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       November 1997


I would like to find the parents of Sarah Elizabeth WELLS..  She was born in 1857 in Washington Co. TX, married in Burleson Co. TX in 1875 to W.E. Dean.  After he died she married James L. Walker in 1879 in Burleson Co.  In 1880 they moved to San Saba Co. with the son of her first husband.  They are buried in Cherokee Cemetery, San Saba Co.
Elizabeth's son W.V. Dean becam e prominent judge in San Saba Co. TX
Thank you, Shirley Smith eesgs@ktc.com.


I am looking for any information concerning Stephen E. WILSONand Frances WILSON
They moved to Caldwell in Burleson County Texas from Muscogee County, GA.after 1850. I believe they were found on the 1860 census there.  I am also looking for the location of their gravesites.  I was told that they may have gone to Harrison County but don't know for sure. Stephen was the son of my great, great, great grandfather Samuel Wilson.  Frances his wife was from Fayette County GA.  Her maiden name was Westmoreland.  Any help would be appreciated. clydie@worldnet.att.net.


  I would like to hear from any descendants of Viney Briner TROUBLEFIELD and B.F. Swoap.  In 1860 they had R. Troublefield living with the family but not again.  There is a Biddy Troublefield buried in the Masonic Cemetery.  Does anyone know anything about her? Betty Hollowell holwel@flash.net


BRINKMAN(N) FOJTIK, VAURA.  Seeking descendents and ancestors of my great-grandparents, Gus (1893-1976) and Emma (1894-1977) BRINKMAN and Frank and Rosina (VAURA) FOJTIK.  Both families lived in the Birdsong community.  The BRINKMANs later moved to Deanville where Gus operated the cotton gin.  He was Lutheran and was the son of A.F. BRINKMAN.  I do have the names of all Gus and Emma's children.  Frank and Rosina emigrated from Czechoslovakia before 1893.  FOJTIKs have also turned up in the Corn Hill community in Williamson County.  They were probably Catholic.  I know of three children:  Frank, Emil and Emma (BRINKMAN). Are there others?  Will share information.< lynnford@llano.net.


 I am looking for information on the BURLESON Family and any history on the different branches of the Burleson Family.  If you have any information and can help me please e-maile following addresses.  Glynn Burleson Burlbear@aol.com.

I am interested in any information on the following Burleson County surnames.  W.M. (William Moss) MOORE born 1825 died 1885 and buried in the Porter's Chapel cemetery.  William BRYMER and David PARKHILL who moved to Burleson County in the 1850's.  Anything at all about these three famileis would be appreciated. Kenneth Parkhill parkhill@livingston.net.


I am looking for information on the following individuals:  Albert Baxter OLIVER  b. Jan 6, 1853 d. about 1901; buried at the "Old Webb Place", 4 miles East of Chriesman Texas.
Married Mary Ann WEBB about 1874 their children were :John Harmon OLIVER was born May 30, 1876, Annie OLIVER about 1878, Clarence Harrison OLIVER born Jan. 12, 1880 and Henry E. OLIVER born abt 1882.
Albert, Mary Ann, John and Clarence show up on the 1880 census for Burleson Co. TX
Albert John and Clarence show up in 1900 in Burleson Co. TX.  Mary Ann appears to have died sometime after 1880 and 1900.  Annie an dHenry do not show up in either census.
I have the following questions.
jun1) Is there any information about this cemetery area and the inhabitants in it.
2)Does anyone have any additional information on Albert Baxter OLIVER?
           (a) Date of Death.
           (b) Date of Marriage
           (c) Names, Birthplace, birthdates and deathdates of Parents
3)Any information on Annie OLIVER  I am not sure if she existed, just died young, or was just not listed.  Have only a birthdate and one relatives vague remembrance of her (and "I think I remember hearing about her")
4) Any information on Henry E. OLIVER?  Iam not sure if he existed, just died your or was reme not listed. I have only a birthdate and one relatives vague remembrance of him (and "I think I remember hearing about him"). lawrence Oliver   loliver@tyler.net


Seaborn JONES listed on Page 30 of 1880 Burleson Co. Census.  Does anyone have any info on this Seaborn? Bob Battaglia    bobbatt@texas.net.


