Diary of Esther Palmer Clark

My great-great grandmother, Esther Palmer Clark, was born in Exeter, RI on July 29, 1830 to Roswell Palmer and Abigail Barber. Esther could trace her roots back to Walter Palmer of Stonington CT on her fathers' side, and Moses Barber of RI on her mother's side. After living in Exeter, RI., and Norwich CT, her family moved to Illinois in 1850. Esther married John Clark in 1852 in Illinois and in 1868 moved with their children to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Esther died in Minneapolis in 1910.

Over the years Esther wrote stories of the events that took place in her life. She began a diary in 1868 just before moving to Minneapolis. Later, she wrote several stories about her life; telling of the circumstances of her mother's death, memories of her grandparents home in Exeter, RI where she lived part of the time after her mother's death, a trip she took with her grandmother to Newport RI to visit relatives, and when her father moved the family from CT to Illinois she wrote an in-depth description of the journey which took several weeks. There are also several other stories relating events in her life which mention many of her relatives and friends, and letters from her relatives . Her diaries are incomplete from 1868, but some are dated up into the 1880's. Most of the diaries tell about her life in Minneapolis, MN, her children and grandchildren. In about 1879 she began a genealogy for her grandson, Leon Clark Crockett, and compiled it in a small hard cover notebook. The information gives dates of birth, death, and marriage for her uncles, aunts, and cousins on the Palmer and Barber sides as she knew it. The following pages are transcribed from this little book. I was fortunate to have been given Esther's writing's by my grandmother's cousin several years ago. All were written in pencil or ink and I have transcribed each page as best I could.

Claudia Schuman


The following pages contain information compiled by Esther Palmer Clark (1830-1910)
It is copied from a small hard cover booklet in which it appears she had compiled a
genealogy for her grandson, Leon Clark Crockett. All information was handwritten in
pencil or pen and I have transcribed it as best I can.

Born August 22, 1876





AMOS PALMER and _______ YORK





Dr. John Campbell and Agnes Allen married 1721. James was one of there sons.
        Sarah Campbell, James daughter, married my grandfather Roswell Palmer.

Inverary is the hereditary home of the Duke of Argyle, the head of the Clan Campbell.
Whitton, formerly the residence of John, Duke of Argyle and Greenwich, died in the year
1743. He was succeeded by his brother, Duke Archibald.

Came from Scotland about 1720.

The first Palmer that came to this country.

Walter Palmer
1. Gershom Palmer
2. William Palmer
3. Wait Palmer, my great-great grandfather
4. Amos Palmer, my great grandfather
5. Roswell Palmer, my grandfather
6. Roswell Palmer, my father
7. James Ellery Palmer, my brother
8. Lee Palmer, my nephew

On the side of this page was written her in handwriting : Esther Palmer Clark

My father Roswell Palmer and Abbie Barber

Children, Esther, George, James Ellery, Charley and Willie

My stepmother, Ann E Parker

        My half-sisters: Abbie Ann, Harriet Amelia, and brothers, Charles Henry,
        Jane, Amos, and Amos. (Jane was added in with her brothers in error)

Step-mother, Rhoda Daniels,
        Celia, Willie, Sarah, Etta (These were her half-sisters from her father's 3rd

Roswell Palmer

My grandfather's brothers and sisters:

1. Phineous
2. Stephen
3. Benjamin
4. Ezra
5. Uriah
6. Joel
7. Ziba
8. Exekiel
9. John

1. Comfort married Abel Burdick
2. Lydia married Joseph Wadzell
3. Hanna married Jabez Newton
4. Ellen married Nathan Newton
5. Lizze

The newspaper Obituary for Esther's husband, John Clark, is pasted at the top of this
page,(from the Minneapolis newspaper) and reads as follows:

John Clark, age 74 years, died at his residence, 226 Twenty-eighth street west,
Thursday. The cause of death was Bright's disease. He was born in Gunthorpe,
England, in 1828 and had been a resident of this country sixty-seven years, the last
thirty-four years being spent in Minneapolis. Mr Clark had not been actively engaged
in business for several years, but he was formerly a carriage manufacturer and
conducted a factory on Hennepin Avenue. Had he lived until Dec 15, Mr. And Mrs.
Clark would have been married fifty years. Mrs. Clark and five children, four sons
and a daughter, all of whom reside in Minneapolis survive him. The funeral will be
private and interment will be in Lakewood cemetery.

