Westerly, Rhode Island Deeds Vol. 4

FHL film #940,233

Note: sellers and buyers are yeomen of Westerly unless otherwise stated.

First Page, William Crumb Jr., husbandman, to Jonathan Kinyon, ..bill of credit to me, Feb. 27, 1738. Witnesses: John Bently, Benja Brown.

First Page, Samuel Perry and Susannah his wife to Nathaniel Pullman, April 6, 1736. Witnesses: Samuel Brown, Elisabeth Perry.

Pages 1-2, William Bently and Elizabeth his wife, cordwainer, to son George Bently, bachelor, part of the farm I now dwell on, 60A bounded: John Tift, me Wm Bently, land which John Tift bought of Joseph Hull, Dec. 24, 1723. Witnesses: Thomas Barber, Francis Colegrove Jr.

Pages 3-4, George Lewis, farmer, to Samuel Langworthy, April 3, 1725. Witnesses: Jonathan Maxson, Moses Downing.

Pages 5-6, William James and Mary his wife, gun smith, to James Rogers, Feb. 11, 1724/5. Witnesses: Comfort Baker, John Baker.

Pages 7-8, Samuel Slack, glazier, to father-in-law John Lewis, husbandman, March 29, 1725. Witnesses: William Thompson, Nathaniel Thompson.

Page 8, John Witter and Mary his wife late widow and relix of the deceased Israel Lewis, to Israel Lewis now living in Westerly, land that was belonging unto the aforesd Mary as her Dowry or thirds, her deceased husband Israel Lewises land, Jan. 14, 1724/5. Witnesses: Joseph Hull Jr., Jonathan Lewis.

Pages 9-10, Edward Saunders and Hannah his wife, husbandman, to son Edward Saunders Jr., April 30, 1725. Witnesses: Theodaty Rhodes, John Saunders.

Page 10, Edward Austin and Isabel his wife, laborer, to Samuel Gavit, ...out of the estate of our deceased father William Hardy, April 30, 1742. Witnesses: Wm. Champlin, Stephen Gavit.

Page 11-12, John Stanton 2d of Newport, to Moses Barber of South Kingstown, land in Westerly in Stanton’s and Gardner’s Purchase, May 12, 1725. Witnesses: Isaac Sheldin, Thomas Sheldin.

Page 12, John Denison and Rebecca his wife, of Stonington, to Joseph Pendleton, bounded: land that was my honored father Edward Denison deceased, April 29, 1745. Witnesses: Edward Saunders, Stephen Babcock.

Page 13-14, Moses Barber and Susanna his wife, of South Kingstown, to son Joseph Barber of South Kingstown, husbandman, 122A in Westerly, bounded: John Web, Thomas Barber, Capt. John Stanton of Newport, Beaver River, June 5, 1725. Witnesses: Edward Willcox, Isaac Sheldin.

Page 15-16, John Witter and Mary his wife, to George Havens of Fishers Island in the Gov’t. of New York, 203A in Westerly bounded: North by land formerly belonging to Eber Crandall, heirs of David? Lewis deceased, John Tift and highway, April 19, 1725. Witnesses: Daniel Brown Jr., Elizabeth Brown.

Pages 17-18, Joseph Stanton, Exor of the Last Will of Wm. Wilkinson, sold land to pay debts, to Lt. Isaac Sheffield, June 30, 1725. Witnesses: Daniel Brown, John Hill.

Pages 19-20, William Gardner and Abigail his wife of South Kingstown, to William Knowles of Westerly, Jan. 8, 1723/4. Witnesses: Francis Willett, Mary Willett.

Pages 21-22, Job Card and Hannah his wife to daughter Jane, wife of Isaac Sheffield, cordwainer, June 8, 1725. Witnesses: John Hill, Silas Sears.

Page 22, (very hard to read, small writing, very dark) Indenture June 11, 1744, Amos Clark, paid by Job ___, Joseph Whipple, Gideon W___, Peter Scott, Daniel Updike, George ____, James Arnold, John D___, for the Colony by Special Act of the Assembly, 30A bounded North by John Saunders Jr., West by Stephen Babcock. Witnesses: Thomas Pendleton, John D____.

Pages 23-24, John Babcock, .. have for & in consideration of all the land that Nicholas Saterly is now possessed of where he now liveth with all the fencing & orcharding ...., March 18, 1724/5. Witnesses: Isaac Thompson, William Thompson.

Page 24, Memorandum regarding the above. John Babcock is Town Clerk. Witnesses: John Saunders, Ichabod Babcock.

Page 24, John Babcock, to John Lewis, land I bought of Wm Corey in Soloes ? Purchase that now lyeth on the West side of the now county rhod [sic] ... is scituate lying & being in Westerly containing by estimation 25A bounded: now county rhod, above sd Lewis, land now in possession of James Babcock blacksmith, May 1, 1719. Witnesses: Isaac Thompson, James Babcock Jr. Recorded July 15, 1725.

Pages 25-26, James Babcock to Capt. John Babcock, all that my right title property & possession & claims in & unto a certain peace [sic] of land joyning to my farm lying in the shape of a gore ..., May 1, 1719. Witnesses: Isaac Thompson, James Babcock Jr.

Page 26, John Saunders Jr. to John Lamphere Jr., June 8, 1733. Witnesses: John Babcock, George Stillman.

Page 27-28, Christopher Champlin Jr. to Edward Denison, quit claim, July 30, 1725. Witnesses: John Lewis Jr., Daniel Babcock.

Page 28, David Burdick and Mary his wife to Hubbard Burdick, July 1741. Witnesses: Stephen Richmond, W. Babcock, Wm. Thompson.

Page 29-30, Edward Denison to John Denison of Stonington shopkeeer, July 30, 1725. Witnesses: Christopher Champlin Jr., Henry Denison.

Pages 31-32, Edward Denison to Oliver Babcock, July 29, 1725. Witnesses: John Lewis Jr., Daniel Babcock, Henry Denison.

Page 32, Samuel Champlin and Prudence his wife, to Edward Sands of New Shoreham, 55A in Westerly bounded: Thomas Noyes, James Babcock, Wm. Babcock, Ichabod Babcock, Isaac Babcock, Aug. 28, 1741. Witnesses: Robt. Hull, Wm. Champlin.

Pages 33-34, Enoch Kinyon and Sarah his wife, to Jonathan Kinyon, all which land that was given me by my father, John Kinyon by virtue of a deed of gift dated June 24, 1721, Jan. 25, 1724/5. Witnesses: Christopher Champlin, Henry Denison.

