Judicial Records

RESEARCHER TIP: If only a citation to a case is listed, you should be able to request a copy, for a fee, from a large law library in your state (normally associated with large universities). Provide the information listed when requesting copies.

I have tried to provide information in brackets when available to indicate the value of the case to genealogical research.

Legal Cases

Killian v. Herndon, 4 Rich. 196 (1850) [G.W. KILLIAN, Z.P. HERNDON; case involving contract to build dwelling house]
Thomas v. Gage, 1 Harp. Eq. 197 (1824) [Daniel THOMAS, Wm. JOHNSON, John GAGE, Harmon JOHNSON; probate]
Thomas v. Thomas, Equity Suit #139, Col. Daniel Thomas v. William Thomas, Union District, 12 Oct 1825 Available from: South Carolina Department of Archives and History, 8301 Parklane Road, Columbia, SC 29223
Thompson v. Bullock, 1 Bay 364 (1794) [James HUEY, Zachariah BULLOCK, John KNUCKLES, Ninety-six District, Union County; action to try title of land]
Thompson v. Goudelock, 10 Rich. 49 (1856) [A.W. THOMPSON, D. GOUDELOCK; case for compensation]



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