Below, in Esther's handwriting, is the obituary of her grandson, Milo Palmer
Crocket, age 3 years. The son of her daughter Ella and husband James Crockett.
(Milo died in 1883 but she did not note the year)


Milo Palmer, aged 3 years
Son of J.W. & Ella Crockett
Funeral Sat. April 24, half past two pm.
Friends of the family invited without further notice.


ROSWELL PALMER and SARAH CAMPBELL married about 1790.
Children all born in voluntown, CT.

1. Allen Campbell Palmer, born July 1791. Married Mary Locke, died October 1, 1845
2. James Campbell, born August 1792, married Fanny Barber, died (left blank)
3. Asenath, born Nov 23, 1793, married Sanford Lewis, died Mary 1826
4. Sarah, born November 17, 1795, married Russell Lewis, died Dec 26, 1838
5. Elizabeth, born Nov 5, 1797, married Luther Case, July 15, 1832, died April 20, 1860
6. Agnes, born March 31, 1799, married David Maxson Lewis 1819.
7. Roswell Jr., born 1801, died t age of ten months.
8. Dianah, born October 1802, married Cory Kenyon Lewis, and died March 2, 1844.
9. Roswell, born June 10, 1804, married Abby Barber 1829. Ann E. Parker, May 3, 1840, and Rhoda Daniels August 1852 and died June 11, 1860.
10. John Hunter, born Oct 31, 1806, married Eliza Ann Phillips Aug 1832. Fanny B. Lathrop Feb 1848, and Sarah Phillips Whaley, sister of Eliza 1866.


        Allen Campbell Palmer born July 1791, married Mary Locke

1. Olive Palmer born in 1815, married Luther Henry Brewster, Feb 1835.
      A. Emily Brewster died in 1836, age eight months
      B. Isabella Brewster married Brown 1st. and had one child, the first in fifth generation from Roswell Palmer. Husband died and then married Waters.
      C. Luther Henry Brewster married Clark. He died at the age of thirty one, left one child.
      D. Jane Brewster married Clark, died.
      E. Mary Jane Brewster married Gaylord.

(note: there were 6 more children listed on this page, but a line drawn
between them and the above children. So, am not certain who these children
may belong to)

Julia Brewster married Nichols, had two children and died 187_.
Chauncey Palmer died when a young man
Allen Palmer
Lucins (Albinns) Palmer
Leland Cyrennus Palmer
Frank Palmer died 1857 aged about one year.

2. Chauncy Cleveland Palmer born April 1817. Married Isabella Wheeler in 1839, died April 24, 1865 of heart disease. No children.
3. Mary Palmer born Jan 9, 1820, married Jared D. Bailey, Nov 27, 1846.
      A. Joseph Allen Bailey born Feb 18, 1848, died in Andersonville Prison Georgia 1864.
      B. Inlian Day Bailey born 1849, died June 1851.
      C. Marvin Luther Bailey born June 1852, married Fannie Wilcox 1877.
          a. Josephine Bailey, born July 29, 1878.
      D. Annie Day Bailey, born Sept 15, 1859.

4. Leland Palmer born Jan 1823, married Eunice Potter 1847, died Jan 31, 1853.
5. Alfred Palmer, born Feb 6, 1825, married Eunice Prentice Sept 8, 1851. Eunice died Jan 15, 1867, afterward married Frances Prentice.
      A. Charles Henry Palmer, born June 1852, died Oct 1860.
      B. Leonard Prentice Palmer born 1858, died Oct 186_.
6. Luther Allen Palmer born 1828.
7. Lucius Palmer born July 31, 1830 married Mathilda Hull, March 1863.
      A. Mary Palmer
      B. Robert Palmer born 1868.
8. Susan Jane Palmer born March 14, 1834, married Wm. F. Clark Jr. Nov 1854.
      A. Grace Clark born Sept 1855
      B. Mary Louise Clark born Nov 1858
      C. Margurite Clark born Sept 1869
9. Harriet Palmer born Aug 1838. Married Warren M. Clark June 1860.
      A. Frank Clark born and died in 1861.
      B. Fannie Clark born 1871, died___.

