Glass Cemetery
donated by:  Rebecca Allen SMALL
As of January, 1987 the following graves were in this cemetery:

One adult grave covered with shells, no markings
One fan shaped carving of an angel, no wording

GLASS, Billie Mason
        18 FEB 1878--29 APR 1959
GLASS, Estelle W.
        24 MAR 1906--01 FEB 1975
GLASS, Katie
        01 NOV 1883--23 MAY 1976
GLASS, Mary Jane (nee:  LAFON)
        29 SEP 1850--28 DEC 1947
GLASS, Mary Lou
        16 DEC 1927--05 DEC 1932
GLASS, William M.
        13 JAN 1851--19 NOV 1926
LAFON, M. (Margarette (Martin)
        13 JAN 1823--14 FEB 1901
        Wife of Frederick LAFON (married 02 MAR 1843)

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