December  1897

DECEMBER 3, 1897

H. KRUEGER, J. D. STAMPS and Thomas HARVERY are preparing to hunt ducks on the Yegua. [Creek]

Mr. Henry MOSES is on sick list. [Bird Song]

Three are sick in the family of Mr. GANN of the Hix community. One of his little boys is expected to die.

W. C. BAIN & wife and wife of S. F. DUNN were called to Wheelock, Texas last Friday to attend Mr. JONES, who is dangerously ill.

Isaac HARRISON & family left community for Robertson County.

R. M. MARTIN has made application for mail route for next four years.

Advertised letters: Mrs. L. B. DICKINSON, Frank MOSES, Hepalita VILLARREAL, Oscar WARNER

Married at 12 o’ clock, midnight, last Wednesday, December 1st, R. M. ADDISON and Miss Sallie TEAGUE of Giddings, by Rev. M. C. TAYLOR. Mrs. ADDISON taught school at Second Creek last year.

On Wednesday, December 1, Ike BROADDUS was married to Miss Annie BELL. Rev. W. E. JAMES officiated. It was an elopement. They drove their buggy to Rev. JAMES and were married in their buggy.

Mr. R. J. ALEXANDER and Miss Mary JENKINS to marry at First Baptist Church on December 8th.

Robert ADDISON captured his fair lady. He and Miss Sallie TEAGUE were married in Wheelock last Wednesday.

Family of Postmaster DELAMATER is visiting relatives in Milano.

Miss WOOTEN & PARKER of Bryan accompanied by Dr. Will & Curtis OLIVER are expected Tuesday to be in attendance at ALEXANDER & JENKINS nuptials.

Mrs. E. H. BARNETT from Brenham is here for wedding.

Mrs. Hugh McNEESE of Hubbard City after spending a week with Dr. NEELEY & family   has gone to Brenham for several days.

Miss Maggie HENSLEY is visiting relatives in Bryan.

Miss Sudie ANDREWS has returned home from Caldwell.

Master Lige JOHNSON has dengue fever.

E. T. PORTER of Hix spent several days visiting cousin B. THOMPSON & family at Yellow Prairie.

Miss Sallie GRIFFIN entertained with a birthday party.

Mr. Edward MATEJOWSKY, of Birch made assignment, naming Mr. Joe KRENEK of Lyons as assignee.

R. J. RADFORD is planning of leaving Lyons.

Fred DEUTSCH has a sick baby.

Ned JENKINS in Bryan on business.

W. M. STONE is still sick.

T. A. LOWE of Brenham is in town.

J. W. CHAMBERLAIN of Lyons in town.

A. D. RUST, Jr. went to Bryan on business.

Mrs. H. H. DARR has slow fever.

John Newcomb has sick daughter.

Eck and Dot OLIVER went to Bryan to visit.

E. O. JANNETT is still ill.

Dick ALEXANDER went to Brenham on business.

Miss Nellie SUGG of Mayersville, Mississippi is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Dr. PORTER.

Miss REINHARDT of Granger is visiting family of Mrs. MASON of Caldwell.

J.  F. PATTILO of Waco is in town in interest of Houston Drug Company.

A. C. MURRAY went to Houston to attend Masonic Grand Lodge.

Harry ROBERTS, son of deputy sheriff W. T. ROBERTS, who has been in Kansas, is home for the holidays.

Capt. J. C. ROWLAND, who has been confined with cancer and paralysis for 4-5 months is some stronger.

Ed REEVES, Jr. moved his family to town. Ellis SMITH will live on farm vacated by Mr. REEVES.

Well known Gee Springs pasture of 275 acres was transferred last Saturday from W. T. NELSON & wife of Burleson County and Asa GEE of Montana to JENKINS & JENKINS.

Fritz PAHL of Birch Creek had his leg broken when horse became frightened at train whiled driving the buggy across the railroad tracks.

