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A Brief County History

Weber County was formed in 1850, named after the Weber River and for John Henry Weber (1779–1859), a fur trapper and trader in the area in the mid-1820s. Historically Weber County stretched from the California, Oregon, Utah Territory border in the north west, to the current boundary in the south east. As Nevada and the State of Utah evolved, Weber County shrunk to its current size. The county extends from high in the Wasatch Range in the east into a portion of the Great Salt Lake to the west. The Weber and Ogden rivers and their tributaries run through its valleys. Cache National Forest is a national protected area in the county.

Adjacent Counties

Box Elder County (northwest)
Cache County (north)
Rich County (northeast)
Morgan County (south)
Davis County (south)
Tooele County (southwest)

Notable Residents

Hal Ashby - Academy Award winning film director
Rodney Bagley - Inventor of the catalytic converter
John Moses Browning - Inventor & firearms designer
J. Willard Marriott - Businessman
Tom Chambers - Basketball player
Wataru Misaka - Basketball player
Red Nichols - Jazz Musician
The Osmond family - Entertainers