JAMES PALMER'S FAMILY (Lived and died in New York State)

James Palmer married Fanny Barber
1. Clarissa Palmer died when a young lady of consumption
2. Almira Palmer married Jacobs
3. Lydia Palmer married Edgar Hunter and had a large family of sons and daughters.
4. One son died at the age of sixteen from wounds received from the kick of a horse.

 James Palmer returned to New York State and he and wife both died about
1826 and the family remained in the place where their parents died. Mrs.
Hunter lives in Newark, New Jersey.

1. Griffin Lewis born July 3, 1813, died 1853 or 53.
2. Sylvester Lewis born Aug 1814
3. Orrin Williams Lewis born may 1817, died Oct 6, 1871.
4. Allen Tillinghast Lewis born April 1819, married Eliza B. Chase, Feb 1846. Died Oct 1868. Had several children, most of whom died young.
      A. Richard Thomas Lewis born 1853, died July 1869
      B. Allen Tillinghast Lewis born March 12, 1855, married Louise Myers Feb
      C. Frank I Lewis, born May 1859.
5. Amos Palmer Lewis, born 1821, married Waity Green, Jan 1843, died Sept 1869.
      A. Orrin Amos Lewis, born July 31, 1844.
      B. George Washington Lewis born Feb 22, 1846, married Emily Thompson.
          a. Sanford Lewis.
      C. Anna Asenath Lewis born Aug 1848
      D. Waity Elizabeth Lewis born 1850 married 1871
6. Asenath Lewis born Aug 3, 1823. Married 1st. Gurdon Jones Bromley, Nov 20, 1842, and died May 6, 1852. 2nd. Phillip Garrett McCollin, Jan 23, 1855.
      A. Albert Henry Bromley born July 18, 1844, married Josephine Miller June 1866.
          a. Rufus Wilder Bromley, born April 1867
          b. Albert Garrett McCollin born July 6, 1858.
7. Paul Sanford Lewis, born March 11, 1826.


1. James Hall Lewis born Dec 31, 1817. Married Mary Lewis, Oct 1847, died Dec 22, 1875.
      A. Frances Edna Lewis, born Dec 5, 1848, married Henry Howard, Aug
          a. Alice Howard, born April 29, 1873.
      B. Eugene Howard Lewis, born June 1852.
      C. Charles Henry Lewis July 6, 1856.
      D. Clara Elizabeth Lewis born Nov 5, 1858, married John Martin Aug 13, 1878.
2. Dennison Palmer Lewis, born March 6, 1819, died Oct 17, 1854.
3. Francis Lewis, born Aug 20, 1820, died July 28, 1852.
4. Sarah Palmer Lewis, born Dec 14, 1821, married Isaac H. Van Cott, Oct 1843.
      A. Mary Lemicree Van Cott, born April 19, 1845, married 1866, Henry C. Webb.
          a. Gertrude Webb, born April 13, 1867
          b. Carrie Webb
          c. Mary Webb
          d. Freddie Webb
      B. Jane Helena Van Cott, born Nov 1846, married Alonzo Palmer 1870.
      C. Henrietta Augusta Van Cott born June 8, 1850, married Chas. Fitch 1870.
          a. Nelly Fitch born in 1875
          b. Annie Elizabeth Fitch b. 1878
      D. Harriet Ella Van Cott, born March 14, 1852, married Howard Sherman
          a. Adabelle/Arabella Sherman, born March 1870.
      E. Arabella Van Cott, born in 1855, died in 1863.
5. Joseph Palmer Lewis born June 1823, married Abby A. Church, Feb 1848. She died April 16, 1867 and Jan 1868 married (Ainadella) Head Avery.
      A. Albert Joseph Lewis, born Sept 11, 1849, married Ida Sutton, Sept 19, 1877.
      B. William Wilkshire Lewis born Oct 10, 1850, married Lydia Latham 1871.
          a. Cora Abby Lewis, born 1872.
      C. Frank Lewis born Feb 15, 1854
      D. Carl Chapel Lewis, born Feb 13, 1867, died June 1867
      E. Cora Abby Lewis born Feb 12, 1870, died April 1872.
6. Eliza Ann Lewis born in 1824, died young.
7. Eliza Ann Lewis born Jan 1827, married Benjamin Knight, Nov 17, 1846.
      A. Olive Esther Knight, born April 29, 1849, married and has three children
      B. John Knight, born June 1851.
      8. Russell Lewis Jr., born Aug 28, 1828, married Aug 1850, Mary Jane Thompson who died Sept 3, 1857, age 25. Afterward married Eliz. Barnhill, April 16, 1859.
      A. Mary Emma Lewis, born July 1853, died June 11, 1854.
      B. Etta Louise Lewis, born Jan 23, 1860.
      C. Frank Russell Lewis, born Sept 2, 1861
      D. William Lewis born Aug 1863
      E. Alice Barnhill Lewis born 1868
9. Fanny Lewis born Feb 14, 1831, married John W. Barker 1849. J. W. B died July 16, 1873, age 50.
      A. Fidelia Barker, born Feb 26, 1850, married Thomas E. Williams, Nov 26, 1868. T. E. Williams died April 6, 1878.
          a. Adabelle Williams born Aug 20, 1869
          b. Edwin Elmer Williams born Jan 17, 1877.
          c. Nellie Williams born April 13, 1878.
      B. Arabella Barker born March 14, 1851, died March 2, 1853.
10. Esther Lewis born July 11, 1832, married May 1861 to Hiram Curtis Hill.
      A. Grace Elizabeth Hill born April 13, 1862, died Aug 186_.
      B. Lewis Curtis Hill born May 2, 1863
      C. Fred Lincoln Hill born June 1, 1864
      D. George Stuart Hill born Aug 14, 1865, died Sept 1874.
      E. Abner Bailey Hill born July 3, 1867
      F. Mary Esther Hill born Jan 1869.
11. Harriet Howe Lewis, born June 18, 1834, married Isaac Harrington Oct 1851.
      A. Earl Mortimer Harrington, born Feb 26, 1853, died July 1853.
      B. Harriet Eva Harrington, born New Years Eve, married Charles Calkins Oct 1876.
Harriet Lewis married Albert Davis 1872.
(note: Not sure who Harriet Lewis is who married Albert Davis, unless it is Harriet Howe Lewis and was her second marriage).
12. Nathanial Shipman Lewis, born May 1836
13. Olive Jane Lewis born Dec 1, 1837, married Samuel Wells, 1872.
      A. Albert Lewis Wells born Nov 1873
      B. Unknown daughter born 1875
      C. Unknown daughter born 1878.