DECEMBER 10, 1897

BORN:  Boy to Mr. & Mrs. Foster JAMES of Yellow Prairie.

BORN:  Boy to Rev. & Mrs. E. A. POTTS

Mr. Julian HILL and Miss Lily WALLACE were married Wednesday night, not last Wednesday at Quarry, Washington County, as reported by Houston Post and Brenham Banner. The license was procured in Burleson County Monday.

Married at Belton on Thursday, November 11, 1897, Claude H. McARTHUR of Veron, Texas and Miss Vincie MAYS of Belton. Mr. McARTHUR was raised here.

T. J. NEWCOMB and W. C. PORTER went to Houston to take in the F. F. & V. festival there.

Report of those not absent or tardy for month of November: Eddie DUEWALL, Bertha LEBERENZ, Albert LEBERENZ, Oswald STRUWE, John SKRABANEK, Alvina DUSEK, Albert HOMEYER,
Emma DUEWALL, Mary SKRABANEK, Hattie SCHWEDA, Annie LEBERNZ and Joe SKRABANEK. Teacher is Ida HELBIG. Average daily attendance was 60.

Mr. & Mrs. PLATTE of Bell County visited Mr. & Mrs. Foster JAMES of Yellow Prairie last week.

Miss Annie & Newton GRAHAM of Sand Hill community, also Mr. PRINCE of Caldwell were visiting Sunday school. [Yellow Prairie]

Miss Mamie PHILP is visiting friends & relatives near Caldwell.  [Y P]

John PHILP of Caldwell is visiting best girl at Yellow Prairie.

Jesse WILLBONDS & family, who went to Mills County last year, have came back to Yellow Prairie to live.

Will HILL has been quite ill.

The little baby of Mr. & Mrs. Pete RYAN was buried in Gause  [Milam Co.] graveyard last Sunday.

Mrs. GRABOW of Caldwell is visited Dr. McLEAN & family last week.

Last Wednesday night, at Baptist church, Mr. Richard ALEXANDER and Miss Mary JENKINS were united in the holy bonds of wedlock by Rev. Jeff D. RAY. Miss Annie DELAMATER sang “For All Eternity.”  [There were four full columns in the newspaper containing descriptions of the wedding and party.]

Miss Biddie JENKINS has been ill.

News-Chronicle received a card announcing the up coming marriage reception for Jesse William JENKINS, son of Mr. & Mrs. A. G. JENKINS and Miss Annie Louise DELAMATER. She is the sister of postmaster Ben F. DELAMATER. Mr. JENKINS is engaged with his cousin, E. G. JENKINS in the jewelry business.

Messers KING and others have a fine kiln of bricks outside of Gause, Texas.

Mr. Dick MURPHY, ginners at Gause, sold his half interest in gin to Frank TINDELL, brother to D. D. TINDELL. A few days later, D. D. TINDELL sold interest to Mr. MURPHY. The results of these trades are that where the firm was TINDELL & MURPHY, it is now MURPHY & TINDELL.

Perry KING of Fraimville moved his family to Gause.

James LITTLE has moved into WATTS house, which was recently vacated by Prof. RANKIN.

Gause section foreman, Mr. MARSHALL has been transferred to Buffalo, Texas.

Dan FOWLER is doing some building in the bottom.

The little baby of Mr. & Mrs. Pete RYAN was buried at Gause graveyard last Sunday evening.

H. C. HATFIELD, Gause blacksmith has dengue fever. Also J. W. PITTS.

W. C. MOOR has returned from his trip.

Miss Carrie CARROLL has dengue fever.

Homer LAMKIN was in Galveston Monday.

Cary NEWCOM has dengue fever for a second time.

Haynes SHANNON of Navasota is in town.

Judge MOORE of the bottom is in town.

Jesse JENKINS visited in Brenham.

J. R. PILLOW of Lyons was in town.

James SIMMONS, cotton buyer of Lyons was in town.

Charlie PORTER is better.

Dr. J. P. SPARKS of Hix was in town.

