member of Washington Lodge, No.. 5, A. F. and A. M.

Charles E. Sweet, born in 1837, is a son of William A., and Mercy (Arnold) Sweet.  He has carried on the ice business six seasons, running one wagon to East Greenwich and one in North Kingstown.  Mr. Sweet was in the war of rebellion  nearly three years, in Company H, Seventh Rhode Island volunteers.  He was married in 1857 to Mary A. Taylor.   Their children are: Ida J., now Mrs. E. O. Titus, and Edgar A.  Mr. Sweet is a member of the East Greenwich Post, G. A. R.  He is also a member of Harmony Lodge No. 5, I. O. of O. F.

Daniel C. Sweet, born in Wickford in 1840, is a son of Rufus Sweet, and a descendant of the famous family of bonesetters elsewhere mentioned.  Mr. Sweet has been an insurance agent here about thirteen years.  He represents the Home, Phoenix and Liberty companies, of New York; the Commercial Union and Imperial, of London; the Travelers',  of Hartford, Conn.; the Commercial Life , of New York, besides several others.  He was in an office in Providence two years before coming here.  Mr. Sweet was married in 1880 to Harriet M., daughter of James B. Arnold.  He has been a member of Washington Lodge, No. 5, A. F., and A. M. about twenty-one years.

Ambrose C. Taylor (4), born 1833 (Colonel William Taylor (3), born 1792, William Taylor (2), Joseph Taylor (1)), was married to Mary R., daughter of Potter Sweet, in 1860.  Mr. Taylor has filled the office of postmaster at La Fayette about eighteen years, succeeding Robert Rodman.  He was a merchant at the same place seventeen years prior to 1887.  Since that time he has been the senior partner of the firm of Taylor & Davis.  In 1882 he caused the building to be erected which they now occupy.

p. 1247

Azel W. Tefft, born 1831, is a son of Joseph and grandson of Thomas.  He was married in 1871 to Alma S, daughter of David H. Wightman. They have had three children:  Arthur R., Judson C., who died in infancy, and Eliza Alice.  He is a member of the G. A. R. and bears the title of aide-de-camp.  He was a naval officer in the war of the rebellion two years as gunner's mate  of U. S. Ordinance ship "St. Lawrence."  He has been a republican since the party was formed.

Roxanna Titus, wife of N. G. Titus, was born 1826.  She is a daughter of George Greene (Elijah Greene (2), Elisha Greene (1).   She was married in 1851 to N. G. Titus.  They have one son, Benjamin G. Titus.  Mr. N. G. Titus is a farmer at Hamilton, where he also carries on a variety store.

George W. Tourj'ee, born 1812, is a son of Benajah, who was a son of John, and he a son of Peter, who came to Rhode Island from France.  Mr. Tourj'ee was married in 1839 to Ann Eliza, daughter of James Capron.  Their children are: Celia N., Melissa A., George A, John A., Jane A., Louise E., Anna L. and Eulalie D.  In politics Mr. Tourj'ee is a republican.

Thomas H. Tourgee, born 1828, is a son of Philip Tourgee and grandson of William Tourgee.  He was married in 1852 to Elizabeth Hille, now deceased. He was married  in 1857 to Susan A., daughter of James Gardiner.  He had two children by his first wife.  They died in infancy.  He was in the war of the rebellion about three years, in Company H, Fourth Rhode Island Volunteers. William Tourgee was in the revolutionary war as a minute man.

Jacob Turck, who was born in Germany in 1810, is a son of Martin Turck.  Jacob came to this country in 1854 and  settled in Wickford in 1855, and started a boot and shoe store, where he has been ever since.  He was married to Anna Ossmann in 1856.  They have five children:  Frank, Margaret, Cornilia, Anna and William Martin.  Mr. Turck has always been a democrat.

p. 1247-1248

Sarah A. Waldron and Mary E. V. Brown are daughters of John Brown, a son of Daniel, who married Elizabeth Aylesworth in 1796, and he a son of Joseph Brown.  Their mother was Phebe (6), daughter of John Dimon (5), John (4), whose father was Thomas (3), who came to America from England.  His father was John (2), and his father John (1), who spelled his name De Mont. Sarah and Mary were educated at the East Greenwich Academy from 1853 to 1856.  Sarah A. has taught school nine years, and Mary E. V. has taught fifteen years.   Mrs. Waldron now keeps a fancy and variety store in Wickford.  Sarah A. was married  to Henry Waldron, of Brooklyn, N. Y., who deceased the same year.

p. 1248

Robert W. Watson was born in 1844 in North Kingstown.  He is a son of Hazard C., son of Robert, son of Robert, son of Benjamin Watson.  His mother is Margery, a daughter of Benjamin F. Spink, son of Isaac, son of Ishmael Spink.  Mr. Watson is a farmer.  He has worked on a farm near Wickford Station, in the village of Wickford.  He is the oldest of six children, five of whom are now living.  He was married in 1871 to Mary J. Belmont.

William A. Weeden, born in 1837 in North Kingstown, is a son of William S. Weeden and Elizabeth, daughter of Jonathan Arnold.  Mr. Weeden worked as a machinist seven years, and since that time has been a farmer, working at the mason's trade a part of the time.  He has a farm of sixty acres, near Allenton, where he has lived since 1867.  He built the house where he now lives at that time.  He was married in 1864 to Emeline Cranston, sister of George T. Cranston, of North Kingstown.  they have have (sic) had two children---George Albert, who died aged 18 months, and Lillie Belle.  He is a democrat.

Amos Whitford, born 1816, is a son of Samuel S., grandson of Amos and great-grandson of John.  His mother was Clarissa, daughter of Amos Mowry.  He was married in Lydia T. Gardiner in 1842.  They have one adopted son --- Edwin A. S. Whitford.  He has been in the town council twelve years as a democrat.  He is a farmer.

A. A. Wilbur, was born in Providence, R. I., in 1849.  His father was Thomas E., son of Wanton Wilbur.  Mr. Wilbur lived several years in Smithfield, R. I.  From there he went to Massachusetts, from there he entered the Fourth Massachusetts Heavy Artillery, Company A.  He was in the service of the United States fifteen months.  He came to Allenton in 1885, and with F. R. Frissell keeps the Allenton store and post office.  Mr. Wilbur was married in 1873 to Harriet M., daughter of Calvin Pratt.  they have one daughter --Lorena R.  He is a republican.

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