Communicated by Hon. Howard Bowdoin Perry of Wakefield, R. I.

      The following marriages, found in the records of Rowse Helme, of George Hazard Peckham, and of Levi Totten, Justices of the Peace, are on file in the office of the town clerk at South Kingstown, R. I.

By Rowse Helme, Justice of the Peace.

Samuel Anthony and Mary Congdon April 14, 1723
Jobe Babcock Jr. and Elizabeth Hull Oct. 10, 1717
Benjamin Barber and Mary Tefft Jany 11, 1729
Joseph Barber and Rebeckah Potter 4" day of February 1724/5
Samuel Barber and Anne Cory Mch 1719
Thomas Barber and Avis Tanner 18" day of April 1723
James Braman son of James Braman and Elizabeth Carpenter 3" day of December 1721
Joseph Braman and Abigaile Allen 27" day of June 1725
George Bentley and Ruth Barber March 4" 1723/4
John Bentley and Elisabeth Gardner May 30" 1727
Job Card and Hannah Bull 27" day of August 1724
John Cass and Elizabeth Johnson 12" day of April 1720
William Clarke and Hannah Watson 4" day of October 1722
William Clarke Junr. and Rebeckah Wells Sept. 4, 1731
Joseph Coggeshall and Amey Bull 24" day of January 1724/5
Joseph Congdon and Mary Wickam June 27" 1723
Joseph Cross and Mary Hoxse 17" day of February 1722/3
Peter Crowe and Hittable Marshall Nov 12, 1718
John Denison and Ales Percey 21" day of July 1725
Thomas Draper and Jane Braman Oct. 5, 1718
John Foster and Margery Card both of Westerly June 11,1724
Jonathan Foster and Elisabeth Mumford 4" day of February A.D. 1724/5
Christopher Fowller Jr and Sarah Wickam Oct. 18, 1717
Isaac Fowller and Mary Hopkins 15" day of January 1720/21
Henry Gardner and Abigaile Eldred June 30, 1726
William Gardner and Margaret Eldred June 12, 1718 |
Silas Greenman and Anne Babcock March 23, 1730
Daniel Greennell and Jane Lewis May 21, 1727
Daniel Grinnell Jun. and Susannah Hopkins 14" day of June 1724
Mr. Robert Hannah and Elisabeth Brown May 31, 1730
Stephen Haszard Junr. and Mary Robinson January 9" 1723/4
Charles Higinbotham and Mary Niles 7" day of February 1722/3
Amos Hollan and Phebe Greenman 1716
Thomas Hopkins and Hannah Mumford March 20, 1728
Nicholas Holway and Patience Mot- May 8 1726
Joseph Hoxsee and Deborah Babcock October 17, 1728
Ebenezar Jakquis and Lidyah Bundy 1716
Stephen Johnson and Susannah Long November 23, 1727
William Keaise and Margrett Knowles April 14 1728
William King and Susanah Gardner 1717
John Kinyon, son of James, and Abigale Ladd 25 day of September 1720
Thomas Kinyon and Mary Ladd October 4, 1717
____ph Kinyon and Marcy Hazelton 27 day of December 1724
Nicholas Lee and Elizabeth Shakelesworth Oct 29 1717
Aaron Milliman and Anne Case May 23 1728
Benjamin Mory and Mary Vaughan 11 day of March 1719/20
Ebenezer Niles and Sarah Kinyon March 25 1730/31
Peleg Mumford and Mary Packer 1716
Nathan Niles and Mary Northup September 12, 1728
Nicholas Northrup and Frelove Eldred 23 day of June 1720
George Parker and Katharine Cole 18" day of October 1724
Thomas Parker and Martha Barber Oct. 5, 1727
Abraham Perkins and Margrett Cass June 29 1718
Benjamin Perry and Susanah Barber Jan. 11, 1727/8
Benjamin Perry Junr. and Elisabeth Haszard 10th day of July 1729
Joseph Phillips and Jerusha Shugers February 2 1729
Thomas Pitts and Hannah Jackson 9" day of July 1722
Benjamin Potter and Ruth Shearman February 1" 1727/8
Ichabod Potter Junr and Sarah Robinson January 16, 1723/4
Ichabod Potter and Deborah Rennolds 20 day of March 1725/6
Nathaniel Potter and Elisabeth Bentley May 31" 1727
Robert Potter Jun'r and Judeth Clarke September 5 1731
Thomas Potter Jur. and Mary Babcock March 19 1717/18
Elisha Rennolds and Susanah Potter June 30, 1728
William Rice of Warwick and Phebe Tripp of So Kingston 10" day of December 1730
William Robinson and Martha Allen March 30, 1718
Richard Shaw and Ales Wilson August seventh 1729
Jonathan Shearman Junr. and Dorcus Shelden February 1" 1726/7
Josiah Shearman and Mary Potter both of South Kingstown June 4 1727
Leiut Isaac Sheffield and Sarah Card April 20, 1727
Nathan Sheffield and Dorcos Helme were joyned in marrage April 18 1731
John Sheldon Junr. and Sarah Shearman February 2, 1726/7
Peter Stephens and Marcy Cottrill September the first 1728
William Sunderlin and Mary Phillips May 26, 1726
John Swaine and Hannah Scotaway Novem 6, 1731
Thomas Sweet and Tabitha Bentley April 11, 1728
Stephen Tallman and Mary Potter this 11 day of November 1724
Francis Tanner and March Tosh February 26, 1728
William Tanner and Elisabeth Cottrell 1723[?]*
        *Only the tops of the last two figures are visible.
John Tayler of Newport and Judeth Seger of Kingston Oct. 3, 1717
Joseph Tefft and Deliverance Rennolds July 6 1718
Joseph Tefft and Easter Brownen Feb 22 1729
Samuel Tefft son of John and Marcy Barber October 1, 1727
Ebenezer Terry and Mary Helme the 30th day of November 1721
Samuel Warden and Abigaile Mott 27" day of January 1722/3
John Webb and Joanna Tefft 28" day of April 1721
Edward Wilcocks and Dinah Barber 1716
James York and Elisabeth Case January 11 1727/8