Pages 35-36, William Champlin and Mary his wife, to Christopher Champlin, May 4, 1725. Witnesses: Enoch Kinyon, Henry Denison, Mary Babcock, Samuel Clark.

Pages 37-38, Moses Barber and Susanna his wife of South Kingstown, to son Thomas Barber of Westerly, husbandman, 112A in Westerly bounded: Wm. Barber, Edward Boss, John Web, Joseph Barber, Capt. John Stanton of Newport, June 5, 1725. Witnesses: Edward Willcox, Isaac Sheldin.

Page 38, Jedediah Collins and Hannah his wife, blacksmith, to Caleb Church of Charlestown, March 2, 1740. Witnesses: Ephraim? Mott, Joseph Clark.

Pages 39-40, Jeremiah Weeden of Newport to John Stanton Jr. of Newport, land in Westerly, March 25, 1717. Witnesses: Thomas Leach, Richard Bardin.

Page 40, Roger Larkin and Rebeckah his wife to Thomas Foster, 72A bounded: Capt. Molbone, George Babcock Jr., land which Capt. Molbone purchased of Gov. Wm. Wanton, Jan. 10, 1736/7. Witnesses: Nathaniel Wells, Hubbard Burdick.

Page 41, Peter Ball and Mary his wife and John Ball and Sarah his wife, of New Shoreham, to John Webb of South Kingstown, weaver, 250A in Westerly, April 2, 1725. Witnesses: Wm. Warner, Christopher Prim.

Page 42, Zachariah Allen to two sons, Peter Allen and Oliver Allen, land I bought of Edward Larkin, June 28, 1725. Witnesses: Judah Worden, Peter Worden Jr.

Page 43-44, John Lewis to Jonathan Babcock, 1½ A bounded: Samuel Slack, Christopher Champlin, March 24, 1723/4. Witnesses: John Hill, Edward Denison.

Page 44, Caleb Pendleton and James Pendleton, for love, good will and affection to Thomas Pendleton, husbandman, 90A bounded: land in possession of Samuel Cottrell, Elisha Clark, March 18, 1742/3. Witnesses: W. Babcock, Samuel Pendleton.

Pages 45-46, Moses Barber Jr. of South Kingstown to John Stanton 2nd of Newport, May 12, 1725. Witnesses: Isaac Sheldin, Thomas Sheldin.

Page 46, Nathaniel Lewis and Mary his wife of Charlestown to Joseph Lewis Jr. of Westerly, Sept. 21, 1738. Witnesses: John Crandall, Ephraim Beenis(?).

Pages 47-48, Sarah Morey of South Kingstown, widow and relix of Joseph Morey deceased, to Caleb Hazard of South Kingstown, land in Westerly bounded: Elisha Willcox, Edward Willcox, July 17, 1725. Witnesses: Wm. Robinson, Jos. Sheffield.

Page 49, Henry Halls, Wm. Clark, Israel Lewis and John Enos, purchasers of a tract of land in Westerly, to Daniel Brown, 200A bounded: Henry Halls, John Maxson, Wm. Clark, March 3, 1712. Witnesses: John Enos Jr., Sarah Enos, Jane Halls. Recorded Aug. 12, 1725.

Page 50, Joseph Hull Jr. and Susannah his wife to Peter Davis, bounded: Joseph Babcock, Peter Barker, 29th day of 7th month called September 1725. Witnesses: John Richmond, Syrus Richmond.

Pages 51-2, Benjamin Lewis, laborer, to George Brown, my whole right and interest property claim and demand, 51A, now invested in Mary Witter of Westerly during her natural life as her dowry of her former husband Israel Lewis deceased, Oct. 25, 1725. Witnesses: John Hill Jr., Michael Harris.

Page 52, Thomas Clark to son Joshua Clark, weaver, lands I bought of Morris Tucker, April 26, 1738. Witnesses: George Stillman Jr., John Stillman, Elisha Stillman.

Pages 53-54, Anna Lewis, daughter of Israel Lewis late of Westerly deceased, to George Brown, land belonging to Mary Witter the wife of John Witter, Oct. 25, 1725. Witnesses: Michael Harris, John Hill Jr.

Pages 55-56, John Lewis and Ann his wife to Roger Elderton, mariner, April 22, 1725. Witnesses: Christopher Champlin Jr., Samuel Slack, Henry Denison.

Page 56, Joseph Maxson for love and good will and affection which I have and do bear to Benjamin Randall, 200A bounded: Col. Oliver Babcock, John Palmitter deceased, Matthew Randall, April 28, 1738. Witnesses: Henry Mulkin, John Maxson 4th.

Pages 57-58, John Babcock to Edward Larkin, Nov. 29, 1725. Witnesses: Christopher Champlin Jr., Samuel Burdick.

Page 58, William Crumb Jr., laborer, to Joseph Enos, April 1737. Witnesses: Sarah Allen, John Prosser.

Page 59, John Enos and Rebeccah his wife to son Wm Enos, bounded: heirs of Henry Halls, land formerly belonging to Israel Lewis, May 14, 1725. Witnesses: John Halls, Peter Button.

Page 60, Joseph Clark, cordwainer, to Edward Larkin, Dec. 22, 1732. Witnesses: Edward Bleavin, Theodaty Vars.

Page 61-62, John Shaw late of Pompfrit, CT now of Westerly, to John Richmond, 314A bounded: lands belonging to Judiah Irish and Morris Tucker, James Babcock, July 8, 1725. Witnesses: Daniel Brown, John Hill Jr.

Page 63-64, Hezekiah Willcox and Syby his wife, blacksmith, to Sarah Morey of South Kingstown widow, brother Elisha Willcox, July 16, 1725. Witnesses: Jos. Sheffield, Jas. Delpech?

Page 65-66, Robert Knowles and Ann his wife of South Kingstown, to Samuel Boone of North Kingstown, 110A in Westerly, Oct. 6, 1725. Witnesses: Rowse Helme, __ Jackson.

Page 66, Thomas Edwards to brother Christopher Edwards, laborer, July 2, 1741. Witnesses: W. Babcock, Stephen Richmond.

