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  Rhode Island Depreciation Claims List as of January 1, 1797 Introduction

  Col. Archibald Crary's Regiment

  Col. Robert Elliot's Regiment

  Col. Topham's Regiment

The Rhode Island Depreciation Claims List as of January 1, 1797

Shortly after the close of the Revolutionary War an attempt was made to obtain additional pay, on account of the depreciation of the currency, for the soldiers serving in the Rhode Island Regiments.  A committee was appointed by the Rhode Island Legislature and a report made showing the "Depreciation Accounts", or the additional amount of pay to which each soldier was entitled.

This report was accepted by the Rhode Island Legislature at the October session, 1785.  No provision was made by the Legislature for the payment of these sums, which were apparently viewed as a claim on the Federal Government.

From time to time an attempt was made to have Congress pass a bill appropriating money for the payment of these Depreciation Accounts.  The last attempt appears to have been in 1834-5 when a bill was favorably reported in the House of Representatives, but failed to pass.

Over time a large number of the former soldiers assigned their interest in this "Depreciation Payment" to speculators who offered ready cash, for less that the face value, expecting to be able to collect the full amount in the future.

The firm of Bulfinch & Storer of Boston was holding a large number of these claims when they failed during the depression of 1796, and one of their creditors, John Atkinson, a New York Merchant and Importer, took over on January 1, 1797 some 600 individual claims having a face value of 18,075 pounds.

These individual claims were still in the hands of his descendant in 1935. This list was published by the Washington State Society Daughters of the American Revolution in their Genealogical Records Committee Volume of 1935-6 [no ©].

Copies of the Volume can be found at the DAR Library in Washington, D.C., the Washington State DAR Library in Yakima, WA, the Seattle Public Library in Seattle, WA and a few other libraries.

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Note: Mattross/Matross: the man who loaded the gun powder into the cannons.