Tom McDADE was placed in jail on charge of burglary.

W. M. STONE is in Bryan attending Methodist annual conference.

Mrs. STUBBLEFIELD of Belton is visiting family of Ben F. DELAMATER.

Mrs. Robert HESLEP went to visit her parents in Navasota.

Judge GOODWIN of Tunis was in town.

Mrs. James HILL is better.

Mr. John ALEXANDER is recovering from dengue.

Rev. Mr. BRACEWELL of Lyons is on his way to Bryan for annual conference.

B. F. SARGENT and Mrs. S. A. WILSON of Merle neighborhood were licensed to wed last week.

William REEVES & wife went to Gatesville on business.

Rev. Jeff D. RAY went to Corsicana till next week.

Capt. Tom WILLIAMS, one of genial blacksmiths has dengue fever.

James HARRISON of Brenham was buying cotton at Lyons.

R. E. McARTHUR is better.

Grey LEWIS of Temple, representing the VORHEES, MILLER & Co. clothing store of Cincinnati was doing business in Caldwell this week.

Miss WOOTEN came over from Bryan to tell her friends goodbye, as she left for her home in New Orleans.

Miss ROBERTS of Belton was in town in the interest of Alumni Cottage, a boarding school at Belton, connected with Baylor University.

Ed NEWCOMB, representing Tennant, Stribling & Company, a large shoe house in St. Louis was in town.

Mrs. E. P. HUTCHINGS stepped on a nail last week and was prostrated for several days.

Tom BENSON was knocked down & out for a while at the racetrack last Saturday, when a horse ran against him.

Dr. Will OLIVER was called to a patient and was unable to be a groomsman at ALEXANDER & JENKINS wedding.

Judge W. J. MOORE, of Brazos bottom held a social.

John Q. TABOR of Bryan has a large advertisement for buggies, carriages, etc.

DECEMBER 17, 1897

BORN to Mr. & Mrs. O. W. JOHNSTON on December 15th, a boy.

Miss Vergie JONES died December 14, 1897.

W. E. HOWARD, M. D. has an advertisement in the newspaper.

J. J. HOLICK’s residence caught fire Monday in the kitchen and was put out before serious damage. Also Monday, J. H. FUOSS jewelry store caught fire and was put out before serious damage was done.

Tuesday evening, the young folks who were going to the LAMKIN – BASSETT wedding at Brenham learned the train was 2 hours & 30 minutes late.

The JENKINS & DELAMATER wedding took place at the Baptist Church. Miss Effie WITHERS sang, “Call me thine own.” [There were four full columns describing wedding and gifts received and who gave them]

Married at Hix, Tuesday, Dec. 14th, 1897, Charles C. PORTER & Miss Emma TYSON by Rev. J. W. GEORGE. Mr. PORTER had been seriously ill with typhoid.

Wednesday, Dr. SPARKS & Mrs. Pattie JACKSON of Hix, were united in marriage.

The boys of Mr. GUNN, of Hix are still dangerously ill.

Joe HUBBARD who has been gone for two months has returned to Hix.

S. H. GERMAN hs been employed to take Charley PORTER’s place as teacher, who was ill.

Mr. BOUGH & family have arrived from Arkansas and will live on Mr. DUNN’s place another year. [Hix]

Eck DENMAN & family have moved to their new place on Cedar Creek. Ed went with them.

M. MATEJOWSKY has a new stock of goods.

Temple Tribune:  Mr. Henry WALRAVEN of Bartlett, who has been very ill, as well as his family and loosing two of his children ~ the neighbors turned out en mass to gather his corn & cotton. A better sermon on love of neighbors could not be found.

William BOYD of Chriesman was in town.

Dot OLIVER visited in Brenham.

Rev. F. W. Ernst HARTMAN of Birch was in town.

Jake CHAMBERS of Lyons was in town.

Harry DELAMATER & wife left after JENKINS & DELAMATER wedding, for their home in Galveston.