Page 67, We Wm Gibson, Samuel Tift, George Babcock, Samuel Perry, Thomas Parker, Eber Crandall, Jeremiah Crandall, Francis Colegrove, Daniel Tennant, John Tift, Wm Clark, Nicholas Utter Jr., Jabez Tucker, Weston Clark, Peter Parker, Daniel Willcox, Nicholas Utter, James Adams, Samuel Clark, George Foster, Samuel Lewis, Joseph Brown, Wm Knowles, Peter Tift, John Utter and John Enos, inhabitants of Westerly, Kingstown and Newport, having purchased a tract of land of Weston Clark, Richard Green, Philip Tillinghast, Maj. Randall Holden, being gentlmen empowered by the Colony to make sale of vacant land in the Narragansett Country as their deed from under their hands and seals bearing date the 28 June 1709, ...sold to Samuel Boone of Kingstown, Feb. 28, 1710/11. Witnesses: John Hill, John Babcock. Recorded Jan. 6, 1725/6.

Page 68, Cyrus Richmond and Phebe his wife of Stonington, to John Witter, bounded: John Robinson, sd Witter, Thomas Potter, Aug. 26, 1737. Witnesses: Josph Lawton, Joseph Maxson 3d.

Pages 69-70, Roger Elderton, coaster, to Capt. John Babcock, bounded: Jonathan Babcock, sd John Babcock, Wm Champlin, cordwainer, Dec. 30, 1725/6 [yes Dec.]. Witnesses: Nicholas Satterly, Moses Downing.

Pages 71-72, Roger Edlerton, coaster, to Samuel Slack, glazier, Nov. 22, 1725. Witnesses: William Hiscox, Thomas Hiscox.

Page 72, Benjamin Brand appoints trusty friend, Thomas Brand, to be his attorney to make sale to Thomas Kumber, Feb. 4, 1732/3. Witnesses: Wm Champlin Jr., Sarah Champlin. Recorded Sept. 19, 1749.

Pages 73-74, John Enos to Jonathan Kinyon, Jan. 7, 1724/5. Witnesses: Jonathan Lewis, Peter Button Jr.

Page 74, Joseph Crandall, son of Eber Crandall deceased, to John Crandall Jr. 56 ½ A being ye 3d lot in lands of sd Eber Crandall drawn by me sd Joseph Crandall, bounded: Elisha Clark, Samuel Crandall, Jonathan Crandall, Aug. 26, 1734. Witnesses: George Stillman Jr., Joseph Stillman.

Pages 75-76, Jonathan Babcock and Elizabeth his wife, husbandman, to Capt. Isaac Thompson, shop keeper, 1 ½ A bounded: land sold by John Lewis to Samuel Slack, land of Christopher Champlin now in possession of Wm Champlin, cordwainer, Jan. 31, 1725/6. Witnesses: James Babcock, John Richmond.

Page 76, Joseph Babcock Jr. to Samuel Champlin, bounded: James Babcock land, W. Babcock, Capt. John Babcock, Isaac Babcock, Oct. 18, 1738. Witnesses: Jonathan Maxson, W. Babcock.

Pages 77-78, John Richmond and Elizabeth his wife to John Witter, 100A, land of Richard Dake, Jan. 3, 1725/6. Witnesses: Daniel Brown, Elizabeth Brown.

Page 78, Jeremiah Weeden of Kingstown, to Wm Thorn, bounded: Edwd Mott, Eliezer Mott, Roger Larkin, Sept. 25, 1735. Witnesses: Richard Berry, Jonathan Foster.

Page 79, Jonathan Babcock, husbandman, to Isaac Thompson, shop keeper, 40A which belonged to my grandfather, James Babcock, blacksmith, deceased, and then to my father, James Babcock deceased, who gave the same to his wife my mother Marcy, now the wife of Charles Oherrow, during her natural life and after her decease to his son, Wm Babcock my brother, forever. I having purchased and bought my mother’s privilege in full Oct. 8, 1723, Jan. 31, 1725/6. Witnesses: James Babcock, John Richmond.

Page 80, Clement West and Sarah his wife, husbandman, to Jonathan Kinyon, Dec. 27, 1736. Witnesses: Ebinezer Kinyon, Prudence Dor___.

Page 81, John Richmond to Richard Dake, wool comber, Jan. 12, 1724. Witnesses: Thomas Wells, Joseph Lanphear.

Page 82, William Crumb and Marcy his wife to John Lewis Jr., March 4, 1734. Witnesses: George Stillman, Elias Thompson.

Pages 83-84, John Kinyon and Abigail his wife, wheel right, to John Enos Jr., husbandman, bounded: Wm Utter, Peter Kinyon, Thomas Kinyon, Henry Tew, Jan. 23, 1725/6. Witnesses: Benj. Brown, Daniell Brown Jr.

Page 84, John Enos to son Ichabod Enos, Feb. 20, 1737/8. Witnesses: John Prosser, John Richmond.

Pages 85-86, Thomas Lillibridge to Peter Button, Aug. 31, 1722. Witnesses: Wm Knowles, Elizabeth Tift.

Page 86, Deposition of Ebinezer Kinyon of full age on Feb. 9, 1724/5, regarding boundary between John Maccoon and James Covey, Feb. 17, 1724/5.

Page 87, Capt. John Potter of South Kingstown, to Joseph Champlin, blacksmith, Jeffrey Champlin, farmer, and Wm Champlin, cordwainer, all of Westerly, 19A which Capt. Ephraim Minor of Stonington recovered by law from me ye sd John Potter, ye 15A being part of a tract containing 300A which I purchased of ye above named Joseph, Jeffrey and Wm Champlin, Jan. 20, 1725/6. Witnesses: Christopher Allen, Christopher Champlin Jr.

Pages 87-88, Joseph Champlin, blacksmith, in consideration of a tract of land containing 3A 64 rods granted to me by Oliver Babcock by deed of sale ... to Oliver Babcock, Feb. 28, 1725/6. Witnesses: Thomas Wells, Peter Button.

Pages 89-90, Edward Larkin and Mary his wife to Rebecca Larkin, dau. of John Larkin deceased, being a resident of Westerly, 116A, Jan. 25, 1725/6. Witnesses: Edward Saunders, John Mackcarter.

Pages 91-92, Edward Mott and Penelopy his wife of South Kingstown, husbandman, to Caleb Church now residing in Westerly, bloomer, Oct. 1725. Witnesses: Benjamin Brown, Daniell Brown.

Page 93, I Oliver Babcock in consideration of a tract of land containing 3A 64 rods granted me by Joseph Champlin, blacksmith, as by deed of sale, Feb. 28, 1725/6, signed: Joseph Champlin. Witnesses: Thomas Wells, Peter Button.

Page 94, Nathaniel Adams and Hannah his wife to David Nichols of Stonington, taylor, 47A in Westerly, Feb. 23, 1737/8. Witnesses: John Hill, John Verling(?).