I am looking for information on the THOMAS (or maybe JOHN) & ANNA KUTEJ family who live in the Tunis area of Burleson Co. during the 1870's.  They had twins named Thomas & Frances.  They also had other children, but do no know their names.  Frances married Stephan Dancak (Danchak) and moved to the San Antonio Prairie area of Burleson Co. (near Deanville, Texas) and is buried there.  Any information on the JUTEJ family in Burleson Co. will be appreciated.  Thanks in advance for any help. laVerne Dancak     lalavender@aol.com.


I am looking for information on any DANCAK (or DANCHAK) that lived in the Burleson Co. Area before 1900.  STEPHAN DANCAK b. 1860 d. 1933 (buried in the San Antonio Prairie Cemetery near Deanville, TX) is as far back as we are able to trace.  We think that he had brothers and sisters, but don't know their names or his parents names.  We don't know when they emirgated to the area or where they came from.  Thei tiniest shred of information will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance! LaVerne Dancak    lalavender@aol.com.


I am looking for information on Young Philemon BOWERS born April 15, 1834 in Gibson county, TN died April 12, 1918 in Burleson County.  He was known as "Grandpa Bowers" by many people in Burleson and Johnson Counties according to an obituary.  He was married to Elizabeth Catherine MOORE on November 3, 1858.  Elizabeth was born April 1, 1841 in La Grange TX --- died September 9, 1892 Washington County.  I don't know where they were married.  I know they had at least 6 daughters--the obituary said he was survived by 1 single daughter of the home and 5 married daughters who lived around Texas.  I know 2 of their names;  Sallie ann BOWERS and my great-grandmother Elizabeth Catherine BOWERS.  Y.P. BOWERS was a long time member of the Methodist Church.  I hope this rings a bell with someone! Mike Harlow   harlow2c@citizen.infi.net


Hi, I am trying without much sucess to find out about my Mothers, Fathers, family.  They lived in burleson county at some point.  My grandfather was born there according to my mothers birth record.  His birthdate was October 13, 1876.  His father was a William Robert REEVES, and his mother was Mary Louise COLE.  I do not know any thing about William.  They moved to Louisiana.  This is where they set up some roots.  My great-granny was a mid-wife, and supported the family in this way.  My greatgranddad left her and was never heard of again.  The older fly.members belive he went back to Texas.  I live in Lake Charles, LA.  I had hoped I could get some information from the computer, but so far not so.  Can you tell me if you have ever heard of any Reeves living in the Burleson area....Annett Hebert Ahebert@aol.com


I am looking for information about the Asa James NIX family who lived in Burleson County area about 1870-1885.  Asa's wife was Margarette Mariney SCOTT.  His parents were Elijah and Martha NIX.  His children were Walter, Tell, Dow, Hal, Dee, Homer, and John.  Asa died June 15, 1889 in Bradley, Indian Territory and I have been told he is buried in Providence Cemetery, Burleson County.  Can anyone help?  Thanks! Linda Woods   llwoods@swbell.net


I am looking for the grave of William Henry FORD, Jr. (8/21/1866-3/31/1898).  His wife was Ella Culliver Rowe FORD.  He lived in the Somerville area, I believe.  For years I had assumed he died in Freestone County, where the family lived for much of their stay in Texas, but now I believe he must have died in Burleson Co., as the family lived in Somerville for several years after his dieah.  Thanks! please email me   SFordScott@aol.com


I am looking for any info on  Judge Andrew S. BROADDUS and his family here in Texas.  Especially a granddaughter named Willis Cornelia BROADDUS married to a David Edward REEVES and buried in Burleson County. Scott Peterson    ffl@swbell.net


KRUPPA, Emil:  Emil was Born in 1891 in Mount Prarie.  He married Rosalie VALIGURA.  His father Emaunuel B. DRUPPA taught school at Engle TX and Caldwell TX.  I would like any information on the KRUPPA family.  Thank you Email me at  Rocabla@aol.com