Miss Jennie May SMITH will spend the holidays at Palestine, Texas.

Charles A. BROADDUS will commence feeding cattle for the home market.

Mrs. R. W. WOOD of Brenham is visiting the family of William REEVES.

Mrs. Elbert HENSLEE of Yellow Prairie is visiting Mrs. H. H. DARR.

John D. LEE, one of Corsicana’s promising attorneys is guest of Rev. Jeff RAY.

Dan SIMS of the Brazos bottom attended the JENKINS – DELAMATER wedding.

Miss Lillie OLDHAM of Brymer visited aunt, Mrs. Charlie CARROLL thru the holidays.

Mrs. Hiram BROWN & son, James of Giddings attended the JENKINS & DELAMATER wedding.

F. W. JERSIG of Kansas City, brother and partner of E. P. JERSIG of Caldwell were in town on business.

Miss Lena CHILES returned from Belton school to spend holidays with her mother, Mrs. DARR.

Mr. & Mrs. A. D. RUST, Jr. & two children will leave to visit relatives in Rock Island, Colorado County.

Rev. Jeff RAY returned from Corsicana where he held revival.

Rev. Dr. LUTHER of Temple preached at the Baptist Church.

Val STRUWE has returned to Caldwell after several months in Brenham.

F. M. AUSTIN, the junior partner of the firm, WILLIAMS & AUSTIN left Wednesday for Edna, Texas to open an office there.

Miss Zelda HESLEP will leave for extended visit with her sister, Mrs. J. W. BLACKBURN at Corsicana.

DECEMBER 24, 1897

Mrs. George DEAN is not expected to live. [Gause, Milam Co.]

Joseph PROCHEK has a house for sale, now occupied by Ben COPELAND.

Henry DALKOFSKY of Tunis is selling general merchandise of bankrupt ORSAG & MAREK, which he purchased.

Calvin HALL of Ozona, Texas is visiting his father, R. C. HOLT of Yellow Prairie.

Len CLINTON of Mumford is visiting at Yellow Prairie and will spend holidays with old folks at home.

Three-year-old boy of Mr. & Mrs. Sam RAGAN fell and broke his leg while playing.

James WENTZELL, his mother, wife & son, little Henry and little George Willie NEELEY are visiting friends at Ledbetter.

Miss Carrie THOMPSON’s school has been suspended until after the holiday due to reported case of diphtheria.

Eugene BART is to be hung January 21st. for murder of his wife & children.

Last Wednesday night at residence of Rev. W. E. JAMES, Mr. J. H. HILL & Miss Mamie WRIGHT were married. The intention had been for ceremony to take place at residence of bride’s mother in the Bird settlement. Mr. HILL is son of Dr. HILL, who lives at Second Creek and is a very promising young farmer. The bride was teaching school at Harmony schoolhouse in Bird settlement, but owing to inclemency of weather and the poor health of Mr. JAMES, the young couple decided to call at the reverend gentleman’s home and have him perform the ceremony.

Sol EDEL, charged with the murder of Walter HUGHES at Houston some time since has been acquitted, being insufficient evidence.

Rockdale, TX, Dec. 22: Yesterday afternoon, a fire was discovered in the city public school on College Hill. The fire originated in the 4th grade room of Miss Beatrice WIER, teacher. Superintendent NORTON helped quickly put it out.

A letter, written by third grader, Madaline CHILES was selected to be printed in the News – Chronicle.

F. M. GRIFFIN, of Lyons made improvements on his home.

Someone tried to steal a horse & cow from A. J. RADFORD of Lyons last night.

Last Friday, the big gin and mill belonging to L. ZIESS caught fire, but was put out before severe damage was done.

Mr. & Mrs. J. A. ELY of Gause went shopping at Hearne.

J. R. FRAIM, Sr. of Fraimville was in town. [Gause]

Gould ELY of Gause is in bed with rheumatism.

