Union County Cemeteries

Cemetery Name, Location

Antioch AME Church Cemetery
Askew Cemetery - Kelton
Belmont Cemetery - Cross Anchor
Bethlehem Cemetery -  Kelton
Beulah Cemetery -  Union East
Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery
Bishop Cemetery
Blackstock Road Cemetery - Cross Anchor
Bobo Cemetery - Philson Crossroads
Bogansville Methodist Church Cemetery -  Glenn Springs, near West Springs
Briggs Cemetery -  Whitmire North
Brock Cemetery
Browns Creek Cemetery -  Kelton
Buffalo Cemetery - Union West
Cane Creek Quaker Cemetery
Cane Creek Cemetery, Whitmire North
Cane CreekPresbyterian Church Cemetery
Cold Well Cemetery, Whitmire North
Crawford - Jolly Cemetery
Dawkins Cemetery
Edwards Cemetery
Enoree Church Cemetery
Episcopalian Cemetery
Fairforest Cemetery
Fairforest Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Jonesville
Fairview Cemetery, Union East
Fant Cemetery, Whitmire North
Farr Cemetery- on Fowler Place
Fawcett Cemetery, Kelton
Fernandez Cemetery, Pacolet Mills
Fish Dam Cemetery, Carlisle
Flat Rock Cemetery, Kelton
Flint Hill Cemetery
Forest Lawn Cemetery, Union East
Foster Chapel Cemetery - Kelton (Methodist Church)
Foster-Woolbright Cemetery - Kelton
Free Cemetery, Kelton
Gallman Cemetery  -  Kelton
Garner Cemetery - Kelton (near Skull Shoals)
Gibbs Cemetery, Union West
Gilead Baptist Church Cemetery - Jonesville
Gilliam Chapel Cemetery, Whitmire North
Gist Cemetery, Sedalia
Gist-Giles-Pinckneyville Cemetery, Lockhart
Glenn Cemetery, Leeds
Going Cemetery, Kelton
Grace Cemetery, Union East
Gregory Cemetery, Union East
Hames-Gault Cemetery, Kelton
Hancock Cemetery, Jonesville
Haney Cemetery, Kelton
Harris Cemetery, Kelton
Hawkins Cemetery
Hebron Cemetery, Union East
Hill Cemetery, Carlisle
Hodge Cemetery, Pacolet Mills
Holcombe Cemetery, Union West
Humphries Cemetery, Union West
Jeter Cemetery, Leeds
Johnson Cemetery, Kelton
Kelly Cemetery, Kelton
Keisler Cemetery, Union West
Kellys Cemetery, Carlisle
Lawson Cemetery, Cross Anchor
Lee Cemetery, Whitmire North
Littlejohn Cemetery, Jonesville
Lower Fairforest Cemetery, Union West

Macedonia Cemetery, Philson Crossroads
Mayhew Cemetery, Glenn Springs
McBride Cemetery, Union East
McDaniel Cemetery, Whitmire North
McKissick Cemetery, Kelton
Mitchell Cemetery, Johnsville
Mount Joy Baptist Church Cemetery, Kelton
Mount Joy Baptist Church Cemetery, Kelton
Mount Lebanon Cemetery, Cross Anchor
Mount Tabor Presbyterian Church Cemetery Est 1832, Kelton

Murphy-Duncan Cemetery, Union West
New Hope Cemetery, Johnsville
New Prospects Cemetery, Sedalia
Old Fairforest Cemetery, Glenn Springs
Old Lower Fairforest Cemetery, Union West
Old Quaker Cemetery, Sedalia
Otterson Fort Cemetery, Whitmire North
Padgetts Creek Cemetery, Union West
Palmer Cemetery, Union West
Parks Cemetery, Union West
Pearson Cemetery, Sedalia
Philippi Baptist Church Cemetery -  Kelton
Pinckney Cemetery, Lockhart
Polly Young Cemetery, Union West
Porter Cemetery, Kelton
Putnam, Baptist Church Cemetery, Cross Anchor
Reidsville Cemetery, Kelton
Rice Cemetery, Union West
Rogers Cemetery, Whitmire North
Rosemont Cemetery, Union East
Salem Cemetery, Union East
Sardis Methodist Church Cemetery, Union West
Scales Cemetery, Kelton
Shiloh Cemetery, Philson Crossroads
Sims Cemetery, Whitmire North
Sims, Cemetery, Leeds
Smith Cemetery, Kelton
Spears Cemetery, Kelton
Spring Hill Cemetery, Cross Anchor
Steen Cemetery, Union East
Sulphur Springs Cemetery, Glenn Springs
Sunset Memorial Gardens, Union East
Swink-Little Cemetery, Union West
Thomas Cemetery, Leeds
Union Memorial Gardens, Union East
Upper Fairforest Cemetery, Jonesville
Wallace Cemetery, Union West
Ward Cemetery, Jonesville
Weber-Haile Cemetery, Jonesville
Wesley, Chapel Cemetery
West Springs Baptist Church Cemetery, Glenn Springs
Woodson Baptist Church Cemetery, Meansville Road
Young Cemetery, Sedalia



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 County Coordinators

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