1. James Arahel Case, born April 6, 1833, died Jan 3, 1834.
2. Fanny Maria Case, born March 12, 1835.
3. Ann Elizabeth Case, born 1837
4. Luther Roswell Case born April 29, 1838, married Sarah Carroll Jacobs Oct 12, 1870. Sarah Jacobs born Feb 18, 1840.
      A. James Luther Case, born July 20, 1873.
5. Sarah Jane Case born Oct 17, 1839, died Jan 20, 1843.
6. Emma L. Case died of Scarlet Fever, no dates.

(Esther Palmer Clark's parents and siblings)

1. Esther Palmer, born July 18, 1830, married John Clark, Dec 28, 1852. John Clark born Nov 13, 1828.
      A. Ella Iola Clark, born Sept 30, 1852, married James Willard Crockett, April 15, 1876.
          a. Leon Clark Crockett, born Aug 22, 1877
          b. Claudia Louise Crockett born Jan 27, 1879
          c. Virginia Case Crockett born Nov 24, 1881
          d. Milo Palmer Crockett born March 30, 1883
          e. Kathleen Esther Barber Crockett, born July 22, 1891
      B. Walter Fremont Clark, born June 10, 1855
      C. Frederick Albert Clark born March 11, 1858
      D. Luther Lincoln Clark born July 12, 1860
          a. Mabel Annie Stewart Clark born in Minneapolis Nov 2, 1881
          b. Cora Pearl Clark born April 10, 1883.
      E. Charles Palmer Clark, born June 18, 1862.

2. George Palmer went to California 1849, never came back nor heard from
3. James Ellery Palmer born 1833, married Aminda Thomas.
      A. George Palmer
      B. Lee Palmer
4.Charles Palmer died Jan 1839
5.William Palmer born and died Oct 1838.