Page 95, John Kinyon Sr. to son David Kinyon, 128A the farm where I now dwell, bounded: Samuel Lewis, John Kinyon Jr., highway, lands I have given to my son Jonathan Kinyon, and lands I have given to my son Samuel Kinyon, Feb. 5, 1724/5. Witnesses: Daniell Brown, Jonathan Lewis.

Page 96, John Webb to Ezekiel Barber, May 24, 1738. Witnesses: Isaac Shelden, Joseph Maxson (Third?).

Page 97, Oliver Ring and Mary his wife of New Shoreham, alias Block Island, ship carpenter, to Ezekiel Gavet, April 11, 1726. Witnesses: Thomas Mitchel, Ackers Tosh.

Page 98, David Kinyon and Mary his wife to Stephen Sweet, cordwainer, March 5, 1734/5. Witnesses: Samuel Barber, Nathaniel Lewis.

Page 99, John Richmond and Elizabeth his wife to son Syrus Richmond, March 8, 1725/6. Witnesses: Daniel Brown, Ephraim Hicks.

Page 100, Benj. Ellery of Newport, (Merchant?), to son Wm Ellery of Newport, 1,000A in Westerly, bounded: Wm Robinson, Shannack purchase, Benj. Coggeshall; land is part of tract I purchased of John Mumford, July 6, 1727. Witnesses: George Wanton, D. Updike.

Page 101, James Hall to son James Hall, husbandman, 100A bounded: heirs of Edward Halls deceased, James Hall son of Henry Hall deceased, April 25, 1726. Witnesses: Nathaniel Lewis, Ebinezer Burdick.

Page 102, Isaac Lewis of South Kingstown, to Nathaniel Lewis, 335A bounded: David Kinyon, Wm Petty, land of Lillibridge, David Lewis deceased; it being the land which did belong to my sd brother David Lewis deceased, Nov. 9, 1737. Witnesses: James Rogers, Isaac Shelden.

Page 103, Joseph Hull Jr. and Susanna his wife, to James Halls, 27A bounded: land in possession of Wm Bently, land in possession of Jeremiah Boss, ye sd Joseph Hull, John Tift, Jan. 27, 1724/5. Witnesses: Anne Rogers, Rebeckah Rogers, George Babcock Jr., Jeremiah Bailey.

Page 104, Briant Pendleton and Anna his wife to David Lanphear, Feb. 20, 1735/6. Witnesses: Joseph Maxson ye 3d, Ebinezer Lanphear.

Pages 105-6, Christopher Champlin Jr. and Elizabeth his wife to Jeffery Champlin, tanner, of Stonington, a certain tract 158A being 1/3 of a tract of 475A which was given from Henry Halls deceased by will to his 3 sons James, John and Edward Halls, which tract was purchased by Henry Halls of Capt. William Clark, bounded: Israel Lewis, Edward Larkin, Daniell Brown, land disposed of by ye Henry Halls unto his 2 sons William and Elisha Halls, Feb. 16, 1724/5. Witnesses: William Ross, William Fanning.

Pages 107-8, Edward Larkin to Jeffery Champlin, tanner, July 25, 1726. Witnesses: Daniel Brown, Joseph Maxson.

Page 108, Job Babcock, blacksmith, land taken out by Edward Larkin, Edward Bleavin, ..which I sold to sd Bleavin, Nov. 12, 1714. Witnesses: Daniel Brown, John Hill. Recorded June 13, 1744.

Pages 109-10, Jeffery Champlin, tanner, to Edward Larkin, July 25, 1726. Witnesses: Daniel Brown, Joseph Maxson Jr.

Page 110, John Saunders to son John Saunders Jr., 50A bounded: son-in-law Joshua Vose, Jonathan Palmetter, John Satterly, Jun 3, 1741. Witnesses: Benoni Smith, Wm Lewis.

Page 111, Oliver Ring and Mary his wife of New Shoreham, Block Island, ship carpenter, to John Dodge, May 12, 1726. Witnesses: Ackur Tosh, Richard Clear.

Page 112, Judah Worden to my honored father, Peter Worden, a deed dated Sept. 8, 1721, May 10, 1726. Witnesses: John Richmond, Peter Worden Jr.

Page 113-14, Peter Kinyon to Joseph Lewis, bounded: Wm Utter, John Enos, Samuel Brow___, Wm Wanton, land belonging to Henry Tew, 10A which belonged to Judiah Irish lying within above defined bounds, July 21, 1726. Witnesses: Daniel Brown, Elizabeth Brown.

Pages 115-16, Whereas John Hill father of John Hill Jr., to John Yeomans of Boston, MA, 250A bounded: Joseph Hawks, March 12, 1725. Witnesses: John Overing, Samuell Tyley.

Page 117, John Maxson to son John Maxson, 3 tracts, ½ of that tract I now dwell on that was given to me by my honored father, that is to say the north half of sd farm, ½ of that tract I bought of John Saunders, land I bought of John Wells, bounded: Joseph Maxson, James Covey, Tobias Brand, John Davis and John Lewis, Sept. 5, 1726. Witnesses: Ephraim Hiscox, Ebenezer Burdick.

Page 118, John Champlin, blacksmith, to John Webster, land given to sd John Champlin and his brother Jeffery Champlin by their father Jeffery Champlin deceased, March 20, 1737/8. Witnesses: Isaac Sheldin, Roger Sheldin.

Page 119, Nicholas Saterly, weaver, to son-in-law Moses Downing, laborer, Dec. 29, 1725. Witnesses: Jonathan Palmeter, Thomas Hiscox.

Page 120, Benjamin Perry Jr. and Elisabeth his wife of Stonington, CT, to William Browning of Stonington, 200A in Westerly on the dividing line between Westerly and Stonington, March 28, 1738. Joseph Hull, James Perry.

Pages 121-22, Volentine Wightman of Groton, CT, to John Willcox of Westerly, carpenter, 250A bounded: John Web, land formerly belonging to Thomas Winterton, Aug. 31, 1726. Witnesses: James Morgan, Peleg Rogers.

Pages 123-24, John Denison and Mary his wife of Stonington, CT, shop keeper, to Edward Denison, Sept. 30, 1726. Witnesses: Joseph Gallup, Bridget Noyes.

Pages 125-26, Edward Denison to Wm Hern, husbandman, Sept. 30, 1726. Witnesses: John Hill, Isaac Thompson.

Page 126, I John Denison of Stonington, shop keeper, give and surrender all my rights and claim to the (above) mentioned tract unto Wm Hern, Oct. 13, 1726. Witnesses: Joseph Stanton, Henry Davison.