Col. Archibald Crary
Adams, Joseph Corporal
Albert, John Corporal
Aldrich, Andrew Soldier
Aldrich, Clark Soldier
Aldridge, Joshua Soldier
Allen, Josiah Corporal
Allen, Samuel Soldier, also under Col. Elliot
Allen, James Soldier
Allen, Gabriel Captain, Lieutenant & Pay Master
Andrews, Henry Soldier
Arnold, Alexander Sergeant
Arnold, Oliver Soldier
Ash, John Soldier
Ashley, Daniel Soldier
Ashley, Joseph Soldier
Ashley, Abner Soldier
Bailey, John Soldier
Barnes, James Soldier
Barnes, John Soldier
Barney, Joseph Soldier
Barton, Rufus Lieutenant
Bates, Benoni Soldier
Benjamin, Royal Soldier
Bennett, Laban Soldier
Berry, Peleg Lieutenant
Bishop, Ebenezer Soldier
Blackmere, Abner Soldier
Bliss, John Soldier
Bly, Jeremiah Soldier
Bly, John Soldier
Bogman, Charles Soldier
Bosworth, Benjamin Soldier
Bowen, William Soldier
Bracon, Samuel Soldier
Bracon, James Soldier
Brawnch, John Soldier
Brewster, Joseph Soldier
Briggs, Jno. Sergeant, also under Col. Elliot
Briggs, Nathan Soldier
Briggs, Amos Soldier
Briggs, Peleg Soldier
Briggs, Elisha Soldier, also under Col. Elliot
Brightman, William Soldier
Brightman, William Soldier
Brightman, Pardon Soldier
Brown, Caleb Soldier
Brown, Cyril Sergeant
Bullock, Lenox Soldier
Burnham, Freeman Soldier
Busbee, Jonathan Soldier
Butterworth, Noah Soldier
Butts, William Soldier
Capron, Bamfield Soldier
Casey, Edward Soldier
Chance, John Soldier
Chase, Amos Soldier
Church, Caleb Soldier
Clarke, Gardner Soldier
Clarke, Lawrence Soldier
Clemase, Ephraim Soldier
Cleveland, John Soldier
Coggeshall, Develley Soldier
Cole, Daniel Soldier
Cole, Zephaniah Soldier
Colegrove, Major Soldier
Coller, Jonathan Soldier
Cook, Constant Soldier
Cook, Stephen Soldier
Correy, David Soldier
Couvan, David Soldier
Cower/Carver, Joseph Soldier
Cranston, Thomas Sergeant
Croswell, James Lieutenant
Curtis, Daniel Soldier
Cutter, Wyman Soldier
Darling, Moses Soldier
Darling, Levi Soldier
Dean, Samuel Soldier
Dean, Abner Soldier, also under Col. Topham
Dennis, Joseph Soldier
Dexter, Daniel Lieutenant
Dexter, Benjamin Sergeant
Dick, Milford Soldier
Dickerman, Jeremiah Soldier
Dimon, James Soldier
Dunbar, Amos Soldier
Durden, Stafford Soldier
Durfee, Lemuel Soldier
Dwelley, Jeremiah Sergeant
Estes, John Soldier
Fenner, William Soldier
Fish, Joseph Soldier
Frink, Jedediah Soldier
Fuller, Thomas Soldier
Goreham, William Soldier
Grant, Beriah Sergeant
Greene, William Soldier
Griffith, Southward Soldier
Griffith, Paul Soldier
Griffith, Paul Soldier
Hall, John Sergeant
Hall, David Soldier
Harris, Oliver Soldier
Harris, Christopher Soldier
Hathaway, Seth Soldier
Hawkins, Benjamin Soldier
Hazard, Tideman Soldier
Henry, Benjamin Soldier
Hews, Spicer Soldier
Hix, Chase Soldier
Hodges, Ezra Soldier, also under Col. Topham
Hodges, Timothy Soldier
Howard, James Soldier
