Burleson County Confederate Veterans

          A list of Veterans from Burleson County from several units from various states

A.H. Adams, Co. K Stone Cavalry
L.K. Adison, 2nd Texas Infantry
Andrew Jackson Allbright, 17th Texas Volunteer Infantry
Jacob E. Bollinger Allbright, Wauls Leigon
E.D. Arnold, Co I Barless Regiment
E.L. Atkinson, Co. K 4th Texas Cavalry
T.J. Aubrey, Co. F 14th Texas Infantry
S.N. Baliff, Co. E 27th Louisianna Infantry
E.G. Banks, Co. E 18th Mississipppi Infantry
J.C. Barnett, Co. B 25th Texas Cavalry
E. B. Bell, Co. I 6th Mississippi Cavalry
J.T. Bell, Co. I 6th Misissippi Cavalry
J.B. Benson, Co. C 41st Tennessee Infantry
J.C. Blocker, Co. H 2nd Mississippi Infantry
W.C. Blocker, Co. H 22nd Mississippi Infantry
Wm. Brymer, CoA 17th Texas Infantry
A.J. Burks, Co. A 17th Texas Infantry
J.C. Calhoun
B.H. Carroll, 17th Texas Volunteer Infantry
?? Carroll, 17th Texas Volunteer Infantry
?? Carroll, 17th Texas Volunteer Infantry
A.W. Cathcart, co. A Walls Legion
J.C. Clepper, Co. K 8th Texas Cavalry
R.W. Coleman
W.J. Coleman, Co. A 29th Mississippi Infantry
B.F. Cowan, Co. B. 42nd NC Infantry
Joe Dugan, 2nd Texas Infantry
W.B. Earthman, Co. I 5th Greens Cavalry
Ed Easley, Co. D 24th Texas Cavalry
W.H. Edmonds, 17th Texas Infantry
Edward M. Ellis Co. A,17 Tx Infantry 
Evans Ellis, Co. H 1st NC Regiment of Cavalry
T.A. Fagan, Greens Regiment 1st Missouri Brigade
Thomas Farmer, Co. A 17th Allen Regiment of Infantry
J.F. Farquahar, Co. I 56th Alabama Cavalry
F.D. Fontain, Co. G 20th Texas Infantry
J.D. Haden Forrest, Alabama Cavalry
Henry Goodwin
C.C. Harvey, 17th Texas Volunteer Infantry
James Lafayette Harvey, Co.A 17th Texas Infantry
William Wilder Harvey,  Co, A. 17th Texas Infantry
Will Ike Heslep, 17th Texas Volunteer Infantry
I. B. Hill, Co. G 2nd Confederate Infantry
Thomas M. Hunt, 17th Texas Volunteer Infantry
F.W. Griffin, Co. G 14th Texas Cavalry
H.M. Griffith, Co. E 1st Mississippi Battalion Hood's Brigade
J.C. Hale, Co. F 11th Texas Cavalry
J.P. Harvey, 19th Infantry
E. Hensley, Co. A. Willis Battalion
J.A. Hill, Willis Battalion
J.T. Hill, Co. A Willis Battalion
Henry Hodges, Co. l 16th Confederate Cavalry
Cyrus Hope
T. M. Hunt, Inspecter Watterhoris Regiment
W.H. Jenkins, 8th Texas Cavalry
H. Johnson, Co. F. 5th Texas Cavalry
A. Kramer, Co. C. Walls Legion
W.S. Lackey, 51st Alabama Regiment Cavalry
J.B. Landers, Co. B 16th Texas Infantry
W. Lange, Co. D. 2nd Battalion Walls Legion
E.W.B. Leach, Co. A Haskels Artillery
G.W. Lee, Co, C Wallers Battalion
W. Lehde, Co. E 16th Texas Infantry
J.M. Little, Co. C 23 Alabama Infantry
W.A. Lyons, Co. E 5th Texas Cavalry Greens Brigade
Dr. J.W. Matthews, Co K 8th Texas Cavalry
J.F. Matthews, Co D. 24th Texas Cavalry
J.M. Marquis, Co. E Adams Mississippi Cavalry
J.L. Maxwell, Co. F Speight BAttalion
T.F. Mays, 17th Texas Volunteer Infantry
A.C. Meecom, 3rd Louisiana Cavalry
A.W. McIver, 18th Texas Infantry
J.C. McLaian, Co. D 8th Texas Infantry
W.H. Montague, Co A Walls Legion
A.H. Moore, Co. G 18th Misissippi Infantry
Benjamin Franklin Moorman, Co. D, 2nd Mississippi Battalion
R.H. Morgan, Co. C 20th Texas Infantry
J.S. Mosley, Co. G 14th Mississippi Infantry
J.B. Mulinax, Douglas Company
J.C. Murray, Co. A. Haskels Artillery
W.M. Myers, Co. A Clarks Battalion
J. Newcomb, Co. A 17th Allen Regiment
A.J. Norville,Co. F 21st Texas Cavalry
Dr. J.P. Oliver, Ast. Surgeon 3re Louisiana Cavalry
J.W. Page, Co. E 2nd Alabama Cavalry
A.M. Pillow, Co. K 20th Texas Infantry
H.W. Pillow, 17th Texas Infantry
J.R. Pollock, Co. F 10th Texas Infantry
B.A. Porter, 17th Texas Volunteer Infantry
John Porter, 17th Texas Volunteer Infantry
J.W. Porter, Co. F 8th Texas Infantry
J.J. Presley, Co. E Walls Regiment, (38th Alabama Regiment Infantry)
Sam Ragsdale, Goulds Regiment King Brigade
J.R. Reeves,Co. D 4th Texas Infantry
Thomas Ridgeway, 17th Texas Volunteer Infantry
W.M. Robinson, Slaughter's Regiment
J.C. Rowland, Co. A Walls Legion
K.G. Rowland, Waltes Battalion of Artillery
P.B. Scott, Co. A Mannus Regiment
A.W. Sexton, Co G 12th Kentucky REgiment
Ellis Smith
W.H. Storm, McAdo Division
J. Taylor, Co. a 19th Mississippi Featherton's Brigade
J.M. Thomas, Co.A Willis Battalion
James Reuben Thomas, Jr., Co. I, 5th Texas Brigade
J. Tiller, Co. A 7th SC Infantry
W.P. Vanmeter, 17th Texas Infantry
A.P. Wallen, Co. A Walls Legion
C.M. Weston, Co C. 27th Alabama Infantry
L.O.R. Whittenten, Speight Battalion
A.G. Wilkinson, Co F 5th Texas Cavalry
D.B. Wilkinson, Co. E 2nd Texas Infantry
G. J. Williams, 154 Tennessee Infantry
Thomas Williams, Co. B. 27th N.C. Infantry
Jacob Wilson, Co. B 1st Mississippi Cavalry
S.G. Wilson, Co. B 1st Mississippi Cavalry
C.W.F. Windely, Co. C Flouridian Regiment
M.C. Womack, Co. M
W.G. Womble, Co. C 59th Alabama Infantry

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