Page 126, I Dorothy Cottrill ye wife of __ sd Nicholas Cottrill, surrender power of thirds regarding (above) mentioned tract to Wm Hern, Feb. 14, 1726/7. Witnesses: Robert Burdick, Theodaty Roads.

Pages 127-28, James Babcock and Elizabeth his wife, to Thomas Mumford of Groton, CT, 396A, land formerly laid out to Wm Bennit, Thomas Wells, George Stillman, John Crandall, John Richmond, Jonathan Maxson, John Maccoone and Josiah Hill, Sept. 1, 1725. Witnesses: Thomas Wheeler, Jno. Macdowell, Ann Babcock, Joshua Babcock.

Pages 129-30, William Hern and Dorithy his wife, to Wm Rathbone of Block Island, alias New Shoreham, 98A bounded: Joseph Babcock, sd Wm Rathbone, heirs of Robert Babcock deceased, Oct. 5, 1726. Witnesses: Peter Davis, John Hill.

Page 131, Caleb Pendleton to son Caleb Pendleton Jr., which farm was given to my son Caleb Pendleton by his grandfather’s will after my decease, Sept. 14, 1726. Witnesses: Isaac Worden, Phebe Weaver.

Page 132, Caleb Pendleton Jr. to provide meat, drink, washing, lodging for his honored father and mother, Caleb and Elizabeth Pendleton both in sickness and health during their natural lives; to pay his 2 sisters Ruth Pendleton and Reede Pendleton 20 pounds each within 6 years after this date or at marriage day; 10 pounds to Christopher Pendleton at age 21; grandmother Hannah Pendleton (something about livestock), Sept. 14, 1726. Witnesses: Isaac Worden, Phebe Weaver.

Pages 133-34, Robert Knowles and Ann his wife of South Kingstown, to Thomas Rogers, Dec. 22, 1726. Witnesses: Jas. Helme, Samuel Helme Jr.

Page 135, Benjamin Perry Jr. of South Kingstown to Robert Knowles of South Kingstown, 79 ½A in Westerly bounded: Wm Knowles Jr., Samuel Boone, Sept. 21, 1725. Witnesses: James Perry, Sabel(?) Hall (his mark).

Page 136, James Lewis and Sarah his wife, mason, to son James Lewis Jr., husbandman, 138A bounded: Wm Clark, Shannuck Purchase laid out and mapped by Daniell Brown, surveyor, highway, Moses Barber’s land which was formerly Francis Colegrove’s land which land I bought of my brother Samuel Lewis, Dec. 29, 1726. Witnesses: Jediah Davis, William Saunders.

Pages 137-38, Daniel Knowles and Hannah his wife, late of South Kingstown, to Robert Knowles, late of the town of Providence, 131A in Westerly bounded: John Kinyon, Samuel Lewis, Nov. 19, 1724. Witnesses: Solomon Carpenter, Francis Colegrove Jr.

Pages 139-40, Samuel Boone and Mary his wife of Kingstown to Robert Knowles of Kingstown, 26A in Westerly bounded: land that was originally Samuell Perry’s, land originally belonging to Nicholas Utter Jr., Jan. 30, 1722/3. Witnesses: Isaac Gould, James Eldred.

Pages 141-42, William Champlin and Joanna his wife, cordwainer, son of Christopher Champlin of Westerly, to Christopher Champlin Jr., Dec. 11, 1726. Witnesses: Christopher Champlin ye 3d, Henry Davison.

Numbering error

Pages 142-43, Christopher Champlin to William Champlin, son of sd Christopher Champlin, cordwainer, 37 ½ A bounded: Nicholas Saterly, Capt. John Babcock, Roger Elderton; mentions a deed by John Lewis dated Dec. 17, 1722, Dec. 9, 1726. Witnesses: George Babcock, Henry Davison.

Page 144, Joseph Clark to son Wm Clark, 100A bounded: Thomas Hiscox, John Saunders, Oct. 5, 1725. Witnesses: John Hill, Ann Clerk.

Page 145, John Lewis Sr. to Thomas Morehouse, Dec. 17, 1722. Witnesses: William Champlin, James Bennis.

Pages 146-47, Peter Worden and Mary his wife to Thomas Potter Jr. of South Kingstown, 178A bounded: Thos. Mumford, John Loveless, John Richmond, Col. Wm Wanton, Peter Worden Jr., Jan. 23, 1726/7. Witnesses: John Richmond, George Babcock Jr., Jas. Helme.

Pages 148-49, Nathaniel Wells, house carpenter, to James Covey, husbandman, Feb. 6, 1726/7. Witnesses: James Pendleton, Joseph Champlin.

Pages 150-51, Meris Tucker to Christopher Allen of South Kingstown, 50A bounded: John Richmond, Richard Dake, Benj. Green, Judadiah Irish, Jan. 19, 1726/7. Witnesses: William Robinson, Joseph Underwood.

Pages 152-53, Benjamin Burdick to Hubbart Burdick, Dec. 22, 1725. Witnesses: Samuel Clark, George Stillman.

Page 153, Joseph Babcock Jr. and Susannah his wife and Rebeckah Babcock, wife of Joseph Babcock Sr., to Wm French, merchant, March 27, 1739. Witnesses: Edward Bleavin, Wm Babcock.

Page 154, I Joseph Hoxsie for good will and affection which I bare unto Joseph Cross, miller, Aug. 30, 1726. Witnesses: James Perry, Henry Davison.

Page 155, Joseph Lewis and Mary his wife, husbandman, to Nathaniel Lewis, Feb. 5, 1735/6. Witnesses: Wm Thompson, Thomas Edwards.

Page 156, Elizabeth Champlin to John Handson of South Kingstown, school master, a certain house standing upon land to Joseph Hoxsie in Westerly, Aug. 2, 1726. Witnesses: Elizabeth Hill, Samuel Clark.

Page 157, Memorandum, John Handson to Peleg Mumford Jr., (regarding above property), March 20, 1726/7. Witnesses: Hannah Mumford, Jos. Mumford.

Page 157, Joseph Enos and Elisha Halls, regarding dividing line, April 11, 1738. Witnesses: Thomas Potter, Joseph Maxson 3d.

Page 158, Thomas Potter, cordwainer, late of South Kingstown, purchased a tract of Peter Worden in 1726/7 which was valued at 3 pounds, 6 shillings, 8 pence per acre, land was not 178A but only 175A, refund to Potter, April 11, 1727. Witnesses: George Drinkwater, John Mackarter.