Humphrey, Samuel Soldier
Ide, Joseph Soldier
Irons, James Soldier
Jenks, Joseph Soldier
Kemble, Phineas Soldier
King, Stephen Soldier
King, Nicholas Soldier
Lake, Gideon Soldier
Lamunyon, Phillip Soldier
Lawless, William Captain
Legg, John Soldier
Luther, Josiah Soldier
Man, Andrew Soldier
Manchester, Christopher Major
Manchester, Job Soldier
Manchester, Richard Soldier
Martin, James Soldier
Mathews, Caleb M. Lieut.
Milleman, John Soldier
Moulton, John Soldier
Mouth, Samuel Soldier
Nash, Nathan Soldier
Newland, Jabez Soldier
Newton, Noah Soldier
Nichols, John Soldier
Northrup, William Drum Major
Northrup, Samuel Lieutenant
Olney, Nathaniel Captain
Pain, Benjamin Soldier
Pain, John Soldier
Palmer, Noah Soldier
Palmer, Phillip Captain
Peirce, Bristol Soldier
Pero, Nathaniel Soldier
Perry, Asabel Soldier
Peters, Benjamin Soldier
Phillips, Israel Soldier
Pigsley, Welcome Soldier
Potter, James Lieutenant
Ramsay, Sturbridge Soldier
Randall, Henry Soldier
Randall, Benajah Soldier
Read, William Soldier
Read, Samuel Soldier
Reynolds, David Soldier
Robbins, Thomas Soldier
Robbinson, John Sergeant
Rogers, Daniel Soldier
Russell, Samuel Soldier
Saunders, Samuel Soldier
Saunders, Rufus Soldier
Scott, Charles Soldier
Seabury, Jno. Fifer, also under Col. Topham
Seekell, Silas Soldier
Shaff, John A. Soldier
Shaw, Seth Soldier
Sheffield, Thomas Soldier
Sherman, Joseph Soldier
Shippie, Reuben Soldier
Shippie, Joseph Soldier
Shippie, Israel Soldier
Short, Samuel Soldier
Short, Benoni Soldier
Simmons, James Soldier
Simmons, Abner Soldier
Simmons, Joseph Soldier
Sisson, Esek Soldier
Slocum, Peleg Soldier
Smith, Ephraim Soldier
Smith, Jahael Soldier
Smith, Shubal Soldier
Smith, David Soldier
Smith, Thomas Soldier
Southwick, Aaron Soldier
Spooner, Benjamin Soldier
Sprague, Elijah Sergeant
Stafford, William Soldier
Stanton, Elijah Soldier
Staples, Joshua Corporal
Streeter, Joel Soldier
Tabor, Havens Soldier
Tabor, Walter Soldier
Talber, Edward Soldier
Tayer, William Soldier
Taylor, Thomas Soldier
Taylor, Elisha Soldier
Thayer, Nathan Soldier
Thomas, George Soldier
Thornton, Stephen Soldier
Thornton, Daniel Soldier
Tomblin, William Soldier
Toolong, Leander Soldier
Trasher, Charles Soldier
Trip, Jesse Soldier
Turner, Zadock Soldier
Turtillot, Reuben Soldier
Walcott, George Soldier
Walker, Charles P. Soldier
Waterman, Lemuel Soldier
Weatherhead, Amaziah Sergeant
Wells, Abraham Soldier
Wescott, John Soldier
West, Thomas Soldier
Westcoat, William Soldier
Wheaton, Peter Soldier
Whipple, Peter Soldier
White, Benjamin Soldier
Whitman, Benoni Soldier
Whittemore, Joseph Soldier
Whitton, Peleg Soldier
Wilbur, Aaron, Lieutenant
Wilcox, Ephraim Soldier
Wilcox, Abner Soldier
Winslow, Peter Soldier, also under Col. Topham
Wood, James Soldier
Wood, Jonathan Soldier