H. P. JACKSON & John C. PORTER of Gause were in Caldwell.

Capt. F. M. ADAMS of Gause wants to organize a fruit & vegetable club.

Mrs. George DEAN is very low and not expected to live.

R. B. HASTY of Gause went to Branchville this week.

Will JONES, formerly of Gause, but now of Cameron is coming back to Gause this winter to live.

Mack MITCHELL of Shady Grove is slowly recovering.

Mrs. Aaron NORCROSS has returned from visiting in Hearne.

J. J. PRESSLEY has returned from business in Lee County.

Mr. BULLOCK of Virginia is visiting his brother, the postmaster at Cooks Point.

Mr. Mack MITCHELL had his potato bank robbed.

F. BOLANDER of Giddings was in Lyons buying cattle.

J. D. GIDDINGS, our former cotton buyer is at his old post again.

Kenneth WOMACK of Houston is in town spending a few days with his parents.

Miss Maggie JONES of Cleburne will be visiting Miss Alice NICHOLSON.

Miss Clara MATTHEWS returned from visiting relatives in Chappell Hill and Houston.

G. W. WITHERS of Edgefield Junction, Tennessee is visiting his sister, Mrs. C. C. GANTT, who has not seen him for 38 years.

Miss Jennie May SMITH left for Bartlett where she will spend holidays with her brother.

Dr. J. B. HONEYCUTT of Hookerville left for his home in Gatesville where he will spend a few days.

Miss Zelda HESLEP will visit her sister in Corsicana, Texas.

Mrs. Hiram BROWN of Giddings has returned home.

F. J. WOMACK, of Galveston came to spend the holidays with his parents, Capt. & Mrs. M. L. WOMACK.

Dr. T. O. GORMAN is spending the holidays at Giddings.

Mrs. A. W. McIVER is home for the holidays, from Belton.

Miss Annie KLUKAN, who is attending North Texas Female College at Sherman is home for the holidays.

Mrs. Will  WELLBORN & baby of Longview is spending holidays with her mother, Mrs. LAMKIN.

Dr. Squire WILSON, who has been attending Medical University for past 2 years came up to spend holidays with parents.

H. M. WIMBERLY & family and Miss Reacie McMURTRY of Aransas Pass are visiting family of J. F. COBB.

W. M. HAMES of Snook was arrested for practicing without a license, but was acquitted. He went to Bryan and secured the necessary papers.

Marriage licenses: Charley LEHDE & Miss Ida BOEHMA, Sam H. CLEMONS & Miss Rosa LAWSON, Milton HODGES & Miss Mary AYER, William HOMEYER & Miss Emily BODA, John BAISY & Miss Cora MOORE, Will FLANAGAN & Miss Acenith SEXTON,  J. H. HILL & Miss Mamie WRIGHT, W. P. GLOVER & Miss J. K. CAUDLE,  Theodore STAMPS & Miss Rutha RANDLE,  F. W. MORRIS & Miss Clara BUTTS, Minal C. BROWN & Miss Roxie BURR.

Burglars broke into G. E. JAMES and attempted to get into store of HERBST & WINDHAUSEN.

Last week, a Negro named, Sam CLEMONS rode a horse onto the sidewalk in front of T. V. MURRAY’s drugstore and made quite a drunken display of himself.  [note marriage licenses]

Last Monday night, Lee ALFORD lost all the clothing he owned and his six-shooter when the thief entered his bedroom over the livery stable.

DECEMBER 31, 1897

A grand jury at Waco indicted Judge GERALD for killing A. W. HARRIS, but found no bill, for killing J. W. HARRIS.

This week, we [editor] received the first issue of the Lexington Light from the young editor, Mr. F. S. LAURENTZ.

Last Sunday, Fred JONES, wild & wooly young gentleman of Hill County shot Ben RIDDLE in groin and leg. He may or may not recover.