Page 159, John Maxson and William Crumb to Matthew Randall of Stonington, land given him by will by is deceased father, Matthew Randall, March 17, 1737/8. Witnesses: Doritty Cottrill, George Stillman, Deborah Clark.

Page 160, Wm Wanton of Newport to Peter Worden Jr., laborer, March 15, 1725/6. Witnesses: Richard Mumford, Jo Wanton, D. Updike.

Pages 161-62, (very dark) Subscribers: Nathaniel Wells, Joseph Steward, Thomas Burdick, George Renolds, Robert Burdick, John Mackarter, James ___, Nicholas Cottrill, Joseph Lewis and Joseph Rennolds, ...deceased father Matthew Randall, ...dividing line, ..Capt. Oliver Babcock, John Palmeter, March 11, 1737/8. Witnesses: Jonathan Wells, Elisabeth Wells, Jeremiah Lake, Thankful Lake, Jedediah Button, Peter Cambel, John Utter, Henry Cobb, John Maxson 4th, Cyrus Button, Edward Saunders, James Saunders.

Pages 162-63, John Richmond and Elizabeth his wife to Judah Worden, joyner, June 29, 1726. Witnesses: Isaac Thompson, Daniel Brown.

Pages 164-65, Weston Clark of Newport to Thomas Hicks of Portsmouth, 280A in Westerly bounded: Samuel Tift, Nicholas Utter, Aug. 21, 1718. Witnesses: Edward Coddington, Mayes Nickols. Recorded May 4, 1727.

Pages 166-67, Joseph Babcock and Rebekah his wife to Christopher Champlin Jr., ...by virtue of Deed of Gift by Jos. Stanton deceased dated Jan. 26, 1705/6, March 28, 1727. Witnesses: Peter Davis, Henry Davison.

Pages 168-69, John Willcox, carpenter, to William Dyre of Newport, merchant, 250A in Westerly bounded: Beaver river, John Webb, land formerly belonging to Thos. Winterton, April 7, 1727. Witnesses: James Davis, Josias Lyndon.

Page 169, John Rathbun and Margaret his wife of North Kingstown, for love, goodwill to loving son, Wm Rathbun of Westerly, 101A bounded: Ebenezer Rathbun, John Fowler, Isaac Peckham, Wm French, John Dodge, March 28, 1741. Witnesses: Benjamin Bently, Patience Bently.

Pages 170-71, William Crumb to George Lanphear, laborer, March 30, 1724. Witnesses: Jos Hadsall, George Stillman.pi

Page 171, Joseph Park?, gentleman, to Ann Saunders widow to Benjamin Saunders late of Westerly deceased, April 1736. Witnesses: Josa. Babcock, Joseph Stanton Jr.

Pages 172-73, Indenture Oct. 10, 1726 between George Lanphear, taylor, and Seth Lanphear both of Westerly and Nathaniel Sheffield of Newport, merchant, 120A. Witnesses: John Holmes, Josias Lyndon.

We the subscribers on or about the 10th day of Oct. last were at the prison in Newport in company with the within ___ George Lanphear when he signed the within written instrument & to the best of our judgement he as a rational man then & capable of such business, May 4, 1727. Nathaniel Newdigate, Richard Clark, John Holmes, James Davis, Josias Lyndon.

Pages 174-75, John Shelden and Herodias his wife of South Kingstown, to Samuel Cottrill of North Kingstown, 120A in Westerly, Jan. 16, 1726/7. Witnesses: Samuel Helme Jr, Jas. Helme.

Page 176, Memorandum, Nathaniel Sheffield of Newport ... paid by Eber Crandall and James Covey both of Westerly, husbandmen, June 19, 1727. Witnesses: Samuel Hinckley, Samuel Cottrill.

Page 176, Josiah Hill to son John Hill, bounded: Elisha Lewis, Samuel Hill (bottom of page missing), April 26, 1745. Witnesses: Jeffery Champlin, Nathaniel ___.

Page 177, John Tefft of South Kingstown to son James Tefft of South Kingstown, 280A in Westerly bounded: Thomas Lillibridge, John Webster, John Knowles, March 16, 1737/8. Witnesses: Stephen Austin, Isaac Sheldin.

Pages 178-79, John Maxson to son-in-law John Davis, joyner, 56A bounded: Oliver Babcock, John Crandall, John Lewis, Tobias Brand, Sept. 7, 1726. Witnesses: Thomas Clark, Ebenezer Burdick.

Page 179, John Cottrill 2d and Elizabeth his wife to John Satterly, bounded: John Maxson, George Stillman, March 16, 1742. Witnesses: Nathan Lanphear, Elisha Clark.

Pages 180-81, Benjamin Reynolds and Experience his wife to John Seger Jr. of South Kingstown, 173A bounded: Joseph Hoxsie, Ninecraft’s heirs, John Hill, March 24, 1726. Witnesses: Jeremiah Clark, Joseph Rogers.

Page 181, John Hoxsie to son John Hoxsie, husbandman, March 1, 1736. Witnesses: William Gorton, Samuel Wilbore.

Pages 182-83, William Lawton and Sarah his wife of Portsmouth to John Richmond, 29th day of month called May 1727. Witnesses: Richard Sisson, Giles Slocum.

Pages 184-85, John Richmond and Elizabeth his wife to Joseph Lawton of Portsmouth, 200A bounded: John Mackcoon, Daniel Lewis, John Langworthy, Nathaniel Wells, a dwelling house and corn mill, April 1, 1727. Witnesses: Sarah Schrich, William Schrich.

Pages 186-87, William Watson and Mary his wife to John Foster, 13A bounded: John Enos, Caleb Foster, May 11, 1722. Witnesses: Israel Lewis, Francis Colegrove Jr.

Pages 188-89, Joseph Hull and Susanna his wife to John Hoxsie of South Kingstown, 470A bounded: James Hall, George Babcock, estate of Wm Wilkerson deceased, land formerly belonging to Peter Tift, Thomas Rogers, John Tift, Jan. 25, 1726/7. Witnesses: Hannah Hill, Joseph Stanton, Mary Gardner, Elizabeth Hill.

Page 189, John Enos to son Alexander Enos, March 6, 1737/8. Witnesses: Joseph Lawton, Caleb Church.

Page 190, James Perry and Alice his wife of South Kingstown, to Samuel Perry, bounded: Benjamin Perry Jr., Samuel Lewis Jr., Jan. 7, 1724/5. Witnesses: Benjamin Perry, Mary Perry.