Col. Robert Elliot
Adams, Ebenezer Captain
Albro, Stephen Soldier
Aldrich, John Matross 
Andrews, Nathan Soldier
Babcock, Caleb Soldier
Beers, Spencer Corporal
Beers, Job Soldier
Bowen, Josiah Soldier
Briggs, Townsend Soldier
Briggs, Abraham Soldier, also under Col. Crary
Briggs, Abner Soldier
Briggs, Richard Soldier
Briggs, Abiel Soldier
Brook, Samuel Soldier
Brooks, Thomas Corporal
Brooks, Nathaniel Matross
Brown, John Soldier
Burdick, Sylvester Soldier
Cahoon, Thomas Soldier
Carpenter, William Soldier
Champlin, William Soldier
Champlin, Jonathan Soldier
Chase, Ezra Soldier
Chase, Jared Soldier
Chase, Thomas Soldier
Chase, Barnet Soldier
Chase, Benjamin Soldier
Church, Benjamin Soldier
Clarke, Richard Matross
Coggeshall, Benj. Soldier
Coggeshall, William Soldier
Corry, William Soldier
Cory, William Soldier
Davitson, Benjamin Matross
Dickens, Tristam Soldier
Dunbar, Melzar Soldier
Dunbar, Enoch Soldier
Dunbar, Daniel Soldier
Dunkin, John Soldier
Earl, Domini Soldier, also under Col. Crary
Easterbrook, Jno. Soldier
Easterbrook, Daniel Sergeant
Edwards, Paul Soldier
Endworth, James Soldier
Gardner, Luther Soldier
Garzia, John Capt. & Paymaster
Gay, William Soldier
Gladding, Nathaniel Lieutenant
Godfrey, John Soldier
Gonsabe, John Soldier
Gorton, Samuel Soldier
Green, James Soldier
Griffith, John Sergeant
Griffith, George Soldier, also under Col. Topham
Hammett, Caleb Soldier
Hart, Thomas Soldier
Hartshane, Jacon (Jacob?) Soldier
Hartshane, Zephariah Soldier
Hatch, Samuel Mattross
Hathaway, Samuel Soldier
Henry, Thomas Soldier
Henshaw, John Lieutenant
Hill, Clement Soldier
Hill, John Soldier
Hunt, John Soldier
James, Samuel Soldier
James, Webster Soldier
Jones, Josiah Soldier
King, Stephen Soldier, also under Col. Crary
Kinsman, Thomas Soldier
Knight, Nathan Soldier
Lake, Giles Soldier
Lamphire, Champlin Lieutenant
Lockwood, Benajah Soldier
Longford, Joseph Soldier
Luther, John Soldier
Luther, Thomas Soldier
Luther, Stephen Soldier
Luther, Theophilus Soldier
Luther, Jeremiah Soldier
Lyndall, Nathaniel Soldier
Mason, Alexander Corporal
McCarty, Jno. Soldier
Merry, Jonathan Mattross
Moore, William Soldier
Norton, Elijah Soldier
Omsbee, Josiah Soldier
Paine, Joseph Soldier
Pitman, Corey Fifer
Poole, Joseph Soldier, also under Col. Crary
Pratt, Sylvanus Soldier
Pratt, Michael Soldier
Read, Bailey Soldier
Reed, Gideon Corporal
Reed, William Soldier
Remmington, Thos. Soldier, also under Col. Crary
Reynolds, Shibnat Sergeant
Richardson, Josiah Soldier
Robinson, Christopher Captain & Lieutenant
Roerhill, Ebenezer Matross
Rogers, Jeremiah Soldier
Salisbury, Bernard Soldier, also under Col. Crary
Searing, Jeffry Mattross
Shelton, William Soldier
Sherman, Christopher Soldier
Simmons, Benoni Sergeant
Spencer, Griffen Soldier
Spencer, Thomas Soldier
Spencer, John Soldier
Spink, Eldridge Sergeant
Spooner, Benjamin Soldier
Strange, James Soldier
Sweet, Samuel Matross
Tabor, John Soldier
Tabor, Daniel Soldier
Walker, Nathaniel Soldier
Walter, William Soldier
Waters, William Corporal
Weeks, Benjamin Fifer
Wells, John Soldier
Wescott, Stakley  Soldier
Westgage, Marton Soldier
Whaley, Joseph Soldier
Wheeder, Peleg Mattross
Wickford, Thomas Soldier
Wilcox, John Soldier, also under Col. Crary
Williams, Dyer Soldier
Wilmouth, Thomas Soldier
Winslow, Oliver Soldier
Wood, Job Soldier, also under Col. Topham
Handy, John Major & Adjutant of Brigade

