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    1860 Mortality Schedules

1860 Marion Co., AL Mortality Schedule
includes the people who died during the year ending June 1, 1860

Donated by:  Sabra Newell Sudberry

d = days
mo = months
M = Male
F = Female
B = Black
W = White
yr = years
hr = hours
Mu = Mulatto

name age sex & color free or slave mar. or wid birth place month of death occupation disease or cause # of days ill
? 1 F AL Jun hooping cough 21 d
Allman, Andrew A. 27 M TN May Merchant Shot
Allman, Claudius 2 M AL Sept Croup 3 d
Allman, John M. 25 M AL May Shot
Anthony, John (infant) 2 d M AL Dec untimely birth
Bagget, Jayhugh 2 M AL Aug Typhoid fever 11 d
Bankhead, Amerrilla 7/12 F B S AL Mar Hooping Cough 21 d
Bankhead, Anderson 37 M B S AL Aug Waggoner Typhoid Fever 17 d
Bankhead, Frank 2 M B S AL July Bold hives 3 d
Bankhead, Jane 7 F B S AL Oct Typhoid Fever 9 d
Bankhead, Julia 13 F B S AL Sept Farm hand Typhoid Fever 19 d
Bankhead, Manda 1/12 F B S AL July Croup 1 d
Bankhead, Margaret 70 F B S SC Oct Cook Chronic Disease 5 d
Bankhead, Martha 20 F B S AL Jun Farm hand Typhoid Fever 12 d
Bankhead, Mary 6/12 F B S AL Jan Smothered
Bankhead, Samuel 50 M B S TN Mar Farm hand Fits 7 d
Bankhead, Susan 22 F B S AL Sept Farm hand Typhoid Fever 10 d
Belk, Dick 15/365 M B S AL July Inherent Affection 14 d
Belk, John L. 6 M AL Apr Hooping cough 21 d
Belk, Moses 14 M B S SC June Farm labor Inflamation 8 d
Belk, Mouby P 4/12 F AL Apr Hooping cough 14 d
Bell, George 65 M B S GA Apr Blacksmith Asthma 94 d
Berryhill, Susan 2 F AL Aug Unknown 3 d
Bond, George W. 5 M AL Sept Congestive fever 10 d
Brand, John L. 2 d M AL April Unknown
Brooks, Jacob C. 43 M M SC Jun Blacksmith Quinzy 2 d
Brown, Manervy 8 F B S AL Jan house servant caused by burn 24 hr
Bryant, Peter 71 M M TN Jan Farmer Apopleetee sudden
Bull, Mary J. 3 F AL May Typhoid fever 16 d
Burleson, William C. 16 M AL Jan Farm Labor Dropsey 6 mo
Burlison, Mary 83 F W NC Jan domestic Pain in the head 6 mo
Burlison, Rutha 63 F M NC Oct domestic Palseys 4 d
Cantrell, James E. 6/12 M MS Nov Nervous Fever 60 d
Cantrell, Mary E. 2/12 F MS Dec Bold Hives 30 min
Cantrell, Wm. W. 4/12 M AL Jun Scarlet Fever 21 d
Clark, Chloe 67 F W NC Sept unknown 240 d
Clowers, Nancy 5 F AL Jan Scarlet Fever 8 d
Clowers, Pickney 3 M AL Jan Scarlet fever 5 d
Coal, Nancy J. 1 F AL Jan Croup 2 wk
Cody, Sarah E. 14 F AL Jun Consumption 365 d
Cooper, Mary 70 F SC Apr Consumption 60 d
Crow, Sarah M. 19 F M TN April domestic cold settled on lungs 7 d
Cunningham, Andrew R. 1 M GA Oct Worms 8 d
Davidson, Tulet 2/12 M B S AL Apr Croup 1 d
Duke, Enoch P. 3 M GA Feb Sour Throat 9 d
Dunn, Harris 62 M M GA July Farmer Eating Cancer 2920 d
Ervin, Manervy 16 F AL May domestic Unknown 3 yr
Estill, Jefferson 17 M MS Mar Farmer Nervous Rhemitisem 150 d
Fox, Joshua 37 M M AL Aug Farmer Intermittent Fever 6 d
Franks, Elisha 57 M M NC Oct Farmer Spleen 1 yr
Fredoric, R. Northcut 15 M AL Apr Farm labor Typhoid & Pneumony 53 d
Gann, Mary M. 4 F GA Oct Scarlet Fever 8 d
Garland, Sarah A. 37 F M GA Dec domestic Consumption 2555 d
Halcom, Elenda 62 F M SC July domestic Cancer of breast 3 yr.
Hall, Leanora Va. 7 F AL Sept Quinsey 8 d
Hamilton, Tueller J. 2/12 F AL Sept Inflamation of the brain 15 d
Harp, Sarah 2 F MS July Flux 35 d
Harris, George 6/12 M AL Sept Sudden
Harvis, Henry T. 6 M AL Jan Dair Palsy 5 d
Helvinton, Toby 55 M B S GA June Farm labor Typhoid fever 14 d
Hill, Isaac C. 21 M GA Sept Typhoid Fever 26 d