R. J. ALEXANDER, county attorney is preparing his home for January occupancy.

Marriage licenses: T. J. HARRIS & Miss Sarah DUFFY, George JOHNSTON & Miss Mamie PHILP, Jim BATCHELOR & Lenora STEPHENS, J. W. PHILLIPS & Rozie KUCERA, Charles F. JAMES & Mrs. Ella E. BENSON, H. A. LOEHR & Annie DUEWALL, S. L. TARWATER & Addie GOODMAN,  W. D. RYAN & Mamie VARNER,  John F. KOSLOHRYZ & Annie JANATA, Allbright  JOHNS & Pauline ALLBRIGHT,  Will THOMAS & Addie BROWN,  J. H. SODERS & Fannie WEBB.

The fee is now $1.00 instead of $1.50 for marriage license.

On first of January, Messrs. D. LEVI, dry good merchant and A. F. GRABOW will move to HUDSON block. [on the courthouse square]

Last Wednesday, at Cooks Point, H. A. LOEHR & Miss Annie DUEWALL were married by Rev. M. C, TAYLOR of Caldwell.

Charley PORTER, who was married two weeks ago, when very sick is improving.

On Christmas Day, Mrs. Belle KING, a widow who lives in west Caldwell, making a living by dress making & sewing missed $65.00 from a small workbox. No clews.

Last Sunday, a robbery was discovered at Wells Fargo Express Co. office. A box of jewelry belonging to J. H. FUOSS is missing.

On Thursday, at home of bride’s mother, Don STANSILL of Brenham and Miss Bessie WITHERS were married. Miss Nannie KING sang, “You.” Mr. STANSILL is night foreman in cotton mill at Brenham. They will live in Brenham.

Miss Jessie WOMACK visited at Eagle Lake.

Mrs. O. W. JOHNSTON gave a “tacky” party Thursday, to her daughter, Florence and Beatrice GEE of Georgetown and their friends.

A. W. SALE’s horses ran away with his express wagon ad dumped out the trunks belonging to Frank S. DAVIDSON Opera Company.

Gause is a local option town, but whiskey gets there all the same.

Last Wednesday, Mr. LOWERY of Altair, Colorado County, & Miss Jennie LITTLE were married at Gause.

W. J. PORTER and Clarence VARNER will leave for coast to hopefully build some houses. [Gause]

Depot agent, GRAY has moved out of depot into the FORBION house recently vacated by Mr. Frank TINDLE. [Gause]

D. D. TINDLE has moved to Corn Hill, Williamson County.

J. C. GIDLEY bought out a meat market at Calvert. [Gause]

Miss Marshie HORTY returned from visiting to Branchville.

Mrs. B. S. DICKINSON of Yellow Prairie is spending Christmas with daughter, Mrs. J. A. ELY.

Mr. Ed FOWLEY & Miss Kate GAUSE took the train to Franklin, Robertson County, where they were to be married. [Gause]

Mack MITCHELL has recovered enough to take up his school again.

Mr. BULLOCK of Cooks Point weighs 187 pounds and is building on an addition to his storehouse.

Dr. V. H. SHELTON was riding about Sunday in search of his buggy, which evidentially vacated his premises.

Aaron NORCROSS had a party the night of the 26th.

John NORCROSS is sick.

Miss Maggie HENSLEE returned from Brenham accompanied by her cousin, Miss Jewel SPENCER of California.  [Yellow Prairie]

Messrs. Ed and John HILL are here [Yellow Prairie] to spend the holidays.

The Misses WOODS, who are attending school near Lyons, are visiting their grandmother, Mrs. LOVE.

John PHILP of Caldwell is visiting his girl at Yellow Prairie.

Mrs. KRUSE of Lee County is visiting her daughter, Mrs. MATEJOWSKY.

George JOHNSON of Dallas is visiting his parents.

Mrs. T. M. GERALD of Temple is visiting her father, T. D. SULLIVAN.

Hon. W. W. SEARCY of Brenham was in Caldwell.

Mr. A. J. RADFORD of Lyons is moving to Houston.