Col. John Topham
Albert, John Soldier
Alexander, James Soldier
Alger, Nicholas Soldier
Allen, Prince Soldier
Allen, Gabriel Captain
Armstrong, William Soldier
Austin, Caleb Soldier
Austin, James Soldier
Austin, George Soldier
Babcock, George Soldier
Babcock, William Jr. Soldier
Babcock, John Soldier
Bailey, Jared Corporal
Baker, Seth Soldier
Baker, Ichabod Sergeant
Barber, William Soldier
Barker, Samuel Corporal
Bates, Jonathan Soldier
Bates, Jonathan Soldier
Bates, George Soldier
Bates, Christopher Soldier
Blanchard, Caleb Corporal
Blanchard, John Soldier
Bly, Joseph Soldier
Bowen, Gideon Soldier
Brank, Peleg Soldier
Britt, Joshua A. Doctor
Broconel, Paul Soldier
Bromley, Paul Soldier
Brown, James Sergeant
Brown, Tobias Soldier
Brown, Samuel Soldier
Brownell, Ichabod Soldier
Bryant, Amasa Soldier
Bump, Isaac Soldier
Bumper, Joseph Soldier
Bumper, Beriah Sergeant
Bun/Been, Joshua Soldier
Burligame, John Soldier
Button, Daniel Soldier
Button, Samuel Soldier
Button, Joshua Soldier
Campbell, Joseph Soldier
Campbell, Jacob Soldier
Carey, John Soldier
Case, Sandford Soldier
Chace, Richard Soldier
Chapman, Timothy Soldier
Child, Martin Soldier
Church, Nathaniel Corporal & Sergeant
Clarke, Wells Soldier
Clarke, Simeon Soldier
Clarke, Roger Soldier
Coates, Joseph Soldier
Coggeshill, Daniel Corporal
Colegrove, Christopher Soldier
Collins, Thomas Soldier
Congdon, Stafford Soldier
Congdon, James Soldier
Congdon, Benjamin Soldier
Cook, Abiel Corporal
Coone, Joseph Soldier
Crandall, James Sergeant
Crandall, Asa Soldier
Crandall/Cransdall, Gideon Soldier
Crandall, Clarke Soldier
Crandall, James Jr. Soldier
Crocker, Oliver Soldier
Cross, Thomas Soldier
Crumb, Billington Soldier
Crumb, Simeon Soldier
Cummings, William Soldier
Cummings, Jacob Soldier
Dailey/Daily, Timothy Soldier
Davis, Joseph Soldier
Davis, David Soldier
Davis, Gardner Soldier
Davis, Joseph Soldier
Deven, James Soldier
Diskell, Phillip Soldier
Dix/Rix, Rufus Soldier
Dixon/Digan, Benj. Soldier
Drake, John Sergeant
Draneh, Aholiab Soldier
Dyer, William Lieut.
Dyer, Jonathan Soldier
Eaton, Ebenezer Soldier
Eddy, John Soldier
Eldred, Robert Soldier
Ellis, Daniel Soldier
Enos, Abraham Soldier
Evans, William Soldier
Evans, Benjamin Soldier
Fish, Daniel Sergeant
Fowler, Abel Soldier
Freeman, Jethro Soldier
Freeman, Charles Fifer
Frink, Amos Lieutenant
Gallop, Samuel Soldier
Gardner, William Lieutenant
Garey, Elisha Soldier
Gasper, Joseph Soldier
Gavitt, George Soldier
Gorton, William Soldier
Gould, John Soldier
Grafton, William Drummer
Gray, James Soldier
Green, Jonathan Soldier
Green, Jabish Soldier
Green, Edward Soldier
Greene, Jacob Lieutenant
Greene, Samuel Soldier
Greene, Chaffey Soldier
Grinnell, Bagley Soldier
Guild, Joseph Soldier
Hakes, Caleb Soldier
Hall, Augustus Soldier
Hanon, Augustus Soldier
Hardell, Elijah Soldier
Harris, Benjamin Soldier
Hart, Job Soldier
Hartehorne, Jonathan Soldier
Harvey, Silas Soldier
Harvey, George Soldier
Haymond, Caleb Soldier
Helme, Nathaniel Soldier
Herrick, Benjamin Soldier
Hewitt, Joseph Corporal
Hill, Asa Drummer
Hill, Josiah Drummer
Himes, George Soldier
Hiscox, Ephraim Jr. Soldier
Hiscox, Joshua Soldier
Hix, Levi Soldier
Holley, Robert Sergeant
Holley, Benjamin Soldier, also under Col. Crary 
Hopkins, Clark Soldier
Howland, Fortune Soldier
Huston, William Soldier
Hutson, John Soldier
James, Paul Soldier