Hill, Martha M. 9/12 F AL Oct Seorfuls 14 d
Holliday, Daniel 73 M M SC Jan Farmer Gravel 60 d
Hollis, Caroline 14 F B S AL July Farm hand Pneumonia 9 d
Hollis, Jefferson 18 M VA Apr Farm Hand Pneumonia 15 d
Hollis, Sarah 1 F AL July Congestive Cold 1 d
Hollis, Talletha 2/12 F B S AL Jan Thrash 5 d
Hollis, Virgin 1 F B S AL Jun Sudden
Horn, Asberry 82 M M NC Apr Farmer Dropsy of chest 730 d
Jackson, Tallitha 44 F M KY Nov Domestic Consumption 240 d
Johnson, Marion W. 3 M GA July Flux 14 d
Johnson, Mary 35 F M TN July Easting Cancer 1820 d
Lawhon, Phil 1/12 M B S AL Aug Thrash 30 d
Loden, Sarah L. 10/12 F AL Oct burn 35 hr
Lowery, Martha J. 23 F M AL Apr Domestic Dropsy 146 d
Lowery, Saphona 21 F M AL July Milliner Dropsy 150 d
Lowery, Saphrona 21 F M AL July Domestic Dropsy 150 d
Maloy, Mary J. 2 F AL Jun Scarlet Fever 7 d
Mangum, Ann 5/12 F B S AL Apr Cram cholic 1/12
Mangum, June 40 F B S unk May Farm Labor Dropsy 365 d
Mangum, King 9/12 M B S AL July Croup 5 d
Mangum, Shelton 28 M B S SC May Farm labor Wounded 4 d
McDouglas, Benjamin R. 36 M M SC Apr Farmer Typhoid Fever 21 d
Metcalf, Ambrose 2 M B S AL Apr Worms 1 d
Metcalf, Georgia 1 F B S AL May Bowel Disease 30 d
Mills, John T. 24 M AL Jan Farm labor Typhoid Fever 13 d
Mitchell, Mary F. 2 F AL Mar worms & fever 2 d
Mitchell, W. L. L. 2 M AL Oct caused by burn 2 d
Neal, Margaret 65 F M SC Apr domestic Sudden
Nichols, Arthur 79 M W SC Jan Farmer Chest dropsy 42 d
Nichols, Lee 23 M TN Aug Farmer Typhoid fever 23 d
Nichols, Thomas A. 1 M AL Aug flux 14 d
Nichols, Wm. L. 23 M TN Aug Farmer Typhoid fever 21 d
Nix, Dorthey 44 F M SC Sept domestic unknown 32 d
Northington, Katherine 23 F B S AL May Farm hand Pneumonia 9 d
Pennington, Charolotte 6/12 F Mu S AL Jun Sudden
Peterson, Sylva 6/12 F AL Dec hives 5 d
Pight, George 2 mo M B S AL June Croop 3 d
Plunket, Wm. 12 M AL Aug Dropsy 730 d
Pollard, William C. 2 M AL Dec Inflamation of the brain 6 d
Rays, Infant of M. Rays 12 hr F AL March
Rea, Elizabeth 5 F AL Oct Quinsy 2 d
Rea, James T. 14 M AL May Pneumonia 9 d
Reed, Saml M. 52 M M AL Aug Farmer Typhoid Fever 19 d
Self, Sirus 23 M AL Apr Farm labor Delernium 1 d
Smith, Barcelona 1 F AL Oct Flux 4 d
Smith, Sarah 47 F SC Apr Cancer 3285 d
Springfield, Elizabeth 1 F MS Sept Chicken pox 21 d
Stanford, Solomon 4 M AL Dec Croup 3 d
Starnes, Wm. D. 1 M AL Sept Sore throat 8 d
Stone, Elbert N. 1 M AL July Sudden cold 10 hr
Strawbridge, Rebecca 5 F AL Jan Scarlet Fever 4 d
Strawbridge, Wm. B. 8/12 M AL Jan Scarlet Fever 25 d
Terrell, Berton 1 M B S AL July Scarlet fever 5 d
Terrell, Fred 1 M B S AL July Scarlet fever 5 d
Terry, Francis M. 1 M AL Sept White swelling 180 d
Thomas, Mary 85 F W NC Mar Farmer Sudden cold 7 d
Thompson, John 9 M B S AL Mar Farm labor Dropsy 60 d
Thompson, Leanner 34 F B S MS Jan Farm labor Consumption 180 d
Tidwell, Elizabeth 60 F W NC Nov domestic Infirmetays 3 d
Tucker, Milley 1 F AL Feb cold settled on the lung 60 d
Tucker, Thomas 4/12 M B S AL Sept Bronethus (?) 6 d
Turner, Lueasy 35 F M GA Oct domestic Cancer of womb 365 d
Tylor, James M. 12 d M AL Aug untimely birth
Tyrey, Jesse 49 M M VA Feb Gunn Smith Pneumony 7 d
Watson, Martha M. 3 F AL Sept Croup 4 d
Webb, Barry 19 M AL Nov Farm Labor White Swelling 5 yr
Webb, Sarah A. 13 F AL Jan Scarlet Fever 7 d
Wells, Rebecca 92 F W SC Jun Diareah 7 d
Wilson, Susannah J. 8/12 F SC Jan Bronchitis 2 d
Woran, Nancy Eliza 1 F AL Dec Unknown
Young, Idela S. 2/12 F AL Jun Bold Hives 5 hr

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