                                                     December 1997


I am trying to learn the parents of my gggparents, John M. NASH married Sarah D. SMITH, May 11, 1854 in Burleson Co.  They are enumerated thate on the 1960 census, in Lexington with their first 3 childre.  2nd child, claudia Hodges Nash was my ggn.  By 1870 this family is in Benton Co. AR living in close proximity to BURROW family, whose son Claudia married.  I have a DAR member here who has 2 hugh SMITH lines in Burleson Co. but neither seem to include my Sarah D.  I think that John M. NASH, teacher, is in Angelina Co. TX on 1850 census living with S. D. BURKES family.  The only Smith family I think might connect with Sarah D. in the 1860 Burleson Co. census is family of Gilla Smith born ca 1808 in GA, children Benjamin born ca. 1829 GA who married about 1852 in KY to Catherine DOUTHIT and Mary E. born ca 1843 in KY.  Listed last is Rob ert W. SMith, born ca. 1804 in NC, who appears to be the father.  I do not understand why he is listed last unless he was disabled and is not so noted.  What could Gilla be short for!!  I have a family member called "Rilla" for Aurilla, but doubt that Gilla's was short for Gorilla!!  I have previously had a researcher there to look up a death certificate for me on Benjamin Smith, but he was black.  Am at a dead end.  This Smith family is the only possibility I have left for a Republic of TX ancestor.  Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Bobbie Ross bwross@htcomp.net


                           January 1998

I am looking for information on the BAIRD family that shows in the 1860 Burleson County Census. There were two sons:  Moses and John, and two daughters, Laura and Mary.  It is possible that their father died and is buried in the county.  By 1870 they had moved to Burnet County.  Any help would be appreciated.  David D. Johnson paladin@indy.net


Grievous RAY  born 17 June 1801 (Brunswick Co., VA) to Nathaniel RAY Jr. died 1891 in Texas.  In 1830 he was found on the Wayne Col, TN census, in 1835 he received a land grant in Milam County, TX and in 1850 he was in Burleson Co.  1860 he was in Williamson Co. TX and Travis County TX in 1870.  He married Mariah Branch.  Children included: John Wesley RAY, James Roswell RAY, Elizabeth RAY, Thomas Jefferson RAY, Lucretia RAY and Melissa RAY. Pat Ray Scheele ps53630@navix.net

Thomas LONG is shown on the 1890 Veterans Schedule in Burleson Co. seeking info on him and his family.  Was he on the 1880 or 1900 cnesus? Thanks,
Gene HELynch@aol.com


Search for information regarding Eliza Grundy BEALL (b. Jan 1855, probably in Gonzales Co. TX) who married Calvin R. HOLT (b. Feb. 1824, KY) as his second wife.  He appears in the 1860 and 1870 TX cnesus with his first wife, Oney BOW HOLT (b. about 1835 in KY) in Caldwell, Burleson Co., TX.  Eliza appears as his wife beginning with the 1880 cnesus and also in 1900.  Chirdren by first wife (as they appeared in the 2nd census):  Alice (b. AK), Milly, L>M>, Mary, Susan, Florence, Jefferson, Calvin, Chas.H., Bettie.  Children by 2nd wife, Eliza:  Mary O., Lillie G., Dollie G., Willie, Rogers, Mattie, Annie M., Conner, Janes.  Any information regarding Eliza, her parents or siblings appreciated.  Thank you. Rthmosm@aol.com


Seeking information on my ancestor Claude Duval HARPER born June 16, 1877, in Cadley GA.  He died August 17, 1933 in Somerville, TX. Married Nona KNIGHT b. May 14, 1884, onMay 14, 1904 in Giddings, TX.  They lived in Somerville, TX Burleson Co. most of their lives.  Information I have found indicates they are most remembered for their musical talents performing on the radio and special functions.  They had the following children:
1.  My grandfather Johnnie Watson HARPER bo Dec. 20, 1096, d Feb 6, 1964 in Killeen, TX m. Ethel (maiden) McClellen, Hawthorne b.c. 1905 d. 1994 in Killeen, TX. m. C. 1930 in Somerville.  Also looking for information on Ethel McClellen's first husband Arthur Harvey HAWTHORNE b. c 1904 d. c. 1983 in Sheperd, TX.  They were married about a year in Sommerville and had twin boys Isaac Harold and Billy Terrell HAWTHORNE.  Children:
Bobbie Lee HARPER Nov 26, 1932 d. March 18, 1933
Claude Ervin HARPER  b. c. 1938 in Somerville, TX
Maxine Harper b. Aug 17, 1940 (my mother)
2.  William Kermit HARPER b. May 8, 1909, m. Grace BRANTLY March 17, 1934
William sang on a musical tour in the US, lived in Sommerville mos of their lives.  Children were:  Marilyn b. 1936 and Kermit Lee, b 1938
3.  Emma Mildred HARPER b. Sept 27, 1913, m. 1934 to Andrew NORVILLE
4.  Rosella b. Sept 24, 1915, m Ervin KOKEMOOR in 1940.

