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    1850 Mortality Schedule

Marion County, Alabama Deaths
from the 1850 Marion Co. AL Mortality Schedules
(includes deaths from July, 1849 to June, 1850)

donated by: Sabra N. Sudberry

wh = white
bl = black
mu = mulatto
f = female
m = male

Name race & sex age born died cause
Alexander, slave of Louisa bl f 35 VA Nov 1849 of cold
Astin, Robert S. wh m 12 AL Jul 1849 unknown
Berryhill, William wh m 2   Nov 1849 jaundice
Blanchard, Uriah H. wh m 82 married b. NC Aug 1849 chronic illness
Blanchard, slave of William bl m 3   June 1850 flux
Bottoms, Mary E. mu f 2 AL July 1849 cholera (free, not slave)
Bottoms, William mu m 78 AL Oct 1849 fever (free, not slave)
Bradley, Luch wh f 1 mo   April 1850 of cold
Brown, Andrew wh m 1 mo AL July 1849 flux
Brown, slave of J.W. mu f 7   June 1850 flux
Brown, Lewis wh m 4 AL July 49 flux
Brown, Mike bl m 11 mo   June 1850 flux
Brown, Vina bl f 5   June 1850 flux
Burlason, Ursulah M. mu f 3   May 1850 burnt (free, not slave)
Calahan, Amanda wh f 19 AL Aug 1849 bilious fever
Canterbury, Oliver J. wh m 12 AL May 1850 cause unknown
Cantrell, Elijah A. wh m 2 mo   June 1850 hooping cgh
Cantrell, Marion wh m 1   Aug 1849 flux
Cantrell, Susan wh f 11 mos TN Aug 1849 flux
Clark, Catherine sh f 7 AL Oct 1849 fever
Clark, Catherine mu f 37 AL Dec 1849 drowned (free, not slave)
Cody, Doctor H. wh m 6 AL June 1850 flux
Cody, Lucinda wh f 40 KY July 1849 consumption
Davis, Elizabeth wh f 75 NC March 1850 dropsy
Dickson, Mary C. wh f 11 mo   Aug 1849 flux
Dorsey, Alfred C. wh m 10 GA Aug 1849 typhoid fever
Dunn, Barna wh m 12 AL Feb 1850 dropsy
Flippo, Avey wh f 35 TN Nov 1849 fever
Ford, Mary E. A. wh f 3   June 1850 flux
Gillian, Thomas wh m 1   Jul 1849 flux
Goggins, Permelia wh f 2   June 1850 flux
Harris, Azel D. wh m 1   Jul 1849 flux
Harris, Lorenzo wh m 2   Jul 1849 flux
Hollis, Elizabeth wh f 19 AL Sep 1849 fever
Hollis, slave of Thomas bl m 21   Dec 1849 cause unknown
Houston, John G. wh m 70 VA Aug 1849 consumption
Hughes, Robert wh m 36 TN, merchant Dec 1849 typhoid fever
Jarrott, John Thomas wh m 2 mo   May 1850 cholera
Jarrott, Mary wh f 20 SC Apr 1850 fever
Jeffreys, Elizabeth mu f 74 VA Feb 1850 old age
Lowery, Reuben wh m 35 SC, farmer May 1850 scarlet fever
McGouner, Samuel wh m 42 NC Oct 1849 cause unknown
McNichols, Grandison wh m 2 AL Sep 1849 quinsey
McNutt, Henry J. wh m 2   Oct 1849 croup
McNutt, Martha wh f 3   July 1849 croup
Melson, Fanny wh f 15   Oct 1849 cold
Minor, Mary Ann wh f 3   May 1850 hooping cgh
Montgomery, John mu m 73 Conn Nov 1849 dropsy (free, not slave)
Moore, Zilpha wh f 78 married, b. SC Jun 1850 palsey
Morrison, John N. wh m 9   Jun 1850 flux
Morrison, Sarah Ann wh f 30   Jun 1850 flux
Neal, Licungus wh m 17 b. MS May 1850 pneumonia
Northcut, Woodson wh m 53 married, b. VA Dec 1849 sudden
Osbern, Elizabeth wh f 3   Jun 1850 flux
Osbern, George wh m 2   Jul 1849 flux
Osbern, Lafayette wh m 1   Jul 1849 flux
Osbern, Susan wh f 2   Jul 1849 flux
Palmer, Patience M. wh f 11 mo   Jul 1849 flux
Phillips, Susan wh f 1   Aug 1849 hooping cgh
Scott, Margaret wh f 1   Jun 1850 flux
Sherwood, Joseph E. mu m 6 mo   Aug 1849 inflamation (free, not slave)
Sims, Paralee M. J. wh f 2   Jun 1850 typhoid fever
Sisemore, Daniel wh m 50 TN Jun 1850 fever
Sisemore, Lydia bl f 64 unknown Sep 1849 unknown cause
Stidham, Isabella wh f 5   Jun 1850 flux
Summor, Elijah & Elisha, twin males wh m 1 mo   Dec 1849 cause unknown
Terrell, John D., Sr wh m 77 NC May 1850 brain inflamation
Terry, Sarah wh f 70 NC Jul 1849 bowel complaint
Thuss, Henrietta wh f 1   Feb 1850 choked to death
Watley, Mary wh f 22 married b. AL Sep 1849 flux
Weeks, Elizabeth wh f 1   Aug 1849 cause unknown
Wheeler, Mary wh f 60 married b. AL Sep 1849 fever
White, Joab S. wh m 38 married b. NC Apr 1850 kidney disorder
Whitehead, Mosley wh f 18 married b. GA Aug 1849 cause unknown
Wood, Lidia wh f 25 b. MS Apr 1850 pneumonia
Wood, Lydia Ann wh f 24 married May 1850 fever
Wood, Sidney wh m 4 mo   Apr 1850 croup
Wood, Thomas J. wh m 3 mo   May 1850 fever

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