1. Abby Ann Palmer born Jan 27, 1841, married Jasper M. Woodward Dec 3, 1859. J.M.W Woodward born Jan 26, 1831.
      A. Nellie Livla Woodward, born Dec 24, 1860
      B. Fred Washburn Woodward born July 20, 1864
      C. Frank Roswell Emerson Woodward born Sept 1866
      D. Harry Guy Campbell Woodward, born Oct 18, 1868
      E. Ann Eliza Woodward born ___ died Dec 21, 1875
2. Harriet Amelia Palmer born Sept 1842, married Cyrus Knapp
3. Charles Henry Palmer born Aug 23, 1844, married Inez A. Morse Oct 10, 1876.
      A. Roswell Rayborn Palmer born July 20, 1877.
4. Laura Jane Palmer born Feb 12, 1846, died (June) 1850.
5. Amos Palmer born Nov 5, 1847, died June 1849
6. Amos Palmer born Sept 1849, died June 1850


1. Celia Palmer born in 1853
2. William Palmer
3. Sarah Palmer
4. Etta Palmer

John Hunter Palmer and Eiza Ann (Phillips)

1. William Henry Palmer born August 29, 1833, married Elizabeth Rogers, Sept 1852. (William Henry Palmer was killed by a falling tree).
      A. Mary Palmer, born in 1853.
2. Hervy Crain Palmer born August 25, 1835
3. George Sprague Palmer died in 1838.


1. Maxson Palmer Lewis born march 27,1820, married Cornelia Dow, Nov 1848.
      A. Emma Jane Lewis, born March 29, 1850, married William C. Kellogg, Oct 3, 1877.
          a. Ruth Emma Kellogg born June 30, 1878.
      B. Carrie Amanda Lewis, born Jan 4, 1861.
2. Frances Emily Lewis born Dec 25, 1832, married Wm. W. Jackson Nov 1853, died Dec 24, 1874.
      A. Mary Agnes Lewis born June 9, 1856, died Apr or May 1866.
      B. Frances Ella Lewis, born Sept 19, 1859.
      C. Jane Elizabeth Lewis, born Sept 1863
      D. James Lewis born and died Nov 24, 1870.


1. Mary Locke Palmer, born July 1795, died Aug 1833, age 58
2. Sanford Lewis died January 1841/42, age 46
3. Russell Lewis born July 26, 1792, died March 7, 1868 age 76.
4. Luther Case born Sept 3, 1804, died May 21, 1874, age 69
5. Cory K. Lewis, born June 8, 1799, died Nov 28, 1842, age 47
6. David M. Lewis, April 23, 1869
7. Abby Palmer (Barber) died Oct 1838, age 29
8. Ann E Palmer (Parker) died March 1851
9. Eliza A Palmer (Phillips) June 10, 1847, age 37 yrs.
10. Fanny B. Palmer (Lathrop) died November 1865, aged 58 yrs.

(Note: This begins information on Esther's mother's family, the Barbers)
Daniel Barber married Delia Taft, died 1813, 47 years old. Had 9 children.

Jonathon, Reynolds, Smith, Daniel, Mary, Susannah, Delia, and two others.


Children of Reynolds and Alcea Barber
Ruth, Elcea, Eason, Ellery, Mary, Gardner, George, Susan, John & an infant.


Roswell Palmer married Abby Barber,
Children, Esther, George, James, Charlie & Willie

John Clark married Esther Palmer,
Children, Ella I., Walter Fremont, Frederick Albert, Luther Lincoln, Charles Palmer.


James Willard Crockett married Ella Iola Clark,
Children, Leon Clark, Claudia Louise, Virgie Case, Milo Palmer

(father and mother of Reynolds)

