Outside the Burleson County Courthouse in Caldwell is a monument sponsored by the
Campbell Williams Post No. 4458 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.
The following is inscribed on this monument along with a list of the men who died.

In Honored Memory of Those From Burleson
County Who Gave Their Lives for
1917       World War I       1918
Submitted by:  Narris Braly

Howard Boyd                                                                                                                   John M. Lott
Truman E. Brewer                                                                                                            Otto I. Love
Clarence B. Brooks                                                                                                          Clark Maxwell
Henry Cantavespi                                                                                                             Marion Mays
Horace C. Dean                                                                                                               George W. McCoy
John J. Deutsch                                                                                                                Gus A. Payonk
Albert Engleman                                                                                                               Roe Price
Fred Fisher                                                                                                                       Robert H. Ryan
Willie M. Gerland                                                                                                             Frank V. Sefeik
Nelson Harrington                                                                                                            Willie L. Sefeik
Mose Harris                                                                                                                     Charles G. Stolz
C.W. Hollandsworth                                                                                                         Dan F. Weyand
T. C. Houston                                                                                                                  William M. Wiebusch
Edgar Jackson                                                                                                                  Adolf O. Witte
Henry Kotulan                                                                                                                  Silas S. Wooton
Charles Langlotz

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