The American Monthly Magazine,

February 1906

Published By The National Society Of The Daughters Of The American Revolution, Washington D. C., Elroy M Avery, Ed.
Telegraph Printing Co., Printers, Harrisburg, Pa.

The Patriots of Westerly, R. I., 1776

pps. 124 - 126

     The following is a copy of the Test Act with the names of the patriotic citizens of Westerly, Rhode Island, who by signing that paper pledged themselves to the cause of the colonies:
      "We, the subscribers, do solemnly and sincerely declare that we believe the war, resistance,and opposition in which the United States colonies are engaged against the fleets and armies of Great Britain, is on the part of the said colonies just: and nesasary and that we will not directly, nor indirectly, afford assistance of any sort or kind whatever to the said fleets or armies during the continuance of the present war, but that we will heartily assist in the defence of the United Colonies:

Samuel Pendleton
Joseph Noyes
Wm. Braleton
Joseph Clarke, Jr.
Edward Saunders
David Maxon
Silas Greenman
James Babcock, Jr.
Daniel Bliven
John Stillman
John Sisson
Isaac Ross
John Greene
William Grandall [sic]
James Saunders
Matthew Hern
Isaac Peckham
Stephen Peckham
Tony [sic] Maxom [sic]
Joseph Maxon
Clarke Stillman
Jonathan Sisson
Asa Maxon
Valentine Wilcox
James Crandall
Abram Perkins
Arnold Clarke
John Pendleton
John Stillman, Jr.
Thomas Thompson
Samuel Greene
Peleg Saunders
Joshua Thompson
Job Bennet
Samuel Babcock, Jr.
Christopher Babcock, Jr.
Joseph Crandall
James Sheffield
Thomas Ross
William Hiscox
Joseph Hiscox
David Saunders
Champlin Lamphere
Samuel Bliven
Wm. Sweet Peckham
George Stillman, Jr.
John Gavit
Charles Greene
Joseph Pendleton
Joseph Peckham
Joseph Stillman
Stephen Lewis
Benjamin Hull
William Bliven
Joseph Stillman, Jr.
Henry Crandall
Phineas Crandall
George Potter
Lodowick Kenyon
Thomas Brand, Jr.
Abel Larkin
Edward Bliven
Samuel West
William Greene
Samuel Berry
Joseph Saunders
John Cottrel
John Thompson
Amos Maxon
Joseph Noyes, Jr.
Joseph Lewis
John Peckham
Elisha Sisson
Sumner Chapman
Ezekiel Gavit, Jr.
Jesse Babcock
Simeon Burdick
Wm. Vincent
Gideon Frazier
John Lewis
Stephen Saunders
Oliver Gavit, Jr.
Ichabod Babcock
Samuel Allen
Ebenezer Rathbun
Elias Lewis
Samuel Champlin
Samuel Sheffield
Phineas Clarke
Samuel Brown
Thomas Noyes
Stephen Saunders, Jr.
Richard Berry
John Salter
John Bliven, Jr.
Daniel Maxon
Peleg Pendleton
Amos Pendleton
Nathan Pendleton
Hezekiah Saunders
Benjamin Pendleton
Moses Larkin  his mark
Nathan Saunders
Joseph Babcock, Jr.
Theodaty Hall, Jr.
John P. Babcock
James Cheseborough
William Chapman
Thomas Edwards
Nathan Bliven
Theodaty Hall
Plumb Chapman
Stephen Rathbun
Peter State
Ezekiel Gavit
Jonathan Foster
Joseph Gavit
John Allen
Isaac Peckham, Jr.
Nathan Hiscox
Joshua Vose
Thomas Hull
Charles Saunders
Elkanah Babcock
Thomas Clarke
Paul Wilcox Rathbun
Cornelius Stetson
Benjamin Crandall
Samuel Pendleton   his mark
Sanford Noyes
Samuel Thompson
Samuel Brand
Sanford Noyes, Jr.
Samuel Brand, Jr.
George Forster
Ethan Clarke
Jonathan Foster, Jr.
Philip Driskill
John Tefft
Maxson Burdick
John Browns
Ichabod Clarke
Oliver Lewis
Nathan Babcock
Sylvester Crumb
William Clarke
William West
Joseph Davis
Edward Saunders, Jr.

Submitted by Susan Irish Nahas

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