Page 191, Samuel Crandall, blacksmith, am firmly bound and obliged to Stephen Willcocks, sum of 400 pounds paid by Stephen Willcocks, May 12, 1724. Witnesses: Nathaniel Wells, John Saunders.

Page 191, Ebinezer Mott and Sarah his wife of North Kingstown, to Jedediah Collins, blacksmith, July 20, 1740. Witnesses: (hard to read) Joseph Babcock, A__ Richmond, George Pooler, Sarah Thorn.

Page 192, James Perry and Alice his wife of South Kingstown, to Samuel Perry, Jan. 11, 1724/5. Witnesses: Mary Perry, Benjamin Perry.

Page 193, Benjamin Hicks of Portsmouth to John Hicks of Portsmouth, 100A in Westerly bounded: John Teft, land formerly laid out to Nicholas Utter, 19th day of 2nd month called April 1738. Witnesses: Wm Anthony Jr., Wm Anthony.

Page 194, Zachariah Allen Jr. to Samuel Perry, May 17, 1727. Witnesses: John Hill, James Covey.

Page 195, William Pendleton, house carpenter, brother Joseph Pendleton, ...by the will of our honored father Joseph Pendleton deceased, establish dividing line, June 14, 1728. Witnesses: William Champlin Jr., Wm Babcock.

Pages 196-97, Indenture Feb. 26, 1725/6 between John Willcox and Benjamin Perry of South Kingstown. Witnesses: Wm Congdon Jr., Jas. Delpeck.

Page 198, William Bennitt 2d of Stonington to son Richard Bennitt of Stonington, July 31, 1727. Witnesses: John Richmond, Joseph Lawton.

Page 199, Benjamin Perry of South Kingstown to John Willcox, mortgage dated Feb. 26, 1725, July 16, 1728. Witnesses: George Mumford, John Webster.

Pages 200-01, Oliver Allen of Dartmouth, Bristol, MA Bay, husbandman, whereas my honored father Zachariah Allen of Westerly did give and bequeath unto his 2 sons Peter Allen of Dartmouth, weaver, and myself, to brother Peter Allen, June 5, 1727. Witnesses: Benjamin Allen, Rebecca Allen.

Page 201, Benjamin Randall to Joseph Maxson 3d, April 20, 1738. Witnesses: John Maxson 4th, Amey Mulkin.

Pages 202-03, Oliver Allen of Dartmouth, Bristol, MA Bay, husbandman, whereas my honored father Zachariah Allen of Westerly deceased did give and bequeath to his 2 sons Peter Allen of Dartmouth, weaver, and myself, to brother Peter Allen, Oct. 16, 1727. Witnesses: Adam Mott, Mehitabell Willis.

Page 203, John Richmond, quit claim to Benjamin Randall, April 21, 1738. Witnesses: Thomas Wells, Joseph Lawton.

Pages 204-05, Elisha Willcocks and Mary his wife of Preston, CT, house carpenter, to Sarah Morey of South Kingstown, widow, 75A in Westerly, Nov. 28, 1725/6 [sic] Witnesses: Christopher Allen, Jos. Sheffield.

Page 205, John Prosser for love, goodwill and affection quit claim to Joseph Maxson 3d, March 24, 1737/8. Witnesses: John Lewis, Elisha Clark.

Page 206, William Rathbun and Sarah his wife of Block Island alias New Shoreham, husbandman, to son Ebenezer Rathbun of Westerly, Jan. 6, 1723/4. Witnesses: Samuell Rathbun, Wm Warner.

Page 206, John Babcock to son William Babcock, Dec. 26, 1738/9 [sic]. Witnesses: Daniel Babcock, Daniel Mackcoon.

Page 207, Subscribers: Joseph Maxson, Benjamin Burdick, Samuel Burdick, Hubbard Burdick, Josiah Hill, Samuel Langworthy, Wm Bennitt, James Covey, Clement West, John Crandall, Jonathan Maxson, George Stillman, John Lewis and Thomas Wells, for love good will and affection quit claim to Matthew Randall of Stonington and Joseph Maxson 3d of Westerly, land that was given him by his deceased father Matthew Randall, March 14, 1737/8. Witnesses: Thomas Babcock, Elisha Clarke.

Pages 208-09, John Willcox and Ruth his wife to Sarah Morey of South Kingstown, widow, 250A bounded: George Babcock, William Clerk, Dec. 12, 1727. Witnesses: Stephen Hazard, Jos. Sheffield.

Pages 210-11, Henry Tew of Newport to George Babcock Jr., Jan. 10, 1727/8. Witnesses: John Babcock, William Babcock.

Page 212, Mary Button, widow, to John Saunders, the 7th lot in number divided by order of town council out of my fathers George Lanphear’s farm, Nov. 7, 1727. Witnesses: William Hern, Thomas Burdick.

Page 213, James Covey of Westerly and Nathaniell Cottrell of North Kingstown, executors to estate of Eber Crandall deceased, bound to Theodotious Lanphear, Mary Button and James Pendleton, Nov. 2, 1727, .. allotment laid out to James Covey and Eber Crandall one year after decease of George Lanphear. Witnesses: Mathais Button, George Stillman.

Pages 214-15, James Lewis, mason, to son David Lewis, shoe maker, Sept. 4, 1727. Witnesses: Theodaty Rhodes, George Stillman.

Page 215, Joseph Babcock Jr. and Susanna his wife to Wm French, Sept. 2, 1740.

Page 216, John Lewis and Marcy his wife, mason, to David Lewis, part of tract my father gave to me, quit claim, bounded: Thomas Brand, Stephen Saunders, James Lewis, Sept. 1, 1727. Witnesses: John Enos, Elizabeth Johnson.

Page 217, John Tift and Joanna his wife of Kingstown to Joseph Hull, 10th day of 1st mo. called March 1720. Witnesses: Daniel Brown, Ann Hull.

Pages 218-19, Joseph Lewis and Mary his wife to John Richmond, bounded by: wolf swamp, John Pooler, John Richmond, Joseph Maxson, Joseph Reynolds, George Runnolds who purchased it from Ephraim Palmeter, 25 day of 11mon. called January 1727/8. Witnesses: William Ross, John Mott.

Page 220, William Clark, son of Joseph Clark deceased, to John Maxson, son of John Maxson, Jan. 10, 1727/8. Witnesses: Joseph Crandall, George Stillman.

Page 221, Zachariah Allen to eldest son Zachariah Allen, my homestead farm which I bought of Solomon Hakes, April 19, 1728. Witnesses: John Harvey(?), Peter Hall.