By George Hazard Peckham, Justice of the Peace.

Frederick Chappel and Katharine Holley (daughter of John Holley) both of South Kingston 18" day of November A. D. 1790
William Cottrell and Mary Tefft in South Kingston the seventh day of December A.D. 1786
James Duglass and Elisabeth Havens both of South Kingston 14" day of November A.D. 1789
John Pain Dyre and Anne Tourje both of South Kingston were lawfully joyned together in marriage*
        *This entry stands between entries dated Nov. 1789 and Nov. 1790.
Randal James and Elizabeth Kinyon both of South Kingston 5" day of June 1785
Samuel Perry Junr (son of James Perry late of South Kingston in the County of Washington yeoman decd) and Sarah Peckham daughter of Timothy Peckham (son of Benjn late of sd South Kingston decd) 11 day of Dec. AD 1788
Boston Potter and Lucy Harry an Indian woman 25 day of Nov. AD 1790
James Potter (son of Icbabod Potter) and Margaret Enos (daughter of Ichabod Enos) both of South Kingston November 19" A D 1789
Samuel J. Potter Esq and Anne Segar (daughter of Mr. Jospeh Segar) both of South Kingston September the tenth A.D. 1788
William Prior Junr. and Elizabeth Shephard both of Newport in the County of Newport married in said Newport October 20, 1787

By Levi Totten, Justice of the Peace.

Charles Barker of South Kingstown, Innholder, and Mary P. Holloway Spinster daughter of John Holloway, Nov. 19' 1794.
Isaiah Greene of Charleston, son of Joshua and Eliza Tefft daughter of George of South Kingstown, January 23, 1794.
Abiathar Rodman of South Kingstown and Meriam Hazard daughter of Christopher Hazard, January 1, 1797.

From the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Volume LXVII, July 1913, pps. 285-287.

Submitted by Susan Irish Nahas

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