Esther Clark's great grandparents

Reynolds Barber married Alcea Dawley
1. Ellery Barber born ____17, died Nov 26, 1877, married Esther Lewis who died March
1860, age 73 years.
      A. Abby born 1809, married Roswell Palmer 1829, died Oct 1838 age 29 yrs.
          a. Esther
          b. George
          c. James Ellery
          d. Charles
          e. William
    B. George Barber born 1811 married Hanna Merris, died March 1859, age 47 yrs.
          a. Roxanna
          b. Abby
          c. George Frances
      C. Eason Barber married Rachel Pollard
2. Mary Barber born July 20, 1875 married John Wilcox. John Wilcox died July 1856, age 71 years.
   A. Ann Wilcox married Thompson died 1871, 65 years.
          a. Nathaniel Thompson
          b. Orrin Thompson
          c. Catherine Thompson
          d. Charles Thompson
      B. William Bizsell Wilcox married Mary Kenyon
          a. Mary Elizabeth Wilcox born 1835, died 1837
          b. Asher Henry Wilcox born Nov 1838, married Harriet L. Parker, June 11, 1865.
              a. Elizabeth Wilcox born Nov 1869
              b. Arthur Wilcox 1877
      C. Esther Wilcox married Douglas, one child. Lives in NY State
      D. Abraham Wilcox dead, several children
      E. Alcea Wilcox married Israel G. Tefft, died May 1871.
          a. William Judson Tefft, born 1844 married Eliza Preston.
      F. Asher Wilcox died young.
      G. John Wilcox married Abby Reynolds, died, then married Ms. Ann Adams
Children: (of John & Abby)
      A. William Wilcox married Mary Fanny Crandall.
          a. Esther Wilcox died in 1863, age 19
          b. Henry Albert Wilcox, married Louise Clifton Robinson May 1879
      B. James Wilcox married ?
      C. Emily Wilcox born in 1825.
3. Eason Barber died July 1871, age 90. He married Elizabeth Gorton. No children.
4. Susan Barber married Mathew Palmer and died July 1871 age 79. Mathew Palmer died 1854 age 65. No children.
5. John Barber, married 1st. Palmer, no further information.
    A. Dilla Barber married Ross, married 2nd?
          a. Mary (Ross)
          b. Gardner (Ross)
(Note: Not sure if these children belong to Dilla Barber Ross)

6. Gardner Barber married Ellen Lewis. Had 11 children.
(Note: by Esther Palmer Clark- In this family of Reynolds Barber, Ellery & Gardner
married sisters. John's two wives were sisters and they were sisters to Susan's

(Note: by Esther Palmer Clark- Susan Barber Palmer and her brother Eason Barber
died within one day of each other and were carried from Norwich, CT to Exeter, RI at
the same time and were buried side by side in the family burying ground).

My Uncle Eason Barber, married Rachel Pollard.


James Lewis was born Nov 20, 1745
Thankful Lewis was born May 2, 1759

Abigail Lewis Sept 19, 1775
James Lewis Feb 20, 1778
Elizabeth Lewis April 27, 1789
Hannah Lewis April 1, 1782
Thankful Lewis July 17, 1784
Lydia Lewis June 12, 1786
Esther Lewis Feb 12, 1788
Nathan B Lewis March 30, 1790
Ellen Lewis June 1, 1792
John Lewis June 2, 1792
Moses Lewis April 12, 1797
David Maxson Lewis June 19, 1799
Benjamin Lewis Feb 29, 1804
Sally G. Lewis March 8, 1806

My sister

Cyrus Knapp
Harriet Amelia Knapp, born Sept 1842

George Warren Knapp born 22 _____
Lilla Carrie Knapp born 28 June
Orin Austin Knapp aged 19
Charles Leroy Knapp age 17
Noah Russell Knapp 15
William Herbert Knapp 14
Kosa May Knapp 13
Daisy Bell Knapp 11
Myrtle Edith Knapp 9
Alice Ivy Knapp 7
Cyrus Palmer Knapp 4
Clarence Allen Knapp 2

My great-great grandfather, Dr. John Campbell married Agnes Allen
My great grandfather, James Campbell married Dinah McMain
My grandmother, Sarah Campbell married Roswell Palmer
Her sisters
Esther Campbell Edmunds
Lizzie Campbell Wylie
Jane Campbell
Molly Campbell Douglas
Dinah Campbell Hunter
Agnes Campbell -never married
Sally Campbell Palmer
Her brothers
                Dr. Allen Campbell
                John Campbell
                James Campbell
                Daniel Campbell

My grandfather Roswell Palmer was a minister
His brothers
                Phenis Palmer was a Minister
                Stephen Palmer was as Minister
                Benjamin Palmer was a Minister
                Ezra Palmer
                Joel Palmer was a Physician
                Ziba Palmer was a Phyisican
                Ezekiel Palmer was a physician
                Abel Palmer was a Minister
His sisters
                Comfort Palmer married Abel Burdick
                Lydia Palmer married Sheffield Barber
                Kezia Palmer married Joseph Wadzell
                Hannah Palmer married Jabez Newton
                Ellen Palmer married Nathan Newton
                Lizzy Palmer


NOTE: Amongst the many diaries and writings of Esther Palmer, a letter from
Esther Palmer Clark's aunt, Agnes O. Lewis, was included. The letter was dated July
14, 1879 from Norwich CT. In this letter she provided the names and dates of
Esther's great grandfather's family on the Barber side, It reads as follows:

Norwich, July 14, 1879
Records of your great-grandfather's. This is the record in the old family bible.