Page 222, Richard Lanphear to James Covey of Westerly and Nathaniel Cottrill of North Kingstown, quit claim all my right in 6th lot as it was layed out of the estate of my father, George Lanphear, bounded: John Lanphear, Theodotious Lanphear, John Saunders, land formerly belonging to Mary Button now in possession of William Hern, Nov. 2, 1727. Witnesses: William Hern, John Richmond.

Page 223, Richard Chapman of Middletown, Hartford, CT to Susannah Ellis and Richard Ellis and John Ellis all of Stonington, quit claim, estate of my honored father Hope Chapman deceased in Stonington, March 4, 1707/8. Recorded May 10, 1728. Witnesses: Jonathan Tracy, David Tracy.

Page 224, Nathaniel Wells, house carpenter, to my daughter Naomy Kinyon, wife of Peter Kinyon, Feb. 29, 1726/7. Witnesses: John Richmond, Thomas Wells.

Page 225, George Kinyon to Silvester Kinyon, April 7, 1738. Witnesses: Stephen Sweet, Ebenezer Niles Jr.

Pages 226-27, Joseph Tefft to John Tefft of South Kingstown, 190A bounded: Nicholas Utter, Weston Clarke, Beaver river, Sam’ll Clark, Peter Parker, May 17, 1728. Witnesses: Rowse Helme, John Webster.

Page 227, John Satterly and Experience his wife to Amos Clark, April 29, 1743. Witnesses: Elisha Clark, John Lewis.

Pages 228-29, John Tefft to son John Tefft Jr., 192A bounded: Beaver river, Wm Bently, Jos Hull, Thomas Rogers, Feb. 28, 1721/2. Witnesses: Christopher Allen, Rowse Helme.

Page 229, Joseph Babcock Jr. to Wm French, Feb. 29, 1739/40. Witnesses: Edward Bleavin, Wm Babcock.

Page 230, We Wm Gibson, George Babcock, Samuel Perry, Thos Parker, Eber Crandall, Jeremiah Crandall, Francis Colegrove, Daniel Tennant, John Teft, Wm Clark, Nicholas Utter Jr., Jabez Tucker, Weston Clark, Peter Parker, Daniell Willcox, Nicholas Utter, James Adams, Samuel Clark, George Foster, Samuel Lewis, Jos Brown, William Knowles, Peter Teft, John Witter & John Enos, inhabitants of Westerly, Kingstown and Newport purchased a tract of Weston Clark, Maj. Randall Holden, Richard Green & Philip Tillinghast being Impowered by the Colony to sell vacant land in Narragansett Country as per deed dated May 28, 1709, ... sold a portion to Samuel Teft of Kingstown, Feb. 28, 1710/11. Witnesses: John Hill, John Babcock. Recorded May 24, 1728.

Page 231, Brian Pendleton and Anne his wife to John Lanphear and then to son Daniel Lanphear, May 14, 1733. Witnesses: Cattern Lanphear, Joseph Maxson Jr.

Pages 232-33, John Woodman and wife Elizabeth of Little Compton and Benjamin James of Newport, cordwainer, to Thomas Parker of Westerly, 92A bounded: James Rogers, Jeremiah Sweet, John Segar, May 15, 1728. Witnesses: Wm James, Samuel Willbour.

Page 233, John Maxson (son to Joseph) to son Wm Maxson, house carpenter, May 25, 1741. Witnesses: John Witter Jr., Ann Witter.

Page 234-35, Jane Lewis, spinster, to Daniel Greeneil Jr. of South Kingstown, 180A which fell to me by the death of my deceased father, Israel Lewis, Jan. 26, 1726/7. Witnesses: William Hiscox, Thomas Hiscox.

Page 235, Immanuel Northrup, Sheriff, ... persons who have left the Colony, real estate of William Brand of Westerly, obtained by James Babcock of Stonington, ... sold by publick vendue to James Babcock of Stonington, 44A bounded: Francis West, Abel Franklin, James Babcock, John Thompson, March 21, 1743/4. Witnesses: John Maxson son of Jos., Silas Greenman.

Pages 236-37, Zacheus Runnolds, land given to Jos. Runnolds & Zacheus Runnolds by their honored father, Thos. Runnolds late of Westerly deceased, deed of gift dated April 1716, the farm where Thomas Runnolds lived, establish dividing line, Sept. 13, 1727. Witnesses: John Richmond, Peter Burdick.

Page 237, John Maxson son of Joseph, to son Amos Maxson, laborer, land I bought of Jonathan Maxson, May 25, 1741. Witnesses: John Witter Jr., Ann Witter.

Page 238, George Denison to Capt. James Babcock, 100A, June 10, 1728. Witnesses: Samuel Champlin, William Hern, Jos. Babcock.

Page 239, Moses Barber and Susannah his wife of South Kingstown, to son Benjamin Barber of South Kingstown, husbandman, 146A in Westerly, April 12, 1728. Witnesses: Benjamin Potter, Isaac Sheldin.

Pages 240-41, Benjamin Barber of South Kingstown, husbandman, to Samuel Barber of South Kingstown, 146A in Westerly, April 29, 1728. Witnesses: Ichabod Potter, Isaac Sheldin.

Page 241, Thomas Cottrill of South Kingstown, tayler, to John Cottrill, quit claim 10A, land which I had by deed of the sd John Cottrill, Feb. 16, 1743/4. Witnesses: Joshua Champlin, W. Babcock.

Page 242, Joseph Pendleton, all the land given to me by my brother William Pendleton, by last Will of our honored father Joseph Pendleton deceased, establish dividing line, June 14, 1728. Witnesses: William Champlin Jr., Wm. Babcock.

Page 243, Joseph Pendleton to brother William Pendleton, June 14, 1728. Witnesses: William Champlin Jr., Wm. Babcock.

Page 243, William Pendleton, house carpenter, to brother Joseph Pendleton, fence dividing line, June 14, 1728. Witnesses: William Champlin, Wm. Babcock.

Pages 244-45, Oliver Allen of Portsmouth, RI, husbandman, my honored father Zachariah Allen of Westerly did give & bequeath unto 2 sons: Peter Allen of Dartmouth, MA, weaver & myself, to Peter Allen, March 29, 1728. Witnesses: Samuel Cornell, Benjamin Wing.

Page 246, John Hoxsie Jr. to John Mumford of South Kingstown, 100A partly in Westerly and partly in North Kingstown, bounded: Samuel Morey, Stephen Willcox, Robert Willcox, sd John Hoxsie, April 15, 1738. Witnesses: Rowse Helme, Jas. Helme.

Transcribed and ©  by Susan Irish Nahas

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