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A page from the 1895 Los Angeles City Directory various places and people listed Kay Mason
Great Register Excerpt Persons listed in the Great Register as living in the vicinity of Mojave, Oak Creek, and Willow Springs, CA in 1862-1877 Kay Mason
Pasadena Independent Obituaries from July 27, 1946 P. Lininger
Pasadena Star News Funeral announcements July 27, 1946 P. Lininger
Early Postmaster Appointments Name, year and town of appointment Kay Mason
la10_8.txt Newspaper articles from The Los Angeles Examiner, Sunday, October 8, 1944 ??

Contents of the Los Angeles Genweb Archives

Los Angeles Express on Tuesday, May 17, 1910

MARRIAGE LICENSES The following marriage licenses have been issued since the last publication of the list in The Express. The residence of the parties being Los Angeles unless otherwise given. Henry Von Hellachuh-Kayser, 31; Mary M. Simmons, 21. Don A. Bennett, Pasadena, 22; Gertrude M. MacCousland, Boston, Mass., 23. William Arndt, 24; Eva Mayge, 18. Harry G. Warden, 26; Vida V. Redford, 21. Both of Lankershim. Charles J. Lick, 28, St. Louis, Mo.; Rose M. Zobelein, 29. D.C. Hovey, 21; Leoja May Boring, 21. F.N. Arnold, 34; Edith Rogers, 23. Charles C. Roush, 28; Phyllis Croft, 24. Chapman D. Loving, 45; Cora Starkey, 33. Charles T. Doyle, 25, Bakersfield; Flora N. Bender, 25, Glendora. William R. Stone, 27, East San Pedro; Zaphle M. Stuflotten, 17, Santa Barbara. Edward G. Myer, 27; Mary Robinson, 23. Peter Koetteran, 25; Maria Egger, 27. R.M. Sippel, 43, Azusa; Margaret M. Devoe, 28. C.B. Rogers, 21, Hollywood; Hazel Bechtel, 18. Frank Feraud, 23; Della Nogues, 20. Both of Ventura. P. Beneditto, 37; Dominiga Durazo, 39. J.H. Scott, 65; Annie M. Buell, 58. Both of Denver, Colo.

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