Jencks, Boomer Soldier
Jencks, Long Sergeant
Johnson, Theodor Soldier
Johnson, Josiah Soldier
Jones, William Sergeant
Jones, Samuel Soldier
Jones, Josiah Sergeant
Killome, Thaoas Soldier
Kingon (Kinyon?), Lodowick Soldier
Kingsley, Savit Soldier
Kinyon, John Soldier
Kittle, Edmund Soldier
Knox, James Soldier
Lamphier, John Soldier
Lewis, Samuel Soldier
Lewis, Caleb Sergeant
Lewis, Pely  Soldier
Lewis, Benjamin Sergeant
Longford, Joseph Soldier
Luther, Silas Soldier
Lyon, Daniel Soldier
Manchester, Isaac Soldier
Mariss, Edward Soldier
Mason, Hezekiah Soldier
Mathews, Benjamin Soldier
Maxon, Stephen Corporal
Miller, Benjamin Soldier
Mott, Benjamin Soldier
Nichols, Samuel Sergeant
Nichols, Jno. Soldier, also under Col. Crary & Col. Elliot.
Packer, Jonathan Soldier
Packer, John Soldier
Palmeter, William Soldier
Palmiter, Pral Corporal
Palmiter, Phineas Soldier
Palmiter, Jonathan Soldier
Parker, Benjamin Soldier
Peckham, Braddick Soldier
Peirce, Daniel Soldier
Pendleton, Gideon Soldier
Petty, George Soldier
Phillips, William Sergeant
Phillips, Samuel Major
Pitman, Carey Fifer
Potter, Elisha Soldier
Potter, Levi Soldier
Pratt, Joseph Soldier
Rathburn, James Soldier
Rathburne, Tibbits Soldier
Ray, Stephen Soldier
Redson, Edward Soldier
Reguss, Noles Soldier
Remington, Benedict Soldier
Remson, Stephen Soldier
Reynolds, James Soldier
Reynolds, George Soldier
Reynolds, Charles Soldier
Rhodes, Anthony Soldier
Rice, Caleb Sergeant
Rickard, Abner Soldier
Rix/Dix, Nathan Soldier
Rogers, Ephraim Soldier
Ross, Lebbery Soldier
Rowland, Lewis Soldier, also under Col. Crary
Salsbury, Thomas Soldier
Saunders, Peleg Soldier
Saunders, Augustus Soldier
Seethings (schall) Abiather Soldier
Shaw, Joseph Soldier
Simm, Solomon Soldier
Simmons, Josiah Soldier
Simmons, Oliver Soldier
Simmons, Quorn Soldier
Simmons, Abijah Soldier
Simmons, Seth Soldier
Smith, Nathaniel Soldier
Smith, William Sergeant
Smith, John Soldier
Spencer, David Soldier
Spencer, Jonathan Soldier
Springer, Gamaliel Soldier
Springer, Benjamin Soldier
Springer, Robert Soldier
St. John, Allen Soldier
Stafford, Stephen Sergeant
Stafford, Ichabod Soldier
Stanton, Vernon Soldier
Stanton, Andrew Lieutenant
Stewart, Lemuel Soldier
Stillman, Wait Soldier
Stone, Jeremiah Soldier
Stringer, John Soldier
Swift, James Soldier
Swift, Samuel Soldier
Tabor, William Soldier
Tanner, George Soldier
Tanner, Gideon Soldier
Tanner, William Soldier
Thompson, Thomas Soldier
Thompson, Nathaniel Soldier
Thompson, Thomas Lieutenant
Thurstin, James Soldier
Tift, Caleb Soldier
Tift, Robert Soldier
Tisdale, Lemuel Soldier
Trafton, Philip Captain
Trask, Adin Sergeant
Tucker, Daniel Soldier
Vial, Joseph Soldier
Wampy, John Soldier
Wantor (Wanton?), William Soldier
Warden, Cesar Soldier
Warden, Walter Soldier
Warder, Arnold Soldier
Waterman, Towsend Soldier
Watson, Samuel Soldier
Weatherhead, Jeremiah Soldier
Weaver, Elijah Soldier
Weaver, George Soldier
Webster, Daniel Soldier
Welch, John Lieutenant
Wells, James Soldier
West, Benoni Soldier
West, John Soldier
West, Timothy Sergeant
Whaley, Jeremiah Soldier
Wilcox, William Soldier
Wilcox, John Fifer
Wilcox, Benjamin Soldier
Wilcox, Burden Soldier
Wilcox, John Fifer
Wilcox, Stephen Soldier
Wood, Amasa Soldier
Wood, Reuben Sergeant
Worden, William Soldier
Wright, Job Soldier
Wright, Joseph Soldier

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