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Hawaii Census (Republic and Kingdom census records):

These are available at the Hawaii State Archives and Family History Library films.  None of these census records for Republic and Kingdom of Hawaii are complete.

  • 1866 Kingdom census. Mostly Lahaina District, Maui.  A few other miscellaneous pages.
  • 1878 Kingdom census. Hamakua District in Hawaii, Lahaina District in Maui, and Ewa, Waianae and Waialua Districts in Oahu only.
  • 1890 Kingdom census. All islands except Niihau. Some Islands more complete than others.

    Sample, Hilo 1890 census

  • 1896 Republic census. Parts of Honolulu only.
Nationalities in the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1890: total population: 89,990
Hawaiian Nationals 48,107
Aboriginals (pure or part) 40,622
Natural born Hawaiian nationals* 7,495
Portugese 4,117
Chinese and Japanese 1,701
Other White foreigners 1,617
Other Nationalities 60
Aliens 41,873
Chinese Nationals 15,301
Japanese Nationals 12,360
Portuguese Nationals 8,602
United States Nationals 1,928
British Nationals 1,344
German Nationals 1,034
Polynesians 588
Norwegian 227
French Nationals 70
Other Nationalities 419

*These include foreigners who were naturalized as Hawaiian subjects and people who were born in the Kingdom of foreign parents, who became Hawaiian nationals by birth. 

Source:  Report of the General Superintendent of the 1890 census,  Published in Honolulu in 1891.  For this census, there were 54 enumerators used for the Island of Hawaii, and they enumerated a total of 26,754 people on that island.  They also employed interpreters.


Hawaii was annexed by the United States in 1898, so first Federal US census available is 1900.  In this census the areas are broken down by Islands.  The exception for this census is the island of Niihau was enumerated as E.D. 84 of Kauai; the island of Kahoolawe as E.D. 107, and Lanai as E.D. 100 of Maui.


Counties were established beginning in 1905. By 1910 these included Kauai County with Niihau as E.D. 16; Maui County with Kahoolawe as E.D. 91, Lanai as E.D. 95, Molokai as E.D. 72, and Honolulu County with the Midway Islands as E.D. 135. The 1910 U.S. census of Hawaii is indexed and has been published. In 1910 Kalawao County on the island of Molokai was comprised of a leper colony.

1900 Census-Hawaii Territory:

North Kohala, pages 1-23 (A,B), ED 39, Island of Hawaii - complete

North Kona District, pages 1A-6A, ED 48, Island of Hawaii (in progress)

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