All of the about lived in Burleson Co. most of their lives.  If you have any information, pictures, or referals please email me at RJBearTXM@aol.com.
Thank You

I am currently researching the BETTIS' who lived in Burleson County.  My great-grandfather, James Monroe "Jim" BETTIS, resided in Burleson County in 1900 according to the 1900 census.  At that time he showed to have had three children.  Jim who was born in August of 1888, John who was born in July 1890 and Estelle who was born in March of 1894.  His wife Laury C. was born in January of 1870.  James Monroe BETTIS was born in January of 1857.  I got this information from a written copy of the 1900 census that was given to me.  James Monroe BETTIS was the son of Henry BETTIS who was born in Germany in 1820 and was married to Josephine who als was born in Germany in 1821.  Henry and Josephine BeTTIS show up in the 1860 Washington County, Texas census along with five of their children.  Fredrick (born in Germany), Henry, Joseph, Bettie and John.
I have visited the BETTIS cemetery in Snook twice this year and have only found 31 marked graves.  I do not know if there are others, but there must be.  I am told that Henry BETTIS is buried there as well as Dr. Thomas Holt BASS, but I have not been able to find their graves.  I have found Josephines and  James Monroe's graves as well as other BETTIS'. There is also BASS', BOURKES', NEITZEL'S BAKERS' AND PLEMPER'S buried there.  All of which are said to be kin to the BETTIS'.
I would like to find out more about the BETTIS' of Burleson County and would appreciate any help I can get.
Thanks Lena LBCOP1@aol.com


William Green WILSON came from Scott Co., AR around 1860.  He married first Matilda SHARP, then Martha BERRY.  He had several children.  My grandfather may have been one of them, although he was raised by W.G.'s brother, David A. Jackson WILSON in Scott Co., AR.  I would like to correspond with his descendants in order to clear this supposition.  Thanks Betty Hollowell holwel@neweracoop.com


I am looking for information on Edward Lawrence STICKNEY, b. 24 Oct. 1816 in Baltimore, MD.  As a youn lawyer came to Texas in 1836, in 1838? married Catherine M. CHILDERS b. 11 April 1820 in Burbon County KY.  They were married in Caldwell Burleson Co. TX.  Her mother Mary Elizebeth THOMAS b. 19 May 1797 in Amhurst VA. D. abt. 1840 and is burried in Caldwell, burleson Co. TX.  Please turn the light on and take meout of the dark--thanks, Francis Stickney stick711@worldnet.att.net




Malcom BLACK b. ca 1826 Scotland, D 08 Oct 1888 Caldwell area, Burleson Co.
Wife Jannet (MCNEILL) b 04 Jan 1821-1824 Raeford, Cumberland Co. NC, d. 25 Nov 1880 Burleson Co.
They married 1849 Cumberland Co., moved soon after to Shelby, Austin Co. TX, where they lived until some time after the 1860 census, when they moved to Burleson Co.
Malcom b. 10 Dec 1854 Shelby, Austin Co.
J (M or F?) b 1856 Shelby, Austin Co.
Jane b. 1859 Shelby Austin Co.
David b 25 May 1861 in ?
Hiram B 1863 in ?
Archibald b. 1867 in ?
Malcom, David, Hiram & Archie are the only children of this marriage mentioned in Malcom Sr's application for guardianship after Jannet's death and in Malcom Sr's probate papers.
Malcom married 2)Katy_?_, assume in Burleson Co. Some time after Jannet's death in 1880.  They had one child, Nannie b. 1881-1888.
What happened to J & Jane?  Is there a marriage record for Malcom & Katy?  Where are Malcom & Jannet  buried? Are there any descendants out there working on this family?
Jannet was my ggf's twin sister.  I have information on Jannet's family and on son Malcom, but nothing on the rest of the children.  Can any one Help?
Elaine Carr HDSN46A@prodigy.com


