The Narragansett Historical Register,

Volume IV. Oct. 1885, No. 2

A magazine devoted to the antiquities, genealogy and historical matter illustrating the History of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. James N. Arnold, Ed.
Narragansett Historical Publishing Co., Hamilton, R. I.
E. L. Freeman & Co., Printers, Central Falls, R. I.

The Patriots of Hopkinton, R. I., 1776

Contributed by Hon. Edwin R. Allen, Town Clerk of Hopkinton.

Editor of the Narragansett Historical Register.
     Dear Sir: -- Thinking your readers would be interested in knowing who were the patriots of Hopkinton during the struggle for independence, we have thought best to send you the following list which we believe comprises the brain and the best portion of our citizens at this time, together with the document to which they affixed their ever to be remembered names.

Hopkinton, Sept. 19 A.D. 1776.

      I the Subscriber do solemnly and sincerely declare, that I believe, The War, Resistance, and Opposition in which the United American Colonies are Engaged, against the Fleets and Armies of Great Brittain, is: on the part of the said Colonies, Just: and nesasary; and that I will not directly or indirectly afford assistance of any sort or kind whatever to the said Fleets and Armies during the continuance of the present war, but that I will heartily assist in the defence of the United Colonies.

Daniel Coon
Joshua Clarke
John Larkin
Amos Maxson
John Coon
George Thurston
Edward Wells
Francis West
Zaccheus Reynolds Jr
William Thurston
Samuel Hill
Benjamin Randall
Benjamin Maxson
George Thurston Jun
John Maxson
Robert Burdick
Matthew Randall
David Coon
William Witter
Samuel Reynolds
Jesse Maxson
Samuel Champlain
Phineus Maxson
Hezekiah Babcock
William Coon Jun
Elisha Stillman
Caleb Potter
Elisha Coon
Joseph Maxson
Nathaniel Kenyon
Benjamin Colegrove
Stephen Potter
Joshua Coon
Ebenezer Hill
Thomas Wells
Abel Tanner
John Robinson Jun
Lawton Palmer
Thos Potter Gardiner
Eleazer Lewis
John Mashall
Benjamin Kenyon
William Tanner Jr
Joseph Witter Jr
Peter Kenyon
Matthew Maxson
Jonathan Coon
Stephen Maxson
William Coon
William Greene
William Bassett
William Tanner
Thompson Wells
Sylvanus Maxson
James Wells Jun
Clarke Maxson
Caleb Church
Elnathan Wells
Zellemus Burdick
Josiah Witter
Nathan Burdick
Peter Kinyon Jun
John Cottrell
Hubbard Burdick
Francis Tanner
Moses Barber
Paul Burdick
Nathan Tanner
Parker Burdick
Moses Hall
Jacob Hall
Joseph Witter
Rufhus Burdick
Abel Burdick
Daniel Peckham Jr
Jonathan Wells Jr
William Burdick Jr
Asa Eaglestone
Jonathan West
John Brown
Elnathan Burdick
Amos Palmer Jun
Nathan Palmiter
Uriah Saunders
Elisha Wells
Nathaniel Burdick
Peleg Maxson
Stephen R. Burdick
Bryant Cartwright
Jesse Burdick
Waite Burdick
Joshua Collins
John Vellett
Joseph Thurston
William Popple
Henry Clarke
William Meedham
Francis Robinson
Samuel Button Jun
Samuel Lewis
Barker Wells
Peter Wells
John Millard
Amos Langworthy
James Braman
Hezekiah Carpenter
John Palmer
David Davis
Daniel Peckham Jun
Ross Coon
Stephen Crandall
Oliver Davis
Simeon Babcock
Samuel Langworthy
Zebbeus Sweet
Timothy Larkin
John Hall Jun
Amos Button
Bryant Cartwright Jr
Rouse Babcock
Asa Miner
Clarke Reynolds
John Braman
Samuel Witter
Samuel Babcock
Isaiah Maxson
Henry Foster
William White
James Kinyon
John Maxson Jun
Jonathan Rogers
Joseph Barber
John Randall
John Satterly
Ichabod Paddock
Jeffrey Champlain
James Fry
Cyrus Button
Thomas Cottrell
Fones Palmer
Benjn Rathbun
Josiah Hill
Phineas Edwards
Thomas Wells Jun
Billings Burch
John Brown
Henry Wells
Joseph Cole Jun
Amos Coon
Hezekiah Babcock Sr
Izreal Stiles
Thomas Barber
Peleg Barber
David Davis Jun
Elias Coon
Gideon Allin
Josias Lillibridge
Joshua Wells Jr
Joseph Crandall
Elijah Crandall
Joseph Langworthy

The aforegoing is a true account of those that subscribed the Test in the town of Hopkinton.

Witness:         Abel Tanner, Town Clerk.

Submitted by Susan Irish Nahas

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