Nathan Barber, born February 6, 1735
Thankful Barber July 16, 1737
Their children:
Susannah Barber born Sept 24, 1755
Moses Barber born July 26, 1757
Thankful Barber born May 2nd 1759 (she wrote a note on the side that said: Esther this
is your grandmother, married James Lewis. My brother James married his daughter Fannie.
There was (Nancy) Lydia & Sallie, they are all dead.)
Nathan Barber born Nov 7, 1760
Mary Barber born May 27, 1762
Benjamin Barber born Nov 20, 1763
John Barber born Dec 21st 1765
Eunice Barber born July 20th 1769
Elenor Barber born May 15th 1776
        Lydia Barber born June 14th 1780

James and Thankful's children names & who they married
        Elizabeth married Salter Pullman
        Abbie married Daniel Barber
        Thankful married Samuel Barber
        Lydia married Silas Lewis
(On the side of the page she noted: "These 4 went into the new country. I know very
little about their children")
        Hannah married Weden Barber ("Are dead")
        Esther married Elery Barber ("those are your parents")
(note: She was in error stating these were Esther's parents. Esther Lewis who
married (Elery) Barber were her grandparents).

        Elenor married Gardner Barber ("Are dead")
        Sally married Ira Murphy ("Are dead, she was found dead in a well")
        Nathan married Sarah Richmond ("Are dead")
        Moses married Crandel. ("Was very low the last time I heard of him, age 82")
        David Maxson married Agnes Palmer. ("He died Apr 23rd 1869")
She continues with her letter as follows:

Your uncle Gardner's family are a most all dead. Elsie married a Williams, she and
her brother John's wife was here last fall and staid all night and I had a splendid visit
with them. She told me all about their family, but I can not write it all down, suffice it
to say they are a most all dead; three of the girls are living.
Your Uncle Gardner and aunt Ellen are dead. Elsie, Mary & Ruth was living the last
I heard of them. I have wrote this off and since has coppied it off for me, but that
does not fulfill my promises. If you have waited 30 years for me to write it is high
time that my promise was fulfilled for you can see by the tremble of my hand that my
days are almost numbered. 80 years have told the tale that I need not try to tell you.
I am quite well and have a good appetite but my strength has almost given out. I do
not complain. I have been young but not am old, yet I have not seen the righteous
Forsaken nor his seed beggin bread. I have out lived almost all my old friends and
relatives. My father's family are all daed, but John, my youngest brother. I have but
a few more cords to sever that holds me to earth. Heaven is my home, there are the
good and blest. Those I love most and best their too. I soon shall (rest) heaving is
my home. I have a great many Neffews and Nieces and I hope they will all strive to
enter in to the (?) gate that leads into everlasting life. That is my dayley prayer.
Death is in the world. When he calls we must go, as then we are prepared or not. Be
ye also be ready for in such an hour as ye think not the son of man commeth.
Esther, I hope you are all well and doing well, and I would like very much to see you
and your family. Remember me to all of them, especially to your husband. I think it
doubtful whether I (?) write to you again. This is the longest letter I have wrote for
years and thought I nevers hould write again for fear they could not read it, but you
see I do not want to leave promises behind me when I leave. Remember me to your
brothers and sisters, my best love to all of you.
A few words to Fanny. I was very glad when I read that you was going to set your
face east ward. I shall be glad when you return, for I count everyone of my nearest
friends. I have missed you very much indeed, but we will make it up when you get
home if we are permitted to once again. Excuse all mistakes.
I have not got much news to write. (?) folks are all well. (Frances?) you know is dead
and her two children are with me. Ella and (Siese?), Sarah, (Vis?) are spending the
day. Her folks are well. We Will send love.
Written by your aunt, Agnes O. Lewis

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