SCOTT-Searching for the ancestors of John and Frances Traylor Scott.  I have been told his parents were Frank and Emma Scott, born in VA and NC, respectively.  John (DOB 2/9/1809, Tenn; Dod 1/18/1888, Caldwell, TX buried in Providence Cemetery); and Frances (DOB 5/17/1819, Miss;DOD 4/24/1885, Caldwell, TX buried beside John in Providence Cemetery); married in Miss c 1836.  There are 6 other markers with them:  Sons:  Woodfin, Samuel, Thomas, Charlie, Joseph Cooper and Daughters:  Mary E. Wilson and Jessie Lucine Spears.  Need more info on John and Frances parents. Georgia Owens    mtogtwn@ibm.net


I'm interested in corresponding with anyone researching Nix's in Burleson County, TX.  Especially the descendants of Elijah Nix (ca 1810-aft 1870) Wife Martha (ca1830 - ?).  Anyone out there? Kelly Nix sooner1@mci2000.com


Marshall Lafayette SMITH born 22 March 1855 LA, purchased his marriage liacenes in Milan Co. and Married Mary Jane JENKINS in Caldwell, Burleson co. on 22 Dec. 1881.  Her grandparents James GLOVER & Mary HICKS lived in Milan Co. so I am hoping the reason they married in Burleson co. was his family may have been living there.  Census records always show both his parents were born in LA.  Thank you. Donna     bowjay@foothill.net


I have been researching for the past 4 years on a detailed regimental history of teh 10th Texas Infantry, CSA.  Part of that research is to make contact with the men that served in said regiment.  Co. F (Brasher's Company, 10th Texas Infantry, was organized on October 5, 1861, at Millican, Brazos County, Texas.  The majority of those men were residents of Boonville, Brazos County.
The following are the known men of Burleson County that served in the 10th Texas Infantry:
MUNDINE, john C.; POLLOCK, James R.; and STANLEY, George R.;
If any of the above men are of your family line, I would very much like to hear from you. Scott McKay      SmcKay1234@aol.com


Searching for children of Thomas A. DeHART and Anmada (OAKES) DeHART.  Thomas A. B. 20 April 1842 in Attala Co., MS, served in Civil War.  Amanda OAKES b. 1847 in Attala Co., MS 1880 Burleson Co., TX Census has them listed next door to brother Peter De HART and family.  In 1880 census children Mary age 11, Addie age8, Lanetta, age 11/12 were living with them, along with a Laborer and wife.  They later moved to Clifton, Bosque co., TX.  Any info is appreciated. Geneva Newcomb Cole     JohnGen@worldnet.att.net


Looking for info on any member of the GAINES family who was in Burleson Co. from 1860 (maybe earlier) on.  Given names may include William, Anthony, John.  One surname associated with this family is QUISENBERRY.  Thanks for your help. Carolyn Cooper  CarolJCoop@aol.com


GAINES, Sam Robert Jr. dob Oct. 20, 1893, Burleson Co., TX. dod Nov. 9, 1975, Washington Co., TX.  Mother Addie JACKSON approximate age in 1893 was 38 born in Burleson Co. TX.
Father Sam GAINES approximate age in 1893 was 48 born in Dublin, Ireland.  This union produced either 2 or 3 children (as of 1893).
GAINES, Sam Robert Jr. married Ada SCOTT in Burleson Co., TX on December 9, 1911.  This union produced 9 children- Thornton Gary GAINES, Adelle GAINES, Wallace GAINES, Tom GAINES, Sam GAINES, Billie GAINES, Ida Louise GAINES, Lottie Joyce GAINES, and an infant girl (buried at Oaklawn Cemetery in Somerville, TX.
Any information that I could get regarding siblings of Sam Robert GAINES and his parents would be appreciated. THANKS!! Debbie Gaines     polygraph@flex.net





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