Miss Fannie STONE of Brenham is visiting her brother, W.  M. STONE.

Henry PAHL of Brenham is visiting family of W. A. EDDINS.

Dr. T. O. GORMAN returned from visiting at Giddings.

J. D. LEE, attorney of Corsicana & wife are visiting the family of Rev. Jeff RAY.

F. W. WOOD & sons of Brenham had Christmas dinner with Mr. & Mrs. William REEVES.

Miss Bell BREWER of Lincoln, Lee County is here visiting friends.

Mrs. Ivy BROOKS of Bryan is visiting her parents, Mr. & Mrs. R. W. KING.

S. L. TARWATER & Miss Addie GOODMAN were married in the Hogg neighborhood.

MISS MAMIE KING, who is teaching music at LaGrange, is home for the holidays.

William FRAIM, young merchant of Gause was in town.

C. R. RUNKLE of Cooks Point was in town.

Miss Lillian MURRAY, who has been attending school at Georgetown, was home for the holidays.

Sam MURRAY & wife of Lampasas are visiting Mr. MURRAY’s parents, A. C. MURRAY & family.

W. S. BARNETT, who has been in Montgomery County buying stock, has returned.

Miss JONES of Cleburne, who has been visiting her friend, Miss Alice NICHOLS, has returned home.

Kenneth WOMACK has returned to Houston.

CHARLEY KING, who has been Montgomery for several months, spent holidays with his parents.

Mrs. M. J. PHEGLEY of Hix was in town.

Will THOMAS of Brenham, who has been buying cotton at Grange store left for home.

F. H. HITCHCOCK & wife spent couple of days visiting relatives and friends at Somerville.

Prof. C. JAMES attended annual state association of school superintendents at Temple.

J. F. COBB and H. M. WIMBERLY of Aransas Pass were hunting & fishing on Yegua. [creek]

Miss Alma REEVES returned to school at Belton.

F. A. ELDRIDGE of Brenham, uncle of Mr. S. B. MURRAY and former postmaster of Caldwell was in town.

Miss Nettie SUGGS of Maysfield, Tennessee, who has been visiting friends & relatives in Caldwell & Bryan has returned home.

Morris L. WOMACK & wife & baby of Houston are up to spend holidays with his parents, Mr. & Mrs. M. L. WOMACK.

Mrs. Beulah POLLOCK, who has been spending past summer with her uncle, G. S. HALE of Comanche County has returned.

Mrs. A. W. McIVER & her daughter, Miss Jule were home for holidays from school in Belton.

Miss Nank GEE, who is teaching music in Georgetown, spent holidays with her parents.

Pete SANDERS, who has been attending University at Georgetown, is visiting his sister, Miss Alma SANDERS. He is now a resident of Haskell County.

T. D. SULLIVAN & wife and Miss Nellie LUTHER of Temple were visiting family of Mrs. SULLIVAN’s father, Capt. Tom WLLIAMS.

Misses Ruth BARTON, Pearl DOWELL and Lena CHILES, pupils of Baylor Female College spent holidays with mother of Miss CHILES, Mrs. H. H. DARR.

Doctor Will and Curtis OLIVER, Mr. & Mrs. WEBB & little daughter, Pauline, Miss Josephine WOOTEN and Dan SIMS of Bryan spent holidays with friends & family in Caldwell. Miss WOOTEN returns today to New Orleans.

Social was held at Dr. MATTHEWS for daughter, Maude.

F. L. BROADDUS wrote for newspaper;  “Prisoners at Burleson County jail were treated to a bountiful Christmas dinner and presents from sheriff & Mrs. CURRY.”

Last Sunday, a Negro by the name of Stokes HARDY, living on CHANCE’s farm in Brazos bottom was aggravated by another Negro and results were shooting of a horse and a Negro by the name of McKNIGHT.

Advertised letters: W. B. EVANS, Etta MITCHELL, Rev. B. S. OAKS and J. U. RODGERS

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